Episode 56
... There's Fire!
Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously on One Day At A Time
- Natasha was devastated when Cory allowed a blind Robin to move in with him. She hired Will Coutts as Robin’s personal nurse, unaware that he used to work for Jackson
- Cassie planned to open her restaurant ‘Capers’ while Shane took her on a date
- Victoria’s alter ego ‘Brandy’ vowed revenged on all those who crossed her, starting with Adam and Helen
- Trenyce and Chris had another heated moment
- Patricia broke into Vinny & Meggan’s house and stole Meggan’s diary

Scene 1 - The Tower's, Floor 12; Adam & Helen's Apartment

Adam lights the last candle in the living room, making the grand total of 40 burning candles. The room is filled with a soft vanilla scent from the candles. The idea of a romantic evening with his finance Helen is just what he needs. It is what they need. A way to take their mind of Victoria and her multiple personalities, if she even has them. He looks around and smiles. The room looks great. While he knows it would be more romantic to cook, he just ordered in. It is quicker and he wants to get started on the evening.

Helen suddenly emerges from the bedroom wearing a silk black dress that perfectly fits her body.

"Whoa, you look great," he says bringing her into his arms and kissing her.

Helen blushes. "You're too kind to me Mr. Black."

Adam hands Helen a glass of red wine. "No, I am just perfectly honest."

They cheers and take a slow drink of the wine.

"This is amazing wine ... I feel like I have had it before?" Helen says, turning away. She still had no memory since her before accident. While both she and Adam have been busy with work and dealing with Victoria, this was a growing concern with her.

"Maybe you have," Adam says trying to calm her down. "This is a very popular wine."

"I suppose," Helen says. "Still, it would be nice to remember. Anything, really."

Adam puts his hand her chin and tilts her head up. "Don't you be giving up on me. I have an idea. Tomorrow, let's go to Victoria and demand that she get some kind of help. Once that is out of the way, we can really focus our attention to getting your memory back. We can talk to more specialists at the hospital, or take a trip back to your house in White Cove. Anything to help you get all those years back."

Helen looks at Adam with love and affection. How has she gotten so lucky? She quickly thinks. This man is willing to really do anything to make her happy. Anything to help her regain her life. She is so happy with him.

"You are too good to me. I really would love that," she says beaming.

"I am only good to you because you are good to me, it goes both ways" he tells her back.

Scene Two - The Tower's, Floor 8; Victoria's Apartment

Victoria, still under 'Brandy's' control, opens the apartment door and slams it shut. She looks around the cluttered apartment. It was still a mess as she has not really had time to properly unpack since she quickly got the apartment after her and Adam had split up. After all, they were engaged and living together. The thoughts send chills down Brandy's spine. She quickly recalls what she just saw. Adam and Helen together in his apartment planning a romantic evening. She moves quickly into another room of the large apartment. She starts rummaging through boxes until she finds what appears to be a silver lighter. She gets a wicked smile on her face.

'They will pay,' she says to herself. 'Everyone that has crossed me, that has crossed Victoria, I will make them pay!'

She pulls her long black hair into a ponytail and prepares the final details of her revenge.

Scene Three - The Towers, The Penthouse; Cory's Home

Will enters Robin's bedroom as she is sitting listening to the radio. Will stops and admires her for a moment. Her long wavy hair, her luscious lips, her curvy body. Will shakes his head. He scolds himself for having desires for the woman he was hired to look after. Still, he is a man he tells himself.

"Hey, do you need anything Robin?" he asks coming and sitting on the bed.

"Yea, I do!" she says beaming. "How about ... my vision back?"

Will chuckles. "Sorry, I shouldn't laugh."

"It's okay, I was trying to make light of a dark situation," she smiles.

"That's a great sign, you being funny. It means you are getting used to this."

"Oh, I don't know if I will ever get used to this blackness that surrounds me."

Will becomes quiet.

"I didn't mean you. I meant literally, I just see black all around me."

Will laughs again. "Yea. I have read a lot of different studies about people suffering from a temporary blindness. Some have said they see red, or white or black. Interesting hey?"

Robin rolls her eyes "oh, yea, very."

"You're sarcasm is really intense today."

Robin sighs. She likes being in Will's company. While they had just met, he seems like a great guy.

"So, where is Cory?" she asks.

"Oh ... um, he went out," Will says, clearly trying to avoid the topic.

"That sounded pretty vague," Robin notes. "Did he go see Natasha?" she asks, with a hint of desperation in her voice that Will's answer will be 'no'.

Will pauses. He looks at Robin. He can see on her face that she wants his answer to be no. "Yea, he did. At least I think it was her on the telephone earlier."

And with that, he quickly sees the disappointment in her eyes and face. While she may not be able to see, Robin's eyes are always the window to her soul. They will tell you exactly what she is feeling at any given moment. "Hey, I am sorry. Try not to let this get you down, okay?" he says trying to reassure her.

"I guess ..." she says slowly.

"Let's do something fun, take your mind off things," he suggests.

"Yea, okay ... like what?"

They are interrupted by Will’s pager going off. “Hold on,” he says looking at his pager. A message from Jackson appears on the screen. “I need your help.” it reads.

“Everything okay?” Robin asks impatiently.

“Everything is cool,” Will replies dropping the pager down and focusing his attention back to Robin.

Scene Four - The Michael's Home; Chris, Daisy & Trenyce's House

Chris looks at the clock in the kitchen as he puts his and Trenyce's plate in the dishwasher. 7:22 pm, it reads. Another late night at the office for Daisy. He thinks he should be used to it by now, or at least he thinks he should have a better understanding by now. He has known for years that Daisy, being a politician would lead to long hours. Still, he would love for just one night a week to have dinner with her. Or see her. Or even make love to her. He can not remember how long it has been. Due to this fact, he finds himself drawn more and more to Trenyce, his underage niece. She is wearing a tight white top with tight blue jeans, showing off her very curvy, very full body.

"So what's up with you tonight?" he says to her as she puts the salad dressing back in the fridge.

"I think Andy is coming over. He's going to help me study for my trig test tomorrow. Is that cool?" she smiles at him.

He looks at her for a moment. How tight her shirt is, how full of her breasts her shirt is. "Yea, I guess that's cool." he says.

"What are you going to do?" she says shutting the door to the fridge and placing her hand on her hip.

"Maybe go work out, I don’t know when Daisy will be home."

"Late again, probably," Trenyce says rolling her eyes. "I do not remember the last time I saw her."

"Yea, me either." he spits back quickly. "So, I think I'll hit the gym."

Trenyce smiles, quickly recalling earlier in the morning seeing Chris with nothing but a towel on. "From what I saw this morning, looks like you don't really need to work out too much."

Chris smiles, he too quickly remembers seeing Trenyce in nothing but her black lacy underwear set. "Oh, thanks. I like to keep up with the appearance, you know how it is."

"I guess I do," she smiles softly biting her lower lip.

He moves a little closer to her. She moves up so her back is against the door of the fridge. He continues to walk slowly to her. Suddenly, they both jump a little when the doorbell rings. "That's probably Andy," she says turning and leaving the kitchen.

Chris lets out a deep sigh. He knew that going to the gym to get off some of this steam is a great idea.

Scene Five - The Tower's, Floor 12; Adam & Helen's Apartment

Helen finishes her last bite of the steak that Adam had ordered for her. She places her fork down and wipes her mouth a little with the napkin. "That was wonderful, thank you for dinner." she says.

"Anytime. So, what's on your mind. You seemed a little quiet during dinner."

"Just thinking. You know, maybe Chris and Andy are right. Maybe Victoria does have this disorder."

Adam stops and smiles as he finishes her drink of wine. "I am thinking the same thing. Her behaviour has been odd for months now. I just hope she listens to reason tomorrow when we talk to her," he says.

"I hope that too. Lord knows Victoria can be the most stubborn person in the world," Helen replies.

Outside the apartment in the hallway, the elevator dings and the door opens. “Brandy” has her black hair slicked back into a ponytail. She's wearing a black jacket and black gloves. She steps off the elevator holding a red jerry can. She opens the jerry can and doses the hall way with gasoline. She doses the doorway of Adam and Helen's apartment in the gasoline. She leads the gas back to the elevator. The elevator door opens again. She throws the empty can into the elevator and steps in. The door tries to close, but stands in the doorway of the elevator. She pulls out her silver lighter, lights it and throws it into the hall; the entire hallway quickly fills with flames. She steps back. The elevator door closes. She smiles realizing that the floor that Adam and Helen lived on is raging with flames.

Scene Six - Capers Restaurant

Cory and Natasha sit in a booth in the new restaurant opened by Cassie Nova. The booth is in a private area with tall plants and dimly light, giving it a very, cozy, quiet atmosphere.

Natasha takes a drink of her white wine, while Cory enjoys a beer.

"I am so glad we are here together," he smiles at her from across the table. "It had been too long, just a you and me night."

"Well that could have been solved sooner," Natasha says taking a bite of her spinach salad.

"Listen babe, I know you're upset that Robin is back at the penthouse, but she's blind! I can not just up and abandon here." Cory justifies to Natasha.

Natasha puts her fork down and wipes her mouth quickly.

"It's just ... it's always something Cory."

Cory looks at Natasha. It's not often that he sees Natasha this upset. "What's going on? You're upset. Talk to me."

"What's going on? Where do I begin Cory? First, I was only 'dead' for a few months and you have the nerve to remarry? Did you even mourn me at all!? Then I come back, and it's like you have this huge decision to make! I am your wife, not Robin. You married me but you have to 'decide'? Then it seems like you 'choose me', but you're always drawn back to Robin. Robin has a drug problem, she needs you. Robin tries to kill herself, she needs you. Robin is blind, she needs you. What about me Cory? What about what I need!?" Natasha spits, rather shocked that she finally got everything off her chest.

Cory is stunned at Natasha's outburst.

"I don't know what to say," he says slowly taking a drink of his beer.

"Where is nothing to say, is there? You can not deny anything I have just said," Natasha says starting to calm herself down. "I guess I am just questioning how much our relationship means to you when another woman can so quickly turn your head."


Across the restaurant at the bar, Shane sits enjoying a beer. Cassie is behind the bar helping the waitress with an order. She finally gets a moment and comes up to Shane.

"Thanks so much for coming," she winks.

"Hey, I wouldn't miss this for the world. This place looks amazing, you should be very proud Cassie," Shane says back to her.

"Thanks. I am. I can't believe how busy it is in here!" she says looking at the packed restaurant.

Shane looks around and spots Cory and Natasha in the corner booth in what seems to be a heated conversation. He quickly turns his head back to Cassie. "So, about that date? How's tomorrow? Think you can get away?"

"Absolutely. I am just thrilled by this Shane!" she comes around from the bar and plants a kiss on Shane's lips, and he responds.


Cory sits in silence at the table.

"Are you going to say anything?" Natasha asks.

"I ... just had no idea this was all bothering you." he admits.

"Well, wake up Cory! You're ability to string along two women is going to impact everyone around you, not just you. I guess you can think about that," Natasha says grabbing her bag and standing up.

She walks off thinking that maybe she can stop over at Shane's. She can really use a friend right now. As she walks past the bar, she notices Shane and Cassie ... in a heated kiss. Natasha stops and stares for a moment. Then proceeds out the door.

Outside, she gets a tear in her eye. 'What's wrong with me?' she asks herself as she finds her car door.


Inside, Shane breaks away from the kiss with Cassie.

"Wow, you must be excited," he winks.

"Sorry ... I know we said we are going slow, but ... I just can't get over how great this place is doing."

"It's alright. I am glad that you shared your excitement with me!"

Cassie's eyes shift to the large window at the front of the restaurant. From the walkway outside, you are the perfect view of downtown Twin Peaks, including The Tower's apartment complex.

"Do you see that?" she asks pointing out the window.

"No, I haven't stopped looking at you," he says turning his head to the window.

"Seriously Shane! Look, is that fire at the Towers?"

Shane turns his head and does in fact see flames coming from a high floor of the Towers.

"Oh my god! Call 9-1-1!" he shouts.

Scene Seven - Wild Night

Dominick sits at a table by himself. He was hoping to go see Robin, but understood when she said she wasn't up for visitors tonight. He will go see her in the morning. He is enjoying his brandy, getting lost in his thoughts. He is eager to return to New York and start some kind of new business venture. He does not know what he wants to do this time. He is always getting into some kind of business deals. He loves the thrill of new, exciting, and bold ideas. This is why he never settled at one company; he fears he would get far too bored. Plus he loves the life of travelling. New places, new people ... new women. The eternal bachelor.

His eyes find the door when it opens. Sofia steps into the club for a moment. She looks around quickly trying to see if Cory is in the club. When she concludes that he is not, she leaves again. She never says a word to anyone and probably would have gone unnoticed had Dominick not spotted her.

Oh Sofia, he thinks to himself. So long ago, he smiles at himself. While he knows that Bob already knows of his love affair with Sofia years ago, he still loves the fact that he can push those buttons. No one else knows about the affair. Only he, Sofia and Bob. They made him keep it a secret as they did not want to upset their children, they claimed. Dominick smiles again. He knows that he could have had Sofia if he wanted her. She would have left Bob, he knows it. He decided to leave town though. He was sure that Sofia's heart was broken. At least that is what he told himself while he is drinking his brandy. Yes, Sofia. Another town; another woman; another broken heart. Dominick quietly cheers himself as he sips his brandy.

Scene Eight - The Michael's Home; Chris, Daisy & Trenyce's Home

Trenyce and Andy sit in her bedroom, with their trigonometry books open. She is laying on her bed, he is sitting at her desk. Trenyce is busy solving a problem, but she glances up at Andy. She admired how clever he is. He was almost 19, he was a year behind everyone else. He probably could have graduated by now if he was not working part time at the Sun. She loves that her best friend was so smart.

Andy notices her glancing up at him. "Finished?" he asks.

"Not yet, this is so hard," she says dropping her pencil. She sits up and reaches down to take off her black pumps.

"Oh wow, I love your shoes," he says noticing the Jimmy Choo pumps.

Trenyce gets an odd look on her face. "Thank you ... that was random. I had no idea you were in so into fashion."

Andy blushes and looks down. "It's kinda a secret hobby of mine. I even buy US Weekly," he admits.

"Shut up! You do not!" Trenyce laughs.

Andy laughs back, "I swear. Check my bag. The latest issue is there."

Trenyce grabs Andy's black knapsack and opens it. To her delight, she finds the latest copy of US Weekly. "This is a whole new side to our friendship Andy Spinnes," she grins.

Their banter is interrupted by Trenyce's cell phone ringing. She grabs it and picks it up. "Hello ... oh hey Chris. How was the gym? .... Oh what? No, I didn't hear. Yea, I am fine. Never left the house .... What? Oh wow, are they okay? .... Okay, sounds good. See ya soon, later".

"That was Chris?" Andy asks, already knowing the answer.

"Yup. There was a fire at the Tower's complex. Apparently on Mr. Black's floor. You know, Adam."

"Yea, that's crazy," Andy says. "Was Helen, I mean Ms. Mills with him?" Andy asks, feeling odd about calling his teachers by their first names.

"Dunno, never said anything. Just insane though, hey?"

Andy becomes very quiet. He wonders if Victoria, or rather one of her personalities could be responsible for this.

"Earth to Andy, where'd ya go?" Trenyce asks, slapping his arm.

"No where, I am here. I just ... I think this fire is my fault ..."

"What!? Shut up! You were with me the entire time!"

"Not literally, silly," he tries to smile. "I mean, I know this woman and I think she has a serious disorder ... I should have stopped it."

Trenyce sits next to Andy and puts her arm around him.

"There's nothing you could have done. Chris said he doesn’t think anyone was injured. Try not to beat yourself up, okay?"

Andy nods. "Thanks, I'll try."

"I am going to get a soda. Want one?"

"Sure," he says.

Trenyce leaves the room for a moment. Andy turns back to the desk. On the opposite side of the desk he notices Trenyce's diary. It's open. He knows he shouldn't, but he quickly peaks at the opened page. He quickly reads a paragraph.

"What are you doing?" Trenyce asks, standing in the doorframe holding two sodas.

"Nnnothing," he stutters. "Well, it was open. I am sorry."

Trenyce walks over to him. "Never read my diary again, please."

Andy is surprised as she is rather calm. "I guess you know, then?" she says softly.

"Um, what? I barely read anything."

"Oh please. Don't play stupid Andy. You know that Chris was sleeping with my mother before she died. Having an affair."

Andy is stunned. He actually did not read that in her diary.

"Hey, listen. Are you okay? I promise I won't say anything if you don't want me too?" he says, trying to cover his tracks and not make Trenyce feel stupid for just revealing her secret.

"Thanks. I am fine. Just don't say anything. Nothing Andy, promise."

"Of course, promise."

Scene Nine - Twin Peaks Sun Offices; Kim's Office

Kim finishes wrapping up tomorrow's article in the Sun. She pushes the 'submit' button knowing that the new system on the computer will automatically formulate the article to fit the paper's model.

"Perfect," she says. "Not too late. If I hurry, I can get home and catch a late dinner with Jeff."

She begins to collect her belongings when she spots something out of the corner of her eye. She looks outside and sees Jackson walking down the street.

"Damn him, this has to stop," she says.

She grabs her things and exits her office. She rushes out the front door. "Jackson!" she calls running up to him.

"Well, hello Kimberly," he smiles turning around to face her. "What a pleasant surprise."

"Like hell it is," she says. "I see you're back in town ... again not following the court order I have on you."

Jackson smiles. He loves toying with Kim's emotions. He gets some kind of kick out of it.

"I am just walking on this glorious evening, you approached me, remember?"

"To give you a warning: stay away from me. Or that little court order will come back into play and you will be arrested. Got it?"

Jackson laughed. "Bad day Kim? Seriously, I am here. I am keeping my distance. I want you to see that I am a changed man. I promise you, I am."

"Right, whatever. Stay away from me, or else," Kim says walking away from Jackson.

Jackson turns and continues his walk. "Or else ..." he smirks to himself.

Scene Ten - The Tower's, The Penthouse; Cory's Home

Robin steps out of the bath and grabs on to the rail that was installed for her. She finds her robe and quickly covers herself with it. The steam in the bathroom is heavy as Robin loves her hot bathes. She uses her hands to find the sink counter. She turns on the water tap and splashes some cold water on her face.

She loves that sense of a cold rush on her face in the midst of the heat and steam. She thinks back to her time with Will. She smiles, but soon think she smells smoke. She shakes her head thinking Will must be making something in the kitchen. Not seeing anything, her arm knocks off a glass cup on from the sink. It hits the floor and shatters.

"Oh gee," she says to herself as she bends over. She tries to collect the glass. Suddenly a sharp piece of glass enters her finger. The cut is deep. Blood quickly starts exiting her hand. The sharp pain causes Robin to place her behind on the ground. She shuts her eyes. "Damn it!" she says to herself. She opens her eyes ... and she can see!

"Oh my god!" she says slowly. "I .... can see! I can see!"

Scene Eleven - The Twin Peaks Police Station

Patricia enters the police station. It's late, so there are not many officers in. She looks around the station. She sees a pretty young woman working behind a small desk.

"Excuse me, is Robbie Calimo in? I'd like to see him," Patricia asks politely.

"No hun, he's not in at this hour." the woman replies.

Patricia thinks quickly. "Can I go into his office? I just need to leave him a note then!"

The woman looks at Patricia. While she normally wouldn’t allow it, she thinks that Patricia is a sweet enough looking girl.

"Sure, why not. Last door on the left."

"Thank you," Patricia says smiling. She walks quickly down the hall, her shoes softly clicking on the tile. She finds Robbie's office door and opens it. She closes it softly behind her. She goes to his desk and quickly sits down.

She sees a file on the top of a large stack. A yellow sticky note reads "Today's Cases". She realizes that "Today' is probably 'tomorrow' for Robbie. This is what he was going to look at tomorrow, she thinks.

She sees a file near the bottom that intrigues her. The file does not have a name on it, which is the only one like it. She grabs the file and opens it. Inside there is a note, scribbled in handwriting that reads 'As you requested Robbie!' The documents are regarding Noah's death, and tests that Robbie had requested on the clothing that Noah was wearing the day of accident. 'This could be what I am looking for,' Patricia thinks to herself. She flips the page and sees that Noah's clothing did have paint clips on them, and that they have determined the colour, make and possibly the year of the automobile that was driving. Patricia looks at the page again. She looks up and thinks.

'It says it's probably from a 2008 blue Mazda. Why does that sound familiar?' she thinks to herself still. 'Oh my god ... of course, the same kind of car that Meggan drives!' Patricia puts it together. She leans back into the chair, taken aback at her startling revelation. She quickly sits up and places the file into her large bag, gets up and exits the office.

'Now, what?' she asks herself as she departs the police station.

Scene Twelve - The Tower's, The Parking Lot

A small crowd of people have gathered outside the Towers. The crowd is red, glowing in the lights from the fire trucks. The fire has been put out. No serious damage, the news reporter is saying into the TV camera. Suddenly, two stretchers come out of the building. Helen lies unconscious on one; Adam on the other.

Across the road, in an alley Victoria watches. She sees the stretchers. She shuts her eyes. When she opens them, tears fill. "Help me," she begs. "Help me..."

Suddenly her eyes shut again. When she opens them, she wipes her tears away. "Never come out again Victoria, Brandy is here and she is not going away," Brandy says.

Next on One Day At A Time
- ‘Brandy’ strikes again!
- Robbie gets closer to the truth
- Andy makes a new friend at school
- Robin ponders her next move

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