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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Adam and Dawn spoke at Helen's memorial service. After Helen was buried, Brandy remembered that she drugged Helen to make her appear dead but in fact Helen was buried alive!
- Greg saw a close moment between Robbie and Brooke
- Felicia learned she was going to leave Raven's Meadow, but she worried about Barbara. Brandy, meanwhile, continued to give Barbara electroshock therapy
- Natasha and Robbie blamed Kim for Bob's accident
- Andrew and Paige reunited, as Abby and Max plotted to break them up
- Meggan agreed to get some DNA from Chris and Trenyce in hopes of finding their biological child
- Shane ran tests on Craig after he came back to the hospital, still feeling ill from his HIV diagnosis

The Tower's; Floor 8; Victoria's Condo

Brandy quickly exits her bedroom and moves into the living room of the condo, quickly scanning for something. She gets a wicked grin on her face when she sees the object in the corner of the room. She moves over to, what looks like a walkie-talkie and picks it up. She looks at it closely for a moment, recalling how she drugged Helen after she was admitted to the hospital following her car crash; the drugs calmed her breathing and heart rate down so low that everyone believed her when she pronounced Helen dead. The truth is, however, Helen is very much alive and in the coffin she was buried in.

"I told her that she would pay for hurting Dawn," she whispers to herself. "And, now, she is."

She slowly presses the red button on the talking device. "Good day, Helen, rise and shine buttercup!"

Inside the coffin, Helen is startled to hear a voice. She looks around but is barely able to move around because of the tight space she is in. "Who is it? Who is there? Help me, please, I'm begging you!"

Brandy chuckles a little. "Help you? No dear, I'm the one who put you in the damn coffin," Brandy informs her.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Helen pleads with her, as she starts to bang the top of the coffin.

"I'll tell you why," Brandy's eyes become more intent. "Because, you are part of the reason why Dawn was raped. Had you not sent her to that bible camp, your daughter never would have had to experience her attack. That's on you lady, and this is your punishment."

"Please, I'm begging you, let me out of here! Please!"

"Save your breath," Brandy sneers back to her. "Now, you'll find a little straw to your right. It's your water base. On your left, there's another draw, that's your liquid food base. If you push the button above your face, it will open a small door for your washroom time."

"Please, please don't leave me in here," Helen ignores her words. "At least tell me who you are?!"

"I'm surprised you don't recognize my voice," Brandy replies to her. "We've met before. My name is Brandy."

Helen freezes trying to think about who she knows with the name Brandy. Suddenly, it dawns on her. "No, it can't be," Helen says scared to death, recalling who Brandy actually is. "Victoria, please, I know you in there. You have to come back out! You have to stop this!"

"I have to go now," Brandy laughs back to her. "You have a nice day. And don't waste your time trying to escape, you are ten feet underground. No one will hear you or think you're alive, I made sure of that."

"No, Brandy, please," Helen desperately pleads with her. "Don't leave me! Please! Please! Help me! My God, help me!"

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Dr. Glubbs, here are those test results you were waiting for," a nurse tells Shane, who is leaving Craig's hospital room. Shane takes the file from her and knows that he ordered a bunch more tests on his friend because he was certain that when he initially re-read his medical file, his blood work showed that he didn't have HIV; of course, if this is true, then Victoria misdiagnosed him and was treating him for no reason, which could explain why Craig is so ill now.

"Thank you," Shane replies to her, quickly opening the file, which now states that Craig's blood does have the disease in it. "My God," Shane covers his mouth in shock, as the nurse scurries away. "The new test results confirm what I suspected all along, he doesn't have HIV. Victoria lied to him about his disease and has been giving him medication that he doesn't need, no wonder his body is lashing out."

He closes the file and then peers back into Craig's room, as he lays sleeping in the bed, still hooked up to an IV drip. He shakes his head wondering why Victoria would do this to someone she thought of a friend, and more importantly, a co-worker.

"I don't know what the hell is going on here but I have to get to the bottom of this," he says to himself. "Victoria has a lot of questions that need to be answered. But first, I have to those drugs out Craig's system."


"I'm glad you guys are here, I have some news," Simona announces to Dominick, Tyler and Eva as they stand in a waiting room. The Robertson's had been at the hospital waiting to hear something about Bob's condition, even though they are not family. After everything they have learned recently, they know that they need to make sure that Bob pays for his sins.

"I trust you have information about Felicia and her brainwashing?" Dominick says back to the detective. "I had left you a voicemail requesting that Felicia be released from Raven's Meadow immediately."

"Yes, I got that voicemail," Simona nods back to him.

"Well, how long before my mother can leave?" Tyler asks her next.

"Any time now," Simona reveals to them. "I had to run some tests on the device you gave me, and the device does have both Bob and Kim's fingerprints on it. Considering this, and the information you provided me in your statement, I do believe that you're telling the truth about Felicia. I don't believe she started the fire after all."

"Oh thank God," Eva sighs as she pulls Dominick into a hug.

"As soon as Raven's Meadow prepares the discharge papers, she will be released," Simona replies to them.

"Thank you detective," Tyler uneasily smiles back to her. "But now, what are you going to do to Bob and Kim? When will they pay for what they've done?"

"As soon as Bob is awake, I will be questioning him," Simona tells them. "And until that happens, you all need to keep your distance. Do not make this situation any worse than what it already is."

"We have no intentions of doing that," Dominick looks back at her. "As long as you know that Bob will pay for this. That son of a bitch has crossed my family for the very last time."

The Sugarbowl

"It just seems like everything is a mess right now," Max looks over at Paige as they sit in the back booth together, sharing a hot chocolate. Max knows that Paige was supporting Dawn over the death of Helen, but he also realizes that she is going through a rough time because Bob is in a coma. While it was proven that Jeff, not Robbie, is really Paige's father, she has always remained close to Bob, and even stayed with him for a while when everyone believed that Leah was dead.

"You're telling me," Paige agrees with him. "My heart goes out to Dawn right now. I know what she is going through because I thought I lost my Mom. It was the worst time of my life."

"I somehow don't think that Helen is coming back to us though," Max looks back at her uneasily. "Which sucks. She was a good woman. I know my Dad loved her a lot for many years."

"Were you close to Helen?"

"Not as close as I should have been," Max admits to her. "It's made me realize just how short life is. If you want something, you really have to go after it," he tells her as he looks at her, realizing that he does have to help Abby with her plan to break Paige and Andrew up. If he wants to have a chance with Paige, he has to take it. He can't settle wondering if things will just naturally happen between them.

"You're right about that," Paige purses her lips together. "Life is too short."

"How are you coping with Bob being in the hospital? You know that I'm here for you, right?"

"I know, thanks," Paige smiles back to him as she looks up. She is about to say something back to him but se happens to see Andrew walk into the coffeehouse. "Oh, excuse me for a moment," she says jumping out of the booth and rushing into Andrew's arms. Max slowly turns and sees them embrace and then turns back to his hot chocolate.

"Yea, I have to do something," he whispers to himself. "That can't last."


"How are you holding up?" Brad asks Cheresa as they enter the coffeehouse together. Brad knows that his sister must be upset with Helen passing considering her friendship with Dawn. As they move inside, Brad can't help but see Max at the back of the coffeehouse and he immediately sighs, recalling how he tried to tell Abby to stay away from him but she didn't seemingly listen to him.

"I mean, as well as I can be," Cheresa replies to him, as she uses a tissue. She is about to put the tissue in the garbage, but it falls and happens to land in Brad's bag, which he doesn't notice. "I feel bad for Dawn, but I'm being as supportive as I can."

"You're a good friend,' Brad uneasily smiles back to her. "Look, I have to get going, but I wanted to tell you the same thing I told Abby earlier."

Cheresa arches her eyebrow. "What is going on?"

"It's nothing serious," Brad calms her down. "I just want you to stay away from Max Black. The kid is bad news."

Cheresa shakes her head back in confusion. "You realize that I'm about to go see him right now?" she asks him surprised by his admission. "He's one of my best friends."

"I know," Brad replies to her. "If you're going to hang out with him, I can't stop you, but please do be careful. That's all I'm asking."

Cheresa uneasily nods back to him. "Fine, I'll be careful."

MW Investigations

"Thanks for coming by today," Meggan tells Chris and Trenyce as they sit in her office. They agreed to the meeting as they were curious about whether or not Meggan had uncovered anything new leads in their search to try to find their biological child.

"Yea of course," Trenyce says as she uses a tissue, as she is suffering from a cold. She drops the tissue into the waste basket next to Meggan's desk, which she notes. Meggan knows that she can use the tissue as a part of Trenyce's DNA sample. "How is the baby? Everything ok?"

"He's perfect," Meggan smiles back to her. "With everything going on with Bob Calimo and Helen Black, it makes you realize how precious life is, you know?"

"That it does," Chris nods back to her, thinking about his time with Helen. He can't believe that his former lover is gone forever and that he never really got a chance to say goodbye. "We could go on and on about that though."

"We were hoping you had news about our child?" Trenyce asks Meggan as she looks back at her.

Meggan uneasily nods back to her. "Well, yes and no," she admits to them. "I have no concrete leads just yet, but I do have an idea."

"What is it?" Chris asks her.

"Chances are, your child was placed in the system and was adopted out. I am going to go contact adoption agencies in and surrounding Twin Peaks to see if they have any information."

"That's a good idea," Trenyce nods back to her, trying not to get her hopes up. "Hopefully it pans out."

"Try not to get too excited," Meggan says back to them. "We have no idea if this will work or not."

"But it is worth a try," Chris uneasily smiles back to her. "Anything is better than nothing."


Brad is crossing the street from the Sugarbowl heading towards the MW Investigations office when he feels his cell phone ping with a new text message. Once is safe on the sidewalk, he pulls out his phone and reads the message from Meggan.

"Tissue from Trenyce can be used for DNA sample," he reads out loud. That's when he sees it in his bag: a used Kleenex. He arches his eyebrow. "Jeez, Meg, you could have put it in a ziplock bag or something…." He rolls his eyes. "Well, I guess I head to the hospital now and get this sample."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"How was Dad when you visited him?" Robbie asks Natasha as they sit in a waiting room together. Robbie knows that while he was talking to Brooke earlier, Natasha got a chance to see Bob, who is still in a coma. He doesn't know how much longer he will be able to wait for Bob to wake up again; he needs his Dad to know that they are rooting for him. He, if he's honest though, is scared that the doctors are right and that Bob may never wake up again.

"He seemed fine," Natasha says as she takes a sip of her luke arm coffee. "I don't know, he was sleeping."

"I wish he'd wake up again," Robbie admits to her. "I am going crazy with him sleeping for so long. Mostly because I don't believe a word that comes out of Kim's mouth. Dad, he'll tell us the truth about this brainwashing bullshit."

"I hear you," Natasha nods back to him. "We have to do whatever we think Dad would want us to do. And you know exactly what that means, right?"

Robbie looks back at her with intent. "Yea, we have to protect our family," Robbie says back to her. "We have to protect Roboto and the Calimo name, no matter what the cost."

"Good, then we are on the same page," Natasha purses her lips together. "Kim won't get away with hurting Dad. Not ever again."


Kim slowly leaves Bob's hospital room with her hands covering her face, as there has been no change with her husband. She longs for when he will wake up again. She still can't believe that he was in a car accident; her only saving grace right now is that he is alive and hasn't passed away the way Helen did. She even can't believe she is thinking that, but she has to hold on to something positive right now, especially with Simona Lopez breathing down her neck about her and Bob brainwashing Felicia into believing that she started the fire at the boutique.

"I have to keep it together," she whispers to herself. "Simona wants blood; Dominick and Tyler want blood, hell even Robbie and Natasha are blaming me for everything. I just need you to wake up, Bob. I need you so badly."

She looks up and sees Greg approaching her, which causes her to roll her eyes as she knows that seeing him is the absolute last thing that she needs right now. After all, he is the reason she and Bob were fighting before the accident, which Robbie and Natasha saw. "Do you want me to grab you a cup of coffee or something?" he asks her, as he comes up to her.

"No, I'm fine," she tells him. "I just need to be alone, Greg. You should go."

"I think you need a friend Kim," he replies to her. "And, I can be that friend."

"Don't you understand?" she shrikes back to him. "If anyone saw us together, they would think something is going on between us! And, I can't have that drama in my life right now, I need you to go. I have to focus on my husband for Christ sake."

"Okay, okay," Greg puts his hands up in the air. "But I am around if and when you need a friend, Kim. Just know that I'm supporting you from afar."

She watches as he walks away from her. Once he is out of sight, she covers her mouth as she gasps for some air. "He might be the only one in my corner," she tells herself as a tear falls down her cheek.

The Black House; Helen & Dawn's Home

"Hey, how are you Dawn? Can I get you anything, anything at all?" Robin asks the younger woman, who is curled up into a ball on the sofa of her childhood home. Robin has been at the house since Adam and Robin got back from burying Helen trying to be of assistance if they need her. As she looks at Dawn, she can't help but feel sorry for her. The woman has lost her baby and her mother in the span of 7 or 8 months.

"No, I'm fine, thanks Robin," Dawn manages to reply to her.

"Are you sure Dawn," Adam asks her Dad, from the arm chair in the living room. "You haven't eaten anything in a while. Are you sure you don't want a sandwich or something?"

"I'm sure," Dawn nods back to him. "I couldn't eat even if I wanted too. Today, it just feels surreal."

"I understand," Adam bites his lip back to her. "Burying your Mom, it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do."

"The words you spoke, both of you spoke, were beautiful. Helen would have loved them," Robin tries to offer some comfort to them. "It was a lovely service."

"Thanks," Adam replies to her. "You know what is weird though?"

"What?" Dawn looks over at her father.

"I feel like I can still feel Helen's presence," Adam admits to them. "Maybe it's because we are here, in her house, but I feel like she's right there with us."

"Only she's not," Dawn lets a tear fall down her cheek. "And she never will be again."

Adam stands up and moves over to the sofa and puts his arms around her. "I know," he whispers to her daughter as Robin covers her mouth, as the girls grief starts to get to her. "We are in this together Dawn, just remember that."

Raven's Meadow

Dominick and Tyler stand in the foyer of the hospital, waiting for Felicia to arrive. Once Simona advised them that she was going to be discharged, they raced over to the hospital to pick her up. They don't want her to stay in the hospital a moment longer than she already has because they realize that she has been wrongfully locked up for the better part of a year. Dominick looks at his son and thanks God that he didn't go through with the electroshock therapy now; that could have been even more awful for Felicia.

"Thanks for coming with me to get Felicia," Dominick tells his son, who looks back at him.

"Of course," Tyler nods back to him. "We are a family, this is exactly where I should be."

"I'm so proud to hear you say that," Dominick smiles back to him, recalling how they have buried their hatchet and are moving forward.

Before Tyler can reply, Felicia comes scurrying out from the hallway with a panicked look on her face. "Dominick, thank God you're here," Felicia rushes up to him.

"Hey, there you are," he smiles back to her. "You've heard the news? You get to come home today. Isn't that wonderful?"

"I can't," Felicia shakes her head back to him. "I can't leave here."

"Why not?" Tyler comes up to his mother. "Why do you have to stay here?"

"Because," Felicia quickly tells them. "Barbara, she's in danger! You have to help me save her! You have too!"


In the operating room, Brandy finishes strapping Barbara into the hospital bed before she slowly walks over to the electroshock therapy machine. She gets a wicked grin on her face as she slowly pulls the lever down. She looks back at Barbara, who instantly starts to have body convulsions from the currency she is receiving.

Brandy chuckles back to her. "Are you ready to say sorry yet?" she asks her, as she pulls the lever down further, causing the frequency to increase. She realizes that she has set the frequency to be in a dangerous zone, as the machine starts to make an odd beeping noise.

"Oh, hush," Brandy waves her hand. "This is good for the old woman!"

Suddenly, Brandy feels the blood drain from her face when the heart monitor hooked up to Barbara flatlines. Brandy quickly shuts the electrotherapy off and rushes up to Barbara.

"Barbara?" she asks as she puts her hand to Barbara's neck, desperate to feel a pulse. "Can you hear me? Barbara! Answer me," Brandy quickly says as she slowly pulls his hands off her neck. "My God…I killed her! I killed Barbara!"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Greg learns that there was an accident in the hospital
- Shane overhears a startling conversation with Donovan and Lukas
- Brandy hides out

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