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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Shane & Natasha interrupted Cassie and Jacob's wedding
- Brooke admitted her affair with Robbie to Greg, who was livid with her
- Robbie realized that Cory was the one who told Kim about his affair with Brooke
- A depressed Nicholas kept himself in his hotel room, where he had a gun
- Tyler and Felicia supported Dominick after Leah and Jeff quit Robertson when they realized he gave Paige money after she moved out to pursue her relationship with Max
- Andrew kissed Albertinah, his teacher who is also Chris' sister

St. Joseph's Church

"Stop the wedding!" Natasha bursts into the church with Shane behind her as Cassie and Jacob look back at her in shock. Natasha tries to catch her breath as she and Shane were at the Calimo mansion and they realized that even if they couldn't stop Jacob's wedding to Cassie, they should be there to see their son get married. The last thing they wanted was to look back and regret not being present when he said "I do". "Jacob, please tell me you haven't gone through with this yet."

"How dare you!" Cassie grits her teeth down as she glares at Natasha and then over at Shane. She knew that they hated her but she never expected them to stop her wedding. She knows that they have no way to stop the wedding because she hasn't done anything to warrant this. "You two need to get out of here now! Jacob and I are going to be married and there's not a damn thing you can do about it!"

"Jacob please, listen to us," Shane moves up to his son, wanting him to hear their side of things. "We are here because we …"

"You what? You want to stop this? You can't stop us!" Cassie shrieks at him. "Both of you need to leave here, now!"

"No, Cassie, I want to hear what they have to say," Jacob shocks her with his words. "They are my parents after all. I owe it to them to hear what they have to say."

"Jacob…" Cassie begins to protest.

"No, they are my parents Cassie, I want to hear what they have to say…"

"Fine, start talking," Cassie looks over at Shane and Natasha. "Make it fast!"

"We couldn't let you go through with this without us being here," Shane looks at Jacob. "You have told us over and over again that this is what you wanted and we are here because we want to support you."

"It's true," Natasha tries to smile to her son. "We love you, Jacob. We just want what's best for you."

Jacob moves over and hugs his mom and dad. "I love you guys so much," he whispers to them. "And, I appreciate that more than you'll ever know."

"Well this is great! We can proceed with the ceremony now…" Cassie moves up to Jacob and grabs his hand, but he quickly pulls it away.

"No," Jacob shakes his head back to her. "I can't marry you, Cassie."

Raven's Meadow

"You're not saying anything," a gutted Brooke wipes her eyes before she looks over at Greg, who looks like he was just punched in his stomach from learning that Brooke has been having an affair with Robbie. Just went he thought that their marriage was back on solid ground, she has revealed that she's been sleeping with another man behind his back for months; and not just any man, but Robbie Calimo. He almost can't believe this is happening but he also remembers her sorted history. The timing of this all is what makes it harder for him to wrap his head around.

"What do you want me to say?" Greg asks her back. "You've been fucking Robbie for months; the night before we reconnected you were with him! Do you know how that makes me feel?"

"I am so sorry."

"Did you think about him when we made love Brooke? Did it take everything in you to not call out his name instead of mine?"

"Of course not!" Brooke replies to him quickly. "I love you, I want our marriage to work."

Greg breaks into laughter. "You want our marriage to work? Is that what you told Robbie every time you slept with him?"

"Please, you have to believe me…"

"I don't have to do anything…" Greg interrupts her. "Because this so called marriage is over! Do you hear me, Brooke, we are done!"

"You don't mean that," Brooke pleads with him.

"Like hell I don't," Greg spits at her as he moves to the door of his office. "This is goodbye Brooke, for good this time!"

She shudders as he slams the door behind himself. She feels her eyes swell with more water as she covers her mouth. "What have I done? My God, what have I done?"

MW Investigations

"I'm so glad you guys set up an appointment with me," Meggan looks over to Chris and Trenyce, who are sitting in her office hoping to get an update on Meggan's search for their biological child. Meggan, of course, knows that Cheresa is their biological daughter but she can't say anything because Brad is blackmailing into silence with the fact that Jeff is Logan's biological child. She hates that she has to lie to Chris and Trenyce because they have been her clients for so many years, but she knows her back is up against the wall right now.

"We appreciate that you are continuing to look into this," Trenyce nods back to her. "We know that this entire search, all these years of it, have been really like finding a needle in a haystack."

"We always knew that it would be a challenge," Meggan agrees with her. "But we have done a lot."

"Well, we've decided that we have explored every possible avenue," Chris replies to her. "We don't know where else to go from here and we have accepted that we can't find our child."

Meggan uneasily gulps back to them. "What are you saying?"

"We'd like to stop searching," Trenyce slowly tells her. "We don't want to waste anymore of your time or continue to get our hopes up when they are always dashed."

Meggan uneasily nods back to them. "If this is what you want…"

"It wasn't an easy decision but it is what we want," Chris tells her as he grabs Trenyce's hand for support. "Thanks for all your hard work, we couldn't have done any of this without you. We owe you so much."

"I, uh, didn't do anything, really," Meggan slowly replies to them feeling beads of sweat forming on her forehead. She still hates that she has to lie to them about this. "But I respect your decision. And, if I can think of anything else at all, I'll let you know."

Twin Peaks Executive Hotel

Nicholas moves back from his duffle bag in his hotel room almost startled to see the hand gun inside. Truth be told, he had forgotten that he had a hand gun with him. He bought it when he was staying at the church as it was an older building and the doors never locked, so he had it for security purposes.

He moves back and sits on his bed looking at the gun in his hands. In his mind, he keeps replaying over and over the last few weeks of his life as tears flood to his eyes. The night of the gala at St. Joseph's and how mean the Arch Bishop was to him about the restoration of the church; it left him feeling like he wasn't cut out to the priest at St. Joseph's anymore. Naturally, the person to comfort him was Andy, whom he had been having a building attraction to for months. One thing led to another and they ended up in bed together, only for the Arch Bishop and his parents to walk in on them as Melissa convinced the Arch Bishop that he was too hard on Nicholas. As a result of having sex with Andy, the Bishop threw Nicholas out of the church and his life has been spiraling ever since.

"I have nothing left," Nicholas whispers to himself as he looks at the gun in his hands. "I am nothing anymore. So…" he continues as he starts to get choked up. "What's the point? What is the point of all of this?"

The Claus House; Jeff & Leah's Home

"I'm assuming that you're here because of what happened at Robertson earlier?" Leah asks Tyler as they move into the living room of her house. Leah and Jeff were at Robertson earlier in the day and they quit because they didn't want to work for Dominick while he was going against their parenting rules with Paige. After Paige moved out of the house because she refused to stop seeing Max, Leah and Jeff cut her off from her trust fund. They were furious when the discovered that Dominick agreed to give her money, so they cut working for him at Robertson. She hates that the family is fighting but she feels like she has to make a stance with her father right now.

"I had to come talk to you about it," Tyler tells his sister. "I know that you and Jeff are upset with Dad for giving Paige money…"

"You have no idea," Leah replies to him quickly. "Jeff and I have every reason to be concerned with whom our daughter chooses to spend her time with. If we were trying to show her some tough love, Dad had no right to interfere with that."

"Look, I get that, I really do," Tyler nods back to her. "The problem is that no one knows why you and Jeff are so freaked out about Paige dating Max. What is the problem anyway?"

"It doesn't matter," Leah waves her hand. "Dominick has already given Paige permission to do whatever the hell she wants, and that's not cool."

"Leah, even if you are upset with him that doesn't mean that have you take it out on the company. You know how hard we've all worked on this winter/ski line. You and Jeff are quitting at the worst possible time!"

Leah chuckles back to him. "You are being so hypocritical right now, Tyler."

Tyler arches his eyebrow. "How so?"

"How did you react when you discovered it was a Robertson's truck that hit Kim's car years ago in the ice storm? How'd you react when you learned that Dad was partly responsible for Blake's death?"

Tyler feels the blood drain from his face as he can't believe that Leah just brought up his dead son. He puts his hand over his face and realizes immediately that he can't talk to her anymore. "I'm sorry Tyler, I know that was a low blow," Leah realizes that she went too far. She never meant to hurt her brother but she clearly has.

"Yea, whatever," Tyler waves his hand as he moves past her and heads towards the door. "You can do whatever you want Leah, you obviously have everything under control."

"Tyler wait," Leah calls out but all she hears is the slamming of the door behind her brother. She runs her hand through her hair, wishing she understood how her family got to this messy place.

St. Joseph's; The Garden

Max and Andrew slowly walk through the garden together as they catch up. After Shane and Natasha interrupted the wedding and then Jacob announced that he couldn't marry Cassie, many of the guests left to give everyone some space. Paige told Max that she was tired so she went home to get some rest and he came to outside to get some air and ran into Andrew

"How is school going?" Max asks his friend, his mind still on his mom as he hopes that she is doing okay at the church.

"It's going really good actually," Andrew smiles back to him, thinking about how he kissed Albertinah recently; she told him that it couldn't happen again but the fact is, he hasn't been able to stop thinking about it.

"Are you and Abby getting any closer since you are in some of the same classes?" Max asks him next, knowing that Abby is still hoping that Andrew will turn to her since they worked together to break up Andrew and Paige.

"Nah," Andrew waves his hand. "I think she still likes me more than a friend, but I've told her time and time again that we can only be friends, nothing more."

"Any special reason why?" Max asks him. "I mean, Abby is a pretty girl. What's the issue?"

Andrew shrugs his shoulders back to him. "To be honest?" he begins to tell him. "There's another woman I'm interested in. I probably shouldn't be but I can't help it, you know?"

Max uneasily chuckles back to him. "I know this may sound weird considering, but that's how I feel about Paige."

Andrew nods. "It is weird, but I get it. I'm glad Paige has moved on. That's all I'm trying to do."

"And you can and will my friend," Max smiles back to him quickly.

Twin Peaks Executive Hotel

Andy slowly walks through the hallway towards Nicholas' hotel room. He was with Craig a little earlier when he realized that he has to keep trying to get through to Nicholas. He knows that his lover is going through a rough time right now but he has to let him know that he isn't going through it alone. He wants Nicholas to realize that he is there for him regardless of the fact that Nicholas is pushing him away.

"Even if I have to tell you through the door," Andy whispers to himself as he approaches the doorway. "I will tell you, Nicholas. I will be here for you."

He knocks on the door but doesn't hear any response. "Nicholas, it's Andy," he calls out through the door. "I'm not leaving until you open this door. We have to talk. Nicholas?"

Finally, the door slowly opens and Andy opens it to see Nicholas, who has tears flowing from his eyes. "Nicholas, my God, are you okay?"

Nicholas shakes his head no as Andy moves inside and quickly sees the gun on the bed. "Nicholas, what are you doing with this gun?"

Nicholas looks back at him but doesn't say anything. Andy rushes into his arms and pulls him into a hug. "Oh Nicholas, I'm going to help you get through this. I promise you that."

The Lawson Estate

Greg opens the door to his home and slams it shut before he walks into the living room and pours himself a brandy immediately. He takes a healthy sip of it and then puts the glass down on the bar as he tries to collect himself. He can't believe that Brooke just confessed that she has been having an affair with Robbie, which has been going on for months, including the night before he just made love to his wife. He can't believe that she has put him through this again.

"Dad you're home," Brad emerges from the foyer and moves into the living room. "Cheresa and Abby have put together a dinner for us. Do you know when Mom is coming home?"

"No, I don't care about when she will be here again."

"Uh, okay?" Brad moves closer to his Dad. "Is everything okay? You seem to have an edge."

"Nothing is okay right now," Greg grits his teeth together. "I don't mean to take it out on you, or the girls."

"Just come have something to eat," Brad replies to him. "You might feel better after you do."

Greg uneasily nods back to him as he turns around and faces his son. They slowly move towards the dining room where Abby, Cheresa and Dawn are all sitting waiting for him.

"Oh great, Dad is home," Abby smiles up to her father. "Can you, like believe, that Cheresa and I cooked all this food?"

"Dad, are you okay? You don't look so great," Cheresa observes to her father.

"No, I'm not okay," Greg admits to him. "This looks great but I can't join you all for dinner."

"When is Mom coming home?" Cheresa asks him, not realizing that the thought of seeing Brooke makes his blood boil.

"He doesn't know," Brad interjects, recalling how Greg just told him he has no idea when Brooke will be home.

"What's going on? I sense something is up?" Cheresa notes back to her father.

"Nothing," Greg replies quickly. "Just drop it, okay?"

"No Dad, talk to us. We have all been so close lately. That's why we put this dinner on. We love how close our family is right now," Abby stands up from her chair. "It something is up, you can talk to us!"

Greg sighs and runs his hand through his hair. "Your mother is having an affair, okay? Are you happy now? Is that what you wanted to hear?" Greg yells at his family before he walks over to the table. He lifts the end of the table up and throws it against the wall, causing the girls to shriek and all of the food to fall to the floor.

"God, I'm sorry," Greg blushes in embarrassment. "I just can't handle this!"

As he storms out of the room, Abby rushes into Cheresa's arms while Dawn and Brad look on in complete surprise about how quickly their family has gone from perfection to disaster.

St. Joseph's Church

Robbie ushers into the foyer of the church while Cassie, Jacob, Shane and Natasha hash out whatever they need to discuss. Robbie is almost certain now that the wedding will not take place today, which he can't say that he is upset about. He knows Cassie's history, so for her to become a member of his family certainly would have been disastrous and his family has been through enough this year as they are still grieving the loss of Bob.

As he prepares to leave the church, he happens to see Cory emerge from the restroom. Robbie quickly recalls how right before the ceremony was about to being Cory admitted to being the one who told Kim about his affair with Brooke, which is part of the reason why he and Natasha lost the court case to contest Bob's will. He is livid that his brother in law would do this to him and Natasha.

"Suppose we can finish our talk from earlier now," Robbie moves closer to Cory.

"I don't think there's anything left to say," Cory replies to him. "I did what I thought was right and I won't apologize for that."

"So, what you think was right was going behind your wife's back and costing her…"

"No, I didn't cost Natasha anything. You and Nat were trying to cost Kim everything that Bob rightfully left her. Don't get it twisted."

"You son of a bitch," Robbie grits his teeth. "Not only did you ruin our court case but you ruined Brooke's family; you know she's telling Greg the truth right now, don't you?"

"The truth always has a way of coming out. You of all people should know that."

"It's amazing that you have no remorse for what you've done," Robbie replies to him. "I guess there's only one thing left to do."

Cory shrugs his shoulders back to him. "Move on?"

Robbie chuckles back to him before he clinches his fits and punches Cory in the nose. Cory stumbles back and moves his hand to his nose and sees blood on his hands. "That's for ruining my life," Robbie sneers at him before he turns and walks away from Cory, leaving him with his bleeding nose.


Inside the church, Cassie looks back at Jacob in utter shock as she can't believe that Jacob just told her that he can't marry her. She has no idea what could be holding him back since his parents just revealed that they are there to support him since they couldn't stop the wedding.

"What do you mean you can't marry me?" she asks him as she grabs his hand. "We are in love, Jacob. Your parents, they realize that they can't stop us. This is what you've been dreaming of for so long!"

Jacob removes his hand from hers. "I wanted my parents here today, that's true. But marrying you, no, that's not what I want."

"I…I don't understand," Cassie's lower lip trembles.

"Jacob, what is going on?" Shane asks his son, also confused by what is happening right now.

"I've been telling you two to trust me, right?" Jacob turns to face his parents as they nod back to him. "Well, it's because you've been right this entire time. Cassie is a monster."

"Jacob, what are you saying? How can you say this to me? We are going to get married!" Cassie yells at him.

"I'd rather die than marry you," Jacob turns and spits back to her. "And I'll tell you why…"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Cassie's worst fears come true
- Andy and Nicholas come to an agreement
- Felicia confesses something to Tyler

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