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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Vinny filed for divorce from Daisy after her affair with Tyler was exposed
- After getting a text message from Jacob that he is engaged, Natasha went into labour
- Shane suggested to Craig that he review his medical file after he continued to feel ill from the drugs that "Victoria" was giving him for his HIV
- Dominick told Eva that he changed his mind about allowing Felicia to have electroshock therapy. Felicia, meanwhile, heard Brandy tell Barbara she would make her pay for sending Dawn to the summer camp
- Trenyce & Chris asked Meggan to look into finding their biological child again
- Andy kissed Nicholas, who told him they will never be together because he is a priest
- Adam proposed to Robin, who accepted

Raven's Meadow

"No, Dominick, please don't feel like you have to explain yourself," Greg says into the phone as he sits at his desk listening to Dominick advise him that he has changed his mind about giving Felicia the electroshock therapy. Greg continues to slowly nod his head as he listens to Dominick, realizing that the idea was probably pretty drastic but it did stem from Kim, who suggested it to him when they were together one day. "Yes, that sounds good. I'll be in touch very soon about the next steps with Felicia's treatments."

He hangs up the phone and immediately runs his hand over his face. "He knows what is best for Felicia," he whispers to himself, unable to deny that he is a little upset that he isn't going to get to perform the electroshock therapy on Felicia. It's not a treatment he uses often, but he does find it very effective.

Before he can think of anything else, Greg's office door opens and Brandy emerges. "Good day doctor," she says as she comes into her office. "I've come with some updates for you."

Greg stands up and looks at the doctor, who he has believed has been doing a great job at Raven's Meadow, however he does recall how he was told that Victoria has ideas for how to treat Barbara Mills.

"Yes, well good, because I have some news for you as well," Greg replies to her. "The electroshock therapy for Felicia Robertson is off; we will not move forward."

Brandy arches her eyebrow back to him. "I thought that was a sure thing, what changed?"

"Her family decided against it," Greg admits to her. "And, to be honest, she's been doing so well that I think I agree with them."

"Very well," Brandy nods back to him. "I actually think that method of treatment should be used on another patient anyways."

"You do? Now I am curious," Greg says back to her. "But before you indulge me, I have to tell you that under no circumstances are you to perform any treatment to anyone in this hospital without my approval. I thought this was clear when you were brought on?"

"It was," Brandy quickly tells him. "I'm not sure where this is coming from?"

"A nurse thought you were, maybe, getting a little too close to Barbara Mills."

"Ah," Brandy nods back to him. "I suppose I have. I was here when she was admitted; I think she likes me, that's all."

"Okay, I didn't think you'd try anything out of turn," Greg replies to her.

"No, but I actually think Barbara would be the perfect patient to do the electroshock therapy on," Brandy stuns him by her words. "And before you say no, just think about her state; the shock therapy may bring her back to us. It may bring her out of her catatonic state."

Greg arches his eyebrow, impressed by her suggestion once he has had some time to think about what she is saying. "That makes a lot of sense; I'll look into it. Thank you, Victoria."

"You're very welcome, Doctor," Brandy smiles back to him, thrilled that her suggestion seems to be catching fire.


Felicia sits in her room alone rocking back and forth on her bed, as she recalls being in the common room earlier with Barbara and Victoria arrived. Felicia couldn't help but overhear Victoria tell Barbara that she was going to make her pay for sending Dawn to the bible camp where the younger woman was raped all those months ago. Felicia hasn't been able to get Victoria's words out of her hear; what if something bad happens to Barbara? What could Victoria possibly do to make Barbara pay? Felicia knows that she has to do something to help her friend.

Felicia stands up and moves closer to the door of her room. "I have to do something," she whispers to herself. "I have to prevent Victoria from hurting my friend. I have to tell Dr. Lawson…I have to get to his office."

She slowly opens the door and looks around before she slowly steps out of her room and scurries down the hallway.

Twin Peaks General Hospital

Cory paces back and forth in the waiting room desperate to hear something about Natasha. He recalls how he and his wife were at their penthouse when Natasha learned that Jacob was engaged; she got upset by the news and she went into labour. He, of course, rushed her to the hospital, where she is now being looked at by doctors. He is just waiting to get some kind of update so he can be with Natasha while she gives birth. After his past mishaps with babies, Cory wants nothing more than to be in delivery room when Natasha has the child.

He doesn't have to wait too long as he sees Shane walking towards the waiting room. "Shane, finally, what's going on? Is Natasha okay? Is the baby okay?"

"First of all," Shane puts his hand on Cory's shoulder. "I need you to breathe, okay? Natasha isn't the first woman to go into labour," he smiles back to Cory, who takes a deep breath. "That's good."

"Sorry, it's just, after everything that happened with Robin and Rebecca, I'm nervous."

"That's understandable," Shane tells him. "But, like I said, we have delivered many babies in this hospital. You have to trust us, okay?"

Cory uneasily nods back to him. "So, everything is okay? I can come back with you and be with Natasha when the baby is born?"

"I'm afraid not," Shane replies to him. "There has been a mild complication."

Cory feels the blood drain from his face. "What kind of complication? Natasha, the baby, they will be okay, won't they?"

Shane nods back to him. "I believe so," he tells him. "The baby was breach, so, I've scheduled an emergency c-section. It's not considered high risk, but I do have to operate. Natasha is already sedated; I just wanted to let you know what was going on."

"God," Cory whispers before he locks eyes with Shane. "Do not let anything happen to my wife or baby Shane. I'm begging you, please bring them back to me."

The Graveyard

Vinny moves up to a tombstone and places a dozen red roses at the base. He then looks at Jemma's tombstone and touches it with his hand as he fights tears in his eyes. For months following her death, Daisy blamed him for Jemma's death even though he had nothing to do with it. Still, after hearing that he is to blame for so long, a part of him started to accept responsibility.

"I miss you," he whispers to her. "Everything is such a mess right now and you always gave the best advice, even if it wasn't what someone wanted to hear or not. I wish we could talk now. I'm sure you know that Daisy and I are over; she cheated on me with Tyler. It … it hurts like hell."

"Looks like we had the same idea," a voice calls out from behind him. Vinny stands up and turns around and sees Daisy standing behind him. "I wanted to come see her too. I was looking for guidance."

"I'll leave you alone then," Vinny starts to move past her, but she stops him with her hand.

"Please, don't leave," she tells him. "We can visit Jemma together; she would probably like that."

"I don't want to be around you, in case you hadn't noticed," he spits back to her. "We have nothing left, Daisy."

"I don't know that I believe that," Daisy replies to him quickly. "We spent so much time together. I made one mistake, Vinny. If you gave us the chance…"

Vinny bursts out laughing at her comments. "A chance? For what? For you to make a fool out of me again? No, I don't think so. We are over, and when I'm through with you, you'll wish you never crossed me."

"What does that mean?"

"It means, what goes around comes around Daisy," he glares at her. "And, I'll make sure what comes around to you is just as painful as what you have dished out to me."

MW Investigations

"I can't believe that you were released from the hospital and the first place you wanted to come was here," Brad tells Meggan, as she sits behind her desk. In the corner of the office, baby Logan sleeps in a small crib that she brought to work. She was looking forward to getting back to work, but she couldn't bear being away from her child.

"I have things that need to get done," she purses her lips together. "And, I'm not the first woman to have a child. I can balance work and life."

"I admire that about you so much," Brad admits to her. "So, what is this case that you want to get started on?"

"Trenyce Davenport and Chris Michaels paid me a visit and they'd like me to reopen the case into find their biological child," Meggan reveals to him.

"I remember you telling me about this case when I first started," Brad recalls. "It's like finding a needle in a hay stack, because their child was sold on the black market."

"I know," she nods back to him. "But, I'm determined to at least try. We have to do something."

Brad reads the file trying to see if there was something that is missing. Meggan looks up when he hears him gasp a little. "What is it? Do you see something in the file that I missed?"

Brad uneasily puts the file back down on the desk. "No," he tells her. "I just had a thought. I think I know the person who could answer some of our questions."

The Pampa Grill

"I am so excited for you," Nicholas beams over to Robin, as she just told her brother that Adam proposed to her and she accepted. He grabs her hand and looks at the large diamond that is now on her finger. "And that ring! Adam has good taste."

Robin chuckles back to him. "You should have seen it, Nicholas. He created this rainfall of rose peddles, and in the middle of the room was a ring. It was the most romantic thing I've ever experienced in my life."

"I am so happy for you," he tells her. "After everything you've been through, you deserve this type of happiness."

Robin smiles back to him. "Thank you, I'm so glad you're back to celebrate this with me. It makes it that much sweeter. Anyways, we can talk wedding once we have a date planned. What's new with you?"

Nicholas picks up his iced tea and takes a long sip of it, as he recalls how he and Andy were painting the foyer of the church when they playfully had a paint fight which resulted in them sharing a heated, passionate kiss. Of course, Nicholas pulled away and scolded Andy for his actions, but if Nicholas is honest, he hasn't been able to get the kiss out of his head.

"Where did you just go?" Robin asks her brother, realizing that he is in a daze.

"Sorry," he manages to say back to her.

"Does this have something to do with a guy, perhaps?" Robin guesses. "You never could hide your feelings when you were attracted to someone."

"Even if I was," Nicholas replies to her. "Which I'm not, but if I was attracted to a man, nothing can ever happen. I'm with the church now, remember?"

"I know," Robin nods back to her. "Just make sure you're doing what's right for you, Nicholas. You only live once and I want you to be happy, okay?"

Nicholas uneasily nods back to her. "I know, I love you for that. Now, let's start planning this wedding!"

The Sugarbowl

"It was nice of you to buy me a coffee," Helen tells Adam as they sit across from one another in the back booth of the coffeehouse. "I suspect that means that you have something to discuss with me?"

Adam chuckles back to his ex-wife, realizing that she knows him so well. He has to tell her about his engagement to Robin before she hears it from someone else; he just hopes that she takes the news okay because Adam knows that Helen had hopes that they would get back together after they made love, curing him of his impotence.

"You know me far too well."

"That's what spending most of your life with someone does," Helen smiles back to him. "So, spill it. What's going on?"

"There's no easy way to tell you this," Adam looks down. "Because, I don't want to hurt you, but I do want you hear it from me."

"Now I'm worried."

"I asked Robin to marry me and she said yes," Adam looks up into her eyes. "I'm engaged to be married."

Helen feels the smile from her face fade away and tears immediately fill her eyes. "I see."

"I don't want to hurt you, Helen."

"You're not," she waves her hand in the air. "You've made it perfectly clear that you are still in love with Robin. It … it just sucks that we made love."

"It doesn't suck," he tells her. "We had a moment in time. We got caught up in our past, but Robin is my future."

Helen uneasily nods back to him. "Well, I'm happy for you. And don't worry, I won't say anything to anyone about night together. It can be our secret."

"Thanks," he smiles back to her. "I appreciate that. Because I do want to marry Robin, and I don't want anything to get in the way of that."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Yea, Bob, so if you could get here as soon as you could, that would be great," Cory says into his phone in the waiting room, still eager to hear about Natasha and the baby. He can't believe that Natasha is in surgery to have a c-section to have their child. He has no idea how it's going or what is happening with his wife and baby. "Okay, see you soon."

He hangs up the phone and lets out a loud sigh before he runs his hands through his hair. "Please, let Natasha and the baby be okay," he whispers to himself. "I can't lose another baby. I just can't."

"Cory," Shane calls out as he removes his surgical mask from his mouth. "The surgery, it's over."

"How are they? How are Natasha and the baby?"

"They are fine," Shane tells him as Cory breathes a sigh of relief. "Natasha and your baby girl are resting now. You can put some scrubs on and go see them."

"Girl? I have a daughter?" Cory asks in disbelief.

"You're a father," Shane nods back to him. "Go, second room on the right, your family needs you."

"Thank you so much," Cory replies to him as he jolts out of the room and rushes to find Natasha.

Shane smiles at the sight of Cory being so happy. He turns and moves out of the waiting room, where he sees Craig standing at the nurses station. As he looks at his friend and co-worker, he recalls how he suggested to him that he review his medical file to see if could see anything different than Victoria. Shane knows that it's very odd for someone recently diagnosed with HIV to get sick so quickly.

He moves up to the nurses station and calls out to Craig. "Hey, Craig, how are you? I'm glad I saw you. I was hoping you'd made a decision about letting me look at your file? Maybe I can see something that Victoria missed?"

Craig looks back at him and finds himself nodding. "Yea, I mean, I trust Vic, of course, but another set of eyes wouldn't hurt anything or anyone."

"Excellent," Shane tells him. "I'll request them now and let you know what I find."

Raven's Meadow

Greg sits at his desk looking at some patients files when he hears his door open. He assumes it is Victoria coming back to tell him something, so he doesn't look up. "What is it doctor?" he asks, still reading the file in front of him.

"Dr. Lawson," Felicia closes the door behind her. "I'm so glad you're here and that you're alone."

"Felicia," Greg stands up realizing who is in his office. "You shouldn't be here. You know the rule."

"I know, I know," Felicia puts her hands up as he moves closer to her. "But, I had to find you. I have to tell you something!"

"Okay, what do you have to tell me?"

"It's Barbara Mills," Felicia begins to tell him as Greg folds his arms across his chest. "She's in danger! Barbara is in grave danger!"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Brad questions Brooke's motives
- Cory and Natasha meet their daughter
- Paige and Andrew grow closer

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