Episode 649 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: November 29, 2020


Episode Theme song: "hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have" Lana Del Rey
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Previously on One Day at a Time
-Simona revealed that there were no survivors on the mountain following the avalanche
-Abby warned Albertinah to stay away from Andrew or she would go to the school board with news of her affair with her student
-Jacob felt bad for using Cassie and tried to apologize to her. She told him she would get revenge on him
-Kim hired Cassie at Roboto
-Dominick launched Gravity before the avalanche struck

Caldwell's Mountain Ski Resort

"We have confirmation that Lukas Richardson, Daisy Davenport, Dr. Craig Benton and Vinny Victors were all on Empress Mountain when the avalanche struck," Simona tells Donovan, Eva, Dominick, Tyler, Leah, Jeff and Paige as they stand in the ballroom of the lodge. They can't believe that they just announced that they don't suspect that there are any survivors from the avalanche; for Donovan, he can't believe that he just married Lukas and now he is presumed dead.

"This can't be happening," Donovan whispers back as Eva pulls him into a hug. "Lukas and Craig were on the mountain? My husband can't be dead! He can't be. We just got married! How can this be happening?"

"Is it possible to keep searching?" Dominick turns to face Simona hoping that they can still get some good news from this disaster. "I can pay for more people to continue to search."

"I'm afraid it's just not safe," Simona replies to him quickly. "I discussed the possibilities with the park ranger and he advised that there are new warnings of a second avalanche. They don't want anyone else on the mountain in case another one hits."

"We can't just stop looking for our loved ones!" Tyler yells out in frustration. "Daisy and I were going to get engaged! She can't dead, I refuse to believe that she's gone!"

The Sugarbowl

"Hey, I'm glad I ran into you," Andrew says as he walks up to Abby, who is grabbing her coffee from the barista. He looks at the woman he has thought of has his friend, despite her trying to make advances for them to be more than friends and wonders why she confronted Albertinah after he revealed to her that he slept with their teacher. After he and Albertinah slept together, she was adament that they never do it again, but now she's even more concerned that she will lose her job because Abby threatened to go to the school board.

"Andrew, hey, I don't have much time," Abby replies to him. "I want to get to the hospital to see how Cheresa is doing."

"You're going to make time for this," Andrew grits his teeth back to her. "Why did you talk to Albertinah after I confided in you? How could you do that to me?"

Abby sighs as she takes a sip of her coffee before she looks back at Andrew. "I told you that I would help you, and I did," she tells him proud of how she handled Albertinah.

"You threatened to go to the school board," he tells her in a hushed stern voice. He knows that no one else can know about the affair but he still has to get details from Abby about her behaviour. "You didn't help me, you made things worse!"

"I'm not going to apologize for telling our teacher to stay away from you," Abby continues to defend herself. "What you guys did, it's huge, Andrew. You could be expelled. She could lose her job…"

"We had already agreed to end it."

"You told me you wish you could have more with her," Abby reminds him. "I'm just trying to look out for you. I know you don't believe me, but I am your friend. I don't want anything bad to happen to you."

"Do me a favor Abbs and stay out of my business, that's the best way for you to help me," he replies to her coldly. "I won't keep you from Cheresa, but remember what I said."

She watches him walk away quickly from her. She rolls her eyes having hoped that by telling Albertinah to stay away from Andrew that he would come running to her; instead, it has obviously pushed them closer together as they must have discussed their latest meeting.

"I will have you Andrew," she whispers to herself. "I won't lose you. Not after everything I've done to get you."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Thanks for stopping by this morning," Chris looks over at Albertinah as they sit across from one another in the cafeteria drinking some luke warm coffee. With Trenyce away to check up on Daisy, Chris is glad that his sister is there to support him with everything going on with Cheresa. Later in the morning, Cheresa will be having her ventilator removed; it will be a big sign to see how her progress is going.

"Of course," Albertinah nods back to him. "I'm really glad that we've reconnected, Chris. I know we haven't always been close, but since I've been in town, it's been nice."

"I agree with you. We didn't exactly have the most ideal childhood with Dad walking out on Mom when we were so young; I think that really put us against one another. So, when I learned that you were in town, a part of me was skeptical."

"I feel the same way," Albertinah replies to him. "And, now, you have a daughter. I still can't believe that Cheresa is your and Trenyce's."

"It's hard to believe," Chris admits to her. "For years, Trenyce and I searched for her with no results. To have this bomb dropped on us right when we could have lost her…"

"She's a survivor," Albertinah tells him. "And, after today, she'll really be on the mend."

"I hope so," Chris smiles back to her. "Last time we spoke, you mentioned that you felt like you made a huge mistake with a guy. Is that still the case? Or is there a chance the two of you could work it out?"

Albertinah takes a sip of her coffee as she knows that she has told Andrew more than once that they can be nothing again because she could lose her job. Still, she has had a very hard time getting the younger man out of her head. "Nothing has changed," she tells him cryptically. "I have to forget anything ever happened. The only problem is the forgetting part."

"He left an impression, did he? Can I know who he is?"

"No, it's not important," Albertinah tells her brother. "Cause nothing will ever come from it. Trust me on that."

The Calimo Mansion

Fresh snow covers the garden on the grounds of the Calimo mansion as Jacob slowly moves towards the memorial that the family had set up for Bob after he passed away. He looks at the tombstone and almost can't believe that his Grandfather is gone; so much has happened since Bob's passing, but he still misses him very much.

"Hi Granddad," Jacob whispers to himself as he can see his own breath in the cooler air. "I hope you are looking down on us. This family could really use you right now."

Jacob puts his hands in his pockets to keep them warm. "Cory has asked Mom for a divorce; Kim hired Cassie at Roboto, and I, well, I'm feeling so bad about what I did. I know I kept telling everyone, including you, to trust me when it came to Cassie because, you see, it was all a part of my plan to hurt her. And I did just that. But seeing her hurt afterwards, I don't know, it wasn't a good feeling."

Jacob pauses for a moment as a light snow fall starts to come from the sky. "I just hope somehow, someway, I can make it up to her, make it up to everyone. Using people to get some sick twisted revenge scheme is the not the man I want to be. I need you help, your guidance to make me a better man, Grandpa. Please send me a sign, okay? I need that from you."


"You're here early," Kim announces as she moves into the main office of Roboto and sees Natasha already sitting behind the desk typing into her laptop. Kim was surprised to see her at the office so early as, lately, Natasha has been showing up later.

"After the drama that happened yesterday at the Robertson launch, I thought we should jump on it," Natasha doesn't look up from typing into her computer. She is far too busy writing a press released to comment on the avalanche that happened the day before.

"I thought you said that the launch of Gravity was successful?" Kim asks confused. "Wasn't that on your Twitter feed?"

"You haven't heard?" Natasha asks her as she finally stands up from behind the desk. "There was an avalanche on Empress Mountain; guests at Caldwell's that has purchased Gravity merchandize were on the ski hill. The last report I heard, there were no survivors."

"What?" Kim gasps out loud. "Andy was at the launch. I have to make sure my brother is okay."

Natasha watches as Kim puts her phone to her ear and makes a phone call. She turns to the door when she sees it open and she sees Cassie moving into the office. Natasha immediately rolls her eyes at the sight of her rival, who is working at her family company.

"What is going on?" Cassie asks Natasha as she comes up to her.

"There was an avalanche at Caldwell's Mountain Ski Resort last night; guests that had purchased the latest Robertson line were on the mountain when it hit."

"That's awful," Cassie shakes her head. "Hopefully no one was hurt."

"Do you really care about that? You certainly never cared about hurting people in the past," Natasha snaps back at her.

"Of course I care," Cassie defends herself. "But, whatever. Think what you want about me, I don't care."

"Andy is okay," Kim reveals to Cassie and Natasha. "But, Lukas Richardson, Craig Benton, Daisy Davenport and Vinny Victors are all missing and presumed dead."

"My God," Cassie gasps as she covers her mouth.

"We need to release my press statement," Natasha tells them. "The fact is, this could hurt Gravity and Robertson Enterprises."

Cassie moves over to the desk and reads what Natasha has written. "No, we can't release this. We should be offering our support to the families impacted by those dead. Not slamming Robertson Enterprises."

"I disagree," Natasha spits back to her. "We need to diminish anything that Robertson has done with this line. This could be our way of getting back in the lime light."

"Ugh, of course you feel that way," Cassie groans back to her. "Whatever, you're CEO you can make that call. But I don't support it. Not one bit."

Caldwell's Mountain Ski Resort

"What are you doing here?" Victoria asks Shane as they move off to a corner of the ballroom. Victoria is surprised to see her ex-husband there since he wasn't at the launch the previous day but now he has driven up to the lodge today.

"I heard about the avalanche and that Craig was on the mountain when it hit," Shane admits to her. "I thought I would come in case anyone needed medical assistance. I can't stay too long though, I have another shift at general hospital later."

"That was very sweet of you to come all this way to offer your help," Victoria replies to him. "You've always been such a caring man, Shane."

"I just do what I would want someone else to do for me," he replies to her as he licks his lips. "But, I'll take the compliment. How is Donovan doing?"

"He's a mess," Victoria admits to him. "Lukas was on that mountain when the avalanche came. He's worried that he just got married and already lost his husband."

"I wish I could do something to help."

"You being here is helping," she says as she grabs his hand. Their eyes lock for a moment. "Thank you, really I mean that."

"I wouldn't be anywhere else."

She pulls him into a hug and as they exit their embrace he looks into her eyes. "I'm so glad you're home," he tells her. "I missed you while you were away."

"I missed you too."

He leans in and kisses her softly on the lips. They part ways and smile at one another. "We have to go slow if we do this, Shane. My health has to come first."

"I get that," Shane nods back to her. "I am just glad that you're open to us exploring whatever this is between us."

"I was skeptical at first, but I am open to it."

Shane smiles back to her and kisses her again. "Good, because I'm very open to it as well."


"If the warning lights were going off on the mountain, is it not possible that Lukas, Craig, Daisy and Vinny would have seen them and gotten off the mountain in time?" Donovan asks Simona, still hoping that something will happen to give him hope that Lukas and the others are still alive.

"It is possible," Simona nods back to him. "It would depend how high up the mountain they were when the avalanche struck. And, if they were able to get off the mountain, why aren't they here now? Where would they have done?"

"I don't know! But something has to happen! My husband, he can't be dead! We just found one another," Donovan says as tears fill his eyes.

"Donovan is right," Tyler pounds his fist on the table. "We have to do more! We have to find out if they are still alive. It doesn't feel like this is how this should end!"

"We can get more searchers once the next avalanche warning has passed," Simona tells them. "But you guys need to brace yourselves with the fact that the chances of survivor are slim. I'm sorry, but I don't think anyone could have survived this."



On the side of the mountain, there is a small cave; a tiny opening that caught Lukas' eyes as soon as he and Craig noticed the warning lights going off. Shortly after they saw the lights flash, they saw some of the snow at the top of the mountain start to come rushing down the slope. Lukas realized that they wouldn't have time to get to the bottom of the hill, so he instructed Craig to ski over to the opening of the cave, hoping to go inside until it was safe to leave. Lukas made it to the cave quickly, but Craig was a little slower getting there. Lukas grabbed Craig's hand once he was inside the cave, but the snow started to push Craig back. Lukas used all of his strength to pull Craig inside with him. Within minutes, the opening of the tiny cave was blocked by hard snow.

The impact of the snow left Craig unconscious. In the cave, Lukas was able to find some old blankets, matches and some candles. Obviously, someone else has used the cave for shelter before them. Lukas looks at Craig, who is still sleeping, under the blankets in worry. Craig still hasn't' woken up and the longer he remains unconscious, the more worried that Lukas becomes for his friend.

"You have to wake up Craig," Lukas whispers as he looks at his friend. "Please wake up and tell me that you'll be okay."


The door to the basement of the ski resort opens and a figure starts to walk into the room closer to the cage where Brett has been held hostage for the last couple of weeks, thanks for Vinny's plan of revenge. As the figure gets closer to the cage, Brett stands up and looks out of the bars in desperation of hope that someone has found him and will be able to help him escape.

"Oh thank God someone is there," Brett calls out in panic. "I was beginning to think…"

"What were you thinking?" Vinny's face comes into the light, alive and well. "This has certainly worked out perfectly, don't you think?"

"What happened? Where have you been? Why is…?"

"One question at a time," Vinny cuts his brother off. "I brought you some food. You'll need your strength."

"Why is Daisy in here? What is going on?" Brett asks his brother as he turns and sees Daisy sleeping on the cot that is in the cage.

"You haven't figured it out yet?" Vinny chuckles back to him. "This is my revenge on Daisy. This is what she is getting as a part of my revenge for her affair for sleeping with Tyler. She is my prisoner now. And, she will never escape, just like you won't," Vinny gets a sly grin on his face while Brett feels the blood drain from his face.

Next on One Day at a Time
-Paige learns the truth about Jeff & Leah's marriage
-Andrew overhears a conversation between Max and Abby
-Daisy wakes up and is horrified by her new found reality

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