Episode 71 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Andy and Reese saw Madeline! Reese reunited with his twin sister. She told him where she went when she ran away, but did not reveal the reason she left
- Brett visited Meggan in jail and left bad for betraying her
- Trenyce came down with the flu
- Daisy told Chris she knows about his affair with Danielle. She told him she's planning on leaving him after the holidays
- Victoria was having nightmares about Dave (whom she thinks is Vinny) shooting her

Scene One -- The Michaels Home; Chris, Daisy & Trenyce's House

The cold brisk air nips Chris as he shovels the front walkway. The snow came suddenly overnight, covering everything in sight with his thick, white layers of coldness. Chris stops for a moment and takes a big breath. He quickly notices his breath in the chilly air. His mind is racing as he aggressively sticks the shovel into the snow and heaves the load over his shoulders.

He recalls the fight he had with Daisy the other day, where she revealed that she knows about his affair with Danielle and how she wants to leave him after the holidays. His heart aches at the thought. While he knows he has not been a good husband, he loves Daisy ... but maybe love isn't enough anymore? He Is lost as to how he can make this situation right with his wife.

"Damn it," he says to himself as he takes another loaded shovel of snow off the sidewalk. He realizes that today will be another tough day for him to get through. Trenyce's 18th birthday party is happening. He still doesn't know if or what Trenyce plans on doing with the fact that they slept together in Milwaukee. That truth would probably send Daisy over the edge, Chris realizes. "I have been so dumb," he says to himself. "Thinking with my dick instead of my head."

Chris continues to shovel, almost slowing down now. He would rather be outside in the cold shovelling the walk than face the heat that awaits him inside.


Daisy finishes putting the final touches of icing on the birthday cake that she has made for Trenyce. A small chocolate cake with bright pink icing; Trenyce's favourite colour. She smiles at her finished product. She is pleased with herself and her creation. She is looking forward to her day with Trenyce. What she isn’t looking forward too is Chris being at the party. Still, she knows she has to get through the holiday season before she can leave her husband. While it hurts her to do so, she knows she can not trust Chris anymore. That truth devastates her to the core.

"Am I allowed to be here yet?" Andy says coming into the kitchen, interrupting her concentration.

Daisy turns and smiles. "Andy! I didn't know you were here!"

"I just got here, Chris told me to use the back door ... he's not done shovelling the front."

"What a big snow storm last night, huh?" Daisy replies, thinking of the first real snowfall of the season.

"Yea, but it's nice. I can't imagine a Christmas without snow."

"Me either," Daisy admits. "Trenyce is still upstairs if you want to go see her."

"Okay. I'll leave this here,' he says putting down a gift bag, clearly Trenyce's birthday present.

"You're a good boyfriend, you know that?" Daisy smiles to him.

Suddenly guilt comes into Andy's mind. Yea, good boyfriend, he thinks to himself. I am falling in love with another guy and realize that I am gay ... great boyfriend indeed.

Scene Two -- The Wilkins Estate; Olivia, Preston & Reese's Home

Reese jumps out of the shower energized for his day. Reese hasn't been this happy in a long, long time. He has his sister back. His best friend that left him three years ago is back. He can't wait to share the news with his parents, although he will respect Madeline's decision to reveal herself to them. Still, he is beyond happy that he has his sister back ... and that he has this new found romance blossoming with Andy. Reese looks in the mirror as he does his hair for the day and smiles. "Life is good," he smiles to himself.

He finishes getting dressed and grabs Trenyce's birthday present. He is heading over to the Michaels home for her party. He races downstairs and spots Olivia in the den reading the newspaper.

"Hey Mom," he says to her grabbing a cookie on the table and taking a large bite.

"Morning! Is that you're breakfast?" she looks in wonderment.

"Yea, nothing huge. It's Trenyce's birthday. Daisy and Chris will have tons of food at their place."

"Okay, I hope you enjoy yourself. Say hi to everyone for me," she says getting back to her newspaper.

Reese looks at his mother for a moment. He can't wait to see the look on her face when she learns that Madeline is back in town.

"I love you Mom," he says coming up and hugging her.

Olivia smiles and is taken a back. "What's all this for? I love you too though," she says.

"I just don't say it often enough," he says to her.

"Well that's nice."

"I have the best Christmas present for you," he says excited, almost spilling the beans about Madeline.

"Really?!" her face lights up.

"Yea, but it's a secret. Just be prepared to be blown away!"

Olivia laughs. "You always did have a dramatic mind."

Reese laughs. "I'll see you later?"

"Tonight for dinner. I have to go to the hospital later today."

"Okay. Have a good day," he says walking out.

"You too son." she says proud of the man Reese has grown into, and longing for the return of her daughter.

Scene Three -- Madeline's Condo

Madeline finishes curling the final piece of her hair. Her long sandy locks are now loosely curled to go with her bright purple top and tight jeans. She looks in the mirror and admires herself. For the first time in a long time, she feels happy. Genuinely happy. Her relationship with Will is slowly progressing nicely and yesterday she had the best moment of her life: being reunited with Reese. She is still scared of going home to her parents, but it was a huge step to reveal herself to Reese. A step that she knows was the right step to take. She takes a deep breath and smiles.

"It feels good to be back," she smiles to herself. Suddenly she hears the doorbell ringing. She exits the washroom and rushes downstairs hoping to see either Will or Reese. Instead she opens the door and sees 'Vinny'.

"Oh, it's you," she says unexcited. "Although, I have no idea who you are. Is it Dave or Brett this time?"

He laughs. "It's Brett. You really should learn how to tell us apart," he winks. "Cause Patty cakes we are here to stay."

"Call me Madeline," she announces to him, proud of herself.

Brett arches an eyebrow. "Madeline? You're going by your real name now?"

"Yup. You should try it sometime. It does wonders for your soul," she quips at him again.

"You're sure feisty. What's gotten into you? Should we call your brother and tell him he's speaking to Madeline," he muses at her, attempting to threaten her.

"Go ahead. Reese and I saw each other yesterday. He knows I'm back. I'm planning to tell my parents I'm back at Christmas. So you have nothing left Brett. Nothing. So this time when I tell you I want out, maybe you'll believe me," she says folding her arms, fed up with being apart of his wicked treachery.

Brett laughs. "You're funny Maddie. Seriously. We have nothing on you? Have you forgotten that you were a hooker? I wonder how your parents and brother will react to that? You ran away and to support yourself, you sold your body to men. What a great Christmas present that'll be!"

Madeline’s eye's fill with tears, but she fights them. She does not want to show Brett any weaknesses. Not this time.

"I didn't think you would have a smart ass answer for that. I'll be on my way Madeline, but I'll be back. Dave and I are ready to take our plan into another step. You're a part of it. We'll be in touch."

Madeline can do nothing but close her eyes as Brett leaves her living room. As soon as she hears the front door close, a single tear falls down her cheek. "What am I going to do?" she asks herself.

Scene Four -- The Michaels Home; Chris, Daisy & Trenyce's House

Andy knocks on Trenyce's bedroom door. He waits a few minutes before entering the bedroom. When he doesn't hear Trenyce, he opens the door slowly. The room is dark and the drapes are still closed.

"Trenyce? You in here?" he calls out quietly as he enters the room. He closes the door behind him. He walks in fully to the room and looks on the bed. Trenyce is laying on the bed sleeping away.

He smiles when he looks at her. His eyes glance over at the alarm clock. It reads 11:45 am. He chuckles at amazement of how long Trenyce is able to sleep. Suddenly she turns and opens her eyes. She blinks a few times before she jumps back a little, startled that someone is in her room.

"Happy Birthday sleepy head," he says sitting on the edge of the bed.

"You scared me half to death!" she says taken a back. "But thank you."

"You don't look so good, are you still not feeling well?"

Trenyce pauses. She examines quickly how she is feeling. "No, not really. I feel like I'm going to throw up still."

Andy looks concerned. "This has been going on for awhile now. Maybe we should get you into the doctor. I know Victoria could examine you."

Trenyce rolls her eyes. She hates that her boyfriend has this hot, doctor female friend. "I would rather go to my own doctor, if you don't mind," she quips. "But yea, maybe it's time to see if this is more than the flu."

"Do you feel up to coming downstairs? It was supposed to be a surprise, but Daisy is having a small little party for you. You should see the cake she made you!"

Trenyce blushes and tries to hide her smile. Secretly, she loves that Daisy is taking such good care of her. IT reminds her of Danielle and how her own mother took care of her.

"I don't think I'm up for a party. Even on my birthday," she says growing sad. She hates that she is ill on her birthday.

"Hey, are you okay?"

"Can I have a hug?" she says getting misty.

Andy leans in and hugs Trenyce. "Of course. Hugs are free."

"You're the best boyfriend ever. You'll do anything for me, right?"

"Of course. That's what friends are for," Andy smiles at her.

Trenyce comes up and kisses him quickly on the lips. "You're the best boyfriend. I want to kiss you again ... but I don’t want to get you sick too."

Andy blushes and quickly thinks of Reese. "Thanks T. Feel better, okay? I'll send Daisy up."

"Thanks Andy."

Scene Five -- The Calimo Home; Robbie & Leah's House

The basement of the Calimo home has been transformed into a work shop area. Leah and Jeff sit in the basement working on large picket posters. Together they are working on a rally.

Leah reads the large sign. "Death of a Child = Death of the Killer". Before Noah's death, she was never an advocate for the death penalty. Now that her son was tragically taken from her she now wants the killer to pay for her crime. She does not care that the killer used to be one of her best friends, Meggan. And now she wants Meggan to die for her crime.

"I hope this works," Jeff says as he finishes piecing together another sign. "Having a rally outside the courthouse demanding the death penalty ... it seems pretty radical."

Leah sighs and looks up at him. "But you still want too right? I want her to pay for what she did to our son. Eye for an eye," Leah says, unable to even say Meggan's name.

Jeff sighs. He wants to do the right thing by Noah. He wants to see Meggan pay for what she has done. "Absolutely," he says confidently. "I'm just worried."

"About what?" Leah says quickly, almost snapping at him.

"Robbie and Kim. I'm sure they will not like this idea."

"I could care less. Robbie should know what this has done to me. If he doesn't, that's not my problem. I want justice to be served. Our little boy would almost be eleven. Next week is his birthday, did you forget?"

"Of course not. I will never forget Noah's birthday. IT was always so special for him growing up."

Leah gets tears in her eyes. She grabs Jeff's hand. "Then we have to go forward with this rally. We have to have justice served," she says. She looks up and looks into his eyes. "For Noah's sake."

Jeff smiles. "You are really proving to be a great mother to him. Even after all the years you missed with him."

"Thank you," she says softly. She moves in and they embrace. "Having your support means so much Jeff. I couldn’t get through this without you."

"You’ll never have to know otherwise," he says.

She smiles. He leans in and kisses her. The kiss lasts only a few minutes. She pulls back.

"Don't fight it," he says leaning in and kissing her again. The kiss is more passionately. His tongue quickly enters her mouth and she lets out a soft moan before pulling back.

"We can't ..." she says out of breathe.

Jeff leans back. "You're right. I'm sorry..."

"It's okay. Let's just concentrate on the rally, okay?"

Jeff smiles. "Yea. For Noah."

Scene Six -- The Sugarbowl

Daisy enters the busy coffeehouse, a little upset that Trenyce cancelled her own birthday party because she is still sick. More over, she is concerned that Trenyce is still suffering the side effects of the flu. She quickly concludes that if she's still feeling ill at the end of the week, she'll schedule a doctor's appointment for her niece. Her mind returns to Chris, her husband as she places her order. He seemed more than happy to hear that the birthday party was cancelled. She wonders what is going on with him and Trenyce. The two have barely spoken since they have been home from Milwaukee. Did something happen? she wonders to herself.

"Boo!" a man's voice says to Daisy as she places the lid on her coffee.

"Ah!" she says aloud as she jumps a little, scared at the man behind her. She turns and sees Vinny standing behind her with a grin on his face. She swats his arm. "You scared me half to death!"

"I know," he smiles. "It was fun!"

Daisy chuckles. While she and Vinny got off to the wrong foot, she has learned to really rely on his friendship. "You did make me smile. That's a good thing."

"Do you want to sit for a while?" he asks walking over to his table.

"I'd like that a lot," she says back to him. "Things have been ... rough, to say the least."

And now this is where Brett feels guilty again. He knows that Daisy is hurting from his revelation that Chris was the man sleeping with Danielle when she died. In fact, he is starting to feel guilty that he has the grand friendship with this woman ... and he can not even be perfectly honest with her. That he is Brett, Vinny's triplet brother, not Vinny himself.

"You know Vinny? It's like ... every day seems like a battle. A war at home. A silent war. I don't want Trenyce to find out anything," Daisy says softly not noticing that Brett is struggling himself.

"So what do you think you're going to do? You can't go on living like this."

Daisy shakes her head and takes another slow drink of her coffee. She knows what she has to do. She knows what she wants to do. But can she actually do it?

"What's going on in that that pretty head of yours Daisy?" he asks leaning in. "I see the wheels in your heard turning."

Daisy looks up from her drink. "I want to leave Chris..." she starts.

"I sense a but coming up here."

Daisy smiles. "...but what about Trenyce? She's already been moved from a house. I don't want to put her through that again. And there's my career. I don't want my name in the paper going through a nasty divorce," she sighs not sure of what she should do anymore.

Brett leans in and grabs her hand. "You have to come first. You’re not happy with Chris. He's an asshole. He doesn't deserve you. Staying in a marriage that is a lie would do more damage long term than leaving him. I'll be right here to help you. Anything you need Daisy, anything," he says rubbing her hand slowly. Brett looks deep into Daisy's brown eyes and realizes that he is slowly developing feelings for his friend. He is offering to help because a part of him wants to be with her, in every way possible.

"Thanks Vinny. I'll think about it okay? Maybe in the new year I can do it," she says thinking that maybe she will get the strength to leave her cheating husband.

Scene Seven -- The Michael's Home; Chris, Daisy & Trenyce's House

Trenyce creeps down the stairs of the large house, only wearing her grey sweat pants and a white tang top. Her hair is pulled back into a bun. She is headed downstairs just to get some soup that Daisy made her since she is still ill. Part of her is curious about all of her birthday presents too. She wishes that this bug would pass already; she hates that she is celebrating her birthday ill.

She enters the kitchen and spots Chris drinking a tall glass of water.

"You're alive," he says noticing that she is moving around which has been unusual for her as of late.

"I'm hungry," she pouts. "Daisy made me some soup I guess."

"Yea, it's here. It's still warm."

"Thanks," she says coldly.

"Look, this can't go on Trenyce," Chris states ready to confront her for their mutual actions.

"What exactly can not go on Chris?" Trenyce continues to feed him the icy looks.

"Daisy is bound to know something is up with us if we never talk ... and when we do it's unpleasant."

"Whose fault is that? I wasn’t the one that slept with a minor who happens to be my wife's niece. Deal with it," Trenyce snaps.

"Don't you understand! I want my marriage to work. We have to resolve this!" Chris yells, getting frustrated with Trenyce and her attitude. "So either you start to work with me on this, or I'll have no choice and ..."

Trenyce turns to him and glares at him. "And what? You'll tell Daisy the truth? Go ahead. We'll see which side she ends up on. I bet your ass anything it won't be yours. Especially now that she knows you were having sex with my mother!" She spits at him. She sees Chris' face drop. "Yea, I know. I heard you guys fighting. Imagine what it'll do to her when she learns you've slept with me too. You really have a thing for the women in this family, don't you uncle?"

Chris sighs. He knows he's between a rock and a hard place. What more can he do? Everything Trenyce is telling him is true. He feels lost. "You're right. Fine. I give up, okay? Do whatever you want. You will anyways."

Trenyce smiles. "Finally! You admit it. I have the power!" she chuckles. Chris refuses to speak, not caving into Trenyce's melodramatic moment. "Don't worry uncle. I'm not planning anything else. I already got what I want. I can co-exist with you. Around Daisy I'll be nice, but for her sake only. You ... stay the hell away from me," she says storming past him and heading back up to her room.

Chris sighs and grabs his parka and slams the front door shut.

Scene Eight -- The Wilkins Estate; Olivia, Preston & Reese's Home

Reese and Andy enter the large estate after driving over from Trenyce's house together. They left the Michael's home after Trenyce cancelled her birthday party.

"It's nice that we get to spend the afternoon together now," Reese says as they enter the foree. "We can make up for the other day when I saw Maddie."

"Sshh! We don't want your parents to find out!" Andy says hushing Reese.

"It's okay," Reese laughs. "They're both at work!"

Andy looks at Reese and grins. "Really? So we're alone?"

"Yea, why?" Reese asks, but before he can finish Andy presses his mouth against Reese's. Reese quickly moves his hand behind Andy's head as the kiss intensifies. "Want to go upstairs?" Reese asks.

"I thought you'd never ask," Andy says taking Reese's hand and leading the way.

Scene Nine -- Wild Night

Chris enters the rather busy club. He goes to the bar and quickly orders at double scotch on the rocks. He slowly takes a sip of the drink that soothes him. He takes a deep breathe. He needed to get out of the house. Admitting defeat ... especially to Trenyce is no easy feat. He realizes that he made this problem by sleeping with her! What was I thinking? he scolds himself as he finds more comfort in the scotch. He turns his head and sees Victoria sitting in the corner booth with a large martini glass in front of her and a laptop. He smiles and welcomes the distraction.

"Hey Vic," he says standing above her with his drink.

Victoria looks up and sees her old friend. "Chris, hey what a surprise. Please, have a seat."

"Are you sure? I would hate to intrude."

Victoria laughs. "I'm in a bar alone ... I can use the intrusion," she says closing her laptop. "Plus I've been meaning to stop and see you."

"Really? Me? How come?" he says sitting across from her.

"To thank you. I understand that you played a key part in getting me help when I was suffering from my personalities. That was a dark time for me ... I just wanted to thank you."

Chris smiles and blushes. "Hey any time. I knew something was off with you. I just wanted to help. It’s the least I could do. I've always considered you a good friend."

Victoria smiles. "Thanks, that really means a lot to me. It's been hard trying to get everything back on track, you know?"

"I can imagine. Anything I can do to help?"

Victoria arches her eyebrow. "Actually ... how well do you know Vinny Victors?"

Chris takes a slow sip of his scotch. "Pretty good. Guy is bad news. Everyone thought I stabbed him a few years back. Of course I didn't, but didn't stop Robbie from questioning me."

Victoria laughs. "A lot of us where suspects," she reminds him. "I don't remember much about that time though. I was already under the influence of my personalities. That's what I was looking on my laptop ... newspaper articles. Trying to put the pieces together."

"Any luck?"

"Sort of. I just ... I know something else was going on."

"Like what?" he asks becoming more interested.

"This will say between us right?"

"Of course."

Victoria sighs and begins to tell Chris her story. "Do you remember when I was shot?" she asks, as Chris nods his head. "It was Vinny who shot me. Because I knew a secret. There's some secret that I know about Vinny. It's enough that he wanted me dead."

Chris is floored. "Are you sure?"

"I've been having nightmares about it. I just ... I can't remember what this secret is. I don’t want to go to the police until I know, or I'm sure I'll sound crazy!"

Chris laughs. "Cheers to being crazy," he winks at her. "Seriously, I'll do whatever I can to help you solve this."

"Thanks Chris," she smiles back at him.

In the booth next to Victoria, Madeline takes a slow sip of her vodka slim. She smiles. Maybe it's time I help Victoria too, she thinks to herself after realizing that maybe Victoria is her way to escape Dave and Brett's clutches.

Scene Ten -- The Wilkins Estate; Olivia, Preston & Reese's Home

Andy and Reese lay in his bed naked, their bodies glistening in a fresh coat of sweat. Reese leans over and kisses Andy again.

"That was amazing," he smiles to his lover.

"I know. I had missed you and needed you badly."

"I could tell," Reese winks at him. "Not that I'm complaining."

"I've been thinking about something Reese," Andy says becoming little more serious.

"Oh..." Reese says back. "It sounds serious."

"It is. I mean. I am. I really ... like what we have going here. I mean ... I'm really falling for you," Andy says slowly looking into Reese's big hazel eyes.

"Really? I mean ... you mean that?" Reese says blushing.

"Of course," Andy says back to him smiling.

"Because I am too. I mean, I love you."

"Really?" Andy says excited.


"I love you too Reese," he says back to his boyfriend. "That's not all. I mean, I'm ready. I'm ready to come out. I'm ready to stop living this lie with Trenyce. I want everyone to know that we are together."

Reese hugs his boyfriend. "I've waited so long for this," he says.

"I know, thank you for waiting."

"When? After the holidays?"

"Yea, I was thinking then. Trenyce will be better and everything will be okay, you know?"

"Absolutely. Just knowing we are together and in love ... that's all I need." Reese beams. "This is going to be the best Christmas ever. I have you; I have Maddie back. My life is amazing."

"Because you're amazing," Andy beams.

Scene Eleven -- The Michaels Home; Chris, Daisy & Trenyce's House

Trenyce sits on the toilet waiting. She looks up as she hears the timer ding. She takes a deep breathe. She stands up and walks to the counter. She picks up the small pregnancy test stick. She reads it and drops it. Water fill her eyes immediately. This wasn't apart of her plan. She was just supposed to sleep with Chris and get control. She's too young to be a mother. She's too young to have a baby of her own. But that's what is going to happen. She sits, back on the toilet and sobs to herself. What now? she asks herself. "What now?"


A large fire roars in a large office. The office is in a high rise downtown, and the window offers a killer view of the downtown of Detroit. There are two large brown leather sofas that are perpendicular to the fireplace. In the centre of the two sofas is a new, large, modern coffee table. In the far back right corner, a large cherry oak desk sits. The office is finished by having numerous lush plants and expensive art on the wall.

A man sits at the desk. He slowly opens a file folder. Inside he picks up a picture. He looks at it. The photo is of Danielle and Trenyce at Christmas time a few years ago.

“So sad that you’re gone now Danielle,” he says as his finger strokes her face on the picture. “But soon Trenyce….soon,” he says putting the picture back in the folder.

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