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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Brooke and Greg, despite having flirtations with Robbie and Kim, agreed to keep their family together now that Helen "died"
- Shane ran more tests on an ill Craig and they confirmed that Craig does not have HIV, which means Victoria misdiagnosed him
- Brandy gave Barbara more electroshock therapy, but during the process Barbara flat lined
- Leah decided to keep Logan's paternity a secret
- Vinny plotted revenge on Daisy and Lukas for their affair
- Andy and Nicholas shared another kiss
- Dominick learned that Felicia was able to be released from Raven's Meadow

Raven's Meadow

"Okay, okay," Brandy takes three deep breathes as she looks at a dead Barbara, who is back in her bed in the hospital. As Brandy looks down at the older woman, she recalls how she was giving her more electroshock therapy, and she increased the voltage when Barbara flat lined. Brandy tried to revive her, but there was no use; Barbara is dead and Brandy knows that she killed her. She never meant for it to go this far; she just wanted to make Barbara pay for sending Dawn to the bible camp, but now she is dead. "I have her back in her bed. I have to get back to General Hospital and let someone else find her. I will claim that I had no idea that she died. I can get over this."

Brandy tucks the blankets up closer to Barbara's cooling face before she stands up straight. "I have to leave you now," Brandy whispers back to her. "But, I hope you know that I'm not sorry about this. What you did to Dawn, you deserved this. But, I have to cover my tracks. I have to make sure no one knows about this. Goodbye, Barbara. Sleep well."

Brandy gives the dead woman one more quick look before she turns and scurries out of the hospital room, closing the door behind her.

Twin Peaks General Hosptial

"I'm glad you're still here," Greg says to Brooke as he walks into the cafeteria and he spots his wife grabbing a coffee. He recalls how he saw her earlier with Robbie and they were seemingly holding hands. Under normal circumstances, he would feel jealous or wonder if Brooke was cheating on him again, however, she did reach out to him after they learned that Helen died and indicated that they should put their family first, he is inclined to believe her, especially since Kim pushed him away because of Bob's critical condition.

Brooke turns and purses her lips back to her husband. "Yes, I was with Robbie earlier," she reveals to him, not surprising him because he saw them. "He is going through a rough time because of his father."

"It's nice that you are there for your co-worker and friend," Greg tells her.

Brooke can't help but get a smile on her face. "Something I said made you happy?"

"It's just that you trust me with Robbie," Brooke tells him. "That hasn't always been the case with us."

"I'm trying," Greg reveals to her. "You were right when you said we have to keep our family together Brooke. Helen's death, it has made me realize that too."

Brooke uneasily nods back to him, thinking about her affair with Robbie. Now that Greg wants to keep their family together, she knows that she can never tell him the truth. Before she can reply to him, Greg' cell phone starts to ring.

"Excuse me for a moment," he says as he pulls out the mobile and answers it. "Greg Lawson … what? How the hell did this happen? No, it's fine, I'll be right there. Don't move or touch anything!"

Brooke arches her eyebrow listening to his phone call. "Is everything, okay?"

"No," Greg shakes his head back. "That was the hospital, Raven's Meadow. They found Barbara Mills dead in her hospital room."

Brooke feels the blood drain from her face, stunned by the news. "What is going on around here?"

"I'll keep you posted once I know, I have to get back to Raven's Meadow and figure out what happened."

The Tower's; Floor Eight; Victoria's Condo

Brandy steps out of the shower, grabs a towel and starts to dry herself off. After she left Raven's Meadow, she raced home and had to shower and change. She is still rattled that she killed Barbara; it was never a part of her plan, she just wanted to make her pay for her role in Dawn's rape.

"It's fine," she whispers to herself as she dries her damp hair. "No one knows that I was giving her extra doses of the therapy. It will look like a heart attack. I will get away with this."

She freezes when she hears the doorbell ring. She quickly wonders if someone could have already found Barbara's body at the hospital. "Just act normal," she tells herself as she grabs her white robe and dresses her naked body with it. She moves to the door and opens it, seeing Shane on the other side. "Shane, this is a surprise. What are you doing here?"

"I know," he whispers back to her as he looks at her with intent. "I know that you misdiagnosed Craig with HIV and treated him when he didn't need the treatment. You know he took a turn for the worse, right? He's at the hospital now on an IV drip."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," she blocks him from moving into the condo. "I checked his file again, his results show that he's positive."

"Yes, I saw that," Shane nods back to her. "But, when he came in earlier, I re-tested him and the tests prove that he is negative."

"Then the lab screwed up my results," Brandy sneers at him. "I don't like your tone with me right now."

"And, I don't like that a healthy man is fighting for his life because he was administrated drugs that he doesn't need!" Shane tries to not raise his voice. "I have to get to the bottom of this Vic, this is serious! When Craig learns, all hell will break loose!"

"And you want me to suffer whatever these consequences are?" Brandy asks him appalled at him. "Let me tell you this, Shane, you will not pin this on me. My results showed what they showed and I acted accordingly. I suggest you remember that, because I will come after you with everything I have."

"What is wrong with you?" Shane asks her. "This isn't the Victoria I know and cared about."

"This is the Victoria whose back is up against the wall," she tells him. "Just remember that."

The Pampa Grill

"How are Adam and Dawn holding up?" Leah asks Robin as they sit at a table across from one another, each with a glass of red wine in front of them. Robin stopped by the restaurant to get some take out for Adam and Dawn, and ended up seeing her sister, so she agreed to join her for a glass of wine.

Robin sighs before she takes a sip of her pinot noir. "Not well to be honest," Robin tells her. "They are going through the worst loss of their life, especially Dawn because she lost her baby earlier this year."

"My heart goes out to them," Leah replies to her. "Especially with the holidays being right around the corner."

"Yea, I'm trying to be there for them but think this Christmas will be very difficult for them," Robin tells her. "Anyways, how are you and Jeff doing? Things are well?"

Leah gulps a little, as she knows that she is keeping a secret from Jeff: she knows that Logan, Meggan's son, is really Jeff's son, not Brad's. She knows that she has to keep the secret to keep her family intact, but her conscious has been getting the best of her at times.

"Does the silence mean something is wrong?" Robin asks her, realizing that Leah is deep in thought. "What's going on? You know you can talk to me?"

"I know," Leah nods back to her. "I'm … I'm keeping something from Jeff. Don't ask what it is, cause I can't say, but just know that I'm struggling with it. A lot."

Robin reaches over and grabs her sister's hand. "You know that secrets always have a way of coming out," she tells Leah. "If you feel like you to talk, know that I'm here. Keeping it to yourself may slowly eat away at you."

"I get it," Leah tells her. "I'm just scared if I say it out loud I'll lose my family, and I can't let that happen."


Andy moves up to the bar as he waits for his takeout order as he is going to take some food back to the hospital and force Kim to eat something. He knows that his sister hasn't been home since Bob's accident, but he has to make sure that she keeps her strength up or she won't be any use to Bob when he does wake up.

As he waits for his order, he looks over and happens to see Vinny sitting by himself at a table with a drink in front of him. Andy looks at the man and wonders how he is doing; he knows that he has filed for divorce from Daisy because of her affair with Tyler; a part of Andy feels bad because it was the Sun, where Andy works, that leaked the picture of Daisy and Tyler kissing days before the election in the summer. He shakes his head thinking about it but finds himself walking towards Vinny.

"Vinny, hey," Andy says arriving at his table. "I was waiting for my takeout and thought I'd come say hi. How are you?"

Vinny takes a sip of his scotch before he looks up at Andy. "As well as to be expected," he replies to him. "You know how my personal life is right now."

"I do," Andy nods back to him. "That's why I came over to see you. I always got along with you, Vinny. I hate to see what has happened to your marriage to Daisy."

"But, it did happen, and now here I am. Left to pick up the pieces of my life."

"I hope you know you can reach out to me for anything, Vinny. I'm still in your corner."

"Do you mean that?" Vinny asks him as Andy nods back to him. "Then you'll help me plan revenge on Daisy. I have to get her back for humiliating me the way she has."

Andy gulps back to him. "Vinny…"

"See, never mind Andy. Thanks anyways. Have a good day. I hope Bob gets better."

"Uh," Andy uneasily replies to him, wondering what kind of revenge Vinny is planning on Daisy. "Thanks, Vinny. Take care of yourself, okay?"

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Father Young, I'm glad you're here," Donovan says as he sees Nicholas sitting in the front pew of the small hospital chapel. Donovan is still at the hospital waiting for more news on Craig since he and Lukas were with their friend when he took a turn for the worse; since being here, Craig has been placed on an IV drip to help him rehydrate. Donovan just hopes that his friend makes it through this crisis. "I was hoping we could speak."

Nicholas stands up and nods his head back to Donovan, who starts to walk towards him. Nicholas can't help but think about the last time someone was with him in the chapel…it was Andy and they shared a tender kiss, which is their second kiss. Nicholas knows that he can't get into a romance with Andy, despite his attraction to him, because he is a priest, but he can't help but enjoy Andy's company a lot.

"How can I help you Donovan?"

"It's Craig," Donovan replies to him. "He has taken a turn for the worse. I'm just not sure how to process this."

"Craig is very strong," Nicholas says back to him. "When I was with him earlier, he seemed very aware and focused on beating this disease. We have to have faith that it will all work out. Can you do that?"

"I'm trying," Donovan admits to him. "The thing is…well, no never mind. It doesn't matter."

"No, it matters. What's on your mind?"

"I don't know," Donovan shrugs his shoulders. "Ever since Craig has been sick, I've gotten the feeling that Lukas is starting to have feelings for him again. I know it sounds silly."

"It's not silly at all," Nicholas replies to him. "Sometimes even I struggle, Donovan. With being a priest and what that means for me and my future."


"Of course," Nicholas nods back to him. "I'm still a human being. I still have thoughts about people, men, that I find attractive. I just have to realize that I can't action it. Lukas is no different; he is with you because he loves you; he will always find other men attractive, and that might include Craig, but he is with you and you have to trust him and his love for you."

Donovan tries to put a smile on his face. "I needed to her that, thank you."

"Of course," Nicholas uneasily smiles back to him. "I'm here for you anytime."


"I can't believe that there hasn't been any change in Grandfather," Jacob tells Natasha as they sit side by side in a waiting room of the hospital. Jacob returned to the hospital after going back to the Calimo mansion to sleep, eat and shower. He needed the rest after he travelled home from New York City.

"He is badly injured," Natasha doesn't look over at him. "His body needs the rest. I'm trying to think that this is a positive sign. Once he has recovered enough, he will wake up. He has too."

Jacob reaches over and grabs his mother's hand. "I guess my timing in coming home was a blessing, hey? At least I can be here for you and Dad while you go through this."

Natasha turns and smiles back to her son. "You have no idea how glad I am to have you home, Jacob. I missed you so much. And now with Sophie here, it's perfect. My family, my children are together. It's how it should be."

"I just can't wait for Grandfather to wake up," he admits to her. "I had missed him too."

"He missed you too," Natasha says back to him. "But, we need to talk about your text message that you're engaged. I need to know all the details."

Jacob uneasily chuckles back to her. "I'm in love, isn't that all that matters?"

Natasha playfully swats him. "Yes, it is all that matters but that doesn't mean that you get a free pass about the identity of her. I want to meet her! I want to get to know her, certainly before you marry her!"

"I can ask her to come here and visit," Jacob tells his mother. "Just make sure you easy on her, okay? We are in love and I know what I'm doing."

"I'd like that," she admits to him. "And, I trust you. But she still needs my approval," she chuckles back to her son, who laughs with his mom.

Tyler's Townhouse

"Are you settled in?" Dominick asks Felicia, who is sitting on the sofa in Tyler's townhouse. Felicia looks back at her ex-husband and wonders what it will take for him, or anyone, to understand that she is worried about Barbara being left alone at Raven's Meadow. She can't get Victoria's words to Barbara out of her mind; that she was going to make her pay. Felicia has no idea what that means, but she wishes that people would start to listen to her fears.

"No," Felicia stands up and looks at him and then over at Tyler. "I need to go back to Raven's Meadow. I need to make sure that Barbara is safe! Don't you understand?"

"Mom, please, try to stay calm," Tyler replies to her. "You're home now and you're safe. No one or nothing will hurt you again."

"It's not me that I'm worried about, it's Barbara," Felicia insists to them.

"How about this?" Dominick comes up to her and puts his hands on her shoulders. "I'll call Dr. Lawson right now to get an update on Barbara; will that make you feel better?"

Felicia uneasily nods her head back to him. "That would be great."

"Okay, I'll call now," Dominick says as he moves away from Felicia and pulls his phone out of his pocket. "Greg, I'm glad I caught you."

"I'm afraid it's not a good time right now," Greg replies to him, standing in his office at Raven's Meadow.

"I wanted to let you know that Felicia is home safe and sound, but she's asking a lot of Barbara Mills. She keeps telling me that she's in danger. Do you know anything about that?"

Greg sighs back to him. "I wish I did," he admits to him. "Look, this isn't public knowledge yet, but Barbara …she died tonight. We are still looking into what happened, but Felicia, she might have been right. Barbara might have been in danger."

"My God," Dominick gasps in horror as he looks over at Felicia, who is watching him, eager to get an update on her friend.


Greg hangs up the phone from his office and sighs heavily. He looks over the file in front of him, the file that the nurse who found Barbara started, and wonders how in the hell this could have happened. He hasn't had a patient die on him in a very long time; it is something that he takes pride in at Raven's Meadow.

"Damn it," he yells in frustration, as he hears a knock on his door. "Come in."

The door slowly opens allowing Adam and Dawn to move inside the office. "We got here as soon as we could," Adam tells the doctor. "It sounded urgent on the phone."

They sit in front of Greg's desk, as he sighs again. "I am afraid it is," Greg looks back them. "I can't tell you how sorry I am about Helen. What a devastating loss."

"Thank you," Dawn manages to say back to him. "We were hoping that we'd get some good news about Barbara?"

Greg looks down at his desk and gulps. "I have no way to tell you this."

"Please, just tell us," Adam pleads with him. "What is it? What's happened?"

"It's Barbara," Greg replies to him. "She's …. Dead."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Are you feeling better now that you spoke to Nicholas?" Lukas asks his boyfriend, who reappears in the waiting room where Lukas is standing.

"Yea, much better," Donovan says coming up to Lukas and hugging him. "I love you."

"I love you too," Lukas whispers back to him. "We will get through this, Donovan. We just have to figure out why Craig is so sick. And, he has to make it through this."

"I have faith that he will."

Lukas slightly chuckles back to him. "I can tell you talked to Nicholas, you sound just like him."

Donovan smiles back to him. "I still think that Victoria must have had something to do with this," Lukas tells Donovan, who immediately gets annoyed by the suggestion.

"But why would Victoria do this?" he asks him back, as Lukas shrugs. "She has no reason to make Craig sick or lie about him having HIV. It doesn't make any sense. She's a good doctor."

"Well something happened, I don't know what else it could be!"

"No, it's not Victoria. That's not who she is…." Donovan stops his sentence as Shane appears behind the two men, hoping to give them an update on Craig. He freezes when he hears their conversation, however.

"What is it?" Lukas asks him. "I can see you thinking about something."

"I'm sure it's nothing," Donovan replies to him. "It's just, this isn't anything that Victoria would do. But…"

"But?" Lukas asks him, as Shane still stands there listening.

"But, years ago, she suffered from multiple personalities, and her one personality, Brandy, she was a little bit … evil. But Victoria was cured of that a long time ago. So, there must be another answer."

Behind them, Shane gulps, wondering if this could be the answer to all the questions he has about Victoria and her odd behaviour lately.

Next on One Day at a Time
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- Jacob's fiance arrives in Twin Peaks!
- Dominick's theory rocks Eva to the core

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