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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Adam & Robin got engaged. Helen tried to hide her disappointment as she had hoped she and Adam would reunite
- Cheresa kissed Dawn
- Bob threw Kim out after he saw her kissing Greg again. He wondered if he should let Tyler listen to the device he used to brainwash Felicia after he realized Tyler had located it
- Brandy, still in control of Victoria, suggested to Greg that they use electroshock therapy on Barbara. Felicia, meanwhile, tried to tell Greg & Dominick that Barbara was in danger

Tyler's Townhouse

Tyler sits on his sofa with his laptop open on the coffee table in front of him, as he is still trying figure out what the device he found in Bob's personal study could possibly be. He knows that Kim lied to him about it being a family heirloom because it is too new looking to be something that old. He just has to figure out what it is.

"I can't place it," he whispers to himself. "But, I feel like this could change my life for some reason."

He reads the latest article he pulled up on his laptop and arches his eyebrow. "There's a new app where you can take a picture of an electronic device and it will tell you what it is," he says to himself. "Let's download this app."

He grabs his phone and waits for the app to finish downloading. Once it has, he snaps a picture of the device and waits for the result to come up.

"It plays music or recordings," he reads the results. He continues to read the material on his phone until he realizes that he can play whatever is on the device.

"Okay," he picks up the small device. "Let's see what you can play for me."

The Pampa Grill

"Another surprise, Adam?" A blindfolded Robin asks Adam, who is leading her into the restaurant. She knows that the last time Adam had a surprise for her, he ended up proposing to her in a very romantic way; she has no idea what he has planned now, but she is excited by what he could be up too.

"Yes, and I promise you, you're going to love this one too," Adam replies to her as he leads into the main dining room of the restaurant. "Okay, on the count of three. One, two, three…" he says as he lifts her blindfold.

"Surprise!" friends and family of Robin shout out in unison as they all smile back to her.

Robin covers her mouth in shock and awe at the sight in front of her: a party to celebrate her engagement to Adam. She turns to her fiancé and pulls him into a hug. "I can't believe that you did all of this for me!"

"Not just for you," he whispers back into her ear. "For us. Because our love and our engagement, it's worth celebrating, Robin."

She leans back from him with a huge smile on her face. "I don't know what I've done to deserve you, but I love you so much."

"I love you," he winks back to her, as friends and family move up to greet the happy couple. "Now, let's grab a glass of champagne and party!"


As the guests start to mingle and grab champagne, Shelley passes Dawn a glass of the bubbles and takes a slow sip of it.

"This is nice of your Dad," she tells Dawn, who takes a sip of her champagne. "Robin looked very surprised."

"My Dad can be very romantic if he wants to be," Dawn nods back to her. "I just hope my Mom is okay."

"Why wouldn't she be?" Shelley asks her. "Your parents haven't been together in a very long time."

Dawn sighs a little. "I know, and they hurt one another a lot while they were married," Dawn replies to her. "But, they were together for so long, I think deep down they both still love one another."

"I think there's a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone," Shelley tells her. "Adam probably loves Helen and vice versa, but maybe they aren't in love with each other anymore."

Dawn uneasily nods back to her. "You're right, I guess a part of me was hoping they'd get back together. Every little girl wants her parents together."

Shelley chuckles as she moves up to Dawn and hugs her. "Just know that whatever is meant to be, will be."

"Thanks," Dawn nods back to her. "By the way, I saw Cheresa. And, she's looking really good."

Shelley arches her eyebrow as she recalls asking Dawn if she has feelings for Cheresa. At the time, Dawn told her that she isn't in the headspace to have a relationship right now, but she still wonders if they have feelings for one another.

"I haven't had the chance to see her yet, did she say she had a good time in the Gen Next House?"

Dawn nods back to her as she thinks about Cheresa kissing her when they saw one another. If Dawn is honest, she hasn't been able to stop thinking about the kiss. "Yea, she did."

"Okay, I can tell that something else is going on," Shelley chuckles back to her. "You have that look in your eye."

"What look?"

"Did something happen between you and Cheresa? Cause Dawn, like I said before, I just want you to be happy," Shelley tells her. "And, if Cheresa is that person, you should pursue it."

Dawn smiles back to her. "Thanks Shelley, to be honest, I'm not sure where things are going, but I do enjoy her company. And, I'm glad that you and I can still be friends, regardless."

"Me too kid," Shelley replies to her. "I'm not going anywhere."


Helen opens the door to the restaurant and moves inside, already feeling like she wants to leave. She knows that she told Adam that she is okay with him getting engaged to Robin, but if she is honest with herself, she hates that he has moved on. After they made love, proving that he was no longer impotent, she had hoped that they would reunite, but Adam went back to Robin. In some ways, she wishes that they had never made love again, but she is holding that very close to her heart; that she relishes that she is the one who cured Adam from his impotence.

She peers into the main dining room and sees Robin hugging Dominick, while Eva shakes Adam's hand. Helen feels her heart skip a beat, seeing Adam being embraced by his new family.

"I just have to get through this night and I'll be fine," she whispers to herself. "I can say I'm sick or something at the wedding. I just have to get through tonight."

Raven's Meadow

"Dr. Lawson, I'm here just to follow up on our last conversation," Brandy says as she walks into Greg's office and looks at the doctor. Brandy is still in control of Victoria's mind and she knows that she has to pursue her idea to give Barbara electroshock therapy because she wants to make the older woman pay for sending Dawn to the bible camp a few years earlier, which lead to her being raped. Brandy, knowing that Victoria's past with Ernesto, wants anyone who assists in a rape to pay the price. "Have you given anymore thought to my idea to use the electroshock therapy on Barbara?"

"Dr. Franky, I'm glad you stopped by," Greg stands up from his chair and moves to greet Brandy with a handshake. "I have reviewed your idea with great thought."

Brandy looks back with intent. "And? Do you support my idea?"

"I do actually," Greg says back to her. "I think it could help her with her state."

Brandy gets a huge grin on her face, thrilled by his decision. "I have one more favor to ask you," she tells him as he arches his eyebrow. "Let me be the one to administrate the therapy. It would be my first time, but I have been learning about it and I would love to take this step. Of course, it can be supervised."

"It would have to be, any small thing could go wrong and be very harmful to the patient."

"I know, but I will be careful."

"Okay, okay," Greg nods back to her. "Since you had this idea, I can tell that you're taking this seriously. So, I will authorize you to give the therapy."

"Oh, thank you," Brandy beams back to him. "You won't regret this, Dr. Lawson. You won't regret this."


In the common room, Felicia scans the room until she sees Barbara sitting on the sofa alone in the corner. Felicia looks at her new found friend and knows that she has to help her from being in danger. Felicia hasn't been able to get Victoria's words about wanting to make Barbara pay; she has told Dominick and Greg that she thinks Barbara is in danger, but so far, nothing has happened and that scares Felicia to her very core.

She rushes up to Barbara and sits next to her. "Barbara, how are you today?" Felicia asks her friend, who remains silent. "Look, I don't want to alarm you, but I don't think you should be here. I don't think you should be in this hospital."

Barbara remains looking forward without any motion. "I have to help you get out of here," Felicia continues to tell her. "But I don't know how. If you have any ideas, Barbara, now is the time to tell me. Please, I know you can speak. You're in danger, Barbara. You have to help me protect you."

Felicia puts her head down when Barbara continues to stare forward without looking around or saying anything. "I will do my best to protect you," Felicia whispers to her. "I will not let her hurt you! Mark my words, Barbara. I will have your back."

The Pampa Grill

As the party continues, Kim grabs a glass of champagne and quickly takes a sip of it. She is desperate to find Bob because she has to make him realize that she is not having an affair with Greg, nor does she want to have an affair with him. She was only flirting with him to get updated information on how Felicia was doing while at Raven's Meadow; she realizes now that flirting with Greg was not the way to get the information, but she didn't know what else to do.

"I have to make you understand, Bob," she whispers to herself. "Because, I won't lose my marriage over this. We've come too far to lose it all now."

She looks across the room and sees Bob grabbing a glass of champagne. She takes a deep breath and then proceeds to approach her husband. "There you are, I was hoping you'd arrive tonight."

"Adam asked me to come," Bob coldly replies to her. "I'm rather surprised to see you."

"Why? I'm your wife."

Bob chuckles back to her. "I don't know what we are anymore."

"Bob, please, I love you," Kim pleads with him. "You know why I've done everything with Greg, I was trying to protect us. You know that if Felicia ever remembered that she didn't start that damn fire…"

"Then you would go to jail," Bob nods back to her. "Yes, I remember."

"You would go to jail too," Kim reminds him. "You've helped me cover it all up! You brainwashed Felicia! I don't want to bring this up, I want us to get back on the same page. My God, Bob, I love you. I don't want us to separate. I won't let this break us up! Please, tell me that you can work with me. Tell me that you love me too?"

Across the room, Natasha grabs a glass of champagne while Cory rushes to the washroom. She's thrilled that she is out of the house for the first time since giving birth to baby Sophie, and that she is able to wish Adam congratulations; she is thrilled for her friend that he has found happiness with Robin.

"There you are," Robbie comes up to his sister. "I can't stop looking at those pictures of my new niece, but when am I going to meet her in person?"

Natasha pulls her brother into a hug. "Whenever the mayor can take a couple of minutes to come see her," she chuckles back to him.

"How are you feeling? I was worried when Cory told me about the c-section."

"Don't be," Natasha waves her hand back to him. "I'm fine. And Sophie is fine, she's perfect actually."

"I'm so glad to hear that," Robbie nods back to her. "Some party, huh?"

"Yea, Adam really knows how to show Robin that he is in love with her."

The words from Natasha's mouth don't register with Robbie as he looks over his sister's shoulder and sees Kim and Bob in a heated discussion. He wonders what is going on with his father and his wife, since they don't seem to be very happy with one another.

"Hey, where did you just go? You didn't a hear a word I just said," Natasha says back to her brother before she turns around and sees what he is looking at.

"What's going on with Dad and Kim?" Robbie asks her as they lock eyes with one another.

"I don't know," Natasha admits to him. "But they don't look like they're getting along."

"Damn it," Robbie whispers back to her. "This is exactly why we didn't want him marrying her again. They are always good for 6 months or so and then hell breaks loose."

"I know," Natasha nods back to him. "I guess we should brace ourselves … who knows what they have done this time."

"I'm going to need another drink," Robbie says back to her. "Because you're right, this could be bad; very bad."

Tyler's Townhouse

"Come on, come on," Tyler says to himself as he fiddles with the device in his hands, as he tries to turn it on so he can hear what is saved on it. He is desperate to finally solve this mystery that has consumed him; and to know why this feels like it could change his life.

"Got it!" he smiles to himself as he finally hears the words start to come out of the device, but he feels the blood drain from his face. "My God," he covers his mouth in shock, as he can hear the words start to play.

"Felicia, you started the fire at the boutique…you started the fire at the boutique…you started the fire at the boutique…."

"What the fuck is this?" he asks himself in absolute horror.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Helen realizes that she has to tell Robin the truth
- Greg makes impassionate plea to Kim
- Tyler arrives at the engagement party

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