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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Tyler & Donovan were crushed when Simona announced that no one survived the avalanche. Vinny, meanwhile, revealed that he was holding Daisy hostage as a way to get back at her for sleeping with Tyler. He caused both Daisy and Brett to pass out from a gas leak. Lukas and Craig also turned up alive and are trapped together in a cave on the side of the mountain. Lukas was worried about Craig, who hadn't awoke yet
- Jeff sued Meggan for custody of Logan. Paige learned that Leah had been lying to Jeff about Logan's paternity
- Abby and Max realized they dodged a bullet by Paige almost overhearing them talk about how they split up Andrew and Paige
- Cheresa's ventilator was removed and she breathed on her own

Empress Mountain; The Cave

Lukas looks at Craig, who is still sleeping under the blankets that Lukas found in the cave in which they are trapped in still, having been caught in the avalanche. He recalls how he took all of Craig's damp clothing off in hopes of getting him warmer in hope that it would allow Craig to wake up. Lukas looks next to him and sees two flares; his plan is to shoot them off once Craig is awake and healthy enough to get out of the cave, which he is desperate to do. He just hopes that Craig is able to come out of his feverish state sooner rather than later so they can get out of the cave.

"Lukkkkas," Craig mumbles in his sleep as he tosses and turns under the blankets, which causes Lukas to turn back and look at his friend. Lukas wonders if this is the time that Craig is about to fully wake up.

"Craig?" Lukas asks him as he moves closer to him. "Craig, can you hear me?"

Lukas quickly notes how Craig has beads of sweat forming on his forehead, which makes him realize that he might be running a fever still. Lukas puts his hand on his forehead and realizes that Craig is still feeling cold, despite the sweat on his forehead.

"He must be going hot and cold," Lukas sighs to himself, realizing that Craig is still not well. "I need to do something to get his body heat up."

"Lukkasss," Craig says again as Lukas arches his eyebrow.

"Okay," he looks at Craig. "I'm coming into this bed with you. I'll use my body heat to get you warm again."

He starts to take off his clothing until he's only in his briefs; then he crawls under the blankets with Craig and holds him in his arms.

"I'll make you warm again," he tells Craig as he holds him closer to him. "And then, we can get the hell out of here."

Caldwell's Mountain Ski Resort

"I hate that I have to leave here, Mom," Donovan sighs to Eva as he finishes packing his bag. He knows that Andy and Nicholas told him that they should leave the resort since Christmas is quickly approaching and they should be with family vs. staying in the mountains. Because they haven't found Lukas yet, though, Donovan is having a hard time accepting the fact that he should be leaving Caldwell's. He doesn't want to leave without his husband.

"I know darling," Eva nods back to him. "But, I think Andy and Nicholas were correct. With Christmas quickly approaching, we should be at home with our families. If the park ranger finds anything more about Lukas or Craig or Daisy, they will notify us."

"You don't think they will find Lukas, do you?"

Eva uneasily bites her lower lip. "Baby, I know that this hurts," Eva stands up moves closer to her son. "But, I think we have to accept the fact that no one survived this horrible avalanche."

Donovan feels his eyes swell with water at the thought of never seeing Lukas again. "How is it possible that I lost my husband hours after we got married? This doesn't seem fair, Mom."

"I know baby," Eva pulls him into a hug. "And I know that the pain will be real for a very long time. You can take all the time you need to grieve, but…"

"Yea, I know," Donovan looks into her eyes as they exit their embrace. "We have to go home. I just wish I didn't have to go back there. Facing life without Lukas seems impossible."

"I'll be right by your side; you will not go through this alone. I promise you that."


Natasha finishes reading her press conference that she is planning to give in a few hours where Roboto will announce that it will do anything to support the victims of the persons who passed away in the avalanche on Empress Mountain, but at the same time attack Robertson for their Gravity line. As she finishes reading the note, she hopes that she is doing the right thing as both Kim and Cassie were opposed to dragging Robertson through the mud for their line as they felt like Dominick nor the company could have had any idea that there would have been an avalanche right after the launch but Natasha keeps thinking about her father; in her mind, Bob would have jumped on this opportunity to try to make his competition look bad, and that is what Natasha wants to do as well.

She looks over at the door when she hears a knock. "Come in," she says as the door opens.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything but I really had to see you," Meggan nervously walks into the office and moves in front of Natasha's desk.

"Meggan, this is a surprise," Natasha replies to her. "What can I do for you?"

"I need your help Natasha. I didn't know where else to turn."

Natasha arches her eyebrow back to her. "You have my attention. What is going on?"

"I know that you're working at Roboto now," Meggan tells her. "But I am hoping that you are still practicing law; you see, I'm being sued for custody of my son. I need a lawyer and you're the best."

"I appreciate that," Natasha uneasily replies to her. "Unfortunately, I'm so busy here that I don't have time for my firm anymore. I'm really sorry to hear about you and Logan though. I can give you some referrals, if you'd like?"

"I'd like that very much," Meggan replies to her. "Anything will assist because I can't lose my son. I just can't."

Robertson Enterprises; Dominick's Office

"Initial sales are still really strong, despite the avalanche and all of the chaos that followed," Dominick tells Felicia as they sit next to one another in his office on the sofa. Dominick didn't think that initial Gravity sales would be that strong because of how the avalanche struck right after, but he won't complain by how strong the sales are looking.

"That is a good news story," Felicia nods back to her ex-husband. "I hope Eva is getting through to Donovan to come home. The longer he stays up there, the harder it will be."

"I think we are all adjusting to the fact that Lukas, Craig, Vinny and Daisy are gone," Dominick replies to her quickly. "Have you heard from Tyler? How is he doing?"

"He seemed to be okay," Felicia tells him. "I was with him when he got home. He said he was going to try to sleep. I'll check on him in a while. Losing Daisy will not be easy for him."

"Especially since he was going to propose," Dominick agrees with her. "Just when I think our family will have some peace and quiet."

"I know…"

Before Dominick can reply, he hears the office door open. "Thank goodness you guys are here," Paige announces as she walks over to the sofa with red eyes from tears that she has shed.

"Paige, what is it? What is wrong?" Felicia stands up and hugs her granddaughter. "Why have you been crying?"

Paige bites her lower lip as she looks back at Felicia and then over to Dominick. "Why do people lie? Why are people so cruel?"

"What do you mean? Who has lied?" Dominick asks her, confused by what she is saying.

"Mom," another tear falls down Paige's cheek. "She lied to Dad about baby Logan. Jeff is the father not Brad," Paige announces to them as Dominick looks at Felicia in surprise. "And Mom knew! How could she do this? How could she lie?"

"Oh Paige," Dominick pulls her into a hug, as Felicia looks on in concern. She knows that Leah confessed this secret to her as well and she was just as taken aback as Paige. "I can't answer for your mother but you have to believe that she had her reasons. You should talk to her; she's probably looking for you now."

"I feel like I don't know anything anymore," Paige admits to him. "It's so hard to trust anyone when everyone seems to have a secret."

"We will get through this," Felicia tries to reassure her granddaughter. "It might hurt right now, but we will stick together the way a family does."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"I guess I can't believe this is actually happening," a horse voiced Cheresa admits to Chris and Trenyce, who just finished telling her that they are her biological parents. Cheresa knew this already because when she opened her eyes the first time, Chris and Trenyce told her; but now that she is off the ventilator she can actually speak to them about this. "Where are my parents? I mean, Greg and Brooke?"

"They have been here the entire time," Trenyce admits to Cheresa as she grabs her hand. "They've given us some space since we learned the truth. It's been overwhelming for all of us."

"But we want you to know that you aren't going away again," Chris tells his daughter. "We can fill in as many of the missing pieces as we can, but we want you to know that we never wanted to lose you. Right now, our focus is on you getting better, that's our main goal."

Trenyce turns around as she bites her lower lip. "Trenyce? What is it? What's wrong?" Cheresa asks her mother. "Are you okay?"

Trenyce turns around and shakes her head no. "It's just…my Aunt, she just died. She was caught in an avalanche. I guess my emotions are running high."

"I had no idea, I am so sorry," Cheresa tells her. "You don't have to fill in anymore of the pieces right now about what happened. You have to deal with this loss."

"Yea, she's right," Chris comes up behind Trenyce. "Now that we know Cheresa is getting better, we have all the time in the world to get to know one another and to tell each other everything that happened. You need to focus on Daisy right now."

"I just can't believe she's gone, you know?" Trenyce's lower lip quivers. "Ever since I came to Twin Peaks, Daisy has been like my mother. She's been so good to me."

Chris pulls her into a hug. "She was a very special woman," he tells her. "We can honor her in any way that you want."

"That's just it," Trencye tells him as she looks over at Cheresa. "Without seeing her body, I don't want to believe that she's gone. Maybe something else has happened?"

Chris uneasily looks back at her wondering where Daisy would be if she was alive; in his mind, the avalanche would have killed her, and the others. He just has to figure out how to tell Trenyce that this is likely what is happening.

"We will plan something to remember Daisy by," Chris tells her. "We will help you with that."

The Victors Estate; Just Outside of Twin Peaks

Vinny stands in the living room of the large mansion that has been in his family for years. He is not in the mansion that they own in Twin Peaks, rather the secondary home that is just outside of Twin Peaks. This is the mansion that Brett had planned on staying in before he moved to Los Angeles; the place that Vinny was held captive years ago, and the place where Robbie shot Dave. Vinny moves up to the bar and pours himself a brandy, knowing that he will have to stay here for a while as everyone believes he died in the avalanche, which is perfect because he is holding Daisy and Brett hostage. He recalls how he was at the ski resort with Brett and Daisy when he gassed them which caused them to pass out; now, he is back at his mansion, and he knows that they should be awaking again very soon.

"I suppose I should check on my house guests," he whispers to himself before he finishes his brandy and then sets his glass down.

He walks over to the bookshelf and looks at a statue of a lion; he slowly turns the head which causes the bookshelf to turn slightly, which reveals a secret passage way. Vinny looks into the passage way before he moves inside; the passage way is narrow and pretty dark. Large candle sticks are on the slide of the cement walls giving him some light; the sight in front of him, soon, is all too familiar; the prison that he was kept in by Brett and Dave for years while they impersonated him. Now, inside the cage are Daisy and Brett.

"How the hell did you get us here without being seen?" Brett asks as soon as he sees his brother arrive.

Vinny looks at his brother and ex-wife with an a sly grin on his face. "Once the gas leak caused you two to pass out, I was able to use the receiving dock to get you two in a truck that brought you here."

"Why did you move us, Vinny? What is going on here?" Daisy asks him next, moving up to the steel bars.

"Everyone thinks you and I are dead," Vinny replies to her. "I couldn't risk being seen at Caldwell's."

"Vinny, please, I'm begging you, don't keep us in here. I know that you are thinking this is karma for what Dave and I did to you, but you have to know that this is insane. There are other ways to get back at us!" Brett pleads with his brother.

"My decision has already been made," Vinny smirks back to him. "You two better hope you get along with one another because you're going to be keeping each other company for a very long time."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

Andrew paces back and forth in a waiting room as his mind races about what he just overheard Abby and Max talking about; he had been in the cafeteria when he saw them in a whispered conversation. He moved closer to them and he overhead them discussing the fact that Paige almost caught on to what they had done. Andrew left unseen, but he has been racking his brain trying to think about what they could have done that Paige can't learn about.

"Something isn't making sense," he whispers to himself, as he thinks about what Max and Abby could have been up too. "What could they have done?"

Andrew suddenly freezes in his tracks as he replays what they were talking about.


"Wait, you didn't tell Paige anything did you?" a worried Abby asks her friend.

"Of course not," Max waves his hand back to her. "I was able to cover; I told her you were worried about Cheresa and your exams."

"Thank God," Abby breathes a sigh of relief. "No one can ever know what we did to Andrew and Paige," she tells him. "We have to keep that between us; no one can ever know about that night at Andrew's apartment."


"Wait," he tells himself. "What night at my apartment? I don't remember Max and Paige ever being at my apartment?"

Andrew shakes his head as he tries to put these pieces together. "The night Abby came to see me to tell me that she wanted to go to school, she kissed me," he recalls. "The next day, Paige dumped me. She never told me why…could Abby have told her that we kissed? Or did she see us somehow?"

Andrew feels the blood drain from his face as he slowly starts putting the pieces together. "My God," he runs his hand through his hair. "Did those two tell Paige about the kiss? Or did she see it somehow? They broke us up! Abby wanted me and Max wanted Paige so they worked together to break us up!"

Empress Mountain; The Cave

"Come on Craig," Lukas holds his friend closer hoping that his body heat will help break Craig's fever that he is running. Lukas knows that as soon as Craig is healthy enough, he will be able to shoot the flares that he has and they will be able to be saved. "This fever has to break. Keep fighting, Craig. Come on."

Craig wiggles in Lukas's arms until their faces are looking at one another. "Lukkkas," Craig whispers, his eyes still shut.

"I'm right here," Lukas replies to him. "I'm not going anywhere."

Suddenly, Craig moves forward and kisses Lukas on the lips. It takes Lukas by complete surprise, but he finds himself kissing Craig back.

Lukas pulls back for a moment and looks at Craig. "Lukkassssssss," Craig moans before Lukas kisses him again. "I want youuuuuuu."

Next on One Day at a Time
- It's Christmas in Twin Peaks!
- Trenyce and Chris are upset with Cheresa's decision
- Andrew tells Albertinah his theory

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