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Episode Theme song: "Silent Night" Mariah Carey

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Jacob returned to Twin Peaks; Shane and Natasha questioned him about his fiancé
- Brandy buried Helen alive and killed Barbara during an electroshock therapy session. Dawn and Adam were left devastated by their losses
- Felicia was able to leave Raven's Meadow, but she worried about Barbara
- Brad learned that Jeff was Logan's biological father
- Greg and Brooke realized that they had to keep their family together after Helen's "death"

The Tower's; Floor Eight; Victoria's Condo

Brandy looks in the large mirror in the master bedroom of Victoria's condo as she applies her lipstick to her lips. She purses them when she's done and then looks at herself closely. She is about to head over to Eva and Dominick's for Christmas day, which she is slightly dreading because she knows that she will have to be around friends and family, which is a chore for her because she doesn't want anyone to know that she is Brandy not Victoria.

She takes a deep breath. "I can do this," she whispers to herself as she stands up. "I have to do this. No one can know that I'm in control of Victoria. Today will be fine."

She grabs her purse from the bed and starts to walk into the hallway. She grabs her jacket but sees the walkie-talkie sitting on the coffee table that allows her to speak to Helen, who is buried alive in her coffin. Brandy moves over to the communication device and picks it up.

"Merry Christmas Helen," she says.

Inside the coffin, Helen looks up when she hears Victoria's voice. She quickly starts to hit the top of the coffin with her fists. "Please, Brandy, let me out of here! Please, I'm begging you! I need to be with my family today of all days!"

Brandy chuckles back to her. "You're lucky that I wished you a good day," she says back to her. "After everything you did to poor Dawn, you're getting exactly what you deserve."

"You're right!" Helen pleads with her. "I am a horrible person. Now that I know this, please let me out! Brandy, please!"

"Enjoy your day, Helen. We'll chat soon."

With that, Brandy turns off the walkie-talkie and leaves the condo. Meanwhile, in the coffin, Helen stops pounding her fists into the top of the coffin as a tear falls down her cheek. "How the hell am I ever going to get out of here?" she asks herself, as she thinks about Dawn and Adam. "They think I'm dead. God, this is horrible. This is my worst nightmare come true. God, please, please help me! HELP ME!"

The Black House; Helen & Dawn's Home

"It doesn't feel like Christmas at all," Dawn tells Adam as she comes into the living room with a cup of tea in her hand. She sits next to him on the sofa before she looks over at the Christmas tree in the corner of the room. With Helen, and now Barbara, dying within days of each other, the last thing Dawn wants to do is celebrate the holiday.

"Agreed," Adam replies to his daughter. "It was bad enough losing your Mom, but finding out that Barbara passed away at Raven's Meadow, it's just so much loss at once."

Dawn feels her eyes swell with water. "Do you think we caused it?"

"Cause what?"

"Grandma's death?" Dawn asks him as a tear falls down her cheek.

"Why on earth would you say that?" Adam asks her back.

"Because," Dawn begins to reply to him. "We went to Raven's Meadow to tell her about Mom dying. Maybe she was so heartbroken that she passed away too?"

Adam scoots over on the sofa to hug his daughter. "I don't think that's what happened at all," he whispers to her. "We can't blame ourselves for any of this, do you hear me? Your Mom was in a bad car accident; that wasn't our fault. And Barbara, she hadn't been well in a very long time."

"It just sucks losing two people that meant so much to me, to us, at the same time."

"I know baby," Adam pulls her into another hug. "I know."

Dominick's Townhouse

The living room of Dominick's townhouse is filled with friends and family of the Robertson's. Felicia, Tyler, Eva, Dominick, Robin, Nicholas, Leah, Jeff, Paige and Donovan are all gathered around, opening presents and drinking eggnog. Dominick looks at his wife and smiles.

"Merry Christmas, my darling Eva," he looks into her eyes before he leans in and kisses her on the lips.

"Merry Christmas, Dominick," she replies to him. "Another year, and we have so much to celebrate this year. You and Tyler are back on track; Felicia is released from the hospital…"

"And you and I are stronger than ever before," he says back to her. "Which is why I got you this," he gives her a small wrapped present.

She arches her eyebrow. "What is this?" she asks him.

"Open it," Dominick advises her, as Eva starts to unwrap the present.

She opens the small box and gasps at the large, Rockwell blue diamond necklace. "Dominick, it's stunning," she smiles his eyes. "And it must have cost you a fortune."

"Not nearly as beautiful as you are, my dear," he tells her as he helps her place the necklace around her neck. "And, worth every penny to see your face."

"Thank you," Eva looks into his eyes. "I love you so much. Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas my love."

Before she can reply, the doorbell rings. "I'll go get that," she tells him, as she scurries away to the door, while Dominick turns his attention to his family. He happens to see Jeff sneaking out of the living room and heading towards the back door. He arches his eyebrow wondering what his son in law is up too.

At the front door, Eva is surprised to see Shane standing there. "Shane, hi. Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas, Eva," he smiles back to her.

"Would you like to come in?"

"No, I can't stay," he says back to her. "I just had to see you. I think I know what is going on with Victoria."

Eva arches her eyebrow. "Really, Shane, we could have spoken about this later."

"Eva, please, listen to me," he tells her. "I think her alter ego, Brandy, is back. That would explain her mood swings, that would explain her actions…."

"No," Eva firmly tells him. "My daughter is healthy. She's perfectly fine, Shane! This is insane! Now, I have to get back to my family. Merry Christmas."


"Who was at the door?" Dominick asks Eva, who comes back into the living room just as Tyler and Felicia start to laugh about something on the sofa.

"Shane," Eva replies to him. "He's worried about Victoria, but I told him it was nonsense."

Dominick arches his eyebrow as he quickly thinks back to receiving a phone call from Greg, who advised him that Barbara died in Raven's Meadow and Felicia telling him that Barbara was in danger at the hospital because of what Victoria said to her. "Well, Felicia has been right all along about the fire," he recalls to her. "If she was right about Barbara, then Victoria might be the one who is responsible for her death."

Eva shakes her head back to him. "That's impossible!" she tells him. "It can't be true, it just can't be true!"

The Richardson Estate; Meggan, Lukas & Logan's Home

"Are you going to see Donovan today?" Meggan asks Lukas, as she bounces Logan on her lap with Brad sitting next to her. She knows how close Lukas and Donovan are now, which makes her happy. She has always wanted her brother and Donovan to be together.

"Yea, I think we will get together later to exchange gifts," Lukas replies to her. "What about you too? Any other plans?"

"Well, my parents really want to see Logan, so I think we'll head over there shortly," Brad tells him. "You're welcome to come with, if you'd like."

"Nah," Lukas waves his hand. "I'm glad to have the morning with you guys, and my cute little nephew then I'll head over to see Dominick. I might stop at the hospital and see Craig too."

"That's nice of you," Meggan smiles back to him. "Oh, do you want to take Logan for a minute," she passes the baby to Lukas, as the doorbell rings. "I'll go see who that is."

Meggan rushes to the front door and opens it, seeing Jeff standing on the other side. "Jeff, what are you doing here?"

Jeff shrugs a little as he looks back at her, unaware Brad is in the foyer door way watching the scene unfold. "I wanted to come and wish you a Merry Christmas," he tells her. "We went through a lot together, and knowing that you're having your first Christmas as a Mom, I wanted to stop by."

"That's sweet of you," she smiles back to him, secretly wondering if she should tell him the truth about Logan. "Merry Christmas to you too."

"Thanks, big plans for the day?"

"We are heading over to Brooke and Greg's shortly," Meggan replies to him, which stings Jeff's heart.

"Right," he uneasily nods back to her. "Well, again, enjoy your day. Take care, Meg."

"Yea, you too," Meggan replies to him, as closes the door. Brad, meanwhile, walks away from the foyer, sighing heavily. He had hoped that there was nothing left between Meggan and Jeff, but based on what he just saw, there clearly still is.

The Lawson Mansion; Greg, Brooke, Abby & Cheresa's Home

"I trust everything is okay at Raven's Meadow?" Brooke asks Greg as they stand in the living room of their home watching Abby and Cheresa open their Christmas stockings. Brooke takes a sip of her eggnog and then smiles to herself as she loves the holidays because her entire family will be together, including Logan and Brad. She looks over at Greg, and for the first time in a long time, sees the man that she married. She really believes that they can put their marriage back together this time.

"There's an investigation open into Barbara's death," he replies to her. "But, otherwise, yes. Thanks for asking."

"I ask because I care," Brooke tells him. "I meant it when I said I want our family to be together."

Greg looks back at her. "I know you did," he says back to her. "And, I meant it too. Our girls, our son, our grandson, they deserve us being together and united."

Brooke comes up to him and kisses him softly on the lips. "Merry Christmas, Greg."

"Merry Christmas Brooke," he replies to her, as Abby and Cheresa start talking to them about their gifts they have received.

The Calimo Mansion

"It feels weird being here and Grandfather is at the hospital," Jacob tells Natasha, Shane, Cory and Robbie as they all sit in the living room with a fire raging in the fire place and a Christmas lite up. Jacob knows that Bob is still fighting for his life following the car accident he was in with Helen; Kim, of course, didn't want to leave the hospital, so she is there with Bob and agreed to report back if there was any change. The rest of the family decided to try to have a somewhat normal Christmas.

"I know," Natasha nods back to him. "But, I do believe that he would want us to try to have a happy day."

"He always loved Christmas," Robbie echoes his sister's remarks. "He loves standing by the tree with an eggnog passing out presents to everyone."

"Yea, I miss that," Jacob says back to his uncle. "Dad, Cory, you guys must have fond memories of Christmas here too, huh?"

"That we do," Shane chuckles back to him. "I remember your first Christmas."

"Me too," Natasha gushes back to Jacob. "You were so tiny because you were premature, but your Grandfather, he bought you so many toys. He was so happy to have a grandchild."

"I don't think you played with half of them," Shane laughs back with them.

"That sounds about right," Cory says. "Sophie has so many toys but she has her two favorites and ignores the rest."

"Speaking of, she is probably going to get up for her bottle soon," Natasha says standing up.

"Before you go upstairs," Jacob stands up and looks at his Mom. "I have a surprise for you. A surprise for all of you."

Shane arches his eyebrow. "What is it son? You already have us our presents."

"I know," Jacob smiles back to them. "But, you guys have been asking about my fiancé. And, she's here. She got here last night; I thought today would be the perfect day to introduce you to her."

"Oh, well, you have my attention," Natasha eagerly replies to him. "Let's meet her."

Natasha turns around when she hears a pair of high heels walking into the marbled floor living room. She and Shane gasp out in horror. "Cory, Shane, Natasha," Cassie Nova purses her lips together. "Merry Christmas. Jacob, darling, come here. Give me a kiss, I've missed you so much."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Meggan gets shocking information
- Max recommits to Abby
- Shane gets more news that upsets him

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