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Previously on One Day at a Time
- After Bishop Murray put him down again, Nicholas believed he wasn't cut out to be a priest anymore. Andy tried to comfort him but they ended up having sex. Melissa convinced the Bishop to apologize to Nicholas and they walked in on Nicholas & Andy! Bishop Murray fired Nicholas and denounced him from the church. Melissa and Phil were horrified and blamed Andy
- Eva pleaded with Helen to not press charges against Victoria. Brandy, meanwhile, re-emerged and taunted Shane
- Felicia told Leah that she could tell her daughter was keeping something and pressed her to come clean. Meggan, meanwhile, kicked Brad out as she told him they were over because she couldn't be with a blackmailer
- Andrew told Chris & Trenyce he was going to school at TPU. Chris surprised him by revealing that his sister is a teacher at the school
- Lukas and Donovan made love
- Brooke saw Greg embracing Kim at the gala and wondered what was going on with her husband

Twin Peaks Executive Hotel

Nicholas peers out the window from his suite that he had to rent from the hotel the previous night. He normally stays at the church but considering that Arch Bishop Murray denounced him from the church, Nicholas knows that he can't stay there anymore. He still can't believe everything that happened at the gala; for a night that was supposed to celebrate the restoration of the church, it turned into a complete disaster. After the Bishop repeatedly put him down, Nicholas believed that he wasn't cut out to be a priest; that's when Andy showed up and tried to comfort him. One thing lead to another and they ended up kissing and making love for the first time. Nicholas knows that their attraction had been building for months and Nicholas saying he was no longer going to be a priest was the tipping point. Of course, Melissa, Phil and Bishop Murray walked in on him and Andy while they were having sex. That's when all hell broke loose and Bishop Murray threw Nicholas out of the church.

"How could I have been so stupid?" Nicholas whispers to himself as he feels more tears swelling in his eyes. He barely slept the previous night as he couldn't stop thinking about what a mess he created. "I never should have slept with Andy. I never should have let it get that far."

He turns when he hears a faint knock on his hotel room door. He slowly moves over to the door and opens it. "Andy, this isn't a good time," Nicholas sees his new lover on the other side of the door.

"I'm not leaving until we talk," Andy shrugs his shoulders which then lets Nicholas move aside so he can walk into the hotel room. "I didn't sleep at all last night."

"Neither did I," Nicholas shuts the hotel room door. "What we did, it was such a mistake."

Andy turns to face him. "You regret us being together?"

Nicholas shrugs his shoulders. "I've lost my job," Nicholas replies to him. "I've lost my position at the church. Everything that meant anything to me is gone, Andy. All because of one mistake…"

"I came here to tell you that I am sorry," Andy tells him. "I never meant for any of this to happen."

"But it did happen. And, we can't go back. Even though, I have to try to get back with the church. My life was at St. Joseph's."

Andy moves closer to him. "Maybe this was all meant to happen this way," Andy looks into his eyes. "We both know we were attracted to one another. This was…bound to happen?"

"No," Nicholas turns away from him. "You need to go, Andy. I don't think we should see each other anymore."

"You don't mean that."

"I do," Nicholas replies to him. "Please, just go. And, don't come back."

Robertson Enterprises

Brad leaves Dominick's office with a grin on his face as he just met with his new boss to start his first day as corporate security at Robertson Enterprises. He can't believe his luck of having this job fall into his lap just when his personal life has been exploding.

He and Meggan found out that Cheresa is actually Chris and Trenyce's biological daughter by complete mistake; since then, he has since learned that Brooke bought Cheresa from the black market. He knew that he had to keep this quiet or Brooke could go to jail, so he told Meggan not to say anything. She, however, refused so Brad had to use the fact that Logan is really Jeff's son to keep her quiet. Meggan, thinking that he was blackmailing her, ended their relationship and kicked him out of the house. Of course, he was working with Meggan, so now that he has a new job, he can give her some space, even though he won't lose her.

"Brad, what are you doing here?" Jeff asks as he comes up to his one-time rival. Jeff hasn't seen Brad in sometime, yet alone at Robertson Enterprises. "What brings you here?"

"You haven't heard?" Brad asks him, snapping out of his daze. "I work here now. I was hired as corporate security by Dominick."

Jeff arches his eyebrow having not heard this news yet. "I guess the official memo hasn't been released yet," Jeff tells him. "But if it's true, welcome to the team. We are actually in the midst of launching a new line, so it makes sense that Dominick would hire you."

Brad uneasily chuckles back to him. "Thanks, I guess."

"How are you and Meggan?"

Brad's face loses its smile at the mention of Meggan. "That well, huh?" Jeff notes Brad's instant facial expression change. "Hopefully this new job will give you guys some space."

"Yea, maybe that's all we need," Brad uneasily replies to him.

The Sugarbowl

Leah opens the door to the coffeehouse and moves inside as she has a list of orders from the Robertson team. They've all been working so hard on this new winter/ski line that she decided to go a quick coffee run since they mostly will be work late again. As she moves into the line-up, she can't help but see Meggan sitting alone in the back booth with Logan in his stroller next to her.

Leah sighs immediately as she realizes that she can see Jeff's son. The fact that she has been keeping that fact from him for so many months has slowly been eating away at her; she knows that the truth thing to do would be to tell Jeff the truth, but she doesn't want to risk losing her husband and the life they've built together.

Still, the secret has been eating away at her so much it is now coming across with her loved ones, as Felicia has asked her multiple times if she is keeping a secret. Leah has maintained that she is not hiding anything but she hates lying to everyone.

She peers over again at Logan and Meggan and feels her heart sink in her chest. "What am I doing?" she asks herself. "What am I going to do?"


At the window bar, Dawn and Cheresa sit next to one another with iced coffees in front of them. Cheresa is happy to see Dawn as they haven't seen much of one another since the truth about Helen being alive was revealed.

"So, your Mom is good and everything?" Cheresa asks Dawn.

"Yea, I can't believe it, but she is fine," Dawn replies to her as she takes a sip of her iced coffee. "She has made a full recovery."

"I am so happy for you," Cheresa tells her friend. "I know how devastated you were when you thought you lost her."

"It was a snowball effect," Dawn admits to her. "It was losing my baby then my grandma…my Mom was the last straw."

"And, now you have your Mom back," Cheresa smiles to her uneasily.

"Hey, what is it? Why do you sound upset?"

Cheresa sighs back to her. "I've been thinking about my biological parents a lot, actually," she admits to her friend. "I even asked my parents about it but they claim my adoption was closed so they have no idea who my parents are."

"I knew you were thinking of trying to find them," Dawn tells her. "But, this seems like a dead end. But there has to be a way to figure this out, Cheresa. We just can't give up."

"Yea, I guess."

"Look, I have to run to the hospital. My Mom has arranged a meeting with Victoria, but we'll talk about this later?"

"I'd like that."

"Good, cause I will help you with this. After everything you've done to me, it is the least I could do," Dawn hugs her goodbye.

Dawn quickly leaves the coffeehouse, but once she is outside she stops and opens her purse. She pulls out her anti-depressants and opens the bottle; she puts two in her mouth and swallows them down quickly before she carries on walking towards the hospital.

The Pampa Grill

"I'm still in shock that Andrew has decided to go back to school," Trenyce tells Chris as they sit together at a table in the restaurant. "Not that I am complaining, I think it is a very good direction for him."

"Yea, me too," Chris agrees with her as he thinks about Andrew telling them that he got accepted into TPU. "I haven't heard back from my sister yet though, to see if she will be his teacher."

"Well, you and Albertinah have never been close," Trenyce reminds him. "But, I do think that you will hear from her."

Chris arches his eyebrow back to her. "Listen, while we are alone, how about I give Meggan a call and see if she has uncovered anything about our child? I know we talked about it but something has always seemingly gotten in the way of actually reaching out to her."

Trenyce picks up her glass of wine and takes a sip of it. "I think that's a great idea," she tells him. "You call?"

Chris pulls out his phone and dials a number. "Voicemail," he tells Trenyce. "Meggan, it's Chris Michaels. Trey and I were just wondering if you've uncovered anything about the search for our child. We haven't heard back in a few weeks. Give me a call."

He hangs up the phone and looks back at Trenyce. "Guess we wait," she purses her lips together. "Like we have been."


"I guess that is a good sign that you and Donovan are … uh, close again," Craig winks back to Lukas as they sit at another table in the restaurant. Craig just heard from his friend that Lukas and Donovan made love for the first time in weeks; Craig knew that things were dicey between the two of them, mostly because of everything Victoria's alter egos had done to so many people that Lukas cared about.

Lukas chuckles back to him. "Yup," he looks back at Craig. "It had been so long, I was beginning to wonder if we would ever get back to that place."

"You know, I'd say about a year ago you would have run away from the relationship," Craig admits to him. "It's good that you stuck out a rough patch. It will only make you and Donovan stronger."

"I hope so," Lukas replies to him. "I still think that Victoria needs to pay for everything she has done, but whatever happens, happens. It's sort of out of my control."

Craig nods back to him. "Very true," he says. "In fact, I suspect we will know very soon what will happen."

"Helen is at the hospital now," Lukas advises him. "She wants to press charges, so we'll see how many Simona can lay on her. How do you feel about that?"

Craig shrugs her shoulders. "I'm not sure," he admits to his friend. "I know that she's sick, I really just want her to get better. What she did to me sucks and it was brutal, but I know she wasn't in her right frame of mind."

"Yea, she can get better and still pay for her actions," Lukas reminds him. "But, I guess whatever happens, she is already suffering."


At the bar, Brooke swirls her glass of red wine as her mind continues to think about the previous night at the gala for St. Joseph's. She and Greg had arrived together, but she couldn't locate him so she started to search for her husband. When she found him, he was holding Kim in his arms. She hasn't been able to get the image out of his mind; what was Greg doing with another woman. She knows that he never really forgave her for her first affair years ago, and now she has been sleeping with Robbie, but she never envisioned that he would stray on her, especially since they have agreed to put their marriage back together.

"Hey, I got your text, what's up?" Greg asks his wife as he moves to the chair next to her. "It seemed urgent."

Brooke takes a sip of her wine and then looks back at her husband. "I wanted to talk," she admits to him. "And, away from the children. I didn't want them to hear this."

Greg arches his eyebrow. "You have my attention, Brooke. What is this about? Cheresa? Has Brad broken his word to us about telling someone the truth?"

"No, nothing like that," Brooke replies to him quickly. "This is about last night at the gala. I saw you and Kim Calimo together."

Greg feels his cheeks flush as he had no idea that Brooke saw them together. He knows that he was only trying to keep Kim calm as she just discovered that Robbie and Natasha are going to contest Bob's will.

"I…I'm not sure what you saw exactly," he manages to say back to her.

"You were holding her in your arms Greg," Brooke takes another sip of her wine. "What the hell is going on?"

"Nothing," he tells his wife immediately. "Brooke, Kim just lost Bob. Yesterday, she found out that Bob's children are contesting his will. She was really upset. I was just trying to be her friend."

"Robbie is contesting Bob's will?" Brooke asks in surprise. He never mentioned that when she saw him at the gala.

"Yea, Kim is devastated. And rightfully, so. So, you have nothing to worry about, okay? There is nothing going on between Kim and I."

Brooke looks back at him and feels bad for questioning him, especially considering her recent indiscretions.

"Sorry I jumped to the wrong conclusion, it just caught me off guard."

"It is okay," Greg replies to her, realizing he has to be more careful in his pursuit of Kim. "Let's just move on from this."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Detective, you have to tell me what you're going to speak to my daughter about," Eva demands from Simona as they stand outside of Victoria's hospital room with Donovan, Shane, Adam, Helen and Dawn all present. Eva is scared to death that her plead to Helen the previous day fell on deaf ears and she is still going to press charges on Victoria for burying her alive, even though it was Brandy in charge of Victoria's mind.

"I thought we would discuss in front of Victoria," Simona replies to her. "It is news that she should hear herself."

"I don't think that's a good idea," Shane interjects. "I haven't had the chance to tell Victoria's family this yet, but Victoria has…relapsed."

"What do you mean?" Donovan asks him. "Do you mean she's back in a coma?"

"No, nothing like that," Shane replies to him. "But yesterday, when I went to see Victoria, it was Brandy in control. Victoria wasn't speaking to me."

"My God, not again," Eva covers her mouth as tears fill her eyes. She looks over at Helen as a tear falls down her cheek. "Don't you see Helen, my daughter, she can't go to jail. She has to get help. Please, I'm begging you, if you've told this woman to file any charges against Victoria, you have to change your mind."

"Actually," Helen looks at everyone. "I've decided not to file any charges for that reason. You're comments to me, Eva, they really stuck with me. And, I agree with you. Victoria needs to get help so this doesn't happen to anyone ever again. Seeing her in jail won't solve anything."

"It is true," Simona echoes Helens' comments. "I was here to tell you all, and Victoria, that no charges are going to laid in this case."

"Oh thank you," Eva hugs Helen. "I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. And, I know what Brandy did to you was horrible and if there's anything we can do …"

"I'll let you know," Helen uneasily tells her as they exit their embrace. "I just hope Victoria gets the help she needs."

Twin Peaks Executive Hotel

"I can't believe this all happened after I left the gala," Robin tells Nicholas as they sit together on the sofa in Nicholas' hotel room. He has filled his sister in on everything that went down, and she is surprised to say the very least.

"My life is over," Nicholas replies to her. "It's hard to even think about my life before last night. It's crazy how one night can change everything."

"Life happens quickly," Robin says back to him. "But Nicholas, your life is not over. You can still fight for your position at the church. And if that fails, maybe Andy is your future? I've noticed the chemistry between the two of you for so long now."

"He said the same thing," Nicholas reveals to her. "But I don't know, Robin. Today, when he was here, every time I looked at him all I could think was that he cost me my life, my job."

"It was a mistake of events," Robin tells him. "You made mistakes, Andy made mistakes and Bishop Murray made mistakes. This is all just one disaster. But, you have to have faith that you will get through this, no matter what your future holds."

Nicholas lets a tear fall from his eye. "I wish I could believe that," he whispers back to her. "Right now I just feel like nothing will ever be the same again."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Daisy is offered a new job
- Donovan buys an engagement ring
- Melissa and Phil say farewell to Nicholas

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