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Previously on One Day at a Time
- The gala at St. Joseph's began. Nicholas' parents, Melissa & Phil, arrived to support their son. Arch Bishop Murray also arrived and ended up being critical of Nicholas
- Cory pleaded with Natasha to bring peace to the family. Natasha and Robbie, however, agreed to contest Bob's will as they were livid with how much Kim inheritied
- Vinny witnessed a close moment between Daisy & Tyler
- Helen told Simona she wants to press charges against Victoria
- Max and Paige shared another kiss. Andrew, meanwhile, told Abby that they could only be friends

St. Joseph's Church

Nicholas takes a deep breath as he looks at Arch Bishop Murray, who just told him that he doesn't appreciate all of the restoration work that he has completed at St. Joseph's church. Nicholas had high hopes of impressing the Arch Bishop, but it seems like he has failed because, according to the Arch Bishop, some of the details from the original design are missing. He just hopes the rest of the visit goes off as planned because he wants to impress Murray more than he is admitting to anyone. He worked so hard at this renovation; he just wants the higher ups in the church to appreciate what he has done.

"I'm sorry that you feel that way," Nicholas manages to say back to the older man. "I worked very hard to make sure the church was restored into its former glory."

"Is that so?" Murray replies to him, still unimpressed. He has always been a difficult man to please but this renovation is extremely upsetting to him. "If that was true, you would have paid closer attention to details. Like, for example, the silver lining on the wooden railings would have been gold. That is the history of the church. Everything in the church was golden."

"Aren't you being…" Melissa begins to defend her son but quickly realizes that it's not her place to say anything. The last thing she wants to do is make this more difficult for Nicholas.

"You were saying Mrs. Young?" Bishop Murray looks back at her knowing she is biting her tongue.

"It's fine," Melissa waves her hand in the air as Nicholas shoots her a glare. "We were just hoping you'd like the work that has been completed. My son, Father Young, has put a lot of energy into this place."

"I'm going to finish my tour," Murray advises everyone. "Hopefully something impresses me here."

Nicholas puts his hand on his face in disappointment. Melissa moves over to her son and hugs him as she can tell that he is upset with himself.

"I'm so sorry he was so rude to you," she tells him as they exit their embrace.

"You've done a wonderful job, Nicholas," Phil tells his son, trying to boost his confidence. "Don't let one cranky old man tell you otherwise."

"One cranky old man?" Nicholas asks him back. "Do you have any idea who that man is? He could make or break my entire career? I really screwed this up! I can't believe I was so careless!"

Before Melissa or Phil can say anything else to their son, Nicholas rushes off and heads towards the back office, needing some space from everyone. Andy, who was standing close by, sees Nicholas rush off and immediately races off to find him.


"It's nice to get away from the mansion for a while and try to forget everything that is going on with the family," Natasha tells Cory as they stroll through the church admiring the work that has been done. Natasha knows that the Calimo's have been put through the ringer this year with Bob's death and everything that has followed. Even if it is for one night, it is nice to not think about Kim and Bob's will.

"I agree with you, it is nice," Cory replies to her quickly. "I'm hoping now that the will has been read things will get back to normal."

"I haven't told you yet," Natasha stops and looks at her husband. She pauses for a moment knowing that Cory may not be happy with her when she tells him her news.

"Told me what? Why do I get the feeling I won't like this?"

"Robbie and I," Natasha begins to tell him. "We are going to contest my father's will. We can't allow Kim to end up with our house."

"Natasha," Cory tries to keep his cool. "You know this will only add more drama to the family. Do you really think that this is what we need right now?"

"I want this to be over as much as you do," Natasha pleads with him. "But, damnit, we have to do something."

Natasha notices that Cory is now looking over her shoulder so she turns around and sees Melissa and Phil standing together in the foyer. "Melissa is in town. I had no idea," she turns back to face her husband.

"Neither did I," Cory admits to her. "But, it makes sense considering Nicholas is her son."

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to make sure she knows that she can't hurt me," Cory tells his wife as he walks past her and into the foyer. Cory makes his way up to Melissa and looks into her eyes. Suddenly, everything that Melissa did to him in the past comes flooding back to him. She helped Rebecca fake her pregnancy to keep him and Robin a part for months and when the truth came out, Melissa skipped town.

"Cory, what a pleasant surprise," Melissa purses her lips together not realizing that he would be in attendance.

"Melissa, I should have known that you would fly in on your broom," Cory scuffs at Melissa. "You better leave as soon as this is over."

"Who do you think you are?" she asks him back.

"That's enough, Mr. Calvin," Phil comes up to him, looking to defend his wife.

"Don't worry, I'm leaving," Cory spits back at them. "But you, you stay the hell away from me or else."

The Victor's Mansion

"Damn them," Vinny says to himself as he pours himself a whiskey as he stands in the living room of the bar of his mansion. He can't believe that he saw Daisy and Tyler in the park together and that they were clearly heading somewhere to have sex. Every time he thinks that he can move past what they did to him, they throw it back into his face. He hates that they slept together behind his back and they are seemingly in a relationship now.

"They need to pay," he takes a swig of his drink. "I need to figure out exactly how to get back at them."

"But, how am I going to do that?" he asks himself as he takes another swig of his beverage. "Wait, that's it. I think I know exactly what I'm going to do. And surprisingly enough, I need Brett's help with it."

Vinny smirks as he pulls out his phone and finds Brett's contact information. "Coming to LA for a few days; maybe we could get a drink … been thinking about you and what you said about putting our relationship back together."

Vinny sets his phone down and gets a sly grin on his face. "They won't know what hit them," he says as he realizes that he needs to start to pack.

St. Joseph's Church

"I can't believe your Mom is here," Adam tells Robin as they talk in close quarters. Adam just arrived and immediately saw Melissa and Phil talking with Nicholas and the Arch Bishop. He had no idea that Melissa was coming, although it makes sense considering Nicholas was in charge of the restoration. "How are you doing seeing her again?"

Robin sighs and looks back at him lovingly. She knows that he has been spending a lot of time with Helen since she escaped from the coffin but she is glad that he is with her. While she and Melissa have had nice words together, Robin still doesn't trust her mother; Melissa has plotted against her for so long, it's only natural for her to have reservations about her mother.

"I'm just glad that you're here," Robin replies to him. "I've missed you. And please, don't worry about my mother. She's only in town for this event. She won't be here long enough to cause any problems."

Adam uneasily chuckles back to her. "That's good because more problems is the last thing that we need right now."

"Why do you say that? What's going on? Is it Helen?"

Adam looks over Robin's shoulder and sees Eva speaking with Dominick and Shane. He knows that he should tell them that Helen wants to press charges against Victoria for burying her alive. "Adam? Where did you go?"

"Sorry," he looks back at his fiancé. "I just see Eva over there. I should go talk to her. Come with me so you can hear my news as well."

Robin arches her eyebrow back to him. "Okay, let's go."

Together they walk over to Eva, Dominick and Shane. "Hey guys, sorry to interrupt," Adam announces as the group look over at him and Robin. "But, I have some news."

"Adam, how is Helen?" Eva asks him. "You have to know that I've been thinking about her."

"She should make a full recovery," Adam replies to her. "But, she's pretty upset by what happened. And, she's not letting it go."

"What does that mean exactly?" Shane asks him. "What is Helen going to do?"

"She spoke to Simona Lopez," Adam reveals to everyone. "She wants to press as many charges against Victoria as she can. She's going to try to have Victoria arrested."


"Are you sure you want to stay?" Max asks Paige as they side by side in a back pew of the church. Max knows that Andrew is at the gala and he doesn't want Paige to be upset by seeing him as he knows their break up is still pretty fresh. He couldn't be more pleased with how his and Abby's plan to break Andrew and Paige up has gone; after seeing Andrew kiss Abby, Paige dumped him and has been leaning on him, to the point where he has been able to kiss her a few times. It couldn't have gone any better.

"Yea, it'll be fine," Paige tells her friend. "I can't avoid Andrew, you know? This is a small town, we are bound to run into each other every now and then."

"I'm glad you are being so strong," Max replies to her. "Some girls would fall apart seeing their ex who was cheating on them."

Paige looks him in the eyes. "Having you next to me really helps, Max. I can't tell you how much I've appreciated your support during this time."

"It's my pleasure," Max tells her. "In case you haven't noticed, I think you're a pretty great girl."

"I've noticed," she admits to him. "And, I think you're a great guy."

"Thanks so much," Max licks his lips as he leans in and kisses her on the lips. She responds and moves her hand behind his head to draw him in deeper.

Behind them, Jeff and Leah stand in surprise seeing Paige and Max locking lips. They look at one another and immediately recall how Robin was asking them about Paige's relationship with Max and now they realize why she mentioned it. They wonder how far Paige has gone with this guy and if they have to be concerned.


"I got my official acceptance letter," Andrew tells Abby as they walk together through the garden of the church. They both needed some air from the gala as the church is warm with so many people being inside for the event. Andrew is excited that he was officially accepted into Twin Peaks University; going to school is exactly what he needs to put everything that has happened with Paige behind him.

"Really?" Abby asks him. "That's amazing because I got mine too! We are going to be, like, study buddies!"

Andrew chuckles back to her. "It certainly seems that way."

"And, I'm sorry for the other day, by the way. I know you are still fresh from your break up with Paige. I didn't mean to cross any lines."

"Hey, it's okay," Andrew looks at his friend. "But since that night you came to my apartment, I really feel like we've grown closer as friends. I want to keep that going. I don't want anything to come between us."

"I couldn't agree," Abby lies to him. "I just hope everything I've done isn't for nothing."

Andrew arches his eyebrow back to her wondering what she is talking about. "What have you done Abby?"

Abby freezes realizing what she has said. She looks back at Andrew and gulps heavily. "I just meant everything we've done to get to this point. I'd hate to lose it."

Andrew uneasily nods back to her. "Yea, me too. But we're cool."


"Hey, I'm glad I found you," Robbie says as he comes up to his sister, who is still watching Cory interact with Melissa. He wants to get a status update on their plan to contest Bob's will. The sooner they get the will contested the sooner they can kick Kim out of the mansion, which is exactly what he wants to have happen. "What's the latest with appealing Dad's will?"

Natasha purses her lips together as she looks back at her brother. "I filed the papers this morning," she reveals to him. "Kim should be served tomorrow or the day after."

"Good," Robbie grins back to her. "I can't wait to get our house back. She can keep the money, but not our house. There's no way that we can let that happen."

"Let what happen?" Kim asks as she approaches her step children. She's hoping that now that Bob's will has been read they can start to get back to normal and act like a family again. "What's going on guys?"

Natasha and Robbie look at one another for a moment before Natasha turns her focus back to Kim. "You might as well hear it from us," she tells Kim. "You're going to be served in the next couple of days."

"Served? I don't understand," Kim admits to them.

"We are contesting our father's will," Robbie reveals to her as Kim feels the blood drain from her face. "We are fighting you for the estate that belonged to our father."


Nicholas splashes some cold water in his office in the back of the church. He then grabs a towel and dries his face. He lets out a loud sigh as he still can't believe that Arch Bishop Murray was so hard on him for the restoration of the church; all Nicholas wanted to do was restore the church to its former glorious self. Murray's distain for what has happened is the worst possible thing that could have happened.

"Nicholas," Andy calls out from the entry way. "I know you're in here. I saw you run away. Please, talk to me."

Nicholas emerges from the washroom and sees Andy. "What's going on? Are you okay?"

"No, I'm not okay," Nicholas replies to him. "This entire event has been a complete and utter failure. I can't believe I thought I could pull this off."

"But, you did pull this off," Andy comes up to him and grabs his hands. "There are so many people out there that are having a great time and are so impressed with the work you've completed on this church."

"The Arch Bishop hates the renovations," Nicholas looks into his eyes. "He says I lack attention to detail and that I have a lot to learn."

"Don't listen to him," Andy replies to him as they continue to look into his eyes. "Trust me when I tell you that everyone else thinks you're amazing and that the church looks great."

Nicholas manages to smile back to him. "Thanks Andy, I needed to hear that."

From the doorway, Melissa peers inside the office and spies Andy holding her sons hands and arches her eyebrow. "What is going on in here?" she asks herself.

Next on One Day at a Time
- The Arch Bishop has more choice words for Nicholas
- Brooke spies Greg and Kim together
- Chris has a surprise for Andrew

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