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Previously on One Day at a Time
- The Calimo's blasted Dominick for visiting Bob and causing his blood pressure to increase. Dominick and Tyler maintained that Bob should pay for what he did to Felicia. Bob, meanwhile, continued to see Sofia who was calling his name to join her
- Abby and Andrew shared another close moment. Abby realized that she was close to getting Andrew in bed with her so she texted Max that their plan was working
- Craig maintained that he wouldn't forgive Victoria if she did misdiagnose him
- Robin & Adam agreed to be married sooner rather than later. Dawn, meanwhile, continued to mourn Helen & Barbara
- Brandy pulled a gun on Brett as their past came back to her. Shane, Donovan & Eva arrived at the cabin and were horrified to realize that Brandy was back in control of Victoria

Andrew's Apartment

"Why did you bring me here?" a confused Paige asks Max as they step off the elevator and move towards Andrew's apartment. Paige thought that she and Max were just hanging out at the Sugarbowl when Max told her that they had to leave together, so they did and now they are outside of her boyfriend's apartment.

Max looks over at her and smiles as he recalls getting a message from Abby telling him that he should come over to Andrew's apartment as she was about to seduce him. Max knew that he had to get Paige over to the apartment as quickly as possible. He just hopes that they aren't too late. That being said, Max also knows that he can't tell Paige the truth about why they are here.

"I was just thinking it would be nice to see Andrew," Max lies to her. "You and I, I think we've grown closer and it would be nice if Andrew and I could get on the same page. We've been through a lot together."

"Isn't that the truth?" Paige nods back to him. "But you're right, we have grown closer and I'm really happy about that."

"I'm happy about that too," he nods back to her. "More than you know. Shall we head to Andrew's now?"

"Yea, I'd like that."


Inside Andrew's apartment, Abby stands in just her bra as she purposely spilled water all of her shirt. Andrew comes back into the living room, having thrown her shirt in the dryer.

"I only put it on a 10 minute cycle," Andrew tells her. "That should be enough time to dry your shirt."

"Yea, I hope so," Abby tells him, as she notices him checking her out. "I just can't believe I was so silly to spill water all over myself."

"Don't beat yourself up," Andrew replies to her. "Accidents happen."

"What are you looking at me like that for?" Abby asks him, noticing that he is still looking at her.

Andrew blushes back to her. "Well, even though I told you that Paige and I are in a good place, I'm still a man and you're still only wearing your bra in front of me."

Paige chuckles back to him. "Oh gawd, I can't believe I didn't ask you for something to put on. I didn't even think…"

"It's fine, I'll go get something," he tells her.

She grabs his arm and pulls him closer to her. "Or you could do this," she says looking into his eyes and then kisses him. He kisses her back for a moment. At the very same time, Paige opens the front door to Andrew's apartment and sees her boyfriend kissing Abby, who is only in her bra. Paige stands there, with Max behind her, in shock at the vision in front of her.

The Sugarbowl

"I can't believe that we are actually sitting here planning a wedding," Robin tells Adam as they sit across from one another a table in the coffeehouse. After months of back and forth and grief, Robin is thrilled that she and Adam have agreed to tie the knot. They have waited long enough for this time to come.

"Me either," Adam nods back to her. "And, I do think that Dawn will come around. She seemed happy when I told her, but I could still tell that there was sadness in her."

"That will come with time," Robin replies to him. "She's lost her child, her mother and her grandmother all within one year's time. That's a lot of loss to handle at once."

"I know," Adam agrees with her. "I just hope she's dealing with this entire mess okay. Like you said, it's a lot for one person to handle."

Robin looks up and sees Craig walking into the coffeehouse. "There's Craig, I heard that he isn't sick after all. Do you mind if I invite him to sit with us? I'd love to know what actually happened."

"Yea, sure."

Robin waves to Craig, who slowly approaches their table. "Craig, hey, would you like to join us for a bit?"

"Uh, sure," Craig sits in an empty chair. "How are you guys? I heard about the upcoming wedding, congratulations."

"Thank you," Robin purses her lips together. "We also heard that you're not sick after all. That must be a huge relief."

"It is," Craig nods back to them. "But it has left me with a hell of lot more questions."

"How did Victoria misdiagnose you?" Adam asks him back as Craig shrugs his shoulders. "That doesn't sound like her at all."

"A year ago I would have agreed with you," Craig tells them both. "But since then, she has told me that I have HIV and pumped me full of drugs that made me so sick I almost died. If she did this on purpose, she will pay for it."

"I agree with you," Adam admits to him. "The bigger question remains though: why would Victoria do this to you on purpose? And who else has she gone out of her way to hurt?"

The Cemetery

Dawn slowly walks up to Helen's tombstone and leans down. She reads her mother's name on and feels her heart break inside her chest. She doesn't know how any of this is happening; a year ago, she was pregnant with her child, and had her mother and grandmother in her life. Now all three are gone and never coming back.

"I'm trying so hard to be strong," Dawn says out loud to her mother. "And everyone keeps telling me that it will get better and easier with time, but Mom, I don't know how to do this anymore. I'm in constant pain over losing you, Grandma and my baby. I don't know how to get over this. I don't know how much time it will take before I start to feel normal again."

Below her, inside Helen's coffin, she opens her eyes when she hears Dawn's voice. "Dawn, is that you?" Helen calls out, her mouth dry as Brandy still hasn't refilled her water source. "Dawn, baby, I'm here! I'm here! Please, please listen and you'll hear me!"

Dawn stands up again as she wipes her eyes dry. "One day Mom, I hope that I won't hurt as much," she tells her. "But today, I miss you more than you'll ever know. I hope wherever you are, you're resting peacefully."

"Dawn! Please! Please hear me! Dawn!" Helen pounds the top of the coffin with her fists, desperate for someone to help her get out of the coffin that Brandy has put her in. "I'm right here baby, I'm right here!"

The Calimo Cabin

"My God so it is true," Eva gasps out as she cover her mouth, as the woman standing in front of her holding a gun just revealed that her name is Brandy, which means that Victoria's alter egos have indeed come back. Eva, Shane and Donovan have suspected for a while now that this might be the case, but they all hoped that there was another reason for Victoria's odd behavior, but now they know that it is not the case. "Brandy, you're back."

"That's right, I'm back," Brandy purses her lips together as she looks over at Eva, while still pointing the gun at Brett. "And I'm so glad that the truth is finally out because I was so tired of pretending. But, you know what this means, don't you? I'm going to have to kill you. All of you."

"Victoria, please, this isn't necessary!" Brett protests.

"You shut up!" Brandy turns her attention to him. "You're the last person I want to hear from, not after all the hell you've put me through!"

"Victoria, Brandy," Donovan moves up closer to her. "I don't want to hurt you. I love you. I just want to understand what has happened, that's all."

Brandy chuckles back to him. "Oh Donovan," she rolls her eyes to him. "You're so naïve. You always have been. Everything that has gone wrong in the last year, it's been my fault. I saw how Craig treated you, so when the opportunity arose, yes, I took advantage and made him pay for his actions. And, I'm not sorry."

"That's fine," Donovan tries to tell her. "The fact is, I'm grateful that you stuck up for me. It tells me that you care for me."

"I do, I did," Brandy replies to him. "But that was before you learnt the truth. I won't leave again! I will stay in control."

"Darling," Eva moves forward to her daughter. "Look at me. It's me, your mother. I'm here for you. And, Victoria, I know that you're in there somewhere. I need you to fight right now. I need you to fight through this!"

"Shut up!" Brandy yells as her eyes start to close more and more. Soon, she opens her eyes and looks at everyone. Tears flood down her cheeks. "Mom?" she calls out in confusion.

"Victoria?" Eva asks her back. "It's me. I'm right here, darling. And, so are Shane and Donovan. We are all here for you."

"What's … what's happening?" she asks her back as her hands start to shake. "Why am I holding a gun?"

"Darling, there are answers for everything. But that's all in good time…"

Victoria's head rolls around and her eyes shut again. She groans out loud before her eyes open. She looks at everyone and then starts to chuckle. "I'm back," Brandy growls to everyone. "And I'm not leaving again. It's time, it's time for you to all die. Who wants to go first?"

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Your father is stable once again," the nurse tells Natasha, Robbie, Kim, Dominick and Tyler. They all know that Dominick was caught in Bob's hospital room and his blood pressure skyrocketed, so his monitors were going crazy. They were worried that Bob might die as a result. "But, he really needs stress and rest. He is still in critical condition."

"Thank you for everything you did to save him," Natasha tells the nurse. "We are so grateful."

Robbie pulls Natasha into a hug as Kim looks over at them.

"I can't believe that you guys are being so cruel," Kim sternly looks over at Dominick and Tyler, as she is still furious with them for obtaining the arrest warrant for Bob and for Dominick visiting her husband which caused his blood pressure to sky rocket. "Bob could die, what part of that don't you understand?"

"It's not our fault that Bob committed a crime and the truth has been uncovered," Dominick replies to her. "The fact that it was kept in the dark for so long is what is the injustice of it all!'

"I think you both should get out of here," Robbie puffs his chest out to him. "We are trying to keep my Dad surrounded by positivity; all you two are doing is bringing him and everyone here down."

"We aren't going anywhere, " Tyler tells him. "Not until Bob is awake and has paid for his crimes!"

"That's it," Natasha shouts at them. "I have a judge whom I am close too; I'm going to get him to issue an urgent restraining order on the two of you! You will not get away from killing my father!"

"You do that," Dominick sneers at her. "Until then, we are waiting right here."

Meanwhile, inside Bob's hospital room, a bright light continues to shine through as the image of Sofia is talking to Bob's ghostly presence.

"Bob, please," Sofia reaches her hand out to him. "Please come with me. The time is now. The time for us to be together, finally, has come."

Bob looks at himself lying in the hospital bed and gets tears in his eyes. "I have fought for so long," he whispers as he looks at his body. "But, I have the chance to be with my darling Sofia. My wife. How can I say no?"

"Bob, please, come with me."

Bob turns to Sofia and gets a smile on his face. "I'm coming my love. I'm coming…"

Suddenly, Bob flat lines. In the hallway, Kim hears the monitor and she rushes to the door and opens it. "Bob? What's happening? Bob?" she says as tears start pouring out of her eyes. "Somebody! Somebody help me! My husband, he needs help!"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Will Bob be saved?
- Brandy takes aim
- What will Paige do next?

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