Episode 60
Six Weeks
Written by: Dallas Walsh

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Natasha's Private Room
Rain tumbles down from the sky as dark grey clouds loom over Twin Peaks. It has been six weeks since the re-wedding of Cory and Natasha. The day that started surrounded in beauty and love is the day that ended in tragedy. No vows were took that day, as the chandelier of the church came crashing down and landed on top of Natasha. Now, she lays in her hospital bed comatose. She has been in her coma since the accident. She has not awoke once. The doctors have told her family Bob, Sofia, Robbie, and her husband Cory, that she should be waking up any day; but that day has not come.

Shattered, jolted, and confused, Cory has not left her side. He barely eats, he barely sleeps, he just sits next to Natasha and holds her hand. He has fallen asleep a few times, but he quickly awakes. In reality, he is near the end himself. The end of a very long rope.

Today, is like every other day of the past six weeks. Cory is sitting in Natasha's hospital room, holding her hand listening to the rain fall on the ground outside him.

The door to her hospital room opens and Robin enters the room quietly. Robin looks at Cory. Unshaven and looking weak, Cory does not move his eyes from Natasha. Robin is not surprised by his lack of attention that she has entered the room. After revealing that she got her vision back, she took it upon herself to move out of the penthouse. She has her own apartment in The Tower's complex, and she's back at work. This is the first time she is seeing Cory since the wedding day. She has been spending a lot of time with Will, the man that was hired by Natasha to be her personal nurse while she was blind. While she recalls one night recently when he tried to kiss her, she stood tall that she just wanted to be friends with him. While she has tried to move on the best she could, she still loves Cory with everything in her. Seeing him in this state of anguish is painful for her.

"Hey," she finally says breaking the deafening silence.

Cory stirs in his chair and looks up at Robin. His face returns to Natasha again. "Hi Robin," he barely musters up the strength to say.

"Sofia called me," Robin says sounding just as surprised as Cory is to hear that his mother in law called Robin to the hospital. Robin knows that it took everything Sofia had to call her, as they had never gotten along. Robin only agreed to come to the hospital, because she knew Sofia must have been extremely worried about Cory to call upon her. "She thought I could get through to you."
Cory fails to respond at all to Robin's words.

"Everyone is concerned Cory. Natasha is in a good place here, but you have to take care of yourself. You're not doing her any good running yourself down. Let me take you home. Shower, change, get some sleep. I can make you some food ..."

"I'm not hungry", he says to slowly.

Robin walks over beside Cory and kneels down. She places her head in his lap and starts to weep.

"Please don't cry," he says calmly. "You know I hate seeing you cry."

Robin looks up at Cory with desperation. "Then please come home with me. Let me take care of you," she says.

Cory sighs. "Will you make me that med-chicken of yours?" he says, still stoic.

"Of course! Anything you want."

He looks down at Robin and sighs. “You‘re not going to give up are you?”

Robin looks at him and brushes a tear away. “Not until I know you‘re well rested and have food in you.”

Cory pauses for a moment. He looks at Natasha sleeping, then looks back at Robin. "Promise me we'll come back when I wake up?," he asks her as she nods. He sighs before continuing, "Okay, let's go home."

Scene Two - Twin Peaks General Hospital; The Waiting Room

Sofia sits in a chair staring into space. She longs for word from a doctor, or a nurse or anyone telling her that Natasha has awoke from her coma. The last six weeks have been the longest six weeks of her life, she concludes. The lead up to the wedding; having her past illustrious affair with Dominick exposed to Leah and Robbie; Bob being livid that the secret was revealed and then on the day of the wedding, besides the obvious tragedy, Bob received a text message from Eva. The name Eva McCloud sends shivers down Sofia's spine. She knows all too well who Eva is. She remembers, in her younger years, after her affair with Dominick was revealed to Bob how angry Bob became. He left in a rage. The next morning, Bob reappeared and jeered her that he had slept with another woman ... Eva McCloud. A revenge affair, she concludes. Only it did not end there. Sofia shakes her head. She did not want to go down this road. Not now. While her and Bob were at odds the day of the wedding, they have bonded and regrouped in this time of family crisis.

She looks across the room to where Bob is sitting with his laptop open on his lap. He has not stopped working, as he does have a major corporation to work. However, he has not been to the office since Natasha's accident. Sofia admires her husband's strength and ability to turn off the family drama and work for awhile.

"Robin's new perfume is doing very well," Bob says looking up from his laptop.

Sofia groans. She hates that she had to call Robin Navy to the hospital to talk some reason into Cory. But after six weeks of him refusing to go home to shower, eat or sleep (using the hospital amenities instead), she thought Robin was the only one that could get through with him. Still, the thought of that tramp was more than she wants to bare.

"I suppose it's a good thing you didn't let me fire her when I wanted too," she says quietly.

"Very good. You must always remember Sofia, never let your personal feeling influence business."

Sofia rolls her eyes. She is in no mood to listen and deal with Bob's business lectures.

"What's this?" Bob's voice suddenly changes tone.

Sofia sits up, "Darling? What's going on?"

Bob looks at Sofia, then moves his eyes back to the computer screen. "I just got an email from ..." he lowers his voice "Eva."

"What!? My god, what does she want now?" Sofia asks alarmed.

"Money," he says looking up at Sofia.

Scene Three - The Sugar Bowl

The coffee house is rather busy for a rainy day in Twin Peaks. Patrons are swooping in to get their hot drinks to keep them warm on this chilly summer day. In the corner booth, Andy Spinnes sits with some school books wide open. On the other side of the table is Reese Wilkins. They are studying together, as finals are quickly approaching. Andy looks over at Reese at he highlights a key paragraph in his text book. While he is still unsure of the sexual fantasy’s he has been having about Reese, he does know that he likes being in his company; he is a good friend. Reese spots Andy looking over at him and smiles. Reese likes Andy. Everyone knows that Reese is gay, and he likes that. He has nothing to be ashamed of; he was born that way. Still, growing up in the small town of Twin Peaks, he has found it difficult to meet other homosexuals. When he first met Andy, he was sure his gaydar was telling him Andy is gay … but Andy is seemingly dating Trenyce.

“Isn’t Trenyce coming?” Reese breaks the silence placing his highlighter down on the table.

“I thought so, she must be caught up in something at home.” Andy says looking over at Reese again. “Guess that means you’ll have to be stuck with just me,” he teases.

Reese smiles back at Andy, “I am more than okay with that.”

Reese feels his phone vibrate in his jeans pocket. He picks it up “Hello? … Oh hey Mom, yea … oh today? Yea, I’ll come home. Okay …. Bye.”

Andy watches as Reese closes his phone. “You have to go?” he asks slightly disappointed.

“My Mom is running late from work and my Dad is away on business. I have to go home and walk the dog,” he shrugs. “But I really wanna keep this study session up, why don’t you just come over? I can walk the dog quickly and we can study.”

Andy pauses for a second. He is already alone with Reese, what difference would it possibly make it he was alone at Reese’s house. “Sure, let me just call Kim and tell her where I will be.”

Scene Four - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Dr. Olivia Wilkins’ Office

Olivia Wilkins is a therapist. She has been dealing with crazy people most of her young adult life. She is young, married, has a son and a daughter, and has been very successful. She glances at a family photo on her desk; herself, her husband Preston and her son Reese. She looks at Reese for a moment longer. Her teenage son is graduating high school soon, and he is gay. She recalls the day he came out to her, when he was 15 years old. I just know, he kept telling her. She took the news well. Preston, on the other hand, has had a more difficult time with adjusting to having a gay son. Their daughter, Madeline, Reese’ twin sister, also took the news badly. She ran away from home. Olivia realizes at that moment that she needs a photo of Madeline on her desk. She misses her daughter, and often wonders where she is since it has been years since they have had contact.

She moves her focus from her family life back to work. She looks at her most recent patient; a woman she has been seeing for the last six weeks, Dr. Victoria Franky. Victoria has been suffering from dissertate identity disorder. She quickly recalls how Victoria had been arrested at the wedding of Natasha and Cory Calvin for the murder of Jackson McQuillian and attempted murders of Helen Mills and Adam Black. It was soon discovered that Victoria was under Brandy’s control, and she was sent to the physc. ward, where she became a patient of Olivia’s. Olivia quickly reviews her notes before Victoria arrives for their latest session. She knows that ‘Brandy’, Victoria’s leading alter ego, has admitted to Olivia that she is present, not Victoria. However, Olivia has yet to get confirmation of why Brandy felt like she needed to resume control of Victoria’s life.

Olivia’s review of the file is interrupted by her office door opening. A man dressed in white brings Victoria into Olivia’s office.

“Have a seat there,” the main points to Victoria.

Victoria looks at the tall muscular man and is scared by him. She slowly and quietly moves towards her usual chair that she sits in. Once seated she looks at Olivia.

“Hi Dr. Wilkin’s,” Brandy says calmly. “And how are you today?” her voice is filled with sarcasm.

“It’s nice to see you too Brandy,” Olivia smiles at her. Olivia drops the case file on the desk and hands Brandy a clip board. Brandy gets the clipboard and proceeds to sign her name. She hands it back to Olivia after. Olivia reads the clipboard and sees that Brandy signed her name “Brandy Franky”.

“So how are you today Brandy?” Olivia asks putting the clipboard down.

“Fine, lunch today was great. They served us ham … again,” she spits. “Why do I have to sign my name everything I come here? What’s the big idea?”

“When you sign your name, you tell me who you are,” Olivia reveals. “Your penmanship is different than Victoria’s. Your name is different than Victoria’s. I always want to see who I am conversing with,” Olivia smiles as she sits across from Brandy.

“It will always be me, always,” Brandy says with a wicked smile.

“But why Brandy? What has you needing to be in control?”

“You ask me that every time I am in here, and I have told you, you will never know,” Brandy huffs.

“Calm down, let me get you some water.”

“I don’t want your water! I just want to be left alone.”

“Very well,” Olivia says. “I have tried my best to get you to open up Brandy. From now on, you will come to our sessions and sit in silence … in the corner,” Olivia says pointing to a chair in the corner for Brandy to go sit in.

“You’re sending me to the corner like a bad little child?" she asks digusted.

“Face the wall please,” Olivia says to her as she watches Brandy get up and walk over to the chair in the corner. Olivia notices Brandy start to tremble as she sits down. “Are you okay?”

Tears flood Brandy’s eyes, but she remains silent.

“This happened to you before, didn’t it Brandy?” Olivia asks.

Brandy is crying now. She slowly nods her head.

Olivia moves closer to Brandy. “Tell me what happened,” she says slowly.

A sobbing Brandy tries to catch her breath. ‘”He …. He, put me here,” she stumbles.

“Who?” Olivia continues to press.

Brandy shakes her head violently. Olivia places her hand on Brandy’s shoulder causing her to vibrate more. “Don’t touch me!” she yells to Olivia.

Olivia quickly removes her hand from Brandy’s shoulder. Olivia turns the chair around to face her as the chair is on wheels. She looks Brandy in the eyes.

“Let Victoria out Brandy. Let her tell me what happened,” Olivia yells.

Brandy shuts her eyes. The hysterical crying stops. Victoria slowly opens her eyes.

“Dr. Wilkins?” she says slowly hugging Olivia.

Olivia returns the embrace. “Victoria?”

Victoria nods her head.

“You have to tell me what happened, or Brandy will always come back to protect you. Believe me when I tell you that you are safe here, with me,” Olivia says holding her hand.

Victoria gets more tears in her eyes. She shuts her eyes and lets a deep breath come over her. “I have never told anyone this. I am so ashamed,” she says crying some more.

“It’s okay, you’re safe Victoria. You’ve come back. You’ve made so much progress already.”

Victoria looks at Olivia. The woman really does care for her, she realizes. She grabs Olivia’s hand and prepares to tell the truth.

“My father …” she begins.

“Yes,” Olivia urges her to continue.

“… he sexually abused me. He … he … raped me,” she says closing her eyes and letting the tears flow.

Olivia grabs Victoria and embraces her. “I am so proud of you for getting this off your chest,” she says to Victoria. “You do not have to worry. Brandy is gone. You do not need her to protect you any more. You have come clean. You told the truth, you are on the road to recovery,” Olivia smiles at Victoria.

Victoria looks at Olivia and cries some more. For whatever reason, Victoria feels like this is just the beginning of her journey. The last real memory she has is marrying Shane, which happened about 3 years ago. Meaning, the last three years of her life are a blur.

Scene Five - The Sugar Bowl

Daisy enters the coffee house and looks around. She quickly spots Vinny sitting at a table near the back of the coffeehouse. She quickly remembers the last few weeks since the wedding of Cory and Natasha. She remembers how Vinny told her that Meggan was driving the car that killed little Noah, only Meggan had disappeared. Meggan, in fact, has booked herself into a rehab centre just outside of Twin Peaks. She had contacted Vinny after the wedding and told him her whereabouts. During a visit with Meggan, she confessed to Vinny that she remembered the entire truth. Vinny has reportered all of this back to Daisy, as he needed someone he could trust to confide in. Daisy, in turn, has requested Vinny's assistance with her deceased twin, Danielle. She asked Vinny to investigate the actual cause of Danielle's death and to see if he could uncover who she was sleeping with at the time of her death. Daisy wants to know who fathered the baby that Danielle was carrying when she died.

Vinny looks up and sees Daisy approaching. He smiles. He has grown to like his relationship with Daisy. While it started unconventional, they understand each other and realize that they need each other's support.

"Hey," she says reaching the table and sitting down. She takes off her large black-framed Versace sunglasses and smiles at Vinny. "Your message sounded urgent. What's going on?"

Vinny looks at Daisy. Apparently being the mayor of Twin Peaks agrees with her. She looks radiant, he concludes. "How long do we have?"

"Not too long, I have city council in an hour or so," she says back to him.

"I'll cut to the chase," he says. "Meggan is due home soon. What should we do?"

"I think that's up to Meggan. What does she want to do?"

"I haven't asked her. I am scared of what she is going to say," Vinny admits.

Daisy looks at Vinny. She suddenly feels very exclusive. She doesn't know of anyone else that Vinny should admit to be scared too. "I think she needs to tell the truth before Leah, Jeff or Robbie learn the truth," Daisy says grabbing his hand. "And then together, we can help her. She's already done the right thing by getting help for her drinking. Now, she has to make this part of her life right. Regardless of the consequences."

Vinny squeezes her hand back. "I am scared for her," he says. "I do not want to lose her. What if she goes to jail ...?"

"There are a million what if's Vinny. Just be strong for her, you'll see ... it'll work out." Daisy smiles.

Vinny looks at Daisy. He leans on her more than she realizes, he thinks. "Thanks Daisy, I appreciate it."

"Anytime. Now, do you have any updates on Danielle?" she asks, quickly changing the subject.

"I got her autospy reports," he says slowly.

Daisy looks up. Having Danielle's autospy reports means that she can learn what caused her death. "And? What does it reveal?"

"She was being poisoned Daisy. Someone killed her," Vinny reveals.

Daisy leans back into her chair shocked to her core. She can not believe what Vinny just told her. "Someone killed my sister?" she asks. While her and Danielle were hardly close, she still never wanted someone to murder her sister. "I am just ... shocked. How can this be?"

Vinny grabs her hand this time. "I will keep digging for you, if you want me too. I can learn the truth."

Daisy, just now, hearing Vinny say those words gets a little teary. "I need to know. I need to know who did this to my sister. Do you think it was the father of her baby?"

"I will find out for you. Stay strong. I'll keep you posted."

"Thanks, I have to go. City council," she says getting up.

"I'll call you," he says as she leaves.

Vinny gets up and leaves some cash on the table for his coffee. He is walking out the door when Leah enters the coffee house.

"Vinny, hey," she says stopping him.

"Hi Leah, I'm just on my way out ..." he says trying to brush past her.

"Do you have a second? I wanted to run something by you," she replies.

Vinny stops and forces a smile on his face. "What's up?"

"I know Meggan is due back from rehab soon. Thank you, again, by the way for telling us where she is. We were all concerned. Anyways, I was thinking of throwing her a welcome home party. Are you okay with that?"

Vinny smiles. He thinks that a welcome home party is a great idea. Maybe if Meggan sees everyone that loves her, she will think twice about revealing the truth, he concludes. "That sounds like a great idea!"

Leah smiles excited. "Great, I'll make the arrangements."

Scene Six - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Shane's Office

Shane awakes on his sofa in his office. He has not been home in the six weeks since Natasha's accident. He can not bare to leave the hospital, in case she awakes. He needs to be there for her, he has told himself over and over again. He is thankful for Cassie. She has brought him numerous changes of clothes, and he uses the attached washroom and shower that is connected to his office, one of the perks of being senior staff at TPGH.

He walks over to his desk and looks at a photo of him and Natasha. He tries not to get another tear in his eye. He places the frame back down. No matter how hard he tries, he is still deeply in love with Natasha. He dated Rebecca to try to forget her, and that failed. Now, things with Cassie are progressing nicely, but he can not bring himself to let go of Natasha. He has wanted to go down to her room numerous times, but he knows that Cory has been by herside the entire time as well. He does not want to intrude.

He hears a knock on his office door.

"Shane, it's me, Cassie," she calls from behind the closed door.

"It's open," he says sitting on his sofa again.

Cassie opens the office door. She is carrying a duffle bag and two coffees. "I brought you a coffee from the Sugar Bowl. You're favourite," she smiles. "Oh, and more clothes."

Shane looks up and smiles at her. "You must be heaven scent. You're so good to me," he says.

"Just do what I can for my man. Although, I really do wish you'd come home and let me take care of you. Natasha's not going any where, it's okay to take care of yourself too!" she says, trying not to sound too annoyed that Shane has yet to leave the hospital because of another woman.

"I know. Believe me, I am hoping she wakes up so we can all go home soon."

"She has a husband Shane!" Cassie finally spits out.

Shane looks at Cassie, slightly confused by her outburst. "I do not understand? Natasha is one of my best friends. I have to be here for her," he defends himself.

"I am just tired of being in this relationship with three of us. Do you want to be with me?"

"Yes, of course I do," he says.

"Then be with me. Not here waiting for Natasha to wake up," she says coldly.

Shane gets up and embraces Cassie. "I'm sorry. I had no idea this was going to effect you this way," he says hugging her. "How about I shower and then we go for lunch?"

She exits the embrace. "I have a better idea," she purrs. She undoes her long trench coat to reveal sexy pink underwear. "Let's take our relationship to the next level, right here, right now," she says moving in and kissing him passionately.

Shane responds to her kiss until he hears his phone ring. "Hold on," he says. "This could be important."

He breaks the kiss and answers the phone. "Hello ... really? Yea, great! I'll be right down," he says hanging up the phone.

"I hate to do this babe, but I have a chance to see Natasha. I have to go. Can I take a rain check?"

Cassie grabs her coat and covers herself. "Sure, why not. Go," she says coldly again.

Shane kisses her quickly again. "I won't be long."

Scene Seven - The Wilkins Home; Preston, Olivia & Reese's House

The large three story house is beautifully decorated. Reese welcomes Andy into the foyer of his home.

"Wow," Andy says looking around.

Reese smiles. He was proud of how well his mother and father have done. "Yea, I guess it's cool. Mom is a therapist at TPGH and Dad is partner at the legal firm."

Andy looks around. Large glass vases and chandelier’s fill the rooms. "You're like ... rich!"

Reese laughs. "Well, I'm not. Parents have done pretty good though. Anyways, let's go to my room. We can study."

Andy follows Reese up the large spiral staircase leading to the second and third floors. "My room is the top floor. It's the only bedroom up here, it's really awesome," Reese says. They arrive at the landing. Andy looks down and is still amazed by the massive size of Reese's home. He notices another bedroom down the hall, despite Reese saying his room was the only one on the floor. They arrive at Reese's bedroom. He opens it. A large king-size bed, a marble desk with a IMAC computer, and a flat screen TV on his wall with the latest play station on the table below.

"This is your room?" Andy asks stunned.

"Yea, look over here," Reese says grabbing Andy's arm and showing him another wall. "These are my volleyball trophies," he smiles with pride.

Andy looks at the wall and is proud of Reese. He sees numerous trophies and medals to honour Reese for his skill in his sport. "This is fantastic," Andy beams at him. “Hey, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, what?” Reese says.

“I saw another bedroom up here. I thought you said …”

“It’s my sisters,” he begins.

“I didn’t know you had a sister.”

“Yea, she’s my twin. When I came out, she kinda ran away. We haven’t heard from her in like three years.”

“Oh wow, I am sorry,” Andy says.

“It’s cool. I mean, I am not angry anymore. Whatever, you know?”

Andy nods.

"Hey, you want anything? Soda, water ... ?"

"Water, sure."

"Cool, I'll be back. Make yourself at home," Reese says.

Andy watches as Reese disappears from the room. He looks around, still in awe of Reese. He had no idea Reese came from a family worth so much. He walks around the other side of the king-size bed, to Reese' desk. He sits down and turns on the computer. To Andy's shock, he sees the desktop picture on Reese' computer. It is of a smooth, toned, and very naked man. Andy looks at the computer screen, drawn to the image.

"Here's your water," Reese says interrupting Andy's moment. "Oh sorry about that, you know how it is ..." Reese says blushing about his choice of desktop.

"It's okay, I do not mind." Andy says getting up and opening his water taking a little drink.

"You know, for a straight guy you're pretty chill about me being gay. Most guys freak out a little."

"I guess I am chill," Andy says as Reese takes a drink of water. Reese spills a little on his lip. Andy quickly moves his hand up to his face and wipes away the tear drop of water on his chin.

"Thanks," Reese says slowly. "I am glad you're so ... chill," Reese says slowly moving his mouth closer to Andy's.

Their lips touch briefly. Andy savours the taste of Reese's mouth, before pulling back.

"Sorry, I shouldn’t have," Reese says.

"No, it's my fault. I should be going ..." Andy quickly says. He finds his things and exits the room, leaving Reese slightly confused as to what just transpired.

Scene Eight - The Towers; Floor One; Kim, Andy & Jeff's Apartment

Jeff opens the front door and enters the apartment. He has decided to start looking for a job, so he has been out all morning seeking employment. After dropping off his resume at various locations, he decided to come home and take a breather. He is looking forward to the peace and quiet. The last few weeks have been hectic, to say the least.

After the boycotted wedding, he and Leah went to Noah's grave. He longs for the day the driver gets justice. He feels like both he and Leah would benefit from justice being served. He often thinks of Leah, and how close she is to cracking, still. He knows that they have been seeing a lot of each other, and remembers how they almost kissed the day of the wedding. He wonders what would have happened had Kim not entered the apartment that day. His relationship with Kim has been at odds ever since. She is mourning Jackson, for reasons he will never understand.

He looks around the corner of the kitchen and spots Kim sitting at the table working on her laptop.

"Hey," he says. "Didn't expect to find you home."

She looks up briefly before returning her eyes to her screen. "Just working from home. I had no energy to go to the office today," she says.

Jeff leaves the kitchen and drops to the sofa. "Do you ever want to talk?" he says from the adjoining room.

Kim gets up and enters the living room. "Right now? I am trying to work?"

Jeff sighs. "Sorry. I should have known."

"I don't want to do this Jeff. I don't want to fight with you," Kim says turning to leave the living room.

"I've been thinking. Maybe it's time I got my own place," Jeff says.

Kim turns around. "So now you're leaving here? Leaving me?" she says getting a tear in her eye.

Jeff looks at her. "Well are we really going forward? We haven't made love in weeks. We barely speak anymore. Now, I want to talk and you're working. Are we really ever on the same page anymore?" he says calmly.

"I don't want you to leave," she says slowly moving towards the sofa. She sits down next to him. "I'm sorry. It's just ... I come home and see you in the arms of your ex, and then I feel like my mourning Jackson is not the equivalent of your losing Noah. I just feel distant," she says back to him.

He leans in and kisses her passionately. "I want you," he says.

"I thought you wanted to talk," she says in-between kisses.

"Reconnecting is almost more important right now," he says moving his lips to her neck.

Her hand finds the back of his head to pull him in closer to her. "Make love to me Jeff," she whispers.

He pulls back and sees Leah laying in front of him. He shakes his head and kisses her again. When he pulls back, he sees Kim looking at him with anticipation. "With pleasure Kim," he says picking her up and carrying her to the bedroom.

Scene Nine - The Michael's Home; Chris, Daisy & Trenyce's Home

Chris closes the closet door after finishing hanging the clean clothes from the laundry. He has the afternoon off from work, which he is grateful for. Since Daisy had become mayor, he finds himself stuck with the majority of the housework. Which he doesn’t mind. His mind traces back to Daisy revealing to him that Danielle was pregnant when she died. Chris, still, is floored that he was going to be a father. He wonders why Danielle failed to tell him about the pregnancy. He concludes that he and Danielle were just having sex. They barely spoke about their personal lives. For all he knew, he was not the father of the baby. But something inside of him told him he was.

He can hear Trenyce in her bedroom down the hall, 'studying' for exam while her loud music is playing. He continues to think that she likes teasing him in her sexy clothing. He knows that they have had their share of close encounters since she had moved in with them. He smiles, thinking that Daisy has no idea what is going on at home because she is always so wrapped up in her work. He remembers recently making love to her, right before the wedding. Since then, they have not. And once again, he is frustrated at using his hand.

He opens the door and proceeds down the hallway. He stops outside Trenyce's door. He wonders if he should knock and see if she needs anything. He wonders what she is wearing, or what perfume she has on. He shakes his head. "Gotta stop thinking about her, she's not even 18," he scolds himself.

He continues to walk down the hall. He turns around when he hears Trenyce's door open. She comes out wearing a tight top and a short skirt.

"Oh hey Chris, I was just going to get a soda," she smiles.

"How's the studying going?" he asks, looking at her bare legs.

"Pretty good. I think I'll ace this final," she beams.

"Cool. That's what I like to hear. I will have to reward you if you do that."

Trenyce smiles. She can tell when Chris hadn't been laid in while. She knows this is another opportunity for her to get closer to him. She giggles. "I would like a reward Uncle," she purrs.

"I bet you would," he smiles back at her.

She moves closer to him and places her hand on his tight t-shirt. "Have I ever thanked you, for taking me in after my Mom died?" she asks hugging him.

"Um, no thanks is necessary girl. You know we would do it again," he says trying to contain himself. She lowers his hand to a lower part of her back.

"Well I am very grateful," she purrs. "I should go get my water and get back to studying," she says rubbing his chest with her hand as she walks into the kitchen.

Chris gulps. Somehow, someway he has to get his mind off his underage niece. But how?

Scene Ten - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Natasha's Private Room

Shane enters Natasha's room. He looks at her laying in her hospital bed. She has tubes flowing in and out of her. He knows what they are for, as he is a doctor. Still it pains him to see Natasha, the woman he loves, in this state.

He walks a little closer to Natasha. She looks peaceful, he concludes. He sits in the chair next to her bed. His hand quickly finds hers.

"Hey Nat, it's me ... Shane," he says slowly. "We need you to wake up. We need you to come back to us. You've been sleeping too long. We need you ... I need you Natasha," he says as he gets tears in his eyes. In this moment alone, he could no longer bare to keep his feelings to himself. "I love you. I need you to come back. I need to hear your laugh. I need to see your smile. I need ... you, nothing else. Just you."

He puts his hand down so its resting by her arm and he starts to cry. Suddenly, Natasha's monitoring starts beeping a little faster. He jerks his head back up and sees that Natasha's eyes are slowly opening! Shane gets up. "Oh my god!" he smiles.

He opens the door and yells "Everyone! Natasha! She's waking up!"

Scene Eleven - The Towers; Floor Nine; Robin's Apartment

Cory finishes his plate of food that Robin cooked for him.

"That was delicious, thank you," he says.

"You look better now that you've had a nap and showered," she smiles back.

He looks at her. "I've missed you, you know that?"

Robin looks back. She blushes a little. "Thanks. You wanna head back to the hospital?"

"Yea, I should be there. How have you been?"

"Really good Cory. I'm working again. My new fragrance is a huge success. I love this place. I've been doing well."

"With Will?" Cory asks before he realizes that he should not be asking this question to Robin.

"Will?" Robin asks taken a back. "Will is in my life Cory. He is my friend. Nothing more."

Cory is put to ease at the thought that Robin has not moved on. "Any reason why?" he asks coming closer to her.

"No, I am just not ready for another relationship," she tells him. "We should get back to the hospital."

"Yea, we should," he whispers. Cory leaves to get his coat on leaving Robin in the kitchen. Tears fill her eyes as she realizes that she is still head over heels in love with Cory.

Scene Twelve - Patricia's Condo

Patricia sits at her bay window watching the rain pour down. She remembers quickly how she saw the photo of the three identical boys in Vinny and Meggan's storage unit. Three brothers. Triplets. She then remembers how she nursed Vinny back to health after his stabbing, only months later to see Vinny without a shirt on ... and with no scar on his back. She has been terrified of what it all means. Was Vinny not really Vinny, but one of his brothers? And Dave, the man she has been working for, is one of Vinny's siblings? Everything fails to make sense to Patricia. She has spent the last six weeks trying to place it all together, to no avail.

Suddenly there is a knock on her door. She gets up and walks over to the door to answer it. She sees Vinny.

"Come in Vinny, it's raining." she says. "What's going on? It's been a couple of weeks since I've seen you."

"Correction, you've never seen me," the man smiles at her.

Patricia gets a horrified look on her face. "Dave?" she gasps.

"The one and only," the man that looks identical to Vinny grins at her.

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- Dave reveals Patricia’s real identity
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