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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Abby warned Albertinah to stay away from Andrew or she would go to the school board and reveal her affair with her student
- Robin was upset when Adam told her that Dawn had to be his priority over marrying her. Dawn, meanwhile, had her first meeting to help with her addiction
- Dominick learned that there was the chance of an avalanche on Empress Mountain as Craig, Lukas, Vinny & Daisy were all skiing on the hill
- Tyler and Donovan discussed how lucky they were to have Daisy and Lukas in their lives
- Leah pleaded with Jeff to forgive her but he refused

The Pampa Grill

Andrew walks into the restaurant and immediately looks towards the bar as he doesn't want to have a full table, where he sees Albertinah standing as she appears to be waiting for her takeout order to arrive. He sighs as he looks at his teacher; the last time he saw her, she told him that they couldn't have anything more than just teacher-student relationship as she was scared she would lose her job, especially since Abby threatened to go to the school board. He hasn't had the chance to discuss anything with Abby yet as she has been so focused on Cheresa, but he knows that he can convince her to not reveal to anyone what she knows about him and Albertinah.

Despite her recent protests, Andrew finds himself walking towards his lover. "Hey," he manages to say to her. "Grabbing some takeout?"

"I am," Albertinah doesn't look over at Andrew. She wishes he hadn't come to see her; it's hard enough to stay away from him as it is; seeing him makes it more difficult. Despite her telling him they can't be together, she can't get Andrew out of her mind. "Chris and Trenyce are still at the hospital, I thought I'd take them some food."

"That's nice of you," he nods back to her. "I still can't believe that they are Cheresa's biological parents. I certainly didn't see that coming."

"None of us did," Albertinah replies to him. "But, I thought it was the least that I could do for them. They have been through so much lately."

"We all have," Andrew tells her. "Including us."

"There is no us, Andrew."

"I know," he moves closer to her. "I just want you to know that I am going to talk to Abby. She won't tell anyone anything, I promise you that. She will listen to me."

"Good," Albertinah finally makes eye contact with him. "Because, no one can ever know what happened between us. And, I meant what I said, whatever we had, it is over."

"I wish it wasn't."

"This is how it has to be," Albertinah remains firm with him. "You have to understand that."

"I'm trying," he nods back to her. "I just have to figure out a way to get you out of my head."


"So, Dawn's meeting went well?" Robin asks Adam as they sit across from one another at a table in the restaurant. Robin knows that Adam has been so focused on his daughter; she just hopes that now that things are seemingly calming down they can get back to planning their wedding. She still wants nothing more than to marry her fiancé so they can start their lives together.

Adam nods back to her thinking about how Dawn had her first meeting to help her with her addiction to her anti-depressants. He still knows that Dawn has a long way to go before she is really out of the woods, however.

"She said it was good, yea," Adam replies to her. "She still has a lot of work to do but I'm hopeful that she is on the right track."

"I'm so glad to hear that," Robin purses her lips together. "It is high time that this family start to mend and get back to normal again."

"I couldn't agree more with you," Adam smiles back to her. "I just hope Dawn doesn't suffer any setbacks. Addiction is a hard thing to overcome."

"She has you and Helen in her corner," Robin reminds him. "She will get through this. We all will. And, now that she is on the mend, we should finish planning our wedding. Adam, I want to marry you. And, I think a wedding would be the good news that we all need."

Adam shakes his head back to her. "I told you Robin, right now is not the time for this wedding. I have to be there for Dawn, completely. Until I know my daughter is okay, we can't get married. And, that's the end of this discussion. I really don't want to have to tell you this anymore."

Robin groans back to him. "Well, I'm tired of being your afterthought! I get that you have shit going on with your family, but we all do. That doesn't mean that we have to put our lives on hold! I'm getting so tired of always coming second with you."

"I won't apologize for putting Dawn first."

"And before Dawn, it was Helen since she was buried alive," Robin sighs back to him. "You have to make up your mind about whether or not you actually want me in your life, because from where I stand, you don't want or need me. And I won't wait around for you."

Before Adam can reply, Robin stands up and storms away from him. He sighs heavily wondering why she got so upset with him; all he said was that he didn't think a wedding was right for the moment. Now, everything is a mess.

The Black House; Helen & Dawn's Home

"I know you had another meeting today," Helen sits next to Dawn on the sofa in their house as she recalls Dawn tells her the schedule of her meetings to help her get over her addiction. Helen just hopes that Dawn is starting to feel better about things. "How did it go?"

Dawn takes a sip of her tea as she thinks about her most recent meeting. She has been forced to open up about a lot of the painful experiences she has had to endure the last couple years, from being raped by Jonah, to losing her child, to Barbara's death and even Helen being buried alive. All of these factors contributed to her starting to take her antidepressant pills more and more regularly.

"It was good," Dawn finally replies to her mother. "It is painful relieving some of the events of the last couple of years but it is good for me to talk about it, you know? I need to understand what happened in order for me to get through it all."

"I'm so proud of you," Helen puts her hand on her daughter's leg. "This couldn't have been easy for you to get through but you're doing it with such dignity."

"This has been the hardest thing I've had to go through because I have to do it alone," Dawn replies to her. "I know that you and Dad are with me, but I am doing this by myself."

Helen nods back to her. "I heard that Cheresa is doing better as well. That news must make you feel happier?"

"I feel so relieved," Dawn admits to her. "I have been so worried about her. If anything had happened to her, it would have been my fault."

"We have to think about that now," Helen tells her. "It is some good news that we have really needed."

"You know what else would be great," Dawn looks into Helen's eyes. "After everything that has happened, it would be nice if this family could be united again."

"We are united, Dawn," Helen replies to her quickly. "Your father and I are standing by you no matter what."

"I get that," Dawn says back to her. "But I want my family back together. I want you and Dad to be a couple again; I want us to be a family like we used to be."

Caldwell's Mountain Ski Lodge

"This waiting is really starting to drive me crazy," Eva paces back and forth in the corner of the ballroom as she waits for some kind of news about the chances of there being an avalanche on Empress Mountain. She hopes that the warnings of the avalanche do not come into fruition because people purchased some Gravity merchandise and went skiing after the release of Robertson Enterprises latest line, including Lukas, Craig and Daisy.

"You have to try to stay calm," Victoria tells her mother, as she comes up to her and pulls her into a hug. "We don't know anything for certain yet, so let's try to not assume the worse?"

"Yes, you're right," Eva looks at her once they exit the embrace. "Let's talk about something else? It would be good to keep our mind off this disaster, if it happens."

Victoria chuckles back to her. "What would you like to discuss?"

"How are things with you and Shane now that you're back?"

Victoria looks back at her mother in surprise. She quickly recalls how when she was apologizing to Helen for burying her alive while her alter egos were in control, Helen also indicated that maybe Victoria and Shane would rekindle a romance. Victoria really hasn't given it much thought, however, as she has just been focused on staying healthy.

"Things are the same," Victoria tells her. "Shane and I are friends. Nothing more, nothing less."

"I see," Eva nods back to her. "I think that is wonderful. It's just…before you got sick, I suspected the two of you were reconnecting. Now that you're back, I just assumed that you might pick up where you left off. It could be good for you to date again."

Victoria uneasily smiles back to her. "I will keep that in mind, mother. I really will."


"I get that you're upset with me, I really do," Leah looks over at Jeff, who just finished telling her that he won't be able to forgive her for lying to her about Logan's paternity for over a year. Leah can understand why her husband is so upset with her but he wishes that he would at least try to understand her perspective. "But, Jeff, I damnit, I forgave you for sleeping with Meggan in the first place. I didn't have to do that. But, I understood and just had hoped you would be that understanding with me."

Jeff sighs back to her as he feels his blood boil. He doesn't understand why Leah can't realize that what she did was wrong; keeping his son from him was the most hurtful move Leah could have done to him.

"Had you not forgave me for sleeping with Meggan, I would have understood," Jeff replies to her. "But the fact is, you did forgive me. You keeping my son away from me for over a year is nothing something I can forgive. It is the worst thing you could have done to me!"

"So, our marriage is over? You're going to end everything we have because of one mistake?"

"One mistake? It's a pretty big mistake, Leah!"

"I don't want to fight with you about this," Leah waves her hand in the air. "Just know that I will do anything in my power to save our marriage!"

"You son of a bitch," a voice calls out from behind Jeff. He turns and sees Meggan standing behind him. Her hand finds his cheek as she slaps him hard. "How could you?"

"Meggan, what the hell are you doing?" Leah asks her in shock as Jeff puts his hand over his cheek.

"Your husband," Meggan glares over at Leah. "He just had me served with custody papers. He wants full custody of my son."

"You're damn straight I do," Jeff sneers at her. "You purposely kept him from me; there's not a judge in this world that you would you keep a child after you kept him from his father. I want my son and I will get him, even if it's the last thing I do."

"If you want a fight, Jeff, you're going to get one," Meggan looks back at him. "I won't lose my child to you. I refuse too."


"You two look so happy together," Donovan tells Andy and Nicholas as they stand with Tyler sipping some champagne while they wait for Donovan and Lukas' wedding reception to begin, which should be soon since the guests that went skiing should be coming back soon. "I'm thrilled you two are finally together."

"Thanks," Andy smiles back to his friend. "We are pretty happy ourselves. After everything we've been through, it's nice to just be for a while. Like you and Lukas."

"I still can't believe that I am a married man!"

Tyler chuckles back to him. "You better start believing it or your husband might not like it!"

Donovan chuckles back to him. "I wonder where Daisy and Lukas are? It seems like it is getting late. I would have thought that they would have been back by now."

"I'm glad you're all together," Dominick announces to the group as he comes up to them with Eva and the front desk clerk behind him. "I have news and you all need to hear it from me."

"What is it Dad?" Tyler asks him. "What's going on?"

"Right after the guests went to the ski hill, we got word that there was an avalanche warning."

"What? My God," Nicholas gasps back to him.

"It's just a warning, right?" a panicked Donovan replies to him. "There wasn't an avalanche, was there?"

"I'm afraid there was," Dominick nods back to them. "And, it appears to be bad. We have no idea if anyone survived."

"No, Daisy is on that mountain!" Tyler yells back in horror.

"And so is Lukas," Donovan gasps. "My husband was caught in an avalanche?"

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-The search for survivors begin
-Greg and Brooke come face to face
-Melissa and Phil try to get through to Nicholas

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