Episode 64
Truth & Consequences
Written by: Dallas Walsh

Episode Theme Song "Mean" by P!nk

Previously on One Day at a Time
- At Meggan’s homecoming party, Jeff and Robbie butted heads. Robbie got fed up with Leah shutting him out. Leah overheard Meggan confess to Vinny that she killed Noah.
- Preston and Olivia saw Helen and realized that she is a threat to their lives
- Andy kissed Reese. Reese invited Andy to Milwaukee
- Victoria apologized to Adam & Helen; Adam told Helen he wanted to get married ASAP
- Patricia and Will met and hit it off; she freaked when she saw Reese, Olivia and Preston at the party
Scene One -- The Victors House; Vinny & Meggan’s Home

The homecoming party for Meggan is going off as planned. Guests are enjoying themselves, and the non-alcoholic punch is a hit. Everyone is mingling. The food is great. The garden in the back yard is a success. Everything is running smoothly. Until Leah had overheard Meggan’s confession of killing Noah upstairs.

"Thank you everyone," Meggan says loudly. "These past few weeks have been the hardest of my life. Admitting that I have a problem and seeking help ...." she says slowly. "...it was hard, but I knew that I had the love and support of all my friends here at home. It feels so great to be home ..." she says again.

Suddenly in the entrance of the den, Leah emerges, her hair a mess, her mascara running. "Save it you bitch!" Leah yells.

The crowd gasps. Robbie looks on in complete and utter shock at the state of his wife. He puts his hand over his eyes before looking back up.

"Leah?" Meggan says. "Are you okay?"

Leah approaches Meggan and slaps her. "You bitch!" Leah spits. "You are going to pay!"

Meggan puts her hand over her face and starts to cry. “I…I can explain,” she stutters.

Leah turns her attention to the crowd. “You are all wondering why I am interrupting Meggan’s moment. Her welcome home speech,” she says trying to fight back the tears. Her eyes meet Jeff’s, who is near the back of the room. “Jeff, come here please.” she says to him.

Jeff looks over at Robbie, then back at Leah. He walks up to the front of the room. “Are you okay?” he asks her quietly.

“I am fine! I am fine!” she yells, more tears rolling down her face. “Finally, justice will be served!”

Jeff looks on in confusion. Robbie appears beside Jeff. “Honey, come on. I want to take you home. It’s been a long day…” he says grabbing her hand.

“No! Don’t touch me Robbie! Not now…” Leah cries.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, getting more frustrated.

“I know who killed Noah! And I want you to arrest her!” she says loudly.

The crowd gasps at Leah’s outburst. “What do you mean?” Robbie asks again.

“Meggan! She killed Noah! Arrest her! Arrest her right now!” Leah begs Robbie. “Please Robbie, what are you waiting for!”

Robbie can not help but wonder about Leah in this state. He has never seen her so … falling apart. She is crying. Her hair and make up are a mess, and she is yelling at everyone and everything.

“Honey, come on. We can do this later. I want to take you home,” Robbie says again.

“Did you hear what I said? This bitch killed my son. I want her arrested!”

“Is it true?” Jeff asks Meggan. “Were you driving the car?”

All eyes turn to Meggan, who starts to cry. She looks at Leah, then Robbie, then Jeff.

“Say something!” Leah glares at her.

“Fine! Yes…yes! It was me. I was driving … I am so sorry, please, please forgive me,” Meggan says crying.

Leah lunges at Meggan. Meggan falls to the ground and Leah gets on top of her hitting and punching her chest. “I can’t believe you killed my son! How could you do this! How could you do this!” Leah says repeatedly as she strikes Meggan.

Robbie pulls Leah off. “That’s enough! Stop it Leah! Get a hold of yourself!”

Leah looks at Robbie with disgust. She wipes the tears away from her eyes.

“You arrest her now,” she orders him.

Robbie is once again dumbfounded at Leah’s behaviour. He turns to Meggan. “I have no choice Meggan. You have the right to remain silent. Everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law…”

Scene Two -- Patricia’s Condo

Patricia opens the door to her condo and enters. She turns on a light. It feels so good to be home, she thinks as she takes a large breathe. Behind her is Will, who escorted her home.

“Thanks for taking me home. It was nice of you,” she smiles at him.

“Hey, you seemed to really have to get out of that party. I just hope you’re feeling better,” he says back to her.

“I am, thanks.” she says turning and entering the living room. “Do you want a nightcap?”

“Water is fine. I have to drive back to the party. I have to pick up my … friend.” he says awkwardly.

“Oh no! Did you have a date!? Now I feel horrible…”

Will laughs. “No, it’s not like that. Robin and I are just friends. Honestly.”

“Okay, I believe you,” she says handing him a glass of water.

“Thanks. So… you seem to be feeling better.”

“I am, yea,” she says sitting next to him.

“So what got you so worked up, if you don’t mind me asking.”

Patricia takes a long, slow drink of her water. She remembers seeing her family, Olivia, Preston and Reese at the party. She had not seen them in about three years before tonight. The slight of being so close to them again. Wanting to say hello, wanting to hug Reese, got the best of her.

“You’re not saying anything again,” Will says. “If it’s none of my business, just say so.”

Patricia looks at him. “If I tell you, promise me it will never leave this room.”

Will gets a half grin on his face. “Okay?” he says slowly.

“It’s not funny,” she declares.

“It just sounded so cryptic.”

“I haven’t seen my family in three years,” she says slowly.

“Wow, why?”

“It’s a long story. Anyways, they were at the party. My Mom, Dad and brother.”

“That’s why you felt sick?”

Patricia nods. “Three years away is a long time. We didn’t exactly leave on good terms.”

“Ah,” Will sighs. “Want my opinion?”

Patricia nods.

“Life is too short Patricia. You have a great family it sounds like. Go to them. Tell them that you’ve missed them. They love you, and are probably worried about you.”

Patricia hugs Will. “Thanks.” she says, trying not to cry.

“Anytime. Look, I’ll call you okay. I should get back to take Robin home.”

“Okay, I’ll walk you out.”

Scene Three -- The Victors House; Vinny & Meggan’s Home

Natasha and Kim sit together in a corner of the den. The party is winding down, but people are still hanging around. The ones that are left are still reeling from the scene that they just witnessed.

“I can’t believe it! Meggan of all people,” Natasha says slowly.

“I know. And I have never seen Leah lose it like that before,” Kim says back to her best friend.

“I know. Poor Leah. It can’t be easy losing a child.”

“Yea, but still … she needs to get a grip. She can’t just lose it like that all the time,” Kim says.

“You’re right,” Natasha says. “Where’s Jeff?”

“At the police station. I guess he wanted to be sure that Meggan got booked. I don’t know. I don’t know who is worse, him or Leah.”

Natasha bites her tongue. She knows that Kim is frustrated with Jeff for not communicating with her, but Natasha sympathizes with Leah and Jeff and their loss of Noah.

“Are you holding up okay?” Natasha asks, trying to change the subject.

“Me?” Kim smiles. “I am fine, why do you ask?”

“Jackson just died. I know you guys had that … relationship” Natasha says slowly.

Kim turns away as tears fill her eyes.

“I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have said anything,” Natasha says.

“No, its okay. You’re the first person to ask me that since…well that night at the hospital.” Kim says shedding a tear. “I just feel like … everyone is always so wrapped up in Jeff and Noah’s death.”

“They forget that you’re grieving too,” Natasha says reaching for Kim’s hand.

“Yea,” she smiles through her tears.

“Oh Kim,” Natasha says. “Can I do anything?”

“Just being back with me, that’s all I need. I missed you so much Nat. Never scare us like that again, okay?”

Natasha smiles. “I will try my best.”

Scene Four -- The Victors House; Meggan & Vinny’s Home - The Garden

Robin walks around in the garden. The stars in the sky are twinkling brightly down on her. She is carrying her purse and a glass of the fruit punch. She is exhausted by the days events. She feels bad for Leah, and knows that she and Dominick will have to pay her a visit the following day.

While she is walking, looking at the flowers, she wonders where Will is. Not that is complaining. She is enjoying the air and fresh, crisp air. She recalls seeing Cory inside the party. With Natasha, of course. She shakes her head. No more Cory. I am independent now, she tells herself. Still, she admits to herself that Cory looked so good in his black shirt and jeans. A single tear falls down her cheek and she quickly wipes it away.

“Hey,” a voice calls out.

Robin turns and spots Cory standing in the garden. She smiles a little. “Cory, hi. Crazy night, huh?”

Cory laughs a little, unsure if it was appropriate to laugh at the events. “You can say that again. Never a dull moment around here.”

“Mmm. Beautiful night,” Robin says, wondering what to say to the man she loves.

“Yea, very,” he says looking into her eyes. “You look great tonight.”

“Thanks,” she says. Suddenly Robin shivers. Cory puts his hands on her arms.

“Cold?” he asks.

“A little,” she half smiles at him.

“Let me warm you up,” he says embracing her.

“No,” she says exiting the embrace. “We can’t keep doing this Cory.”

Cory is dumbfounded. “Doing what?”

“Having these close moments. You made your choice. I accepted that. I am moving on. It just … it doesn’t make it easy when you keep coming around.”

Robin is proud of herself in this moment. For once she stood up for herself and stood her ground. She wants nothing more to be held by Cory, but she knows he will always go back to Natasha.

“I am sorry. I was trying to be … friendly,” he says slowly, looking down.

“I don’t know if we can be friends. You have no idea how much you hurt me. But you know, I knew from that moment I saw Natasha in the hospital that day. I knew that you would go back to her. Everyone knew that. Everyone loves Cory and Natasha. I’ve been so … stupid!” Robin says, talking more to herself than Cory now.

“No, we all made mistakes,” Cory says. “And for what it’s worth Robin, I am sorry.”

Robin looks at him. Cory looks dazed and confused. He almost looks like he might cry.

“Just know something, okay?” he says.

Robin looks at him.

“I did…I do still love you,” he whispers. “I know its not fair for me to say that. I know that I have made my choice with Natasha. That doesn’t mean that I don’t still care. That doesn’t mean that the love I had for you just goes away. I don’t know if it ever will. Just know that if you need anything. Anytime, any where you can call me Robin.”

Robin smiles. “Thanks, I suppose.”

“I will try to keep my distance from you, if that’s what you want.”

“What I want Cory is for us to be together. Since that will not happen, then yea I think we need to stay away from each other.”

“Okay,” he says. “I’ll see you later then?”

He slowly turns and walks back into the house. Robin turns around and wipes her eyes. She opens her purse and gets out her cell phone.

“Where are you Will? I have to get out of here…” she says dialling his number.

Scene Five -- The Victors House; Meggan & Vinny’s Home

Will re-enters the Victors home and enters the den. He quickly scans the room hoping to see Robin. Once unsuccessful, he walks over to the buffet table and grabs a cracker before he decides to check the garden.

He turns to leave when Kim approaches him.

“Hi there, I’m Kim Reeves, I don’t believe we’ve met before,” she says looking at Will and extending her hand.

Will shakes her hand. “Will Coutts. Pleasure is mine,” he winks.

“I saw you at Natasha Calimo and Cory Calvin’s wedding, I think. Right? You were with Robin Navy?”

Will chuckles. “You’re stalking me?” he laughs jokingly.

Kim grins. “Not quite. I actually remember you.”

“You remember me?”

“Mmmhmm, you were friends with Jackson McQuillan, right?” Kim says slowly.

The grin on Will’s face drops. He pulls Kim closer to him. He has not heard the name Jackson McQuillan in a few weeks. He has not heard of anything, but suddenly Jackson had stopped text messaging him, and that was fine by his standards.

“What do you know?” Will asks impatiently.

“You can let me go,” Kim says pulling her arm out of Will’s grasp. “I … just wondered how close you were to Jackson.”

Will looks at Kim again. He is trying to read her, but he is unable too.

“Listen lady, I knew Jackson back in the day. I have changed. I have a good head on my shoulders now…”

“Hey, calm down. I know that kind of guy Jackson could be, but I saw another side of him. He was a good man deep down.”

“Was a good man?”

“You haven’t heard?” Kim asks. When Will gives her no response, Kim puts her head down and softly says “He’s dead. Jackson died.”

Will is floored. “What? Oh man. How? Why?”

“He was strangled. I saw him. I identified his body at the morgue.”

“Damn!” Will says. “I’m sorry. I can’t believe this.”

“Yea, it’s been … different.”

Will feels his phone vibrating. He looks at it. “Excuse me for a moment, will you?”

Kim watches Will answer his phone. She realizes that maybe finally she has found someone that she can confide in about her feelings towards Jackson and his death.

Will returns, closing his phone.

“I have to be going, I drove Robin here. If you ever wanna get together and … talk. You know, about Jackson. Call me,” Will says handing Kim a piece of paper with his number on it.

“I will, thanks,” Kim says putting his number into her bag. “Drive safe.”

Scene Six -- Twin Peaks Police Station

Meggan looks towards the camera. Her fingers are black from the ink. Her outfit is now an orange jumpsuit. She is holding the black board with the white lettering on it, indicating her identification number and the date. The flash bulb in the camera goes off.

“Turn to your right,” the photographer instructs her.

Meggan slowly turns to the right. Another bright flash bulb goes off.

The photograph moves away from the camera. “Take her away,” he says. Two police officers move up to Meggan and walk with her into a barred area. They slowly walk down the jail hallway until they reach an empty cell.

“This is your home for the night,” the guard tells her.

Meggan looks at the small cot. She enters the cell. The guard shuts the door. Meggan hears the door lock. She turns around and watches the guards leave. She puts her hands on two bars and looks out. She can not see anyone, as most of the inmates are sleeping already. She turns around and slowly walks to her bed. She sits down and puts her hands in her face and begins to weep.

“What have I done?” she asks herself in the midst of her tears.

Scene Seven -- The Victors Home; Meggan & Vinny’s Home

Shane and Cassie hold hands as they walk up to the house. They can see lights on, and they can see people in the den from the window.

“I’m glad we’re not late,” Cassie says. “I know we were going to be a little late, since I had to close the restaurant.”

“Meggan won’t mind,” Shane says reassuring her. “She will just be happy that we made it.”

“Thank you for coming with me,” Cassie says.

“Anytime,” Shane says leaning in and kissing her.

They proceed to enter the house and make their way to the den. Shane’s eyes immediately find Natasha’s. He smiles and waves over to her. Natasha waves back. Cassie seems some what annoyed at this transaction.

“I wanted to ask you something,” she interrupts.

“Go for it,” he says to her.

“Well, we’ve been seeing each other for some time now…”


“Let’s move in together!”


“Ready to go babe?” Cory asks Natasha as he hands her shawl.

“Yea, it’s been a long day. I still can’t believe what happened here tonight.”

“I know. I don’t know who to feel bad for: Meggan or Leah.”

Natasha sighs. “I know. Meggan killed Noah. I mean, I just can’t believe it. And poor Leah. She is going off the deep end.”

“Robbie needs to take care of her.”

Natasha smiles. “Okay, I’m ready to go now.”

Cory starts pushing her. He walks up to Shane and Cassie.

“Hey Shane,” Natasha smiles.

Shane bends down and hugs Natasha. “You look great,” he says into her ear.

“You guys missed all the drama,” Cory says. “Turns out Meggan was driving the car that killed Noah. Leah freaked out, and Robbie arrested Meggan!”

“Whoa!” Shane says. “That’s incredible.”

“We have some amazing news ourselves,” Cassie perks up.

“Oh?” Natasha responds.

“We’ve decided to move in together!” Cassie beams.

Natasha’s eyes move to Shane’s. They share an awkward moment.

“Congratulations,” Natasha says.

“Yea, that’s great news man,” Cory says shaking hands with Shane, whose eyes are fixed on Natasha’s stoic facial expression.

Scene Eight -- The Wilkins Manor; Preston, Olivia & Reese’s Home

Olivia enters the master bedroom and spots Preston in his silk pjs laying in bed already.

“Tired?” she calls as she brushes her hair.

“It’s been a long day. And I have a busy schedule tomorrow,” he calls from the bed.

“Hmm,” she says walking closer to the bed. “I was hoping…”

“What?” he says sitting up.

She takes off her robe to reveal sexy white lingerie. “It’s been so long Preston,” she says crawling on to the bed.

“Not tonight,” he says rolling over and turning out his lap.

“Not tonight!?” she says. “Or any night. I don’t remember the last time we made love. I still have needs you know,” she says near tears.

Preston remains silent. He doesn’t want to say anything to her in this moment.

“I know you blame me for Madeline’s disappearance … but don’t punish us anymore. Don’t punish me anymore,” she says picking up her robe and putting it back on.

She slowly walks to the door. Preston still doesn’t respond to her, so she shuts the door and closes the light on the master bedroom door.

Scene Nine -- The Towers; Floor One; Kim, Jeff & Andy’s Apartment

Kim tosses her large bag on the side table and proceeds to the sofa. She collapses into it. She shuts her eyes, trying to remember the evenings events. She opens her eyes and looks around the apartment. She quickly spots Andy’s shoes and realizes he’s home and sleeping. But there is no sign of Jeff. He’s not home, she realizes.

She looks at the clock and realizes that it’s well into the early morning. She knows that she has to be at the Sun early, so she decides to crash. Still, she is worried about Jeff. She assumes that he is at the police station, with Leah, Robbie and Meggan.

She shakes her head. She doesn’t want to think about Noah’s death anymore tonight. Suddenly she smiles when she remembers talking to Will about Jackson.

‘Finally someone that understands,’ she says to herself as she slowly walks towards the bathroom to prepare herself for bed.

Scene Ten -- The Twin Peaks Rehabilitation Clinic -- Natasha’s Private Room

Natasha lays in her bed. She requested that the nurse leave the window open slightly, so she can feel the warm air coming in and caressing her. She smiles slightly. She looks over in the corner and sees her wheel chair. She realizes that her fears of having the wheel chair were misconstrued; it was not that bad this evening. She managed well, and she was not the victim as she thought everyone was going to treat her.

Her mind switches gears as she thinks back to Shane and Cassie’s news: that they are moving in together. She wonders why Shane is rushing his relationship with Cassie. The more she thinks about it, the more she concludes that Cassie is not right for Shane. Not at all. She’s too persistent and not giving Shane the space he needs, she thinks to herself.

She looks over at the empty chairs in her room. She smiles when she thinks of Cory. She sent him home to get a proper sleep, since he has been sleeping in the chair with her since her arrival.

Her thoughts are interrupted by a slight knock on the door.

“Come in,” she says quietly.

Her young nurse enters. “Sorry to interrupt you Mrs. Calvin. I just thought you should know. You’ve been appointed a doctor to assist with your rehabilitation.”

“Oh good. Who is it?”

“Dr. Shane Glubbs. I’ll let you get back to your sleep now.”

The nurse disappears leaving Natasha alone. She smiles softly at the thought of Shane helping her regain the strength in her legs.

Scene Eleven -- The Towers; The Penthouse; Cory’s Home

Cory stripes down to his white briefs and crawls into his large king size bed. The satin sheets hit his smooth chest and back. He looks over and hates not having someone to share his bed with. He smiles as he thinks back to his moment with Robin. He remembers how beautiful she looked in the moon light. His smile quickly fades when he remembers her telling him that they can not see each other anymore. He knows that he has to get over her in order to really commit to Natasha, but no matter how he tries, he still loves Robin. He loves her hair, her lips, her eyes, her fight, her spunk … everything, he realizes.

He lets out a deep breathe. “How have I got myself into this mess?” he asks himself. “In love … with two amazing women.”

Scene Twelve -- Patricia’s Condo

Patricia rolls over in bed and grabs her blackberry. She has tried to fall asleep, but can’t seem too. Not yet, anyways. She finds the text message screen and types a new message. “Thanks again for this evening. Coffee tomorrow? -- Patty”

She finds Will’s name and then pushes send. She puts the blackberry back down on the nightstand and proceeds to fall asleep.

Scene Thirteen -- The Calimo House; Robbie & Leah’s Home

Robbie opens the front door and closes it shut after he is inside. He drops his jacket in the large chair and slowly walks up stairs. He sighs. He is exhausted. After helping with the booking of Meggan he is finally home.

He sees a light on in the bedroom. He is not looking forward to entering the bedroom. He is still shocked at Leah and Jeff’s behaviour at the party tonight. For Leah to be such a disaster in public was more than he can bare.

He enters the bedroom.

“Hey,” Leah says. “Is she in jail?”

“You got your wish. She’s in jail. At least until tomorrow,” he says back, not looking at her.

Leah gets a small smile on her face, then sits on the bed, combing her hair.

Robbie undresses and puts on his pjs. He walks over to the bed and sits down. He turns so his face is facing the wall, not Leah.

“Good night,” she says.

Robbie does not say anything. Leah crawls into bed and looks up at the ceiling.

“Is it that bad that you can not even acknowledge me?”

Robbie sighs and turns to face the ceiling too. “What do you want me to say?”

“I don’t know Robbie. We found the person who killed Noah. I thought … you would understand.”

“Understand?” he says trying not to get upset. “You came into the party looking like a mess. You publicly humiliated Meggan and Vinny and me. You attached Meggan. You … you need help,” he says slowly.

Leah sits up in the bed, furious. “How dare you! My son died because of that woman! And you’re worried because I ‘humiliated’ you? This is exactly why …”

“Why what?” he says urging her to finish her sentence.

“… Jeff is the only one that understands it. Because he lost Noah too. You…you just don’t get it Robbie. You never will,” Leah says laying back down.

“You need help Leah. You need to talk to a therapist. You’re out of control,” he says rolling over again.

Leah does not respond. She tries to fight the tears. Was Robbie right? She doesn’t care about it right now. The only thing she cares about is that she knows the person responsible for Noah’s death is behind bars.

Next on One Day At A Time
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- Andy tells Kim he is going to Milwaukee
- Andy bumps into Patricia
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