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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Natasha slapped Cory when she learned that he was one who told Kim about Robbie's affair with Brooke. Kim, meanwhile, hired Cassie at Roboto
- Brad pleaded with Meggan not to tell the truth about Cheresa's paternity claiming his family was going through enough with Cheresa in the hospital
- Brooke was floored that Greg served her with divorce papers while Cheresa was fighting for her life
- Craig and Lukas continued to think about their near kiss while Lukas fretted about Victoria returning home
- Daisy continued to think it was odd that Vinny had a sudden interest in designing. Vinny, meanwhile, told a captive Brett to create more designs or he would kill him

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Why are you two fighting? I could hear you down the hallway," a panicked Abby asks her parents as she storms down the hospital corridor towards Cheresa's room. She can't believe that her parents are still bickering while Cheresa is fighting for her life in the room next to them. She realizes that Greg is still upset with the truth about Brooke's affair coming out, if Abby is honest, she is still upset as well, but she realizes that this not the time or place to have this heated discussion.

"It's a long story sweetheart," Greg tries to pull Abby into a hug, but she pushes him away.

"No, it's not a long story," Abby snaps at him before she looks over at her mother. "You two need to get it together, like, right now! Cheresa needs all of us to be pulling together right now, not tearing each other apart!"

"You're right," Brooke uneasily nods back to her daughter, knowing that she shouldn't have been surprised when Greg filed for divorce. She just didn't think that he would have her served while they are all worried about Cheresa. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for all of this."

"Oh Mom," Abby moves over and hugs her as Brooke starts to sob, which causes Greg to roll his eyes. "This isn't your fault. It was an accident, a horrible accident."

Suddenly, they hear Cheresa's monitors start beeping inside her hospital room. Greg races to the door and opens it. "Cheresa? Cheresa! Call the doctor," he turns back to a worried Brooke and Abby. "My God, something is happening!"


Abby rushes towards the nurse's station and sees Shane standing there. "Dr. Glubbs! Please come quick, something is going on with Cheresa!"

Shane looks over at Abby and then rushes down the hallway as Abby covers her mouth in shock. She has no idea how much more she can take of all of this. She looks over and sees Meggan and Brad standing at the elevator in, what appears, to be a heated conversation. She walks over to them.

"Brad, Meggan," she says as a tear falls down her face.

Brad turns from Meggan as he was just pleading with her to not say anything to anyone about Cheresa's paternity; he knows that his family is going through hell right now, the last thing they need is to have another bomb be dropped on them. He just hopes that he was able to get through to Meggan or his family will come crashing down even more than they already are.

"Abbs, what is it? Why are you crying?" he asks his sister, confused as to what is happening.

"It's Cheresa," she covers her mouth, as Brad glances over at Meggan with an uneasy look. "I think she's dying."


Craig opens the door to his office and breathes a sigh of relief as he is done with his shift. With Cheresa barely hanging on, he feels like he has been put through the ringer mentally and is glad that his work day is over. He runs his hands through his hair before he starts to grab his personal belongings so he can head home. He looks up, however, when he hears his office door open.

"Lukas," Craig says as he sees his friend walk into his office. "I am just about to head out for the day."

"I won't keep you," Lukas moves into the office and closes the door behind him. "I just … I didn't want to go home yet."

"Is everything okay with you and Donovan?"

"Yea, it's fine," Lukas moves up to him. "I just can't stop thinking about Victoria coming home and how it doesn't seem fair that she's not going to pay for any of her crimes."

"You have to try to let this go," Craig moves closer to him. Their eyes lock and immediately they both remember how they almost kissed in almost this exact spot a few weeks earlier. "It's not healthy to dwell on that."

"Yea, I guess my mind is on other things as well," Lukas admits to him as he licks his lips.

"Is that so? Maybe that is a sign?"

"What kind of sign?"

"That you should act on whatever it is you're thinking about," Craig inches closer to him.

Lukas smiles back to him. "We'd probably both benefit."

"Yea, I'd say so."

Lukas leans in and is about to kiss him when Craig's office phone rings. Craig smirks back to him before he turns to get his phone. "Dr. Benton…whoa, yea, I'll be right there!"

"I thought you were off?" Lukas asks Craig, who is quickly grabbing his lab coat from the coat hanger.

"There's an emergency, I have to go" Craig replies to him quickly. "Sorry Lukas."

"It's fine," Lukas sighs as Craig rushes out of the hospital room. "It's for the best," he whispers to himself, knowing that he has to get Craig out of his mind as he is about to marry Donovan.

Dominick's Townhouse

"They should be here any time now," Donovan looks over at Dominick as they stand in the living room of his townhouse. They both know that Eva is bringing Victoria home from the hospital she was at as the doctors believe she is well enough to be released. Donovan hopes that Victoria is doing okay because he knows all of damage her alter egos did when they were in control of.

"Yes, I hope Eva is doing okay," Dominick replies to him. "Victoria's health has been her main focus for some time now."

"It has been for me too," Donovan nods back to him as they hear the car pull into driveway. "I guess we are about find out."

The front door opens and shortly Eva and Victoria emerge into the living room. Victoria looks at Dominick and then over at Donovan as she feels her eyes swell with water. She had missed her brother so much and now that she is seeing him again all of her emotions are emerging. "Donovan," she rushes into his arms as he hugs her.

"Vic," he holds his sister. "I'm so glad you're home."

"I'm glad to be back," she admits to him. "I missed you so much."

"We have all been praying for your recovery," Dominick tells her as he grabs Eva's hand in support

"Thank you."

"And, she is better," Eva smiles over to Victoria. "The doctors said that she is back to her normal self."

"I just can't be under any stress for a while to ensure I don't split again," Victoria tells her family. "But, I am determined to not let that happen. I am determined to stay healthy and myself from now on."

"And we will be here to help you do that Vic," Donovan looks down at her. "We will never leave your side."

The Victors Mansion; Vinny's Home

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Tyler asks Daisy as she unlocks the door with the key that she still has from when she was married to Vinny. Tyler doesn't feel comfortable going into Vinny's house when they know that he isn't home as he and Daisy waited until they saw him drive off before they moved to the front door. Daisy still thinks that it is very odd that Vinny suddenly has developed designing skills after Robertson Enterprises hired her for the winter/ski line; everything Vinny has said so far makes sense but she can't shake the feeling that something else is going on with her ex-husband.

"Yes, I'm sure of it," Daisy opens the door and moves inside quickly and pulls Tyler in behind her. "We have to find out if Vinny is up to something."

"What are we even looking for?" he asks her as they move into the living room.

"I have no idea," Daisy replies to him as they lock eyes. "But I can't shake this feeling that Vinny is up to something. I don't buy this sudden talent he has in design."

"I thought you said he had given up the idea of getting revenge on us for the affair?"

"I thought so," Daisy nods to him. "But you have to admit this is weird."

"It is weird," Tyler agrees with her. "I am just taking his word that he discovered this new passion after he lost you. I know I'd need something to fill my time if we broke up."

"We aren't going to break up," she moves up to him and kisses him. "But, I still need to know for sure that he isn't up to something crazy."

"Okay," Tyler puts his hands up in defeat. "Let's see what we can find."

Caldwell's Mountain Ski Resort

"You're finally back," Brett stands up from the chair in his cell that is in the storage room of the resort. He hadn't seen Vinny in a few days and was beginning to think that his twin brother was going to make good on his last threat: if Brett didn't do more designs that Vinny could pass off as his own and give them to Dominick, Vinny said he would kill Brett by not coming back to give him food and water. Brett has gone a few days without eating and is famished. "I was beginning to think that you weren't coming back and you were going to leave me here to die."

Vinny slowly moves closer to the cage that is holding his twin. "I wanted you to get the picture," Vinny whispers back to him. "I wasn't joking about leaving you in here to die."

"Vinny," Brett puts his hands on two bars. "I don't have to be in here to design for you. I can help you with your plan to get back at Tyler and Daisy. We could…"

"Have you completed the designs that I asked to finish?" Vinny cuts him off, not wanting to hear his attempt to get out of the cage. Vinny knows that he has put too much energy into his current plan to change it now; Brett will have to stay where he is or else his entire plan could be ruined.

Brett turns his back to Vinny and moves back to the small cot where he sleeps. He picks up his sketch book and then moves back to the edge of the cage. "I have about 15 new designs in here," he passes the book over to his brother. "I hope you like them."

Vinny grabs the book and quickly flips through it. "Yea, these are great. I can use these."

"I'm glad you like them … Vinny, I'm hungry."

Vinny looks up at his brother and sees him a human for the first time in a long time. Brett has visibly lost weight, is looking pale and has a lot of facial hair growing. Vinny, for a brief moment, feels bad for what is he doing but suddenly realizes why he is doing this again: to get revenge one everyone who has wronged him. He opens the bag he brought with him and pulls out another plastic bag full of non-perishable foods. He passes the bag to Brett, who grabs it quickly and immediately pulls out an apple and takes a big bite from it.

"I'll be back soon," Vinny tells his brother. "Keep up the good work, brother."


Natasha sits at the desk in the main office of Roboto reviewing the file that Kim left for her and Robbie so they can catch up on everything that is going on with the company. As she reads the file, however, her hands are trembling and her mind is racing about when she confronted Cory over the fact that he was the one told Kim about Robbie and Brooke's affair; the result was that Kim announced the affair in court which allowed the Judge to side with Kim in the contesting of Bob's will case. When Natasha confronted her husband, she was floored that he thought Kim deserved everything that Bob was leaving her; Natasha got so upset that she slapped her husband across the face.

"I can't believe that I hit him," she whispers to herself, still reeling from the confrontation. "I just can't understand how he would betray me like this."

"How is it going with that file?" Kim asks Natasha as she opens the door to the office and sees her former best friend sitting at the desk. "Do you have any questions?"

"Only one," Natasha uneasily stands up from the desk. "How the hell could you hire Cassie Nova?"

"I thought it would be for the best," Kim replies to her. "She's already working with me on some projects."

"I can't believe you actually are doing this," Natasha shakes her head back to her. "But I will tell you this, I won't let you ruin my father's company. I won't let you do this."

"I'm not trying to ruin the company," Kim tells her. "I loved Bob with all my heart. I just want honor him."

"Ha!" Natasha chuckles back to her. "If that was the case, you wouldn't have hired Cassie."


"Save it, Kim," Natasha cuts her off. "I'm watching you and I will make sure you don't do anything that hurts his company. You've done enough damage to this family."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"What is happening? Why don't we know anything yet?" a panicked Brooke asks as she, Greg, Abby and Brad all wait for some kind of news on why Cheresa's monitor's starting going crazy. Brooke only hopes that her daughter is okay.

"We have to have faith," Brad tells his family as they move closer together, almost a group hug. Behind them, Meggan stands watching and listening to the family waiting for an update. She couldn't leave when the family hadn't heard the latest about Cheresa; despite everything that has happened between her and Brad, she does want his sister to make it out alive. "We have to believe that this will get better."

"I'm trying," Abby admits to them. "It is just hard."

Before any of them can say anything else, Shane emerges from the hospital room. "Shane, how she is? What's happened?" Greg asks him as he moves up closer to the doctor.

"I'm afraid it's not good news," Shane admits to the Lawson's. "She had a seizure due to the lack of oxygen going to her brain."

"My God," Brooke covers her mouth. "What does that mean?"

"I've increased the level of oxygen going into the ventilator but, at this point, we've done all we can."

"What are you saying?" Brad asks him as the family all look on in horror.

"I think you should brace yourself for the worst," Shane admits to them. "You should go see her, while you can; One or two at a time and try not to stay too long."

"This can't be happening," Brooke cries as she leans into Brad's shoulders. All of her worst fears are coming true; her youngest child may actually die.

Behind the family, Meggan slowly moves her back up against the wall as her eyes fill with water. Based on what she just heard, Cheresa is going to die. "I have to tell Chris and Trenyce the truth," she whispers to herself. "They have to know that Cheresa is their daughter before it's too late."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Abby leans on Andrew
- Cassie and Max catch up
- Felicia gives Leah some advice

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