Episode 58
Tensions Mount
Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously on One Day At A Time
- Kim found Jackson’s lifeless body on the docks after Brandy strangled him.
- Robin’s vision returned. She decided to not tell Cory in hopes of making him fall in love with her again. Cory and Natasha made love and planned to renew their wedding vows.
- Patricia learned Meggan killed Noah
- Andy befriended openly gay Reese and was intrigued. He and Trenyce officially started dating as she continued to flirt with Chris.
- Robbie and Leah learned for Sofia’s affair with Dominick years ago

Scene One - Roboto; The Gardens

Robbie sits on a bench in silent shock. He is reeling from the news that his mother Sofia just told him; years ago she had a torrid affair with Leah's father Dominick. Even worse, his father Bob has known about the affair the entire time. They just failed to tell him and Natasha. Sofia sits next to Robbie, trying to console him, to no avail. Dominick and Leah stand and watch over them in silence.

"Please say something to me," Sofia says softly, fighting back her tears.

Robbie looks at his mother briefly. "What is there to say mother? You have been lying to us for years. What else have you been keeping from us?"

Sofia looks stunned by her son's words. "Why should we have told you? The affair was a private matter. You and your sister did not need to know. Your father and I resolved this ... in our own way."

Robbie glares at his mother. "I don't believe you!" he spits. "I want to talk to Dad. I want to hear him say the words 'I knew about the affair'. Then, and only then, can I move on from this ..."

Sofia looks up at Dominick. "Okay, I will call your father."

Scene Two - The Victor's House; Meggan & Vinny's Home

Meggan sits in the den, staring into the fireplace. While it was certainly not cold enough to require the heat, she wanted the fire. It is a source of comfort to her. She is baffled by the recent events that had happened in the last few weeks. She has seemingly blocked out a span of her life. She can not remember. She feels like something was telling her that she has to remember though. She remembers being at Wild Night and drinking. Then she remembers waking up at home, and Vinny telling her that she had a huge dent in her car. It is baffling Meggan. It is frustrating her. Even worse, Vinny has basically isolated her since that day. No TV, no newspapers, no going out of the house. She did manage to go to Wild Night one day and pay off her bar tab, otherwise she has been stuck inside the house. Something is not right. Meggan just can not put her finger on it.

"Okay, think ... " she says aloud to herself. "I was drinking ... and then I was home," she says, trying to calculate her steps that day. Unfortunately for her, nothing comes back to her mind. "Damn, this is so hard," she says getting a little teary. "Why can't I remember?"

Suddenly, Meggan gets an idea. She exits the den and walks upstairs into her bedroom. She sits on her side of the bed and slowly opens the end table, hoping to find her diary. She seems an empty drawer. "What the hell?" she says aloud, again.

"Where's my diary?" She quickly recalls getting home the other day from Wild Night and finding the back door unlocked, when she was sure that she and Vinny had locked the door earlier in the day. She wonders if someone could have broken into her house. "But why would they only steal my diary?" she asks herself.

Suddenly, a flash hits Meggan.


Meggan gets behind the wheel of her car. She pulls out of the Wild Night parking lot, and looks on to the road. She shakes her head to try to get rid of the blurred vision.

“Almost home, then I can sleep it off,” she tells herself.


"Oh my god! I was driving home ... I was in the car that day!" she says, excited that her memory is slowly coming back to her. Meggan slowly feels the colour from her face drain as she realizes that that means. "If I was driving ... how did I get that large dent in my car?" she asks herself, realizing that she must have hit something at a good speed to cause the damage to her car. Tears quickly form in her eyes as she grabs her cell phone. She opens it and dials Vinny's phone number. "Come home, please ... we need to talk," she says through her tears.

Scene Three - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Natasha slowly walks down the corridor with her Starbucks coffee. She needs her coffee this evening. She was back at the hospital, only a few hours after leaving. She was here earlier, helping Helen through the waiting period to see if Adam would be alright from the fire at the Towers apartment complex. Now, she is back after getting an urgent call from Kim. Something regarding Jackson. She wishes she understood why Kim felt so compelled to help Jackson, especially after everything he has put her through. Still, she would never say no to her best friend.

She quickly enters the waiting room and sees Kim sleeping on one of the hard, plastic chairs. She walks over to Kim and smiles. "Are you alive down there?"

Kim stirs and looks up. "Oh, Nat, hey," she says between yawns. Kim loved her best friend, and is thrilled that she came rushing over at a moment's call.

"I brought you a Starbucks, if you're interested."

"Thanks, I need the caffeine," Kim says.

Natasha sits next to her best friend. "So tell me what happened?"

Kim sighs. "I saw Jackson on the docks. I left. When I got back ... " she says getting misty. " ... his body, he was just laying there."

Natasha hugs Kim, who is now sobbing. "I am sorry you had to see that, it must have been tough."

Kim removes herself from the embrace. "I know he has hurt me. I know that Nat, but ... a part of me felt like he was changing, you know? Everyone thought he was some kind of monster, and ... I just saw this man struggling with these demons. I wanted to help him."

Natasha looks at Kim and her wet eyes. Kim is a honourable woman, Natasha thinks to herself. Even after everything Jackson had done to her; holding her hostage, raping her, stalking her; she still found it in her heart to forgive him and care about him.

"I understand Kim. Let's just hope he is okay so you can tell him those things yourself. Has Shane told you anything yet?"

Kim shakes her head. "No, but I haven't been here that long. I feel scared Nat, I really do not want anything to happen to Jackson ..."

"I know you don't," Natasha says hugging her friend again.

Shane enters the waiting room. "Kim, Natasha," he says interrupting the women's embrace.

"Shane, how is Jackson?" Natasha asks, holding Kim's hand.

Shane sits across from them. His face long and grim. "He's dead. I'm sorry Kim, he didn't survive."

Kim feels the colour drain from her face. She can not cry, she can not speak. She feels rocked to her very core.

"Are you okay hun?" Natasha says squeezing her hand.

A stoic Kim doesn't respond. She looks at Natasha, then she turns her head up to Shane. "I want to see him," she finally says slowly. "Can I see him?"

Shane looks at Natasha. She nods at him. "Yea, I guess that can be arranged," Shane says turning his attention from Natasha back to Kim.

Natasha looks at Kim. "Are you sure you want to do this?" she asks.

"I have to Natasha ... I just have too," Kim says slowly, still reeling from the news.

"Okay, I will be here waiting for you. I'm not leaving you," Natasha smiles at her friend.

Kim hugs Natasha again. "Thank you for being here."

"I wouldn't be any where else," she says back.

Scene Four - The Towers, The Penthouse; Cory's Home

Robin sits on the sofa wondering where Cory is. She remembers him telling her that Will would take her to her check up, and that he had a quick errand to make. That was hours ago. She and Will had returned from the appointment and had been making small talk. Still, she wants Cory home. Will is a great guy, she thinks to herself. But he is not Cory, nor will he ever be. She blinks and looks around.

Suddenly the front door opens and Cory enters the penthouse. "Hey, how was the check up?" he asks as he hangs his coat.

Robin looks at Cory. His hair was a little messed up, and his lips had a soft pink tint to them. She knows, just by looking at him, that he was with Natasha. And that they had obviously made love.

"It was alright," she smiles through her pain. She quickly realizes that she has to stop this. Even in a time when she is blind, Cory still finds a way back to Natasha. 'This is ludicrous,' she thinks to herself. 'I am better than playing second fiddle.'

"I actually have some news," she says standing up.

"Oh yea, hey be careful ..." he says rushing over to her.

"No, it's fine Cory. I can see. I got my vision back!" Robin says smiling.

Cory hugs Robin, "Oh wow, this is great news! I am so happy for you!"

"Thank you." She takes a deep breathe. She can smell the scent of Natasha's perfume, confirming her suspicions . "So I guess ..."

"What?" he says looking into her eyes.

"...this means I should move out." Robin says, standing tall.

Cory is stunned. He never imagined this would be coming out Robin's mouth. "Are you sure ... you don't have too ..." he says slowly.

"Yes, I do ... You obviously just came from Natasha's. You have made your choice, and I need to move on from ... you; from us," she says trying not to cry. She did not want Cory to see her cry. Not now; not ever.

"Well at least let me help you?" Cory offers, trying to not to make a bad situation worse.

"No, that's fine. I have Will to help me," she says looking at Cory's face.

"Oh ..." Cory says trying not to sound too disappointed that Robin was turning to Will. "Well, I guess this is for the best. I was going to tell you ..."

"Tell me what?"

"Natasha and I. We have decided to renew our wedding vows," he says slowly.

That news does the trick; tears quickly enter Robin's eyes. "I see. Well thanks for the news flash, I better go pack," she says brushing past him. She races up the stairs, leaving Cory alone in the den. He puts his hands over his face.

Upstairs, Robin enters her bedroom. Will turns and sees that she is crying. "Hey, what's up?" he says.

Robin enters his arms and he embraces her. "Everything. It’s all over," she cries.

Scene Five - Roboto; The Gardens

Robbie is amazed at the story he just heard. Bob, his father, confirmed that he has known about Sofia and Dominick's affair years ago. Bob even said the exact same thing Sofia said; they kept it a secret to protect hurting Robbie and Natasha.

"Please say something," Sofia says to Robbie.

"I don't know what to say," Robbie says softly. "I understand that this was your guys' issue, but it still hurts knowing you guys have kept this from Natasha and me." Robbie turns and walks off to be alone for a moment.

Leah turns to Bob. "He needed to hear it from you," she says. "He will come around, believe me. He is just floored right now."

"I hope you're right Leah," Sofia says looking over at Bob, who glares at her back. She knows that look from Bob. He is not happy that this secret came out; this is the minor secret that they are keeping. The darker one is still buried, and she knows that by her affair coming out, the darker secret is slowly surfacing.

"We should leave him alone," Bob finally says. "Let's go home Sofia."

"Yes my love," she says standing up from the bench. "Robbie, love!" she calls. "Your father and I are heading home. We will call you later?"

Robbie puts his hand up, but does not turn to face his parents. Leah arrives behind Robbie and places her arms around her husband. "Hey you," she whispers. "You okay?"

Robbie turns and faces her. "Yea, I guess. Just a hard pill to swallow."

"I know, but like your parents said this is their life," Leah says trying to make Robbie feel better even though she, herself, was livid at her father Dominick for the years of lies.

They are interrupted by Robbie's pager buzzing in his pocket. "Sorry, I have to take this," he says.

Robbie looks at his pager and sees that it is the station calling. Leah watches as Robbie answers his phone. She admires him for his dedication to his profession. He slams the phone down. "I have to go," he says.

"What's going on?" she asks.

"It's Jackson McQuillan ... "

"The man that attacked Kim?"

"Yea, he's dead."

"Oh my god!""I'll fill you in later at home?" he says kissing her cheek as he rushes off.

Leah puts her hand to her cheek and feels where Robbie just kissed her. Suddenly tears form in her eyes. She opens her purse and gets her cell phone out. "Hey," she says after dialling a number. "Can you meet me? I need to see you."

Scene Six - Twin Peaks General Hospital; The Morgue

Kim enters the dark grey room. On the far left side of the room are the drawers, filled with bodies. Kim looks around. She feels a chill in the air and she shivers quickly. She walks over to the opened table. A body is under a long white sheet. She reads the name tag; it is Jackson. She slowly lifts the white sheet over Jackson's face and looks at him. He is dead. It is in fact Jackson. His neck bruised and discoloured from where he was strangled. The colour from his face gone. His lips are a dark indigo colour. She get a tear in her eyes.

"Oh Jackson," she says. "This was not supposed to happen. This was not supposed to end this way." Kim slowly looks at Jackson. She reaches out her hand and touches his cheek. She gets more tears as her skin touches his. "All you wanted was to be loved and accepted," she cries. "I am sorry. I am so sorry," she says.

Kim moves around to Jackson and looks at his face. “Why’d you have to be so fucked up? Huh?” she asks hitting his dead body. “Why’d we have to have such a fucked up relationship that no one else understands?”

She starts sobbing for a moment before regaining her composure. “I know … No, we know what you did to me was mean and cruel … but I really believe that you never meant to do any harm. I know that your childhood left you with these … demons. I just wanted you to be okay. You deserved to be okay,” she says. “I am so sorry I let you down.”

She looks at Jackson again. “Please open your eyes!” she says into his corpse. “Please tell me this is a joke. Please! Jackson!”

She moves her body up against the body lockers and crumbles to the floor. “I’m sorry. … Jackson! Please … I’m sorry … I’m sorry …” she continues to cry alone to Jackson’s dead body.

Scene Seven - City Hall; Daisy's Office

Daisy sits at her desk, but she is looking out of her large window that over looks Twin Peaks' downtown. She was lost in her thoughts. Thoughts about Chris, Trenyce and her marriage. While she has not told Chris anything, she is starting to feel a distance between them. A distance she has felt ever since Danielle first came into their lives. 'Why is he so different around me now?' she asks herself. Of course, her martial problems are the least of her worries. She is also concerned about Leah and Robbie. She recalls how Leah came to her office to verbally attack her for calling off the manhunt for the driver that killed Noah. Not that she blames Leah; if the tables were turned, she would be just as angry as Leah is. Still, she can not help but think Leah is heading for a breakdown. She has never seen Leah so distract, so emotional.

Her thoughts are interrupted by her telephone ringing.

"Daisy Davenport," she says. "Oh yes, this is her .... Danielle? You have news about my sister? Please do go on ... What? Oh I had no idea ... Yes, thank you very much."

Daisy stands up and walks over the window. "So, Danielle was pregnant when she died," she says to herself. "Which means, she must have been involved with someone. I wonder who. I wonder if he knows that she gone. I wonder why Trenyce never mentioned a guy in Danielle's life before."

Scene Eight - The Michaels Home; Chris, Daisy & Trenyce's House

Trenyce finishes tying a bow around her black and bright pink bikini. She places the matching pink headband in her hair and looks in the mirror. 'I love my new swimsuit', she smiles to herself as she glances in the mirror. She has invited Andy over for some hot tub and then studying, although she is eager to get in the hot tub. All the time she has been in Twin Peaks, she has yet to be in the hot tub! She thinks that it was crazy, and now that she had a boyfriend, unofficially, she thought it was time.

She opens the bedroom door and walks down the hallway. Chris turns the corner and sees Trenyce, looking very hot in her tiny bikini.

"Oh hey Chris," Trenyce says casually, trying not to be obvious about flaunting her body at him.

Chris forces himself to stop checking Trenyce out, "Hey yourself. Hitting the hot tub?" he asks with a smirk.

"Yup, Andy is coming over." Trenyce says slowly.

"Ah I see. I usually love it in there after a good work out ... " he says, hoping that she will suggest they go in together one time.

"Nice, I bet your muscles could use the relaxation after," she says coming close and putting her hand around Chris' bicep.

Chris gulps and smiles "Yea, they do."

Trenyce works her fingers around his arm for a moment longer. "Well, I should finish getting ready," she says softly.

"Yea, you do that ..." Chris says looking at her body again, trying not to think dirty thoughts. But he knows it has been months since he’s gotten any action from Daisy.

Scene Nine - Main Street

Andy walks down the road. The sun is starting to set. Sunset in Twin Peaks is beautiful, he realizes as he walks closer towards the Michael's home. Suddenly he feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns his head and sees Reese.

"Hey man," Andy says feeling some what excited to see Reese.

"Hey yourself, what's up?" Reese says beaming a smile. "Just headed over to Trenyce's. We are chilling."

"That's cool," Reese replies.

"Yea, it's great having a girlfriend," Andy smirks.

"Girlfriend?" Reese says in somewhat disbelief.

"Yea, why?"

"No reason," Reese lies, hiding the fact that he was sure Andy was gay and that maybe he could meet another gay guy, possibly boyfriend, in the small town of Twin Peaks.

"So what are your plans this evening?" Andy asks.

"Nothing really. Probably studying. Parents are out of town, so it will be quiet at home. Finals are coming up," Reese says. Reese stops and looks over to the mountains. A bright pink and orange sky makes a gorgeous skyline. "Look at that," Reese says grabbing Andy's arm and showing him the sunset.

"Oh my ... it's beautiful, isn't it?" Andy says, turning to look at Reese. He stares at Reese for a moment. His hazel eyes glisten in the light, his soft skin almost has a little sparkle, his lips look fill and ... Andy shakes his head. What is he doing? Thinking of kissing Reese! He is quickly ashamed of himself.

"Hey, I should be on my way, Trenyce is expecting me," Andy quickly says.

"Oh ... okay," Reese says slowly. He slowly lets go of Andy's arm. "See you around then."

"Yea, for sure," Andy says as he races off, still trying to get his mind off the fact that he was thinking of kissing Reese.

Scene Ten - The Victors Home; Vinny & Meggan's House

Meggan paces in the living room. She can not sit still, not now. Not after remembering that she was driving home the day that her and Vinny discovered the large dent in her car. Why has he not allowed her to watch TV or read the newspapers since then? What has she done? Why is he taking so long to get home? So many questions races through her mind as she paces.

"You're about to make a hole in the ground if you keep walking there," Vinny says entering the living room.

"Where the hell have you been?" she asks turning around to face him."Busy. I do work for a living. What's going on? You sound ... upset," he says trying to get casual.

"I remember Vinny. And now, I need answers," Meggan says back.

"You remember? What exactly do you remember?"

"I remember driving home from Wild Night. I was drunk. I was completely out of it. But I remember driving home. And when you got home, you showed me the dent in the car ... "

Vinny looks away. He has been hoping this day would never come. He was hoping Meggan would never remember.

"What happened Vinny? And don't say nothing, because you haven't allowed me out of the house, or to watch TV or to read the newspaper. So I know something happened. What caused that dent in the car?"

Vinny turns to Meggan. "You ... were driving, and you hit a light pole," Vinny lies.

"What? I hit a light pole?"

"Yes, the car is getting repaired. I have wanted you to stay home so you did not drive again. I was sort of trying to dry you out. You know, I took all the liquor out of the house too. I was hoping that if you stayed here with no access to the world you would sober up," he lies some more.

Meggan sits down. "My God. I could have killed someone," she says getting misty.

"Yea, but everything is okay baby, really. I took care of the car. You are fine. Everything is fine," he says hugging her.

Meggan hugs her husband back. "Thank you," she says.

"Hey anytime. Listen, are we done? I have another meeting ..."

"Yea, it's fine go." Meggan says standing up. "I should start dinner anyways. Want anything in particular?" she asks wiping her eyes.

"Anything you make is great," he smiles as he departs.

Meggan hears the door shut. She starts to cry. "Why do I get the feeling he is lying to me?" she says aloud. "I need to remember everything ... I just have too."

Scene Eleven -- The Michael's Home; Chris, Daisy & Trenyce's House

The hot tub bubbles a little as Andy sinks in beside Trenyce. She could not wait for Andy to get there to get in the hot tub, so when he arrived he quickly changed and came out.

"Have a good walk over?" Trenyce asks moving over to sit next to Andy.

"Yea, it was alright. Same thing, not overly exciting," Andy smirks, not wanting to tell Trenyce about his walk with Reese. "How was your after school adventures?"

"About the same as yours," she smiles, not wanting to tell Andy about her flirtation with Chris.

She turns to him, "So I was thinking ..."

"Yea? About what?" he asks.

"This," she smiles as she kisses Andy.

Andy pulls back startled. "Sorry," she says slightly embarrassed.

"No, it's okay. I guess we can ... kiss, since we are going out ..." he says awkwardly. He moves in and kisses her again. It's a brief, to the point kiss. He pulls back again and hugs her. She can sense something is off, but doesn't say anything. Andy, wonders what his problem is. In the hot tub with a beautiful girl, and all he can think about are Reese's lips instead of Trenyce’s.


Inside the house, Daisy emerges from the shower. She wraps a towel around herself. Chris enters the washroom.

"There you are," he says coming closer to her.

"Hey you, I wanted to come home early."

"Yea?" he says coming closer to her and grabbing her body. He kisses her. "I need you," he whispers as his mouth moves to her neck.

Daisy breathes a little heavier. Chris pulls back to look at his wife as her towel falls to the ground. For a split second, he envisions Trenyce in front of him. He shuts his eyes and moves back into kiss Daisy.

"I need this so bad," he says again, kissing her passionately.

Scene Twelve -- The Grave Yard

Leah arrives at the grave yard. In front of Noah's grave, Jeff is already waiting fo her. He stands up, as he is kneeling over the tombstone.

"I came as soon as you called," he says standing up.

Leah hugs Jeff, "Yea, I just needed to see you," she says.

"It's okay. I am here for you. I will always be here for you," he says holding her tightly.

She looks at him and wipes away her tears. "I ... don't know why this is so hard for me," she admits.

"What do you mean? We've lost a child, of course this is hard Leah," he says fighting back his own tears.

Leah walks over to the tombstone and places her hand on it the word "Noah".

"I feel like I am floating Jeff. Just floating around my life, never having my feet planted solid any where anymore. I feel ... lost," she says weeping.

Jeff walks over to her and hugs her again. "You're not lost Leah, and if you are, I am here to find you."

"Thank you," she weeps into his arms.

Scene Thirteen - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Natasha sits in the waiting room, trying to estimate how long Kim would be. She still wanted to take Kim home, and ask her to be her maid of honour at her wedding to Cory. She looks up and sees Cassie standing in front of her.

"Hey," she smiles to Cassie.

"Hey yourself. You seem to be here a lot today," Cassie observes.

"Too much," Natasha laughs. "So how are you? We still need to do that lunch we discussed.""Yea, both been busy I guess. I am good though, yourself?" Cassie says sitting next to Natasha.

"I am alright. My life finally seems to be coming together."

"That's nice. I think I have finally found a place here in Twin Peaks myself," Cassie reveals.

"Oh yea? There's probably only one reason for that ... a man! Who is he? Maybe I know him?" Natasha teases.

"Oh you, do know him. It's Shane. We've been seeing each other. I really, really like him," Cassie tells Natasha.

The words hit Natasha, and they sting. Cassie ‘really, really likes him‘. Why does this bother Natasha so much? She is set to marry Cory again. The man she loves and has loved for so long. Yet the words that another woman really likes Shane, bothers her.

"Oh well you are one lucky woman, because Shane is a wonderful guy," Natasha smiles through her disappointment.

Scene Fourteen - The Docks

Robbie is down on the docks after hearing about Jackson's death. He has the large dock area yellow-policed taped off as it is now a crime scene. He searches for any kind of clue. Something that will lead him in the direction of who would have strangled Jackson to his death.

He bends down over the area where Jackson's body was found. He sees nothing out of the ordinary. He gets up and walks back to the docks. He is near the edge of the police tape when he spots a woman walking. It's Victoria!

"Victoria!" Robbie calls out as he crawls under the yellow tape and starts to chase Victoria. He catches up to her and grabs her arm pulling her around.

"Victoria! Why didn't you stop when I called you?" he asks trying to catch his breath.

"I must not have heard you. I do apologize Robbie. What's going on?" Victoria asks, still under Brandy's control.

"I have some questions for you. Regarding the fire at the Tower's and for Jackson McQuillan's death."

"What are you talking about?" Brandy asks trying to avoid the questions. "I have done nothing wrong. You can not just ... corner me," she spits.

Robbie watches Victoria for a moment. Her mannerisms are different, he notices. The tone of her voice, the way she is speaking. He realizes that he is not speaking to Victoria in this moment. "You know, you're right. I can not just corner. I am sorry," he says.

"That's more like it. You should not be allowed to just run your course because you are an officer of the law Robert," Brandy says slowly. "Now, if you'll excuse me."

Brandy slowly turns and walks away. She slightly turns her head back to ensure that Robbie is not following her. She lets out a deep breathe. "That was close. I must be more careful. No worries Victoria, I will not allow any thing bad to happen. Not now, not ever again." Brandy picks up her pace as she reaches her car. As she unlocks the door, Brandy quickly realizes that she will need to get rid of Robbie. "He is a danger to us," she says slowly. "I must remove him. He must not get in our way." As she drives off, Brandy wonders how she can remove Robbie quickly.

Back on the docks, Robbie pulls out his cell phone. "It's Calimo. Listen, can I put out an ATB on a woman suffering from a mental illness? I suspect to take her down we will need back up ... Great! Put one out on Dr. Victoria Franky. Considered armed and dangerous."

Scene Fifteen - Patricia's Condo

Vinny walks into Patricia's condo, without knocking. He shuts the door and looks around. He doesn't see Patricia anywhere.

"Patricia?" he calls out. "Patty? I am here ..." he says again, with a smirk on his face.

Patricia emerges at the top of her stairs, still wearing her black shirt and white blouse and black framed glasses. "Thank you for coming," she smiles as she walks down the stairs.

"Dressed up? For me ... you shouldn't have Patty," he says.

"Well, you need to take me seriously." she says matter of factly.

"I am listening," he says as he walks into the living room.

"I know the truth Vinny. I know that Meggan was driving the car that killed Noah Clauss!" Patricia spits.

Vinny looks at her. How did she find out? he wonders to himself.

"Excuse me?" he says getting up. "You heard me, I know the truth. But don't worry ... I will not tell," she smiles.

Vinny walks over to the side table and pours himself a glass of water. His hands tremble and he spills the water on his shirt.

"Damn," he says.

Patricia rushes over and hands him a napkin. "Do you want me to dry this quickly for you?" she asks.

"Yea, I guess. We need to talk about this news that you know," he says slowly looking at her intently. He steps back and takes off his shirt. He passes it to Patricia.

"Be right back," she says a little scared of Vinny in this state. She hopes she had not just made a mistake, telling Vinny she knows the truth. She starts to walk out of the living room, and she turns back and see's Vinny's naked back. She stops and looks. Something is off about Vinny. She looks closer at his back. Suddenly, it dawns on her! There is no scar near his left shoulder blade. What happened to the scar? He had one after the stabbing, she remembers. Patricia feels a chill go down her spine as she turns and proceeds to the laundry room. Something is going on, she realizes. She has to get to the truth.

Scene Sixteen - The Calimo Mansion

Sofia enters the mansion and drops her large bag on the large circular table in the foyer. Bob slams the door shut behind her.

"What the hell were you thinking?" he demands to know. "Seeing Dominick in a private place and discussing the affair?"

Sofia turns to her husband. "Please do not be angry. He followed me there. He mentioned it to me! I had no idea Leah was going to be there."

"She works at Roboto, the odds were in her favour," Bob spits. "Are you sleeping with him again?"

Sofia looks at Bob stunned. "Of course not! I love you. You are the man I want to be with, you know that," Sofia claims. "Plus this is no time to argue about that. We have to ensure that our secret is safe."

"Well this coming out is going to stir the pot. No one can know Sofia, no one!"

Sofia rushes over to her husband and places her arms around him. "I know. It would devastate this family and this town. No one will ever know, I promise."

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