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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Brad overheard a moment between Jeff & Meggan and wondered if Jeff was the father of her baby. Brad also re-read Trenyce & Chris' file and wondered if he could find their biological child
- Robbie and Brooke had sex again
- Vinny told Daisy he would make her pay for cheating on him
- Felicia told Greg that Barbara was in danger after she heard Brandy, still in control of Victoria, that she would make Barbara pay for sending Dawn to the bible camp
- After getting released from the hospital, Andrew and Paige made love. Abby, meanwhile, tried to convince Max to help break the young couple up
- Cory worried when Natasha had to have an emergency c-section, but she gave birth to a baby girl

Twin Peaks General Hospital

Cory looks at Natasha as she lays in the hospital bed with her eyes closed and he feels grateful that his wife will be okay. The last couple of months have been such a whirlwind, he realizes as he thinks back to when Natasha being shot, which was devastating because he didn't know if she would live or die, but it resulted in her learning that she was pregnant. Of course, they believed the baby was a miracle because Natasha had been told that she would never have another child. But, she was pregnant with Cory's child. When she went into labour, Cory was told that the baby was breach and she had to have an emergency c-section, which caused alarm for Cory. After his daughter with Robin was stillborn and Rebecca's fake pregnancy scheme years earlier, Cory was worried he was going to lose another child. Thankfully, that didn't happen: he and Natasha are the proud parents of a healthy baby girl.

Cory smiles when Natasha starts to open her eyes. "Hey you," he tells his wife. "You did great."

"The baby," Natasha mumbles back to him. "Where is the baby?"

Cory stands up and moves over to the small basinet where their daughter is sleeping. He picks her up and moves back to the bed and presents her to Natasha. "Our daughter is right here, she's healthy and will be fine."

"A daughter?" Natasha slowly leans up in the bed to look at her child. "I can't believe we have a little girl."

"Do you want to hold her?" Cory asks her as Natasha nods back to her. He passes his wife the baby.

"She's so beautiful," Natasha tells him as her eyes fill with water. "We created this beautiful creature Cory."

"Yes, we did," he smiles back to her. "We are the luckiest people in the world right now, and I have never loved anyone as much as I love the two of you."

The Pampa Grill

Brad waits at the bar of the restaurant for his take out order as he and Meggan were working at MW Investigations when they realized it was lunch time. He had just finished reviewing Chris and Trenyce's file about their missing biological child when he had a thought. He never said what he was thinking out loud because it is a long shot, but now that it is in his head, he can't get it out of his mind.

He turns for a moment and sees his mother, Brooke, enter the restaurant quickly. She spots him and she approaches her son. "Brad, what are you doing here? I would have assumed you'd be with Meggan and Logan? How is my grandson, by the way?"

"He's great," Brad replies to her quickly. "He and Meggan are at home now. I can't believe how amazing it is being a father."

"I'm so happy for you."

"Thanks," he says back to her. "Look, I'm glad I ran into you. I was wondering if you had a moment to talk about something…"

"Sure, I always have time for you," Brooke tells him. "What's going on?"

"It's about Cheresa and her adoption."

Brooke feels the blood drain from her face. "What about it?" she quickly asks him back. "And, why are you so curious?"

"Well, it's for a case that I'm working on," Brad informs her. "I was just hoping you could give me insight on how adopting works. I think I may have to look into adoption agencies within the area."

"There isn't much to tell," Brooke tries to cover her apprehension. "We went through an agency."

"Which one?"

"I don't remember."

Brad looks back at her and arches her eyebrow. "Well, if you could find out, that would be great."

"I'll see what I can locate at home," she replies to him. "Anyways, is Meggan okay? The last time I saw here her she was with Jeff Claus and they seemed to be in heated conversation."

Brad shoots a look back to her, as he recalls hearing Jeff and Meggan talk in the hospital after Logan was born. Brooke, meanwhile, sees her sons reaction and can tell that she has convinced him to stop discussing Cheresa's adoption, which was exactly what she wanted to have happen.

"Was it something I said?" she asks him, curious by what Meggan could be hiding with Jeff.

"No, not all," he lies to her. "My order is up, I should get back to my son."

"Of course, but I expect to see him again soon."


At a far back table, Tyler types furiously into his laptop as he is still trying to determine what the device is that he found in Bob's personal study. He can't shake the feeling that the device is something more than just a family heirloom, the way Kim told him it was. The device, whatever it is, looks more like a listening device in his mind. Tyler, however, hasn't been able to find anything on his internet searches, mostly because he doesn't know exactly what he is searching for.

"I have to figure out what you are," he whispers to himself. "I can't explain why, but I sense that you are important."

"They always say that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness," a voice announces as a dark shadow peers over Tyler's table. He looks up and sees Vinny standing over his table.

"If you're here to hit me again, keep moving, I don't have time for you today."

Vinny chuckles back to him. "I wish you had said that to my wife before you slept with her."

"What the hell do you want, Vinny? You've asked Daisy for a divorce, you've hit me, if you're going to move on, then move on. But don't continue to lash out at us for a mistake that we made."

"How dare you," Vinny spits back to him. "Sleeping with my wife multiple times isn't a mistake, you son of a bitch."

"Again, what do you want?" Tyler looks back at him. "Because, if you just want to verbally attack me, move on, I'm not here for it."

"That's fine," Vinny stands tall to him. "I'm just going to give you the same warning that I gave Daisy."

"Which is?"

"Be warned," Vinny whispers back to him. "Because, when I do get my revenge on you, you will know it. I will make sure you pay for what you've done to me."

"Okay," Tyler rolls his eyes back to him. "If you're done, I'm busy working."

"You smug … never mind," Vinny starts to walk away from the table. "Just remember what I said."

The Sugarbowl

"So, how is living at the hotel?" Trenyce asks Daisy as they sit across from one another in the back booth of the coffee house. Trenyce knows that Daisy moved out of Vinny's mansion because he filed for divorce, and it couldn't have been easy on her since she had lived there for years. But, since the truth of her affair with Tyler came out, Trenyce knows that Daisy's life has changed entirely.

"Uh, well, the fresh towels every day is a nice touch," Daisy tries to be positive back to her niece. "But it's not home. I don't know what I will do now, especially since Vinny doesn't seem to have any interest in getting back together."

"You could always move back in with me," Trenyce replies to her. "I mean, I am living at the house that was yours before you and Vinny got married."

"That's sweet of you, but you've made that place your own. I wouldn't want to intrude."

"You wouldn't be," Trenyce tells her. "I wouldn't have offered if I wasn't serious."

"I really appreciate that," Daisy nods back to her. "I'll think about it, okay? I know you mean well, but you weren't happy with me when the truth about Tyler and I came out."

"No, I wasn't," Trenyce replies to her. "But I got over myself. You're my family, nothing will ever change that."

"You've grown up so much," Daisy smiles back to her. "In that case, I accept. I'll move back in with you!"

"I'm so happy you said that! I could really use the support now."

"Now that you and Chris are looking for your child again?"

"Yea, exactly," Trenyce nods back to her. "And who knows, maybe you and Vinny will find your way back to each other again?"

"Maybe," Daisy sighs back to her. "But I'm not holding my breath. He told me he's out for revenge on me."

"Wait, he actually said that?"

"Yea, he told me karma will be a bitch," Daisy reveals to her. "But don't worry, I think he's all talk."

Trenyce uneasily sighs back to her. "I hope you're right."

"I am," Daisy tries to reassure her. "Vinny is harmless. Absolutely harmless."


At the window bar, Andrew and Paige sit with hot chocolates in front of them as they enjoy a nice date together.

"I saw Trenyce and Daisy in the back," Paige observes to him. "Before we go, you should go say hello. They'd probably enjoy seeing you out and about after your scare at the Gen Next House."

"You're right," Andrew nods back to her. "Especially since Trenyce and Chris have forgiven me for what I did to Chris and Helen last year."

"It seems like tragic events have a way of making people realize what is important and what is not."

"Like you and I," Andrew winks back to her. "Just so you know, the other day at my place, I really enjoy that."

Paige blushes a little as she thinks about how she and Andrew made love again when he was released from the hospital. She reaches over and grabs his hand. "Well, for what it's worth, I really enjoyed myself too. You were wonderful."

"So were you," he tells her. "I have an idea."

"What's that?"

"How about I go say hi to Trenyce and Daisy and then you and I, we head back to my place and recreate the memory?"

Paige giggles a little. "I'd like that very much," she admits to him.

Andrew hops down from his seat. "Don't move, I'll make this fast," he says before he kisses her quickly. He then dashes off to see his family, leaving Paige with a huge grin on her face.

The Riverside Delicatessen

"You asked me for lunch, I'm hoping that means that you have decided to help me break up Andrew and Paige," Abby tells Max as they sit across from one another, with some sandwiches.

Max sighs back to her as he recalls how Abby told him that if they work together they would be able to break up Paige and Andrew, which would mean that he could pursue Paige and she could pursue Andrew. Max, at the time, was apprehensive about it because of his schemes to try to keep Adam and Robin apart. The last thing he wants to do is to go down another path where he causes so much hurt and pain. That being said, he does like the idea of being with Paige, which makes him wonder if he should help Abby.

"I don't know Abs," he admits to her. "Like I told you, I was in a similar situation recently and it didn't end well."

"But, like I told you, you didn't have me to help you," she replies to him. "Come on, Maxy! We could have everything we wanted. All you have to do is say 'yes'".

Max chuckles back to her. "You are persistent, I'll give you that much."

"I just know what I want," she tells him. "And, that happens to be Andrew. I'm going to do this with or without your help, it'll just be easier with you on my side."

"Fine," Max waves his hand in the air. "I'll help you, okay? But no one can get hurt. I won't hurt anyone."

"Of course not," Abby smiles back to him. "I would never do anything to hurt someone else. We are just breaking a couple up, no big deal."

"Yea," max uneasily laughs back to her. "No big deal."

Raven's Meadow

A nurse opens the door to the visiting center and lets Felicia slowly enter. Felicia looks around and moves some hair out of her face, before she spots Dominick sitting at a table for two. She immediately feels her heart skip a beat at the sight of her ex-husband; she hasn't seen much of him, or anyone, really since she was admitted, which is because Greg told her that she shouldn't see anyone until her body was used to her medication regime. The fact that Dominick is here, must mean that she is doing well.

"Oh Dominick," she rushes up to him as he holds his arms open to her to embrace her. "I've missed you so!"

"I've missed you too," he tells her. "You probably don't remember, but I was here before. You weren't doing so great then."

"I don't remember," she admits to him. "But the fact that I'm allowed visitors, it must mean that I'm getting better."

"That's what Dr. Lawson is telling me," Dominick tells her. "And, I couldn't be happier."

"How are the children? I miss them so much."

"Everyone is fine," Dominick replies to her. "Now that you're getting better, they will be coming to see you too."

"I'd love that."

"They will love to see you too, we miss you at home," Dominick says back to her. "Hopefully it means that you can come home soon."

"Yes, but not until Barbara can come home," Felicia replies to him, causing him to look at her in surprise.

"Barbara? Who is Barbara?"

"Barbara Mills," Felicia explains to him. "She is here, she is my friend. But Dominick, she's in grave danger. I tried to tell Dr. Lawson but I don't know if he believed me. But you, you have to help me, can you do that?"

Dominick grabs Felicia's hands and lets her sit down on the chair. "Tell me everything," Dominick tells her. "And, I'll see what I can do."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"My, my, my," Bob beans as he looks down at his granddaughter, who is still in Natasha's arms. "She is a sight for sore eyes."

"Thank you for coming Daddy," Natasha looks up to him from her hospital bed.

"Cory was trying to be strong, but I could tell that he was worried," Bob looks over at his son in law. "I'm just glad everyone is okay."

"Yes, I was worried," Cory admits back to them. "But now, we have this beautiful baby girl and everything is right in the world again."

"Well, have the two of you thought of any names?" Bob asks them.

Cory and Natasha look at one another as they realized that they never decided on a name for their baby. "I had an idea," Cory tells them as he moves closer to Natasha. "I haven't discussed it with you yet, so I'm hoping you like my idea."

"What is it?" Natasha asks him.

"What about Sophie, after Sofia?" Cory asks them, as Bob looks back at his daughter in amazement. "You know she is looking down on us right now."

"I believe that every single day," Bob replies to him. "That is a very nice gesture of you, Cory."

"Well, Nat, what do you think? Does that beautiful little girl look like a Sophie to you?"

Natasha lets a single tear fall down her cheek as she smiles up to her husband. "You just proved to me again why I love you so," she whispers back to him. "Sophie is a beautiful choice for our baby girl. Hi Sophie, I'm your Mom," she says looking at her daughter with happy tears in her eyes.

The Pampa Grill

"That looks like a tall glass of wine," Robbie tells Brooke as he arrives at her table. He was going to grab some take out, but once he was in the restaurant and he saw his lover he decided to come up to her table to say hello. Of course, he knows that he can't make it obvious that they are lovers right now because she is married and that would be disastrous.

Brooke looks up from her phone and uneasily smiles back to her Robbie. She knows that after her encounter with Brad, she needed a drink; she doesn't know why he wants information about Cheresa's adoption, but she has to put an end to it. No one can ever know the actual truth of what happened.

"I needed a drink," she replies to him. "Do you want to join me?"

"I guess that depends," he tells her. "Do you think we can talk? Or will you put your walls up and shut me out again?"

"That's not fair," she snaps at him. "You know that I'm married."

"And, I'm offering you something more than just sex," Robbie tells her. "I care for you, Brooke. We don't have to be just lovers. We can be friends, you can lean on me. But only if you want too."

Brooke shakes her head to him. "I'm sorry I offered if you'd like to have a drink with me."

"Don't be."

"Well, I am," she replies to him. "I should be alone; I have a lot on my mind."

Robbie sighs heavily. "Fine, but one day, you're going to wake up and realize that you've pushed everyone that cares about you away, and you'll be alone. Remember this conversation when that day comes, okay?"

Brooke doesn't respond, instead she picks up her glass of wine and takes a healthy sip of it, while she watches Robbie walk away from her. "What the hell is wrong with me?" she asks herself as she sets her wine glass down.

MW Investigations

"Hey, I was beginning to get worried about you," Meggan tells Brad as he walks back into her office carrying the take out from the Pampa Grill. She had expected him back earlier than he is returning.

"Yea, sorry, I ran into my mother," he reveals to her, as he sets the bag down on the desk. "How is Logan?"

"Sleeping," she replies to him. "He didn't wake up once, which is surprising. He'll be hungry when he does wake up. How is Brooke?"

"She's fine," he waves his hand in the air. "I have to ask you something, and I need you to be honest with me."

"Okay?" she asks him back, unsure of what he needs to know. "What's going on?"

"Is Jeff Claus Logan's biological father?" he asks her.

"Why would you ask me that?" she gasps at his question. She never lead him to believe that Jeff was Logan's father, so how did he put it together?

"Because, I saw you two together at the hospital after Logan was born," he reveals to her. "And before you gave birth, I had a run in with Jeff, and he was pretty harsh with me. It's like…he doesn't want us together."

"You are Logan's father, that's all that matters!"

"No, I need to know the truth!"

"You told me it didn't matter!"

"It does now," Brad replies to her. "Just be honest with me, Meggan. Is Jeff the father?"

Meggan covers her mouth as a tear falls down her cheek. "Yes, but Jeff and I, we are over, there is nothing between us and there never will be again."

"Are you sure?" Brad asks her as he moves up to her.

"Yes, I can't be with him. Not now, not ever," she tells him as they lock eyes. "You are his father, in every way that matters."

"Do you mean that?"

"Of course I do."

"Prove it to me," Brad moves closer to her.

"How?" Meggan asks him.

"Kiss me," Brad tells her as he leans in and gives Meggan a passionate kiss on the lips. She parts ways for a moment but pulls him into another heated kiss as another tear escapes her eye.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Kim pleads with Bob to listen to her
- Robin & Adam's engagement party begins
- Tyler finally cracks the device code!

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