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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Meggan revealed to Chris & Trenyce that Cheresa is their biological daughter. They raced to see her and while fighting with Brad, Greg and Brooke, Cheresa flatlined
- Leah revealed to Jeff that Logan is really his son. Jeff was livid with his wife and stormed out
- Victoria returned home and apologized to Craig
- Lukas and Craig shared a kiss
- Cory moved back into the penthouse as he and Natasha's marriage imploded

Twin Peaks General Hopsital

"Why is it taking Shane so long to give us an update?" Brooke asks Greg as they wait outside of Cheresa's hospital room for an update on their daughter. They were in Cheresa's hospital room fighting with Chris and Trenyce, who just learned from Meggan that they are her biological parents, when Cheresa flat lined. Shane arrived and ordered everyone out of the room while he tried to save the girl. Now, they are waiting for some kind of an update as they are hoping that Cheresa didn't die. Everything in the world, right now, is a mess and it will get worse if their daughter doesn't survive.

"I wish I knew," Greg whispers back to his estranged wife. "Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, they get a million times worse."

"I know," Brooke uneasily nods back to him. "What are the odds that Cheresa's parents were in Twin Peaks all these years? What's going to happen to our family now?"

"I have no idea," Greg replies to her quickly. "But if Chris and Trenyce think that they can come in and just take over the role of Cheresa's parents, they have another thing coming. She is and always will be our daughter."


"God, this waiting is killing me," Trenyce tells Chris as they stand further down the hallway from Brooke and Greg. They agreed to stand further away from one another in hopes of keeping things calm between the four of them. Trenyce looks into Chris' eyes and hopes that after all these years of searching for their child, they won't lose her when they just found her. She almost still can't believe that this is happening; Cheresa is her daughter. She finally knows who her child is after so long.

"Yea, me too," Chris grabs her hand and kisses it. "Can you believe that we have a daughter? And, she's so beautiful. We have a daughter, Trey."

Trenyce lets a tear fall down her cheek. "It's all happened so fast," she tells him. "I can't believe that after all these years, we have found her."

"We still have to deal with Brooke and Greg though," Chris looks back down the hall at the couple. "This could get messy."

"I don't care about that right now," Trenyce waves her hand in the air. "The fact remains, we have our daughter back in our lives. That's all that matters."

Before Chris can say anything further, Shane emerges from the hospital room and removes his mask. Brooke, Greg, Trenyce and Chris all rush up to the doctor desperate for answers.

"How is Cheresa?" Trenyce asks Shane with panic in her voice. "How is my daughter?"


Meggan paces back and forth in the waiting room hoping that she is able to get an update on Cheresa before she leaves for the day. She checks her phone for a moment and sees an incoming text message from her nanny telling that she is bringing Logan to the hospital as her shift is over; Meggan realizes that she can't leave just yet, so having her son with her will make it all better.

She just hopes that she did the right thing by telling Chris and Trenyce the truth about Cheresa; the secret had been weighting on her for so long and with Cheresa being near death, she thought Chris and Trenyce deserved to know the truth. However, she also realizes that now Brad is going to tell Jeff the truth about Logan's paternity. She sighs as she runs her hand through her hair; her secret is going to come out and she knows that it could change her relationship with Jeff and Leah forever.

"I have to brace myself for whatever is about to happen," she tells herself in a whisper. "If Brad tells Jeff the truth, there's nothing I can do. I had to tell Chris and Trenyce the truth; I didn't have a choice."

"I'm glad I tracked you down," Jeff's voice booms from the entry way to the waiting room. Meggan turns around and sees her ex-husband standing in front of her. "Tell me it's not true. Tell me you haven't been lying to me for over a year about Logan being my child."

The Pampa Grill

Victoria moves into the dining room as she is going to meet Eva for a late lunch before they head up to Caldwell's Mountain Ski resort for Donovan and Lukas' wedding. While she scans the room, however, she happens to see Helen sitting at a table by herself. Victoria takes a deep breath as she knows that she has to go up to the woman whose death she faked and buried alive; she hates what her alter ego did to Helen, and now that she is back in Twin Peaks and healthy again, she wants to make amends. She has already visited Craig and apologized to him for misdiagnosing him with HIV.

Victoria slowly moves up to Helen's table as she fiddles with her fingers as she feels slightly nervous. "Helen, hi," she announces once she reaches the table and Helen looks up at Victoria.

"Victoria … you're home?" Helen uneasily asks her back. She isn't sure if she should be scared or not, after all this is the woman who buried her alive and left in a coffin for months.

"Yea, for a few weeks now," Victoria replies to him. "I'm glad I ran into you. I really need to talk to you."

Helen moves a piece of hair behind her ear. "I'm not sure I have anything to say to you," Helen tells her quickly. "I still have nightmares about being in that coffin…"

"I know and I get that," Victoria sits across from her. "That's why I wanted to speak with you, I have to tell you how sorry I am. I can't believe what my alter ego did to you, or everyone else for that matter. I am so incredibly embarrassed by what she did, by what I did. I can't tell you enough how sorry I am. I'm not asking for you to forgive me, I really just wanted you to hear this from me."

Helen gets tears in her eyes by Victoria's apology. She was never expecting Victoria to come home and say those words to her; she was in that coffin for so long, she never believed that she would get out for a while.

"Thank you for telling me that," Helen tells her. "I know that you were sick and I'm glad that you're better, I really am. I just hope that you stay healthy."

"That is my plan," Victoria uneasily smiles back to her. "I just want my life to go back to normal."

"Does that include having Shane in your life?"

Victoria looks back at her in surprise. "What does that mean?"

"Before you were sick, you and Shane, you were growing closer. Are you going to reconnect with your ex-husband now?" Helen asks her as Victoria shrugs her shoulders.

"I guess that's a good question," she admits to Helen. "I'm just taking it day by day, I haven't thought about that long term."

"Well whatever it happens, please take care of yourself Victoria."

Caldwell's Mountain Ski Resort

"I can't believe that in a few days we are going to be married," Donovan smiles to Lukas as they stand at the front desk as they are checking in to the resort as they are there not only for their wedding, but also the official launch of the Robertson Enterprises winter/ski line. They have plans to get married, followed by the launch in the next couple of days. They are some of the worst guests to arrive, but slowly more and more guests for the wedding and Robertson employees will start to arrive.

"I know, it almost seems surreal, doesn't it?" Lukas turns to his fiancé as he grabs the two room keys from the front desk clerk. "So many times growing up, I didn't think I'd ever get the chance to be married."

"Me too," Donovan smiles back to him. "And, then we will have this great launch with Robertson. It feels like not only will this be a milestone in my personal life but also my career."

"I know the launch will be great," Lukas nods back to him. "You and everyone at Robertson have been working so hard. But, if I'm honest, I'm more focused on you and I saying I do."

Donovan chuckles back to him. "Yea, that's really what I'm focused on too," he leans in and gives Lukas a kiss on the lips. As their lips touch, Craig slowly walks down the stairs from the second level leading into the foyer. He stops and looks at Donovan and Lukas kissing and recalls how he and Lukas shared a kiss recently. He hasn't been able to get Lukas out of his mind since then; but now, he's there, as a medical consultant for Robertson, and he will witness Lukas and Donovan getting married.


Natasha sits behind the large desk in the main office of Roboto as she continues to read the file that Kim left her to help her and Robbie get caught up on what they've missed while they've been out of the office. Of course, her mind is not on the file in front of her, however, as she can't stop thinking about her marriage to Cory and how it is hanging on by a thread.

After she learned that Cory was the one who revealed to Kim that Robbie was having an affair with Brooke, which helped the Judge rule in Kim's favor when they were contesting Bob's will, Natasha slapped her husband for his betrayal. Cory was stunned by his wife's behaviour and they agreed that Cory would move out of the mansion and back into the penthouse. Natasha has no way of knowing when or how long he will stay away but she does think the space between them is good right now.

She looks over as she hears the office door open. "Cory," she says as she spots her husband walking into the office. "What are you doing here?"

"I had to see you," Cory admits to her as he moves inside the office. "I haven't been able to stop thinking about anything else other than our relationship."

"It's been on my mind too," Natasha stands up from behind the desk and moves up to her husband. "I'm not sure how we got to this point but I'm not sure where we go from here either."

"I've loved you for as long as I can remember," Cory looks back at her. "We've been through so much together, Nat."

"That we have."

"But all of that changed," he continues to tell her. "When you hit me. You got so upset with me that you actually struck me. I don't think I can get over that."

"I'm not the one who betrayed this family and our relationship!"

"I don't care what I did," Cory shakes his head back to her. "You still hit me, Natasha. I will have nothing to do with that."

"What are you saying?"

"I've filed for divorce," Cory reveals to her as Natasha covers her mouth in shock. "Because you're not the woman I married and your certainly not the woman I want to be married too."

The Claus House; Jeff, Leah & Felicia's Home

"Darling, I couldn't help but hear some loud voices," Felicia slowly moves into the living room and sees Leah curled into a ball on the corner of the sofa with damp eyes. She was in the room when Jeff came in and asked Leah what the secret was that she was keeping; Felicia had left the room to give her daughter and her husband some space to talk about the secret and then she heard the loud voices and the front door slam close. "Is everything okay between you and Jeff?"

Leah looks up to her mother with her red eyes as she recalls telling Jeff the truth about Logan's paternity; Jeff was devastated and livid with her for keeping his son from him for over a year. Leah knew that this would likely happen but now that it has, she is also upset by Jeff's reaction. The last thing that he said to her was that she had every right to think that he would hate her because he does. Leah can't forget those words leaving his mouth.

"No," Leah has another tear fall down her face. "Things are bad and I don't think that we will ever get back to where we once were."

"What happened?"

"I lied to my husband," Leah admits to her. "About his son."

"His son? What are you talking about?" Felicia asks her daughter as she sits next to her on the sofa.

"Meggan Richardson's child," Leah replies to her. "Jeff is the father. I learned Meggan's secret and I've been keeping it from him for months."

"Oh my word," Felicia moves up and hugs her daughter. "I won't begin to understand why you'd keep this from him, but I am sorry. I know this is all my fault; I kept pressuring you to be honest."

"It's not your fault," Leah says as they exit their embrace. "I lied, not you. And that lie is costing me everything that I hold near and dear to me."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Jeff, I…" Meggan looks back at him as he slowly moves up to her. "I don't know what to say."

"Tell me the truth," Jeff sternly tells her. "For once, be honest with me. Is it true? Am I Logan's father?"

Meggan puts her head down in shame. She hadn't realized that Brad would tell Jeff the truth so quickly but now that the truth is out, she sees no reason to lie to him anymore.

"Yes," she whispers back to him. "And, I'm so sorry Jeff…it's just…" she begins to tell him. "Right when I found out about the baby, you came to me and told me that Leah had chosen you over Robbie. I really thought that I was doing the right thing by keeping your family together."

"You kept me from my son for over a year!" Jeff yells at her. "Do you have any idea how much time I've lost with my own flesh and blood? I don't know how you could do this to me!"

Before Meggan can reply, her nanny walks into the waiting room pushing Logan's stroller. "Ms. Richardson, I'm glad I've found you. Here is Logan."

Jeff uneasily looks over at the stroller and slowly moves up to the baby. He peers down and sees Logan fast asleep in the stroller. He leans down and looks at his son as he gets tears in his eyes. "My son," he whispers to Logan. "My beautiful baby boy."

"Jeff, I'm so sorry," Meggan tells him as she watches him look at his son. "I'm so sorry."

"You will be sorry," Jeff looks back at her. "You and Leah, you'll both be sorry you've done this to me."


"Cheresa is alive," Shane tells Greg, Brooke, Chris and Trenyce, whom all breathe a sigh of relief at the news. "But, from my understanding, you were all fighting in the room when she flat-lined. Effective immediately, no more than two people in her room at once and you have to remain calm. Any tension could send her into another tailspin which could cost her life."

"We understand," Brooke nods back to him. "We would never do anything to hurt our daughter. We will put our differences aside for Cheresa's sake."

Chris and Trenyce uneasily look at one another at the sound of Brooke calling Cheresa her daughter. "Okay, good. I'll be back in a while to check on her vitals."

Shane slowly walks away from the crowd as the four look at one another. "You two need to understand something," Greg glares over at Chris and Trenyce. "We appreciate that this news comes as a surprise and that you feel like you've missed out on a lot, but Cheresa is still our daughter. We have raised her since she was a baby, regardless of how we got her. She doesn't know any difference and right now, we are the comfort to her."

"If you think we are going to stay away from Cheresa…" Trenyce snaps back at him not taking his direction very well.

"We don't expect that," Brooke cuts her off. "But we do expect you to behave in a certain manner. That's how we can help Cheresa right now. Did you hear Shane? Any stress will kill Chersea, is that what you want?"

"Don't worry," Chris looks over at them. "We won't do anything to cause harm to our daughter. But if you think that we are going to let you get away with buying a child from the black market, you have another thing coming. You two, you will pay for your actions. Mark my words, you will pay."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Donovan & Lukas' wedding day arrives
- Daisy sees Vinny lurking around the resort
- Chris contacts Simona Lopez

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