Episode 68
Pulled Together
Written by: Dallas Walsh

Episode Theme Song "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Dominick told Natasha about his affair with Sofia.
- Robin declared her independence from Cory
- Victoria and Madeline butted heads
- Reese and Andy made love
- Dave and Brett revealed Patricia’s real identity to be Madeline Wilkins

Scene One -- Twin Peaks Rehabilitation Centre; Natasha’s Room

Natasha finishes applying her thin layer of light pink lipstick. She smiles as she looks at her face in the small compact. She concludes, that even though she is in the hospital, she doesn't have to look like she's in the hospital. She looks outside and sees the leaves in the trees turning into bright reds, oranges and yellows. The colours of autumn warm her heart. She feels at ease. She glances over at the clock. Her mother, Sofia, is supposed to be arriving very soon. The thought of her mother showing up, creates an unwelcome feeling in her stomach. Under normal circumstances, she would love to get a visit from her mother. But not today. Not after the previous night's visit from Dominick. He announced that he and Sofia had an affair years ago, Natasha remembers. The thought disgusts Natasha. And what is more troubling is the fact that her parents have been seemingly lying to her, and Robbie, for years.

Sofia knocks on her daughter's door and slowly comes in.

"Good morning my darling," she smiles as she comes in and walks up to Natasha's bedside. "I was troubled by your phone call last night. You sounded upset," Sofia says sitting in the chair. "Tell me what's going on."

Natasha sighs and looks at Sofia. She feels her eyes swell and fill with water. She hates that her mother has betrayed her. "I know," Natasha manages to spit out.

Sofia looks perplexed. "You know? You know what dear?"

Natasha moves her eyes off her mother. "About you and Dominick. He told me last night," she says slowly. "And before you deny it, Robbie told me the truth," she says trying to fight back the tears.

Sofia turns her head away. "Damn him!" she says. "Damn him for hurting you like this. Especially now when you are struggling to regain your health. That man has a lot of nerve," she angrily announces.

"Please mother, don't be dramatic. I ... I don't care what you've done. You've had your own mistakes. You've had your own life. What upsets me ..."

"That I've lied to you. I know. Robbie feels the same way," Sofia admits, ashamed of her actions.

"It's just a tough blow Mom. You and Dad have always told us that honest is the best policy. For us now to learn that you've been lying and hiding these secrets all these years ... it makes us think that you may be keeping something else from us."

Sofia pauses and bites her lip. She realizes that now would be the perfect time to tell her daughter the complete truth. The truth about Eva McCloud. The secret she has been keeping for years.

"I promise you my darling Natasha," Sofia says calmly. "There is nothing else that your father and I are hiding from you."

Natasha smiles through her water filled eyes. "I thought so, I just had to be sure."

"I understand baby. I am so sorry this came out to you this way," Sofia says hugging her daughter. Inside Sofia is boiling. How dare Dominick tell Natasha in this state. Furthermore, Sofia knows that she has to work even harder to keep the secret of Eva from everyone in Twin Peaks. Robbie and Leah would be able to forgive her and Bob for covering up her affair with Dominick. But there's no way her children would forgive her for the secret of Eva McCloud. Not now, not ever.

Scene Two -- Roboto; The Lab

Robin sits at her desk in the Roboto Lab. The latest sales report for her newest men's cologne "Introspect" pleases her. While sales were down from the last quarter, she is still beating all of the competition.

"Those numbers are amazing," Bob says smiling as he enters the lab.

Robin turns and greets her boss. "Yea, they are. I am thrilled that 'Introspect' is doing so well."

"I never doubted it's success. Even in the recession, I know your skills would pull us through."

"Thanks Bob. Your support means a lot to me," she smiles. "So what brings you by? The sales report?"

"Actually, I was talking to marketing about a new ad campaign. The numbers for 'Introspect' are good, but they are slipping."

"I noticed that. It's been out for about 6 months though already."

"True, but we need to have a solid holiday season. Christmas is around the corner."

"What did you have in mind?" Robin asks, knowing that Bob is right.

"Some thing fresh. Something innovated. Something ... local. It'll be cheaper to shoot an ad if we do it in Twin Peaks."

"Very true. Any ideas?"

"Yea. We use the same male model for consistency, but we shoot it at Wild Night."

"Wild Night?" Robin asks, knowing that it's Cory's bar.

"Yea. It's a great place. Pool tables. Dance floor. We could do a number of different takes on it. And appeal to a younger crowd. I know Cory will say yes ... he's married to my daughter," Bob grins.

"I think it's a fantastic idea," Robin says, lying through her teeth. It's not the idea that is bad for Robin, it's the idea of working with Cory.

"Great. You know Cory's number. Call him and arrange the details. I'll leave it in your hands. 'Introspect' is your baby, run with it Robin. I trust your business decisions."

"Thanks Bob. I'll give you an update as soon as I can."

Robin watches as Bob leaves. She knows that his idea is good ... still, she dreads having to see Cory for the next couple of weeks while the new ad campaign for Introspect is shot.

Scene Three -- The Sugarbowl

Madeline sits in the corner booth sipping her hot chocolate. She watches the leaves outside blow in the wind that has picked up a little. She smiles when she thinks back to the other day, and her first date with Will. It's not just the date that she is thinking about ... it's the end of the date, when Will surprisingly kissed her. She smiles again to herself.

Victoria slowly approaches her table. She is holding her own large mocha. She stands above Patricia and watches her for a minute, waiting for Patricia to acknowledge her.

"Can I join you?" Victoria finally chimes in, sitting across from Patricia.

Madeline glares at her. While Madeline really does not know Victoria very well, she still remembers the day that Victoria rudely interrupted her and Andy talking and stole Andy's attention away from her.

"I guess I don't have much of a choice," Madeline snaps indicating at the fact that Victoria has already sat down.

"Look, I won't waste your time. I need your help with something," Victoria admits.

Madeline laughs. "You need my help? What makes you think I want to help you?"

"Because I know that you can help me. Look, I don't expect you and I to be friends. It's clear our personalities clash," Victoria states.

"That's an understatement," Madeline sharply replies. "What do you need help with?"

"How close are you to Vinny Victors?" Victoria asks slyly.

Madeline, who was looking away, quickly turns her eyes to Victoria. "What do you mean by that?"

"It's a question Patricia. Look, Vinny did something to me because I knew a secret. I need to remember. I need your help to uncover my memory or the secret that I know."

Madeline looks at Victoria. Suddenly the thought of Dave threatening her comes into her mind.

"What's wrong? You look pale suddenly," Victoria says noticing how the colour from Patricia's face is gone.

"Nothing. I am neighbours with Vinny. Nothing more," she lies. "Now if you'll excuse me," Madeline says getting up out of the booth.

Victoria watches as Madeline leaves. "She's hiding something. Which means she knows exactly what I am talking about," Victoria concludes determined to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Outside, Madeline takes a deep breathe. Sometimes it’s hard for her to always be called Patricia and not want to scream her real name. Add that in with the drama of having someone dig around her connection to the Victors brothers, and it all became too much. She shakes her head. She will never help Victoria, she tells herself.

Scene Four -- The Glubbs Home; Shane & Cassie’s House

Cassie sits at the computer desk in the study. She glances at the clock and smiles. 'Shane should be at work now,' she realizes as she starts typing into the Google search bar.

Cassie waits as the computer finds her search results. It's not that she wants to go to these lengths to hold on to Shane, but she feels like she has too. She has fallen madly in love with Shane, and she knows if Natasha was not in the picture that her and Shane would be happy together. They are happy together, she corrects her thought process. Only, they could be happier if Natasha was not always hogging up Shane's time.

She looks back at the screen. A list of web-sites in which one can purchase fertility drugs appears before her. She clicks on the top one and smiles.

"Perfect," she says opening her bag to find her credit card.

Scene Five -- The Sugarbowl

Victoria sits in the same corner booth, trying to think of something she can say to get Patricia to help her. She just knows that Patricia has information to help her remember the shooting. Suddenly she looks up from her mocha and sees Andy standing above her, grinning ear to ear.

"Andy, hey..." she says. "What's up? You look happy."

Andy sits across from his friend and beams. "I am happy."

Victoria gets a sly grin on her face, "Care to share your secret? Or can I guess?"

Andy laughs. "Guess? I dunno if you can guess exactly."

Victoria smirks. "Does it have something to do with that guy you like? And your trip to Milwaukee perhaps?"

Andy blushes and puts his head down. "Okay, okay ... you're right."

Victoria grabs Andy's hand. "So, how was it? He was your first, right?"

Andy looks at Victoria. "Yea, he was my first. It was....amazing Vic."

Victoria grins back at her blushing friend. "I am so happy for you! When do I get to meet him?"

Andy laughs. "I'm not sure. This is all so new for me. I ..."

"Its okay. I understand that you want to take things slow. But know, that he already has my approval!"

"Thanks. So what's up with you?" he asks, changing the subject.

Victoria's grin quickly fades away. "I am still trying to remember the shooting. Your friend Patricia wasn't much help though."

Andy arches an eyebrow. "Why would Patricia know anything?"

"She's friendly with Vinny. I've seen them together numerous times. I just can't get her to help me. I just have this feeling that she can help me too."

"Hhmm," Andy hums aloud. "Do you want me to talk to her for you?"

Victoria quickly nixes the idea. "Nah, I don't want you to get caught in the middle. Maybe I am over-reacting, you know? Maybe there is nothing to this at all."

"I think we both know there is something here Victoria. Maybe search online for new ways to help with regaining memories. Some new age stuff might work."

Victoria grins again. She loves how she has Andy has a friend to support her. "Thanks Andy. I'm going to go and look now. This mystery is eating away at me."

"Keep me posted, okay?"

"Promise," she smiles.

Scene Six -- Madeline’s Condo

Madeline enters the living room and drops her bag on the sofa. She soon follows suite and she sinks into the large cushy pillows. She lets out a large sigh as she puts her feet up.

"Rough morning?" Vinny's voice is heard entering the living room.

Madeline jumps. "Gees Dave, are you trying to give me a heart attack? You could knock ..."

"I'm not Dave," he grins. "This is Brett, Madeline."

"Good for you. I have given up trying to keep you and Dave straight. Maybe you should invest in name tags," she says getting tired of this trio of brothers.

"Watch it. We own you," Brett quips. "You used to be so nice to me ... when you thought I was Vinny," he says sitting next to her and putting his hand on hers.

She quickly moves her hand. "Yup. That was before I knew that you were a kidnapping psycho triplet."

"You sure are feisty this morning. What's gotten into you Patty cakes?"

"I want out. I'm tired of playing this game. You and Dave disgust me," Madeline spits.

Brett starts to laugh. "You want out? That's priceless Madeline. Have you forgotten all we know? We know who you are. We know your family. We know about your hooker past. You want out? Be prepared to suffer the consequences," he grins.

Madeline gets up and starts to cry. She knows that Brett is right. She is trapped. Trapped as this woman named Patricia. She longs for her life back. She misses being herself: Madeline Wilkins. She misses seeing her Mom in the morning making breakfast, and her Dad reading the paper before work. Mostly she misses her twin brother, Reese and the time they shared together. She misses her life.

"Get out Brett. Leave me alone please," she says trying to hold back her tears.

"Fine, I have to go see Meggan anyways. She needs her husband," Brett says getting. "Stay strong buttercup. Things will get better," he smiles.

Madeline bites her tongue. She's done fighting with them ... at least for today. She hears the front door shut and she lets the tears flow. "What have I done?" she says in the midst of her tears.

Scene Seven -- Wild Night

Robin enters the club. For an afternoon, it's a little busy as patrons have come in on the lunch break for a quick drink and a pub-food lunch in. Robin quickly scans the room and spots Cory in the far corner doing inventory.

She slowly approaches him. She watches him as he unloads some boxes, his rippling arms bulging through this tight white t-shirt. She sighs. She is still attracted to Cory. She wishes she could go up to him and kiss him passionately. She knows that it is not an option, which makes what she is about to do even more difficult.

"Cory, hey," she says softly.

Cory puts the box that he has lifted back down and smiles at her. His smile immediately warms her heart. "Hey Robin. What brings you by?" he asks, trying to hide his excitement of seeing her. While has chosen Natasha, seeing Robin gives him some butterflies in the pit of his stomach.

"Business, actually," she says.

"Oh yea? What kind of business?"

"Bob has this idea for 'Introspects' new ad campaign. He thought we could shoot the model here, at Wild Night."

Cory grins. "Really? That's interesting. I could be interested ..."

Robin laughs. "Could? Why could be?"

"Well, I need something in it for me. People would have to know the model is at Wild Night. It would be great for business on my end."

Robin nods in agreement. "That makes sense. We could definitely work that in. So, can we make it official then?"

"Absolutely," he grins at her reaching out to shake her hand.

Robin shakes his hand, and gulps. She is pleased that she and Cory are going to be working together ... but she also knows that means working closely with him means spending a lot of time with him. Something she isn't sure how she will handle.


Dominick sits in the far back corner sipping his brandy. He is alone, contemplating his next move after he revealed his affair with Sofia to Natasha. It went rather well, he thinks. But what's next? He is listening to Robin's unknowing advice to fight for the woman he loves. But where does he go from here? He is expecting some kind of fiery reaction from Bob and Sofia regarding his visit to Natasha. He glances up and smirks, "Speak of the devil," he says quietly to himself as he spots Sofia enter the club.

Sofia quickly spots Dominick in the corner and walks over to him. She is livid. How dare he go to Natasha's hospital room with the news of their affair! she thinks to herself.

"This has got to stop," she says angrily, but keeping her voice down as she does not want others to hear what she is saying.

"Excuse me?" he replies taking another sip of his brandy.

"You listen to me Dominick. You have a lot of nerve! How dare you visit my daughter while she is recuperating from one of the most traumatic events in her life to tell her about our affair. You stay away from me and you stay away from my family ... or so help me God I will not be responsible for my actions!"

Dominick looks up at her and smiles. "God I love it when you're feisty."

Sofia sighs. Inside the comment makes her smile, but she is livid, still. She can not handle it. "I mean it. Stay away from my family," she says as she turns and walks away. She races out of the club. Once she is outside, she stops and catches her breath. She hates to admit it, even to herself, but Dominick still gets to her. She composes herself quickly and walks towards her car. 'Everything will be okay, as long as Dominick stays away from me,' she tells herself.

Back inside, Dominick smiles as he sips his brandy. 'That went better than I expected,' he thinks as he takes another sip of his brandy.


Cassie enters the club. She usually doesn't enter the club during business ours of Capers, but she wanted to quickly check the menu to see what the competition was doing. She makes her way to the bar and sits down for a moment. She remembers ordering the fertility drug earlier in the day. IN a couple of weeks, she can be taking the drugs in hopes of getting pregnant, with Shane's baby. She smiles at the thought of having the baby of the man that she loves. Maybe the baby will make him realize that they are meant to be, she thinks to herself. Suddenly she turns around and spots Robin and Cory talking in the back corner.

"This is interesting," she says to herself. Suddenly she remembers their back history. 'Cory and Robin were married, until Natasha came back. This is so perfect, why didn't I think of this before?'


"Okay, we'll be in touch. I'll make the arrangements and let you know," Robin smiles to Cory.

"Sounds great Robin. I'm really excited to work with you on this," he beams. Cory loves seeing Robin smile. Her soft lips brighten the room.

"Me too," she says. She comes up to him and they quickly share a hug. While it only lasts a couple of seconds, it feels like a lifetime to be in Cory's arms again. "We'll be in touch," she says turning to leave.

Cory watches Robin for a few seconds, then returns his attention to the inventory boxes.

Robin opens the door and exits the club. She is soon approached by Cassie.

"Robin?" Cassie asks.

"That's me," Robin says curious about Cassie.

"I'm Cassie Nova. I own Capers ... dating Shane Glubbs."

"Oh yea, how are you? I love the restaurant, by the way."

"Thanks. Look, I think we could help each other out," Cassie says slowly, trying not to come across to desperate.

"Really?" Robin says stopping in front of her car. "What exactly could I help you with?"

"I love Shane. You love Cory, right?

Robin stops and wonders where Cassie is going with this. "Look Cassie. I'm not playing games with Cory anymore. He's made his decision. Good luck with things with Shane. I hope they work out. But I'm not trying to snag Cory anymore. I just don't have the time or energy. It was really nice to meet you ... but if you'll excuse me," Robin says unlocking her door.

"Sure," Cassie says upset that Robin didn't even hear her out.

She watches as Robin drives away. "With or without your help Robin, I will have Shane."

Scene Eight -- Twin Peaks Jail; The Visiting Centre

Brett walks down the long room and sits at booth number 8. He waits until he sees a door open on the other side of the plexi glass; he sees a guard walk with Meggan. Meggan, in her orange jump suite looks terrible. She has large bags under her eyes. She clearly hasn't been sleeping. The dry, yellow lights in the jail do not help any. She has her curly hair pulled back into a pony tail.

She sits down and picks up the phone. "Vinny, I'm so glad you came," she says slowly. "I need to get out of here," she says with a hint of desperation in her voice. "I’m so scared. I'm so ... lonely."

Brett looks at Meggan. In all the time he has been impersonating Vinny, he has grown to care for Meggan. After all, he has been sexual with her. He has seen her at her best times and at her worst.

"Hang in there babe," he says. "Has Preston been to visit you yet? He is the best lawyer money can buy. He will get you off."

"He's scheduled a meeting. I'm not expecting a trial until next year though. It's so close to the holidays already," she says. "I cant spend Christmas in here alone Vinny. I want to be at home with you. Please, please try to get me out of here."

Brett sighs. He sees how desperate Meggan is. "I will try babe. Everything else okay? It looks like you haven't been sleeping very well."

Meggan fights back some tears. "It's hard. Most nights, I lay awake. Thinking of you and Noah. I know what I did was wrong. I hate that I killed someone. I just ... I don't know how to make it right. How can I make it right when I am in jail?"

"Everything will work out. We just need you to be strong. I know it's hard. Just know that I am doing everything I can to help you. We'll get through this, okay?"

Meggan nods through her tears. "Thanks for coming," she says.

Suddenly the guard approaches Meggan. "Time's up," he says in a stern voice.

"I love you," she says into the phone before hanging it up.

Brett and Meggan make eye contact as she stands up. He mouths the words "I love you too" as she is taken away. Once she is out of his sight, Brett falls back into the chair and sighs. He never imagined this emotional rollercoaster when he agreed to impersonate his brother. Meggan, meanwhile arrives back at her cell. The door closes slowly and she hears the lock of the door. She sinks into the the single cot and rests her head on the pillow, tears falling from her eyes. While she loves seeing Vinny, everytime he leaves her it pains her. She longs to be with the one she loves again. Desperate for some kind of redemption.

Scene Nine -- Twin Peaks Rehabilitation Centre; Natasha’s Room

Kim slowly opens Natasha's door and spots her friend with her eyes shut. She walks in and sits in the chair beside Natasha's bed. Natasha opens her eyes and smiles.

"Oh Kim," she says. "I wasn't expecting you."

"I'm sorry," Kim says. "I didn't mean to wake you up."

"Nah, its okay. I'm always looking forward to a visit from my best friend." Natasha smiles.

"How are you feeling?"

Natasha sighs. "It's still a struggle, but I am okay. I took my first step in therapy!"

"You took a step! That's great! Just goes to show that you'll be back to yourself in no time," Kim smiles.

"I owe it all to Shane. He has been nothing short of a miracle worker."

Kim pauses and her smile quickly fades. She can not help but think that Natasha's relationship with Shane is becoming increasingly more than a friendship.

"Hey, what's wrong? I lost you for a minute," Natasha says teasing her friend.

"Can I ask you a question Nat? And be honest, okay?"

Natasha arches an eyebrow. "Okay ..."

"Are you in love with Shane?"

"What?!" Natasha responds, floored at Kim's question.

"I'm sorry ... I didn't mean to offend you ... but I see the way you look at him. And I've seen the way he looks at you. And the two of you have these close moments. You guys became really close at the Calimo cabin when you first came back ... maybe I am off base, it just seems like maybe ..."

Natasha sighs. "No, no, no Kim. I promise you, I love Cory," she says trying to be as sure of her answer as she can be. "Shane and I are just friends."

Kim smiles. "Okay, I believe you."

Scene Ten -- The Calimo Mansion

Sofia sits in the parlour drinking a cup of tea. She looks out the large window, which looks over her garden. With fall hitting, many of the plants are slowly dying off. She hates this time of the year. She loves when her garden is in full bloom and alive. Partly because she feels most alive when the plants are alive. She also feels truly alive when she is around Dominick. She loves Bob and the life that she has built with him ... but there's something about Dominick that pushes her buttons.

Bob enters the parlour and sits next to his wife.

"How are you, my love?" she asks as she pours him a cup of tea.

"We have problems," he says as he drinks his tea.

"I know. I was just about to tell you, obviously you know."

"That Dominick visited our daughter. Yes, I know. Damn that bastard. I swear Sofia ..."

"Stay calm dear. I told Dominick to stay away from Natasha and our family. I warned him."

Bob looks at his wife. "You did?"

Sofia smiles and grabs his hand. "I love this family just as much as you do. I will do whatever it takes to protect this family."

Just outside the parlour door, Dominick stands. He let himself in, hoping to catch Sofia again before Bob arrived home. He listens to the couple discuss the situation.

"Every day you seem to surprise me, you know that?" Bob says leaning in to Sofia's face.

"I do love you so," she says kissing her husband.

"I love you," he says. "Lately it seems like we have been forgetting that. With all the mess with Dominick Robertson and Eva McCloud."

"Let's not talk about that now, let's enjoy each other," Sofia says kissing him again.

Outside the parlour, Dominick slowly backs away. He does not want to hear Bob and Sofia on the brink of making love. Instead, he realizes he needs to uncover who Eva McCloud is. He thinks that she could be the key to winning Sofia back.

Scene Eleven -- Twin Peaks Rehabilitation Centre; Natasha’s Room

Natasha lays in her bed, looking out the window. Kim has left, as she had to make dinner for Jeff and Andy. Natasha smiles thinking about how good her friend seems to be doing. She can’t stop thinking bout Kim's question though: is she in love with Shane?

Natasha shakes her head and quickly realizes that Kim must be wrong. There's just no way she is in love with Shane. She has loved Cory for as long as she can remember. She thinks back to her wedding day with Cory. Then she recalls her honeymoon. From that moment on, her memories suddenly take a different turn. She remembers how when she turned up alive, Cory had moved on. Who was there to help her? Shane. Who helped her regain her memory? Shane. Who has been there for her, always while Cory was with Robin? Shane. Who did she kiss on her wedding day? Shane.

Tears fill Natasha's eyes. "My god," she says. "I do love Shane."

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