Episode 62
Written by: Dallas Walsh

Episode Theme Song "Transatlanticism" by Death Cab for Cutie

Previously on One Day At A Time
- Leah and Robbie continued to grow apart in the wake of Noah's death, as she leaned on Jeff. The day of Cory and Natasha's re-wedding, Leah and Jeff almost kissed which Kim saw.
- Andy was the first person to discover Victoria's multiple personalities
- The kids studied for finals
- Cory was with Robin when Natasha awoke from her coma.
- Cassie was jealous of Shane's relationship with Natasha

Scene One – The Calmio House; Robbie and Leah’s Home

Robbie sits on the sofa thinking about the past few weeks. His sister Natasha’s coma and how she will have to rehabilitate her legs. Thankfully, he thinks, she is being moved from the hospital today. Natasha will be placed in a special centre for patients that need special rehab. It will be good for her, he concludes.

His mind, however, is more on his marriage. Things have not been the same since Noah died. He and Leah hadn’t made love in months, and she continues to lean on Jeff for support rather than him. He knows there is distance between them, he can feel it every time they are together.

He looks outside the big bay window. The sun is shining brightly. Outside on the road is the spot that Noah died. The spot that the car hit him. He wishes he could bring some kind of justice to light for Noah’s death. Maybe then Leah would rely on him.

Leah enters the room, interrupting his thought process.

“Where are you? You look a million miles away,” she says sitting in a chair across from him.

“I was just thinking about things,” he says not looking at her. He can feel the tension between them and she just walked into the room.

Leah sits for a moment of silence. “Anything you want to share?” she finally blurts out.

Robbie looks over at his wife. He sighs. He wants to tell his wife how he is feeling, but he doesn’t know how. Will she even listen? Will she even care?

“Robbie?” Leah calls his name again. “You look lost again, what’s going on?”

He looks up again refocusing on her. She looks radiant in a dark burgundy blouse and a short dark grey shirt, her long brown hair curled just to her bust line. He smiles. “I … I don’t know how to do this anymore,” he finally breaks his silence.

Leah looks back with growing concern. “Do what?”

“This. Us. We are so … distant,” he says slowly. “Can’t you feel it?” he asks with a hint of desperation in his voice.

Leah moves from her chair and sits beside her husband. “Every couple has ups and downs Robbie. We are just … in a rut right now. It’s been … hard, mourning Noah.”

Robbie turns his face to her. “You have shut me out for months. We barely talk. I barely see you. We never have sex. You’re always with … him,” Robbie calmly states.

Leah gets tears in her eyes quickly. She looks away from Robbie. “I’m not sleeping with Jeff, if that’s what you think,” she says matter-of-factly.

“I don’t think that. I just … I wish you could lean on me instead of him.”

“You’re not Noah’s father,” her words come out harsh and sting Robbie. “I mean…”

Robbie interrupts her train of thought by getting up. He did not want to sit beside her after her words were so cold.

“…I just feel comfortable with him. Mourning the loss of our son together,” Leah states. “I’m sorry if my leaning on him has upset you,” she says getting up and putting her arms around her husband. “I just … I need him right now.”

“And the hell how I feel?” Robbie says.

“This isn’t about you … it’s about Noah,” Leah says getting more tears in her eyes.

“I have been so understanding Leah. All these months of you having to go to Jeff. I am so tired of it! I can’t do this anymore. I can’t have this distance between us every time we are in the same room together,” he says.

“What are you saying?”

“Maybe I should move out. Go back and stay with my folks for awhile.”

Tears start to stream down her face. “You can’t leave me. I need you. I didn’t even know until a few minutes ago that you were thinking this. At least give us the chance to make it right before you leave,” she pleads.

“I don’t know Leah. I just … I can’t go on like this.”

“Stay here. I will move into the guest room. That why we can have space and still be together. Please, “ she says again moving towards him. “I love you.”

Robbie looks at Leah. She is crying and she looks fragile. “Okay. I’ll stay in the guest room. For now, okay?”

Leah hugs him. “Thank you.”

Scene Two – The Glubbs House; Shane’s Home

Shane finishes putting his laundry away. It isn’t often that he gets an afternoon off, so he was making the most of it by doing some choirs. While he is busy hanging some of his shirts in this closet, his mind thinks back to the other day at the hospital. How awkward it was when Cory came into Natasha’s hospital room and saw Shane with Natasha. Shane quickly gave up his seat next to Natasha, but found himself increasingly uneasy because he wanted to stay next to Natasha, not have Cory be at her side.

While he has tried his damnedest to move on from his feelings for Natasha, Shane could not escape the love he has inside for her. He tried dating and sleeping with Rebecca until she dumped him. Now, he was romancing Cassie Nova and despite how well things have progressed with her, his heart still belongs to Natasha.

He closes his closet door and makes his way downstairs. He opens a can of beer from the fridge and takes a quick drink. He can hear a car pull into his driveway. He wonders who is visiting him on his day off. Like clockwork, he hears the doorbell.

He opens the door and spots Victoria, his ex-wife.

“Victoria, this is a surprise, come in,” he says.

“Thank you,” she calmly says entering his house.

“I just opened a beer … would you like one?”

Victoria makes a funny face, “Me drink beer? Are you crazy?” she laughs.

Shane laughs too. “How could I forget?”

Victoria wraps her arms around Shane and kisses him softly on his lips. “I’ve … missed you,” she says breaking the kiss.

Taken a back Shane moves away from her. “What are you doing?” he says.

“What do you mean? We’re married …” she says in confusion.

Suddenly it dawns on Shane; at the wedding, Victoria was arrested and later sentenced to getting psychiatric help for her multiple personalities.

“You don’t remember?” he asks.

“Not a lot. Olivia Wilkins has made me open up a lot. She says that I am pretty much out of the woods with my personalities because the reason I had them is out in the open. I still have meetings with her, but …”

“Ah, yea.” Shane says. “But while you had this … personalities …” Shane says, “A lot changed. We actually got divorced.”

Victoria moves into the living room a little shocked by Shane’s news. “We did? Why? We were so in love.”

“Do you want the truth, or just want you want to hear?” Shane teases her.

“The truth, of course,” she smiles back at him.

“We had been drifting apart. You were shot, and when you awoke that’s when your behaviour was really getting out of hand. You were cold and distant to me,” he says, knowing that his words are causing Victoria pain. “Then one day I came home from the hospital and I saw you in bed with Adam Black. I guess that was the last straw.”

Victoria gets tears in her eyes and hugs Shane. “I am so sorry I put you through that. If I am honest, I do not remember any of it. The name Adam Black sounds familiar, but I really do not remember meeting him.” She admits.

Shane pulls back. “Really? Did Olivia say your memory would return?”

“Slowly, yes. Parts probably will never return though.”

“You were engaged to Adam for awhile. You should probably go see him,” Shane advises.

“Engaged? Wow, what happened there?”

Shane laughs. “He fell in love with Helen Mills. You were not very happy about it. I guess, Brandy wasn’t very happy about it.”

Victoria takes a set back. She knew that a lot had happened while she was locked inside of herself. For months she was away, close to a year actually. Now, she had to live with the actions of her alter ego, and it was hard to swallow.

“Thank you for telling me this,” she says. “Can we be friends? I know I hurt you …”

“Of course we are friend Vic. Our marriage ended, but we are forever connected,” he says back to her.

“Thank you, again,” she says.

Scene Three – Twin Peaks High School; The Hallway

Reese opens his locker and begins to unpack it. Finals were over. Graduation was over. He, and his friends, were free from high school. As he leans down and puts some of his binders into his bag, he realizes that it is a bittersweet moment. He is going to miss high school. His friends, his classes, volleyball. He slowly wipes away a single tear. He looks down the hall and sees Helen Mills, his English teacher.

“Hey Reese,” Helen smiles coming towards him.

“Hi Ms. Mills. Heading home?”

“Yea, summer is here. We don’t want to waste another moment here, do we?” she smiles asking him.

“I guess not. It’s odd though. For the past three years I couldn’t wait for school to be over … now, I don’t want it to be over.”

“That’s usually how it goes. But you’re entire life is ahead of you. Don’t forget that. And Twin Peaks is small, I am sure we’ll run into each other a lot.”

“Yea, see you around then?” he smiles.

“Yea, of course.” Helen says as she continues walking.

From the other end of the hall, Reese can hear his mother’s stiletto’s clicking on the tiled floor. “Reese, are you almost done? I have a two o’clock at the hospital,” Olivia calls. Olivia stops dead in her tracks when she sees Helen turning the corner. She freezes. ‘What is that woman doing here?’ she asks herself. ‘No, I must be mistaken. That couldn’t be Helen Mills. Not now. Not after everything Preston and I have been through.’ She says.

Reese looks over at his mother standing still in the middle of the empty hallway. “Earth to Mom! Are you coming to help me? Or are you just going to stand there all day?”

Olivia looks at her son. “Of course, I’m on my way dear,” she smiles still freaking inside about seeing Helen. She must tell Preston that she believes she saw Helen Mills at Twin Peaks High School. What this means for her family she does not know, but she knows that she has worked far to hard to let Helen Mills come back into their lives and ruin everything now.

Scene Four -- Twin Peaks Rehabilitation Clinic; Natasha’s Private Room

The TPRC is a large facility that is expensive for clients. Each room has two private nurses and an orderly. Each room has a large TV and audio system, with a joining bathroom and private shower.

Natasha lays in her bed resting. She looks out her window and smiles as the sun is shining. She is happy to be out of TPGH, as the room was small and she would rather the room go to someone in more need of it. She is at the TPRC to rehab her legs. She has yet to try to walk, but she knows it will be a struggle since she has a hard time feeling them and they are often in pain.

To her left, in front of the window, is her husband Cory. He is sleeping as he has been with her since the transfer. She looks at him lovingly. She still has questions about why he wasn’t not with her when she awoke, but that seems so trivial at this point. She had Shane, her parents, Robbie and Kim there. Of course, Cory showed up a few moments later. Still, she wondered where he was.

He stirs in his chair and opens his eyes.

“Good morning sleepy head,” she smiles at him.

Cory yawns and stretches his arms. “What time is it?” he asks.

“Not morning anymore,” she replies.

“Sorry, I guess I am just tired. It’s been rough,” he says.

Natasha is about to ask him of his whereabouts when she was awaking, but they are interrupted by a young Asian nurse.

“Excuse me Mrs. Calvin, a gentlemen is here to see you,” the nurse says.

Cory rolls his eyes, assuming she is about to introduce Shane into the room.

“Oh, who could it be?” Natasha asks.

“Mr. Preston Wilkins,” the nurse replies.

Natasha looks at Cory. “My boss? Please send him in,” Natasha tells the nurse.

The nurse nods and exit’s the room. “I wonder what Preston wants,” she tells Cory.

Preston enters the room. A tall man, always dressed in a suit, enters the room. Preston’s dark is perfectly done and matches his hard brooding eyes. For years, he has been the partner at the legal firm. He hired Natasha right out of Harvard as he had worked with Bob Calimo for years. He has never regretted the hire, as Natasha has turned out to be a fantastic attorney.

“Natasha!” he says. “Look at you! You’re looking … great,” he says.

Natasha chuckles. “Thanks Preston. It’s nice of you to stop by.”

“The girls and I missed you,” he says. “And I come barring gifts!” he holds out a large bouquet of flowers and a get well soon card. “Everyone at the office has signed it. Especially Jean. She misses you a lot.”

Natasha thinks of Jean Porter for a moment. Her secretary. She has been with Natasha since day one. A cute old British woman that does anything and everything Natasha needs. “Please give her my best. I hope to be back soon,” she admits.

“You have to take it easy Nat, remember what the doctors said,” Cory perks up.

“I agree with Cory,” Preston says. “You need to make sure you are 100% before you rush back to work. Not that we don’t miss you.”

“Thanks so much for coming Preston,” Natasha says. “Can I get a hug? I actually have missed my boss!”

Preston comes closer and hugs Natasha. “I’ve missed you too. I should bring Olivia by soon? She’s been asking about you.”

“That would be lovely,” Natasha smiles back at him.

“Okay, I will leave you. Get well, and we’ll be in touch, okay?”

“Thanks again Preston.”

Preston leaves the room. Natasha sighs. “That was nice of him, hey?”

“Yea, he’s a great guy to work for.” Cory replies. He moves up sitting next to her. “Even in the hospital gown, you look beautiful,” he says coming in and kissing her.

Natasha blushes. “Oh, thanks Cory.”

Suddenly she remembers what she was thinking before Preston visited. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, anything,” he says.

“Why weren’t you at the hospital when I woke up? Where were you?”

Scene Five -- The Sugar Bowl

Reese enters the coffee house exhausted. After spending the morning cleaning out his lockers at school with his mother, he is ready for some R&R. He looks over and spots Trenyce sitting in the corner.

“Hey T,” he says sitting across from Trenyce, who is playing with her I-Phone.

“Reese, what’s up?” she says not moving her eyes from her phone.

“Just chilling. Cleaned out my locker today. Feels great to be done, hey?”

Trenyce finally looks at Reese with the biggest grin on her face. “I am so happy high school is over! Summer is here, I want to have some fun!”

Reese laughs. “Yea, we should do something exciting. Like a road trip!”

Trenyce is in love with the idea of a road trip! “Yes! You, Andy and I! We can find you a hot guy some where, since Andy and I are a couple …”

Reese is taken a back, but doesn’t stop smiling. While he knows Andy is straight, he is drawn to Andy and really likes him.

“Ah! My phone is vibrating,” Reese says pulling out his phone. “Hello,” he says opening his phone. “Yes, this is Reese Wilkins … Really!? Wow, that’s amazing! … Yea, of course I’m still interested! … Yea, okay. Cool … thanks, yea, email me! … Okay, thanks again. Bye.”

Trenyce looks at Reese as he is grinning ear to ear. “What was that all about?”

Reese looks at her with most excitement in his eyes. “I just accepted to the state Volleyball team!”

“Oh my god! That’s so awesome!” Trenyce says moving up to hug Reese.

“I know … and guess what?”

Trenyce looks at him. “I give … what?”

“We are having the states championship in Milwaukee! That road trip we were just talking about …”

Trenyce giggles with excitement. “This is going to be such a great summer!”

Scene Six -- Capers Restaurant

The restaurant is not overly busy right now as it is lunch time. The restaurant usually picks up around dinner time. Victoria sits on a bar stool nursing her dry martini. Her morning has been emotionally charged as Shane told her that they are no longer married, and that she was engaged to Adam Black while she was under control of her multiple personalities. She turns her head to the entrance and spots Andy walk into the restaurant. She immediately recognizes him, but doesn’t know why. She waves over at him and smiles.

“Victoria, hey,” Andy says approaching her. “You look great!”

“Thanks,” Victoria smiles, putting forward her hand. “Victoria Franky,” she says.

Andy shakes her hand and gives her an odd look. “Andy Spinnes, we’ve met though…”

Victoria blushes. “You look familiar, but …”

Andy realizes what’s going on. “You don’t remember because of the D.I.D, I understand.”

Victoria gestures for him to sit next to her.

“I was the first one to figure it out,” Andy tells hers.

She looks over at him, “Really? How’d you know?”

Andy sighs. “That’s a long story. Needless to say, we had an encounter on the docks. After that, I started watching you … and, I just put it together. It was clear with the mood swings and the memory coming and going. I am just glad to see that you’re doing better.”

Victoria looks at him. “Thank you, for your help.”

Andy takes her hand. “It was nothing.”

“Don’t say that. You really helped me. I am glad that you did. Can I buy you a drink at least?”

“Well, I am actually running late, but we are friends now.” he smiles. “We can hang out or whatever, whenever you want!”

“I’d like that. It seems like I have to put my life back together.”

“It’ll take time,” Andy reassures her. “But you’ll do it. And I’ll be here to help, if I can.”

Victoria smiles. “Thanks Andy. You’re a great guy, I can tell already!”

Andy stands up, thinking Victoria is hitting on him.

“Hey, sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. I mean, I’m not hitting on you. I know that you’re gay. I can tell …” she says.

Andy blushes. “You know? I mean … how?” he asks confused.

Victoria laughs. “My best friend in high school was gay. He taught me how to have gaydar,” she explains. “But don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone if you don’t want me too.”

Andy blushes more. “Erm, Thanks. Yea, just keep it between us.” he says. “Listen, I’ll call you to hang out soon?”

“That’d be great,” she says watching Andy leave the restaurant. Yup, if there was one thing Victoria knows, it’s that Andy is gay. His mannerisms, the way he walks even. The boy just needs to accept it, she realizes. Maybe as his new friend, she will help him.

Scene Seven -- The Glubbs Home; Shane’s House

Cassie and Shane finish their lunch. Shane looks over as Cassie places her dish in the dishwasher. She had come over just as Victoria was leaving and surprised him with an impromptu picnic. He comes up behind her and grabs her waist.

“That was delicious, thank you,” he says as she turns to face him.

She kisses him. “It was my pleasure. I have to be at the restaurant tonight, but I really wanted to see you today,” she admits as she leans in to kiss him again.

Their kiss intensifies as her tongue enters his mouth and her hand rubs his chest. Soon, his lips break from hers and finds her neck. She lets a deep sigh as her hand pushes his head into her skin more.

Suddenly he pulls back, “Are you sure you’re ready?” he whispers to her.

“I have never been more ready for anything,” she says as she pulls off her tang top and drops it on the floor. She gets back into his arms as he kisses her again and he begins to lead her upstairs.

Scene Eight -- Twin Peaks Rehabilitation Clinic; Natasha’s Private Room

Natasha is wheeled into her room by the same Asian nurse that was helping her earlier. Natasha is in her wheelchair. She looks at Cory, who is looking out her window.

"How was the check up?" he asks the two of them, turning his head to welcome Natasha back.

"It was very well. Mrs. Calvin is doing much better," the nurse says as she helps Natasha get back into her bed.

Cory looks at Natasha's face. She has a look of concern on her face. "Babe, what's going on?" he asks, moving closer to her.

She points to the chair. "That's mine," she says softly.

Cory looks confused. "The wheelchair?"

"Yes. Until my legs are stronger," she says trying not to get any tears in her eyes. "I feel so ... weak and pathetic Cory. I mean ..."

"Hey, stop right now," he interrupts her. "You were in a horrible accident. None of this is your fault. It's not like you will be confined to the chair forever. You just need time and practice to get back to your normal, wonderful self," he says.

He bends down and kisses her quickly. "You'll be fine, believe me," he says.

"Thank you," she says back to him.

"No need to thank me, I wouldn't be any where else."

Natasha lays back and shuts her eyes for a second. "So, you never got to answer me earlier."

"Oh?" Cory says, trying to avoid the subject.

"Yea, about where you were when I awoke," she says looking at him.

"I was just ... at home, you know showering. That kind of stuff."

"Oh," Natasha says.

"I had been here the entire time you were in your coma. I didn't leave the entire six weeks Nat. Your Mom and Dad really tried to get me to go home. Eat. Sleep. Anything. I wouldn't listen. I was so weak..."

"I'm so sorry Cory. I had no idea."

"I wouldn't listen to anyone. Until ..."

Natasha sits up a little. "Until what?"

"Sofia called Robin. She convinced me to go home and shower and eat and get a good sleep. She told me that I had to be strong for you," Cory says turning away from Natasha.

Natasha fumes at the words. Cory was with Robin when she was waking up. "How is Robin?" she manages to say.

"Good. I hadn't seen her since the wedding. She seems to be doing well, all things considering."

"Well, good enough to come rescue you," Natasha spits.

Cory turns to her. "I guess you'll never be friends with her. But she did a good thing. She put herself on the line, knowing that she still cares for me. Honestly, it was good that I went home. I am sorry I wasn't here when you awoke though."

Natasha looks at Cory. She wants to believe him. "Me too, but you're here now, right?"

Cory smiles. "Of course."

Scene Nine -- The Legal Firm; Preston's Office

Preston's desk is a large, solid oak desk with a flat screen Apple Book computer on it. It has a few file folders on it as well. He is typing, as the sun beams enter from the large window behind him. He has most of the blinds closed, so he can read this computer screen. Next to his screen, he has a picture of his family; wife Olivia and son Reese. His daughter, Madeline, is missing from the picture because she ran away after Reese came out of the closet. He looks at the photo for a second. He remembers the dinner where Reese announced he is gay. He tries to remember Madeline's face, but she seemed to be supportive. He knows the real reason that she left home…

He looks up at his doorway and sees his wife, Olivia, standing there in her white suit and matching white hand bag.

"Busy?" she asks as she shuts the door.

"Very, what is so important that it couldn't wait until I got home?" he asks returning his focus on his computer screen.

"I saw Helen Mills," she says sitting down.

Preston stops and glares at Olivia. "What?"

"She is a teacher at the high school. We went three years of Reese being in that damn school and had no idea Helen Mills was a teacher there. I saw her today."

"Did she see you?" he asks in an stern voice.

"No, of course not. I can not be sure that it was her but ..."

"What the hell do you mean, 'you can't be sure'!? Either it was or was not Helen Mills!"

"She was leaving the hallway when I walked down. It looked liked her," Olivia says again, in her defence.

Preston gets up and sits next to Olivia. "It probably wasn't her. We've worked too hard to get here now to have Helen Mills ruin it for us," he says. "Plus, we have bigger fish to fry. We have to find Madeline."

Olivia turns to him and grabs his hand. "Do you have any new leads?" she asks, desperate to find her daughter again.

"No, but I am thinking of hiring a private investigator. Maddie couldn't have just disappeared into thin air."

"Yes," Olivia says. "Good idea. We need to get our family together. Especially if that was Helen. We have to fight to keep our family together."

Preston nods in agreement. "So, I'll call an investigator then."

Scene Ten -- The Glubbs Home; Shane's House

Shane and Cassie's heads hit the pillows, their brows covered in sweat and they are slightly out of breath.

"That...was...amazing," she says looking at him.

He smiles at her, "Yea, just what we needed," he says as he leans over and kisses her.

She places her hand on his chest, "I like this," she admits.


"Us. I know we have been going out for a short time, but this feels so good," she says.

Shane lays in silence. While he just had great sex with Cassie, and he likes spending time with her, his heart still belongs to one woman: Natasha.

"Can I be honest with you for a moment?" she says leaning back and looking at him.

"Of course."

"I am...I'm falling in love with you Shane," she says quickly.

Shane is floored by her admission. He doesn't say anything, he just smiles at her.

"I don't expect you to say it back, just know that I am feeling that," she says.

He moves up and kisses her. "Thank you for sharing. I .... I will say it, when I feel it too. No rushing things, remember?" he winks.

"Yea, I remember," she says laying her head on his chest.

Shane shuts his eyes for a moment. One vision comes into his mind once his eyes are closed: laying in bed with Natasha, after they made love the one time. He opens his eyes and looks down to see Cassie laying with him instead.

Scene Eleven -- The Graveyard; Noah Clauss' Grave

The sun is warm at the graveyard. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom. The pink flowers fill the aisles of tombstones. With the warm sun, the setting is far prettier than one would expect at a graveyard. Jeff stands up as he sees Leah walking towards the grave. She hugs him and touches the tombstone of Noah for a second.

"Thanks for coming," she says.

"You know I can't say no. These times where it's just the two of us with Noah. They mean everything to me," he says softly.

"Yea, me too," she says looking at him. "Robbie is upset though."


"How I am leaning on you," she says looking at him. "Not him, with Noah's death."

Jeff looks at her. "Kim is the same way," he admits.

"I just wish they'd understand. They are not his parents," she says leaning down in front of the tombstone. "We need to be here, for Noah," she says trying to convince herself.

"Stand up, there's more," Jeff tells her, offering his hand to help her up. Leah stands up. "Kim suspect something is up ... with us."

Leah looks perplexed.

"The day of Cory and Natasha's wedding, we almost ..."

"Kissed?" she says.

"Yea. Kim thinks something is going on."

Leah gets frustrated. "Damn, nothing has happened!"

Jeff grabs her arm as she starts to walk off. "Don't leave, not like this," he says pulling her in.

"Why can't they understand?" she asks starting to cry.

Jeff pulls her in and hugs her. "We have to make them. We are grieving. We need each other."

She pulls back a little. "I do need you," she says.

He leans in and kisses her softly on her lips. She doesn't pull back. The kiss for a moment longer, before they both move back.

"I need you too," he says leaning in to kiss her again, as a single cherry blossom falls from the tree above them and hands on Noah’s tombstone.

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