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Previously on One Day at a Time
-Simona crushed Tyler and Donovan by announcing that there were no survivors on the mountain following the avalanche. Lukas and Craig, meanwhile, turned up alive in a cave on the mountain side. Lukas was worried about Craig, who hadn't woken up yet. Daisy, however, appeared in the same cage as Brett. Vinny announced he was holding her prisoner to get back her for sleeping with Tyler
-Trenyce left Chris and Cheresa when she heard about Daisy. Chris told Albertinah that Cheresa was about to come off her ventilator. Albertinah told her brother that she has to forget the man she was involved with
-Jeff sued Meggan for full custody of Logan and told Leah he would never forgive her for her betrayal
-Max covered with Paige when she overheard a conversation between him and Abby about how they worked together to break up Andrew and Paige

Caldwell's Mountain Ski Resort

"You can't do this Vinny, this is fucking insane!" Brett yells at his brother from behind the bars of the cage that Vinny had installed into the basement of the ski resort so he could hold Brett hostage. Brett thought that he was only going to be in the cage until after the Gravity launch at Robertson Enterprises since he was actually doing the designs and giving them to Vinny so he could pass them off to Dominick; now, with Daisy also in the cage, Brett realizes that he and Daisy could be locked up for a very long time. "This twisted idea of having to get revenge on Daisy because she fell out of love with you and slept with another man has got to stop. You'll never get away with this!"

Vinny chuckles back to his brother, assumed that he thinks he won't get away with this. In his eyes, he already has. "Do you know what happened when I was able to kidnap Daisy? We were skiing on a mountain," Vinny reveals to Brett. "And, then there was an avalanche. Everyone likely assumes that Daisy and I are dead."

"Vinny, please," Brett pleads with his brother. "I did everything you asked me too. I gave you those designs to pass off as your own! You don't have to keep doing this! You can let us out and be free. And, we all start to move on from this nightmare."

"No," Vinny sternly tells him. "This is just the beginning dear brother. You and Daisy, you'll both pay for what you've done to me."

Before Brett can reply, he hears Daisy start to groan as she lays on the cot in the cage. He rushes over to her and looks at her face. "Daisy, can you hear me?"

Daisy's eyes slowly start to open and she looks around. "Where…where am I? Vinny, is that you?"

"No, it's me Brett," he whispers back to her. "Do you need anything? Can I get you anything, some water?"

"No, just tell me where I am? How did I end up with you?" Daisy asks him as she slowly sits up in the bed and realizes that she's behind bars. "What the hell is going on here?"


In the ballroom on the main level of the lodge, Tyler looks out the window at the large mountain scape and wonders if it could be true: could Daisy actually have died in the avalanche? He hates that he is even thinking this way but Simona, and the park ranger, have both confirmed that there are no survivors from the avalanche. He just wishes that they could continue to search for people but he knows that the risk of a secondary avalanche is still very high, so they don't want to risk anyone else getting hurt, which he can understand.

"Tyler," a voice calls out from behind him. Tyler turns around and sees Trenyce rushing up to him. They immediately fall into a hug. "I got here as soon as I could. What is the latest? Where is my Aunt?"

Tyler looks at her with big eyes as they exit their embrace. "I'm afraid it's not good news," Tyler replies to her quickly. "They don't believe that there are any survivors. They don't think Daisy made it."

"No," Trenyce gasps as tears fill her eyes. "That can't be possible! What else is being done? Who is in charge of the search party?"

"We don't have a party searching right now," Simona announces as she approaches Tyler and Trenyce. "Sorry, I couldn't help but overhear the conversation."

"I just got here," Trenyce looks back at Simona. "Tyler just told me that you think my Aunt is dead but no one is looking for her. Why isn't anyone searching for my Aunt?"

"There is risk of another avalanche," Tyler tells Trenyce. "The first one was so bad they don't want to risk anyone else getting hurt."

"Don't you understand?" Trenyce looks back at Simona with anger in her eyes. "The longer we hold on trying to search for my Aunt, the higher chance she will die!"

"We are doing everything we can," Simona tries to tell Trenyce back.

"Well that's not enough! Damnnit! If you don't get another team out there to search for her, I will go myself!"


"How is this possible?" Donovan sits on a chair with his hand over his face. He can't believe that the previous day he got married to Lukas, and now, Simona has pronounced him dead, as she doesn't believe that he survived the avalanche. He doesn't understand how his entire world could have changed so quickly and without any warning. "How can one minute I be marrying the man I love and the very next minute, he's gone? It doesn't seem fair."

Andy and Nicholas, who are with Donovan, look at one another and feel their heart breaking for their friend. "I'm going to go get some waters for us," Andy tells Nicholas, knowing that his lover is probably helping people in times of need.

Nicholas sits next to Donovan and puts his hand on his lap. "It's okay for you to feel confused or question the why of these events," Nicholas tells Donovan. "When my partner, Tyrone, died, I felt so lost. I didn't know what to do or what to say."

Donovan looks up with his damp eyes having forgotten that Nicholas' partner had passed away. "I appreciate what you're trying to do Nicholas," Donovan replies to him. "But, I have to tell you that the difference between our situations is that Tyrone was sick, you had months knowing that the end was coming. You had time to say goodbye. I had none of that. I kissed him goodbye thinking I was going to see him in a couple of hours."

"I am just trying to offer you support," Nicholas tells him, not wanting to get into the actual differences of how Tyrone and Lukas passed away. "I just want you to know that you're not alone."

Donovan's lower lip quivers. "I'm sorry for lashing out, I just don't know what I should do right now. I need to know if he's really gone. I wish they were still searching for him. I really do."

"Once the risk of the avalanche is gone, we will send more people out, you have my word."

"Nicholas is right," Andy reappears with some bottles of water. "I heard Dominick making plans for another team already. As soon as they get the clearing, they will keep searching. But, I think we should brace ourselves and head back to Twin Peaks."

"Leave here? Why would we go back to Twin Peaks?" Donovan asks him in shock. "I can't leave without Lukas."

"Christmas is right around the corner," Andy tells his friend. "We should be at home with our friends and family. If they find anything, which is unlikely at this point, we can be notified. But Donovan, we need to go to let them do their jobs."

Donovan uneasily shakes his head back to them. "I hate this," he yells in frustration. "I hate everything about this!"

The Pampa Grill

"I can't believe that they are thinking everyone is dead," Leah looks over at Jeff as she picks up her glass of red wine and takes a sip of it. As soon as they left the ski resort, they came for some food as they hadn't eaten in hours. And, they both realized that they needed to have a drink after finding out that Lukas, Craig, Daisy and Vinny are dead. "This entire launch for Robertson has turned into a nightmare."

"Yes, it has."

"Thank you, by the way," Leah looks over at her husband. "For, not saying anything to Paige about us and everything going on in our marriage. It wasn't the time or place for her to find out about Logan."

"Or how you've lied to me for a year?" Jeff snaps at her. "Look Leah, I realize that it wasn't the right time, but now that we are back, she will find out the truth. We can't keep this from our daughter."

Leah gulps heavily knowing that Paige's opinion will change drastically of her since she did lie for over a year. She looks over her shoulder when she sees Meggan walk into the restaurant with Logan's baby stroller. Jeff notes that she is look at someone else and looks back and sees his son.

"Jeff, please don't…" Leah calls out as Jeff immediately stands up and walks over to Meggan.

"Can I hold my son?" Jeff asks as she approaches Meggan, who is caught off guard by Jeff's arrival. Leah arrives behind her husband. "I want to hold my son Meggan."

"You can't just show up and making demands," Meggan snaps back at him. "If you're going to make a scene, I'm going to leave. In case you have forgotten, I just lost my brother. I'm only here because they insisted I come home to be with my son"

"I haven't spent time with him because the two of you have kept me from my child," Jeff says back in frustration. "All I'm asking is to hold my son."

"What did you just call Logan?" a shocked Paige emerges from behind Meggan, having just arrived at the restaurant. "Did you say that Logan is your son?"

"Paige…" Leah begins to tell her daughter.

"Tell her the truth Leah," Jeff cuts her off as he picks Logan up from the crib. "Tell our daughter how this is my son and how you've lied to me about for over a year. Go on, tell her."

Leah looks back at Paige, who feels the blood drain from her face at Jeff's comments. Leah then looks at Meggan, who sighs heavily, wondering how this mess will ever get better or easier.

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Thanks for coming to see me once you got back from the ski resort," Abby tells Max as they sit next to one another in cafeteria of the hospital. Abby is grateful that her friend came to see her since she has been worried about Cheresa and when she was at the coffeehouse earlier in the day, Andrew confronted her about going to Albertinah and warning her about seeing Andrew again or she would go to the school board with the fact that she knows that Albertinah and Andrew slept together. Abby had high hopes that this would allow Andrew to finally come running to her instead; after everything she and Max did to break up Andrew and Paige, she is tired of not having Andrew. In her mind, he belongs with her. "I'm so sorry to hear about everything that, like, happened at the ski resort."

"Yea, it was kinda a mess to be honest," Max nods back to her as he takes a sip of his coffee. "It really sucks seeing someone get married only to find out that the spouse died shortly thereafter."

"The good news is that Cheresa is seemingly better," Abby tries to lighten the mood. "I just hope she continues to get better. My family needs the good new right now."

"I do have something else to tell you," Max looks over at his friends. "But I need you to promise me that you won't freak out."

Abby looks back at him with worry on her face. "I never like when people, like, start conversations that way. What happened?"

"Paige overheard us talking at the Sugarbowl the other day," Max reveals to her. "She confronted me at Caldwell's. She wanted to know what we were talking about."

The friends do not see Andrew come into the cafeteria; he immediately sees the two sitting together and wonders what they are talking about. He had stopped by to see Chris and Cheresa; now he is wondering what they are talking about. He moves behind a pillar in the cafeteria and listens to their conversation.

"Wait, you didn't tell Paige anything did you?" a worried Abby asks her friend.

"Of course not," Max waves his hand back to her. "I was able to cover; I told her you were worried about Cheresa and your exams."

"Thank God," Abby breathes a sigh of relief. "No one can ever know what we did to Andrew and Paige," she tells him. "We have to keep that between us; no one can ever know about that night at Andrew's apartment."

"I agree," Max nods back to her. "If Paige learned the truth, she would leave me. And, I can't have that happen."

"Good, so we are on the same page then … no one else can ever know the truth."

From behind the pillar, Andrew arches his eyebrow wondering what they are talking about. What did Abby and Max do to him and Paige? He quickly leaves, unseen, but with a million questions racing in his head.


Chris and Albertinah stand at the back of Cheresa's hospital room while Shane hovers over Cheresa and slowly removes the ventilator that was keeping Cheresa alive. If everything goes accordingly to plan, Cheresa will continue to breathe on her own without the machine and it will be a great sign that she is getting better.

Albertinah reaches over and grabs her brother's hand in support. Chris looks back and smiles at her, grateful that she is there with him since Trenyce is still at the ski resort since they discovered that Daisy could have been in an avalanche.

"How did it go?" Chris asks Shane as he sees the doctor turn away from Cheresa.

"Better than I had expected," Shane replies to him. "Cheresa is breathing on her own. She's sleeping right now because I had to sedate her to remove the machine, but she is breathing on her own. I expect her to wake up shortly and we can reassess her then."

"Thank God," Chris shakes his head in disbelief. "To think that a few days ago we found out that Cheresa is our daughter and we thought she was going to die; now she's going to be okay? I don't know how many times I've prayed for this moment."

"And, now you have it," Albertinah tells her brother. "I'm so happy for you."

"Thank you so much, Shane. Really, I don't know how Trenyce and I will ever repay you for all of this."

"There's no need, it's my job," Shane smiles back to him. "But you're welcome. I'll be back later, okay?"

"Thanks again," Chris says as Shane leaves the hospital room.

"I'm so glad that I was here for this," Albertinah tells her brother. "Because, I have to say goodbye now."

Chris looks back at her in surprise. "What are you talking about?"

"I have to leave town Chris," Albertinah surprises him with her admission. "I have to quit my job at TPU and get out of here."

"Tina," Chris looks at her sternly. "If this has anything to do with the guy that you slept with, you don't have to run. It's not in you. You don't have to run away from this."

"I'm afraid I don't have any other options," Albertinah looks back at him with big eyes. "I made such a mess of things; I feel like this is my only option."

Empress Mountain; The Cave

"Damn it Craig, you have to wake up," Lukas sits next to his friend, who is still unconscious from getting caught in the avalanche. Lukas recalls how he was able to drag Craig into the cave just in the nick of time, and since then, Craig has been unconscious. Thankfully, he was able to find some supplies in the cave to keep Craig warm and start a fire. However, the longer that Craig remains knocked out, the more worried he becomes for his friend.

He moves over to Craig and puts his hand on his forehead. "You're burning up," he whispers to himself. "I wonder if I should get him out of this winter wear. But, I need him to stay warm, but they are soaking wet."

Suddenly, Craig lets out a sigh and he rolls over in his unconsciousness. "Craig? Can you hear me? Craig?"

"Lukkkkassssss," Craig whispers in his sleep.

"Yes, it's me! It's Lukas, I'm right here, I won't let you die Craig, I promise you," Lukas vows to him as Craig drifts back into complete unconsciousness. "Craig? Craig?"

Lukas moves closer to him and starts to remove the winter gear from Craig's body. "I have to get you out of these wet clothes. I have to keep you warm, but I will think of something."

Caldwell's Mountain Ski Resort

"You're awake," Vinny smiles as he moves closer to the cage where Daisy and Brett are being held hostage. "You're welcome, by the way, for saving you from the avalanche."

Daisy slowly stands up from the cot and looks at Brett and then over at Vinny, still confused by what is happening. "I remember being on the ski hill…the avalanche, my God, it was awful."

"Yes, it was. And the perfect way for me to exact my revenge," Vinny chuckles. "It was the perfect disaster because now, everyone thinks you're dead."

"I don't understand," Daisy moves closer to the metal bars that are entrapping her. "What are you doing?"

"You haven't figured it out yet?" he asks his ex-wife. "This is my revenge on you. This is me paying you back for sleeping with Tyler behind my back!"

"Vinny! No, this is crazy! You don't have to keep me here! Please, I'm begging you!"

"You can stop begging now," Vinny looks at her and then his brother. "I'll let you out very shortly."

"Really?" Brett asks his brother in surprise. "I thought you said…"

Suddenly, Vinny covers his mouth with a white rag and the hissing of a leaking pipe can be heard.

"What is that noise? What's happening?" Daisy asks Brett in confusion, but soon the gas fills the room and both Daisy and Brett collapse on to the ground as Vinny's eyes light up with excitement.

Next on One Day at a Time
-Lukas continues to ensure he helps Craig live
-Paige reels from her families latest drama
-Donovan and Meggan grieve Lukas

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