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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Robin worried that her relationship with Adam would change now that Helen was alive
- Andy and Nicholas shared another kiss
- Felicia interrupted Bob's funeral and announced that he got exactly what he deserved
- Tyler and Daisy made love. Vinny, meanwhile, was annoyed when they showed up to Adam & Robin's wedding together
- Donovan and Lukas remained at odds over Victoria

The Calimo Mansion

"Thank you for coming today," Lois Kam tells Natasha, Robbie, Kim and Andy as they sit in Bob's office in the mansion. It is the day after Bob's funeral and the family is now gathered for the reading of his will, which is why Lois is present. After Felicia and Natasha lashed out at Kim at the service, she asked Andy to be there with her for support, which he was happy to do. Kim doesn't know how much more she can handle of everyone seemingly blaming her for everything that has happened. She can't imagine that Robbie and Natasha would make a scene in front of the district attorney, however.

"We want to know what our father's final wishes were," Natasha replies to the DA before she looks over at Robbie. Together they both hope that Bob was smart enough to cut Kim out of his will; they know that Bob and Kim divorced and were separated for a while before they got remarried, they just hope that Bob never put her back in his will. It would be fitting for Kim to get nothing considering they believe she is responsible for Bob's death.

"As you can imagine, there are a lot of moving pieces to my Dad's legacy," Robbie tells Lois. "He has the estate, the company and a lot of assets."

"I was reading over the will before I got here this morning," Lois advises them. "And, it seems pretty straight forward. There shouldn't be any surprises."

Kim looks over at Andy and hopes that she gets what she feels like she is deserved. "So, don't keep us waiting," Kim tells her. "What does the will say? What were Bob's final wishes?"

The Sugarbowl

"I'm glad we agreed to meet today," Daisy tells her niece as they sit at the window bar with coffee's in front of them. Daisy recalls how she was with Tyler after Robin and Adam's wedding and he told her that Trenyce was with Vinny; she wanted to find out how her ex-husband handled seeing her and Tyler together since he had been talking about getting revenge on them for their affair. And now, Daisy and Tyler have seemingly gotten back on track and made love; they are moving forward with their relationship. The last thing Daisy wants is to upset Vinny with this news and return to his idea of plotting against them.

"Me too," Trenyce takes a sip of her coffee. "It seems like it had been a while since we had one on one time."

"I saw that you were with Vinny when I showed up to the wedding the other day," Daisy replies to her quickly. "How did he take the fact that I was with Tyler?"

Trenyce sighs back to her knowing that Vinny put on a brave face but she could tell that he was upset by what he witnessed. "He acted like he was fine, but I could tell that he was hurt. As soon as you two were seated, he had to go get some air."

Daisy takes a sip of her drink. "He didn't mention wanting to get revenge did he?"

Trenyce shakes her head back to her Aunt. "No, he didn't."

"Well thank God," Daisy replies to her. "Maybe this is a good first sign that he is starting to accept things."

"I do feel bad for him," Trenyce admits to her. "He is still struggling with everything that happened."

"I know he is," Daisy tells her. "And I feel bad for what happened but he has to move on and I'm hoping that's what he is doing instead of talking about revenge."

"Me too," Trenyce agrees with her. "I hope he moves on as well."

The Victors Mansion

Vinny paces back and forth in the living room of his mansion as his mind races about the fact that he saw Daisy and Tyler together at the wedding a few days earlier. He knew that there was a good chance that they would be together; however seeing it with his own eyes was harder than he thought.

He had been thinking of trying to get revenge on the two of them for the public humiliation they put him through when their affair was revealed; conversations with Trenyce, Andrew and even Daisy herself, lead to him think that maybe he was overreacting and that he shouldn't try to get revenge on them. But after seeing them at the wedding, his mind is changing back to his original idea.

"They were so smug," he whispers to himself. "Walking in holding hands knowing damn well that I would be there; it's like they wanted to rub in it my face that they were together now. I bet he took her home and made love to her all night… God, the thought makes me sick to my stomach."

He pours himself a brandy and takes a large sip of it. "That's it," he tells himself. "I need to get back at them. I need to show them, and everyone else, that you don't make a fool out of Vinny Victors and get away with it. I just have to figure out what I'm going to do, but I will get back at them. Daisy and Tyler deserve to pay for what they've done to me."

The Pampa Grill

"I'm glad that you were able to tear yourself away from the hospital for a bit so you could have a proper meal," Nicholas tells his sister as they sit across from one another at the restaurant. Nicholas knows that his sister has been at the hospital almost twenty fours a day since they discovered that Helen was buried alive in the coffin. Helen is still at the hospital as she hasn't woken up just yet, but she is expected to any day now.

"Thanks for forcing me to leave," Robin takes a bit of her chicken Caesar salad. "I didn't realize how hungry I was until I got here."

"It was the least I could do," Nicholas replies to her.

"How did it go at Bob's funeral?" Robin asks him, knowing that she didn't go because she was at the hospital. She was never close to Bob, but she would have gone to give support to Cory.

Nicholas sighs and feels his cheeks blush a little as he thinks to Andy visiting him before the service and they shared another kiss. Nicholas has been trying so desperately to fight his attraction to Andy, but sometimes it is impossible and they cross a line. He has to get it in check though; they can't kiss anymore.

"It was a tough day for the Calmo family," Nicholas tells her. "Actually, Felicia showed up and announced that Bob got what he deserved; apparently, he confessed to starting the fire at the boutique before he died."

"Really? Wow," Robin says back in surprise. "After all this the time, the truth is out. I guess I need to talk to Leah to see how Felicia is doing."

"It wasn't pretty to say the least," Nicholas admits to her. "How are things at the hospital? Are you still feeling insecure about your relationship with Adam?"

Robin takes a sip of her white wine and reflects to herself for a moment. She knows that Adam and Dawn have not left Helen's bedside since she was taken to the hospital; she's trying to believe that her relationship with Adam won't change with Helen coming back, but she can't help but think it will change completely.

"I wish I could say I wasn't insecure," Robin finally replies to him. "But I just get the feeling that Helen coming back will change everything."

Nicholas reaches over and grabs her hand. "Just remember that Adam loves you; no matter what, that hasn't changed."

Robin slowly nods back to him. "I think I'll feel better once Helen is awake and moving around again. Then we can start putting our lives back together."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

Adam stands over Victoria's bed in the hospital and watches her as she lays there sleeping as she is still in her coma. He can't believe that her alter ego faked Helen's death and put her in a coffin for months; had Brandy not shot herself, none of this could have been revealed and Helen, might, still be in the coffin.

"I hope you can hear me," Adam tells her as he sits next to her. "Because I need you to know that Helen is safe; she's not in the coffin anymore."

"This isn't the first time we've had to deal with your multiple personalities, Victoria," he continues to tell her, as he recalls the last time Victoria was suffering with her illness and Brandy started his condo on fire. "But this is by far the worst thing you've done. Helen was in that damn coffin for months; you made my daughter think she had lost her mother. I know that you're sick, but this is unforgivable. I need you to wake up so you can take responsibility for all of this."

Adam looks at Victoria for a moment longer before he stands up and slowly walks out of the hospital room as he runs his hand through his hair.

"Dad, there you are," Dawn says as she comes up to him. "I was looking for you."

"Is it Helen? Has there been a change?"

"No," Dawn shakes her head back to him. "She's still sleeping. The doctors think she will wake up soon though."

"Then what's up?" he asks his daughter. "You had me worried."

"Sorry," Dawn tells him as they start walking towards Helen's hospital room. "I've just been thinking about Mom and what will happen when she wakes up."

"It will be the best day in a very long time."

"Yes, it will," Dawn replies to him. "And, then she'll get to go home, to our house where we are currently living."

Adam stops and looks at her for a moment knowing that he only moved back to the house to be with Dawn while she grieved Helen and Barbara. "Don't move out Dad. Stay living with Mom and I. Let's be a family again? What do you say?"


"I wish Victoria would wake up already," Eva tells Donovan as they sit across from one another in the cafeteria of the hospital. "The waiting is the hardest part."

"Yea it is," Donovan agrees with her. "How was Bob's service?"

Eva waves her hand back to him. "Don't ask," she tells him, not wanting to get into that drama. "That family is a battle field right now."

"Seems to be going around right now," Donovan tells his mom.

"Does that mean you and Lukas are still at odds over Victoria?"

"I wish we weren't," Donovan admits to her, as he thinks about how Lukas wants Victoria to pay for hurting Craig, and all the others. "But yea we are. I have an idea of how I'm going to fix that though."

Eva arches her eyebrow back to him. "Well, you can't leave me hanging with just that. What are you planning to do?"

"I think I'm going to ask Lukas to marry me," Donovan reveals to her. "I think that will show him that no matter what we are going through, I am committed to him and that I love him."

"Darling, I think that's wonderful that you want to take that next step," she tells him. "But I need you do me a favor and wait to ask Lukas to marry you."

"Wait? Why would I wait?"

"Because, we need to focus on Victoria," Eva tells him. "As soon as she wakes up, you can ask Lukas. Can you promise me that?"

Donovan slowly nods back to her. "Sure Mom. I can wait until we know Victoria will be okay."

The Calimo Mansion

"I wonder how it's going up there," Jacob paces back and forth in the living room of his family mansion. He and Shane are waiting to hear what Bob's will revealed; after all the drama at the funeral the previous day, he hopes that Robbie, Natasha and Kim can get along with whatever the contents reveal.

"Me too," Shane replies to his son. "I know how upset Natasha has been with Kim since she thinks she's sleeping with Greg Lawson and caused Bob's death."

"Not to mention how crazy she is about me and Cassie being together."

Shane sighs back to his son knowing that Natasha has every right to be concerned about Jacob's relationship with Cassie Nova. "You know, son," Shane begins to tell him. "I was where you were not that long ago. In a place where I thought Cassie was perfect. But…"

"I don't want to hear it Dad," Jacob cuts him off. "I'm going to tell you what I told Mom and that is that I'm in love with Cassie and nothing you guys say or do will change that. Cassie is not the same woman she was all those years ago. I just need you to trust me; I know exactly what I'm doing."

Shane runs his hand through his hair. "I'm trying kid, but I know from personal experience what Cassie Nova is like."

"Dad, please," Jacob sternly looks at him. "I know what I'm doing, okay?"


Upstairs in the study, Lois looks at Robbie, Natasha and finally Kim before she takes a deep breath. "Okay," she begins to say. "I'll read the will out loud so there's no confusion as to what Bob's final words were."

She picks up the legal document and clears her throat as Robbie and Natasha grab each other's hands. They hold their breath as they hope that Bob has done the right thing and cut Kim from his fortune.

"If you are reading this, it means that I have left you all. First of all, I'm sorry if I caused any pain by leaving you. I hope you all know that I love you very much. My family has meant the most to me in the entire world; I would have done anything for you," Lois begins to read the will.

"But, there is a lot to divide up and I had to think of a way to make this fair. That being said, here are my final wishes: to my grandchildren, Jacob and Sophie, I have left them each a trust fund worth 2 million dollars. Both Jacob and Sophie will have access to these funds once they turn 25."

"After my family, my passion in life was my company, Roboto," Lois continues to read. "I built that company from the ground up. I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it. The company, it needs to remain a family run business. I can't have an outside running Roboto. So, I hereby appoint my children, Robbie and Natasha, as co CEO's of Roboto effective immediately. They will oversee all divisions of the organization."

Kim uneasily looks at Andy as she feels her heart sink. She knows that she will officially be out of a job now since Natasha and Robbie blame her for everything that has happened.

"There is one stipulation to this, however," Lois continues to read the will. "My beloved wife, Kimberly, she is guaranteed an executive role at the company for the rest of her life. She has brought so much good to Roboto and my life, this is one way I can thank her."

Natasha rolls her eyes to Robbie, realizing that they will have to work with Kim every day moving forward. She takes a deep breath and hopes that the rest of the will reading goes accordingly.

"The next aspect of my assets is the estate in which my family was raised. Sofia, my darling first wife, and I had our estate built from the soil in which it stands on. We had every detail custom designed for us and our family. My children were raised in the mansion and on the grounds. I love that property so much very and spent many happy years there. After Sofia passed away, I didn't think I'd ever move on and find love again. But, I did found love again with Kimberly, my wife. Because we spent so many years together in the estate, I'm leaving the entire property to her."

"What? This is crazy! This is our home!" Robbie shouts as Natasha grabs his hand. He can't believe that his family home is being left to Kim.

"Let's stay calm," Natasha tries to tell him, even though she is just as livid. "We don't know what else Daddy wrote in the will."

"I'll continue," Lois looks at them before she looks at Kim, who has a huge grin on her face. "The last aspect that I need to discuss is that of my various forms of liquid assets. At the time of preparing this will, my total amount of liquidity was at 75 million dollars. This is to be evenly distributed between my children, Robbie and Natasha, and my wife Kimberly. These are my final wishes, and I trust that my loved ones will see that these are honored."

"Wow," Kim stands up knowing that Bob took care of her very well. "Bob was very generous to everyone, it seems."

"Like hell he was," Robbie stands up and looks at her. "If you think you're going to take over this estate, you have another thing coming, Kim."

"He's right," Natasha tells her. "You cheated on my father and you killed him. There's no way in hell you're going to be living here. It's bad enough we have to work with you!"

Kim uneasily chuckles back to them. "These were your father's wishes, not mine. For once in your spoiled lives, do what your father wanted. Respect his wishes; that is the very least you could do."

She and Andy storm out of the office leaving Robbie and Natasha to look at one another in horror as they wonder how they can fight this; there is no way that they will let Kim take over the mansion.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Kim celebrates her victory
- Robbie reaches out to Brooke
- Max makes a move on Paige

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