Episode 602 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: March 29, 2020


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Kim revealed to Simona that Bob confessed to the fire. Robbie and Natasha refused to believe it. Paige, meanwhile, lashed out at Dominick and Felicia when they spoke ill of Bob
- Eva and Donovan hoped that Victoria would soon come out of her coma
- Brad continued to tell Meggan that they couldn't reveal the truth about Cheresa being Chris & Trenyce's biological daughter
- Cory suspected that Robbie was still having an affair with Brooke

Twin Peaks Police Station

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Robbie asks Natasha as they wait outside Simona's office at the police station. Robbie looks at his sister, whose blood is still boiling from the revelation that Kim told the detective that Bob confessed to starting the fire at the boutique. Neither one of them believes that Bob started the fire and since no one else heard this confession, they even wonder if it is true. They both still suspect that Kim, not Bob, started the fire and that she is using his death to cover her own ass.

"I am sure," Natasha looks back at him. "We are all that Dad has left, Robbie. We have to make sure his name and reputation is upheld since his wife is walking around spreading these lies."

"You're right," Robbie replies to her. "I still think Kim is hiding something. There's no way Dad started that fire."

"Dad is dead because of that woman," Natasha spits. "And, now she's trying to ruin his name. I won't stand for it."

Before Robbie can reply, another police office opens the door to Simona's office and steps out. "Detective Lopez will see you now."

Simona looks up from the paper work on her desk. "Well, this is certainly a surprise. What can I do for the two of you?" she asks as the Calimo's move into her office.

"You can start by telling us, exactly, how you proved Kim's story that our father started that fire at the boutique," Natasha replies to her sternly. "Because if you don't have any proof, you will drop any charges against my father otherwise I will slap this entire police department with the biggest law suit you've ever seen."

The Sugarbowl

"It sounds like the wedding was pretty intense," Brad looks over at Cheresa as they sit across from each other in the back booth of the coffeehouse as they catch up over some coffee.

Cheresa slowly nods back to him as she just finished telling him that Robin and Adam's wedding was interrupted with the news that Shane believed Helen was actually alive and buried alive in her coffin. Since, she has heard from Dawn that the theory was correct.

"It was pretty shocking, actually," Cheresa tells him. "To think someone actually buried another human being alive? I don't know, it is like something out of a soap opera or something."

Brad chuckles back to her. "Dawn must be over the moon to have her Mom back, though."

"She is. I'm happy for her," Cheresa tells him.

Brad looks at his sister for a moment and is suddenly overwhelmed with the guilt of keeping his secret. He knows that he uncovered the truth about her biological parents: they are Chris and Trenyce. He knows that Meggan wants the truth to come out, but if Brad says anything he knows that Brooke and Greg could be in serious trouble for having purchased Cheresa from the blackmarket.

"Hey, what's up?" Cheresa asks Brad, noticing that he is day dreaming. "You look a million miles away right now."

"Sorry," Brad uneasily says back to her. "I guess I just got lost in my thoughts."

"Is everything okay?"

"Everything is perfect," Brad lies to her. "I never want our family to change. I think we have a good thing going, don't you?"

Cheresa arches her eyebrow back to him. "Of course I do. But you're acting super weird."

"I love you, that's all I'm trying to say," Brad smiles back to her. "That's not weird, is it?"

Cheresa laughs back to him. "Nah, it's nice to hear. We don't say it often enough, do we? I love you too brother."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Craig was here earlier and told me that there was no change in Victoria," Donovan tells his mother as they wait outside of Victoria's hospital room. They are both hoping that Victoria will come out of her coma so she can start to get healthy from her multiple personality disorder; at the same time, neither one can believe all the damage that Brandy did to the people of Twin Peaks.

"Do you think it's a good idea that Craig was looking in on Victoria?" Eva asks him back. Normally Eva wouldn't question Craig's doctoring skills, but considering Brandy misdiagnosed him with HIV and gave him so many drugs he almost died, Eva has to wonder if Craig would treat Victoria any differently.

"I don't think he would do anything to hurt Victoria," Donovan tells her. "He was just doing rounds; he's not her full time doctor."

"You're right," Eva waves her hand in the air. "I guess after everything that has happened, I'm paranoid."

"You have every right to be. We have all been put through the ringer. Especially now that we know Brandy faked Helen's death and buried her alive."

Eva feels her face go pale at the thought. "Why did she do all of this?" Eva's voice gets shaky. "How could my beautiful daughter hurt so many people?"

Donovan pulls his mother into a hug. "I don't know," he admits to her. "But we have to remember that she is sick. Victoria wouldn't have done any of this. It's those damn alter egos."

"We have to make sure they never come back Donovan," Eva looks at him as they exit their embrace. "We have to make sure Victoria comes back and stays with us."


Cory moves up to the nurse's station hoping to see if he can obtain Bob's hospital records. Natasha had sent him to obtain them as she wants to have a copy of them to see if she can see if there is any record of Bob waking up; if there is a record of it, it could prove that what Kim is saying about Bob starting the fire is true.

He happens to turn around and he spots Brooke walking through the hallway of the hospital. He wonders why she is at the hospital, but then remembers that she is married to a doctor. He recalls how he saw her recently at the Pampa Grill and was tempted to ask her if she was still sleeping with Robbie. After he witnessed a close moment between Brooke and Robbie recently, he has reason to believe that they are still sleeping together, which is the last thing the family would need right now. Between Bob's death, Robbie and Natasha fighting with Kim, and Jacob being engaged to Cassie, the Calimo's have enough on their plate to deal with a torrid affair.

"I'm going to tell her I know about the affair," he whispers to himself. "If she doesn't flinch, then I know I'm wrong."

He walks over to her as she chats with a nurse. "Brooke, hi," Cory approaches her. "Fancy meeting you here."

"You too," Brooke looks over at Cory. "We seem to be running into one another a lot these days."

"Small town, I guess," Cory replies to her. "Listen, do you have a moment? I need to talk to you about something and it's pretty serious."

Brooke arches her eyebrow. "I have a couple of minutes. What's going on?"

Cory pulls into a quiet waiting room and looks at her. "I know everything," Cory tells her, as Brooke looks at him in surprise. "I know that you're still sleeping with Robbie."

Brooke feels the blood drain from her face. She has no idea how Cory found out that she and Robbie slept together again; she was sure that they were alone at Wild Night the other night when they had sex. She knows that no one can know the truth; she and Greg are finally in a good place and have agreed to put their marriage back together.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Brooke lies to him as she tries to come up with a cover story.

Cory studies her face and can see some hesitation in her eyes. "Don't lie to me. I'm here to tell you that the Calimo's are going through enough right now. This …"

"I'm not going to say anything!" Brooke cuts him off. "And neither are you, Cory. This isn't any of your business. What happens between Robbie and I is just that, between us. I suggest you mind your own business."

Before Cory can reply, Brooke quickly walks away. Cory sighs heavily to himself. "So, it's true. They are still sleeping together," he whispers to himself, wondering what he should do with the information he just uncovered. "Damn you Robbie. This is the last thing this family needs right now."

Dominick's Townhouse

"I can't believe that Paige lashed out at us like that," Felicia tells Dominick as she sits on the sofa in his living room holding a cup of tea. They were at Leah and Jeff's house earlier in the day when Simona Lopez announced to them that Kim revealed that Bob confessed to starting the fire at the boutique before he passed away; Felicia and Dominick were both rather upset by the news had said some colorful words about Bob, which upset Paige, who is still grieving the loss of the man she considered a grandfather for so many years. "I don't think I've ever seen her so upset."

Dominick takes a sip of his brandy. "Neither have I," he admits to her. "But, I think she will come around. While I never liked Bob Calimo, I understand why Paige was close to him."

"She believed he was her grandfather for years," Felicia tells him, recalling how for many years, everyone believed Robbie was Paige's biological father. "Of course, she is upset that he is dead."

"It doesn't change the fact that Bob burnt down my boutique, almost killed you, and then framed you for the fire! He got away with that for far too long!"

"I don't disagree with you," Felicia tells him. "I spent the better part of last year in a hospital because of that man! He got exactly what he deserved, in my opinion."

"The good news, Felicia, is that it's over," Dominick tells her as she stands up and moves up to him. "This nightmare is finally over."

Felicia pulls him into a hug. "I am glad for that," she whispers into her ex-husbands ear. "We can finally try to move on from this mess."

Eva suddenly walks into the living room and sees her husband in the arms of his ex-wife. She looks at them and can't help but feel jealous. She moves back out of the room and leans up against the wall in the foyer. "Why is everything such a mess right now?" she asks herself as she braces herself to interrupt the embrace between Dominick and Felicia.

The Calimo Mansion

"I'm sorry I haven't been around more," Andy tells Kim as they stand in the living room of the Calimo mansion. "There's been so much going on lately."

"It's fine, you're here now, and I can't tell you how good it is to see you," Kim pulls him into a hug. "I still can't believe that Bob is gone."

"I know, it seems surreal," Andy replies to her as they exit their embrace. "How are you holding up?"

Kim sighs back to his brother as she moves to the bar to pour two glasses of water "To be honest, not well; Robbie and Natasha, they are blaming me for Bob's death and Simona Lopez continues to hound me about the fire at the boutique."

"Why do Robbie and Natasha think you killed Bob? He was in a car accident."

"They think I'm having an affair with Greg Lawson, which I'm not! I have never slept with Greg," Kim informs him. "But they are so damn stubborn."

"Maybe it will pass once the initial shock of Bob's death passes?" Andy suggests to her.

"I hope so. His funeral is tomorrow, I'd love for us to be united for that."

"So, maybe this isn't a good question to ask but I feel like I have to ask it," Andy tells his sister, who looks back at him with intent. "But, did Bob confess to starting the fire? Did he really wake up and say that to you?"

Kim shakes her head back to him in surprise. She knows that Bob did wake up and tell her to tell everyone that he started the fire. Why doesn't anyone believe her? "I would expect that question from Robbie and Natasha, but you? Andy, I thought you knew me better than that."

"I just want the truth to come out."

"The truth is, Bob woke up and told me he started the fire," Kim firmly tells him. "That's the truth. And, that's what I told Simona Lopez."

Andy moves up to her and hugs her. "I believe you," he tells his sister. "Now, we just have to figure out a way to get Robbie and Natasha to believe you."

Twin Peaks Police Station

"First of all," Simona stands up from her desk. "You don't come into my office and make threats, Ms. Calimo. Secondly, I've taken the confession statement from your father's wife to the DA; she has accepted this as confirmation that Bob started the fire. If you, or your family, have a problem with that, you can take it up with her, but I should remind you that your father backed her position as the district attorney."

"You don't have to remind us of what our father has or hasn't done," Robbie replies to her quickly. "We are fully aware."

"Look, I understand that you two are mourning the loss of your father, and I'm truly sorry for that," Simona looks at them. "But, I'm not sure why Kim would lie about her husband making a confession like this."

"Because she's the one who started the fire!" Natasha yells at her. "She can pin this all on my father now because he's dead! Don't you see what she's doing?"

"There is no proof that this is what is happening," Simona replies to her. "And without proof, our hands are tied. And, the case will be considered closed."

"This is unbelievable!" Natasha shrieks back to her.

"Come on Nat," Robbie moves up to his sister and puts his arms on her shoulders. "This isn't going to get us anywhere."

"This isn't over," Natasha points her finger at Simona. "You mark my words, this isn't over!"

Next on One Day at a Time
-Bob's funeral takes place
- Brooke and Greg talk while Cory watches
- Andrew tells Chris his future plans

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