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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Cory spoke to Jacob about his relationship with Cassie. Jacob convinced Cory that they were in love. Natasha, meanwhile, told Shane that she will not allow her son to marry Cassie
- Brad and Meggan realized, by accident, that Cheresa is Trenyce & Chris' long lost daughter
- Shane tried to tell Eva & Donovan that he believed Brandy was back, but they didn't believe him. Brandy, meanwhile, continued to torture a buried alive Helen
- Robbie witnessed a close moment between Greg & Kim

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"The waiting is slowly killing me," Natasha looks over at Cory as they sit next to one another in a waiting room of the hospital. "I don't know how much longer I can go with my Dad not waking up."

"I know," Cory looks back at her. "It seems like the longer he is in a coma the worse things are going to get. I saw Simona Lopez at the hospital again. I think she's still waiting to talk to him about the fire when he wakes up."

"Ugh," Natasha groans. "This is all Kim's fault. She has really outdone herself this time!"

"We have to stay positive, Nat," Cory replies to her. "Blaming Kim, or anyone, won't help your Dad."

Natasha sighs heavily back to him. She knows that he's right, but she can't help but blame Kim for everything that is happening with her father right now. Their relationship has always been toxic, and this is just the latest in a long string of events that make her believe that. She doesn't believe for a moment that Bob had anything to do with the fire all those months ago.

"Did you get a chance to talk to Jacob?" she asks him, changing the subject. She knows that Cory had said he would try to discuss Jacob's engagement with Cassie to see where her son stands currently. She just hopes that this is one disaster that could be avoided. The last thing her family needs is for Jacob to marry Cassie Nova.

"I did," Cory nods back to her. "I don't think you're going to like what I have to say."

"Why?" Natasha looks back at him with intent. "What did Jacob say?"

Cory shrugs his shoulders to her. "That he and Cassie are in love," he reveals to her. "I know that's not what you wanted to hear, but the way Jacob was speaking Nat, I really did believe him. I told him that we don't trust Cassie, but I do trust Jacob. I think this relationship is legit."

Natasha feels her blood boil with anger. "This can't be happening," she whispers back to him. "Jacob can't marry that woman! He can't."

"What are you going to do?"

Natasha stands up from her chair. "I have to talk to Cassie," she looks back at him.

"I don't think that's a good idea," Cory replies to her. "The last thing you want to do is to upset Cassie. Anything you say or do to her, it will get back to Jacob. Is that what you want?"

"I have to do something! I can't let this go on! I just can't!"

Before Cory can reply to her, Natasha storms out of the waiting room. Cory runs his hand over his face and sighs heavily, wondering when the turmoil in the family will calm down.


"Hey man, I'm glad you're here," Shane stands up from his desk at the hospital when he sees Jacob open the door to his office. Shane walks around and gives his son a quick hug. "It seems like, with everything going on, I've barely seen you since you've been back in town."

"I know," Jacob agrees with his Dad. "I guess that's partly my fault. Since I announced that I was engaged to Cassie, I've been trying to lay low."

"It was a shock to the entire family," Shane nods back to him. "Jacob, you have to understand why your mother and I are concerned."

"I get it," Jacob tells his father. "I really get it. But, I'll tell you what I told Cory the other day. People change; Cassie isn't the same woman she was 20 some odd years ago."

"Most people change," Shane replies to him. "But the fact of the matter is, the last time Cassie was in town, she was up to her old tricks. I just don't want to see you get hurt, son."

"I won't get hurt Dad," Jacob sternly says. "I know what I'm doing. Can you please try to be happy for me?"

Shane uneasily looks back at him. "I want to be happy for you," Shane admits to him. "But Cassie, she's bad news Jacob. And, you have to realize that before it's too late."

The Lawson Estate

"This is really nice, all of us getting together for a family dinner," Brooke says as she picks up her wine glass and looks down the table to see Abby, Cheresa, Brad and Greg. "It has been far too long since we have all eaten together."

"I want to echo your mother's statements," Greg says to everyone, but looking over at Brooke. He is so glad that they are seemingly trying to put their family back together; he knows that he is still flirting with Kim, but he can stop that if it means his family will stay united. "So much tragedy has been around us lately, we can't forget what is important, and that is family."

Abby, Brad and Cheresa raise their glasses before they take a sip of their drinks. "It is weird having all of us together," Abby then says. "We, like, only do this at holidays."

"Well, I think it's a good idea that we start to do this more often," Brooke purses her lips together and as she and Greg make eye contact quickly again.

"It's great," Cheresa says as she takes a bite of her lamb chop. "I have been thinking about something, and since we are all together, maybe I could run it by you now."

"Sure, what's going on?" Brad asks her, as he feels his stomach turn. He hasn't been able to stop thinking about his and Meggan's accidental discovery on New Years Eve: Cheresa is Chris and Trenyce's biological daughter. He has no idea how any of this is possible, but he has to get to the truth.

"I've just been thinking more and more about my biological parents," Cheresa reveals to her family, as Brooke and Greg shoot each other another look from across the table. "Don't get me wrong, I love you all so much and I wouldn't trade this for anything. I'm just curious about who my parents are."

"I think that's a natural curiosity to have," Greg tells her. "Brooke and I have always wondered if and when this day would come."

"It is true," Brooke uneasily nods back to her. "I'm afraid I don't know a lot of details."

"That's fine," Cheresa replies to her. "I'm just saying it has been on my mind. I don't know what it means or anything, I just wanted you to know."

"We are always here for you," Abby tells her sister. "Isn't that right, Brad?"

"Uh, yea," Brad uneasily smiles back to her, as he feels his heart start to race in his chest. "Of course we are. No matter what happens, we will always be family."

"I'll drink to that," Greg smiles to his children and then looks over at Brooke, knowing that if the truth ever came out, there would be consequences to pay.

The Sugarbowl

"I haven't heard anything more from Meggan since she was going to ask around some local adoption agencies," Chris tells Trenyce as they sit across from one another in the back booth of the coffee house. He recalls how before the end of the year, Meggan had informed them that she was going to look at some adoption agencies within and around Twin Peaks as the next possible step in locating their biological child. He knows that it still might be a long shot, but he wants to try to find his child with Trenyce.

"Neither have I," Trenyce admits to him. "I'm wondering if this is even worth it, you know?"

"Are you saying that you want to stop looking for your child?" Chris looks back at her in surprise.

"No," Trenyce shakes her head back to him. "Sorry, I'm just … I guess I'm feel helpless with all of this. We've been looking for years, Chris. What if there is no way to find her?"

"I don't know what the answer is," he admits to her. "But, I do know that I want to try every possible avenue that we can before we stop. I want to know that we've exhausted every possible trail, you know? I don't know that I will be able to live with myself if I stop before I've done that."

Trenyce uneasily nods back to him. "You're right," she puts a smile on her face. "We have to do everything we can to try to find our child. I'll call Meggan?"

"Sure, and I'll get us two refills."

MW Investigations

"You're here late," Meggan looks up from her desk and sees Brad moving into her office. "I thought you had a family dinner tonight?"

Brad sighs as he runs his hand through his hair. "It just ended," he reveals to her as he moves closer to her desk. "You have no idea how difficult it was to sit next to Cheresa and not tell her everything."

Meggan stands up and looks at him. "Well, I've been thinking about this," Meggan tells him. "We have DNA proof about this; we have basically solved the case that was unsolvable. We should tell Chris and Trenyce what we have learned and let them go from there."

"We can't do that," Brad shakes his head back to her.

"Why not?"

"Because," Brad tells her as he looks at her with intent. "We have no idea how my parents got Cheresa. Chris and Trenyce's child was sold on the blackmarket, or that's what they were told. We have to figure out how my parents ended up with her. If they bought a child from the blackmarket, my God, they could get in serious trouble."

"So, you want me to say nothing? I owe it to Chris and Trenyce to tell them what we've discovered," Meggan replies to him.

"I'm asking you to give me some time," Brad tells her. "Let me talk with my parents to get to the bottom of this. Once that happens, we can discuss our next step? Please Meggan, if you care for me at all, you'll give me some time."

Meggan sighs heavily back to him. "Fine, I'll give you some time," she tells him. "But Brad, talk to your parents soon. Chris and Trenyce have suffered long enough, don't you think?"

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Eva, wait up," Shane calls out as he sees Eva walking towards a waiting room where, likely, Dominick and Tyler are hoping that Bob will wake up so Simona can question him regarding the fire at the boutique. Shane knows that he has to try to get through to Donovan, and Eva, within regards to the possibility that Victoria's multiple personalities are back. It would explain so much of the odd behavior from Victoria the last few months.

"Shane," Eva stops and looks back at him. "If this is about Victoria, you can save your breath. You've already told me everything that there is too."

"It is about Victoria," Shane finishes reaching her. "I saw her, again the other day, and she is still not herself. I can't explain it, but I do think that something is going on with her."

"Fine, yes," Eva waves her hand in the air. "Something may be going on with her, but it is not her personality disorder! She has worked far too long to get herself in a good place. It wouldn't make sense for her to digress now!"

"We don't know what could have triggered it," Shane replies to her quickly. "If think about everything she went through with Robbie and her near rape last year, maybe something inside of her snapped?"

"No," Eva whispers back to him. "I know my daughter! This isn't the case."

"Have you heard that Barbara Mills died at Raven's Meadow?" Shane asks her, as Eva looks away. "Ah, so you have. I don't know the connection yet, but I do know that Victoria has been working there part time. Doesn't it seem odd that Craig got ill due to a misdiagnosis from Victoria and now a woman is dead from a place that Victoria was working? What else can go wrong? Eva, please, I'm begging you, start to think about what else could be going on with your daughter if it's not her multiple personalities. Who else is going to be hurt before you realize we have to take action?"

Helen's Coffin

Helen opens her eyes from a mild sleep and looks around. She sighs heavily as she presses her hands into the coffin above her.

"I know I say this every time I wake up," she whispers to herself. "But it's not a dream. I'm still in this damn coffin. My God, it's been weeks, maybe even months. How the hell am I going to get out of here?"

She slightly turns her head to the left and opens a small door where there is a straw. She moves her head slightly towards the straw and starts to suck some water up. However, she soon hears the straw making a slurping noise, meaning she's almost out of water.

"I better tell Brandy that my water level is low," she whispers to herself. "She'll have to fill it. That's the least she can do."

"Helen, hello," Brandy's voice suddenly comes into the coffin. "I hope you're having a great day! I know I am."

"Brandy," Helen's voice is rasp. "I'm almost out of water. Can you please refill it for me?"

Brandy twirls around in her office as she arches her eyebrow. "You need more water, do you? Well, it just happens that I was at the cemetery yesterday and the garden grew is working around your grave. Once they move long, I'll be able to refill your water. Don't worry, it won't be long, okay?"

"You could just let me out of here to save yourself the trouble."

Brandy giggles back to her. "Nice try," she says sternly. "Now, I have to run. Enjoy your evening!"

Helen shuts her eyes when she hears the communication device get clicked off. "How am I going to get out of here? How?" Helen asks herself, knowing that she can't give up. There has to be a way for her to escape, there has to be.

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Is there any update on my father?" Robbie asks Kim, who appears from Bob's hospital room. He is desperate to get some kind of update on his father; he doesn't know how much longer they can hold off Simona Lopez and the Robertson's in their quest to question Bob and, possibly, get an arrest.

"There's no change," Kim replies to him with a grime look on her face. "I don't know, Robbie. I'm starting to lose hope."

"Don't you dare say that," Robbie spits back to her. "After everything you've done, the least you could do is hold out to hope that my father will make it."

"I know that you and Natasha blame me for everything that has happened," Kim tells him. "But, damnit, it was an accident!"

"Was it an accident being with Greg Lawson?" Robbie glares back at her.

"Oh God, not this again," Kim tells him, fed up with being blamed for everything.

"I saw you with Greg," he replies to her. "You claim everything was an accident, but cheating on my father, again, certainly was not!"

"You have no idea what you're talking about," Kim replies to him in horror, unaware that Cory has appeared behind them and is listening to their encounter. "Robbie, I'm not cheating on your father. I love him! Greg has been a friend. I don't know what you saw, but you are mistaken."

"Of course you won't admit it!" Robbie chuckles. "Why am I not surprised by this?"

"Please, Robbie," Kim pleads with him. "We have to stick together right now. You, Natasha and I, we are all that Bob has. Can we please just get along?"

"I can't wait for my father to wake up so he can dump you once and for all," Robbie spits back to her. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to visit him."

Kim watches as Robbie walks past her and into Bob's hospital room. She lets a tear fall down her cheek as she wonders how the family will ever be whole again.


"There you are," Natasha announces to Cassie as she walks into the hospital cafeteria and sees her rival getting a coffee. "I'm glad I found you."

"Natasha," Cassie turns her back to her so she can add another sugar into her drink. "I'm just grabbing some coffees for Jacob and I. Do you want one?"

"No," Natasha moves up to her. "But there is something that I do want."

"And what would that be?"

"For you to end this charade you're playing with my son," Natasha glares at her. "I know you're only with him to get back at me. Because, that's what you do."

"I love Jacob and he loves me," Cassie replies to her quickly. "I know that this is a difficult thing for you to grasp, but if you could please try before the wedding, that would be great."

Natasha laughs back to her. "You think there's going to be a wedding?"

"I know there will be."

"Mark my words, Cassie," Natasha continues to glare at her. "There will be no wedding. I'd rather die than let you marry my son."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Brad confronts his parents
- Abby and Max plot together
- Nicholas gets some information

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