Episode 61
Identity Uncovered
Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously on One Day At A Time
- Natasha lay in a coma after the accident at the wedding. Shane and Cassie almost made love, but he learned Cory had gone home so he ran down to be with Natasha. She started coming out of her coma.
- Sofia called Robin to talk to Cory into going home and getting some rest. He agreed to go home after seeing Robin.
- Jeff and Kim continued to drift apart
- Patricia was stunned when ‘Dave’ showed up at her door … and he looked just like Vinny!
Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Natasha’s Private Hospital Room

The rains clouds lift over Twin Peaks, and a beacon of sunlight is starting to peak through the clouds that have been over hanging the city. The sun gives Twin Peaks a sparkle, as most things still have the wet residue from the rain that has been falling.

One of those sun rays of light enters the private hospital room of Natasha Calimo. She stirs in her bed, and her eyes open. Shane Glubbs sits next to her, as her mother Sofia, father Bob, brother Robbie and best friend Kim all stand by. Natasha’s doctor is on the other side of her.

“She’s definitely coming out of her coma,” Dr. Craig Benton tells the family as he continues to check Natasha’s vitals.

“When will she be coherent?” Sofia asks softly, yet eager for her daughter to be fully awake.

“Should be anytime,” Dr. Benton says. “We just need to be sure that we do not overwhelm her. She’s been in a coma for six weeks. Please let’s not get her emotional or worked up,” he advises.

“Has anyone called Cory?” Kim asks.

No one responds, and Shane looks back at Kim. While he knows that Cory should be the one at Natasha’s side, he does not want to give up that spot. This, after all, is the woman he is in love with.

“I think he’s at Robin’s. He agreed to her to go home and change and get some sleep,” Sofia tells Kim.

Kim nods. “I will try his cell.”

Kim leaves the room. Sofia looks over at Shane and notices that he does not seem very interested in giving up his position next to Natasha. “Is everything alright Shane?”

He looks up to Sofia. “Yea, I am just glad she’s finally waking up.”

Scene Two - The Tower’s; Floor Eight; Robin’s Apartment

Cory looks in the bathroom mirror. Steam surrounds him, as he has had his first real hot shower in six weeks. He is shaving his growing beard off. He thinks back to the hospital, how Robin convinced him to come home with her. He smiles thinking how great she has been to him. ‘I don’t deserve her,’ he thinks as the razor blade slides down his cheek.

As he slides the blade down another area of his cheek, there is a knock on the door. The suddenly interruption causes him to cut himself. “Shit!” he says, as Robin enters the washroom. She’s quickly taken a back by seeing the man she loves and lusts after only in a towel. Blood quickly starts to pour of his cheek.

“Oh, I am so sorry,” she says as he places some tissue on his cheek.

“It’s okay,” he says. “Happens all the time.”

Robin smiles. “You’re phone just ran. I picked up. It’s Kim.”

“Oh, and …?”

Robin shrugs as she passes him the phone. Robin leaves, but leans up against the wall outside the washroom.

‘”Kim, what’s going on?” Cory says into his phone. “What? That’s great. I’ll be right there!”

She hears Cory close his phone. Robin smiles. “Natasha?” she asks.

“Yea, she’s waking up! Isn’t that great?” he replies excited.

“It’s fantastic news,” Robin says. Inside she tells herself again that she has moved from Cory and that she doesn’t want or need a man to be happy in her life. She is happy being independent.

Scene Three - Patricia’s Condo

Patricia bites her lower lip, as she does when she gets nervous. She grabs an elastic band and puts her long flowing hair up into a ponytail. She walks into the living room, where the man that she has only had telephone communication with, Dave, is pouring himself a drink. Dave, is a dead ringer for Vinny, the man she has fallen for and her next door neighbor.

“Vinny, stop this joking. You can not be Dave,” she says trying to laugh at herself.

Dave turns around. “Oh Patty cakes, come on now. We both know what you have been up too these past few months, playing detective and all.”

Patricia gulps. She is pretty sure no one saw her go to Vinny and Meggan’s storage unit and discover the photo of the three young boys that look identical.

“Yes, I found out that Meggan killed Noah … but I told you, I will not say anything. We’ve been over this … Vinny,” Patricia says, knowing that she has to keep calling him Vinny. In some way, she is trying to mask this reality from her mind. It can not really be happening.

“Stop calling me Vinny. It’s Dave,” he smiles. “And that’s not what I am talking about. I paid you to help me Patricia. Did you really think I haven’t had someone watching you to keep you in line?”

Patricia gulps. “What is this? Some kind of sick, twisted game?”

Dave laughs. He stops suddenly and grabs her. “Do not fuck with me,” he says in an angry tone.

Shaking in fear, Patricia starts to quiver her lower lip, “What do you want from me?”

“Now that you know the truth, you need to understand why,” Dave responds.

He releases his hold on Patricia, and she rubs her arms with her hands. “Please don’t grab me like that, you hurt me.”

Dave laughs. “I will do so much more if you say anything to anyone. Your parents, your brother … wouldn’t they love to know about your hooker past?!”

“Please Dave,… they wouldn’t understand,” she says almost begging.

“Fine Madeline,” he turns and smiles to her again.

Patricia freezes. “What did you just call me?”

“Madeline. That’s your name. I know Patricia West is just your cover. You’re Madeline Wilkins,” he says looking right into her eyes.

Scene Four - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Natasha’s Private Room

Kim re-enters the hospital room and smiles over at Bob and Sofia. “I talked to Cory, he’s on his way,” she says looking back at Shane and Natasha.

Shane is still by Natasha’s side, holding her hand. Kim looks at Shane as he is very attentive to Natasha. For a brief moment she lets her mind wonder. He looks like the man that is love with Natasha, the man that should have been marrying her a few weeks ago. Instead, he is one of her best friends. She shakes her head. She knows how much Cory and Natasha have been through. After all, Cory only went home today because Robin convinced him too. She glances back and sees Jeff standing at the doorway.

“Sofia, can you call me when Natasha has fully regained consciousness?” Kim asks, pulling her aside.

Sofia notices Jeff standing outside and smiles at Kim. “Of course Kimberly,” she says. “Go, see what he wants.”

Kim turns and exits the room. “Hey,” she says, a little coldly at him. The last six weeks have been trying for the couple as she continues to feel like he was not listening to her about her mourning Jackson, and he continued to lean on Leah with dealing with the loss of Noah.

“Hey,” he says back. “Want to get lunch?”

“Do you mind cafeteria food? Natasha’s waking up…I have to be close.”

“Of course,” he says leading the way.

Scene Five – The Victors Home; Vinny & Meggan’s House

Leah sits at the kitchen table with a large pad of paper out. She has a coffee cup next to her and she takes a quick drink.

Across from her is Vinny, not really overly interested in Leah’s visit as she is planning Meggan’s homecoming party from rehab.

“So I was thinking about balloons,” Leah says looking over at Vinny.

“Yea, sure … whatever,” he says coldly. “Really Leah, anything you want. I’ll be here and whatever you want to do, it’s cool.”

“Thanks Vinny.” Leah smiles. She loves planning parties and events. Plus it has given her time to take mind off Noah. “I still can’t believe that Meggan was drinking so much. She hid it well.”

“Easy for you to say, you weren’t living with her,” Vinny quips.

Leah’s blackberry suddenly vibrates. She picks it up and quickly starts collecting her belongings.

“I have to go,” she says rushing.

“What’s going on?”

“Natasha, she’s waking up. Robbie just texted me.”

“Ah, I see. Well as I said, the house and I am here for the party!”

“Thanks,” Leah grins as she leaves, already excited by the upcoming party.

Scene Six – Twin Peaks General Hospital; The Cafeteria

Kim and Jeff sit in the overly bright cafeteria, picking at their food. Neither one has really touched their food, but they were enjoying the fact that they were sitting and having a seemingly decent conversation.

“Must be hard seeing your best friend like that,” Jeff finally says.

“At least she’s waking up. The last six weeks have been hard though, yea.”

He looks up. “Sorry I haven’t been around more … I’ve been dealing with stuff…”

“You mean Leah?” she asks coldly.

Jeff looks up. “Where did that come from?”

“I saw you two remember? Before the wedding. You were about to kiss her!” Kim says hurt.

“Kim, no,” Jeff says trying to explain. “We were … hugging,” he lies. “You know that day was hard on us. It was the first time back at the church since Noah’s funeral. We have to lean on each other.”

Kim scoffs. “She’s married. You’re seeing me. You should be leaning on me, and she should be leaning on Robbie.”

“It’s complicated. It’s different because we are Noah’s parents. We have that bond that no one can take away,” he says softly. “I am not trying to upset you. I just feel … at ease with Leah when I am grieving for my son.”

“And the hell with me? Is that it?” Kim asks. Jeff doesn’t respond. “You haven’t been around for me in my time of mourning. You haven’t been around for me when my best friend was lying in a coma for crying out loud!” she says as tears fill her eyes.

Jeff looks at Kim. “I still fail to understand why would you even mourn the death of Jackson. The man raped you Kim! For God’s sake he terrorized you. What is there to mourn?”

Kim stops crying. She wipes her tears. “Well, if you would even ask me about it I could try to make you understand. Obviously that’s not going to happen since you’re so wrapped up in yourself all the time.”

Kim stands up. “I’m going back to Natasha’s room. My best friend needs me.”
Jeff watches Kim leave him alone in the cafeteria. He places his hands over his head and let’s out a deep sigh. For all of his trying, he can not bring himself to understand Kim and Jackson.

Scene Seven – Patricia’s Condo

Patricia stands in shock as Dave has just revealed her real name: Madeline Wilkins.

“You’re mother is the hot-shot therapist, and your father is the big-wig lawyer. And your twin brother, the fag volleyball player …” Dave smirks.

“Don’t call him that,” Patricia quivers.

“You know he thinks you left because he came out to your family, right?”

Patricia stands in silence, her lips trembling. “No, he doesn’t …”

“He thinks you hate him, because he’s gay.” Dave smirks.

Patricia runs up to him. “You shut up! Reese doesn’t hate me! I am his twin sister, we are forever connected …” she says grabbing him.

Dave throws Patricia to the sofa. “Get a grip. You haven’t seen him in years. You left the day after he came out, what was he supposed to expect? You’re just like Vinny. You think everything is about you?”

Patricia sits herself back on the sofa. “Why do you hate Vinny?”

Dave scuffs. “I don’t hate him. I detest him,” he says slowly, calmly.

“But …” Patricia begins.

“Because!” Dave yells before regaining his composure. “Because … do you have any idea what it’s like growing up as a triplet Patty cakes? You have to share everything twice over. Not your birthday, OUR birthday. Not my new toy, OUR new toy. Not my vacation, OUR vacation. Everything was always for the three of us.”

“But weren’t you close to them? You’re brothers I mean?”

“At first. But then it became very clear that Vinny was the favorite. Brett and I … we were left with nothing,” Dave says coldly.

“What do you mean?”

“When my parents died, they left everything. I mean everything, the house, the money, the empire … everything to Vinny.”

Patricia gasps. Even she is taken a back by this revelation. “I’m sorry. That must have been hard.”

“You have no idea. That’s when Brett and I decided to take matters into our owns.” he grins.

“What did you do?”

“Shortly after Vinny married Meggan, about three years ago, Brett and I kidnapped him. Between the two of us, we have been leading his life ever since …” he reveals.

Patricia, once again, is horrified. “Three years?” she asks.

Dave grins her at her. “If we can’t have what is ours, take it, right?” he says. “Don’t worry, you’ve always just talked to me on the phone. Brett has had more of the fun of being Vinny. We tried not to both be Vinny. People could tell the difference,” he grins.

“Meggan, she doesn’t know?”

“Has no clue. She’s drowning herself in alcohol, how would she know?” he smirks again.

“This is amazing," Paticia says trying to grab a handle of this story Dave is telling her. "So … who was stabbed?”

“Brett. You nursed Brett back to health. I knew you were suspecting something when I came over and you washed my shirt. I knew that you would see my scar-less back,” he grins.

Patricia remains silent. Even for her, this was a lot to take in. The fact that three years ago Dave and Brett kidnapped Vinny and have been impersonating him ever since is hard to fathom. Even more that Brett was the one that was stabbed. She realizes that she has never met the real Vinny. The entire city of Twin Peaks has had the wrong impression of who Vinny Victors is.

“So, where is he?”

“Who?” Dave asks back.

“Brett, Vinny … both of them?”

“Brett is out and about, he is pretending to be Vinny right now. Vinny is … in a safe place,” he says.

Patricia realizes with the tone in Dave’s voice that she is not to know where Vinny is. He will never tell. He is not about to give up this life he has made for himself.

“Do you ever get tired?” she asks.

“Of what?”

“Living a lie? Living your brother’s life. You have no life, because youre living your brothers!” she says standing up again.

“Watch it sweetie, I am just getting what is rightfully mine,” he glares. “And you … you are going to help me and keep your mouth shut, or your big shot parents will have more reason to hate you. Once they learn their runaway daughter is a whore.”

Patricia gets tears in her eyes. She had no idea her mistake when she was younger was going to cost her so much. She has been dragged into this horrific plot with Dave, and now a man’s life has been in jeopardy for three years … and her family maybe at risk.

Scene Eight – Twin Peaks General Hospital; Natasha’s Private Room

Natasha slowly opens her eyes. Everything around her; Shane sitting next to her, her parents behind Shane, Kim walking into the hospital room, Dr. Benton on her left hand side, the bright sun beaming into the room; is all a haze. She blinks a few times before her vision is restored. She immediately notices that Cory is not in the room.
She tries to speak, but Dr. Benton urges her to stay silent for a moment. He passes her a sippy cup of water which she drinks quickly.

“Just stay calm,” Dr. Benton says. “We are just going to do some quick tests.”
Natasha nods, agreeing with what the doctor is telling her.

“Wiggle your fingers please,” he says as Natasha’s hands start to twitch. “Blink your eyes lids,” he continues as Natasha blinks. “Now, wiggle your toes.”

Natasha waits for a moment. Soon, after a pained look is on her face, her toes start to wiggle.

“Why is she grimacing?” Sofia asks.

“Sometimes when a patient has experienced a body blow, the way Natasha has, and that she has been in a coma for six weeks, her body needs to learn how to reuse itself,” Dr. Benton explains. “She’ll be fine. She’ll probably need to rehabilitate with her legs again. Almost like learning to walk again,” he tells everyone.

Shane grabs Natasha’s hand. “But the most important thing is that you’re back Nat. And you will be better than ever before,” he says to her.

Suddenly Cory enters the hospital room. Everyone’s eyes turn and see him, and his eyes glare at Shane. Sitting next to Natasha. Holding her hand. The place he should be in.

Next On One Day At A Time
- Robbie and Leah drift further away from each other
- Victoria visits Shane
- Olivia spots Helen and recognizes her

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