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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Cory and Natasha remained at odds as he felt like she and Robbie were tearing the family apart by contesting Bob's will. Natasha refused to back down
- Cory learned that Robbie and Brooke were sleeping together. Brooke ended things with Robbie, but after his day in court Robbie took Brooke to a hotel room
- Leah and Jeff cut Paige off from her trust fund after she moved out because of her relationship with Max
- Shane and Natasha continued to want Jacob to break up with Cassie
- Daisy and Trenyce were left wondering about Vinny's sudden design interest as the Robertson Team continued to work towards the winter/ski line

The Calimo Mansion

Cory slowly crawls out of the king size bed and looks back to see his wife still sleeping. Since Bob's medical crisis began, Cory and Natasha have been living at the Calimo mansion as it helped Natasha feel closer to her father. Now that they are there, he doesn't know if they will ever go back to the penthouse. He slowly walks out of the bedroom, not wanting to wake up Natasha. He knows that the previous day was took its toll on his wife as she and Robbie went to court to contest Bob's will; Cory is still upset with his wife for doing this as he believes that the family should be coming together right now to grieve. By contesting the will, Robbie and Natasha are ensuring that the Calimo's are more divided than ever before.

He reaches the living room and finds a hot pot of coffee and pours himself a cup. He takes a sip and then yawns as he barely slept the night before. He kept thinking about Kim and how devastated she would be if she lost everything that Bob left her.

"She lost her son, she lost her husband and now if Natasha and Robbie get their way, she will lose everything that Bob left for her," Cory whispers to himself. "Natasha will hate me if she knew that I wanted to help Kim but it is what is right. Kim deserves to have everything that Bob wanted her to have."

He takes another sip of his coffee before he looks up. "Wait, that's it," he stands up from the sofa. "I know exactly how I can make sure Kim wins this case. But if I do this, it could mean the end of my marriage as I know it."

Robertson Enterprises

"I'm really sorry to hear that you have moved out of your parent's house," Dominick tells Paige as they across from one another in his office on the sofas he has. Paige just finished telling her grandfather that she left Jeff and Leah's home because they refused to let her see Max; Paige won't allow her parents to dictate to her whom she can and can't see, especially when Max has done nothing but support her since she caught Andrew cheating on her. "Are you sure they didn't tell you anything about why they are so against you dating Max?"

"No, they didn't say anything," Paige admits to him as she moves a piece of hair behind her ear. "If I understood why there are so upset then maybe I could have stayed. But for them to come and just tell me that I can't see Max, it's not cool."

"I can't speak for Leah, but this isn't like her at all," Dominick tells his granddaughter. "I just have to assume she had a good reason."

"I don't know what that reason could be," Paige replies to him. "But, it gets worse. They've cut me off from my trust fund; they texted me yesterday with that bombshell."

"Ah, so you have no money," Dominick chuckles back to her. "Is that why you wanted to see me today? You need money?"

Paige blushes a little back to him. "It's one of the reasons, yes," she admits to him. "I was hoping that I could get a loan…"

"Of course you can," Dominick replies to him. "And it's not a loan, just take the money and we will call it a gift."

"Thank you Grandpa," Paige moves up and hugs him. "I don't know what I'd do without you."

Twin Peaks University

"Overall, I was really impressed with your papers class," Albertinah tells her world history class as she stands in front of the classroom holding the essays in her hand. "The Second World War was a very complicated time in the world and the majority of you did very well capturing the many layers involved."

Andrew looks over at Abby and can tell that she looks nervous about her paper. He didn't have time to work on the paper with her so he has no idea how she is feeling about her report. Albertinah lays Andrew's paper down on his desk and they make eye contact for a moment.

"Good job Mr. Pherson," Albertinah purses her lips together. "Seems like my notes really helped you?"

Andrew turns over the paper and sees a grade of A-. He smiles back to her. "Yea, thanks so much. Hopefully I won't always need your guidance."

"I'm always happy to help," she replies before she carries on handing the other students their papers.

A few seats over, Abby looks at Andrew and Albertinah and wonders what they were talking about. Albertinah is not discussing the paper with anyone else while she hands them out. She arches her eyebrow wondering what is going on there.

"Not your best," Albertinah puts Abby's paper down on her desk.

Abby turns it over and groans. "C?" she asks herself in frustration. "I worked my ass off on this and all I get is a C? This blows."

She looks over at Andrew and gives him the thumbs down. Andrew shrugs back to her hoping to cheer her up somehow. He then looks at back at Albertinah and feels his heart skip a beat when he looks at his attractive teacher, thrilled that she liked his work on the paper. As he watches her, he can't help but think that this is the best decision he's ever made and it is certainly helping him get over Paige.

The Cemetery

"Are you sure you're up to doing this?" Dawn asks Helen as they stand in the middle of the pathway of the cemetery. Dawn knew that Helen hadn't seen Barbara's grave since she escaped from the coffin and after discussing with her Mom, they agreed to come see Barbara's grave together. Dawn knows what she went through when she believed Helen was gone, so she can only know what Helen is going through having lost her Mom.

"I have to do this," Helen nods back to her daughter. "I wasn't around when my Mom died; that is something that I will never get over. But, I have to start to move on and heal. This is the first step."

"Okay, come on," Dawn grabs Helen's hand. "I'll show you where her grave is."

They move a few yards further until Dawn stops her and points to a cream coloured marble tombstone. "It's over here," Dawn tells her.

They move up to the tombstone and Helen feels her eyes swell with water as she sees the Barbara's name written out. Next to Barbara's tombstone, is Reg's grave, Helens' father who passed away a few years earlier.

"I guess the good thing is you guys are reunited again," Helen tries to put a smile on her face. "You know Mom, you never did get over Dad's passing. I guess that is the silver lining in all of this."

Helen reaches out and touches Barbara's tombstone. "I'm so sorry that I was away when this happened to you," she bites her lower lip. "I should have protected you from going to that damn hospital. I should have seen what was happening with Victoria."

Dawn moves up behind her Mom and puts her hand on her shoulder. "I will never forgive myself for that, Mom. I just hope that you're resting in peace. I love you and will always have you in my heart."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

Shane slowly walks over to the nurses station with some files that he needs put away when he spots Cassie engaged in a conversation with one of the nurses. The last time he saw her was when he was at the Pampa Grill with Jacob and his son defended his relationship with Cassie. Shane realizes that he doesn't want Jacob to marry Cassie, and neither does Natasha, but they are running out of ideas on how to get through to Jacob. Maybe, he thinks to himself, the way to stop this is through Cassie, not Jacob.

"Cassie, what brings you to the hospital?" Shane asks as he arrives at the nurses station.

Cassie turns to face her ex and gets a sly grin on her face. "I was just getting a referral for one of my patients," she tells him. "You look like you're busy today," she notes the files in his hands.

"Never a dull moment around here," he winks back to her. "Do you want to walk me back to my office?"


They start walking back to Shane's office. "I can't tell you how excited Jacob and I are for the wedding. It's coming up, you know."

Shane uneasily nods back to her. "So he has said."

"I know that you and Natasha have your reservations…"

Shane stops and looks her in the eyes. "Cassie, you have to understand why we feel the way we do. After everything that has happened…"

"That's all in the past Shane. I've changed."

"What do you want?"

Cassie looks back at him in surprise as she is caught off guard by his comment. "What are you talking about?"

"To walk away from Jacob," Shane replies to her. "Do you want money? What do you want to walk away from my son and never see him again?"

Cassie shakes her head back in disgust. "What the hell are you talking about? You can't pay me off, Shane. I love Jacob. The sooner you and Natasha realize that, the better. Now, if you'll excuse me…"

Shane watches as Cassie storms off and he lets out a loud sigh knowing that if she tells Jacob what he just did, his son will not be happy with him. "Damn it, I hope I didn't just make things worse."

Robertson Enterprises

"Well team, I can't tell you how pleased and proud I am of all of you that you've come up with this collection so seamlessly and quickly," Dominick tells his staff as Donovan, Trenyce, Jeff, Leah, Robin, Tyler, Daisy and Vinny, who are all in the office listening to their boss. "I know we still have work to do, but we are well on our way to ensuring this line is a huge success."

"What are the next steps you need from us?" Donovan asks as he knows that there is still work to be done on the line.

"I still need more designs from Trenyce and Vinny," Dominick replies as Daisy uneasily looks over at her ex-husband. "And, Daisy, I need some strong PR ideas from you; maybe an updated Instagram account? Donovan, Leah and Jeff, I'd like you guys to start working on pricing; we want to ensure we are competitive but not too overpriced. We want to appeal to the masses."

"Sounds like a great plan," Leah tells her father.

"Okay, I'll let you get to it," Dominick tells his staff. "Come see me with any questions, guys!"

Vinny smiles to himself knowing that his designs are a hit with Dominick; he couldn't be more thrilled that his plan is seemingly working so well.

"Vinny, do you have a moment to talk?" Trenyce comes up to him. "I'm just wondering what you're thinking of for your next designs?"

Vinny uneasily shakes his head back to her. "You know, I'm not sure. I was going to head up to Caldwell's to see if I could get inspired."

"Good idea," Trenyce nods back to him. "Let me know, though, so we aren't doing the same thing?"

"Sure, I'm going to hit the road. I want to get there before it gets dark."

"Okay, see you. Drive safe," Trenyce tells him as Vinny quickly leaves the office.

"What was that about?" Daisy asks her niece as she comes up behind her.

"He's going to Caldwell's to get inspiration for his designs," Trenyce replies to her.

"I still think something is off with all of this," Daisy tells her. "But, I have too much work to do to worry about that."


Outside Dominick's office, Robin stands next to Leah and Jeff as they tell Robin about how Paige has moved out of the house and is now living on the Calimo guesthouse.

"I am in shock that she moved out," Robin tells her sister and brother in law. "Did you guys reveal why you were opposed to her seeing Max?"

"No we didn't," Jeff replies to her quickly. "But Robin, I don't know that we can keep it a secret. Our daughter hates us and we can't tell her the reason as to why."

"No, please," Robin pleads with them. "Adam wasn't happy that I was going to tell you in the first place; if he finds out you want to tell Paige the truth …"

"I'm just not sure what else we can do," Leah tells her. "This situation with Paige is getting out of control!"

"Just give it time," Robin replies to her sister. "Paige is young and she thinks she knows everything. She'll come around, I'm sure of it."

The Sugarbowl

"Thanks for the iced coffee," Paige smiles across the table to Max, who bought her the drink since he knows she has been cut off from Leah and Jeff because they are seeing one another. He really hates seeing how upset this has made his girlfriend.

"No worries," he replies to her. "How are you holding up? And be honest with me, I know that this can't be easy for you."

"It's not," Paige admits to him. "But, I have no idea why my parents flipped out about me seeing you. They didn't freak out when I was dating Andrew."

Max gulps wondering if Robin could have told them about his role in Adam's accident; he knows that the three of them agreed not to tell anyone else, but it would explain why Robin was asking him about his relationship with Paige.

"I wish I knew," Max tells her. "Still, moving out was a big move. Do you think it was the right one?"

"Absolutely," Paige says back to him. "I'm not a little girl anymore. My parents don't get the right to tell me whom I can see and whom I can't. And, I still want to see you. I really enjoy your time, Max."

Max smiles back to her. "I'm glad you said that," he admits to her. "Because, I really like spending time with you too. So much so that I was thinking that you and I could attend the Robertson Enterprises ski line launch together."

"The one in November?"

"Yea," Max tells her. "I know it's a ways off but it might be a good way to show your family how serious we are to each other."

"It could be," Paige uneasily says back to him. "Or it could be a huge disaster."

Max chuckles back to her. "I'd say we give it a shot."

"Okay," Paige nods back to him. "I'd love to be your date, Max."


Kim sits at the window bar with a coffee in front of her. She had received a text message from Cory asking her to meet him at the coffeehouse; she was curious as to why he would ask to see her, but she agreed. She just hopes that it is not anything that Natasha has sent him to do.

As she waits for him to arrive, she can't help but think about the kiss that she and Greg shared after her day in court. She has consistently told him that they were just friends, but in her time of need she did reach out to him. She shakes her head.

"No, nothing can happen between us," she tells herself. "I just lost my husband and am in no place to get involved with another man. Besides, Robbie and Natasha already suspect I'm sleeping with Greg; I can't give them any further ammunition."

She pulls out her phone from her purse and sends Greg a text message, "Sorry about the kiss the other day. It shouldn't have happened and can't happen again. You're my friend, Greg, and really appreciate that. Please accept my apology."

She puts her phone down when she sees Cory walk into the coffeehouse. "Cory, morning," Kim tries to put a smile on her face while he sits next to her.

"Morning Kim."

"I was surprised to hear from you. I hope everything is okay?"

"Nothing is okay," he admits to her. "This entire contesting the will thing is crazy. I wish Natasha would realize the damage it is doing to this family."

"I couldn't agree more," Kim replies to him quickly. "But it's in the Judges hands now."

"Maybe not," Cory looks over at Kim. "I think I have a way to help you win this case, Kim. I think you should keep everything Bob gave you."

Caldwell's Mountain Ski Resort

Vinny walks down the hallway of the ski resort towards the room that he has booked for a couple of days. He told Trenyce that he was coming here to get some inspiration on the rest of the collection that he was designing and that is partly true. As he walks down the hall, he sees a door that reads, "Basement". He turns around to ensure no one else is in the hallway before he opens the door. He quickly rushes down three flights of stairs before he sees another doorway, which he opens.

Inside the basement, he moves to a corner where there is a small prison cage and inside Brett is sitting on a chair! Brett stands up when he sees his brother on the other side of the steel bars.

"Vinny," he puts his hands on the bars. "You're here. Thank God!"

"Yes, Brett, I'm here," Vinny smirks back to him, thrilled to see his brother in the cage. "How was the trip from LA?"

"Please, Vinny, they put me in this cage! These two men grabbed me and knocked me unconscious! You have to help me get out of here!" Brett pleads with him.

"Oh no Brett," Vinny continues to smile back to him. "You're not going anywhere. Not for a very long time."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Lukas surprises Donovan
- Craig gets a job proposal
- The Calimo's day in court takes a shocking turn

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