Episode 63
Party Crasher
Written by: Dallas Walsh

Episode Theme Song "Adia" by Sarah McLachlan

Previously on One Day at a Time
-> Leah & Vinny planned a ‘welcome home’ party for Meggan, who checked herself into rehab after remembering she was driving the car that killed Noah
->Leah and Jeff shared a kiss, while Robbie and Kim felt like their partners were shutting them out
->Patricia was revealed to be Olivia and Preston’s daughter, Reese’s sister, Madeline
->Dave revealed to Patricia that he and Brett are Vinny’s triplet’s and that they have been holding Vinny hostage for three years
->Victoria is struggling to remember her time during which she had multi-personalities
->Reese made the State volleyball team
Scene One -- The Victors House; Vinny & Meggan’s Home

The home coming party is underway. The den has been transformed into the featured room. Across from the large bay window there is a long table with a light yellow table cloth. Different appetizers fill the table, as well as a non-alcoholic punch. Above the table on the wall is a large “Welcome Home” banner. The lights are dimly lit, with a soft mellow music playing. The music can not really be heard, through the chatter of the guests present to welcome Meggan home from rehab.

Upstairs in the master bedroom, Meggan looks in the mirror while she finishes putting on the last layer of lip gloss. She looks in the mirror. She is nervous. She is about to go downstairs and enter her welcome home party. The party for her. So why is she nervous? She shuts her eyes and tries not to cry. She is nervous because she is about to be welcomed home, only to admit to everyone … including Leah, the woman who threw her the party, that she was the one driving the car that hit Noah and killed him. She has no idea what to expect from a reaction from people, but she is ready to face the consequences of her drunken actions all those months ago. She is ready to make things right.

Vinny comes up from behind his wife and places his arms around her. He kisses on the cheek. “You look great,” he says to her.

She turns and hugs her husband. “Thanks. It feels so good to be home. I really needed to get away,” she says. “I needed to get healthy.”

“I know. Everyone understands. You’re better now, and that’s all that matters.”

Meggan looks at him. Vinny has been so supportive through out this ordeal. Before the accident, she remembers questioning his love for her. That’s all in the past. Vinny has been her rock through out this ordeal. Still, she knows she can not tell him her plans that evening. She knows Vinny would try to talk her out of confessing.

“Are you ready to go down and enjoy your homecoming?” he smiles to her.

“Yea,” she says hiding her apprehension. “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

Scene Two -- The Victors House; Vinny & Meggan’s Home

Robin and Will each hold a small plate of food in front of them, making small talk as the party carries on around them.

“It’s so great to see you, it’s been awhile,” she smiles at him.

“Yea, I guess we’ve both been busy with work and whatever …”

“I have actually. The lab has been really busy.”

“Has it been okay? You didn’t go back too soon after the blindness spell?”

Robin chuckles. “No. I needed to get back. After I realized that Cory and I were over, I really needed the distraction. I’m sorry about something though.”

“What’s that?” he asks.

“Ignoring you. You’ve been a really great friend.”

“Friend, huh?” he says, blushing.

Robin takes his free hand. “Yea. I’m in no place to be in another relationship Will. Another time, another place …”

“Hey, no need to explain. I understand.”

“Good. So friends?” she asks.

“Of course!” he replies.


Kim, wearing a grey shirt and a tight white blouse, and Jeff, wearing Nudie Jeans and a pale blue Lacoste polo, stand in a corner. Tension between the two of them is high, as she continues to feel isolated in communications as he continues to struggle with Noah’s death. She takes a slow sip of the fruit punch, showing off her sparkling diamond tennis bracelet.

“It’s nice to be here with you,” she says. “I was worried.”

“About what?” he says taking a bite of a carrot stick, and acting nonchalant.

“The other day when you got home. You seemed distant.”

Jeff quickly remembers the other day, at the grave yard with Leah … and the kiss that they shared.

“Yea, sorry.”

Kim sighs. “No, I’m sorry. Here I thought you were actually going to start opening up to me about Noah.”

Jeff watches as Kim storms off, leaving him alone with his carrot sticks. He takes a bite as he spots Leah from across the room.


Leah holds Robbie’s hand as they enter the den for the party. Leah looks at the put together room and gasps.

“You really outdid yourself,” Robbie whispers into her ear.

Leah, who is wearing a silver sparkling top and black Capri’s with silver pumps beams. “It really does look great,” she says to Robbie.

Robbie stops and admires his wife for a moment. Her eyes have the same sparkle that they used to, he realizes. The sparkle that has been missing since Noah died. “This was a great project for you,” he says.

She leans in and kisses him quickly. “I can’t wait to go and mingle!” she gushes.

“I’ll meet up with you. I’m going to get some punch. Would you like some?”

“Sure, thanks,” she says walking into the crowded room.

Robbie makes his way over to the punch bowl. Kim soon approaches him.

“Hey, want some punch Kim?” he asks, handing her a freshly scooped glass of the fruit punch.

“Thanks,” she flashes half a smile as she takes the cup of punch.

“What’s up? You seem … distant?”

“Is Natasha here yet? She is coming, right?” Kim says quickly.

“She’s supposed to be, yea. Being at the clinic she can come and go as she pleases, as long as she uses the wheel chair,” he says although he notices that Kim is not paying attention. “Hey, what’s going on?”

Kim turns to Robbie. She looks over her shoulder and sees Leah and Jeff conversing on the other side of the room. She turns her head back to Robbie. “That’s what’s wrong,” she says showing Robbie how close Leah and Jeff are.


“You look great,” Jeff says to Leah as they exit from their hug.

“Thanks. I like that colour on you,” she smiles back at him.

Jeff smiles. He finds himself drawing his hand up to her face. He consciously changes the direction of his hand and places it on his head and runs his fingers through his hair. Leah picks up on his quick change of direction.

“We should talk,” she says.

“Yea, we probably should …”

“The other day at the cemetery …”

Jeff grabs her free hand. “Please don’t say anything. Let’s just have that moment Leah. It happened. No excuses, no apologies. I don’t want to take it back. I don’t want you to take it back,” he says moving in closer so no other guests will over hear their conversation.

Leah looks up at Jeff and smiles. “I … I liked it,” she admits.

“You liked what?” Robbie asks, as he and Kim approach the close conversation between Jeff and Leah.


Patricia, wearing a black cocktail dress with a matching purse, stands at the fruit punch bowl, scooping another glass. She is about to put the spoon back in the large bowl when it slips out of her hand and splashes the man standing next to her!

“Oh my goodness,” she says quickly grabbing some napkins. “I’m so clumsy.”

Will looks at Patricia with a half grin on his face as she pats down his dark shirt. “Hey, don’t worry about it … the shirt is black, no one will be able to tell,” he says.

“I’m so sorry,” she says again.

“I’m Will,” he says taking the napkins and putting them in the trash can.

“M … Patricia West,” she says extending her hand. “Listen, if you want me to pay for the dry cleaning …”

Will chuckles, “I’ll take you up on that, just because that’ll get me your number,” he winks.

Patricia blushes. She has forgotten how to flirt with a man. She just blushes again.

“Cat got your tongue?” he asks playfully.

“No. I’m just … bad at this,” she admits.

“You don’t have to give me your number if you don’t want too,” he says. “I’m a big boy, I handle rejection well,” he says, his eyes looking over to Robin on the other side of the room.

Patricia smiles. “Getting coffee some time, would be nice,” she says. Her eyes suddenly are drawn across the room. She notices Olivia, Preston and Reese standing together. Suddenly, she can’t breathe. Her family. Her mother, father and brother. She has not seen them in years. Now, they are across the room from her.

“Hey, are you okay? You look really pale suddenly,” Will says moving closer to her.

Patricia stumbles. “Yyyea, … I’m going to the garden, I need some air,” she says.

“Let me help you,” he says, ushering her away unnoticed.


Olivia and Preston stand in the corner with Reese. Olivia is in a pink pant suit, while Preston is in a black suit and tie. Reese is in jeans and a v-neck shirt with a large scarf around his neck.

“So, we’ll meet back here no later that one o’clock. If you’re not here, we will assume you do not need a ride home,” Olivia says.

“Yes, mother,” Reese says rolling his eyes.

“Hey, don’t talk to your Mother that way,” Preston intervenes.

“I’m not a kid anymore. I can handle coming to a party and finding my way home, that’s all. Anyways, later guys … I see Andy and Trenyce,” Reese says before leaving.

Olivia turns to her husband and kisses him. “They grow up so fast,” she says.

Preston holds her for a moment. “I know, that’s why we need to find Madeline.”

They exit from their embrace. “We will. Did you contact the private investigator?”

Preston’s focus suddenly switches. Across the den he spots Adam and Helen mingling with some other guests. “My god…” he says slowly.

“Preston?” she asks turning around. “What is it?”

He swings her back around, “You were right, Helen Mills is in Twin Peaks!”


“I’ll ask again, what did you like?” Robbie asks Leah pulling her closer to him.

“I was telling Jeff that I liked his shirt. The colour, it suits him,” Leah lies, trying to think fast on her feet.

Jeff backs off with a slight grin on your face. “Something funny?” Robbie asks, coming up to Jeff.

Jeff smirks again, getting more into Robbie’s face. “Not a single thing,” he says slowly and calmly.

“Robbie, stop this!” Leah says in a harsh whisper.

Robbie looks at Leah. He turns back to Jeff and points his finger in his face “Stay away from my wife,” he warns.

Leah grabs Robbie and pulls him away. “What the hell are you doing?” she asks.

“I could ask you the same thing,” he quivers.

“I can’t believe you would do this tonight of all nights,” she says walking off in a fit of anger.


Adam and Helen circle some friends. They quickly exit the small talk. Once alone, Adam pulls Helen into his arms and kisses her. Her loose indigo dress sways slightly as he pulls her in.

“You smell amazing,” she says. “Is that a new cologne?”

“Yea, Roboto’s new one,” he says back. Adam is unshaven this evening, and is wearing dark pants and a green button up top with a matching blazer.

“Well it’s amazing. I’ll have to find Robin and give her my compliments,” she smiles.

“It’ll be great having Meggan back. I was thinking … she is a cop, maybe she could help us investigate your past. You know, any leads we can use, we should,” he says.

Helen smiles to him. “Yea. You’re so great. Thanks again for helping me with my past.”

“Anything for you. I do think we should focus on something else though,” he says, catching her off guard.

“What’s that?”

“Our wedding. Let’s just do it! A small ceremony at city hall? How about it? Be my wife!”


Cory pushes Natasha’s wheelchair up to the front door. She’s wearing jeans and a pale blue blouse. Her long hair is up in a bun, and her make up is perfect. Cory, is wearing jeans and a tight black top, moves around to face her.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asks, the night air fresh and cool as he speaks.

Natasha pauses. It is her first outing since awaking from her coma. She knows that she will face friends, ex’s, and family inside the party.

“I am sure. I have to start getting my life back, right?” she says.

He leans in and kisses her. “I’ll be with you the entire night, I won’t leave your side once,” he promises.

“You’re too good to me,” she says. “Let’s go in, I’m getting cold out here.”


Reese approaches Andy and Trenyce as they drink punch and laugh at one of Andy’s lame attempts at a joke. Reese quickly spots that Andy is wearing a tight pink t-shirt and jeans, which show off his assets well. Trenyce is wearing a baggy white top and jeans.

“Hey guys,” Reese smiles standing next to them.

“Hey, how’s Mr. Volleyball?” Trenyce asks.

“Mr. Volleyball? Did I miss something?” Andy asks.

“You haven’t heard? Reese made the state team!” Trenyce gushes, almost proud for her friend for his accomplishment.

“Really, you did?” Andy says turning to Reese.

“Yea,” Reese blushes. “It’s not that big of a deal.”

“What? It’s a huge deal! I’m happy for you!” Andy says hugging Reese. Reese takes a deep breathe and inhales the smell of Andy. It feels good having Andy in his arms, Reese realizes.

“Thanks,” he says, slowly. “I’m going to head out to the garden and get some air.”

Reese looks Andy in the eye before leaving.

“I wonder why he didn’t tell you,” Trenyce muses aloud.

“We haven’t seen a lot of each other lately, that must be why.”

“Oh I see Daisy. I want to go talk to her. Catch up later?” Trenyce asks.

“Sure,” Andy smiles as he watches Trenyce work her way across the crowded room. He looks back to the back door. He sets his cup of punch down and walks towards the door. He spots Reese in a far corner, near some rose bushes. He walks outside. The garden is rather crowded as well, as many guests were hot in the den. By the rose bushes, it seems to be quiet, as it is in a more secluded part of the garden.

“Hey, are you okay?” Andy says approaching Reese.

Reese looks up at Andy and smiles. “I’m fine. Just wanted some air. Why’d you come out?”

Andy looks at Reese. He loves how Reese glows in the moon light. “Just wanted to make sure you were okay,” he says.

Reese grabs Andy’s hand, “Come with me for a second?”

Andy follows Reese’s lead. They exit the Victors yard at the fence and continue to walk down a meadow area. Soon, there are at the bay of the river. “I didn’t know the river was so close,” Andy says.

“Not a lot of people do. That’s why Vinny and Meggan’s neighbourhood is so expensive … they have this view from their back.” Reese says.

They find a large willow tree and Reese sits under it. “Come sit with me.”

Andy sits next to Reese. “It’s beautiful here,” he admits looking at Reese.

Reese looks back at Andy. “I know. I love coming here to think. It’s so calming, you know?”

“I do know …” Andy says.

“What are you thinking right now?” Reese smiles at him.

Andy moves in and kisses Reese unexpectedly. The kiss turns more passionate as Reese slides his tongue into Andy’s mouth. Andy pulls back.

“I’m sorry…” he says.

“Don’t be, it’s natural,” Reese says pulling Andy in for another kiss.

Scene Three - The Victors House; Vinny & Meggan’s Home

“You’re not saying anything,” Adam says back to Helen. “Do you not want to become my wife after all?”

Helen stops and pauses. She wants to marry Adam, but this rushed idea of a wedding isn’t exactly what she had in mind either.

She opens her mouth to reply to him, but Victoria interrupts them.

“Victoria,” Helen says.

Victoria smiles. “Hey. I have been meaning to contact you guys…”

“Is everything okay?” Adam says turning his attention from Helen to Victoria.

“Everything is fine,” she says. “I wanted too…” she pauses for a moment, trying to collect her words. “…apologize. I mean, for everything I put you guys through.”

“It’s okay,” Helen begins, feeling unsure of what she is saying and thinking.

“We understand that you were ill at the time Victoria. We really don’t hold anything against you,” Adam replies, backing Helen’s response.

Victoria gets misty in her eyes. “I am paying for what I did in other ways.”

Helen arches her eyebrow. “Such as?”

“I don’t really…remember,” Victoria admits. “I thought I was still married to Shane. I don’t really remember being with Adam at all. I feel like…like I am meeting the two of you for the first time,” Victoria says trying to control her tears.

Helen looks at Victoria, remaining sceptical. She struggles to believe that Victoria, the woman that caused her so much pain suddenly can not remember anything of this time period. "Nothing at all?" she asks.

"Just bits and pieces. It's all coming back to me slowly."

Adam hugs Victoria. "It'll be okay. If you ever want to talk, I would be happy to fill you in on some pieces. We were very close..."

"Thanks Adam. I'll call you sometime then?" Victoria smiles through her mist.

Adam nods.

"Okay. Well, enjoy the party," Victoria says before she walks off.

Adam turns his attention back to Helen.

"You'll call her?" Helen rolls her eyes. "After everything that woman has put us through, you'll call her?"

Adam looks dumbfounded at Helen's remark.


Robbie approaches Leah at the buffet table. Leah notices her husband approaching and quickly takes a bite of her cracker.

"I don't want to fight with you," he says taking some cheese and putting it on to his plate.

"Then stop with this nonsense. Jeff and I are close. We lost a child together. Don't tell me how to grieve the loss of Noah."

Robbie looks at Leah, trying not to fume. How dare she! he thinks. "If you would just open up to me Leah, I could understand. This constant shutting me out has to stop."

"We'll talk about this later. Meggan should be coming downstairs soon." Leah says before she walks off.

Robbie sighs. He doesn't know how much more of this he can take. Every time he tries to talk to Leah, she runs away, avoiding the problem.


"Surprise!" a man's voice says behind Victoria, sending a quick shiver down her spine. She turns around and a smile beams from her face.

"Andy!" she says hugging him. "What's up? It's so great to see you.
"You too," he beams back. "And I must say, you look hot tonight!"

She laughs. "Thanks. You're in a good mood. What's going on?"

"Promise not to say anything?"

Victoria arches her eyebrow. "Of course. We're friends. Confidentiality is a must," she winks.

"Remember at Capers, you thought I was gay ... am gay?" he says quietly.

"It's pretty obvious."

Andy is slightly irked at her comment. He doesn't think he is "obviously gay", but shrugs it off. "I ... well ... really like this guy," he says.

"What!? Oh my god ... who!? I want to see how cute he is! This is so exciting Andy," Victoria says tugging on his arm.

Trenyce comes up and interrupts their conversation. "Hey babe, aren't ya going to introduce me to your friend?" she says putting her hands on her hips.

Andy gulps. "Oh, yea. Victoria, this is my ...."

"Girlfriend," Trenyce interrupts.

Victoria's eyes shift to Andy's. "Yea, girlfriend ... Trenyce. Trenyce, this is my friend Victoria ... you know the one I was telling you about."

"Mmmmhmmm," Trenyce says, brimming with attitude.

"It's ... nice to meet you?" Victoria says trying to play nice.

"I bet it is!" Trenyce says back.

"We'll talk later?" Andy says looking at Victoria.

"Absolutely," she responds.

Andy walks off with Trenyce. Once they are alone, she looks at him.

"What was that all about?" she demands to know.

"What? Victoria? She's my friend..."

"She's so ... beautiful." Trenyce pouts, trying to conceal her insecurities but is obviously failing.

Andy laughs. "So are you ... don't be so insecure!"

Trenyce fumes but bites her tongue. "How come we never kiss Andy? I know we just started dating, but we are so isolated.
Andy leans in and kisses her quickly on her lips ... which Reese and Victoria both spot.

"Happy?" he says smiling.

"I am now," she purrs.


Cory pushes Natasha’s wheel chair into the living room, where Preston quickly approaches her.

"It's great to see you out and about," he says to her.

"Thanks boss," Natasha smiles back. "I must admit, it's great to see everyone again. And getting out of that hospital bed!"

"Well you look amazing," Olivia says bending down and hugging Natasha.

"Thanks Olivia. So do you," Natasha says. Natasha notices Kim across the room. "Oh, if you'll excuse me, I want to say hi to Kim."

"Certainly," Preston says. "Take care. Hope to have you back at the office soon!"

Olivia looks at Preston. "Keep your voice down, we don't need Helen to see us."

"Even if she does," he says quietly, but sternly. "She lost her memory in her accident. She will not remember us. That'll bid us some time."


In the garden, the stars are twinkling brightly. The sound of the party carries over into the yard, but it is much quieter outside.

Will hands Patricia a glass of water as she sits in the gazebo.

"Feeling better?" he asks sitting next to her.

"Yea. I ... just needed to get out there." she says looking at him. "Thanks for coming with me," she smiles.

"Anytime. It's my nature..."

"Oh really?" she says condescendingly.

"Yup. I am a nurse," he winks.

Patricia laughs. "Oh, I thought you were flirting again!"

Will puts his hand on her leg. "I only flirt when the girl is healthy and okay. Not when she's pale and practically suffocating."

Patricia looks away, not really wanting to talk.

"So ... what triggered it? Something must have set you off?"

Patricia looks back at him. "Can you do me a favour?"

"Sure," he says.

"Take me home?"


Natasha arrives at Kim's side. Kim bends down and hugs her friend.

"You look great," Kim beams to her friend.

Natasha smiles. "Gee, a girl should go into coma more often...I've been getting so many compliments tonight," she laughs.

Kim chuckles. "Seriously, it's so great to have you back."

"Thanks. I've missed you. So what's going on? Where's Jeff?"

Kim sighs. "Oh no. What's up?" Natasha presses her friend, sensing that something is wrong.

"It's Noah's death. He just ... he shuts me out. He only talks to ..."

"Leah?" Natasha guesses.

"How'd you know?"

"Robbie was telling me about at the hospital. Listen, the death of a child is a huge ordeal for someone. They just need ... time," Natasha tries to console her friend. "Give him time hun, really. He'll come around."

"I hope so," she says back.


Reese approaches Andy after he spots Trenyce filling her punch glass.

"Hey, I wanted to ask you something quickly," Reese says.

"Shoot," Andy smiles.

"Come to Milwaukee with me ... for the State game. It'll be so much fun," Reese says.

"I'd love too!" Andy quickly says.

"Love to what?" Trenyce asks coming back into the circle.

“Reese invited me to Milwaukee, for his volleyball tournament!” Andy beams.

Trenyce giggles. “Oh yes! That will be so much fun! The three of us … ROAD TRIP!” she says excited.

Reese looks awkwardly at Andy but smirks. “Yea, it’ll be a blast,” he says, secretly wishing that he would have Andy to himself in Milwaukee.


Leah slowly walks up the stairs. She wants to have a moment to herself. She wants to get away from Robbie, Jeff and Kim and all the eyes that are on her. While she has not admitted to anyone, especially Robbie, she has been feeling pressure to pull off a successful 'Welcome Home' party for Meggan. She hates that all the eyes in the room are on her. "How is she coping?" she overheard people speaking at the party. "She looks great, considering...!" she just wants the voices to stop. She just wants everyone to stop looking at her.

A tear rolls down her cheek. She wishes for nothing more than to have Noah with her right now. Her little boy, in her arms.

She continues to walk until she reaches the hallway.


"Okay, I'm ready, let's go down stairs," Meggan says to Vinny who is lying on the bed.

"Finally!" he says standing up. "You look great!"

"Thanks," she smiles. "I have to tell you something ..."

"Sounds serious," he replies.

"I have to confess Vinny. I wasn't going to tell you, but I have too ... I need to take the recourse of killing Noah," she says.

Vinny sighs. "Meg, you can't do this. Please ... the investigation has been stopped. There's nothing left to do ..."

"Except the right thing," Meggan says back. "You can't change my mind. I have to do this," she says turning and walking towards the door.

Outside the door, a devastated Leah has overheard the entire conversation. Tears running down her face, she rushes into the room across the hall, enters another bedroom and shuts the door. She falls to the ground in tears. Her friend killed her son. She had heard correctly. This is all so much for her handle. She sits, alone on the floor in the dark crying, evaporating this information.


"Ladies and gentlemen," Vinny says clicking his glass. "The woman of the hour is here," he says to everyone in the den.

Meggan enters the den and the guests clap. A few "Welcome Home's" are heard shouted in the room. Meggan smiles.

"Thank you everyone," she says loudly. "These past few weeks have been the hardest of my life. Admitting that I have a problem and seeking help ...." she says slowly. "...it was hard, but I knew that I had the love and support of all my friends here at home. It feels so great to be home ..." she says again.
Suddenly in the entrance of the den, Leah emerges, her hair a mess, her mascara running. "Save it you bitch!" Leah yells.

The crowd gasps. Robbie looks on in complete and utter shock at the state of his wife.

"Leah?" Meggan says. "Are you okay?"

Leah approaches Meggan and slaps her. "You bitch!" Leah spits. "You are going to pay!"

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- Meggan is arrested
- Cassie asks Shane a huge question
- Will & Kim talk

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