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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Helen & Bob were involved in a car accident. Brandy, still in control of Victoria, tended to a critically injured Helen. She then revealed to Dawn, Adam & Robin that Helen was dead!
- The Calimo's, meanwhile, learned that Bob had brain surgery to stop internal bleeding and may never wake up again
- Jacob surprised Shane & Natasha by coming home
- Craig felt sick from his HIV so Donovan asked Nicholas to talk to him
- Leah learned that Jeff is the father of Meggan's son, Logan
- Brad told Meggan that he thought Brooke's reaction to him asking about Cheresa's adoption was odd

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"This can't be happening," a red-eyed Dawn says to Adam as she walks around the waiting room of the hospital. The news that her mother is dead has sent her reeling; she can't believe that Helen was at Adam and Robin's engagement party a few hours ago and now she is dead as a result of being in a car accident with Bob. How can any of this be happening? How can her mother actually be gone? It all seems very surreal to Dawn. Her head is spinning as she feels like she can't process anything.

"Me either kiddo," Adam replies to her as he comes up to her and pulls her into another hug as Dawn starts to weep. Adam, like Dawn, can't believe that his ex-wife is gone. He hates that this is happening; his family has been through so much, but this might be too much for them. "I shouldn't have let her leave."

"It wasn't your fault," Dawn tells him. "I was the one who was with her when she was drinking. I should have offered to take her home. How could I have been so selfish?"

"Hey, if I'm not allowed to blame myself, then neither are you, okay?"

"I just can't believe I'm never going to see her or speak to her again," Dawn cries to her father. "I don't understand how God could be so cruel to me. First everything that happened with Jonah and then my baby and grandma, and now this… when will it end?"

"I wish I knew," Adam pulls her into another hug as a tear falls down his cheek. "But just know that you have me right, okay? And, I'm not going anywhere. Together, somehow, we will get through this together."

Before Dawn can reply, Brandy walks back into the waiting room. She is still in control of Victoria and has no intention of giving it up any time soon, if ever. She has to stay in control, especially now. She looks at Adam and Dawn for a moment and can see how upset they are by the news of Helen's death. In some ways, Brandy believes that Helen is getting what she deserves since she agreed to send Dawn to that bible camp a few years ago. Still, she has to sympathise them.

"Sorry to interrupt," she says as she clears her throat, causing Adam and Dawn to look over at the doctor. "I was going to have Helen's body sent to the funeral home that you agreed on, but before I move her, if you wanted to see her, you can have access to the morgue. It's up to you."

Dawn looks at Adam and immediately nods her head yes. "Are you sure?" he asks his daughter. "You know she won't look like the woman you know as your mother."

"I don't care," Dawn tells him. "I want to see her. I have to see her one last time. I have to make sure it's Mom to make this all real to me. It still feels like we are in a nightmare."

"Very well," Brandy says back to them. "Follow me, I'll take you to her."


Kim slowly walks up to a hospital room door and peers through the small window. She can see Bob, her beloved husband, laying in the bed with machines hooked up to him. He has a large bandage around his head, which she knows is because they had to open his head up to stop internal bleeding that was caused when he hit his head on the steering wheel of his car. She then recalls hearing the doctor's words to her and Bob's family: he may never wake up again as a result of the damage done to him. She covers her mouth and tries to control herself before she enters to see Bob.

She wipes her cheek dry before she opens the door and moves inside. She slowly moves up next to her husband, whom she barely recognizes right now because he has so many bruises on his face. She sits next to him and grabs his hand and squeezes it.

"Darling, it's me, Kim," she whispers to him as she tries to fight tears in her eyes. "I'm here, and I'm not going to leave your side until you're leaving this hospital with me, okay?"

She looks at him, hoping that he will hear her voice and immediately open his eyes, but he doesn't. "The doctor, he told me that you may not wake up, but simply is not an option. You have to wake up, you have to be okay. I can't go through this life without you," she says as she gasps for air as a tear falls down her cheek. "Do you hear me, Bob? I need you to wake up. I love you so much, I can't lose you. I can't lose my beloved husband. Please, I'm begging you, come back to me."


"I can't believe this is happening," Robbie tells Natasha as he opens the door to the cafeteria at the hospital and lets his sister move inside. They are grabbing a coffee together since they know that they won't be leaving the hospital any time soon because of Bob's condition. Once they got word that they could visit their father, Kim insisted that she go first. Instead of fighting with her, they agreed to let her visit him first. Now, both siblings can catch one another up on what is happening. "Dad has to pull through this, Nat, he just has too."

Natasha sighs as she puts some sugar into her coffee. "I hope so," she replies to him. "We can't lose him, our family would fall apart."

"You're telling me," Robbie says back to her. "You know, it's weird because Dad has always seemed super human to me. Like, nothing would ever bring him down."

"I know," Natasha agrees with him. "He has that invincible aura about him, doesn't he?"

"He always has," Robbie tells her. "I really hate that Kim is with him right now. I didn't want to say anything but I think she's the reason this has happened."

"Because we saw them fighting at the engagement party?"

"That, and because of what I saw after that."

"I went to find Cory so I wasn't with you," Natasha recalls bac tok him. "What did you see after I left?"

Robbie sighs back to his sister. "Kim was with Greg Lawson," he begins to tell her. "And, they looked pretty chummy."

Natasha shakes her head back at him in surprise. "You don't think….?"

"That she was cheating on him with Greg?" Robbie asks her back. "Why not? It wouldn't be the first time she strayed from Dad."

"My God," Natasha covers her mouth. "If it's true, then you're right…"

Robbie nods back to her. "This is all Kim's fault."


"I am sorry that your homecoming is caught in the midst of all of this drama," Shane tells Jacob as they sit next to one another in the waiting room of the hospital. While Natasha went to fill Robbie in on the latest with Bob, Shane is taking the opportunity to catch up with his son, whom he missed while he was in New York.

"I just hope Grandfather is okay," Jacob replies to him. "I didn't even get the chance to tell him I'm home."

"You will," Shane tells him. "We have to stay positive that he will make it through this."

"I'm trying," Jacob nods to his father. "Regardless, it's nice to be home."

"You know, I was just speaking to your mother before you surprised us," Shane reveals to him. "She told me that she received a message from you stating that you are engaged."

Jacob smiles and puts his head down. "I'm sorry that you guys had to find out that way," he replies to him. "I was just feeling overwhelmed. I kept getting emails and texts from you and Mom about my whereabouts, and I was just … really getting to know this girl. My focus was on her."

Shane chuckles back to him. "I can understand that," Shane tells him. "Girls have a way of taking over our lives when things are good. But Jacob, man, you're so young. Are you sure you want to settle down right now?"

"Trust me Dad," Jacob replies to him. "I have to do this, and when you meet her, you'll understand completely."

Shane arches his eyebrow back to him. "As long as you know what you're doing, you'll have my support. But I do want to meet this girl, who has captured your heart."

"I know exactly what I'm doing," Jacob tells him. "And you'll get to meet her very soon too, I promise."

The Tower's, Floor Eleven; Craig's Condo

"Thanks for coming by," Lukas welcomes Nicholas into Craig's condo. Lukas knows that Donovan called Nicholas over to Craig's because he has fallen ill again as a result of his HIV medication and Nicholas has experience dealing with HIV because his partner died from the disease. "I appreciate it, and I'm sure Craig will too."

"Yes, of course," Nicholas nods back to him, as he walks over to Donovan. "Donovan, thanks for calling me. Andy was going to join me, but he had a family emergency."

"That's fine," Donovan tells him. "Craig is in his room. Come with me, I'll take you."


They walk towards the bedroom in the condo. Nicholas lightly knocks on the door before he opens it and moves inside. Donovan watches as the door closes behind Nicholas and turns back to face Lukas.

"You know something," he tells his boyfriend as he moves up to Lukas. "I'm really glad we found one another again. I couldn't get through this without you."

Lukas uneasily smiles as he holds Donovan in his arms. "I know. I love you, Donovan."

"I love you too, Lukas."

Inside the room, Nicholas looks at a pale Craig who is laying in his bed. "Craig, it's Father Young. Your friends thought I could come see you."

"Father, hi," Craig leans up in the bed. "I appreciate that."

"Sure," Nicholas moves closer to the bed and sits on the edge. "How are you feeling?"

"Honestly?" Craig asks him as he looks back at Nicholas. "I feel dumb. I can't believe I put myself in this situation; I have no one to blame but myself."

"Do you want my opinion?" Nicholas asks him back as Craig nods back to him. "You shouldn't blame yourself, nor the party that was previously infected that didn't disclose that to you. These things happen in life, and it is generally a part of a bigger plan. I can appreciate that you may not understand what that plan is just yet, but God has a way of sending us down roads we never thought of before."

"Yea, I'm not sure I get what road God would possibly be sending me down other than one to hell."

Nicholas uneasily smiles back to him. "Before I became a priest, I was involved with a man. We lived together, we travelled together, we…we were soulmates. He travelled for work and when he was away, we had an understanding that we could have sex on the side - as long as we were safe," Nicholas begins to tell him. "He went to Denver for a conference for a week. There was guy that he told me about that he hooked up with, a couple times in that week. The second time, he wasn't safe, and he ended up with HIV."

"I had no idea."

"Like you," Nicholas continues to tell him. "The disease hit him pretty quickly and hard, despite all of the medical advancements. Within a year of being diagnosed, I was burying the love of my life. So, I understand exactly what you're going through."

"And, what road do you think God put you on when he gave your partner HIV? What road did your partner go on?"

Nicholas feels his eyes swell with water. "His name was Tyrone," Nicholas tells him. "And, Tyrone went on a road of self-discovery. He found strength he never knew he had. He was braver than anyone gave him credit for. And, he found love when he didn't think he could love again."

"And you?"

A single tear falls down Nicholas' cheek. "I found God," he whispers back to him. "I know it may seem like dark days now, just don't give up. Your life, and the life of your loved ones, mean more, okay?"

Craig leans up and hugs Nicholas. "Thank you for your words, I will take them to heart."

"Good, I'm glad to help."

Chris' Townhouse

"So, what were you and Daisy talking about at the party?" Chri asks Trenyce as he sits next to her on the sofa in his living room, passing her a glass of red wine in the process. He recalls seeing Trenyce and Daisy talking about something while he was grabbing them drinks.

Trenyce sighs a little. "Well, you know she's moving back into my house," Trenyce tells him. "So, I was just seeing where her head was. I know that Vinny has filed for a divorce, but the news of her affair is so fresh, I was wondering if they still had a chance to make it work."

"And? What did she say?"

"To be honest, she actually thinks the marriage is over," she replies to him. "Apparently, Vinny is telling her that he wants to get revenge on her or something."

Chris chuckles back to her. "I'm not sure about that, Vinny doesn't strike me as the vengeful type."

"Not all," Trenyce agrees with him. "If anything, he learned not to be because of what Dave and Brett did to him. Anyways, that's what we were talking about. Have you heard anything back from Meggan about finding our child?"

"No," Chris shakes his head back to her. "I saw her at the party, but I didn't think she'd have an update for us yet. We can try to call in the morning, if you'd like."

"I think we should," Trenyce tells him. "The sooner we know something, the better, don't you think?"

"I like the way you think," he smiles as he leans in and kisses her. "But that's in the morning. For now, this feels pretty nice."

He kisses her again and she smiles back to him when their lips part. "I couldn't agree more," she tells him. "How about we pick this up in the bedroom?"

"You read my mind," he winks back to her.

The Richardson Estate; Meggan & Lukas' Home

"How's Logan?" Brad asks Meggan as he pours a glass of bourbon from the bar in the living room. They have returned home from the party, and the first thing Meggan did was go check on her son as it was the first time she left him alone, so she was worried about him.

"Oh, he's fine," she replies to him as she pours herself some sparkling water. "I don't know what I was worried about. Helga would have called me had something been wrong."

"You're a new Mom, it's only natural that you worry about him when you're not with him," Brad tells her. "But, it was nice to get out for a while."

"Yes, it definitely was," Meggan admits to him. "It was fun to be an adult again for an evening."

Meggan watches Brad take a sip of his drink with a look of concern on his face. "What is it? What are you thinking about?"

"My Mom," he admits to her. "And, why she was so hesitant to talk to me about Cheresa's adoption."

"What do you think it means?" Meggan ask shim. "I mean, you don't think something happened or went wrong in the adoption process, do you?"

"I don't know," Brad shrugs his shoulders. "I would think not, if we adopted her. It was just weird."

"I think this impossible case of Trenyce and Chris' has us all on edge."

"Maybe," Brad looks back at her. "But, I will find out what my mom was hiding. I have to; my family depends on it."

The Claus House; Jeff, Leah & Paige's Home

Leah paces back and forth in the living room of her home, her mind racing about the phone call she received right before she left the engagement party: she learned that Jeff, not Brad, is Logan's biological child. She has no idea what she should do now: should she tell Jeff the truth or keep Meggan's secret. She can't believe, in some ways, that Meggan has been lying all of this time; had she not been at the cabin with her when she gave birth and she heard Meggan mumble Jeff's name, Leah never would have learned the truth and the secret would still be just that, a secret.

"What am I going to do?" she whispers to herself. "If I tell Jeff, he may go back to Meggan to help her raise the baby."

She moves to the bar and pours herself a whiskey and quickly takes a sip, but quickly makes a face at the taste of it. "Damn it," she tells her. "How could you do this, Meggan? How could you lie for so long?"

She pauses when she realizes that Meggan has allowed her family to get back together all this time. Knowing the truth, Meggan could have told Jeff the truth and her marriage might have ended a long time ago. She sighs and takes another deep sip of her drink.

"I have to talk to Meggan," she tells herself. "But, I think I should keep quiet. My marriage and my family depend on me keeping this secret. I want my family to stay together, and therefore, I won't say anything. I can't."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

Brandy opens the door to the morgue and lets Adam and Dawn move inside. Brandy walks in behind them and lets the door close behind her.

"She's right there, with the white sheet over her body," Brandy tells Adam and Dawn. "Look, I'm making an exception to letting you guys be in here, so I'll come back in five minutes or so, okay?"

Adam turns and uneasily smiles back to Victoria. "Sure, that you," Adam whispers back to her. "We appreciate it, Vic."

Dawn slowly moves up to the body under the white sheet. Adam comes up behind her and puts her hands on her daughter's shoulders. Dawn takes a deep breath.

"Are you ready?' she says, her voice cracking in fear.

"I am, but are you ready?" he asks her back.

"I have to do this," Dawn tells him. "I have to make sure that it's Mom."

"Okay, I'm right here for you," Adam tells his daughter, bracing himself for what they are about to see.

Dawn slowly lifts the white sheet over the face of the body and immediately gasps out. She turns around and hugs Adam tightly, as she can clearly see that the dead woman under the sheet is Helen.

"It is her," Dawn cries to her father. "Mom is really dead! She's really, really gone!"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Simona decides to question Kim about the device
- Brandy lands in some hot water
- Nicholas and Andy share a moment

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