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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Cheresa pulled Andrew out of pool at the Gen Next House after he was knocked unconscious and fell into the water. Abby, Paige, Cheresa, Max, Trenyce and Chris arrived at the hospital waiting to hear how he was doing
- At the Calimo cabin, Leah delivered Meggan's baby boy, but was taken aback when a delusional Meggan kept asking for Jeff
- Bob confronted Kim about kissing Greg. They then learned about Andrew's accident
- Adam revealed to Helen that he was back together with Robin
- Andy fought his attraction to Nicholas
- Brandy continued to give Craig drugs as he was feeling sick since being diagnosed with HIV
- Dominick told Greg to go ahead and use electroshock therapy on Felicia

The Calimo Cabin

Leah paces back and forth in the living room of the cabin, her mind racing about what just happened upstairs. After she delivered Meggan's baby boy, she cleaned him off and Meggan started drifting in and out of consciousness; while doing so, she continued to mumble Jeff's name repeatedly. She has no idea why in the state of just giving birth, she would continue to repeat her husband's name.

Leah, then, gave Meggan some water, whom came out of her delusional state and she's now holding her son upstairs. Leah decided to give them some time alone together, and she needed time to figure out what is going on with Meggan and Jeff. She knows that Jeff slept with Meggan last fall because Jeff told her as much, but she also knows that Brad is the father of Meggan's baby - at least that is what they have been claiming.

"Something doesn't make sense," she whispers to herself as she hears the front door open, causing the wheels in her head to stop turning for a moment. She turns around and sees Brad walking in with a suitcase.

"Leah? What are you doing here?" Brad asks her, confused by the person he is seeing. He had expected to see Meggan waiting for him since they had planned a weekend away together. "Where's Meggan?"

"I'm glad you're here, I'm going to need your help," Leah tells him.

Brad arches his eyebrow. "What is going on?"

"Meggan gave birth," Leah reveals to him. "She's fine, the baby is fine, but we should get her to the hospital as soon as possible. She was a little spacey after she gave birth."

"She gave birth? The baby, it's here?" Brad gets a huge smile on his face thinking that he is a father. "Is it okay?"

"He's fine," Leah nods back to him. "He's beautiful and healthy. Why don't you go upstairs to see them, and I'll start packing. We do have to get her to the hospital."

Brad doesn't respond; instead, he races up the stairs and opens the door to the bedroom, where he sees Meggan holding a baby boy. It is a sight he doesn't think he will forget anytime soon.

"Looks like I missed the excitement," he says coming up to her. "How are you?"

"Tired," she replies to him. "But seeing him, it makes it all worth it. When did you get here?"

"Just now," Brad tells her. "Leah is getting the car ready so we can drive you to the hospital. Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine," she nods back to him. "I'm just so glad that my son is finally here."

"Our son," he smiles back to her as he touches the baby's face. "Our son."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Shane, please don't keep us waiting," Trenyce pleads with the doctor, who has just walked into the waiting room where she, Chris, Max, Abby, Paige and Cheresa are all waiting to hear how Andrew is doing. Trenyce almost can't believe that Andrew fell, hit his head and was laying in the pool in the Gen Next House unconscious; if Cheresa hadn't found him when she did, he could be dead right now. She just hopes that Andrew will be okay because she doesn't know what she would do if something happened to the man she thought was her son for so long. "How is Andrew? Is he going to be okay?"

"I think Andrew is very lucky that Cheresa found him when she did," Shane replies to them. "He has a nasty bump on his head, but I do think he will make a full recovery."

"Oh, thank God," Trenyce turns and hugs Chris, as Abby pulls Max into a hug. "Can we see him?"

"Sure, just one at a time," Shane nods back to them, as Trenyce grabs Chris' hand and rushes out of the room. "Cheresa, you did great work performing CPR on Andrew. You saved his life."

Cheresa feels her cheeks flush. "I just did what anyone would have done."

Before anyone can say anything, Brooke, Greg, Adam and Jeff walk into the waiting room.

Abby turns and sees her mother and rushes into her arms. "Mom," she says as Brooke holds her.

"It's okay baby, you're fine, everything will be okay," Brooke replies to her daughter.

"Sounds like you're a hero," Greg holds Cheresa. "I'm so proud of you. Minus the drinking part."

Cheresa uneasily chuckles back to him. "Thanks Dad."

"It's good to see you again," Adam looks at Max, who feels his eyes swell with water. He can't believe that Andrew almost died, and now, his estranged father is standing in front of him.

Max doesn't respond he just moves up to Adam and hugs him. Adam slowly puts his arms around Max and they hug for a moment before exiting their embrace. "Thanks Dad. Thanks for being here."

"Kiddo, are you sure you're okay?" Jeff asks Paige, as they exit their embrace. "You know you shouldn't have been drinking, right?"

"I'm fine," Paige insists to him. "And yes, I know. None of us should have been drinking, but can we please just focus on Andrew? That's what matters right now."

"I agree," Greg nods back to everyone. "We are just glad everyone is okay. This could have ended much, much worse."


Trenyce peers through the window of Andrew's hospital room door before she opens it and sees him resting in the bed. She gets tears in her eyes at the sight of him laying there. Andrew slowly opens his eyes and looks over at Trenyce.

"You have no idea how scared I was," she says coming up to his bed. "When I heard what happened, I couldn't breathe."

He slowly removes his oxygen mask. "Why are you here?" he asks her as she sits next to him. "You have a restraining order against me, remember?"

"None of that matters now," Trenyce replies to him as she grabs his hand. "All that matters is that you're okay and that you will make a full recovery. You have to know that, despite everything, I love you so much. I never want anything bad to happen to you, Andrew. Not now, not ever."

Andrew slowly removes the oxygen mask from his mouth again. "I'm sorry about what happened," he tells her. "It's nice that you've said these things…but what about Chris? Is he going to be as forgiving?"


"Ladies and gentlemen, we will be taking questions after our press conference, so please hold them until the end of our release," Kim speaks into the microphone, with Bob standing next to her. Beyond them is a line of reporters, eager to hear what they have to say since, by now, everyone has heard about how the Gen Next House ended - with Andrew falling into the pool and almost drowning.

"We, at Roboto, do not condone nor support underage drinking," Bob moves in front of the microphone. "However, we did hold a contest within the campaign and the winner got to select a prize. We chose to honour that, and we deeply regret our decision. That being said, Andrew Pherson is expected to make a full recovery, and we will be paying for his medical bills in their entirety. We thank you all for your support and we hope you will all continue to use Roboto products."

Cameras flash quickly as Bob finishes his statement. He looks over at his wife who is trying to keep a smile on her face to the public. She moves back to the microphone. "We have time for 1 or 2 questions, then we must go and get an update on the rest of the models. We want to ensure everyone is healthy."

"Mrs. Calimo," a reporter yells out. "How do you think this will impact the Gen Next sales?"

"We are confident that our sales will continue to prosper despite the near tragic ending to the Gen Next House," Kim replies to everyone. "All summer long, we had a very successful campaign and everyone involved in the Gen Next House had a great time. We don't believe one isolated incident will impact the company moving forward."

Bob moves up next to her to take the microphone. "Thank you all for coming, please continue to follow us on social media for any updates we may have. However, we are out of time for right now."

Reporters shout at them as the quickly leave the stage. Once they are out of the reporters sight, Bob looks at Kim. "I sure as hope you're right and that our sales are not impacted by this," he tells her. "We've come too far to have one drunken moment ruin this for us."

"Time will tell, I guess," she replies to him. "But I do agree that we have come too far Bob. We are in this together."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Thanks for coming with me again today," Craig tells Lukas as they sit in Victoria's office in the hospital, waiting for her to arrive. Craig knows that Lukas has a lot on his plate right now, with the fall out of the election, but he wanted his friend to be with him to find out, exactly, what is going on with his health as ever since he has been diagnosed with HIV, he has been feeling horrible. He knows that Victoria told him that his body is getting used to the new drug regime, but nothing seems to be working right now.

"No worries, I just want to know what's going on with you too," Lukas replies to him with a slight smile. "I don't want you to have to go through this alone."

"I appreciate that so much," Craig nods back to him. "I'm just amazed that I feel so bad so quickly."

"There must be something going on," Lukas replies to him. "I'll be right here, no matter what she says."

Craig turns and smiles back to him. Lukas looks back at his friend and can't help but think about their time when they were more than friends. He knows that Craig was upset when he and Donovan reunited, but he never wanted this to happen to his friend. As he looks at Craig, Lukas can't help but think about their times together. He closes his eyes for a moment and remembers having hot, intense sex with Craig. He opens his eyes and looks at the man, who is looking ill, and can't believe he is the same man. He quickly scolds himself for thinking about those times with Craig when he is happy with Donovan.

"Victoria should be here any time," Craig finally breaks the moment of silence in the room, as they hear the door open.

"Sorry to keep you both waiting," Brandy announces to them. Brandy is still in control of Victoria's mind, and has no intention of letting Victoria out again. "I had a shift at Raven's Meadow, and traffic was horrible."

Craig arches his eyebrow. "I didn't know you were also working there."

"I took on a part time role," Brandy nods back to him. "Just something to expand my horizons. It's a great experience."

"That's great," Lukas interrupts. "But, the drugs you've been giving Craig are making him feel like shit. What can you do to make this stop? We aren't leaving here until he feels better."

Brandy glares back at him, shocked by how he is talking to her. "First of all, you are not my patient, so you can lose the attitude or I will ask you to leave my office," she replies to him before she looks over at Craig. "The pills that I gave you, are they not working?"

Craig shakes his head back to her. "Look at me, does it look like I'm feeling better? Sorry, I don't mean to snap at you, it's just, I've been feeling this way since my diagnosis and I'm tired of it."

"I appreciate that," Brandy uneasily smiles back to him. "I'll change your prescription, how about that?"

"Only if it will work this time," Lukas snaps at her. "And, I won't apologize because this is insane that he's feeling so bad."

"Look, his body is adjusting to the disease and the medication," Brandy glares back at Lukas. "I'll change your prescription and you should start to feel a little better, but you won't be back to your normal self. You had unprotected sex and now, you have a disease, and you're going to have to learn to live with that, okay?"

Craig looks back at Lukas in shock by how Victoria is speaking to them as they haven't seen this side of her before. Craig uneasily nods back to her. "Uh, sure, thanks Victoria."

The Pampa Grill

"So, you're telling me, that you gave Greg Lawson the okay to perform the electroshock therapy on Felicia?" Eva asks her husband as they sit across from one another in the busy restaurant, as cool jazz music plays in the back ground.

Dominick picks up his glass of red wine and takes a sip of it. "I know that you don't think that this is the best option but I do think that it will help Felicia separate her dreams from reality."

Eva sighs back to him thinking that she is feeling uneasy about this therapy method; it just seems very drastic. "I just hope you, and Greg, know what you are doing. I don't want to see Felicia hurt any more than she already has been."

"I appreciate that and I know Felicia does as well," Dominick replies to her. "But we have to make her realize that she did start the fire. I believe this form of therapy will do that."

"Okay," Eva purses her lips together before she takes a sip of her wine. "I will trust you, I'm just worried, that's all."

Before Dominick can reply, his phone starts pinging with updates. He grabs it from his pocket and looks at the incoming messages and immediately he gets a smile on his face.

"What is it? Why are you so happy?"

"Roboto and that damn Gen Next House," he looks up with a sly grin on his face. "I may still get the upper hand after all."


"I'm probably the last person you want to see," Tyler announces as he arrives at Daisy's table in the far back corner of the restaurant. Because he still has signs of his black eye, he isn't with Kim and Bob giving the press conference, so he is at the restaurant working behind the scenes. "But, when I saw you here alone, I had to come over."

Daisy looks up from her phone and sees the man she had a torrid affair with, which has since cost her marriage. She just saw Vinny and he told her that they are over; she doesn't know if she can save her marriage, which is devastating to her. At the same time, the last time she saw Tyler, he kissed her and asked her if they could be together.

"My marriage is over now, so it doesn't matter if anyone sees us together," she replies to him as he sits next to her in the booth. "I saw Vinny earlier and he told me the same thing, he wants a divorce."

"I'd like to say I'm sorry," he admits to her. "But, I'm not sorry because this means we could be together."

Daisy sighs and looks back at him. "Can I ask you a question? And, please be honest with me?"

"Of course," Tyler nods back to her. "You can ask me anything."

"Did you send that picture of us kissing to the newspaper? Did you leak the photo because you wanted us to have future together?"

Tyler slightly gasps at her question. "I can't believe you'd think I'd do that," he replies to her quickly. "Do I want us to be together? Yes, I do. But, before the photo leaked I was giving you the space you asked for. I was letting you try to put your marriage back together. So no, Daisy, I didn't do this to you or your marriage or your career. Tell me you believe me?"

Daisy finds herself nodding back to him. "I do believe you," she looks into her eyes. "But if you didn't, then who did? Who leaked that image to the press?"


At a table in the middle of the restaurant, Robin sits with Nicholas, who is across from her. She looks over at her half-brother and still can't believe that he is back in town and they are able to see each other on a regular basis. She hadn't realized how much she missed him until she was seeing him all the time.

"So, things are going well at the church?" Robin asks Nicholas as she knows he is taking over for Father Murphy, but there was a lot of work to be done on the property first.

Nicholas uneasily looks back at her; on one hand, the transition to St. Joseph's has been great. He is enjoying the church and the weekly sermons. On the other hand, he can't deny that he is attracted to Andy, who is at the church a lot right now because of the featured articles he has been writing for the Sun and because he donated such a large sum of money, Andy has been helping out with some of the renovations. Nicholas is trying his hardest to keep his attraction under wraps but the more time he spends with Andy, the more he feels for him.

"Things are going as well as expected," he coyly replies to her. "There's a lot of work to be done, but I'm enjoying it a lot. Being back here is really wonderful."

"I'm so glad that you're back," Robin smiles back to him. "I know I've said that to you before but I can't help but say it again and again."

Nicholas chuckles back to her. "I don't mind hearing it," he admits to her. "I know you and Adam aren't exactly religious, but it would be nice to see you guys one Sunday morning."

"You know what? That sounds like a nice idea, especially after everything Adam has been through with his family lately," she replies to him. "I think it could be the start of healing everyone."

"I hope I'm not interrupting," Andy announces as he arrives at their table. "I was just picking up a takeout order and saw you, so I thought I'd say hi."

"That was kind of you, how are you Andy?" Robin asks him, as she looks over and sees Nicholas looking up at Andy with a sparkle in his eye. She immediately arches her eyebrow.

"Things are going pretty good, I can't complain, this brother of yours is keeping me pretty busy," Andy chuckles as he locks eyes with Nicholas. "But I enjoy the work, a lot."

"I'm glad, because we have another busy day tomorrow," Nicholas winks back to him. "See you at 9ish?"

"You bet," Andy nods back to him. "My order is ready, I'll see you guys."

"Bye, Andy," Robin says before she looks back at her brother. "Okay, what was that all about?"

"What?" Nicholas asks her.

"That look between you and Andy," she replies to him quickly. "Is something going on with you two?"

Nicholas quickly looks back at her in shock and awe. "No! And nothing ever will happen," he sternly advises her. "I'm a priest now, that part of my life is over. There's nothing between Andy and I, and there never will be. It's just the way it is."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"I heard you were asking about me," Chris tells Andrew as he sits next to the young man, who is still laying in his hospital bed. "You did give Trenyce and I a pretty good scare, you know."

"I heard," Andrew manages to say after he removes his oxygen mask. "I'm just glad that Cheresa was there."

"You and me both," Chris replies to him. "Look, I know we've had a rough couple of years, but this has made me realize how short life is. I don't want to spend time fighting with you."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying, let's put the past behind us?" Chris asks him. "While Trenyce was with you, I made a call to Simona Lopez to have the restraining order revoked. I want you in my life, Andrew. My God, I thought you were flesh and blood for years; we should start acting like family, what do you say?"

Andrew reaches for Chris' hand and squeezes it. "I say, that sounds really good," he manages to break a smile back to Chris.


"Mom, Dad, Abby, Cheresa, I'm glad you're all here," Brad announces as he rushes into the waiting room, having just drove from the Calimo cabin with Meggan, Leah and the baby. As soon as they got to the hospital, Meggan and the baby were taken away to be looked at to ensure they are healthy and Brad learned that his family was at the hospital; he can't wait to tell them that he is a father. "I have news."

"Brad, what's going on, you look like you've seen a ghost," Brooke replies to her son, coming up to him.

"I was just driving," Brad admits to them. "Look, I have to get back to Meggan, but…"

"Wait, Meggan is in the hospital? Is it the baby?" Greg asks him quickly.

"She gave birth," Brad reveals to them, causing Jeff, who is still with Paige, to look over at them. "Meggan had my baby. I'm a father!"

The family excitedly starts to hug Brad, while Jeff looks back at Paige. He can't help but get this sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, but he isn't sure why.


Leah paces back and forth outside of Meggan's hospital room while Shane is in with her and the baby. She can't shake the feeling but something isn't sitting well with her. Why was Meggan calling out for Jeff while giving birth? Does this mean that she still has feelings for Leah's husband? Why wasn't she calling out for Brad, her baby's father?

Leah looks up in horror as she gasps to herself. "My God," she whispers. "Unless Brad isn't the father at all," she says to herself. "What if Jeff is the father of the baby? Could my husband have gotten Meggan pregnant after all?"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Adam confesses a secret to Max
- Daisy confronts Robbie
- Helen visits Barbara

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