Episode 70
Sex Games
Written by: Dallas Walsh

Episode Theme Song "Love Sex Magic" by Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Andy & Reese saw Patricia/Madeline at the Sugarbowl
- Cassie bought some fertility drugs
- Will started to sleep with Olivia, even though he liked Patricia
- Kim asked Natasha if she loved Shane; after giving it some real though, she realized she does love Shane
- Robin and Cory planned on working together for her new ad campaign for 'Introspect'

Scene One -- The Glubbs Home; Shane & Cassie's House

Cassie closes her closet door. She is wearing some red lingerie and proudly does her breasts and figure justice. She smiles as she turns and looks in the mirror. She walks over to the beauty counter in the bedroom and sits in front of a large mirror. She opens her drawer on the side and pulls out a pill bottle.

"I'm so glad these came yesterday," she says as she opens the lid to the fertility drugs. "I need to start using these right away," she continues as she pats her stomach. She puts the light blue pill in her mouth and takes a quick drink of water. She puts the pill bottle back and closes the drawer.

She stands up and walks to the centre of the bedroom. She looks at the large kind size bed and smiles.

"Shane!" she calls out. "Shane, please come here ... I need your help!"

A few seconds pass and she can hear the footsteps on the stairs. Shane soon emerges at the bedroom door.

"You called ... whoa, hello!" he says quickly taking notice of her attire.

"I need you to be a good boy," she purrs as she crawls on to the bed.

"Oh yea?" he says come closer to the bed. "How can I be a good boy?"

She gets up and pushes him down on to the bed. His eyes light up with fire. She crawls on top of him and reveals her next secret: she handcuffs him to the bed post.

"What are you ...?" he starts taken by surprise.

"Ssshhh," she says putting her mouth directly over his. "You do what I say ..." she orders as she unbuttons his shirt. "We are going to do this my way this time."

"God, you drive me wild!" he says before kissing her passionately and letting his free hand expose her breast. His mouth quickly finds her nipple. Cassie lets out a quick sigh and arches her back slightly at his touch. She smiles, hoping that her plan to keep Shane works this morning.

Scene Two -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Olivia's Office

Olivia's body is pushed up against the wall and Will does one final trust into her. Olivia and Will both moan in unison as they reach their climaxes together. He leans back and looks at her, and gives her a quick kiss. He pulls out and her legs go down to the ground.

"You are so amazing," she grins at him, finding her robe to cover her naked body.

Will sighs. "You're pretty good yourself," he replies putting his briefs back on.

She smiles at the sight of the young hunk getting dressed after their most recent tryst. She feels somewhat guilty for sleeping with another man that is not her husband, but after years of being neglected by Preston, she finally caved and gave into Will. She is still surprised though that the young man doesn't have another girl he is scooping out.

"I'm surprised about something," she says sitting next to him as he pulls up his jeans.

"What's that?"

"That you're still sleeping with me. You're young and very sexy. I’m completely enjoying every minute of it, I'm surprised more girls your own age aren't all over you."

Will chuckles. "Well thanks for the compliment. This has been fun. There is actually another girl that I really, really like."

Suddenly Olivia feels her face turn red and burn a little. "Oh."

"We should probably stop this. Up to this point, this girl and I haven't been too serious, but I'd like it to be."

Olivia knows she shouldn't be upset, but she is. She opened the door to this. She is married with children! She can not be having an illicit affair with her young medical student. Still hearing him say it upsets her.

"You're right. This has gone on long enough. I'm glad we can both be mature and realize that it should stop before it gets out of hand," she musters up the strength to say.

"I'm glad you understand," he winks. "Look, I should be going. We'll be in touch for the real coaching sessions?"

"Absolutely," she says as she watches him leave. Once her office door is closed, Olivia breaks down into tears. She covers her face. Soon, she emerges from her hands. "No more tears. I need to focus on Preston and finding Madeline," she tells herself.

Scene Three -- Twin Peaks Rehabilitation Centre; Natasha’s Room

Natasha sits up in bed, and thinks back to earlier in the morning when she had another therapy session. She remembers walking on her own. She is slowly getting better, she thinks to herself. She looks outside and sees a light blanket of snow outside. 'Maybe I'll be home for Christmas,' she thinks to herself.

Cory enters her room. "Hey babe, you look happy."

"I am. I walked on my own today!" she beams thrilled that she is sharing her news with Cory.

"I'm so proud of you!" he says sitting next to her and taking her hand. "I knew you would get better Nat. I just knew it!"

"Thanks, I'm happy too! Maybe it means I'll get out of here soon."

Cory leans in and gives her a quick kiss. "That would be great."

"So what's new with you?"

"I got this great gig for Wild Night, actually. I think it'll help business a lot."

"Really!? That's wonderful," Natasha smiles. "Tell me about it."

"I owe it to your Dad actually," Cory begins.

"Really?" Natasha asks surprised. "What does my Dad have to do with Wild Night?"

"He and Robin came up with this great new ad campaign idea for 'Introspect'. It’s going to be shot at Wild Night. A local photo shoot for an international successful cologne. Wild Night's name will be in every ad. It's going to be huge!" Cory says, failing to hide his excitement.

"That's fantastic news! Robin did a good job on the cologne, according to my Dad. He was really impressed. I'm glad you're working with the marketing people on this ad campaign."

Cory pauses and looks away.

"What? Did I say something wrong? You excitement quickly vanished," Natasha observes aloud.

"I'm actually working with Robin. She'll be at the shoot later today," he says slowly.

"What? Robin? You're working with Robin!?" Natasha asks dumbfounded but clearly ticked off.

"It wasn't my idea. Robin came to me with the idea, who was getting the orders from your Dad. I just agreed," Cory quickly says defensively. "Plus, you have to stop getting so worked up whenever Robin's name is mentioned. I am with you, aren't I?"

"Forgive me if I don't trust your track record," Natasha spits. "You know how I feel about her. Once you learned she was going to be at the photo shoot, you should have removed yourself. I don't want you to be around her!"

"You're over-reacting. It's a photo shoot that'll help Introspect and Wild Night. There's going to be a ton of crew members around. What are you worried about?"

Natasha sighs. "Do you really have to ask? I wasn't even gone for six months and you moved on and married her. Then, when I come back you went back to her side time and time again. I think I have a lot to be worried about."

"And I have nothing to worry about Nat?" Cory replies, finally exposing his own insecurities.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Natasha asks surprised.

"Shane Glubbs. The man clearly has interests in you. He's always mooning over you, even though he always has another girl on the side. But every time you call him, he comes rushing to your side. So maybe you aren't the only one that's worried," he spits. "I have to go ... I'll be late for the photo shoot."

Natasha looks at Cory walk out. "Cory ..." she calls out trying to stop him, but all she hears is the door close. "I don't want to fight ..." she says to herself as her eyes swell with tears.

Scene Four -- The Sugarbowl

Reese sits in shock as he has just spotted his twin sister Madeline across the coffee house. The sister that left the day after he came out of the closet. The sister that has been missing for three years.

"What, wait? Patricia is your ... sister?" Andy asks confused by the outburst.

"That is my sister!" Reese says standing up excited. "Madeline!" he calls out again.

Madeline looks up and sees Reese. She panics and freezes. Her eyes swell as they fill with water. Reese rushes over to her and hugs her.

"Oh my god! You've come home!" he says crying as he hugs her.

Madeline hugs him back. "Reese," she says trying to fight her tears too. They separate from their hug and Madeline finally lets the tears out. "I've missed you so much," she says hugging him again.

"Where have you been? How are you? I have so many questions!" he says through his tears, reeling that he is with his sister again.

"I know. I know," she says. "Let's sit down. There are things you need to know, okay?"

Scene Five -- The Glubbs Home; Shane & Cassie's House

Cassie lays on the bed exhausted from the love making session she just had with Shane. She lays naked on top of the blanket, her body still glistening from the sweat. She smiles knowing that she gave Shane an afternoon he'll never forget. She tries to hide the disappointment in the back of her head that Shane is getting ready to go to the hospital. She still got want she wanted: another intense sex session with Shane, and she took her pill which means she could be pregnant.

"You still look so happy," he says returning to the bedroom again, dressed for work.

"It's because I am happy," she smiles at him. "You were incredible earlier."

"Was I a good boy?" he winks at her, already knowing the answer to his question.

She gets up and moves up to him and kisses him passionately. "Very good. Are you sure you have to go? I'd be willing to have round two and three!"

He laughs, "Duty calls babe, otherwise I would."

"You know I love you, right?" she says whispering in his ear.

"Yea, I know. You're very special to me too Cassie."

She falls back on the bed and smiles. Still no 'I love you too' from him. It'll come, she tells herself.

"See you when you get home?" she asks quickly changing the subject.

"Of course."

Scene Six -- The Sugarbowl

In the corner booth, Reese, Andy & Madeline discuss her whereabouts for the last three years.

"So where did you go?" Andy asks her, sitting next to Reese and holding his hand under the table.

"When I first left home, I went to New York. It was the first place the train was going. I just had to get away," Madeline explains looking at Reese.

Reese puts his head down. His eyes are red from the tears he has cried. "Why did you leave Maddie? Was it because I came out to the family? Did you leave because I am gay?" he says slowly, barely getting it out. Reese is scared to know the truth to this. It's a question that has been burning inside him since the day Madeline ran away.

"Of course not Reese," she says grabbing his hand. "I love you, and suspected before you came out. Please don't think that I left because you came out. I wouldn't do that to you. You're my twin. You mean so much to me."

Reese's eyes fill with more tears. "I've been waiting to hear that for three years. I ... I'm glad you came home to tell me."

Andy squeezes Reese's hand under the table.

"So ... why did you leave then?" Reese asks his sister, looking at her.

Madeline freezes. She thinks back to the night before she ran away. The dinner when Reese came out to her, Olivia and Preston. That wasn’t the time she decided to run away. It was after, she remembers. Reese had gone out for a walk, and Madeline overheard her parents fighting. It was during the argument that she overheard that she decided to run away. She learned her parents darkest secret. One that she couldn't handle and didn't want to be apart of.

"It's a complicated story Reese. I ... I know what I did was wrong, but you have to understand I was young and really, really stupid."

"So where did the name Patricia West come from?" Andy asks, jumping in not realizing Reese wasn’t happy with Madeline’s explaination.

"It was my street name. I mean, I needed a cover right? Mom and Dad are so well known, I needed to hide my identity. I didn’t want to be found ..."

Reese looks up at Madeline with his damp eyes. He has longed for this moment for so long, and now it's here. He smiles at her. Madeline smiles back at her twin brother.

"I've missed you Reese," she says squeezing his hand. Reese breaks from her hand and moves over to her side of the table and hugs her.

"You have no idea how much I've missed you too," he says crying into her shoulder. "Let's just hang out and talk okay? We have so much to catch up on."

Andy coughs. "I'll leave you guys alone for awhile."

Reese looks at Andy, breaking his lock with his sister. "Do you mind? I know we had a day planned..."

"It's totally cool. This is more important right now. Call me later okay?"

"I will," Reese smiles to him before returning his attention to Madeline.

Scene Six --Twin Peaks Rehabilitation Centre; The Parking Lot

Cory takes a deep breathe as he arrives in the parking lot. The fresh air does him good. He needs to calm himself down after his explosive talk with Natasha. He needs to be ready to work at the photo shoot. What he sees across the parking lot makes his blood boil though: Shane getting out of his car.

"Shane!" he calls out as he runs over, not able to just walk by without saying anything. Inside he feels his blood start to boil.

"Hey Cory, visiting Natasha?" Shane asks, a little taken aback that Cory has approached him. The two men have never exactly been close.

"Yea, just leaving. I suggest you do the same," Cory spits.

"Excuse me?" Shane says looking at Cory, not liking the tone in Cory's voice.

"Stay away from my wife Glubbs," Cory sternly advises, his eyes dead serious.

"She's my patient, and a good friend. I'm not about to starting taking orders from you," Shane quips back, standing up for himself.

That triggers the reaction from Cory. He grabs Shane by the collar and throws him up against an SUV. The SUV's alarm starting blaring. "I'm warning you! Stay away from Natasha, or this is just the preview of what I'll do to you!"

Shane chuckles and smirks as Cory walks away. He wasn't even at the TPRC to see Natasha, he was picking up his new ID badge. Still, he thinks it's interesting that Cory is getting this frustrated with his relationship with Natasha. What does it mean? he wonders.

Scene Seven -- Twin Peaks Rehabilitation Centre; Natasha’s Room

Natasha wipes a tear away from her eye. She doesn't want to cry about her argument with Cory. Not now. Not anymore. She feels drained from it. She leans over and grabs a pad of paper from her night stand. She doesn't know what to do or think anymore. Her feelings towards Cory are changing, she realizes. She no longer has the will to say that she can't live without him. She continues to be drawn to Shane, and both her and Cory continue to be frustrating in their relationship. She looks down at the pad of paper.

"My feelings," she begins to write. She pauses and looks up remembering times with Cory and Shane.


"Do you Cory promise to love, honour and cherish Natasha in goodness, sadness, sickness and in health?" Father Murphy asks.

"I do" Cory says.

"Do you Natasha promise to love, honour, and cherish Cory in goodness, sadness, sickness and in health?"

"I do" a weeping Natasha replies

"The rings please" Father Murphy says.

They couple exchange rings.

"By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride"

Cory lifts Natasha’s veil, and kisses her.


Natasha smiles at the memory of her first wedding to Cory. They have had good times, she realizes. So many good times with Cory. She has loved Cory for as long as she can remember. Their wedding was one of the best days of her life. She looks down at the empty piece of paper before having another memory flash.


The moon shines brightly down on Cory and Natasha as they finish their picnic. Natasha takes another drink of her champagne.
“Do you want more?” Cory asks.

“Why, Mr. Calvin, are you trying to get me drunk?”

Cory smiles. “Is it working?”

Natasha laughs, and lays down on the blanket. “Look how beautiful the stars are tonight, Cory. It really makes you realize how tiny we are in the universe,” she says.

Cory moves closer to her, and puts his finger on her face. “I would look up, but I can’t take my eyes off you,” he says.

Natasha looks at her husband, and smiles. He moves closer to her and kisses her. Natasha responds, but he pulls back. “Are you sure?” he says.

“Yes,” she says.

Cory gets up and removes his shirt and belt from his pants. He lays down on top of Natasha and begins to kiss her passionately.


A single tear falls from Natasha’s eye. Yes, there have been good times. She can not deny it. She and Cory have been the loves of each other’s lives for many years now. Still, she can not help but think of Robin and now many times she has interfered with their relationship … and that Cory has allowed it to happen.


Natasha comes over and kisses him firmly on the lips. “I missed you last night,” she says slowly.

“Yea … me too,” he replies kissing her back. “Is this really why you wanted to see me though?”

Natasha laughs and sits on the large sofa. “No, of course not. We need to talk about this situation.”

“I know. I know this is rough on you Nat,” Cory says sitting next to her on the sofa and taking her hand, “but I have to be there for Robin. She needs me. It’s the least I can do …”

Natasha smiles. Inside she wants to scream. Robin is supposed to be out of their lives, now she’s right back in … and to make things worse, living with Cory! “I knew you were going to say that.”

“I have to do this Nat, please understand.”

“I have an idea. I have made some calls. I can at least get Robin her own personal attention giver. His name is Will Coutts. He is supposed to be a great at what he does …”

“A care giver? Are you for real Natasha? I just don’t think Robin will want to go for this!” Cory says, clearly taken aback by Natasha’s offer.


Natasha shakes her head. Robin has been the biggest thorn in her and Cory’s relationship. Even to this day, she can not comprehend how Cory was able to move on from her so quickly when everyone thought she had died in the car accident on the bridge. She slowly smiles to herself though. If it was not for the car accident, she would not have become so close to Shane. Shane, compared to Cory, has always been there for her no matter what. No matter what else he had going on in his life. Natasha feels butterflies in her stomach as she thinks of Shane.


Shane is in the kitchen, making breakfast. Scrambling eggs and frying bacon give the kitchen a warm aroma. The bright sun is seeping through the window, as the curtains on the window are opened.

Shane finishes the eggs, and places them in another bowl. He carries them to the large dinning table, which is just off to the left of the kitchen. He sits at the table, and wonders if he should awake Natasha. He looks out the large bay window that is in the dinning room. The view shows most of the grounds. Shane falls into a memory and recalls the previous evenings events.

His thoughts are interrupted with Natasha arriving in the dinning room.

"Something smells great" she smiles.

"Good morning" Shane replies, turning towards Natasha. "I’ve made breakfast. I hope you’re hungry."

"I’m famished" she says, sitting at the table.

Shane sits across from her, and watches her as she begins to eat some of her eggs. "Have you had any memories?" he asks, drinking some coffee.

"No. I’m trying but nothing seems to work."

"I have an idea. But I wanted your approval first" he says, having some bacon.

"I’m willing to do anything at this point. What’s your idea Shane?"

"I want you to see someone from your life. Someone you were very close to."

Natasha stops eating and looks at Shane. "I don’t know if that’s a good idea. According to you, everyone in my life thinks I’m dead. I don’t want to return until I’m back to myself."

"I can understand that Natasha. But seeing someone, talking with someone may trigger your memory. I think it’s a risk we can take. And I know this person won’t say anything. We trust each other."

Natasha looks at Shane. "Alright. You win."


Natasha stops herself from crying more. She has so many emotions inside of her. She picks up her pen and begins to write.

“Dear Shane,

I have loved Cory for so long. Saying those words have become second nature to me. We have been the loves of our young adult life.”

Natasha pauses and looks up. A tear escapes her eye. She quickly brushes it away. She has realized a new truth today. She does not want to weep about it. Not now.

“That love has changed though. He is seemingly drawn to Robin for whatever reason. I do not blame her. How could I? In this time that he was drawn to her, you found me. You found me when I was lost and alone. Shane, I can not express to you how much your friendship means to me. You have been rock through out everything these past few years.

Natasha knows what is inside of heart right now at this moment. Thinking it inside and keeping bottled up is easier than releasing it. Writing it down or saying it aloud still scares her. She notices her hand trembling as she continues to write.

“Only… my feelings have grown into more. I respect you. I like being in your company. You’re so attractive. The way you look at me gives me the chills. I….I love you.”

Natasha is unable to control herself at this time. She openly lets the tears flow. Finally she has admitted her deepest secret: she has fallen in love with Shane. It has been so obvious to her now that she thinks about it. Why she was always so jealous of Rebecca and Cassie. She has wanted Shane for herself. A smile appears on her face as she re-reads the last setence. “I love you”.

Suddenly she notices her wedding ring. “What am I doing?” she asks herself. She quickly rips the letter off the note pad and crumples it. She tosses it in her bag. “No one can know. What I am doing?”

"No one can ever know," she whispers to herself.

Scene Eight -- Twin Peaks Fitness World

Shane punches the boxing bag hard. Sweat drips from his head. He is taking his frustrations out on the bag. Frustrations on the fact that he is sleeping with Cassie, albeit great sex, but in love with Natasha. Frustrations that Cory, the smug Cory, just told him to stay away from Natasha. And every other little detail in his life that is frustrating him. He punches the bag again.

"Whoa, you look like you're ready to knock someone out," Will observes as he sits his gym back down.

"You could say that again," Shane says. "You're Coutts right? From GH?"

"Yea. In my first year."

"Shane Glubbs," Shane says extending his hand after taking off the boxing glove.

"I've heard a lot about you," Will admits. "It's good to meet you finally."

"Likewise man. So what's shaking? You got a girlfriend or what?"

Will smirks.

"Ah, I know that look." Shane says laughing.

"I really like this girl. She's totally hot and she's smart. Only thing is, I've been doing this other chick. It's just sex, but it's been good, you know?"

Shane smiles. He thinks about his own status ... dating and sleeping with Cassie while being in love with Natasha. "I know exactly what you mean. You and I have a lot more in common than we realize," Shane smiles to his newfound friend.

“You want to spare?” Will asks standing up from the bench.

“Sounds good!”

Scene Nine -- Wild Night

The good looking male model leans up against the pool table with this shirt open wide exposing his rippled chest. The photographers camera automatically snaps as it has it on an automatic setting. The photographer just calls out "beautiful" to the model. The last snap is shot and the photographer tells Cory and Robin, whom have been watching on the side, that they will pause for dinner and resume again in a couple of hours.

Once the crew and has left, Robin goes over to Cory.

"It went well, huh?" she smiles, pleased with the shoot this far.

"Yea, I think so. I love the look of the pictures."

"Me too. Although, I think you'd be a better model!" she teases him

Cory laughs and he leans up against the pool table. "Like this?" he says smiling playing at the camera. Unbeknownst to him, the camera is still snapping away. The photographer forgot to shut off the automatic shot.

Robin comes up and playfully touches his chest. "Yea, like that," she laughs.

“I love your laugh,” Cory quickly says to her.

Robin blushes and looks away. “Cory…” she begins to say.

Cory stops and looks at Robin. "You're so beautiful," he says touching her face.

"Cory, we shouldn't," she says pulling away. Cory instead grabs her arm and pulls her into him.

"Stop running," he says as he kisses her passionately. He lifts her up and lays on her on the pool table, his mouth leaving hers and finding her neck. He jacks her skirt up and his hands quickly remove her panties.

"Cory..." she whispers as his hands find her spot. "Don't stop," she says as she kisses his mouth again.

"I don't plan on it," he says back to her, smiling.

“I’ve missed you so much,” she says in-between kisses with Cory. “Make love to me. Please Cory.”

The camera continues to snap photos of the two lovers on the pool table.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Victoria has a memory flash
- Andy and Reese have another steamy encounter
- Jeff and Leah plan against Meggan

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