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Previously on One Day at a Time
- At St. Joseph's Gala, Arch Bishop Murray came down hard on Nicholas for his displeasure with some of the churches restoration. Andy comforted Nicholas and Melissa saw them in a close moment
- Robin told Leah and Jeff to be aware of Paige's relationship with Max. They then saw Max kiss Paige
- Andrew and Abby both applied to TPU and got accepted. Abby was upset that Andrew wasn't rushing into her arms after Paige dumped him
- Robbie and Natasha told Kim that they were going to contest Bob's will

St. Joseph's Church

Andy continues to look deeply into Nicholas' eyes as they stand holding hand in Nicholas' office in the back of the church. Andy has been trying to calm Nicholas down from his disappointment in the fact that Arch Bishop Murray has been less than pleased with the restoration of the church. Andy knows how hard Nicholas has worked at the renovation and is trying to make him realize that he did do a good job, despite the Arch Bishop's harsh critique.

"I needed to hear that, thank you," Nicholas tells Andy as he finally takes his hands out of Andy's. "I really do appreciate everything you've done for me, Andy."

"I'm always in your corner," Andy replies to him quickly. "Are you good? If so, we should get back to the gala. You should make your presence known to the Arch Bishop. Let him know that you're not going anywhere."

"You're right," Nicholas nods back to him knowing that he can still save face with the Bishop. "Thanks again."

They move towards the door, where Melissa was watching them interact. She quickly bolts back to the foyer of the church wondering what was going on between the two men. Shortly after, Nicholas reappears and walks over to the Arch Bishop, who has finished his tour of the left wing.

"How was the rest of your tour?" Nicholas asks Murray, who is surrounded by his traveling team.

Bishop Murray sighs heavily. "Being here, it does bring back a lot of memories for me," he admits to Nicholas, as Melissa and Phil join the men. "You know, this church was my first posting, much like it is for you, Father. I ran this place for two years."

"I actually heard about that," Nicholas admits to him. "That's part of the reason I invited you here Arch Bishop. I wanted you to see the church as you remembered it."

"Maybe it is the nostalgia of those days," the Bishop replies to him. "But, this church looks nothing like it used too. And that's because of you, Father Young."

Nicholas gulps hard. "I…"

"It is the lack of detail that is missing, no, this church, it's not what it was. And, I doubt it will ever get back to what it really was. Times have changed, people have changed, leaders of the church have … changed."

Nicholas looks at the Arch Bishop who has a distained look on his face. He then looks over at Melissa and Phil who look horrified at the comments from Murray. Nicholas feels his eyes swell with water.

"Excuse me," he manages to say before he walks off, not wanting the Bishop to see him cry. Melissa and Phil look at one another before they turn their attention to the Bishop. Andy, meanwhile, sees Nicholas walk off and, once again, rushes after him.


"Your Dad was here earlier but he left to be with Helen and Dawn," Robin tells Max as they grab some punch at the table that has some finger foods for the guests to nibble on during the gala. Robin knows that Adam didn't want to stay too late at the party because Helen is still recovering from being buried alive; she is just glad that he made an appearance, especially since Melissa and Phil are in town.

"I saw him briefly," Max admits to her as he picks up a glass of wine. "It's good that he left to be with Dawn and Helen. I think she's struggling to come to terms with Barbara's passing."

"It's awful that she never got a chance to say goodbye," Robin tells him. "But, Helen is a strong woman. She will get through this."

"With Adam and Dawn in her corner, I believe that as well."

Robin uneasily nods back to him still feeling insecure about how much time Adam has been spending with his ex-wife. She wishes that Helen had someone else to lean on so Adam could be with her. She looks up at Max and recalls how he saw her kiss Paige at the coffeehouse a few days earlier. Robin told Jeff and Leah to watch out for Max because she knows the lengths he went too to grab her attention a couple of years ago; the last thing Robin wants is for Paige to be hurt because Max, once again, gets in over his head.

"I've been meaning to talk to you about something," Robin admits to him as Max looks back at her. "About you and Paige, actually."

Max arches his eyebrow. "What do you want to know, exactly?"

"What's going on with the two of you?"

"We are friends," Max shrugs his shoulders back to her. He isn't ready to call it anything more than that despite sharing a few kisses with her. "Why do you ask?"

Robin pauses for a moment and looks at Max with intent. "The last thing I want is for my niece to be hurt."

"Well you have nothing to worry about," Max tries to reassure her. "Because, like I told you, we are just friends."


Outside, Leah and Jeff slowly walk through the garden as they discuss the fact that they just saw Paige and Max sharing a tender kiss in the pews of the church. They realize now why Robin was asking them about Paige and Max's relationship; their daughter is seemingly going to start to date Max. Leah in particular knows that this is very sudden, since just recently Paige confided in her that she and Andrew were going through a break up.

"So, what do you think?" Jeff asks his wife. "Should we make a big deal out of her kissing Max Black?"

"I'm not sure," Leah admits to him. "I don't want to push her away or cause her to not trust us. I'd like her to talk to me if she needs too."

Jeff nods back to her. "I get that. But didn't you just tell me that she was going through a break up?"

"I did," Leah tells him. "That's why this seems so suddenly."

"We've all had a rebound or two," Jeff chuckles to himself thinking about his sorted history. "Maybe this will run its course."

"I certainly hope so," Leah looks at him. "The last thing I want is for Paige to be hurt."

"Guess the question becomes, will Max hurt our daughter?"

The Sugarbowl

"I am surprised that you're not at St. Joseph's with your friends," Brad tells Abby as they sit in the back booth of the coffeehouse together. Brad is sipping on an iced coffee while Abby has a sparkling water. Brad was going to go to the church restoration gala but he thought he would stay away because he knew that Chris, Trenyce and his parents would be there and the last thing he wanted to do was to be put in an situation where he had to lie to them about the fact that he knows how Brooke and Greg obtained Cheresa and that Cheresa is really Chris and Trenyce's biological daughter. The fact that he is blackmailing Meggan into silence is also wearing on him, but he knows that he has to protect his family at all costs.

"I was there," Abby tells him as she takes a sip of her water. "Why didn't you go? I think I saw Meggan there."

"Yea, she went," Brad nods back to his sister. "I didn't feel like it was my scene. The church isn't that big; I didn't want to deal with the crowd."

"I get it," Abby smiles back to him. "The place does look, like, great but it still the same, you know?"

"I hear ya," Brad agrees with her. "I heard through the family grapevine that you got accepted into TPU. That's exciting?"

"I am really stoked," Abby gets another grin on her face. "Mostly cause I'll be in school with Andrew. I think we will finally have our chance to be together."

Brad arches his eyebrow back to her, wondering why his sister is still eager to pursue this young man. "Well, for your sake, I hope that happens too Abbs."

St. Joseph's Church

"I'm glad I ran into you guys," Andrew says as he walks up to Trenyce and Chris, who are grabbing glasses of wine. Andrew has wanted to share with them that he has been accepted to Twin Peaks University; he is really excited to start this next chapter of his life especially since Paige has ended their relationship and is moving on with Max. He can't wait to get to school and start interacting with other girls his age.

"Andrew, hey," Trenyce smiles to the young man she thought was her son for a while. "Are you having a good time?"

"Honestly," Andrew chuckles back to her. "It's kind of a stuffy event."

"That is the most honest thing anyone has said tonight," Chris laughs back with him. "What's going on? It sounded like you had something you wanted to tell us?"

"I do actually," Andrew looks at them. "I'm going back to school. I've been accepted to Twin Peaks University"

"Really? Andrew, this is amazing news!" Trenyce pulls him into a hug. "I'm so proud of you for taking this next step in your life!"

"Yea, man, this is great," Chris echoes Trenyce's words to him. "I know you were thinking about school, but actually taking this step is major for you."

"Thanks guys," Andrew smiles back to them. "I'm ready for this and I can't wait to get there."

"You know, I just thought of something," Chris tells him. "My sister is a teacher at the University. Maybe you'll be in one of her classes?"

"I had no idea you had a sister," Andrew admits to him. "That would be pretty cool if I was in her class."

"Yea, we aren't that close but we keep in touch every now and then. I'll text her and see what she's teaching this term and let you know."

"That would be awesome, thanks!"


"How in the hell can they contest Bob's will? Do you they have any idea what kind of damage this will cause?" a flabbergasted Kim says quickly to Greg as they stand in a corner of the church trying to find some alone time and she tries to catch her breath. Kim can't believe that earlier at the event Natasha and Robbie announced to her that they would be contesting Bob's will because they don't like how much Bob left her, mostly the Calimo mansion.

"Okay, just breathe," Greg tries to tell his friend as he can tell that she is upset. He is glad that he ran into her because she has been nothing short of a wreck since he encountered her. "You have to stay calm; that is the first step with dealing with this."

"Stay calm?" Kim tries to not shout back to him. "How can I stay calm when everything my husband left for me could be taken away from those spoiled children of his! Ugh!"

"I know that this is coming as a surprise," Greg replies to her. "But, his will was legal and binding. You have a very strong case to keep everything that Bob left you, Kim. Robbie and Natasha, they are grasping at straws."

"I hope you're right," Kim looks back at him as she pulls him into a hug. "I've lost my son; I've lost my husband; I can't afford to lose everything that Bob left me. I just can't."

Greg holds her in his arms as he pats her back. "I'll be right here for you," he whispers into her ear. "You will not go through this alone."

Brooke turns a corner as she is wondering where her husband is and then sees Greg holding Kim in his arms. She quickly gulps and wonders what is going on; why is her husband holding another woman?


"I hope you don't mind me asking to speak to you privately," Melissa says to Arch Bishop Murray as they walk through the second level of the church and peer down into the nave of the church. "But I thought it was important that we speak."

"Of course, Mrs. Young," the Bishop replies to her as they take a seat side by side. "I am assuming that this has to do with your son, Father Young, and the restoration work that he has had done on the church."

"Yes, it is," Melissa says back to him. "You have to know how much time and energy he has put into this church. He loves this church very, very much."

"I can tell that he is a dedicated young man," the Bishop agrees with her. "However…"

"No howevers or buts," Melissa cuts him off. "He invited you here, Arch Bishop, to impress you. With all due respect, sir, all you have done is put him down. Nicholas is a sensitive man; all he is seeking is your approval."

"I am not sure I can provide that."

"And, I understand why you feel the way you do," she nods back to him. "But if you could at least try, sir? Do you really want to send the one person who really cares about this church into a tailspin over some renovations? I would think you'd want to ensure Nicholas keeps his passion for the church alive and to motivate him to continue to take the church into the future."

"Of course I want that!" He sternly tells Melissa.

"Then, Arch Bishop, you better make that clear to my son before you leave here tonight, or you and the church will risk losing Nicholas forever."


"Nicholas," Andy calls out as moves into the office and closes the door behind himself. "I know you're in here. Let's talk?"

"There's nothing left to say," Nicholas emerges and reveals himself to Andy. Andy looks back at him in surprise as Nicholas has removed his priest collar from his shirt. "I can't do this anymore."

"What do you mean you can't do this?" Andy moves up to him. "Just because you had some ass tell you that you didn't do a good job? Nicholas, come on, you're better than this."

"No, I'm not," Nicholas sighs back to him. "This event has proven to me that I don't belong here. I can't be a priest anymore, Andy. The Bishop said I'm not a true leader, and he's right."

"You don't mean that."

"I thought you'd be happy," Nicholas admits to him. "You've wanted me out of the church this entire time."

"That's not true," Andy defends himself. "Am I attracted to you? Yes? Have I crossed a line and kissed you? Yes. But I do respect your decision, Nicholas. I know how much you love this church."

"I do love this place," Nicholas tells him. "But it's over, Andy. The Bishop has made that perfectly clear."

Andy moves up to him and pulls him into a hug. "Can I do anything for you? Can I help at all?"

They exit their embrace and Nicholas looks deep into Andy's eyes. "Yes, there is," Nicholas admits to him. "Something we've both wanted for a very long time."

Andy is about to say something to him but Nicholas leans forward and kisses him passionately. They kiss continues as they quickly start unbuttoning each other's shirts and they fall on to the sofa in passion.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Cory questions Robbie & Natasha's motives
- Meggan's latest move surprises Brad
- Robin warns Jeff & Leah not to trust Max

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