Episode 69
Accidents from the Past
Written by: Dallas Walsh

Episode Theme Song "A&E" by Goldfrapp

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Helen learned that she is pregnant
- Chris & Trenyce had sex in Milwaukee, while Daisy learned of his affair with Danielle
- Dave revealed Patricia to be Madeline Wilkins
- Brett, the triplet who is impersonating Vinny, developed feelings for Meggan.
- Reese and Andy made love for the first time
- Dominick overheard Bob & Sofia talk about Eva McCloud

Scene One -- The Michaels Home; Chris, Daisy & Trenyce's House

Trenyce lays in her bed half awake, despite it being late morning already. Despite the leaves on the trees turning colour, the sun is bright and it's beaming into her room causing her to be awake. She clutches her stomach, she feels ill. She quickly recalls the previous evening and wonders if she ate something to make her feel so awful.

"Eh," she groans as she hears her stomach rumble inside. She hates being sick ... especially with her birthday being so close. She wants to be happy and healthy so she and Andy can go out for a fun birthday night.

Daisy knocks on the door and enters. She peeks her head around the corner, "You okay? It's almost noon and you're still in bed," Daisy says soothingly.

Trenyce rolls over and looks at her aunt. "I'm not feeling so great. Why are you home? It's almost noon and you're not at the office?"

Daisy chuckles. At one time, Trenyce's bluntness would have caused her concern but now Daisy has learned that’s who Trenyce is ... always quick on her feet, never really meaning to be hurtful with her brash, strong words.

“I took the morning off. I can stay home all day if you want me to take care of you. I can make you some chicken soup or something," she says.

"Thanks Auntie ... I would really like that. I don't feel like I can even get up."

Daisy comes over and puts her hand on Trenyce's forehead. "Hmm, maybe a slight fever. Nothing serious though. You must just have the flu. Stay here, I'll bring you some ginger ale and some water. Are you hungry now? I can go get some soup started."

"I feel hungry ... I'm just scared that I won't be able to hold anything down," Trenyce admits.

"Soup should be okay. I'll go get it started," Daisy smiles as she leaves the room.

"Daisy!" Trenyce calls.

“Yes?" Daisy says coming back into the room.

"Pull the blinds on my window? The sun is killing me," Trenyce spits as she is rolling over.

Daisy sighs and gets a slight grin on her face. 'Would it kill you to say please?' Daisy thinks to herself as she pulls the blinds on the window.

Scene Two -- Twin Peaks Inn; Adam & Helen’s Suite

Adam's eyes are fixed on his laptop’s screen. He is clicking the mouse vigorously. On the web-page in front of him are baby accessories. Cribs, diaper tables, mobiles ... everything to do with a new baby.

Helen emerges from the washroom, her hair still damp from the shower she just had. She smiles when she sees Adam.

"What are you looking at?" she asks coming over and sitting next to him.

"Stuff for our baby," he smiles. "I'm so excited honey, you have no idea."

"That's great," Helen says standing up again and walking away.

Adam puts the computer down, feeling like something is off with Helen. "What's going on? You don't seem as excited as you did a few days ago?"

Helen sighs. "I just wish we would learn about the house we put an offer on. I don't want to have this baby while we are living in the hotel," she confides.

Adam puts his arms on Helen's shoulders. "Don't worry, we'll hear from the bank soon. I'm sure that we'll get the mortgage and the house. Everything will work out, everything is too perfect not too work out."

Helen smiles and hugs her husband. "You're always so positive. I wish I was more like you."

Adam smiles back at Helen. "You can be. Once we help you regain your memory, you'll see ... you'll be full of confidence. I just can't imagine what you're going through ... not remembering anything. I guess we've been a little distracted lately to really start digging for the truth."

"We have, you're right. But this baby ... our baby ... it has to come first. I wouldn't have it any other way," she smiles.

He leans in and kisses her softly on her lips. "Have I told you how much I love you lately?"

"Yes, but I never tire of hearing it," she smiles back.

Their moment is interrupted by the phone ringing.

"Whoever that is has terrible timing," he smiles at her as he reaches for the phone. "Hello," he says picking up.

"Yes, this Adam ... " he beings. "Oh, you're from the bank,” his eyes turn to Helen as he speaks into the phone. “Did we get the house?"

Scene Three -- Twin Peaks Jail; The Visiting Centre

Meggan and Brett sit across from each other. Usually their visits are filled with conversation and Brett, still posing as Vinny, offers Meggan some kind of hopeful message that things will be okay. Today, is a little different. Brett has been more quiet than usual as he has to tell Meggan that her trial will not start until after the holidays. She probably won't mind that the trial has been pushed back, but she will care that she has to spend the holidays -- Christmas and New Years -- in jail.

"You seem quiet today," she says looking at him through the plexi-glass window trying to read his facial expression.

Brett sighs. "It's hard. Looking at you and not being able to touch you," he admits. While he was never married to Meggan, he has grown very fond of his brother's wife ... in every way. He likes having a ‘wife’ at his side, and all the perks of having a wife.

"I know," she says. "The moment I get out of here, you and I have a date in the bedroom," she winks.

Brett manages a smile. "Do you want to talk about what'll happen if you don't get out of here?"

The smirk on Meggan's face quickly disappears. "Are you losing faith?"

"Absolutely not. You're right. We shouldn't talk about that.

"I hope to be home for Christmas. That'll be nice, huh?" she says, trying to change the subject.

Brett gulps. "Actually, there's something I have to tell you."

"What is it Vinny?" Meggan asks concerned, and knowing that something is off.

"I talked to Preston. Looks like your trial date has been set. It's not until the new year."

He looks at Meggan and sees her face drop in colour. "The new year? Well, that would mean ..."

"Yea, I know," he says cutting her off and looking away from her. He can not bare to look into her eyes right now and see her disappointment.

Meggan has been strong up to this point, but she starts to lose herself and the tears form in her eyes.

"I know it's upsetting. I tried to get Preston to pull some strings with the judge, but ..."

"Its okay," Meggan boldly says wiping her eyes with her free hand. "After what I did, I guess I deserve to be in jail for the holidays."

Brett sighs again. "Please don't be so hard on yourself. You're paying for your crime. Everyone can see that."

"I just want this nightmare to be over Vinny. That's all I really want," she says slowly. Inside, she is dying. Every time she gets her hopes up a little, something happens and they are dashed again quickly.

Suddenly the guard appears. They both know what that means. "I'll see you soon, okay?" he says to her.

"I love you," she says before hanging up her phone. The guard escorts a slow moving Meggan back to the prison area. As the door closes, Brett puts his head in his hands and fights back some tears. He hates seeing Meggan in this state, and he fears the longer she is in jail, the more depressed she will become.

Scene Four -- The Michaels Home; Chris, Daisy & Trenyce's House

Trenyce groans when she hears a light knock on her door. She rolls half over and murmurs "Come in."

Reese opens the door and slowly enters the bedroom. It's dark as the blinds are still closed. "Uhh, is anyone alive in here?"

"Reese? Reese is that you?" Trenyce says, squinting her eyes playing on the dramatic effects of her illness.

"Glad that you still have your memory," he winks. "You don't look so great."

"Gee, thanks. It's call the flu," she says barely moving on the bed.

"Well, I won't stay. Just hadn't heard from you lately. Wanted to see if you're okay."

"I will be fine as soon as this bug passes. If you see Andy, tell him he still has to respond to my twenty text messages please."

Reese cracks a smile. "Will do," he says. "Get some rest. I'll check on you soon, okay?"

Trenyce rolls completely over and faces Reese. "Thanks for coming Reese. I appreciate it." While it does not happen often, Trenyce is genuine. She really appreciates having Reese as a friend. And he knows it.

"Anytime," he smiles back to her. “Call me when you’re better. I miss hanging out with you T,” he tells her as just a little bit of guilt creeps into his mind for sleeping with Andy, Trenyce’s ‘boydfriend’.


Daisy stands over the stove stirring the pot of chicken noodle soup that she is cooking for Trenyce. Her mind wonders as she looks at the liquid slowly start to bubble in the pot. She has not seen much of Chris since he has returned from Milwaukee -- and she likes it that way. She has yet to reveal that she knows he was the one sleeping with Danielle before she died. Furthermore, she is disgusted at the idea that Chris was going to have a baby with her twin sister. She had no idea how to bring it up to her husband. She just knows that she is devastated. She is hoping Vinny can give her more information on how Danielle died before going to Chris with the truth. Someone was poisoning her ... was it Chris? Before learning of the affair, Daisy never would suspect her husband of such an act ... now, it's like she does not know him.

Chris enters the kitchen and immediately spots his wife. He longs to hold her. To touch her. To cuddle with her. He has not told anyone about his affair with Trenyce in Milwaukee. He has avoided the house at all costs. He is scared of Trenyce and what she may do. Will she press charges for statutory rape? Will she tell Daisy? These are answers he does not want to know. His train of thought has been to lay low for awhile. Since that night with Trenyce, however, he has realized that he loves Daisy and they have a great relationship. He just needs to get his head on straight. Something he wants to do. Something he intends to do.

"Chicken soup huh?" he says picking up the can on the counter.

His words startle her, as she was not expecting Chris to arrive at home.

"Trenyce isn't feeling well. She has the flu," she says coldly, not turning around to see him.

Chris sighs. He feels the chill. He knows that they have been growing further apart. First it was her overworking, now it was his affair with Trenyce.

"Ah," he manages to say. "I guess I won't say hi then."

"She might actually like if you do. I don't think you've seen her since you've been home from Milwaukee," Daisy finally turns around and looks at Chris. He's looking down at the ground. "Did something happen in Milwaukee? You’ve been distant since you've been back."

Chris wonders if he should tell Daisy the entire truth right now. Everything could be out in the open. They could start fresh. Start working on their marriage.

"Chris?" Daisy asks again. "What's going on? Or do I already know?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" he says quickly looking up at his wife, scared that his wife has already busted him.

Scene Five -- Twin Peaks Inn; Adam & Helen’s Suite

Adam hangs up the phone. He sets it on the desk that is in his hotel room that he is sharing with Helen. Helen puts her hands together, waiting for Adam to say anything. Adam fails to turn around.

"So ... did we get the house?" she finally asks unable to wait for the news any longer.

Adam slowly turns around with a long face.

“Oh. Well, I guess there are other houses out there ..." Helen says, disappointed.

"We better start packing," Adam says slowly.

"I mean, we only looked at a couple ... wait, what did you just say?" Helen asks her husband in surprise.

"We got it!" he beams at her!

You jerk!" she smiles coming up to him and swatting him playfully. "I'm so happy," she says kissing him.

"Me too babe! Me too!"

The two share a kiss. He pulls back. "I know when I asked you before you seemed hesitate because of Victoria. But Helen, everything is coming together. Let's get married. Let's just set a time and a date."

Helen smiles and relaxes. "You're right. We need to get married."

Adam becomes jubilant. "Really!? I mean, I’ve been waiting for you to say that for so long. I want to be with you. I want to give our baby a real family! You’ve made me so happy!” he says looking into her eyes and seeing her smile. “When should we do this?”

“What about New Years? We could have a New Year's wedding. All of our friends are partying anyways. Let's give them another reason too."

"A New Year's wedding. Sounds perfect," he winks at her, still thrilled that she has agreed to be his wife.

Scene Six -- Capers

Dominick sits at a table picking at the last remains of his salad. He looks up and quickly spots Leah and Robin entering the restaurant together. His two daughters quickly spot him and approach his table.

“My beauties," he says standing up and hugging them.

"What was so urgent Daddy?" Robin asks sitting next to him, and taking a slow sip of the water on the table.

"It sounded urgent on the phone," Leah chimes in. Both girls now that when their father has called to meet with them both, usually he has some kind of news for them.

"Well, I'm not sure how you'll take my news."

Robin and Leah quickly share a look at each other.

"What's going on?" Leah asks again, this time with more concern in her voice.

Dominick sighs. "I'm leaving town over the holidays. Something urgent has come up and I can not wait on it."

"You're not going to be here for Christmas? Daddy, really? I was really hoping that you'll be here. Especially since Cory is with ..." Robin says trying not to be up too upset.

"You know you can come over to my house, right?" Leah says to her sister.

Robin sighs. "Of course Leah. But Robbie is a Calimo. Natasha is a Calimo. Running into Cory would be inevitable."

"Don't sell yourself short Robin. You're working with Cory, right? On ‘Introspect‘? Just think of it as another working day." Dominick tells his daughter, trying to give her some more encouragement. Dominick looks into Robin’s big hazel eyes and he can still see the insecurities and heartbreak still there. The fact is, Robin still loves Cory with everything she has. The holiday season will be hard on her, he realizes.

Robin sighs. "Fine. I guess you're not leaving me much of a choice."

"If this could be helped, I would postpone it my love. I hope to be back for New Year's though," Dominick says, staying strong. He quickly tells himself that Robin was the one that encouraged him to fight for Sofia. So he is doing the right thing.

"Well okay. Travel safe," Leah says., looking over to Robin. Leah knows that Robin is suffering. She grabs Robin’s hand quickly and squeezes it. Robin smiles at her sister, knowing that she’ll always be there for support.

"Yea, and call us okay?"

"Promise," Dominick smiles. Inside he knows that going to Europe must be done soon. He is on a mission. He is determined to find Eva McCloud and uncover her connection to Bob and Sofia. He is unsure why, but he thinks if he finds Eva, he will be one huge step closer to getting Sofia back.

Scene Seven -- Main Street

Andy and Reese walk side by side with shopping bags. The two met up to do some shopping for the holidays.

"It's so good to see you," Reese says looking at Andy in the chilly air.

"Yea, it's great to see you too. I have ... missed you," Andy admits.

Andy spots an alley and walks into the alley. "What are you doin..." Reese begins, but before he can finish Andy's lips are on his. The two share a deep, passionate kiss in the alley

"Wow," Reese says after their lips escape each other, but still facing each other closely.

"Told you I missed you," Andy says leaning in and giving him another quick peak.

Reese smiles. "Can I be honest with you?"

"Of course," Andy replies.

"I am falling for you," Reese blushes and looks down.

Andy smiles and pulls Reese's head back up with his fingers. "Good, because I am falling for you too," he says kissing him again.

They part. "Want to grab a hot chocolate from the Sugarbowl? I'm freezing," Reese smiles.

"Love too. Lead the way."

Scene Eight -- Twin Peaks Inn; Adam & Helen’s Suite

Helen lays on the bed in the hotel room. After the excitement of the afternoon, she was feeling tired so she has taken an afternoon nap while Adam starts to pack up some of their belongings.

Helen stirs a little in her sleep.


The day is overcast and cloudy. The car windshield has a few rain drops in it. It's an older car. Probably from the early 80's. Helen nervously sits in the driver's brown interior seat waiting.

"Come on! Come on!" she says to herself urgently, looking around. She isn’t sure who or what she is supposed to be looking for at this point, but scanning the surrounding area is taking the edge off of her somewhat at this point.

She looks outside the passenger window and sees the bank’s front doors. There is no movement out of the ordinary. Not yet anyways. Any moment she knows what will happen.

Suddenly she looks forward. She's speeding in the car. Olivia is in the seat next to her.

"Drive!" a younger looking Olivia says to Helen in a panicked voice. Olivia checks over her shoulder and looks out the back window.

"I'm going as fast as I can!" Helen says in anger. Her eyes fix down to the speedometer and she realizes that the car is nearing it’s maximum speed.

Suddenly Helen sees police sirens in the review mirror! She panics. Her heart sinks. What now? She asks herself. She freezes. She keeps her foot on the petal and she increases it, even though she knows the car is going as fast as it can. She turns a sharp corner. Both women hold their breath for a minute.

"Oh my god! Oh my god" Helen cries outloud, slamming her hand on the steering wheel.

"Shut up and drive!" Olivia yells again, looking back to see if the police are still there. “I think we may have lost them.”


Helen sits up in a cold sweat. "Adam?" she calls out, looking around the hotel room. She squints her eyes and realizes that she’s back in present day.

Adam rushes over to her side. "What's wrong?"

"Hold me, please ... I had a nightmare," Helen says as Adam puts his arms around her. She had no idea who the woman in her dreams is and why they were speeding away from the bank ... but she knows that it is the first step to uncovering her past. “It’s still foggy, but I think it was a memory.”

Scene Nine -- The Michaels Home; Chris, Daisy & Trenyce's Home

"I think you know exactly what that means," Daisy spits back at Chris as they are in the middle of their escalating fight.

"No, I don't. Tell me," he stubbornly says.

"Do you really want to get into this now?"

Chris doesn't respond. Inside he is terrified that she knows everything. Does she know about Danielle? Trenyce? Both of them?

"Fine. I know! I know everything," she says coldly, standing strong and stern in her voice.

Chris looks at his wife. "What do you think you know?" he says scared of hearing what she is about to say.

"You bastard. You lying selfish bastard! You were having an affair with Danielle before she died. You were the father of her baby!"

Chris remains silent, unsure of what to say to combat his wife's accusations.

"And you knew that I was going to find out. YOu knew that Vinny was looking into this for me! Why couldn’t you just be honest with me? Why would you continue to lie to me every day of our marriage."

Chris continues to remain silent, reeling that Daisy only knows of one affair. More than ever, he realizes that she can never find out about Trenyce.

"Would you say something please!? Or does our marriage mean that little to you?" Daisy spits at him.

"I'm sorry," he says fighting back the tears. "I'm so sorry." He doesn’t know what else to say. He knows that he has made mistakes. He knows that he loves Daisy, but right now he knows that nothing else matters. Daisy needs time to heal, he realizes.

"No Chris, I'm sorry. For Trenyce's sake I'm staying with you for the holidays. But in the new year, I'm leaving you. I can't stand the sight of you right now."

Suddenly the soup starts to boil over on the stove

"Crap," Daisy says rushing to the stove and quickly turning the burner down.

Outside the kitchen, Trenyce smiles to herself as she has just overheard the entire conversation.

"You're welcome Mom," she whispers before moving back upstairs slowly. She has got her wish, she realizes. Chris is at rock bottom. Trenyce realizes that she has executed her plan perfectly.

Scene Ten -- Twin Peaks Jail; Meggan’s Cell

Meggan lays on her bed. There is no movement in her cell, or the cells next to her. The dampness and greyness of her life are starting to get to her. She only gets visits from Vinny and sometimes Preston. She misses her friends and wonders how they are doing. She misses being on the police force and being in the other position of putting people behind bars. After this, however, she has decided a career change. After being behind bars, she could not put someone in this situation. Especially someone like her. She never meant to kill Noah. She never meant to hurt Leah, Jeff and all of Noah’s loved ones. She wonders how she allowed her drinking to get so out of control. She sighs. It’s no use. No matter how many times she asks herself that question, she never comes up with an appropriate answer. All she knows is that she deserves to be in jail. She deserves to have no happiness left in her life.

As she lays in the silence, the dampness and the greyness a single tears falls from her eye. It is the only sign of life in her jail cell.

Scene Eleven -- The Sugarbowl

Andy and Reese sit in the corner drinking their hot chocolates together.

"This has been a great day," Andy says.

"Yea, except for Trenyce ... " Reese replies.

"Why, what's up with T?"

Reese chuckles. "You really haven't checked your phone have you?" he says.

"Um, no. I was at work then with you all day."

"It's nothing serious. Trenyce just has the flu."

"I'm a great boyfriend, huh?" Andy says.

"You're pretty good, yup," Reese says holding his hand. “Seriously, we should tell her about us …”

Andy looks back at Reese. “I’ve been thinking about ….” he begins. He notices Reese’s attention is at the doorway. “Reese?”

Suddenly Reese's mouth drops. "Oh my god," he says standing up.

Andy turns around and sees Patricia enter the coffeehouse.

"Oh Patricia!" Andy says turning back to Reese. "Do you know her too?"

Reese looks at Andy, then back at Patricia. "Yea, that's Madeline ... my twin sister!"

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- Natasha writes Shane a letter
- Cassie seduces Shane

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