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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Meggan told Brad she had to tell Chris & Trenyce the truth about Cheresa. Brad turned the tables on her and announced if she told the truth, he would reveal to Jeff that Logan is really his son
- Eva and Donovan were thrilled when Victoria opened her eyes
- Donovan told Eva he was thinking of proposing to Lukas
- Helen told Adam and Dawn that she wanted to press charges against Victoria
- Felicia sensed that Leah was struggling with something, unaware that Leah knew that Logan was really Jeff's son

The Richardson Estate; Meggan & Lukas' Home

Brad looks outside the French doors from the living room and into the garden where he can see Meggan walking outside. He sighs a little as he thinks to the previous night when they came to blows over Cheresa; Meggan wanted to tell Chris and Trenyce the truth about his sister: that she is their biological daughter. Brad, however, knows that if the truth ever came out, Brooke and Greg would be in serious trouble as they purchased Cheresa from the black market, which is illegal. He can't see his family suffer from this that has action that has brought them years of happiness with his sister. So, after Meggan told him she was going to tell the truth, he told her if she did that he would tell everyone that Jeff, not Brad, is really Logan's father. He could tell that he gutted her by his revelation but he didn't have any idea of what else to do.

"What are you going to do Meggan?" he asks himself as he turns from the window as he recalls Meggan stormed off and went to bed without telling him what her next plan of attack is going to be. "I hope you've come to your senses and will agree to keep this secret. You have no other choice."

He walks over to the end table where his phone is and he picks it up as it is ringing. "Brad Lawson," he says into his phone.

"Brad," Dominick says from his office at Robertson Enterprises. "It is Dominick Robertson. I hope this isn't a bad time?"

"Not at all," Brad replies to him. "How can I help you?"

"I'm hoping that you will help me actually," Dominick informs him. "My company is planning to launch an exciting new line and I need your assistance with it."

Brad arches his eyebrow. "I'm not sure how I can help?"

"Well, this line is top secret and will have a lot of various components," Dominick tells him, thinking about the ski and winter line that he and his team are creating. "I'm going to need security here to ensure none of our products are leaked. A few years ago, one of our competitors had a leak with a facial cream formula."

"You're offering me a job as corporate security?" Brad asks him back in surprise. "I wasn't expecting this at all."

"Think about it Mr. Lawson and let me know," Dominick replies to him. "But the job is yours if you'd like it."

"I don't need time to think about it," Brad quickly tells him as he looks back at Meggan, who is still in the garden. "I'll take the job."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"I can't tell you what a relief it is to know Victoria is awake," Donovan tells Lukas as they stand next to one another in a waiting room. Donovan has just finished telling his boyfriend that Victoria woke up the previous night before he and Eva left the hospital. Now, Donovan is there to tell his sister everything that happened while Brandy was in control of her life. Donovan also hopes that this means he can move forward with his idea of proposing to Lukas; he knows that they have been at odds as Lukas wants Victoria to pay for everything she did while Brandy was in control but he thinks that marriage would show Lukas how committed he is to him and that they can weather any storm together.

"It is a good sign for sure," Lukas looks back at him. "I hope this is the beginning of the end of this mess."

"I think it will be," Donovan nods back to him. "You know what I'm really looking forward to?"

"What's that?"

"Us getting back to us," Donovan looks back at Lukas. "We have been so consumed with this; it'll be nice to have you and me time again."

"I could get behind that," Lukas smiles back to him. "I really do hope the best outcome comes from this Donovan, no matter what that may be."

"Me too," Donovan leans in and gives him a quick kiss. "Okay, I better head to Vic's room. I'm meeting my Mom and Shane there."

"Good luck," Lukas tells him as Donovan walks off and heads towards the hospital room.

Donovan soon turns into a different hallway and sees Eva and Shane standing outside of Victoria's hospital room in a conversation. He hopes he isn't too late to join in the discussion with what is going to happen.

"Morning guys, what is going on? Is Victoria still awake?" Donovan asks them as he arrives.

"She is," Shane replies to him. "I was just in with her. She's alert."

"And, she is Victoria? The alter Brandy isn't back?" Eva asks him, not knowing who is in control of her daughter's mind right now. When the shooting took place, Brandy was in control not Victoria. And since then, she has remained in a coma; so they have no idea who is in control right now.

"She appears to be Victoria," Shane tells her and Donovan. "She tells me she is Victoria."

"She fooled us last time," Donovan reminds him. "We have to be sure."

"There's only one way to make sure we know its Victoria," Eva tells them. "And I know just the way. Come on."

They three of them move into the hospital room and see Victoria sitting up in her bed. Victoria uneasily looks back at them. "This looks like the three musketeers," she manages to say back to them with a rather hoarse voice. She is still drinking water trying to rehydrate.

"Darling, I can't tell you how happy I am that you're awake and back with us," Eva sits on the side of her bed and grabs her hand. "We were all so worried about you."

"Yea, Vic, it is nice to have you back," Donovan tells his sister.

"Thanks guys," she replies to them. "I am just glad that this nightmare is over."

"That's what we have to be sure of," Shane says as he stands at the base of the bed. "We have to ensure that Brandy never comes back, Victoria."

"I know exactly how to solve this," Eva purses her lips together as she looks at her daughter. "And by God, you have to agree to this."

"What is it?"

"You have to go away and get help for this mental illness," Eva tells her daughter, knowing very well that if Brandy is still in control she would not agree to this. "You have to fight this mental illness so it never comes back."

The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn's Home

"You have no idea how happy I am to be at home," Helen tells Adam and Dawn as she sits on the sofa in the living room of her house. She was released from the hospital and is now back at home; she can't believe everything that has happened to her, but being at home is the best thing that she could have happened to her. "I just wish Barbara was here; I still can't believe she is gone."

"We have all the time in the world to fill you on that," Dawn tells her Mom as she sits next to her. "Right now, we just want to make sure that you are comfortable."

"I am, yes," Helen wipes a tear away from her eye.

"Can I get you anything? Anything at all?" Adam asks his ex-wife as he hovers over the sofa.

"No, I think I'm okay," Helen replies to him. "Actually, I changed my mind…there is something."

"Name it," Adam says back to the quickly.

Before Helen can say anything, however, the front door bell rings. Adam and Dawn look at one another knowing who is at the door. "I'll get it," Dawn announces as she stands up and moves away from her mother.

"Who could that be?" Helen asks Adam.

"I think you'll be most pleased with who is at the door," Adam replies to her.

Dawn and Simona Lopez then arrive in the living room and look at Helen. "Mom, we asked Simona Lopez to come over," Dawn tells her. "Because, you asked us to get her when you were still at the hospital."

"I heard you wanted to see me," Simona looks at Helen. "I'm so sorry about what happened to you. No one should have to go through that."

"You're right," Helen stands up and looks at Simona as she crosses her arms. "And, that's why I asked to see you. I want you to press as many charges against Victoria Franky as you can. I want her to pay for what she has done to me."

Robertson Enterprises; Leah's Office

"Oh sweetheart, I'm glad you're here," Felicia says as she opens the door to Leah's office and sees her daughter working behind her desk. Felicia desperately wanted out of the house so she came to see Leah at work especially because she has a lingering hunch that Leah is keeping something from her.

"I am here," Leah looks up from her desk. "What brings you by today? It's not often I get a visit from you during the day."

"I know, and I hope I'm not interrupting," Felicia moves closer to the desk. "But I had to see you."

"What is it? Is something wrong?"

"That's what I'd like to know," Felicia crosses her arms across her chest. "I get the feeling that you're keeping something from me and I'd like to know what it is."

Leah gulps and stands up from her desk. She walks over to the bar and pours herself a glass of water and takes a sip. "Why do you think I'm hiding something?"

"It's just a feeling I've gotten lately," Felicia tells her daughter. "Like the other day, when Robin was over and I asked you about having another child … you completely went into a trance for a while and then you snapped out of it. It's like, you were thinking about something. I can't place it but I know you so well, I sense that something is troubling you."

Leah shuts her eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath. She never realized that keeping the secret that Logan is really Jeff's child would impact more than her and Jeff; now she is going to have to lie to her mother. And, who knows who else she will have to lie to with this secret.

"It's nothing Mom," Leah finally turns around to her. "I guess I've been distracted from this new line we are working on, that's all."

"I hope you're right dear," Felicia tells her. "I hope you know if there was something troubling you, you could talk to me."

"I know that," Leah feels her eyes swell with water. "Trust me when I tell you it's nothing."

Outside the office door, Jeff stands listening to the conversation between Leah and Felicia. He leans back against the wall and wonders if Leah is struggling with something. As Felicia noted, there have been moments when Leah has acted differently than usual.

"I have to get to the bottom of this," he whispers to himself before he turns and walks away from his wife's office, wondering what Leah could be keeping from everyone in her life.

The Richardson Estate; Meggan & Lukas' Home

"I'm happy that you got this job offer," Meggan tells Brad, who just finished telling her about Dominick's offer. She takes a sip of her sparkling water before she turns back to face him. "But if you think that makes everything okay between us, you're wrong."

"I was just trying to make small talk," Brad replies to her. "Now that I have a new job, we won't be together all the time at home and at work. It will give us more of a balance. After all, we are still together, aren't we?"

"I have no idea," Meggan admits to him. "I've never been with someone who was blackmailing me before. This is new and to be honest, it really sucks."

"You have to understand why I said that," Brad tells her. "My family, they mean everything to me. I can't let my Mom and Dad get caught up in this."

"You've made that perfectly clear," Meggan spits at him. "But, you just ruined any chance we actually have at being together, you realize that right? I can't trust you at all anymore."
"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying, I'll keep your dirty little secret," she huffs at him, knowing that no one can know the truth about Logan. "But you and I, we are over. For good."

Next on One Day at a Time
- The Gala at St. Joseph's begins
- Brooke makes something clear to Robbie
- Jacob and Cassie make a pack

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