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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Kim, Robbie and Natasha arrived at the courthouse as they prepared to contest Bob's will. Kim testified and mentioned Natasha's sorted past, including her drug addiction, near abortion and multiple affairs on her husband's
- Jeff and Leah, fresh from learning about Max's role in Adam's accident, told Paige she couldn't see him. Paige was outraged and told her parents she wasn't going to live with them anymore
- Donovan revealed to Andy that he was going to ask Lukas to marry him
- Dominick revealed to the Robertson Enterprises team that he hired Vinny as a designer consultant
- Cheresa arrived at Meggan's office and asked her to look into her biological parents

The Courthouse

Robbie finishes typing his text message into his phone and then puts it back into his pocket before he turns to see Natasha, who is fuming still. He knows that his sister's sorted past was just revealed in court as they try to contest Bob's will; Kim's lawyer mentioned how Natasha was addicted to cocaine when she discovered that Sofia wasn't her biological mother, how she almost had an abortion when she thought Shane didn't want to have Jacob, and her multiple affairs while she was married to Cory and Shane, respectively. Robbie realizes that when the Judge returns, Kim's lawyer will take his turn on him.

"Hey, try not to worry," Robbie puts his hand on his sisters shoulder. "You know we will get our turn to show the judge all of the horrible things Kim has done, right?"

"Yea, I know," Natasha slowly nods back to him. "It just hurts hearing all of my past mistakes be mentioned like that. Are you ready? I'm sure Kim has a long list of your past misdeeds."

"I'm bracing myself for the worst," Robbie admits to her as Lois sits next to him as the Judge is coming back into his office.

"You guys ready?" Lois asks the Calimo siblings as they nod back to her. "We have this, don't worry, okay?"

"Please be seated," Judge Franklin Ross tells everyone in the courtroom. "Mr. Levitt, please carry on with your questioning. "Just as a reminder, Mrs. Calimo," Judge Ross tells Kim as he looks at her from behind his desk. "You're still under oath."

"I understand," Kim nods back to him as Josh stands up and moves back around to face his client.

"Kim," he begins to say. "We just covered your character witness of Natasha so I'd like to move on to Natasha's brother, your stepson, Robbie."

"Very well," Kim replies to him as she quickly looks over at Robbie and Natasha. "Robbie, like his sister, has done his fair share of shady things in the past."

"Can you elaborate on that?"

"A few years ago Bob, my husband, suffered a stroke and he had to go to a rehab facility," Kim begins to explain to everyone. "Before he left, he and I had an arrangement that we could have an open relationship."

"By open relationship you meant that you could see other men?"

Kim uneasily nods back to him. "I know it is unconventional, but because of our age difference Bob thought this was for the best."

"I see, please continue," Josh tells her.

"At the time, Robbie was very upset with his father and they were barely on speaking terms. So, Robbie seduced me as a way to get back at his father. When Bob discovered the truth, he was furious with his son. They barely spoke after that."

"But Bob forgave you for this?"

"Yes, he did because he knew that this was all a part of Robbie's wicked plan," Kim informs him. "It doesn't end there. Last year, Robbie was dumped by his girlfriend. He continued to pursue her over and over again until she had a mental break down."

Josh looks back at the judge in surprise. "What kind of break down?"

"She suffers from a mental illness; she has multiple personalities and they came back and took over her life," Kim reveals to everyone.

"You know damn well that I didn't cause Victoria's alters to come back!" Robbie grits his teeth back to Kim. "How are you say I caused that!"

"Ms. Kam, that's my final warning!" Judge Ross yells at the Calimo side of the room. "I think I've heard enough Mr. Levitt. We will recess again."

"You guys," Lois looks at Robbie and Natasha. "You have to stay calm. Let Kim have her say. Our turn will come, don't worry. But the more you lash out, the worse it will be for you."

"We are fine," Natasha nods back to her as she grabs Robbie's hand. "We won't let that woman ruin this for us. We can't."

"Yea, I'm sorry," Robbie replies to her. "I just her to pay for this. All of it.

The Richardson Estate; Meggan & Lukas' Home

Donovan looks around the dining room of the Richardson estate and smiles to himself. He has created a romantic evening for him and Lukas as he is planning to propose to his boyfriend. There is soft jazz music playing, candles and red roses on the table with dinner being prepared in the kitchen by the staff.

"Everything has to be perfect tonight," Donovan whispers to himself as he pulls the ring box out of his pocket and looks at the ring. He gets a smile on his face at the sight of the ring in front of him. He has been thinking about asking Lukas to marry him for a while now; since they are seemingly back in a good place, he thinks tonight would be the perfect time to ask him.

"I just need you to come home," he continues to whisper. "Where are you Lukas? Why aren't you home yet?"

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"I'm surprised to see you," Craig tells Lukas as his friend walks into his office at the hospital. Craig is working the night shift so he is surprised that Lukas is in his office. "It's rather late for a visit, isn't it?"

Lukas shrugs his shoulders. "I guess I know you better than you think," Lukas smirks as he moves closer to Craig's desk and then he sets down a paper bag. "This is take-out from the Pampa Grill. I thought you could use food that isn't from the cafeteria."

"That is really sweet of you," Craig smiles back to him. "And, I am famished. Do you want to stay and join me?"

"Nah, I should get going," Lukas replies to him. "I guess this was my way of saying thank you for always being there for me. I really appreciate your friendship, Craig."

Craig moves closer to Lukas. "That's nice of you to say. I know we've had our rough patches in the past, Lukas, but I appreciate you too. I can't thank you enough for supporting me this last year when I was sick and then defending my honor when we learned Victoria misdiagnosed me."

"Of course," Lukas grabs his hand. "I agree, we have been through a lot. I'm just glad we are in this good place again."

Craig pulls him into a hug and as they exit their embrace they end up looking into one another's eyes. "I haven't looked into your eyes like this in a very long time…" Craig tells him as their lips are close to one another.

"It has been a while, hasn't it?" Lukas smiles back to him. "You're still as handsome as ever."

Craig is about to lean in and kiss Lukas when Lukas pulls back. "Sorry," he quickly tells Craig. "I should get going. Donovan is waiting for me."

"Donovan, yea, of course," Craig nods back to him. "Thanks again for the food. Enjoy your night."

"Will do, see you Craig," Lukas says before he leaves the office. Outside, he leans up against the wall and shuts his eyes for a moment, haunted by the fact that he and Craig almost kissed.

The Sugarbowl

Trenyce grabs her iced coffee from the barista, turns to leave and starts to walk towards the exit when she sees Vinny sitting alone at the window bar. She was grabbing a coffee and heading back to the office as she has a lot of designs to complete for the winter/ski line that Robertson Enterprises is launching; she can't help but recall the recent staff meeting when Dominick announced that he had hired Vinny as a designer consultant. Everyone was surprised by the news as Vinny isn't exactly known for his design skills, so Trenyce finds herself moving up to him.

"Hey Vinny," she says as she sits next to him. "It's been a while. How are you?"

"Trey, hey, I'm really good," Vinny smiles back to her. "Things haven't been this good in a long while."

Trenyce chuckles back to him. "I take it this is because Dominick has hired you?"

"Ah, so he's made the announcement?" Vinny asks her as she nods her head back. "Well, yea, I'm really excited by this opportunity."

"I'm happy to hear that you're excited by this," Trenyce replies to him quickly. "But, I have to ask … where did this come from? In all the years that I've known you, you've never once mentioned that you designed or even drew."

Vinny uneasily gulps back to her and takes a sip of his drink. "Well, you know, it's like I told Dominick, I just started drawing a little bit after the divorce with Daisy and it's just progressed."

"That's really cool," Trenyce nods back to him. "For someone who just started to draw, your designs are really good."

Vinny shrugs back to her. "Natural talent, I guess."

"Guess so," Trenyce purses her lips together. "Well, if you ever need any tips or anything, I'm happy to help. And, I am glad that you're in a good place Vinny."

"Thanks Trey," Vinny smiles back to her, hoping that his plan will still go off without a hitch.

Tyler's Townhouse

"Do you really want to open another bottle of wine?" Tyler asks Daisy, who walks out of the kitchen with a bottle of wine in her hands, as they still have unfinished bottle sitting on the coffee table in front of them.

"Yea, I think it would be nice," Daisy admits to him. "Today has been a long day, don't you think?"

"It feels that way," Tyler replies to her as she sits next to him on the sofa. "But, I don't want to have a wine hangover tomorrow. We have to much work to do at Robertson."

Daisy sighs back to him as she thinks about the staff meeting where Dominick announced that Vinny was hired as a designer consultant. She can't place her finger on it but something doesn't add up with this hire.

"What is it? What are you thinking about?" Tyler asks her as he passes her a fresh glass of wine.

"This entire Vinny situation," she tells him. "Something doesn't make sense."

"I figured you'd be worried about my Dad hiring him," Tyler admits to her. "But, he explained that Vinny is only a consultant, so he won't really be working with us."

"I know," Daisy waves her free hand in the air. "It's more than the hire. It's the fact that in all the years I was with Vinny, he never expressed any interest in designing or drawing or fashion. Where did this come from? Why is he interested in this now?"

"Hey, let's not try to over analyze your ex-husband," Tyler tries to chuckle back to her. "We have no idea what is going through Vinny's head, but if my Dad can use his designs in this launch, then that's a good thing. Anything else, we don't have to worry about."

"I hope you're right," Daisy tells him. "I just have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. But, I will try to let it go for your sake."

"I just want us to enjoy the rest of your night together, okay?" Tyler smiles back to her as he pulls her into a hug. Daisy hugs him back but can't shake this feeling that something is very wrong with this picture.

MW Investigations

"What do you mean you want to search for your biological parents?" Brad asks Cheresa as they stand in Meggan's office, who is listening in. Cheresa interrupted a moment between Brad and Meggan with the news that she wants to hire Meggan to help her locate her biological parents. Brad, of course, knows that Chris and Trenyce are her biological parents, but he can't tell her that as he swore to Greg and Brooke that he wouldn't reveal that they got Cheresa from the black market.

Cheresa looks back at her brother with surprise. "You know that this has been on my mind Brad," Cheresa tells him. "Don't you remember the last family dinner we had when I said that I was interested?""

"Being interested and hiring a private investigator are two very different things," Brad replies to her quickly.

"I know," Cheresa nods back to him. "Since then, I had dinner with Mom and Dad alone and asked them for details. They told me that the adoption was closed so they had no information on my parents. And I, I can't explain it; this entire situation with Dawn and Helen has made me even more curious about who my parents, my real parents, are."

"How do Mom and Dad feel about this?"

Cheresa shrugs her shoulders. "I haven't told them about hiring a PI yet," she admits to him. "But, I would think they would be supportive. I mean, why would they stop me?"

"If I could say something," Meggan moves out from around her desk and folds her arms over her chest.

"Of course," Cheresa replies to her.

"If your parents have told you that your adoption was closed, it would be very difficult to track down your biological parents as there would be no paper trail," Meggan explains to her, as Brad looks on with intent. He has to ensure that she doesn't slip up with any information that could lead her to Chris and Trenyce.

"I see," Cheresa puts her head down in sadness.

Meggan shoots Brad a disapproving look and then moves closer to Cheresa. "But, I'd be happy to look into it for you, if that's what you want."

"Oh, it is!" Cheresa hugs Meggan. Brad continues to look at Meggan with intent, dumbfounded by what she has agreed to. "Thank you much Meggan!"

"Of course," Meggan doesn't stop looking back at Brad. "Anytime."

The Claus House; Leah, Jeff & Paige's Home

"Paige didn't even come down for dinner," Leah tells Jeff as they stand in the living room. Leah recalls how she and Jeff tried to tell Paige that they didn't want her to see Max anymore because Robin revealed to them that Max caused Adam's accident at the boutique a few years ago. The last thing they want is for their daughter to be involved with someone who could harm their father that way. Of course, when they told this to Paige, she lashed out at them and stormed upstairs and hasn't come back down since.

"Well, she can't stay up there forever," Jeff replies to his wife, still with a coldness in his tone. "I know that I was hard with her, but she has to realize that we only want what's best of her."

"She said she didn't want to live here anymore," Leah reminds him of Paige's words before she went upstairs. "You don't think she'd run away do you?"

"Nah, where would she go?"

"I don't know," Leah admits to him. "I just hate this. We never really fight with her. This is all so new for us."

Before Jeff can say anything else, Paige appears in the living room with a suitcase and a backpack on. Leah and Jeff turn and see her daughter with her luggage.

"What is going on?" Leah asks Paige as she rushes up to her. "What is all of this?"

"I told you earlier," Paige replies to her quickly. "I can't live here if you're going to dictate to me whom I can and can't see. I'm old enough to make those decisions for myself."

"Where do you think you're going to go?" Jeff asks her daughter. "You belong here, Paige."

"I texted Robbie," Paige reveals to them. "He told me that I could stay in the guesthouse at the Calimo mansion. So, I'm going there for the time being."

"I can't believe Robbie would do this!" Leah shrieks. "You're our daughter! You should be here!"

"And I told you," Paige reminds them. "That until you can accept that I am dating Max and that I am happy, I won't stay here. You guys have pushed me into this, just remember that."

Before either Leah or Jeff can say anything, Paige turns and walks out of the room with her luggage. Leah moves to Jeff's arms and starts to cry into his shoulders.

"What are we going to do?" she asks her husband. "How are we going to get our little girl back?"

The Courthouse

Kim lifts her head from the water fountain and dries her mouth. She looks at the end of the hallway and sees Robbie, Natasha and Lois in a huddle, likely discussing their plan of attack on Kim when the court returns to session.

She thinks about how Josh questioned her about Robbie's sorted past; she knows that when they go back into the Judge's office, they will return the favor and Kim knows that she has a long, sorted history of making mistakes.

"I just have to stay calm," she whispers to herself. "The Judge will see that Bob's final wishes were for me, his wife, to have the house, a job and to be taken care of financially."

"Hey, how's it going in there?" Cory asks as he comes up to Kim. He just arrived at the court house and was hoping to find out how the trial is going.

Kim looks at Cory in surprise. "Uh, it's going fine. I thought you'd be on your wife's side in all of this?"

Cory shrugs his shoulders. "I just want this to be over, to be honest," he replies to her quickly. "For the record, Kim, I've told Natasha many times to drop this and to let Bob's will speak for itself."

"Thanks Cory, I appreciate that," she tells him.

"I better go check in with the wife," he winks back to her. "Good luck."

Cory walks away from Kim and moves over towards Robbie, Natasha and Lois. "Hey, how is it going?"

"Oh Cory," Natasha pulls him into a hug. "It was awful. Kim really brought up every nasty thing that we have ever done in the past. I can't wait to go back in there and tell our side of things."

Cory sighs and looks back at her and then over at Robbie and Lois. "Maybe this should just be over now?" Cory asks her. "It's not too late to end this before it gets uglier."

"You sound like Kim," Robbie tells him. "She said the same thing."

"I'm just saying, regardless of anything that happened Bob loved Kim and she was the best wife possible to him. We all make mistakes…"

"Cory enough!" Natasha stops him. "I want to honor my father's legacy, either you're with me or against me!"

"I'm with you Nat," Cory quickly tells her. "I just hate what this is doing to our family."

"I'm doing this for the family," Natasha sneers back to him. "You of all people should know that."

"Guys, the judge is ready for us now," Lois interrupts them. "Let's go tell our side."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Kim's past deeds are brought up in court
- Jacob and Max have a heart to heart
- Donovan and Lukas' romantic night hits a snag

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