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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Leah and Jeff made amends with Paige and Dominick after Max saved Cheresa from the river
- Daisy and Tyler broke into Vinny's mansion to search for clues about his sudden design talent, unaware Vinny was holding Brett captive and forcing him to design for him
- Natasha slapped Cory after she discovered he was the one who told Kim about Robbie's affair with Brooke
- Andy told Nicholas that they should be together now
- Cassie lashed out at Jacob for hurting her. She then accepted a job at Roboto
- Andrew and Albertinah had sex. In the aftermath, she told him it couldn't happen again
- Victoria returned home

The Claus House; Jeff, Leah & Felicia's Home

"Well, darling, I can't tell you how please I am that you have made up with your father and Paige," Felicia tells Leah before she takes a sip of her tea. Felicia has been rather upset with all the family fighting that has been going on since Paige began dating Max; no one truly knows why Jeff and Leah were so against their daughter seeing Max but it was creating complete chaos within the Robertson clan. Paige moved out which resulted in Dominick giving her some money; that action made Leah and Jeff quit Robertson Enterprises. Now, Felicia is hearing that Leah and Jeff made up with Dominick and Paige as Max saved Cheresa Lawson from the river when she was knocked unconscious and fell into the water.

"I hated fighting with them as well," Leah nods back to her. "Jeff and I, we felt very justified but at the end of the day, life is so short. We'd rather not have this hanging over our heads or our family."

"I'm very proud of you for realizing that," Felicia smiles over to her daughter. "Now, I just wish … actually, never mind."

"What were you going to say?" Leah looks back at her mother wondering what she was wishing.

Felicia sighs as she thinks back to the number of times she got the feeling that Leah was keeping a secret from her and Jeff. She hasn't thought of it for a while because she has been so focused on Paige and the bickering about her dating Max, but it has always been in the back of her mind. Now that the family is back on track, Felicia hopes that Leah can come clean about whatever it is she keeping to herself.

"You've asked me not to mention it," Felicia admits to her daughter. "But the fact remains, I still believe you are keeping something to yourself. And Leah, if this new found belief that life is too short motto is really working on you, you will open up about whatever it is that you're hiding."

Leah gulps heavily as she thinks, for the first time in weeks, about the fact that Logan is really Jeff's son, not Brad's. She has been so consumed with Paige lately that she hasn't actually thought about the secret. But Felicia is right, she has been keeping it bottled up for months and it has bene weighting her down.

"You don't have to say anything right now," Felicia tells her daughter, realizing that Leah is deep in thought. "Just remember that the truth will always set you free Leah. And, that's a fact."

The Pampa Grill

"So, there is no update on Cheresa?" Daisy asks Trenyce as they sit at a table in the restaurant with Tyler next to Daisy. Daisy knows that Trenyce and Chris have been spending a lot of time at the hospital since Cheresa's accident; she just hopes that the young girl pulls through.

"None that I know of," Trenyce picks up her glass of wine. "And nice try changing the subject. You just told me that you and Tyler went into Vinny's house… what were you hoping to find?"

Daisy feels her cheeks flush with embarrassment. "Its okay babe, you can tell her," Tyler reaches over and grabs Daisy's hand. "We are in this together."

Daisy smiles back to him. "I haven't been able to shake this feeling that something is going on with Vinny," Daisy explains to her niece. "I don't know how or why I have this feeling but the fact that he has this sudden interest and talent in design is really weird to me. So, after I saw him drive away, we went into the mansion to see if we found find anything that would be another red flag."

"And?" Trenyce asks her back. "Did you find anything?"

"Nothing," Daisy sighs as she was hoping to uncover something more to prove her point. "I guess I have to let this go? I just can't shake this uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach."

"I think we have to start to trust that Vinny is being honest with us," Tyler replies to her.

"Tyler is right," Trenyce nods back to Daisy. "He hasn't proven himself untrustworthy."

Before Daisy can reply, her cell phone rings. "Hello," she says as she puts her phone to her ear. "Yes, this is Daisy Davenport … Yes, I used to be married to Vinny … oh really? That's not good. Yes, if I hear anything, I'll get back to you."

"What was that all about?" Tyler asks her as she hangs up her phone.

"Brett Victors is missing," Daisy reveals to Tyler and Trenyce, who gasp in surprise. "Apparently, he moved to LA after he got out of jail and got a job at a local design shop. He hasn't been seen in a few weeks. He had put me down as another emergency contact because I was married to Vinny."

"That's so random," Trenyce tells her. "Why would he put you down? And how is it possible that Brett was also working in design?"

"I don't know," Daisy admits to her. "But something isn't right here. I can feel it."


At another table, Jacob picks up his beer before he looks over at his father, who left the hospital after his shift was over to meet him for dinner. "I'm glad you were able to escape for dinner," Jacob tells Shane.

Shane finishes chewing a piece of his steak before he takes a sip of his red wine. "Yea, me too," he replies to him. "There's been so much going on at the hospital lately, sometimes I can't get away."

"I appreciate that you could make the time for me."

"You know that I will always make time for you, Jacob."

"I know," Jacob nods back to his Dad. "Today was just particularly difficult."

Shane arches his eyebrow back to Jacob. "Any particular reason?"

"Cory sort of racked me over the coals for what I did to Cassie," Jacob admits to him, thinking about his morning with Cory at the Calimo mansion. "And part of me thinks that he is right."

Shane puts his fork down and looks back to his son. He hasn't seen this remorseful side of Jacob when it comes to Cassie and what he did with his plan of revenge on the woman who has tormented Shane and Natasha for years. "What brought this on? You have been so proud of what you did to Cassie?"

"I don't know," Jacob shrugs his shoulders. "I guess what Cory said just rang true. I did hurt Cassie and, I guess, I didn't have too."

"I think what you did was very honorable," Shane tells him. "You might have went too far with it, but you were only looking out for your family."

"Thanks," Jacob tries to smile back to him. "I guess I am just seeing the other side of things. And, it doesn't feel so great."

The Sugarbowl

"Do you know how proud I am of you for saving Cheresa?" Cassie smiles over to Max as they sit across from one another in the back booth of the coffeehouse. Cassie still can't believe that Max jumped into the river to save Cheresa from drowning; she has never been so impressed by her son.

"Once or twice," Max replies to her. "I just did what anyone else would have done in the situation."

"I'm not so sure of that," Cassie tells him. "Don't sell yourself short, what you did is very heroic."

"Well thanks," Max blushes back to her. "I just hope that Cheresa makes it. I heard she took a turn for the worse."

"She's so young," Cassie shakes her head in disbelief. "I hope she pulls through."

"How are you holding up? This entire mess with Jacob couldn't have been easy for you."

Cassie sighs back to him. "I'm trying to get over it," Cassie admits to him. "I just never thought he would use me that way but I'm moving on."

"Are you sure you're moving on?" Max asks her. "How are you doing that?"

"I got a job at Roboto," Cassie reveals to her son.

"What?" Max gasps back to her. "You hate Natasha. Mom, is this really the best idea?"

"Yes," Cassie reaches over and grabs his hand. "Trust me Max, I know exactly what I'm doing."


"I haven't had a chance to thank you yet," Lukas tells Nicholas as they sit at the window bar side by side. Lukas looks over at his friend and recalls how Nicholas helped him organize his hot air balloon ride with Donovan where he proposed to his fiancé. "You really helped Donovan and I get to this place we are in now."

"Hey, don't mention it," Nicholas replies to him. "I was happy to help. I'm glad it all worked out too."

"Yea, me too," Lukas smiles back to him as he thinks quickly about how he almost kissed Craig, again, recently. He hopes that he can get his ex out of his head soon because he is inching closer to his wedding with Donovan. "How are things with you? Are you thinking of getting a new job?"

Nicholas takes a sip of his coffee before he looks back at his friend. "I'm not sure, to be honest," he tells him. "I don't know what I would do. I was so dedicated to the church for so long."

"You've been through so much Nicholas," Lukas replies to him. "You lost your partner and you survived that. Losing your job can't compare."

"You're right," Nicholas says back to him. "I hadn't really thought of it that way before."

"You're welcome," Lukas winks back to him. "And while you're at it, you need to forgive Andy. You two would be great together. And don't forget that."

Nicholas uneasily chuckles back to him. "I'll keep that mind."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"I guess I'm just thinking that I need to finally let Nicholas go," Andy admits to Craig as they sit next to one another in Craig's office at the hospital. Andy just revealed to Craig that the last time he saw Nicholas he told his one-time lover that now that things have settled down they could be together. Since then, he hasn't really heard from Nicholas so he is thinking that it is time for him to move on, even though he still has feelings for the former priest.

"I hate that it is coming to this," Craig replies to his friend. "You two would be so great together. But, I can appreciate why you are at the end of your rope with it."

"I've tried to tell him so many times that what happened the night of Gala doesn't have to stop us from moving forward. I am just tired of saying the same things over and over again without any progress."

"Oh Andy," Craig sighs back to him. "I really hope it all works out for you two. And know that I'm here if you need to talk."

"Thanks Craig," Andy hugs him. "I'm running late to get back to the paper. We'll talk soon?"

"Of course, anytime," Craig replies to him. Craig moves back to his desk and looks at the paper work waiting for him. He hears his office door open again. "Did you forget something?" he calls out thinking that it is Andy coming back into his office.

"No?" a woman's voice says back to him.

Craig looks up and sees Victoria standing in his office. He immediately stands up and gulps hard. This is the first time he has seen her since he was released from the hospital; he was admitted because of all the drugs Victoria's alter ego had administrated to him after she purposely misdiagnosed him with HIV. He knows that Victoria was away to get help for her alter egos but he didn't realize that she was back now.

"Victoria?" he asks her as she nods back to him.

"Yes, it is me," Victoria moves closer to him. "I am back and I am healthy again."

"I'm really glad that you're better."

"I had to see you," she admits to him. "I have to tell how sorry I am, Craig. You have to understand that I would have never have misdiagnosed you with HIV or given you any drugs if I had been in my right mind."

Craig uneasily nods back to her. "I really went through a lot after I realized I wasn't positive," Craig replies to her quickly. "I went through stages of wanting you to pay and suffer but once I learned how ill you were, I realized that it wasn't really you."

"Thank you for understanding," Victoria tells him. "But, I am still very sorry. I had to tell you this face to face. I still have to make amends for everything my egos did."

"I appreciate that," Craig smiles back to her. "And Vic, welcome back."


"Did you hear back from Albertinah about having your midterm postponed?" Andrew asks Abby as they walk through the halls of the hospital together. Andrew has been at the hospital to support his friend while she is worried about Cheresa; now with the news that Cheresa might not make it, he is walking with Abby trying to take her mind off Cheresa, even if it is for a short time.

"I haven't checked my email," Abby tells him. "With Cheresa taking this turn for the worse…"

"Hey," Andrew stops her and looks into her eyes. "You have to try to stay positive, okay? I know it's hard but you have to have faith."

"I'm trying Andrew, I really, really am," Abby gets tears in her eyes. "But, I don't know. The doctor said we should brace ourselves."

"I'm not going to give up on her," Andrew pulls her into a hug.

Abby takes a deep breath and inhales some of his scent. She still longs for them to be together. "I don't know what I'd do without you," she tells him as they lock eyes. She leans in and tries to kiss him.

"Abby we can't do this."

"Ugh, I know," Abby rolls her eyes. "I'm just going through a really rough time."

"I know but we've been over this and …"

"And? Are you seeing someone?"

Andrew gulps as he thinks about having sex with Albertinah recently. He knows that he can't say anything because Albertinah could lose his job; she has also told him that nothing else can ever happen between the two of them.

"Andrew, who is she? Who are you seeing?" Abby asks him with more intent.

The Calimo Mansion

Natasha slowly walks into the living room of the mansion and immediately sees Cory pouring himself a whiskey from the bar. Natasha immediately remembers earlier in the day when Natasha confronted her husband about the fact that he was the one who told Kim about Robbie and Brooke's affair; this was the cause of the Judge siding with Kim in the case of Bob's will. Natasha was so livid with her husband's betrayal, she slapped him.

"You're home," Natasha puts her purse down on the sofa. "I'm glad. I think we should talk."

"Do you?" Cory takes a sip of his whiskey. "Funny, lately you've been using your hands to do all the speaking."

"I'm so sorry," Natasha moves up to him and tries to grab his hand. Cory pushes her away though. "I got carried away. The slap was a mistake. I know that. I can't believe I did that."

"But you did," Cory snaps at her. "And, to be honest, this is just the latest in a long list of behavior that I find appalling."

Natasha uneasily nods back to him. "I get that," she tells him. "But what you did to me and this family is unforgivable, Cory. Because of you, Robbie and I have to deal with Kim for the rest of our lives."

"Kim was your father's wife; whether you liked it or not, Bob loved her and anything that was in his will, Kim deserved."

"I don't want to fight with you about this Cory."

"Then you shouldn't have brought it up," Cory tells her. "Because I don't think I can move past your behavior and you just said what I did was unforgivable."

Natasha feels her eyes swell with water. "What are you saying? Where should we go from here?"

"That's the question," Cory takes another sip of his whiskey. "Where do we go from here?"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Andrew confesses to Abby
- Brooke visits Cheresa
- Nicholas reaches out to Andy

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