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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Robbie shocked Natasha by revealing that Cory was the one who told Kim about his affair with Brooke, which resulted in them losing the case to overturn Bob's will
- Kim hired Cassie at Roboto
- Leah and Jeff made amends with Paige and Dominick after they learned that Max saved Cheresa's life
- Meggan told Chris and Trenyce about Cheresa's accident and still wanted to tell them the truth about her paternity. Brad warned her against it
- Dawn had her stomach pumped from all of her anti-depressants
- Andy told Nicholas that they could be together now that Nicholas was seeking therapy
- Greg moved out of the Lawson estate following the truth about Brooke and Robbie's affair was revealed

The Calimo Mansion

"Good, you're home, we have to talk," Natasha throws her purse on the sofa of the living room in the Calimo mansion as she spots Cory looking out the French doors into the garden. Natasha recalls how she was at Roboto with Robbie when Kim laid the bombshell on them that she had hired Cassie to work at the company. This made the siblings realize that Kim was using her power, left to her by Bob from his will, to her full advantage. That is when Robbie revealed to Natasha that Cory was the one who told Kim about his affair with Brooke, which helped sway the Judge's decision to let Kim keep everything Bob left for her in the will.

Cory turns around and sees his wife, who appears to be fuming. He knows that they haven't been seeing eye to eye lately, mostly because he hasn't been a fan of her treatment towards Kim following Bob's death and how she has been supporting Jacob's poor behavior to Cassie.

"Yea, I'm here," he replies to her. "I just put Sophie down for her afternoon nap. I wasn't expecting you until later. I thought you had a busy day planned at Roboto."

"Robbie and I are up to our heads with work," she quickly tells him. "Kim isn't making our life easy over there. She's hired Cassie Nova, can you believe that?"

"That is a surprise," Cory says back to her. "I didn't realize Kim and Cassie knew each other or that Cassie had any experience in the business world."

"She doesn't!" Natasha snaps at him. "Kim is doing this with the sole intention of hurting me and Robbie! And you know what? This is all your fault!"

"My fault?" Cory gasps back to her. "How can you possibly blame me for any of this?"

"Because, I know," Natasha sneers at him. "I know that you were the one who told Kim about Brooke and Robbie's affair."

"Robbie told you," Cory sighs back to her, knowing that it was only a matter of time before the truth came out. In some ways, he's surprised it took Robbie this long to tell Natasha the truth.

"You're damn straight he told me," she continues to grit her teeth together. "So, tell me, husband, how could you give Kim the ammunition to destroy everything Robbie and I were working towards? How could you go against me that way?"


Cassie moves quickly off the elevator and towards the main office at Roboto. After her confrontation with Jacob at the coffeehouse, she raced over to Roboto hoping that she can start working as soon as possible. She realizes that she has to stay focused on other things or she will drive herself crazy wanting to get back at him for using her.

She stops outside the office door and takes a deep breath secretly hoping that neither Robbie or Natasha are behind the door; she really doesn't think she has enough to go another round with either of them. She opens the door and breathes a sigh of relief to only see Kim in the office.

"Cassie, hi," Kim stands up from behind the desk. "I certainly didn't think I'd see you again today."

"I know," Cassie moves into the office. "But I'm hoping that I can start working right away. I need to work and do whatever it takes to get mind my off Jacob."

"I get that," Kim moves up to her. "Are you sure you want to do this? Working here means you will see Natasha and Robbie almost every day."

"I can handle that," Cassie purses her lips together. "Just knowing that I am working and putting a knife into Natasha's back at the same time is the perfect combination for me."

"Great," Kim uneasily smiles back to her. "Let's get to work then, shall we?"

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Hey, has there been any change with Cheresa?" Paige asks Max as she, Leah and Jeff move into the waiting room where Max is sitting.

Max immediately stands up and pulls his girlfriend into a hug. "No change the last I heard," he tells her as they exit their embrace. "Is everything okay with you and your…?"

"Yea, we are cool," Paige smiles back to him. "They apologized to me for overreacting about us seeing one another."

"It is true, we did," Jeff looks at Max who was looking at him in surprise. Jeff and Leah can both appreciate why Max would be taken aback since they were adamant that Paige not see him. "We owe you an apology as well, Max."

"We had our reasons for not wanting you two together," Leah tells him as she recalls Robin telling them about Max's role in Adam's accident at the boutique. They told Robin they wouldn't say anything and they will keep their word on that but they realize that they do have to move on from this. "But you saved Cheresa's life; you're a hero."

"We want you to know that you have proven yourself worthy of our daughter," Jeff tells him. "But don't think that we won't be watching you. You better not hurt her."

Max chuckles back to him. "Don't worry," he pulls Paige into his chest and squeezes her. "I have no intention of hurting her. I care for her a lot."

"I feel the same way," Paige looks up into Max's eyes and they smile to one another.


"I can't imagine what Cheresa's family is going through right now," Trenyce tells Chris as they sit in the cafeteria of the hospital with Andrew next to them. "She's so young, and for her life to be changed so drastically or worse…"

"Abby cancelled studying with me," Andrew reveals to them. "She's going to ask for an extension on writing her midterm because she has been here so much that she hasn't had time to focus."

"Do you think she will get the extension?" Chris asks him.

"I'd think so," Andrew nods back to him. "Your sister is pretty nice about things like, I'd hope."

"Right," Trenyce replies to him. "I had forgotten that Albertinah is your teacher."

Andrew uneasily nods back her knowing that recently he and Albertinah slept together; however, she now insists that they are over and their night together was a mistake. He knows why she is worried about it as she could lose her job if anyone found out.

"Have you been in to see Cheresa?" Chris asks Andrew, knowing that they are good friends.

"Not yet," Andrew replies to him. "They are only letting family in right now."

"Yea, I tried to visit her myself," Trenyce admits to them. "And was told the same thing."

"You tried to visit Cheresa? Why? I didn't think you were that close to her?" Andrew asks her back.

Trenyce uneasily looks over at Chris as she takes a deep breath. "I'm not that close to her," she replies. "I can't explain it though, I just feel like I wanted to see her. Something was pulling me towards her."

"You're a caring woman, that's why," Chris puts his hand on hers. "That's just the kind of woman you are."

Trenyce bites her lower lip. "Yea, that must be it."


"Why haven't we heard anything yet?" Abby asks Brad as she paces back and forth in the waiting room, still eager to hear some kind of an update on Cheresa.

"I wish I knew," Brad replies to her. "But don't worry, knowing Mom and Dad, they already have some specialist flying in to help with Cheresa."

"I hope so," Abby looks at her brother with helplessness in her eyes. "I just can't believe this is, like, happening, you know?"

"I do know," Brad moves up to her and pulls her into a hug. "We have to stay strong right now Abs. And, we have to have faith that everything is going to turn out okay."

"I'm trying," Abby replies to him. "I just hope nothing else bad happens; I don't think I could handle any other bad news."

Brad gulps as they exit their embrace as he recalls Meggan telling him that she wants the truth about Cheresa to come out. He realizes, even more, that he has to prevent her from telling anyone about Cheresa's paternity.

"I'm going to head out for a bit, but I'll be back, okay?" he tells her. "I just need some air."

"Okay sure," Abby nods back to him. "Keep your phone with you. I'll text you any updates."

The Pampa Grill

"So, therapy is going well then?" Robin asks Nicholas as they sit across from one another in the restaurant. Robin knows that her brother has started seeking therapy, which she thinks is a great idea since she could tell that he was depressed about everything that happened at the gala at St. Joseph's.

"Very well," Nicholas takes a sip of his red wine. He still hasn't told Robin about Andy finding him with his hand gun in his hotel room and he doesn't plan on telling her; he doesn't want to worry her any more than he has too. But, he did tell her he started talking to a professional. "I had no idea how much it would help me."

"I'm really glad to hear that," Robin replies to him. "You were in a pretty dark place after the gala. This should help you and maybe allow you to move on?"

"I'm hoping so," Nicholas tells her. "I was thinking about leaving town, actually. But Andy, he thinks that this could be our chance to be together finally."

"How do you feel about that?"

"I don't know, to be honest," Nicholas admits to her. "Part of me thinks he is right but the other part of me still thinks he is the reason I lost my job. I don't know if I can get over that completely."

"My advice? Keep going to therapy," Robin tells her brother. "You may seek answers there."

"How is Dawn, by the way?" Nicholas changes the subject. "I heard that she was found sleeping when they uncovered Cheresa's body from the river."

"She was high on anti-depressants," Robin reveals to him. "Adam and Helen are at the hospital now."

"Do you want to be there with them?"

"No," Robin waves her hand back to him. "When she wakes up, she should be with her parents. I don't want to get in the way of that."

Nicholas uneasily nods back to her. "You're not still feeling insecure are you?"

"I know what you're going to tell me," she replies to him. "But I can't help it. When I see Adam and Helen together, I don't know, I just feel like they have a pull to one another."

"He is engaged to you," Nicholas reminds her. "Don't forget that."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

Craig slowly walks out of Dawn's hospital room and looks at Adam and Helen, who are eagerly waiting to get an update on their daughter. They still can't believe that Dawn had so many anti-depressants in her system that she had to have her stomach pumped when she was brought into the hospital.

"Craig, how is she?" Helen asks the doctor, hoping for some good news for a change.

"She's doing better," Craig replies to them as Adam and Helen breathe a sigh of relief. "She's awake but her she is still sensitive from the stomach being pumped."

"But she will be okay?" Adam asks him.

"She should be," Craig nods back to them. "We will keep her here for a couple of days for observation but then she will be discharged. And yes, you can see her, but when she gets tired, please let her rest."

"Thank you so much," Helen moves up to him while Adam opens the door to the hospital room and Helen rushes inside.

They walk up to Dawn's hospital bed where she looks back at her parents. "Hey guys," she manages to say. "Sorry I gave you such a scare."

"We are just glad that you're okay," Adam grabs his daughter's hand.

"What happened? I don't have much memory," Dawn admits to her parents.

Helen and Adam look at one another uneasily. "You were found asleep on a bench on the pier," Helen begins to tell her daughter. "Cheresa's body was found in the river."

"What? My God, is she…?" Dawn gasps as she sits up the bed more alert.

"She's alive but fighting for her life," Adam continues to tell Dawn. "When you were brought in, they found large amounts of drugs in your system."

Dawn shuts her eyes as a tear falls down her cheek. "The anti-depressants," she whispers in embarrassment. "They made me so tired. My God, how stupid could I be?"

"The good news is that you and Cheresa are alive and seemingly well," Adam tells her.

"But Dawn, we have to get this under control," Helen chimes into the conversation. "You have to stop taking those pills."

Dawn nods back to her. "Yes, I do," she admits to her parents. "I can't believe that Cheresa is fighting for her life and I couldn't do anything because of those damn pills," she bites her lower lip as she gets more tears in her eyes. "I will do anything to get better. I promise you."


"I'm glad you're still here," Brad calls out to Meggan, who is about to get on an elevator near the nurses station. Brad was hoping to see her before she left for the day; she has to ensure that she doesn't say anything about Cheresa's paternity. After seeing Abby, Brad realizes that his family is going through enough right now; they couldn't handle losing a member of the family they hold so near to them.

"I was just about leave and go check on Logan," Meggan replies to him as she moves a piece of her hair behind her ear. "It is times like these that you realize how precious family is."

"I couldn't agree with you more," Brad nods back to her. "That's why I need you to understand why you can't say anything about Cheresa right now, Meggan. My family, we are going through hell right now wondering if she will make it. Please, don't make this worse on us."

Meggan sighs heavily back to him. "Brad…"

"No, don't say anything," Brad cuts her off. "Just please think about what this would do to my family. I'm begging you, don't say anything. Not now, not ever."


"This waiting for some kind of update is killing me," Brooke tells Greg as she paces in the hallway outside of Cheresa's hospital room. They have both had the chance to go in and see Cheresa but there has been no change in her condition; she is still unconscious and she is still hooked up to a ventilator to help her breathe. Brooke and Greg both just hope that she wakes up sooner rather than later so Cheresa can truly start to heal.

"I've made some calls to some specialists," Greg replies to her as he stands up from his chair. "Once I hear back, I will let you know."

"Thank you," Brooke uneasily replies to him. She knows that this has been the calmest he has been with her since the truth came out about her affair with Robbie. "I just can't lose our little girl, Greg. I can't."

Before Greg can reply to her, a young man walks up to Brooke. "Are you Brooke Lawson?"

Brooke turns to him in surprise wondering what is going on. "Yes, is this about my daughter?"

"You've been served," he tells her as he passes her some documents in an envelope.

The young man walks away from Brooke who looks dumbfounded. She looks back at Greg before she opens the envelope. She opens her mouth in shock as she reads the documents in front of her.

"You've filed for divorce?" she gasps back to her husband. "Our daughter is fighting for her life and you have time to go to a lawyer about our marriage?"

"I told you we are over," Greg whispers back to her. "And, for the record, I made the call before I found out about Cheresa, so don't you dare make me be the bad guy here."

"You're unbelievable," Brooke sneers at him. "Our daughter could die and all you care about is you and your needs! How insensitive could you be?"

"Don't you dare raise your voice while Cheresa is in that room next to us," Greg tells her. "And you can stop blaming me for this because this is all your fault, Brooke. Everything that is happening to our family is as a result of you sleeping with Robbie Calimo!"

The Calimo Mansion

"Answer me Cory!" Natasha yells at her husband, still wanting answers about how Cory could have told Kim about Brooke and Robbie's affair. She knows that his big mouth was the reason she and Robbie couldn't contest Bob's will. "How could you go against me and everything I was fighting for?"

"Because," Cory turns back and faces his wife. "What you and Robbie were doing was wrong! You had no right going against any of Bob's wishes! Kim deserved to get whatever her husband wanted her to have!"

"That wasn't your decision to make," Natasha grits her teeth back to him. "That was up to the Judge!"

"No, Natasha, it shouldn't have gotten to that point. But no, you and Robbie had to act like spoiled rotten brats!"

Natasha's hand reaches over and slaps Cory hard across the face. "How dare you speak to me that way!"

"How dare I? How dare you!" Cory yells back at her. "You just hit me!"

"And I'd do it again in a heartbeat," she glares back at him as she feels her blood rising.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Vinny visits Brett
- The Lawson's get an update on Cheresa
- Daisy does some investigating

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