Episode 67
Fragile Schemes
Written by: Dallas Walsh

Episode Theme Song "Sandcastle Disco" by Solange

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Reese made the State volleyball team. The championships are being held in Milwaukee. He, Andy and Trenyce decided to go on a road trip for the finals. Chris agreed to go as a parent volunteer.
- Reese and Andy continued to grow closer as Andy came to terms with his sexuality. They kissed.
- Trenyce flirted and teased with Chris
- Dominick decided to take Robin’s advice and fight for the woman he loves, Sofia. He planned to tell Natasha about his and Sofia’s affair years ago.
- Daisy had Vinny search into Danielle’s past to find out who she was sleeping with at the time of her death.

Scene One -- Milwaukee; The Holiday Inn; Suite # 535

Chris comes out of his hotel washroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He has been at the volleyball tournament most of the day and is exhausted. The moment he came into the hotel, he needed a shower. A cold shower. His mind races to the volleyball tournament ... on the sidelines the cheerleaders for a few of the teams. The young girls wearing short skirts. He shakes his head. A very cold shower.

He walks over to the room therapist and tries to turn it down. His room seems hot. The thermostat does not move. The warm night air blows in from the open window as he goes to pick up the telephone. He pushes the 0 button for the front desk.

"Hi, yes. This is Chris Michaels in room 329. I don't think my thermostat is working. My room is boiling hot," he says. He waits a few minutes as the front desk agent looks into his request. He hears the voice again. "Oh, for real?" he responds after learning that the hotel is experiencing a malfunction with it's air conditioning. "Any idea when the problem will be fixed? It's really hot in here." The front desk receptionist informs him that they are working on it as quickly as possible. "Usually this time of the year is cooler in Milwaukee, right? I guess it's another sign of global warming," he says. "Alright, thanks for your help."

Chris takes a deep breathe. Not much he can do about the heat, he concludes. He unwraps his towel and puts on a pair of basketball shorts. He wonders back over to the desk and picks up his cell phone. He realizes that there is one new message. He opens his phone and sees the text "Miss you hun. Hope you're having a fantastic time. Love you, Daisy". He smiles and shuts his phone. For all the recent frustrations he has been having with his wife, he does love her. He just wishes she wasn't such a workaholic and that she would have more of a sex drive to match his. He sets his phone down and looks back at the clock. He realizes that the final volleyball game is probably about to start, so there is no point in going back to the gym. He glances over some take out menus as he feels hungry. He is about to pick up the phone again when he hears a faint knock on his door.

He gets up from the bed and slowly walks over to the door. He assumes housekeeping is there for an update on the air conditioning. He opens the door and finds Trenyce.

"Trenyce ... this is a surprise," he says letting her into his room.

Trenyce comes in and tosses her purse onto the large king size bed. She's wearing tight jeans and a baggy teal shirt that exposes her left shoulder.

"You will not believe what happened to me!" she says exuberantly.

"Do tell," he smirks at her.

"I came back to the hotel just to change ... and realized that Andy has our room key! Can you believe that? By the time I got here, the final game had started ... so I didn't think it was worth going back for."

"I see," Chris says.

Suddenly it dawns on Trenyce that Chris is only wearing some basketball shorts.

"What are you up too?" she says, pouting her lips.

"Just about to order some food ... want to stay and join me?" he says pointing to the menus on the bed.

"Sure, I'm starving ..." she says looking up at him innocently. “By the way, it’s hot in here!”

Chris gulps realizing that he is alone, with Trenyce, and a king size bed. “Yea, it really is.”

Scene Two -- Milwaukee; Bradley Centre

Reese stands in the middle of the volleyball court. To his left is a Norman, a young fit setter on the volleyball team. The score is tied 25- 25 in the final. There's only 22 seconds left in regulation, chances are the next team to score will probably win the game and the state championship.

The serves comes over. A guy in the back court bumps it up. Norman calls out "mine" and sets the ball up to Reese. Reese's eyes intensify. He looks at the ball. Once he sees it at it's peak height, he jumps up towards the ball. His arms moves back and he spikes the ball down into an open court. Three players on the opposition look at the ball land in, and look in frustration. Reese's feet touch the ground. He looks up at the scoreboard just as the buzzer goes. The buzzer went, he realizes. He's just won the state championships! He jumps again yelling 'Come on', as his team members come up to him and start patting him on the back. They embrace into a team hug.

Andy watches from the stands. As soon as the spiked ball lands in. He quickly jumps to his feet and cheers loudly. He watches Reese's tall, lean figure from a far and quickly realizes how attracted he is to Reese. He also suddenly is overcome with a newfound sense of pride. He is proud of Reese. His first year out of high school and he gets accepted to a state volleyball team ... now he has won! He can not wait for the celebration ends, so he can congratulate Reese on his own.

Scene Three -- Twin Peaks Rehabilitation Centre; Natasha’s Room

Natasha lays in her bed, her legs still ache from the earlier rehab session with Shane. She picks at her dinner that the nurse brought her, but she is not overly hungry. She is a little bit more concerned with how close she and Shane got during her session. They almost kissed. She has a sense of guilt because she is married with Cory. She feels even more guilt because a part of her wanted to kiss Shane again.

"What's going on with me?" she asks herself. "Why do I continue to be drawn to Shane?"

The thoughts have been bothering her for some time now. She realized it before her re-wedding. Her and Shane shared a brief kiss and she has been continually feeling jealous over his relationship with Cassie.

"This is crazy," she thinks. "I am in love with Cory. I have been for so long..."

Her thoughts are interrupted by a knock on her door. She quickly glances at the clock on her night stand. It was late for visitors, she thought.

"Come in," she instructs the visitor.

Dominick enters her hospital room.

"Dominick? This is a surprise," she says slowly.

"I bet. I'm sorry for disturbing you during dinner," he says truly unapologetically coming into the room. "But I had to see you," he says to her, remembering his conversation with Robin where she told him that he needs to fight for the woman he loves.

Scene Four -- Milwaukee

Reese and Andy leave the restaurant. The team had gone out for dinner and drinks to celebrate the victory. Andy was happy to see Reese was ready to go. They exit the restaurant the warm air of the night embraces them.

"What a great night," Reese beams, still reeling that he has won the State championships.

"Yea, in more ways than one," Andy says back to him with a twinkle in his eye.

"Meaning what?" Reese replies as they walk slowly back to the hotel.

"I mean, watching you out there. I was really, really proud of you."

Reese blushes. "Really?"

"Yea, really," Andy says grabbing Reese's hand to hold it as they walk back to the hotel.

Scene Five -- The Michaels House; Chris, Daisy & Trenyce’s Home

Daisy opens the door to her house. After a long, gruelling day at City Hall, she is looking forward to some quiet time. She is thinking of opening a bottle of wine and drawing herself a bubble bath. The perfect relaxation time while Chris and Trenyce are away.

She walks up the stairs of her house. She's so accustomed to the noises of Trenyce's music coming out of her room or Chris working out, the silence is a nice change of pace for her. She enters her master bedroom and looks at the king size bed. The bed she shares with Chris. She thinks back, wondering when the last time she made love to him. She realizes that it has been months. Before Cory and Natasha's re-wedding, she realizes. She sits on the bed and starts to cry. 'I have been such a horrible wife,' she says to herself thinking about how many times she has worked late and rebuffed Chris' advances when she gets home. 'It's no wonder he's been so distant lately,' she concludes.

She stands up and starts to undress. Once she is naked, she pulls over her big, fluffy, house coat and starts to draw her bath. While the water is running, she quickly goes downstairs and finds a bottle of wine. She opens the bottle and finds a glass. She is about to return upstairs when she hears the door bell ring.

"I'll ignore it," she concludes heading back upstairs.

The door bell rings again. This time Daisy can hear Vinny's voice outside. "Daisy, it's me," he calls out.

"One minute," Daisy says running upstairs and shutting her bathwater off. She sets the bottle of wine and the glass down in the bathroom and returns downstairs.

She opens the door. "Hey ... is everything okay?" she says letting him in.

"Did I catch you at a bad time?" he asks noticing her only in her robe.

"Not at all, I was just taking a bath. I have the house to myself and thought I could relax for awhile."

Vinny sighs. He hated what he was about to do.

"Can we sit down? I have some news for you ..." he says entering the den.

"Of course. It sounds serious. It's not Meggan is it?"

Vinny sits next to her on the sofa. "No, this is about Danielle."

Daisy's interest is immediately peaked. "Did you find out who fathered her baby?" she asks eager with anticipation.

Vinny takes her hand. "Yea, I did. I just ..."

"What is it Vinny? What did you learn?"

"I don’t know how to tell you this ..." he says slowly.

Daisy starts to get fed up. "Just tell me! Who was my sister sleeping with?"

"Chris! Your husband was sleeping with Danielle."

Daisy's mouth opens in shock. Her eyes quickly fill with tears. "No," she manages to say in shock. "No, it wasn't Chris," she says wiping a tear from her cheek. "You have to be wrong! You have to be wrong!" she says yelling at Vinny.

Vinny looks at her, sad in his eyes. "I have proof," he says calmly.

Daisy stops crying and looks at Vinny, almost desperate for him to her that he has been lying and he is wrong.

"Proof?" she says slowly, almost in a state of disillusionment.

He hands her a brown envelope. She looks up at him and picks up the envelope and opens it. Inside are photos of Chris and Danielle making love. Tears streaming down her face, Daisy hugs Vinny and starts to sob.

"How could he do this to me?" she asks as Vinny holds her. "My twin sister, of all people!"

Suddenly Brett feels bad. He is impersonating Vinny. Up until now, the feelings of others around him have been the last of his worries. Now, he is seeing first hand what deception and lies with siblings can do.

"I'm so sorry," 'Vinny' says to her. "If there's anything you I can do..."

"Thank you," she says wiping her face again. "I just ... I need to be alone. You understand right?"

"Of course. I'm just a phone call away. Anything you need Daisy. Anything, anytime."

"Thank you," she says hugging him.

Scene Six -- Milwaukee; The Holiday Inn; Suite # 224

Andy and Reese arrive back at the hotel.

"It's so nice outside, it's almost a shame to be back indoors," Andy says.

Reese smiles. "Especially since the receptionist said the a/c is out!"

"I wonder where Trenyce got up too?" Andy wonders aloud. His eyes turn to Reese who takes off his shirt.

"I'm not too worried," he say looking back at Andy. "I'm going to hop in the shower quickly."

"Okay," Andy gulps still looking at Reese's half naked body.

Reese notices Andy watching him and smiles. "Can I tell you something?"

"Sure, anything," Andy replies.

Reese moves closer to Andy. "It really means a lot. You being here."

"Of course. I wouldn't want to be any where else," Andy smiles back.

"I really mean it though. You know? My parents are always so busy with work and stuff. And ever since Madeline left ..."

"You never really talk about her a lot," Andy says, motioning for Reese to sit next to him.

Reese sits down beside Andy. "It's been hard. Losing my twin like that. And the day after I came out, of all times. It's almost like ... "


"She left because of me. I know it sounds silly, but what else am I suppose to think? She leaves the day after I revealed my most inner secret to everyone. The time I needed her the most ... she wasn't there," he says trying not to cry.

"I'm sorry. I had no idea," Andy says putting his arm around Reese.

"I know. I don't like talking about it , really. Every day I hope she comes home. Even though I am mad as hell at her. I love her though. She's my twin sister. I want her in my life," he says finally choking up.

Andy pulls Reese's hanging head up and looks at him.

"You're the bravest person I met. Coming out at such a young age. It could not have been easy. You have so much to be proud of. Madeline will come back one day, I know she will," he smiles at Reese.

Reese looks at Andy's face. He moves in and kisses Andy passionately. Andy puts his hand behind Reese's head and responds. Their lips unite. Reese starts to unbutton Andy's shirt and soon both men are shirtless. Andy backs away from Reese's lips when Reese starts to unbuckle Andy's belt.

"Are you ready?" Reese asks.

Andy kisses him and finishes taking off his own belt. "So ready ..." he says whispering into Reese's ear before his mouth finds his neck. Reese lets out a deep sigh as his hands continue to unbutton Andy's jeans.

Scene Seven -- Milwaukee; The Holiday Inn; Suite # 535

Chris and Trenyce finish eating their take out Chinese.

"That was great, thanks uncle," she says laying back onto the bed.

"Anytime," he says putting the empty containers into the garbage.

"It sure is hot in here, huh?" she muses.

"Yea," he says stretching.

"You have such a great chest and big arms," she winks at him.

Chris chuckles. "You like that, huh?" he says coming closer to the bed.

"Of course I do. What girl wouldn't?"

Chris laughs. "You'd be surprised," he says back.

Trenyce puts her hand on Chris' shoulder and caresses his bicep. "Well those girls are silly," she says moving closer to him.

Chris shuts his eyes and lets himself enjoy the moment of a young, beautiful woman touching his arm.

"You better stop that," he says looking at her.

"Why's that?" she purrs at him. "Daisy's not giving you what you want?"

Chris suddenly gets up from the bed. "You should go," he says looking at her.

"Come on Chris ... you've wanted me since I moved into your place. Now's your chance ... we are alone. Daisy's not here. Andy's not here ... do you what you've wanted to do all along ..."

Chris looks at her again, lying on the bed. He walks over and crawls on top of her and kisses her, his hand finds her breast through the fabric of the shirt.

"It's been so long for me," he whispers as he kisses her neck.

"Don't stop then," she says wrapping her legs around him.

Scene Eight -- Twin Peaks Rehabilitation Centre; Natasha’s Room

"So why is it that you had to see me?" Natasha asks Dominick as he moves to the foot of her bed.

Dominick sighs. He quickly wonders if he should reveal the news to Natasha now, while she was in a hospital bed still recovering from her accident. He thinks back to Robin's conversation.


"Is there a woman here Daddy?" Robin asks getting a little excited.

"There is," Dominick say slowly. "But she's not avaible. I don't want to be a home wrecker. And believe me, I would be the biggest home wrecker in the world if I went after this woman."

Robin sighs. "Fight for her."

"What?" he asks taken aback from Robin's response.

"Don't do what I did and just give up on the person you love. If you love her, fight for her Daddy. You're deserving of some happiness too."


He shakes his head.

"Are you okay? you look like you are zoning out," Natasha says slowly to him.

"Sorry. I was just thinking. I don’t want to hurt you ..." he says calmly.

"Hurt me? What are you talking about Dominick?"

"I had an affair with your mother!" he blurts out.

Natasha's eyes widen. "Excuse me?" she says, her lip trembling.

"It was years ago, before you were born. The truth came out before the wedding. Robbie and Leah found out. I guess I just thought it was only fair that you knew too."

Natasha wipes a tear from her face. "Why would you tell me this?"

Dominick pauses, he couldn’t tell her the truth; he wants her mother back. "I ..."

"Just save it," she cuts him off. "If you're done, you can leave now." she says.

"Okay. I understand. I'm sorry again," he says before he exits the room.

Natasha hears the door close. She picks up her phone and dials a number. "mother? I need to see you first thing in the morning," she says fighting back tears.

Scene Nine -- Milwaukee; The Holiday Inn; Suite # 224

Reese hovers over Andy's glistening body. Slowly, Andy unwraps his legs from Reese's shoulders and lays flat. Reese falls into Andy's body. He breathes deeply.

"That was amazing," he says softly, smelling Andy's body. Reese smiles to himself. His first time with a guy just finished. He is on cloud nine. Years of dreaming and wondering what the experience would be like turned out to be better than he had hoped. And the best of all, he really likes the guy laying with him.

Andy looks at Reese and smiles. "Yea, it really was." Andy moves over and kisses Reese quickly on the lips. "Better than I had dreamed."

"You had thought about this before?" Reese asks surprised.

"Of course. Ever since I met you, I have been wanting you. I just feel ... connected with you," Andy admits, slowly coming to terms with who he is.

Reese snuggles into Andy. "Funny, that's how I feel too."

They lay together in silence for a moment, both enjoying the moment together. Andy suddenly realizes what happened. He just had sex for the first time ... with another guy. He smiles. For so long he has been wondering about his sexuality, and now that he has taken the next step he is feeling bliss. He wanted to be with Reese and he enjoyed it, he realizes. He is content.

"Can I ask you something?" Reese says quietly.

"Of course," Andy replies.

"Did it hurt?" he squints, wondering if he should have asked him that question.

Andy pauses. "Maybe a little at first," he says. "But it was amazing. I have never been so happy before Reese. I’ve wanted you for so long. It felt right. I am just glad we are finally together.”

Reese grins and looks up at Andy. "I am happy too, more than you know," he says leaning in and kissing him. The kiss lingers between them for awhile as they lay together in the bed.

Scene Ten -- Twin Peaks Rehabilitation Centre; Natasha’s Room

Robbie slowly opens the door to Natasha's hospital room. He sees his sister laying in her bed, not really moving. He smiles at the sight of her though. It was just a few short weeks ago that they were not sure if Natasha was going to wake up again. Now she is awake and slowly regaining the feeling in her legs.

"Are you awake Nat?" he asks softly, not wanting to wake her if she was already sleeping.

Natasha rolls over. "Robbie?" she says looking at her brother.

He walks over beside her and sits next to her. "Yea, I wanted to come see you. I know it's late."

"It's okay. I'm glad you're here," she says, her eyes still damp from the tears.

"You've been crying ... what's going on?" he asks in concern.

Natasha takes a deep breathe. "Dominick stopped by earlier. Told me some news," she says.

Robbie looks at her. He quickly realizes that he knows what this is about. He quickly remembers the day at the Roboto gardens, when he learned about Dominick and Sofia's affair.

"I think I know what this is about," he admits to his sister. "Dominick and Mom ... their affair."

Natasha looks up at Robbie, not really upset. "Why didn't you tell me?" she asks him. "I hate that I had to find out from Dominick."

"It was just bad timing Nat. You're wedding, and then you're coma ... we didn't want to ruin any your wedding."

Natasha sighs. She understands where Robbie is coming from. "I understand. It's just so ... weird, to think that Mom and Dominick slept together."

"Yea, it was a pretty hard pill to swallow. Just makes you wonder what else they are keeping from us," Robbie says.

"I know. I told Mom I wanted to see her tomorrow. I will ask her if she's hiding anything else. I can't imagine they are. They've always been so honest with us," Natasha says.

"I know. I don't really care what happened in their marriage, I just hate that they lied to us."

"We'll get to the bottom of it Robbie."

Robbie leans in and hugs his sister. "Have I told you how glad I am to have you back?" he says to her.

Natasha smiles. "I'm glad to be back too. I've missed you. What's new with you? How are things with Leah?"

Robbie sighs again.

"Oh no, what is it Robbie? Talk to me."

"Noah's death has been really taxing on her Nat. I mean, you saw her at Meggan's homecoming. She's a wreck. The worse part of it is that she is shutting me out. She has been for months," Robbie admits.

"That can't be good for her," Natasha says. "I must admit, I know that she has been leaning on Jeff. Kim told me."

"It's driving me crazy. Why can't she lean on me? I am her husband for crying out loud!"

Natasha takes her brother's hand. "Give her time Robbie. We have no idea what it's like to lose a child. Remember, Leah miscarried and now she lost her son. It's obviously affecting her. You just have to let her know that you are there for her. Be strong for her, okay? Tell her that you love her, and she will come around."

Robbie smiles. He knows that Natasha is right. "Thanks Nat."

"Anytime big brother," she says hugging him again.

Scene Eleven -- Milwaukee; The Holiday Inn; Suite # 535

Chris rolls over and quickly tries to catch his breathe. He is still in awe of what just happened, finally getting laid by a hot, young creature like Trenyce. He had been wanting her for so long, and now that it has happened he is in some what of a state of shock. Blissful shock.

"That was great," he says sighing.. "Just what I needed."

Trenyce rolls over and faces him. She has a big grin on her face.

"I take it you liked it?"

She grins. "It was my first time," she admits. She is also smiling for another reason. For months she has been toying with her uncle, making him want her. Now, she has him right where she wants him. While she has never admitted it to anyone, including Andy her boy friend, she has been trying to seduce her Uncle ... all apart of her plan to avenge Danielle's death.

Chris beams, some what proud that he was her first. "I kinda figured. You seemed to be in pain at first."

"It went away quickly. You are amazing," she says standing up. "I can see what my mother saw in you."

Chris' beam quickly fades into shock. "What did you just say?"

Trenyce turns, her eyes wicked in expression. "That's right, uncle. I know. I've known along! You were sleeping with my mother!"

Chris gets out of bed and looks at her. "What is this? Some kind of sick joke?"

Trenyce laughs. "I think the joke is on you. I have been waiting for this moment for months! And now ... now I have you right where I want you!" she says laughing.

Chris puts on his basketball shorts again and walks over to her. "I don't know what kind of a game you are playing Trenyce, but it's not funny. Not now..." he says growing angry.

Trenyce giggles with excitement. She puts her hand on his chest. "Oooh, Uncle! What big muscles you have!" she laughs. "Just imagine what will happen with Aunty Daisy finds out that you banged my mother and me!"

Chris throws her on to the bed. "You planned this?"

Trenyce looks up at him. "All of it," she says. "My mother was good enough to fuck, but not good enough to stay with ... even after she became pregnant. You're twisted, you know that? You use women to get off and the hell with their feelings. Well guess what Chris?" she asks standing up and getting in his face. "You just slept with a minor. YOu know what that means don't you?"

Chris looks in shock at her, not able to respond.

"I can charge with you stationary rape. And ... I will watch your world crumble," she glares at him.

Scene Twelve -- The Michaels House; Chris, Daisy & Trenyce’s Home

The candles in the bathroom dimly light the room. A soft opera is playing in the background. The bottle of wine is opened already half empty. Daisy lays in the hot tub, filled with bubbles. Steam from the hot water fills the room, the mirror on the wall foggy from the steam.

She lays there, listening to the opera play. She picks up the glass and takes another drink of the wine. She sets the glass back down on the ground. Her eyes damp, not only from the steam but from her own tears. She can not get the image out of her head: the black and white photos she saw of Chris and her twin sister making love that Vinny showed her. She shuts her eyes and tries to forget, but every time she closes her eyes she sees the two of them again.

In a hotel room; at Danielle's home; in her bed? Daisy wonders of all the places Chris could have slept with her sister. Suddenly she realizes something else. Danielle was pregnant when she died. More tears come to her eyes as she realizes that her husband was the father of her sister's baby. She picks up the glass of wine and drinks it all.

What does she do now? How can she face her husband again? Was Chris the one drugging Danielle too? All these questions float in her head. Right now, however, the only answer she finds comforting in is pouring herself another glass of wine and drowning in her soft tears.

So much for her relaxing bath.

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- Sofia confesses to Natasha.
- Kim questions Natasha's feelings
- Cassie plots to keep Shane

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