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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Bob & Helen's were involved in a car accident
- Natasha and Cory were floored when Jacob returned to Twin Peaks
- Brandy secretly gave Barbara more electroshock therapy
- Tyler confronted Bob & Kim for brainwashing Felicia. He told Dominick they had to go to Simona with the truth
- Andrew and Abby danced at the engagement party, which Paige saw
- Brad and Meggan grew closer despite him learning that Jeff is really Logan's father. Leah, meanwhile, secretly ordered a paternity test

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"I'm glad you're back from Raven's Meadow Dr. Franky," a nurse says as Brandy comes up to the nurse's station on the main floor of the hospital.

Brandy, who is still in control of Victoria's mind, just returned from secretly giving Barbara another dose of electroshock therapy at Raven's Meadow and now has a shift at Twin Peaks General Hospital. She was thrilled when Greg agreed to let her give Barbara the shock therapy; in Brandy's mind, she wants the older woman suffer for playing a role in Dawn's rape. Brandy has been enjoying going back and forth between the two hospitals to keep busy; it prevents her from spending too much time with Victoria's loved ones, which could prove to be problematic if they realized that she is in control, not Victoria.

"It's nice to be back," Brandy finally replies to her. "It seems like it will be a slow shift."

"No, that's why I'm glad you're back," the nurse tells her. "There was a head on collision tonight; the two drivers of the vehicles are being brought into the emergency now. They should be here anytime. We will need you to take a look at one of them."

"Of course," Brandy nods back to her. "I'll do what I can."

Just then, the emergency doors open and Bob and Helen are wheeled in on gurneys by paramedics. "We have the two drivers," one paramedic says to Brandy. "She's in her early 40's and she had a massive blow to the head. She's unconscious."

Brandy looks back and gasps at the sight of Helen; she immediately realizes that she is Barbara's daughter, the same woman who agreed to send Dawn to the bible camp last summer. Brandy points to one of the ER rooms. "I'll take her," Brandy announces. "Another doctor can look after the older man."

The Pampa Grill

"Jacob, I can't believe that you're here," Natasha exits a hug from her son with a huge smile on her face. She has no idea what is happening but she can't be more pleased that he is back in Twin Peaks. She had received a text from him claiming that he was engaged, which resulted in her going into labour. But neither she nor Shane had heard from him since, so the fact that he is in Twin Peaks is surprising to her, but a pleasant one.

"Sorry I didn't call, I wanted it to be a surprise," Jacob replies to her before he looks over at Cory. "Cory, it's nice to see you again."

"Likewise Jacob," Cory shakes his hand. "You've grown up a lot since I've seen you last."

Jacob chuckles back to him. "I get that a lot," he nods back to him.

"Well, what are you doing here? Not that I'm upset to see you," Natasha tells her son. "Why don't you come back to the penthouse so we can talk?"

"I'd like that," Jacob replies to her. "And, I'm here because of Sophie. I wanted to meet my kid sister in person!"

Before anyone can say anything else, Shane emerges in the foyer of the restaurant. "Jacob?" he asks as he pulls his son into a hug. "Man, it's good to see you!"

"Yea, Dad, thanks. I was just telling Mom that I came because of Sophie."

"I don't care what the reason is, it's awesome that you're back in town. We have to catch up, okay?"

"Of course."

Just then, Natasha's cell phone rings. She grabs it from her purse as Jacob and Shane continue to make small talk. "Oh my God," Natasha says as the men stop talking to one another. "Yes, we will be right there."

"What is it?" Cory asks his wife.

"It's my Dad," Natasha looks back, her face pale. "He was in an accident with Helen. We have to tell Adam, Robbie and get to the hospital. It sounds very serious."


"Adam, sorry to interrupt," Shane breaks up Adam and Robin talking to one another at a table. They were going to finish their champagne and then head home as the party is wrapping up; Shane knows that he has to tell them about Helen, which will not be easy. "I'm glad I found you though."

"What's up?" Adam asks him as he stands up. "Did you have a good time at the party?'

"I did," Shane nods back to him. "You two are a great couple. But, I'm here with news."

"What is it? Is everything okay?" Robin asks him.

"I'm afraid not," Shane replies to him quickly. "We just got word that there was a car accident involving Bob Calimo and Helen. They are at the hospital now, apparently it's pretty serious."

"My God," Adam feels the blood drain from his face. "I have to find Dawn."

"Go, I'll drive," Robin tells her fiancé, as he scurries away, desperate to find his daughter.


"See, that wasn't so bad was it?" Abby giggles back to Andrew as they leave the dance floor. She took the opportunity to dance with her crush when Paige left to say hi to Jeff and Leah. Abby is thrilled that they got to be so close to one another, despite Andrew telling her that they are only friends.

Andrew smiles back to her, knowing that she is still trying to flirt with him. On one hand, he is flattered by the attention she is giving him but on the other, he knows that he is with Paige, and he is very much in love with her. "It wasn't that bad," he finally replies to her. "You actually have some good moves."

"You sound surprised by that!" Abby playfully swats his shoulder. "I have a lot of moves that I could show you."

Andrew chuckles back to her. "Abby," he begins to tell her. "You know that I'm with Paige."

"I know that," she replies to him. "That doesn't mean that we can't flirt. You like it, if you're honest with yourself."

He smirks back to her. "You're relentless, you know that."

"I know, is it working?"

Andrew chuckles back to her. "Fine, I enjoy the flirting with you, okay? Just don't tell Paige that."

"I won't," Abby purses her lips together. "It'll be our little secret."


Max opens his beer and quickly takes a swig. He knows that he wasn't supposed to drink at the engagement party because of what happened at the Summer Send-Off Dance at the Gen Next House, but he needed one after his run in with Brad earlier. He can't believe that Brad told him to stay away from Cheresa; after all, it was Brad who used him to figure out the truth about what happened last fall with Adam's accident. Max has more than paid for his mistakes, he tells himself.

"Who the hell does he think he is?" he asks himself as he takes another drink of beer in disgust. He is trying to keep calm, but his blood is boiling.

"How are you drinking?" Paige asks her friend, coming up to him. "I thought we were forbidden to do that here."

"Yea, I know," Max sighs back to her. "I needed it though."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"No, I'm good," Max replies to her. "Thanks, though."

"Of course," Paige moves closer to him and pulls into a hug. "That's what friends are for."

Max smells her hair and shuts his eyes for a moment. He wishes that they were more than friends, but he also wants to respect her decision to get back together with Andrew. "Yea, friends."

"Is something wrong?" she smiles back to him as they exit their embrace. "You made it seem like being friends isn't a good thing."

"No, it's a good thing. You're a great friend, Paige."

"Thanks Max, so are you."


"I couldn't help but see you and Max together earlier," Meggan tells Brad, as he grabs their coats so they can leave the party together. Meggan knows that while Cheresa was in the Gen Next House this past summer, Brad was worried about her spending too much time with Max because of Max's role in Adam's accident last year. She tried to tell him to let it go because it is their job, but he was still worried about his sister. She, actually, enjoyed seeing the protective side of Brad, but she has to keep in line so they don't risk their reputation at MW Investigations.

"Yea," Brad passes Meggan her jacket. "I just happened to run into him. It wasn't planned or anything."

"I hope you were civil with him."

Brad chuckles back to her as he puts his coat on. "I was very civil," he winks back to her. "I basically just told him not to hurt Cheresa. I know you didn't want me to go there, but I couldn't stand by and watch her potentially get hurt."

"I get it," Meggan replies to him. "We just have to be careful."

"I will be careful," Brad tells her. "And, I think he will be now too."

"You're very protective of your family," she observes back to him.

"You and Logan are included in that," he says moving closer to her. "I will protect you guys til the bitter end if I have too."

"I appreciate that," she purses her lips together. "I don't know what I did to deserve you in my life."

"You know, I've wanted this for so long, you and I being together, I mean," he says back to her. "I won't lose it now."

"I'm beginning to realize that," she nods back to him. "Just know it's not unnoticed."

He leans in and kisses her on the lips. They part ways and smile at one another. "Let's go home to our son," Brad grabs her hand and they start to walk out of the restaurant together.


"So, what do you think Brad was talking to Max about?" Leah asks Jeff as they start to gather their belongings so they can leave the party. They couldn't help but overheard Brad and Max's conversation where Brad told the younger man to stay away from Cheresa. Since Max is a friend of Paige's, she wonders why he would say that to Max.

"I'm not sure," Jeff admits to her. "Obviously something happened between the two of them for Brad to want him to keep his distance from Cheresa, but I'm not sure what it could be. Are you concerned about this?"

"I am," Leah admits to her husband. "If Max is hanging around Paige, I'd like to know the kind of guy he is. I don't want her getting involved with the wrong crowd."

"I think we should trust our daughter," Jeff replies to her. "I think she's a pretty good judge of character."

Leah nods back to him. "You're right," she says. "I have to trust her. She will be fine. It's just hard to except that she's all grown up."

Jeff chuckles back to her. "I know. It's weird, I remember her as a little baby and now…"

Before he can continue, Leah's cell phone rings. "Oh, excuse me for a moment," she says picking up her phone. "Leah Robertson. Yes," she turns away from Jeff as she realizes that it's the hospital. She has been waiting to hear back from them since she had a paternity test ran on Meggan's baby; she needs to know if Jeff is the father of Logan or not.

"Is now a good time to talk?" the nurse says into the phone.

"Yes, it's fine," Leah replies to her. "Do you have the results back?"

"I do," the nurse says. "The two samples of DNA that you provided, they are a match. They are related to one another."

Leah feels the blood drain from her face. The two samples she provided were from Logan and Jeff, which means Jeff is his father. "Are you still there Mrs. Robertson?"

"Yes, thank you, thank you very much," Leah says before hanging up the phone. She takes a deep breath and shuts her eyes; she can't believe that Meggan has been lying to everyone all of this time about the father of her baby.

"Leah? Is everything okay? Who was on the phone?"

"I'm fine," Leah turns around and forces a smile on her face. "It was just work related, nothing that can't wait until the morning," she tells him, wondering what she will do now. Does she tell Jeff the truth? She has no idea, but she has to think about it first.

"Well, are you ready to go?"

"I am," she nods, trying to calm her nerves. "Let's get out of here."

Twin Peaks Police Station

Tyler and Dominick sit across from Simona in her office at the police station. The father and son came to the station as soon as Kim left the restaurant so they could let Simona know that Felicia is actually innocent in starting the fire at the boutique last year. The device that Tyler found in Bob's study proves that they brainwashed her into thinking she started the fire; now, they want to ensure that Bob pays the price for his crimes.

"I can't believe what I just heard," Simona admits to them as she sets the device down on her desk.

"That was my reaction as well," Tyler replies to her. "But, it does sound like they brainwashed my mother into believing that she started the fire, doesn't it?"

"It appears that way," Simona nods back to them.

"Good, then arrest the son of a bitch. I want Bob Calimo behind bars tonight," Dominick grits his teeth back to her. "He has to pay for what he has done."

"It's not that easy," Simona tries to calm him down. "Just because this device appears to have instructed Felicia to believe that she started the fire, doesn't mean that it was Bob's fault."

"Are you kidding me?" Tyler gasps back at her in shock. "I found that stupid thing in Bob's study at his mansion. Who else would have been responsible for this?"

"I understand your point," Simona replies to him. "But, we still have to connect the Calimo's to Felicia, or this won't stick in court."

"Well, let's make it stick then," Dominick informs her. "Because, Bob will not get away with this. I refuse to let that man ruin my family!"

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Where is he? Where is my husband?" a frantic Kim walks into the waiting room with Andy following her, as Natasha, Shane, Cory and Jacob turn to face her. "Jacob, you're home?"

"I am," Jacob replies to her. "But, we can catch up later. Right now, we are still waiting to hear about Grandfather."

"What happened exactly?" Kim asks everyone, as Andy puts his hands on her shoulders.

"We don't know all the details just yet," Cory tells her. "We just know that his car crashed into Helen Mills'."

Kim gets tears in her eyes and covers her mouth. "My God, this is awful," she whispers. "It's bringing back all these memories of Blake."

"Don't say that," Natasha warns her. "My father will not die as a result of this. Do you hear me? He won't die! He will make it, he has too!"

Before anyone can say anything else, a doctor walks into the waiting room. "Carl, how he is?" Shane asks the doctor, knowing him from also being a doctor.

"It's a good news, bad news story, I'm afraid," the doctor tells the family.

"What's the good news?" Kim asks him, desperate for something positive to come from this.

"Your husband is alive," Carl tells her. "The force of the other car was pretty brutal. He suffered from a major blow to the skull when his head hit the steering wheel. We had to operate to stop some internal bleeding around his brain."

"Brain surgery?" Kim gasps a little. "That sounds serious."

"It is serious," Carl replies to her. "The good news is that we got the bleeding under control."

"What's the bad news?" Natasha asks the doctor as she grabs Cory's hand.

"Bob is in a coma," the doctor reveals. "And, because of the trauma, we have no idea if he will ever wake up again."


Adam paces back and forth in another waiting room as Dawn and Robin sit next to one another. Dawn looks up at her father with worry all over her face. "Dad, please come sit with me, you're making me nervous pacing back and forth."

"Sorry," Adam looks back to his daughter. "I'm just worried about your Mom. She had been drinking, you know."

"I know," Dawn stands up and moves up to him. "I should have realized that she wasn't having a good time. I should have taken her home."

"You two have to stop this," Robin tells them. "You can't blame yourself. This was a horrible accident."

"I just hope Helen is okay," Adam replies to her before Dawn pulls him into a hug.

"Me too Dad," Dawn bites her lower lip. "The waiting is killing me."

"Victoria is coming," Robin tells them as she points to the doctor. "We are about to get our answers."

"Victoria," Adam says as she walks into waiting room. "How is Helen?"

Brandy uneasily looks back at the family, who all look worried about Helen. She shuts her eyes for a moment before she opens them. "There's no easy way to say this."

"Say what?" Dawn asks her, desperate for news about her mother. "How is my Mom? Please, tell me Victoria. How is she?"

"She's dead," Brandy replies to them, as Dawn gasps out in horror. "She head injury she suffered, it caused her brain to start to bleed…I did everything I could, I'm so sorry."

"No!" Dawn cries as she rushes into Adam's arms, as he starts to cry as well. "No! No! Not my Mom! Not my Mom! Nooooooo….!"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Nicholas discusses HIV with Craig
- Robbie tells Natasha about his suspicions
- Shane and Jacob catch up

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