Episode 59
The World's Come Crashing Down
Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously on One Day At A Time
- Robin confessed to Cory that her vision had returned and that she was moving out. She realized that she had lost Cory to Natasha when he revealed that they were renewing their vows. Will offered to help her move out.
-Meggan started to remember the accident
-Leah and Jeff continued to grow closer
-Jackson died from his injuries; Kim was shocked
-Cassie and Shane continued to grow closer, but she did not like his connection to Natasha
-Bob and Sofia agreed that their deeper, darker secret had to be kept at all times

Scene One - St. Joseph's Church

The church is quiet and still. Day light is breaking in the stain-glassed windows creating a beautiful setting. There are flowers around the church in various locations. Everything has been prepared for the wedding of Cory and Natasha, set to take place later in the day. While the church is virtually empty, there is someone in the church. On the top level, where no one is supposed to go unless you work at the church. A woman dressed in black is in the mechanical room. Upon further review, it is revealed that the woman is Victoria; still under the control of her personality Brandy.

Brandy sneaks around, looking for something to help her. She looks out and can see the alter. She can see the future positions of Cory, Natasha, Robbie and Kim. She looks up and sees a large chandelier hanging right above the alter. A wicked grin comes across her face.

She knows exactly what to do. She is planning on loosening the chandelier so it will fall and kill Robbie. She has to eliminate that threat. After the previous days encounter with the detective she knows that the walls are closing in on her, but she refuses to let that happen. No one will get in my way, she says to herself. No one can learn that I am Brandy! Killing Robbie is the only way, she realizes. She sets out to loosen the chandelier, as she has to complete the task before the guests start to arrive at the church.

Scene Two - The Towers; The Penthouse; Cory's Home

Cory steps out of the shower; steam fills the washroom. He wraps a towel around his waist and runs his hands through his wet hair. He looks in the mirror and smiles to himself. He is marrying Natasha, again, today! He is thrilled that they have finally put the mess their lives have been the last few months behind them. He is eager to start a new life with Natasha ... although for a moment, his mind returns to Robin. He can not help but feel badly. He remembers how she was there for him in his greatest time of need; during the period that they believed Natasha was dead. He does love her, he realizes. Just in a different way. Still, it was breaking his heart to see her so distraught right now.

His thoughts are interrupted when he hears voices outside the washroom. He opens the door just a crack. He spots Robin and Will outside.

"I have to go Will, it would be foolish of me not too," Robin says. "Cory invited me to the wedding. I have to show that I am moving on."

The words "moving on" from Robin's mouth burn Cory. He loves Natasha, but hearing Robin say she has to move on still makes him feel uneasy.

"Okay, then I will go with you." Will says back to Robin.

Robin hugs Will. "Thanks for being such a great friend," she says back.

"Always," he whispers back.

Cory, still seeing the embrace feels his blood temperature rising. The sight of Robin and Will in each other's arms is enough to make him sick. He opens the washroom door fully.

"Am I interrupting something?" he says glaring at Will.

"Not at all," Robin says smiling at Cory. "Will was just helping me with my bags downstairs."

Cory walks up to Robin, "I told you that you didn’t have to leave if you didn’t want too."

"I have to Cory. You've made your decision."

Cory looks at Will. "Can you give us a minute?" he asks.

"Sure, I'll meet you downstairs Robin." he says picking up some of her luggage.

"Are you sure you're ready to be on your own?" Cory asks Robin, grabbing her hand.

"Of course Cory," Robin smiles. "You're kindness means everything to me. Natasha .... she's a lucky woman," Robin says fighting her tears.

Cory leans in and kisses Robin softly on her lips. "I am sorry I hurt you," he says pulling back.

Robin doesn't respond. She turns and walks away. Cory leans up against the wall and sighs.

Scene Three -- The Guesthouse; The Calimo Mansion; Natasha's Home

Natasha smiles to herself in her bedroom. She is thrilled that today she is remarrying Cory. She tries to push away the differing thoughts she has in her head. Thoughts of Cory and how quickly he moved on with Robin; they made up after their fight. Thoughts of Shane; she is still unsure as to why she feels so ... awkward about his budding romance with Cassie. She likes Cassie enough. She seems like a nice match for Shane, but there is something that is holding her back from truly being happy for Shane, and she could not put her finger on it. Still, she is not going to let that bother her today. Not her wedding day.

From the second level, she can hear the doorbell ring. She quickly glances at her watch, "Mother must be early" she says to herself as she gets up and races downstairs. She opens the door and finds Shane standing outside.

"Shane!" Natasha says surprised, "Please come in."

Shane enters the guesthouse. "Thanks."

"What brings you by?" Natasha asks smiling, she is secretly thrilled to see him although with her excitement showing, she is not really keeping it a secret.

Shane looks at Natasha. Despite dating Cassie, he still loves Natasha. He can not forget her, no matter how hard he has tried. "I guess I wanted to have a moment with you alone, before everyone else had their time with you at the church," he says looking at her.

Natasha hugs Shane. "You're such a great friend Shane. I am so glad I have you," she says into his ear as they continue to hug.

"Thanks, I feel pretty lucky to have you too," Shane says. He pulls back from the hug and looks into Natasha's blue eyes. He moves in and kisses her gently on her lips. "I'll never forget that night we had," he says pulling back from the kiss.

Natasha quickly exits the embrace and turns her back to Shane. Tears fill her eyes.

"I'm sorry," he says. "I shouldn't have."

Natasha turns to Shane, trying to hide her tears to no avail. "It's okay. I am glad we are so close," she smiles.

"I should be going. Good luck today. Cory is a very lucky man."

Natasha watches as Shane exits the guesthouse. Once the door shuts completely, she places her hands over her face and lets her tears flow. She has no idea why the kiss from Shane is making her so emotional, but she can not help but feeling that she is losing her best friend today.

Scene Four -- The Victors Home; Meggan & Vinny's House

Meggan slips into a gold dress. She looks at herself in the mirror and fakes a half smile. She has to go to the wedding. Natasha is one of her best friends, but she is not looking for the event. It will be her first outing in weeks. Plus, she still feels like Vinny is keeping part of the truth from about her car and the accident she was in. I have to remember, she tells herself as she puts her white pumps on. She walks into the washroom and flicks the light switch on. She looks in the mirror, her long flowing curly hair is neatly combed into a loose ponytail. She looks at her face and decides that she will not wear heavy make up, but go for a more natural look to go with the gold dress. As she starts to apply some lips stick she suddenly has a memory flash.


Meggan speeds up and swerves around the corner. She looks at a sign. “Speed limit 25” it reads, but it’s all a blur to her. She picks up the speed, as she knows she’s almost home. She doesn’t see anything. Noah’s bending down to pick up his ball. He looks up and sees the car approaching. He doesn’t even have time to scream. The bumper hits the child, and throws him on top of the windshield. His body tumbles off the roof and down the back and splats on the road again.

Meggan screams inside, but keeps driving, not knowing what just happened. “Almost home...” she whispers, as a tear falls from her cheek.”


A single tear rolls down Meggan's face. "What have I done?" she asks herself, stunned that her memory has returned. "Did I hit someone?"

Meggan drops her lipstick on the counter and races into the study. She turns on her laptop on the desk and goes to the Twin Peaks Sun homepage online. She scans the screen, but sees nothing that would suggest someone died because of a hit and run. Suddenly she sees a headline near the bottom of the page. "Mayor Davenport calls off Manhunt" it reads. She clicks the link and the news story appears on her screen. Her eyes fill with more tears. She slams the top of the laptop closed and covers her face as tears stroll down her cheeks.

"I killed Noah," she says aloud in the midst of her tears. "How did this happen? Why did Vinny lie to me? Oh my god ... god!" she cries.

Scene Five -- Twin Peaks Storage Unit

Patricia walks down a long cement pathway. On both sides of her are large, self-storage units. In the centre of each door is the number assigned to the storage unit. She opens her purse and finds Meggan's diary. She quickly opens it to the page that she has booked marked. "Unit 4C203," she says to herself as she continues to walk slowly down the pathway.

She is scared and nervous. She can not forgot the other day when she saw Vinny's bare back at her house and there was no scar from the stabbing. It was at that moment that she had to learn the truth. About Dave's master plan; about Vinny's odd behaviour and now about Vinny's back not having a scar. She is not sure, but she thinks that they are all connected some how, some way. That's when she remembered that she had Meggan's diary. She found the page regarding the storage unit and thought it would be a good idea to check it out.

She approaches the door that says "4C203". She walks up to the door and sees the security panel. "Thankfully Meggan wrote the code next to the unit number," she says to herself as she punches in the code. Soon, a tiny green light flashes giving her the cue to open the door.

She enters the storage unit and closes the door behind her. She turns on the lights. Boxes surround her. None of them are labelled she quickly observes.

"Where to begin?" she asks herself as she looks around. "Who knew that two people could collect so much junk?" she laughs at her own joke. She sighs. "I guess this box is as good as any," she says approaching one.

Scene Six - The Towers; Floor One; Kim, Andy & Jeff's Home

Jeff puts on his white collared shirt. His pants are already on. He was getting ready for the wedding while Kim quickly stepped out to get some more hair product. He looks in the mirror in front of him. His mind races back to the previous day; having Leah call him and meet him at Noah's grave. He starts to button up his shirt when he hears the doorbell ring.

He walks over to the front door, his shirt still unbuttoned and opens the door. He sees Leah standing there.

"Leah?" he asks as she enters the apartment. "What's going on? Why are you not with Robbie heading over to the church?"

"I had to see you," she says looking at him.

"Why, what's wrong?" he asks coming closer to her.

Leah hugs him. "It will be the first time back at the church since ..."

"The funeral," he interrupts, holding her close.

"Yea," she says looking up into his eyes. "What would I do without you?"

"You'll never have to find out," he says moving in closer. Their lips are about to touch when Kim opens the door of the apartment.

"Leah! What are you doing here," she says looking at the two in an obvious embrace.

"Hey Kim," Leah says looking nervous. "I just wanted to see Jeff. Big day today."

"Why did you need to see Jeff?" Kim asks concerned.

Jeff intercepts the question for Leah, "It's our first time back at the church since the funeral. It's going to be bring up a lot of memories for us."

Kim looks at the two of them. She has known that they have been spending a lot of time together, but she fully believes now that something more is going on. "I see," she says slowly.

"I should be going. Robbie is expecting me," Leah says collecting herself. "See you guys at the church."

As Leah exits, Kim turns and looks at Jeff. "What the hell was that about?" she asks as the door shuts.

"Nothing," Jeff says. "Leah just wanted me to know it is going to be hard on us. It will be hard on us."

Kim sighs. "In case you've forgotten, I am mourning too! But have you even asked me how I am feeling? No, you're so wrapped in Leah this and Leah that!"

Jeff is stunned by Kim's outburst. "We lost a child Kim! You lost ... your rapist? I'd hardly compare the two losses." he spits back at her. "I'm going to finish getting ready."

Kim falls into the sofa as tears fill her eyes, realizing that no one will ever truly understand her relationship with Jackson. And to make matters worse, Jeff is now comparing her loss to that of his son.

Scene Seven - The Michael's Home; Chris, Daisy & Trenyce's House

Trenyce sits in her office chair in her bedroom, looking into her closet. She looks and sees nothing that peaks her interest. "I should have borrowed Daisy's credit card for a new dress," she says aloud.

There is a slight knock on her door, followed by Daisy peaking her head in. "You ready go to?" she asks.

Trenyce, only in her under garments, grabs her blanket. "No," she says.

Daisy comes in. "Need some help getting dressed?"

Trenyce smiles at Daisy. "Yea, sure. Thanks."

Daisy looks at Trenyce. She wishes Trenyce would have the confidence that she proclaims to have. In reality, Daisy can see that Trenyce is filled with insecurity and going through the changes of becoming a woman.

"Let's see what we have," Daisy says going through the closet. She finds a long bright purple dress. "This would go great with your skin tone," she says holding it up.

Trenyce gets up, letting the blanket fall and takes the hanger from Daisy. She holds the dress over her body and looks in the mirror.

"You really think so?" Trenyce asks, looking at Daisy.

"Of course I do, and I have these diamond earrings that would go perfectly with it."

"Diamonds?" Trenyce says stunned.

"Yea, you want to borrow them?"

Trenyce is giddy with excitement. "Of course! Thank you Aunt Daisy," Trenyce says hugging her.

"I'll be right back," Daisy says leaving the room.

Trenyce slips into the dress and once again looks in the mirror. She did look beautiful in the purple dress that came down to her knees. Chris enters the bedroom.

"Wow, you look great," he says.

"Thanks," Trenyce says not removing her eyes from the mirror.

"You're zipper is still undone," Chris observes. "You need some help with it?"

Trenyce moves her eyes to her uncle. He looks sharp in his black blazer with black shirt, she notices. "Yea, please."

He comes up behind her and slowly zips up her dress, his other hand feeling her back. Trenyce lets out a deep sigh.

"You okay?" he asks.

"Very okay," she purrs at him. They are interrupted by Daisy returning to the bedroom. "I have the earrings," she says noticing Chris standing behind, and holding Trenyce. "What's going on?"

"Just helping with the pesky zipper," Chris says. "I'll leave you two alone again."

Once Chris has departed the room, Daisy moves over to Trenyce. She places the diamond earring up to her ear and they look together in the mirror. "You are so beautiful," Daisy says.

Trenyce turns to her and hugs her. "Thank you again Aunt Daisy, this means so much to me."

Daisy feels a little tear in her eye. For the first time since Trenyce moved in, she is feeling like they are bonding and making progress towards having a good relationship.

"You're so welcome," Daisy says. "I'll leave you to finish getting ready. But hurry! We have to leave soon," Daisy grins.

"Okay, I'll try." Trenyce says.

Daisy leaves the bedroom and softly closes the door. She heads back down the hall into her bedroom. She enters her bedroom with Chris. She enters and walks over to her dresser where she begins to apply some perfume. She turns and gasps! She sees Chris with his pants down in their adjoining washroom. "Chris!?" she asks.

Busted, Chris looks over. He quickly zips up his pants, not wanting his wife to realize that he was masturbating quickly.

"Hold on babe, just got something on my pants," he lies.

Daisy arches one eye brow and looks at him. What was he really doing? They just had sex the other day … could he really be masturbating? she wonders. He soon emerges in the bedroom.

"All better," he gulps.

"Right." Daisy says coldly.

"Everything okay?" he asks again.

"Yea, I guess. Trenyce and I had a nice moment."

"That's a positive sign."

"I got some disturbing news you should know about," she says, changing the subject.

"Oh? I'm all ears."

"Danielle, she was pregnant when she died. I am going to do some digging. Find out who the father was, maybe he was important to Trenyce."

Chris is stunned by her words. Danielle was pregnant.

"Earth to Chris, you there?" Daisy smiles at him.

Chris shakes his head. "Yea, sorry. Must have zoned out for a moment."

"I bet, you looked a million miles away. Where'd you go?"

"I'll tell you after, we have to get to the church," he says, secretly still reeling from the fact that Danielle was pregnant with his child when she died.

Scene Eight - St. Joseph's Church

Guests start to arrive at the church in anticipation for the wedding ceremony of Cory and Natasha. The sun is shining brightly, giving the church a warm glow to it. With a few candles burning, and white tulips every where, the church looks heaven sent.

Sofia stands near the door, welcoming almost everyone that enters.

"Kimberly! Over here," she calls and waves her hand to Kim as she enters the church with Jeff, both of them feeling the friction from earlier.

"Hello Sofia," Kim says hugging her best friend's mother.

"It's lovely to see you. I must give you my ... sympathies. I heard about the death of your ... friend, Jackson," Sofia says.

Kim smiles. "Thank you. It means a lot to me Sofia."

"If you need anything my dear, you know where I am."

Kim laughs. "You never let me forget!"


On the other side of the church, Adam and Helen enter the sanctuary holding hands. Her long white flowing dress is matched with a white shall.

"You look beautiful," he smiles at her.

"Thank you. You look pretty handsome yourself," she says back to him. She quickly kisses him on the lips.

"I have been thinking," he says, taking her hand and leading her to a seat in the pew.

"Oh, about what?"

"Us. The fire destroyed our apartment. Why don't we buy something? A house, a condo ... anything you want," he says.

"That would be amazing! I was thinking of the same thing actually."

"Great minds," he says kissing her again.

"I'll call the bank in the morning," he plans.

Suddenly a cold shiver is sent down Helen's spine.

"Are you cold?" he asks.

She moves her shall up, "Yea, just a chill", she says. In fact, Helen had no idea why the idea of calling or going to the bank sent a shiver down her spine. It scares her though.


Sofia sighs. "So many people have come to celebrate today," she smiles to Bob, who is standing behind her.

"It's a great day," he reassures her.

They both stare in silence as Dominick enters the church. He looks over and nods at them as he walks into the sanctuary.

"He has to be here, he is Leah's father," Sofia whispers.

"I know why he is here," Bob says firmly. "Does not mean I have to like it."

Sofia remains silent; she did not want to get into a serious discussion at the church. She can hear Bob's blackberry vibrating though.

"Important call?" she asks.

She turns to look at her husband, who is holding his blackberry in his hand.

"Damn, not today. Not now!" he says in a low, but angry tone.

"What is it my love?" Sofia asks concerned.

"I just got a text message from ... Eva."

"What!? What the hell does she want! Bob ... my god!"

"Calm down. This is not the time nor place to discuss this. We will talk tonight. Everything is okay." Bob says, trying to reassure his wife. Secretly inside, Bob is in knots. Why is Eva McCloud contacting him now? What does she want? he wonders. In any event, he knows that he has to keep Eva a secret from everyone else in Twin Peaks.

Scene Nine - The Tower's; Floor One; Kim, Jeff & Andy's Apartment

Andy applies a thin coating of moisturizer on his bare chest. Another one of his little secrets that he does not like to share with many people. He loves using creams and moistures to keep his skin smooth. He is already in his dress pants for the wedding, and just needs to wait for the iron to be hot to quickly iron his shirt before heading to the church. As he applies the thin coat of cream on his skin, he realizes that he really likes his life at the moment. School is almost over; his friendship with Trenyce is great and ... Reese is often on his mind.

He shakes his head when he hears a knock at the front door. He exits his bedroom and opens the front door attached to the living room. He sees Reese standing there.

"Reese! Hey, this is a surprise ..." he says taken a back, and forgetting that he is letting Reese see his smooth, defined chest. "Come in."

"Thanks," Reese smiles enjoying the view. "I was in the area and thought I would just say 'hey'. So, here am I saying 'hey'." he chuckles.

"Thanks. I actually don't have much time, I am going to a wedding."

"Ah," Reese says. "Well I won't keep you. Like I said, I just wanted to say hi."

"Thanks! I am glad you did, you've been on my mind a lot lately," Andy surprises him by his admission.


"Yea. I like you. I need more friends. We should hang out more often."

Reese suddenly starts to laugh.

"That's funny?" Andy says hurt.

"No, that sounds cool. It's just ..." Reese gets up and approaches Andy, still smiling. He places his finger on Andy's chest and holds it up. "You didn't blend your cream all the way in."

Andy blushes, "Oh."

"Don't be embarrassed, although it is awfully cute how you blush," Reese teases, putting his hand back on Andy's chest.

"Thanks, I guess," Andy says softly. His lips move down closer to Reese's.

Suddenly he hears the beep for the iron go off. "I have to iron my shirt now, my iron is ready."

"Yea, I can tell," Reese winks. "Have a good time at the wedding. Call me, and we can hang out."

"I'd like that," Andy says.

Reese exits the door. Outside he sighs. 'Finally a cute gay guy that I like,' he says to himself. Inside, Andy smiles when he picks up his phone. A text from Trenyce "Can't wait to see you baby!" Andy puts his phone down and sighs. "I have a girlfriend," he thinks. He quickly remembers being that close to Reese. "And now, I have a great friend too!". Inside though, Andy's mind was racing. He wishes he had kissed Reese. He could not explain the feelings, but he knew being around Reese made him feel like a million dollars.

Scene Ten - Twin Peaks Storage Unit

Patricia leans back up against the caged wall in the storage unit and lets out a deep sigh. She has gone through a dozen boxes and has found nothing that may be related to Vinny's stabbing or Dave's master plan. 'Maybe this is pointless,' she says. She grabs her bag and finds a juice box. She opens it and sucks the juice back quickly. She has become parched in the dry, dusty storage unit. She leans back again. She shuts her eyes for a moment, exhausted by the rummaging. Her mind goes back to seeing Vinny's backside without a scar.

She opens her eyes. "But there has to be something, that was too weird," she says aloud. She moves closer to the opened box and starts going through it. Suddenly she finds an old photo album. She dusts it off, and a single photo falls from the album. She reaches for the photo and picks it up. She studies the photo. It's an older photo, probably shot in the mid 1980's. There are three identical young boys standing in front of a lake and trees. In the corner, she can see a tent. She looks closer at the boys. They are all dark haired and dark eyed. They all are the same height.

She turns the photograph over. In faded blue ink it reads "Camping Trip ‘89: Dave, Vinny, Brett; age 7"

She turns the photograph back around. "Oh my god! ... " she says as she drops the photograph. "It can't be!" she sighs, thinking she has solved the puzzle.

Scene Eleven - St. Joseph's Church

Most of the guests are sitting in the sanctuary in their seats, waiting for the wedding to begin. In the corridor, Vinny enters rushed. He knows he is running late. He takes out his phone; no new message from Meggan. She was not at home, and he saw that a suitcase was missing from the closet. He wonders where she has disappeared too. He quickly spots Daisy exiting the washroom and making her way back to her seat.

"Hey," he calls out.

"Vinny," she says coldly.

"Look, I know you're upset. I know you didn't want to call off the manhunt ... but damn, I have to tell you."

"Tell me what?" Daisy replies, equally as cold as before.

"It was Meggan. She was driving."

Daisy is horrified. "What!? Meggan killed Noah?"

"Keep your voice down," he says ushering her to the side. "Yes, but she doesn't remember ... at least I don't think she does."

"What do you mean?"

"She's gone. Disappeared. She's not at home, she's not here. A suitcase was missing. I am worried."

"Look, I can help you find her. After the wedding," Daisy says putting her arm on his. "Thanks for telling me the truth, by the way. I appreciate it."

They enter the sanctuary and quickly find their seats, just as Father Murphy comes in. "Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to begin," he says as Robbie and Cory come out and take their places at the alter.

The music softly plays was Kim walks down the aisle. Jeff looks at her, but his eyes quickly wander to Leah, who sits and watches Robbie at the alter. Inside, she wants to scream. She wants to be any where but the church. Maybe at the grave, with Noah … and Jeff. She finds her eyes being drawn over to Jeff as well on the other side of the church. They share a quick smile.

Kim reaches the alter and turns around. She looks at the back of the church and spots Robin and Will seating together. She quickly recognizes Will as an associate of Jackson’s. ’I need to find him after the ceremony’ she says to herself before regaining her composure and looking at the back waiting Natasha’s arrival.

The guests rise as Natasha emerges at the doorway. Cory looks at Natasha and beams at her. She smiles back to him. She slowly starts to walk down the aisle. Out of the corner of Cory's eye, he spots Robin sitting near the back. He notices her long, flowing hair and how beautiful she looks. He gets a twinge in the pit of his stomach when he sees Will next to her. He moves his focus back on Natasha. As Natasha walks down the aisle, she spots Shane. She smiles at him, and he returns with a smile. Cassie, who is sitting next to him grabs his hand and squeezes it as she realizes that he is sharing a moment with Natasha.

Natasha reaches the alter. The minister comes down and prepares for Natasha to join Cory. Robbie looks to the back of the church for a moment. He sees something move in the corridor. Suddenly the image becomes more clear. He sees Victoria!

"Stop!" he yells.

"Robbie!?" Natasha says, seeing her brother leave the alter and rush through the church. The guests gasp as Robbie's mad dash through the church. Suddenly there is a loud snapping noise. Everyone gasps in horror as the chandelier begins to give in. Natasha looks back and wonders what Robbie is doing; she does not even notice that she moves a little. The chandelier snaps from its cable and starts to fall.

Cory looks at Natasha, then he quickly looks up and sees that she is standing directly under the falling chandelier . He screams her name, and moves to intercept the falling light fixture. It's too late. The chandelier hits Natasha; crashes into her and knocks her to the ground. The chandelier lays on top of her body, as a large pool of blood forms as the crowd gasps in horror.

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