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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Shane heard Helen plead for help using Brandy's walkie-talkie. Shane then interrupted Adam & Robin's wedding ceremony announcing he believed Helen was alive
- Andrew continued to be dumbfounded at the reason behind Paige ending their relationship
- Meggan pressed Brad to reveal what Brooke & Greg told him about how they adopted Cheresa as she wanted to tell Chris & Trenyce the truth that Cheresa is their biological daughter
- Cory witnessed a close moment between Robbie and Brooke at the hospital
- Cassie worried about Jacob's reaction to Bob dying. Natasha, meanwhile, told Jacob to end his engagement to Cassie

St. Joseph's Church

There is a long silence in the church as everyone tries to grasp what Shane has just announced. Robin looks at Adam, who has gone pale. She can't believe that this is happening; their wedding had just started and they were about to start their vows when Shane walked in and announced that he believed Helen< is alive. She can't believe that this could be true; everyone was in this very church for Helen's memorial service and burial not that long ago. How could she be alive? Robin looks at Adam again, and then at Dawn and can see the hope in their eyes.

Dawn walks past Robin and into the aisle looking at Shane with intent. "What are you saying? You think my mother is alive? How is this possible? Why would you say that? Do you know what my family has been through?"

"I do know," Shane nods back to her. "It's a very long story, but I have reason to believe that Victoria's multiple personality, Brandy, told everyone that Helen was dead when in fact she's alive."

"That doesn't make any sense," Adam comes up behind Dawn. "If Helen was alive, where is she? Why wouldn't she be here with us?"

"I can't believe this," Dawn finally breaks down and starts to cry. "You're being so cruel Shane!"

"No, listen to me," Shane looks her in the eyes. "I found this device in Victoria's condo and I could hear breathing when I turned it on. Then a voice was asking me for help. I think…I think Helen is in the coffin, but she's alive!"

"You mean to tell me my daughter buried Helen alive?" Eva gasps as she comes up behind Shane. She can't believe that this is happening; this nightmare will never end. However, after all the other crazy schemes Brandy pulled off, Eva knows that this could be true.

"That's exactly what I think happened," Shane replies to her. "I think we have to go the cemetery and dig Helen's grave."

"No!" Dawn screams. "My mother has been put through enough! This is crazy! You're crazy!"

Eva looks at Adam, who gulps in concern. Eva looks at Dawn and grabs her hand. "I know you're scared to get your hopes up about your mom being alive," Eva tells Dawn. "But I promise you, my daughter, she has been a very sick woman these past few months. She has done things that none of us could have ever imagined."

"That doesn't mean my Mom is alive…" Dawn says through her tears.

"It doesn't mean that she's dead either," Adam tells his daughter. "Dawn, I think we should do this. We should see if your Mom is alive."

Dawn looks back at her father and hugs him. "Okay, let's go. Let's see if this is a miracle."

Adam looks at everyone in the church. "Anyone who wants to help, we are going to the cemetery now!"

A crowd of people start to rush out of the church as Robin stands at the alter in shock. A few minutes ago she was about to marry the man of her dreams; now, he is rushing away to see if his ex-wife is still alive.

Adam turns to look at Robin. "I'm sorry, but I have to do this. You understand right?"

Robin uneasily nods back to him. "Of course," she says through her disappointment.


A short time later, there are still a few lingering guests at the church who offered to stay behind and clean up from the wedding since it will be postponed now that everyone else is at the gravesite of Helen. Andrew picks up one of the large gold vases that have some of the flowers in them and carries it into the foyer, where he sees Cheresa gathering the other flowers.

"Such a shame that all of these will go to waste, hey?" he asks her as he comes up to her with the vase.

"You can put that right there," Cheresa shows him where to put the vase. "Thanks for all your help. And yea, it is a waste. But, I can't help but think about Dawn right now. If she gets her Mom back…"

"That would be amazing," Andrew nods back to her. "I know how much she has struggled since they thought Helen died."

"It seems so messed up, you know?" Cheresa replies to him. "That someone would fake Helen's death and put her in a coffin even though she's alive."

"If Helen is alive," Andrew looks back at her. "I'd think she'd need therapy."

Cheresa chuckles back to him. "I know it's not funny, but you're right."

"I kinda hope this entire situation makes Paige< realize how precious life and time are," Andrew admits to his friend. "I still don't get why she would have ended things with me, you know?"

"Yea, I hear ya," Cheresa replies to him. "Are you absolutely sure that you haven't done anything that would have upset her?"

"Not that I can think of," Andrew immediately tells her. "That's why it's so odd."

"Well from where I stand, you only have one option then."

Andrew arches his eyebrow. "And what would have be?"

"You have to talk to Paige," Cheresa informs him. "You have to find out why she dumped you."

Andrew smirks back to her. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing," Andrew waves his hand. "It is just that Trenyce told me the same thing. You guys sound almost like the same person."

Cheresa uneasily smiles back to him. "I guess great minds think alike."


"I just hope Aunt Robin is okay once this is all said and done," Paige tells Leah and Jeff as they clean up the bridal room together. Paige can't believe what has happened, but a part of her is hopeful that Helen is alive since she knows how much Dawn has been through lately.

"It is a pretty crazy story," Jeff replies to his daughter. "Listen, Paige, your mother and I, we want to discuss something with you. And it's pretty important."

Paige arches her eyebrow as she looks back at her parents. "What is it?"

"You know that Bob was hurt in the car accident," Leah tells her as she sits on the sofa and pulls Paige to sit next to her. Paige nods back to her Mom.

"I went to visit him the other day, you were with me," Paige reminds her.

"Yes," Leah uneasily says back to her. "Well, he passed away. I'm so sorry."

Paige gets tears in her eyes then covers her mouth with her hand. "No," she shakes her head before she hugs Jeff. "How can this be happening?"

"We are here for you Paige," Jeff tells his daughter. "We will help you get through this."

Paige continues to weep into her father's arms, as Jeff looks down at Leah. Leah gulps realizing how good Jeff is with Paige, and immediately her mind goes to the fact that she is keeping the secret that Logan is really his child from him.

The Richardson Estate; Meggan & Lukas' Home

"I just got a text from Lukas," Meggan tells Brad as she walks into the living room of her large estate. "It seems like the wedding is on hold."

Brad stands up from his seat on the sofa. "Is everything okay?"

"He didn't say much," she replies to him. "I hope everything is good though."

"Yea, me too."

"Look, we have the house to ourselves," Meggan moves closer to him. "Logan is sleeping for his afternoon nap. I'd love to know why you feel like we can't tell Chris and Trenyce the truth about Cheresa. You were very vague before and only said we couldn't tell them the truth."

Brad sighs knowing that Brooke and Greg could be in a lot of legal hot water as his mother bought Cheresa from the black market years ago. He can't tell anyone what he knows; his family has to be protected.

"I need you to trust me," he moves closer to her. "I told you that we can't reveal the truth. I can't explain more without possibly getting you into hot water as well, Meg. We just have to drop it."

She shakes her head back to him. "I'm not sure I can," she admits to him. "Chris and Trenyce, they are my clients Brad. I will have to tell them something eventually."

"Then we tell them that there are no more leads; we've always known that finding their child was going to be near impossible."

She looks back at him. "I…"

"Sshh," he moves up to her. "Let's not talk about this anymore. If we have the house to ourselves, we should be taking advantage, don't you think?"

He leans in and kisses her. She leaves her eyes open during the kiss, her mind still racing about the Cheresa ordeal. She has to figure out a way to uncover the truth, but how?

Twin Peaks Executive Hotel

"I just can't believe her," Jacob paces back and forth in the hotel room with a vodka soda in his hand. "I was trying to be supportive of my Grandfather dying, and all she could go on about was our relationship."

Cassie pours herself a drink while she listens to Jacob tell her about when he was with Natasha earlier and she continued to give him a difficult time because of his relationship with her. Jacob was trying to be there for his family since Bob passed away and instead, Natasha turned it into a way to attack their engagement. Cassie isn't surprised to hear this as she and Natasha have never gotten along.

"I know it's upsetting," Cassie looks at him before she takes a sip of her red wine. "But, your Mom is grieving the loss of Bob. They were very close, I'm sure she's just lashing out right now."

"I wish that's all it was," Jacob replies to her. "But she was this upset before my Granddad died. She's just using this as an excuse to come after us."

"I wish you wouldn't get so upset over this," Cassie moves closer to him. "I knew your mother would react this way. We have a long history, Jacob. And it's complicated."

"I don't care about that," he tells her. "All I care about is that we are together now. What's happened in the past shouldn't matter."

"How are you feeling about Bob dying? I know this can't be easy for you."

"It's not," Jacob puts his drink down. "It just doesn't seem fair, you know? I basically just got back into town and he's gone. I never really had a chance to reconnect with him."

"He loved you, you have to know that."

"I do know that," he tells her. "I just wish I had more time."

"It makes you realize you only have one life to live," she purses her lips together. "I think I know what might take your mind off things for a while."

"Oh yea?" he looks at her with lust in his eyes.

"Yea, come over here," she crawls on to the bed. "Let me take your mind to a much better place."

He rushes over to her and kisses her passionately before he crawls on top of her and starts to undress her.

The Pampa Grill

Cory quickly rushes into the restaurant as the snow fall outside has picked up from earlier in the day. He is picking up some take out for him and Natasha; she didn't feel like leaving the mansion because she is still grieving Bob's death. The last thing she wanted to do was go to one of the more popular restaurants in town and have people come up to her to express their condolences, so Cory agreed to come get some food for the two of them.

He peers into the restaurant and happens to see Brooke sitting at the bar with a glass of wine in front of her. He immediately thinks back to a few weeks ago at the hospital when he saw Brooke and Robbie seemingly sharing a close moment. He couldn't help but think that they were looking pretty close at the time. Cory didn't ask Robbie at the time about what was going on because they were all so consumed with Bob's health, but now he is wondering if Brooke is still cheating on her husband, which would make sense if Kim and Greg actually were having an affair as well. Cory just assumed that after the election last year, Robbie would have learned his lesson.

Cory finds himself moving closer to the bar and approaching Brooke. "Drinking alone tonight?"

Brooke looks over at Cory. "Just having one before I head home. I was hoping the snow would calm down before I drove. Is it still crazy out there?"

"Yea it is," Cory replies to her. "Drive safe when you leave."

"I will, thanks," she tells him. "I heard about Bob, I'm sorry."

"Thanks," Cory nods back to her. "Natasha and Robbie are taking it pretty rough. They were very close to their father."

"That family has been through so much," Brooke shakes her head back to him. "The next couple of months will be difficult for them. But, they are strong people. Bob raised them that way."

"That's true," Cory says back to her. "I'm sure Robbie appreciates your support."

"I am his friend," Brooke tells him. "He knows I'm there for him if he needs me."

Cory uneasily smiles back to her. "I'm sure he does," he replies. "Oh, there's my food. Take care, Brooke."

"You too."

Cory leaves wondering, still, if there is something more going on between Robbie and Brooke. He just needs to find out if he can uncover the truth somehow.


"Are you sure you don't want to be at the cemetery with everyone else?" Andy asks Nicholas as they at a table in the back of the restaurant, each having a glass of red wine in front of them. After the wedding ceremony ended, Nicholas asked Andy to take him for a drink, which Andy was more than happy to do. He still wonders, though, if Nicholas would rather be with Robin while the others dig up Helen's grave.

"I'm sure," Nicholas replies to him. "We wouldn't be much help anyways, and it's cold out there. It's nice to get away from the insanity. Robin knows how to reach me if she needs me."

Andy shakes his head back to him. "Just when it seemed like Adam and Robin would be happy…"

"Something always seems to get in the way."

"I can't help but be hopeful for Dawn," Andy looks over at Nicholas before he takes a sip of wine. "If Helen is alive…"

"Her entire world would change for the better," Nicholas finishes his sentence. "I thought the same thing. It would be a miracle."

Andy reaches for his glass of wine but his hand caresses Nicholas' causing their eyes to lock for a moment. Their hands touch for a moment longer before Nicholas moves it away. "Guess we can all believe in miracles," Andy continues to look at him. "Anything is possible."

The Cemetery

"I got the grounds crew to give us some shovels," Adam says as he rushes up to Helen's grave. He passes a shovel over to Max and Shane.

"Are you sure we should do this?" Dawn asks, still unsure of what to think about all this talk that Helen is alive.

"Dawn, the longer we wait, the longer your Mom could be in the coffin," Max replies to her. "We have to do this. We have to do this now!"

"Okay, okay," Dawn moves back away from the grave. "I just hope this is true. I don't know what will happen if we open the coffin and she's dead."

The three men start digging up the grave. Robin comes up behind Dawn and puts her hands on her shoulders as large snowflakes fall from the sky.

"I don't know what's happening either Dawn," Robin whispers to her. "But one thing is for sure, we will get through this together."

Dawn looks back at her and slowly nods. "I'm sorry this ruined the wedding."

"Don't be," Robin shakes her head back to her. "If Helen is alive, we have to find out. We have to know the truth."

They both look back at the men digging the earth as the large snowflakes fall from the ground, trying not to get their hopes up too much with the fact that Helen could be alive and well.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Simona questions Kim about the fire
- Robbie reaches out to Brooke
- Daisy and Tyler grow closer

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