Episode 57 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously on One Day At A Time
- Jackson returned to Twin Peaks claiming to be a changed man. Kim saw him and warned him to stay away from her. He was secretly messaging Will to help him with something.
- Andy learned that Chris and Danielle were sleeping together. Later he befriended Reese Wilkins
- Robin got her vision back, as Natasha ripped into Cory for his lack of ability to make a choice
- Natasha saw Cassie and Shane kissing
- Brandy, Victoria’s alter ego, started the Tower’s complex on fire. Adam and Helen were taken to the hospital
- Patricia learned that Meggan killed Noah
- Dominick, alone, remembered his affair with Sofia years ago

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Shane emerges from the hospital room, still reading Adam's chart. Helen is sitting in a wheel chair, still exhausted from the evenings events. She has already been told that she is fine from the fire, just suffering from the smoke inhalation. Natasha is sitting next to her, holding her hand. While, Helen knows that she and Natasha have never been very close, she did not know who else to call. She figured she would call Natasha, since she was married to Adam before.

"He'll be fine, you'll see," Natasha whispers to Helen as she sits waiting for Shane to approach them.

Shane looks over and sees the two women. He stops and pauses and looks at Natasha with more depth. He quickly remembers his time with her at the Calimo cabin. When he fell in love with her, a love he still clings on too. He smiles as he approaches the women. "Hey ladies," he says.

"What's the word on Adam?" Natasha asks, knowing that Helen is too scared to ask herself.

Shane looks at Helen. "Relax Helen, Adam will be fine. He has a bruised rib and, like you, he has inhaled a lot of smoke. But with a good night's rest, he should be able to go home tomorrow."

Helen sighs, "Oh thank God! Can I see him?"

Shane nods. "He's still sleeping, but he should be awake soon."

Helen looks at Natasha and hugs her. "Thank you so much for being here with me. I really didn't know who else to call."

"I am glad you did call me Helen. I am just glad Adam ... and you are okay."

Helen wipes a tear away. For the first time since being in Twin Peaks, she feels like she has made a friend. A real friend in Natasha.

"Thank you. I will call you with an update?"

"I'd love that," Natasha smiles. "Do you want help to his room?"

"No, I am wheel myself over," Helen says starting to use her arms to move the wheels on the wheelchair.

Natasha stands up and looks at Shane. "You're a miracle worker!"

Shane laughs. "Nah, they both got very lucky that they were not in that fire for a few more minutes. Then, who knows what would have happened."

"I'd like to know how a fire started in the Tower's anyways. That apartment complex is so secure."

"I am sure your brother will be investigating it," Shane replies.

"Yea, I guess."

"So....I saw you and Cory at Capers earlier. You looked ... upset," Shane says changing the subject.

Natasha looks at him. She quickly remembers seeing Shane kissing Cassie at the restaurant as she was leaving. "We just had a talk. You know, we still have that Robin issue going on," she says trying to convince herself that's all her fight with Cory was about.

"Do you want to talk about it? You know I am always here for you," he says putting his hand on her shoulder.

Natasha hugs Shane, trying to fight back tears in her eyes. "I do know that. Thank you so much Shane."

Cassie turns the corner holding two coffees, one for her and one for Shane. She had wanted to surprise him with his favourite coffee since he got called into work because of the fire. She had no idea she would arrive and find him in the arms of Natasha.

"Am I interrupting?" she asks innocently.

Shane and Natasha exit the embrace. "Hey," he says. "Of course not."

"Good, I brought you your favourite coffee ... thought it might be a late night," Cassie smiles, passing him his coffee.

"That was very sweet of you," he smiles.

Cassie looks at Natasha. "Are you okay? Looks like you've been crying Natasha?" Cassie asks slyly, trying to get more information out of Natasha than she means too.

"I am fine, thanks Cassie. Nice restaurant, by the way. I had dinner earlier. It was amazing."

"Oh thanks!" Cassie says, failing to hide any part of her pride.

"Hey, I should be going. You guys take care okay." Natasha says grabbing her bag.

Shane grabs her arm for a second, "Call me if you need anything, okay?"

"I will, thanks," Natasha whispers.

As Natasha exits the waiting room, Cassie looks over at Shane. "Care to explain what that was about?" she smirks.

"What? Natasha? Oh, we are really good friends. Have been for a long time," he replies back.

Cassie smiles. "She seems really cool,” she says not convinced of Shane’s reply.

"Yea, Natasha's the best," he replies back.

Scene Two - The Towers, Parking Lot; Crime Scene

Robbie looks over some papers in a file while sitting in his police cruiser. He shuts the file and drops into the backseat. He believes that someone purposely started the fire. That someone deliberately tried to kill Adam and Helen. But who? That's what he is going to find out. He knows that they found a silver lighter in the midst of the ruins. Robbie also realizes that it must have been set on the 12th floor because it was the only floor with a breakout, and after investigating Adam and Helen's apartment he knows that no appliances were on before the fire started.

His thoughts are interrupted by a tap on the passenger-side window. Robbie motions for the person to come in and sit in the SUV with him. Chris opens the door and gets in, closing the door behind him.

"Chris? What are you doing here?" Robbie asks.

"Would you believe, I was in the neighbourhood?" Chris smiles. "Seriously, I heard about the fire. I had to come and see you man."

"What's going on?" Robbie asks again.

"It was Adam Black and Helen Mills' place that went up in flames right?" Chris asks as Robbie nods his head. "Yea, that's what I thought. Damn," Chris says. "Robbie, listen. I think Victoria Franky is responsible for this," Chris says.

"Victoria? You have my attention now Chris."

"It's just little things man, you know? I had a check up with her about a week ago, and she was just acting ... weird. Then I was talking with Helen and Adam, and they were under some suspicions that she may be suffering from some Dissociative identity disorder. Just thought it made sense after my check up."

Robbie looks down. "Yea, I have heard that Victoria is unwell too. Never thought that she would go to this extreme though."

"That's exactly the point though, it's not Victoria. It's this other ... personality," Chris says. "I have no idea if I am right Robbie. I have no proof. But the second I heard that it was Adam and Helen, my mind just went to Victoria. Thought I should tell you."

"Thanks Chris, I appreciate your help. If you can think of anything else, anytime you call me?"

"Will do man," Chris says shaking Robbie's hand. Chris exits the police SUV.

Robbie grabs the file from the back of the SUV and opens it again. "Victoria. It makes sense.. I have to tell Adam and Helen. And I have to find Victoria ... before she hurts someone else."

Scene Three - Twin Peaks High School; The Hallway

Andy jars his locker open. The old lockers at TPHS have become known for sticking and not being very friendly to open and close. Andy quickly glances at his watch. He did not realized how late it has become. He was over at Trenyce's studying for an exam, but after he accidentally read her diary things between them become weird and he left. He had just stopped by the school to study for another half hour; that turned into an hour. He is exhausted, and most looking forward to heading home and crashing for the night.

Suddenly, he hears voice coming up the other end of the hallway. He turns and sees Reese Wilkins strolling down the hallway, singing a little to his Ipod. Andy knows of Reese. Star volleyball player. Tall, lean, athletic, and very popular. Surprisingly, Reese does not have a girlfriend. Andy does not know why, but he is drawn to Reese. He likes the presence of Reese.

Reese's eyes meet Andy’s at his locker. "Hey, what's up?" Reese asks, taking out an ear plug.

"Just about to head home," Andy says shyly.

"Don't think we've met before," Reese says extending his hand to Andy. "I'm Reese Wilkins."

"Andy Spinnes," Andy says smiling as he shakes Reese's hand.

"Cool, I have seen you around," Reese admits. "Hey, are you walking home?"

"Yea, I was going too..."

"Cool, wanna walk together?"

Andy smiles, "Yea, that'd be great!"

The Next Morning
Scene Four - The Towers, The Penthouse; Cory's Home

Robin awakes in the large king-sized guest bed. She yawns and stretches. She looks out the window and sees the sun shining. She smiles. She can see the sun. A vision she, until the previous night, thought may never happen again. She quickly recalls how she shattered the glass jar after her bubble bath and how cutting her finger made her vision return. She sits up in bed. She thinks about how wonderful Cory has been too her since her accident. She knows that he still loves her, some where inside of him. She just has to make him realize that, she thinks. Suddenly she remembers her time with Will, all set up because Cory went to see Natasha the previous night. She wonders what her life would be like if Natasha had stayed dead. Her and Cory would be happy, she concludes.. Living life to the fullest; loving each other every step of the way. That's what she wants. To be with Cory. Now, she just had to think of a way to make him realize that too. Suddenly it dawns on her; she can not reveal that she can see. 'If Cory thinks I am blind, he will stay with me and fall in love with me all over again,' she thinks to herself.

She lays down quickly when she hears a knock on the door. Will peeks his head in the door.. "Good morning," he calls.

Robin fails to respond. She is not ready to start the day. Will enters the room and closes the door. Since he is staying with Cory and Robin full time, he is showering and changing at the Penthouse, however since the Penthouse only has two bedrooms, he is required to change in Robin's room ... which is not a problem, since is blind. He enters wearing a tight towel snugly wrapped around his waist.. Robin looks at Will, and soon found herself admiring his toned chest and rippling six-pack. Robin's eyes widened even more when Will removes the towel and she is staring at his bare behind. The small, well rounded cheeks compliment the rest of his physically toned body. Robin shuts her eyes quickly, not wanting to see anything else.

Soon, she feels Will sit on the edge of the bed. "Good morning," he calls again.

Robin stirs and opens her eyes. "Good morning," she says back. She opens her eyes and is relieved to see Will is fully dressed in his scrubs. "Is it Will?" she asks, pretending not to see.

"Of course. Would you like me to get you anything?"

"Is Cory home?" she asks, pretending to be still sleepy.

"Yea, he's making you some breakfast."

Suddenly, Cory emerges in the doorway holding a tray of food. "Hey sleepy head," he grins at Robin.

"Cory!?" Robin calls, turning her head in his direction.

"Yea, it's me. I brought you some breakfast, I hope you're hungry."

"I am! I hope you eat with me. I ... I really want to spend the entire day with you," she says slowly.

Cory looks at Will. He knows that he and Natasha had a huge fight the previous night, and he wants nothing more than to go and visit her to make it up to her.

"Yea, of course we'll spend the day together Robin. Anything you want," he gulps.

Scene Five - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Adam's Hospital Room

Helen stirs in her seat as she hears the hospital room door open. She opens her eyes. She has had a terrible sleep. The hospital, due to shortages, was unable to bring an extra cot into Adam's room. Since she was alright, she had been discharged the night before. Adam, however, had to stay in the hospital over night, mostly because of his bruised rib. A young orderly smiles at Helen.

"I didn't mean to wake you Ms Mills," she says quietly. "But I have Mr. Black's release papers."

Helen stands up from the chair. "Oh great, thank you," she says.

"He just needs to sign here, and here," the orderly points to the two locations that require Adam’s signature.

"Okay, I will see that he signs them quickly," Helen says, noting that Adam is still sleeping.

The orderly leaves. Helen looks back at Adam. He is resting comfortably, but she quickly notices that tears are filling her eyes. She was so close to losing him last night, she realizes. She was so close to dying too. If they had been in the fire any longer .... she shakes her head. She tries to be strong. Still, she can not help but wonder who set the fire. She feels responsible ... what if, someone from her past has a vendetta against her and wants her ... or Adam to suffer?

"If only I could remember," she says to herself.

Adam opens his eyes and spots Helen. "Hey beautiful," he says.

Helen rushes over to his side. "Hey, how are you?"

"A little sore, but I'll live," he sighs. "How you doing? You okay?"

"Yea, I guess. A little sore. You know, it's not every night that you almost die in a fire," she smiles. Soon her smile fades into tears. "I was so scared Adam," she cries, falling into his arms.

Adam holds her, "It's okay Helen. We are okay."

Helen looks up, "This time, Adam. What about the next...?"

Adam looks confused. "What do you mean?"

Helen gets up from the chair. "I mean, what if this is my fault? What if someone from my past hates me? Hates you? I need to remember. I do not want to cause you, or us any pain."

Adam sits up slowly and grimaces indicating that his rib is still sore, "Listen to me. This was not your fault. Come sit with me," he tells her. Helen moves over and sits next to Adam in the hospital bed. "This is not your fault," he says again hugging her.

"I have to remember my past Adam, it's tearing me up inside," she says.

"We will do that together," he says back.

Suddenly there is a knock on the door. They turn to see Robbie enter the hospital room. "Is this a good time?" he asks.

Helen wipes her eyes. "Of course Robbie, come in. Do you have news about the fire?"

Robbie moves in closer to them. "You guys are okay, right?"

Adam nods his head. "Just shaken up, more than anything."

"Understandable. I have news, that will probably leave you more shaken."

Helen grabs Adam's hand. "Please tell us what you know," she says.

Robbie takes a deep breathe. "I suspect that this is an act of arson. I think someone deliberately started the fire."

Helen fights back her tears, as Adam squeezes her hand a little tighter.

"And I think it was started by Victoria Franky," Robbie reveals.

"Victoria!?" Adam says. "No, I mean we ended on bad terms, but she would never ...."

"Unless she was under the influence of one of her personalities," Robbie concludes. "Look, we all have suspected Victoria of having this disorder for some time now. I think it's getting out of hand. With the evidence I have, I can put out an APB on her. It would only be a matter of time then."

"Is that really necessary?" Adam asks. "If I talked to her ..."

"Then what?! You've tried talking to her Adam!" Helen says, getting upset.

"Just one more time guys, please. Let me see if I can reach her," Adam pleads.

Scene Six - The Calimo Guesthouse; Natasha's Home

Natasha sits on the sofa reading her novel. She puts the book down and remembers the previous nights events. Having dinner with Cory, then blasting him for not being able to choose between her and Robin and how she felt second best to him. She feels slightly bad for lashing out at Cory, but she is tired of having these feelings and she needed to release them to him. She hates being in fight mode with Cory, or anyone. She thinks back to her visit to the hospital the previous night as well. How Shane promised he would always be there for her, no matter what. For some reason, those words from Shane gave her great comfort. He is such an amazing friend, she thinks. While she knows that she and Shane did cross the line that one time when they made love, she does not regret that one night. She and Shane were at the right moment and it just ... happened. Her thoughts of her life are interrupted by a knock on her door. "Who on earth ...?" she wonders as she gets up and proceeds to the front door. She opens the door and sees Cory standing outside, holding a bouquet of a dozen red roses.

"Morning babe," he smiles, passing her the flowers.

"Oh Cory! They are beautiful ... but, come in, I thought you were busy with Robin all morning." Natasha shuts the door as Cory enters.

"Yea, well ... she had a check up that Will took her too. Plus, I really wanted to come out and see you."

Natasha places the roses into a vase and places them on a side table in front of a large mirror. "These are so beautiful, thank you again," she smiles.

He comes up to her and kisses her a little. "Not nearly as beautiful as you."

"Cory ..." Natasha begins. "I have to say something."

Cory steps back, looking a little concerned, preparing himself for another battle.

"I am so sorry about last night," she says getting misty. "I was rude and mean, and it's not like me. You didn't deserve that when we do not get a lot of time together."

Cory puts his arms around her. "Hey, do not apologize to me. I should be the one saying sorry to you. You were right. I have not been fair. But that changes today. I love you. I want to be with you!"

Natasha beams. She kisses Cory. "I love you too," she says.

"Good, cause I have this idea ..." he teases.

"Really? What!," she asks excited.

"Let's renew our vows. Let's recommit to each other in front of our friends, family and loved ones. What do you say Nat? Marry me ... again?" he smiles.

An overwhelmed Natasha hugs him. "Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times over, yes! I will marry you again!" she cries. They exit from the hug and soon their lips find each other. The kissing becomes more passionate. "I want you so bad," he whispers to her.

"Take me upstairs then," she purrs back to her lover.

Scene Seven - Patricia's Condo

Patricia finishes pulling her long flowing hair into a tight bun. She puts a clip through it to hold it in place. She is dressed in a white button up blouse and a short black shirt. She puts on her black-framed glasses and finishes applying her lip gloss. While she normally did not dress up, she is on a mission today. She has plans to meet with Vinny, and inform that she officially knows the truth: Meggan was driving the car that killed Noah. She still can not really believe it. She knows that Meggan has been drinking a lot recently, but still for her to have killed someone is utterly shocking. Patricia still was not sure how Vinny will take the news. The more she thinks about it, the more she realizes that the Vinny that has been hanging around her lately is not the same Vinny she cared for after his stabbing. He has changed. He has more of a chill to him.. Something is off there too, she concludes. Still, she has to tell someone of her discovery.

She walks down to the lower level of her condo. She feels smart and professional looking. Almost enough that she thinks of getting a real career. She laughs slightly at her own thoughts.

She hears the telephone ring. "Hello ..." she says softly. "Oh Dave! What's up? ... What do you mean the plan is on hold!? .... Right, right. I know, I am just here to listen and do what you say ... Fine, okay .... Listen, I have more news ..... Meggan, I think she killed Noah, you know that little boy in the hit and run ..... Don't ask me how I know, I just do .... Fine, you do that. Okay bye."

The telephone call with the mysterious Dave leaves Patricia even more confused. "Now his plan is on 'hold,'" she says to herself. "What exactly is your plan Dave?" she asks herself, realizing that maybe she should try to uncover the truth next.

Scene Eight - Roboto; Office Garden

Sofia sits in the garden, on the roof top of the large Roboto office tower in downtown Twin Peaks. The gardens are pretty secluded, with large scrubs and beautiful flowers and trees. Sofia had insisted to Bob that the tower had a garden. She loves flowers, and thought that the employees would enjoy a spot in the building to go to to relax on their breaks or after meetings.

So there she sits, reflecting. She is worried. She is keeping a secret. A secret that no one could ever know. She fears that every day it will be revealed. She shakes her head. That is the least of her worries. She worries about her children, Robbie and Natasha. She wonders how Leah is truly holding up dealing with the loss of young Noah, and the effects it is having on her marriage to Robbie. She worries about Natasha, and her situation with Cory and Robin. She is furious with Cory for moving on so quickly with Robin. Still, she feels at ease. Most of her worries are beyond her control. All except her secret.

Dominick enters the garden and quickly spots Sofia sitting under the willow tree. He moves closer until she can see him.

"What are you doing here?" she asks.

"Can I join you?" he asks sitting next to you. "I saw you the other day, and I just had to see you again."

Sofia looks down. "You should not be here. If Bob found out you were here ..."

"What? He'd threaten to kill me again?" Dominick jokes. "Look, he already knows about our affair."

"Yes, but our children do not. No one else knows Dominick," Sofia pleads with him.

Unbeknownst to them, Leah steps into the gardens to get some fresh air after her busy morning at work. She walks behind some shrubs.

"Sofia, no woman has ever replaced you in my heart," he whispers.

"Oh Dominick," she says shutting her eyes allowing Dominick's lips to find hers.

Leah suddenly turns the corner and spots her father kissing her mother in law!

"What the hell is this?" she asks, emerging from behind the shrubs.

Sofia quickly stands up, "Oh dear ... Leah. I can explain."

"You had better. Daddy?" Leah quivers, disgusted at her father.

"There is a logical explanation for all this," Dominick tries to reassure his daughter.

"I would hope so," Leah says starting to cry. "I just heard you tell Sofia no woman has ever replaced her in your heart and then I see you two kissing!"

Sofia sighs. "Come sit with me, please?" she says. Leah moves over and sits with Sofia. "Listen to me, Dominick and I ... we had, an affair ... years ago. Bob knows about this, we have kept it quiet so Natasha and Robbie do not have to suffer," Sofia says.

"Bob knows about this?" Leah asks in disbelief.

"Believe me my dear, he does," Sofia says trying not to cry herself.

Dominick bends down and hugs his daughter. "I am sorry you had to find out this way, I shouldn't have been kissing Sofia today."

They are interruped by the arrival of Robbie, standing in the garden hovering above them. Robbie came over to the gardens to see Leah, as she had told him that she had a rough morning. After leaving the hospital, he raced up to the gardens. Only to overhear Dominick confess to Leah that he was just kissing Sofia, his mother.

"Excuse me?" Robbie demands to know.

"Oh Robbie," Sofia says rushing up and hugging her son. "It's not what you think, I promise you," she pleads.

"You better hope it's not," he scolds at his mother, pushing her away from the embrace. "I am waiting to hear this explanation, and it better be good."

Scene Nine - The Docks

Kim takes a slow sip of her Starbucks mocha. She loves taking her morning coffee break and coming down to the docks. The smell of the fresh water from the river makes her feel alive. She has had a busy morning. She was up and out of the house before Jeff got up, but she did see Andy. He seemed to be in good spirits this morning, she thinks to herself enjoying another jolt of her hot drink.

From a distance, she sees Jackson sitting on a bench by himself looking out at the water. She slowly walks up to him.

"Morning," she says softly.

Jackson fails to look up at her. His eyes remain on the water. "Morning Kimberly," he replies.

"You okay? Usually you get all excited to see me," she smirks at herself. "I am fine, just enjoying the morning. Plus, you told me to keep my distance. I am doing that. You know, trying to show you that I have changed and learned my ways."

Kim is impressed. For once, Jackson is actually just being himself instead of trying to impress her or prove to her that he has changed.

"Yea, I guess. Well .... enjoy your day," she smiles.

She slowly walks away. Jackson continues to sit on the bench. Soon, he notices someone else sitting on the other side of the bench. He looks over and sees Victoria looking out at the water.

Victoria, still under the control of Brandy, looks over at Jackson.

"Hey," he says. "Long morning?"

"You could say that," she quickly replies turning her head back to the river front.

"I am sure I know you from some where," he says moving a little closer.

"No, you do not," Brandy replies standing up.

Jackson gets up and approaches her. "Hey, could we get a coffee or something."

Brandy turns and looks at Jackson. "No, I don't think so. I am busy ... have a lot to do ..." she says looking at Jackson, studying his face. "Wait a minute ... aren't you?"

"Who?" Jackson asks, playing dumb.

".... the man who raped Kim Reeves!" Brandy says mortified. Suddenly she shuts her eyes. Her mind takes her back to when Victoria was 6 years old, playing in her bedroom until her father comes in and moves her to the bed where her violently molests her. Victoria's head starts to shake. "No!" she yells. She reopens her eyes. "Brandy is back, and here to stay," she says coldly. Her eye shift to Jackson. "And as for you ...." she growls at him.

Scene Ten - Twin Peaks High School; The Hallway

Trenyce walks up to Andy in the hallway, as Andy stands at his locker.

"Hey," she smiles. "I am so ready for that trig. test now!""That's wicked, I am sure you'll do great. Then you'll owe me for tutoring you!" he laughs.

"Oh you think so, huh?"

"I know so," he grins.

"So about last night, I am sorry things got so weird. I am glad you know the truth though. Not telling anyone was killing me," she finally says quickly, knowing that she had to say something.

"It's cool. I promise I will not say anything to anyone. Your family business is just that," he says. "Plus it was a good thing I came to school."

"Oh yea, why's that?" she asks intrigued.

"I made a new friend," he says proudly.


"Reese Wilkins. He was here after volleyball practice. We walked home together."

"Shut up!" Trenyce says. "Oh my god Andy!"

Andy loves Trenyce's dramatic reactions to everything. He laughs. "What's so dramatic?"

"You haven't heard?"

Andy shakes his head.

"Andy, Reese is gay. He's been out since he was 15 or something."

Andy is shocked. Was the entire night with Reese some kind of trap? Some kind of attempted pick up. "Soooo ..." Andy manages to get out. "Why can't I be friends a gay guy? Plus, I have you ... that proves that I am straight, right?" Andy says, trying to cover his own tracks.

"You have me?" Trenyce says smiling.

Andy coughs. "Um, yea ... I just assumed ..."

Trenyce laughs. "Yea, I guess you assumed right." She leans in and kisses him quickly. He pulls back, feeling awkward about the kiss. In reality, his mind was not on the fact that he just kissed a girl for the first time. His mind was on the fact that Reese was gay, and that he is seemingly drawn to him even more now.

Scene Eleven - The Docks

Kim returns to the docks. She realizes that maybe she had made an ass of herself with Jackson. She wants to apologize and ask him for lunch. She gets back to the bench where they were sitting earlier, only to find it empty. No Jackson.

"Shoot," she says to herself. "I guess I really blew that."

She turns to leave, only to see a pair of legs coming out of one of the ally‘s. "Oh my ..." she says as she approaches the body. She soon realizes that it's Jackson's body.. "Jackson!" she cries as leans down to lifeless body, his neck red as though he has been strangled.

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