Episode 73
Written by: Dallas Walsh

Episode Theme Song "Day Old Hate" by City & Colour

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Helen and Adam learned she was pregnant. They planned a New Year's Eve wedding ceremony. Helen, meanwhile, started to have vivid dreams of her and Olivia driving away from a bank.
- Bob and Sofia vowed to keep their secret involving Eva McCloud hidden. Dominick, who wants Sofia back, overheard them talking about Eva and went to Europe in hopes of tracking her down.
- Natasha slowly started walking on her own again. All the while, she grew closer to Shane and she realized that she is in love with Shane. Cassie started taking fertility drugs in hopes of getting pregnant with Shane's baby.
- Robin and Cory worked together on 'Introspect's' new ad campaign. At the photo shoot, they ended up making love unaware that the camera was still taking their picture.
- Trenyce finally learned the cause of her flu: she's pregnant with Chris' baby! Meanwhile, Daisy learned of Trenyce and Chris' affair after reading Trenyce's diary on Christmas.
- Andy told Reese that he is ready to come out to everyone so they can be together.
- Madeline revealed herself to Olivia and Preston on Christmas. She and Preston had a conversation in which Madeline revealed the real reason that she ran away: she learned that her parents were bank robbers and she wanted nothing to do with it.
- Leah and Jeff planned a rally at the court house to advocate the death penalty for Meggan's case.

Scene One -- Capers

The large restaurant would normally be hoping on New Year's Eve. The first year it's opened to the public for the special night and it would have done extremely well considering the popularity of the restaurant up to this point. Cassie looks over the transformed restaurant though. The large space has been separated into small dinning tables with a large platform near the back. She turns her head and smiles at the door sign that reads "Closed for Special Occasion". She thinks to the cheque that Adam and Helen wrote her to cover the nights costs for renting out the restaurant for their wedding and then reception. They were more than generous as they knew how much revenue she would have made had she kept the restaurant open to the public.

Preston and Olivia enter the restaurant. While they had not been invited to the wedding, they knew that most of the city would be there ... the figured they would come and hide out to see what was going on none the less. Cassie quickly approaches them.

"Are you on the guest list?" she asks them smiling, holding a clipboard with the list.

Olivia looks at Preston. "Not exactly," he says. "We just got back into town. We're old friends of Helen's ... they didn't expect us to be back in time for the wedding."

"I see," Cassie replies, arching her eyebrow. She knows a lie when she hears one. Instead of kicking them out, she smiles. "Have a seat back here, then. These seats haven't been claimed." she says extending her arm to a table in the back corner.

"Thank you," Olivia says walking over to the seat. "Do you think we could come back? Later when more people are here?"

Now Cassie knows something is up. "Absolutely. I'll make sure those two spots are kept for you two."

"Thank you again," Olivia smiles, looking at Preston.

Preston leads Olivia out of the restaurant the same way they came in. Cassie puts her hands on her hips. "What are those two up too?" she wonders aloud.

"Talking to yourself?" Shane asks standing behind her in his tuxedo.

Cassie turns and smiles. "Hey you!" she says rushing into his arms. She looks at him and kisses him passionately. "I've missed you."

"Obviously," he says pulling out of her embrace. "But we did just have each other this morning," he grins thinking back to another hot sex session that they had.

"I know," she purrs. "What can I say, I can't get enough of you."

"I'm pretty okay with that," he grins back to her.

"Get a room!" Adam laughs entering the restaurant.

Cassie turns to him, "How's the groom to be? Any butterflies?"

"Nah," he admits. "I'm surprisingly cool. After everything Helen and I have been through, this seems like the easy part."

"Congrats man," Shane says shaking Adam's hand and patting him on the back.

"Thanks Shane. Thank you again Cassie for letting us use your restaurant. It looks beautiful."

Cassie smiles with pride. "You're welcome. This is it's first wedding. Who knows? It may become a tradition," she says looking up to Shane. Shane notices her looking at him and gulps.

He is saved by the moment when Cory and Natasha enter the restaurant. Natasha, using a cane, walks in on her own.

"Wow! Look at you!" Shane says overjoyed that she is walking on her own.

Natasha smiles. "Thanks. My first outing without my wheel chair, it's a big deal I‘m so happy!"

"You look great," Adam says coming up to Natasha and hugging her.

"Doesn't she?" Cory agrees, looking at his wife.

Cassie rolls her eyes. All this talk of Natasha is enough to make her sick. She will not allow Natasha to steal Shane from her. Not now, not ever.

Scene Two -- The Towers; Floor Eight; Robin's Apartment

Robin curls the last piece of her long brown hair. She is wearing a bright soft orange dress for the wedding. She looks in the mirror. She is happy for Adam and Helen on this day; their wedding day. She thinks back to her own wedding day not too long ago ... the day she married Cory.


Father Murphy begins the vows.

"Do you Cory, take thee Robin to be your wedded wife?"

"I do" Cory smiles. Robin gets a tear in her eye.

"Do you Robin, take thee Cory to be your wedded husband?"

"I do" Robin says, letting a tear scroll down her cheek.

"By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife" Father Murphy says.

Cory kisses Robin passionately, as an overjoyed Rebecca looks on.


She gets a little misty from the memories but she smiles in the mirror. Everything is different now, she thinks. Or is it? She knows that her and Cory recently made love at the photo shoot for Introspect. She remembers Christmas though, and how difficult it was to see Cory with Natasha at the Calimo mansion ... acting as though nothing had happened. She sighs as the final piece of curled hair falls from the curling iron. If only there was some kind of hope for us, she thinks to herself. No matter how hard she has tried to forget Cory, she still loves him with all of her heart.

"One day," she says to herself. "Maybe one day."

Her thoughts are interrupted by her buzzer ringing. She walks over to the telephone to see who it is.

"Hello," she says picking up the phone.

"Delivery for Robin Navy," a man's voice is heard through the intercom.

"Come on up," she says wondering what the package could be. She could not remember ordering anything online recently.

The door bell rings and she opens the door. After giving the delivery man a tip, she receives the package and closes the door. She opens the envelope. Inside there's a note from Dean, the photographer from the Introspect photo shoot. "Thought you'd want these ... Dean" the note reads. She puts the note down and starts going through the photographs that Dean sent her. Her mouth falls wide open as she sees the pictures of her and Cory having sex on the pool table.

"My God," she says to herself in shock at the photos. "No one was supposed to know. Thankfully Dean sent me all the copies," she says holding up the negatives.

She puts the photos back in the envelope and drops them on her coffee table. She suddenly is overcome with emotion. She reopens the envelope and looks at the photos. She longs to have Cory every day. The images are more than she can bare. She sighs as tears flow from her eyes. She puts the photos back. She sits on the sofa. She wipes her face. "No more tears," she tells herself realizing that she has to get away. Suddenly it dawns on her. "I'll go to the Calimo cabin after the wedding. I'll head up there and have a few days by myself. New year, new start." she tells herself. She puts the envelope in her purse and prepares to leave, knowing she won't be back in her apartment for a few days.

Scene Three -- Caper's Restaurant

Guests fill the tables surrounding the centre stage where the wedding will take place. Cassie looks on in hope that everything will go off as planned. Her eyes quickly scan to the back corner as she spots Olivia and Preston sitting together. For some odd reason, she thinks they are up to something. She doesn't know how or what, but she plans on finding out.

"Ladies and gentlemen," she announces into a microphone. "If I could have your attention please. Adam and Helen are ready to begin."

The murmuring crowd quickly quiets down as music begins to play. The guests turn and see Natasha at the end of the restaurant. She slowly, with the help of her cane, walks down the aisle. Cassie returns to her seat next to Shane and grabs his hand as he watches Natasha closely as she walks down the aisle. Natasha's eyes move over to Shane and she smiles at him. Cory, who is standing up for Adam, notices and fumes inside. Why can’t she let him go? He wonders to himself. Natasha reaches the end and turns as Helen appears. The crowd awes at her simple but elegant white beaded dress. Helen walks down the aisle, noticing Olivia and Preston in the back corner. She quickly wonders what they are doing at her wedding. As she walks, she realizes Olivia is the woman form her dreams. She turns and looks at Adam. A smile appears on her face as she sees him. She'll deal with Olivia afterwards. Nothing will stop her from having a good time at her wedding. Olivia, meanwhile, gulps after realizing that Helen saw her.

Helen arrives at the alter.

"You look amazing," Adam tells her as he looks into her eyes.

"Thank you. You look so handsome."

Father Murphy clears his throat. "Welcome everyone. This is a little bit untraditional wedding, but Adam and Helen would rather have a small wedding here. I am pleased to be with you all tonight. Let us begin, shall we?"

"Adam and Helen are to blessed souls that have come together to share their love together. This ceremony represents their love and their willingness to commit to each other for the rest of their lives," Father Murphy says to the crowd. "Adam and Helen, please take hands."

Helen turns to Natasha and hands her bouquet before turning back to Adam and placing her hands in his.

"Love is a wonderful, magical thing. Adam and Helen have found a special, unique love that binds them together. Adam, Helen ... are you guys ready?"

The couple smile as they look at each other. They both look to Father Murphy. "We are," they say in unison.

Father Murphy smiles. This is the part that he loves about performing wedding ceremony's. The part where the couple accept that they are about to enter a sacred vow to love and honour each other forever. Natasha and Cory lock their eyes together. She soon flutters them away and looks over at Shane. Cory turns his attention to Robin, who smiles back at him. Cassie, again, is unnerved by Shane's attentiveness with Natasha.

"Do you Adam promise to love, cherish and respect Helen in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, as long as you both shall live?" Father Murphy asks drawing his eyes to Adam.

Adam looks at Father Murphy, then smiles at Helen. "I do."

"And do you Helen, promise to love, cherish and respect Adam in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, as long as you both shall live?"

Helen let's a single tear fall from her eye and down her cheek. She smiles as she wipes it away. "I do," she replies.

"Cory, Natasha," Father Murphy begins. "Can we have some rings?"

Helen and Adam turn to their attention to Natasha and Cory to receive their rings respectively. They turn back to each other.

"Helen, take your ring and place it on Adam's finger and repeat after me," Father Murphy instructs Helen as she slides the ring on Adam's hand. "Adam, with this ring I thee wed."

"Adam, with this ring I thee wed," Helen says through a sprinkle of tears.

"And now Adam, take your ring and place it on Helen's finger and repeat after me. Helen, with this ring I thee wed."

Helen holds out her hand for Adam as he places the ring on her finger. "Helen, with this ring I thee wed."

Father Murphy looks up at the crowd. "By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife! Adam, you may kiss your bride."

Adam looks at Helen with the biggest smile on his face. "I have wanted to do this for a long time," he says as he moves in to kiss her.

"Just kiss me already," Helen says pulling him into a passionate kiss.

Natasha and Cory start the crowd off by clapping and cheering.

Adam and Helen break from their kiss. "Thank you everyone ... the reception is here! The festivities will begin shortly."

Scene Four -- Capers

Madeline and Will sit at a table each enjoying a glass of champagne.

"This has been a fun date," he smiles to her as he takes another drink. "You look beautiful tonight."

Madeline blushes a little. "Thanks Will. A wedding and a date on New Year's. I'm pretty lucky this year."

"I hope to keep you lucky," he says coming in and kissing her.

Madeline finds herself putting her hand behind Will's head and drawing him into a deeper, more passionate kiss. They finally break.

"Wow," he says to her. "We should do that more often."

Madeline smiles. "Look, there's something I need to tell you."

Will arches his eye brow as he leans back into his chair. "This sounds serious. What's going on Patricia?"

Madeline looks awkwardly away. "That's just it ... my name isn't Patricia."


Victoria walks up to the bar and grabs a glass of champagne. She twirls her hair as she takes a sip of it. Her mind is racing on many things. She knows Helen was less than thrilled by Adam's invitation to the wedding, but she wants to try to make up for her behaviour when she had multiple personalities. She opens the large crystal vase that she got them as a wedding gift will be a good start.

Her mind is really on the dreams she has been having lately though. First the reoccurring dream of Vinny shooting her. And on Christmas the dream of a faceless man calling a man that looks like Vinny "Brett". She is determined to remember and find out why Vinny would want her dead.

"You look a million miles away," Andy says approaching her.

"Hey Andy. Sorry, I was just thinking. You look great, by the way," she says taking note of his tux.

"Thanks, you look great yourself. Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yea, I'm fine. Where's your man? You should be spending the night with him!"

Andy blushes. "That's part of the reason I wanted to talk to you. I'm planning to have a dinner party early next week. I'm planning too..." he begins, but before he can finish Trenyce comes up behind him.

"There you are! I was looking for you," she says, slightly annoyed that Andy is with Victoria again.

"Hi Trenyce," Victoria smiles at her, knowing that it'll push her buttons.

"Victoria, you look ... nice," Trenyce quips back, not giving an inch.

"I'll talk to you later Vic?" Andy says, trying to prevent the women's snips from escalating.

"Sure. Count me in for next week," Victoria smiles as she walks away.

"What's going on next week?" Trenyce asks turning her attention to her boyfriend.

"I was thinking of having a dinner party," Andy tells her. "There's things that I want everyone, including you to know." Andy says. Inside Andy is scared of how Trenyce is going to handle the fact that he is gay ... and dating Reese.

Trenyce looks at Andy. For some reason she is scared that she is about to lose him. She doesn't know why, but just have a feeling. She puts her hand on her stomach for a minute and thinks of her baby. Her baby with Chris. She cringes at the thought.

"You okay T? You look pale suddenly."

"I need some air. I'm going to go for a walk. Can we talk when I get back? I really need you," she says trying not to cry.

"Absolutely. I'm always here for you," Andy says back to her concerned about his friend.


Will sits back in his chair unable to grasp what Madeline just said. Up to this point, things with her have been going so well in their relationship. The few dates they've had have gone well. They've kissed and enjoyed the lip locks. He hasn't admitted that he was sleeping with another woman for awhile ... but why would he? They were not officially together then.

"What do you mean Patricia is not your real name?" he asks dumbfounded.

Madeline sighs. "My name is Madeline Wilkins. When I was 15, I ran away from home. Patricia West was my cover. My parents are well known ... I had to have a cover," she says slowly and some what ashamed of her actions. "I understand if you hate me. I understand if you never want to see me again. But I had to be honest with you."

Will leans back and shuts his eyes. He slowly opens them and look at Madeline. "I don't hate you Pat ... I mean Madeline," he corrects himself mid sentence. "I'm just ... taken a back. I really like you. I didn't think you were lying to me this entire time."

Before Madeline can reply, Preston and Olivia arrive at her table.

"Is this the boy you mentioned to us darling?" Preston asks holding out his hand to introduce himself. "I'm Preston Wilkins. Madeline's father."

Will stands up. "Nice to meet you Mr. Wilkins. Will Coutts," he says shaking Preston's hand.

Olivia emerges from behind Preston. Will and Olivia lock eyes.

"Olivia, this is Maddie's boyfriend Will," Preston says urging her to introduce herself.

Olivia shuts her eyes and imagines Will slamming her body up against the wall in office as they made hot passionate love. "Nice to meet you Will. I'm Olivia, Madeline's mother."

Will follows Olivia's lead. "Please Mrs. Wilkins. I've actually heard of you."

"You have?" Preston asks intrigued.

"I'm a nurse at GH. Your wife has a wonderful reputation there."

"Thank you," Olivia blushes.

"She is wonderful at what she does," Preston bodes about his wife. “Wait a second. This is the young fellow you were coaching at work, darling?”

Olivia nods to Preston, trying to conceal what really happened at their coaching sessions.

"You're quiet. Are you alright Madeline?" Olivia asks her daughter, trying to change the subject from her and Will.

"I'm fine. You know me ... overly sappy. I love weddings," Madeline lies still unsure of where she and Will stand.

Will and Olivia continue to look at each other, both clearly awkward about the situation. Never in a million years did Olivia think the girl that Will said he was interested in would turn out to be her long lost daughter. She gulps and smiles.

"I love weddings too," Olivia smiles back to her daughter.


"We are getting closer to midnight," Leah tells Robbie as they sip some champagne.

Robbie looks at his wife and smiles. He knows that the holiday season has brought them closer together ... including making love on Christmas Day, the first intimate encounter since Noah's death.

"Can I get a kiss at twelve?" he winks at her.

Leah looks up at her husband. "You can have a kiss anytime you want," she smiles as she leans in a kisses him.

"Have I told you lately how beautiful you are?"

"No. Tell me now," she teases.

"I'm so glad we have reconnected over the holidays Leah. I hated feeling so distant from you."

Leah grabs her husbands hand. "I know. I hated it too. I still need you to understand that I am going to do everything in my power to make sure Meggan suffers for killing Noah. I need that justice served before I can fully start to move on."

Robbie sighs and leans back. "What exactly do you mean by that Leah?"

Leah braces herself. She has not told Robbie about her plan with Jeff to rally outside the court house to advocate the death penalty for Meggan.

"I'm guessing she's going to plead guilty," Robbie tells her. "I think the only aspect of the trial that have to be determined will be her sentencing."

Leah slowly takes a drink of champagne. She rests the glass down and looks over at Robbie. "I want her to die," Leah says looking away.

Robbie almost coughs up his champagne. "What?"

"You heard me. I want her to receive the death penalty."

Robbie's draw drops listening to his wife's latest idea.


Daisy scans the room searching for something, even though she is unsure what it is. She sees Chris in another corner chatting with Victoria. She wishes she could turn back time and go back to her wedding with Chris. Things were so much better at that time. They didn't have these secrets, lies and heartache then. She sighs as Brett approaches her.

"Hey, enjoying the wedding?" he asks sitting across from her.

"Hey Vinny," she says, still not knowing that Brett is really posing as Vinny. "I'm not really have a good time."

"I can tell. You look like you're about to burst into tears. What's going on?"

Daisy turns away. She doesn't want to talk about it ... not even with her good friend. "Thanks for offering Vinny, I do appreciate it. But I think I should go. I'm not having a good time. I'll talk to you later okay?"

Brett watches as Daisy stands up and walks away. Daisy grabs her jacket and turns back and looks at Chris, who is approaching her. So many dreams dashed away. So little hope left in her heart.

“Leaving already?” Chris asks her as he makes his way to his wife.

“Yup. I’m not really in a party mood,” she replies as she puts her jacket on.

Chris sighs at her cold response. He looks at her for a moment. “Can I come home with you?” He already knows her answer, but he feels like he has to try. He still wants to work on his relationship with his wife. He is trying the best he can.

Daisy looks back at her husband. She wishes everything would be perfect with them again, but how can it be? He has lied to her over and over again. She knows she can not trust him.

“No. I need time alone. To think.”

Chris takes a step back and retracts his hand which was going for her hand. He doesn’t want to pressure Daisy. He sees her eyes fill with water.

“Are you okay? Daisy?” he says putting his hand on her shoulder.

Daisy quickly moves away from him. “Don’t touch me,” she warns. “Just … just leave me alone Chris.”

Chris watches as a distract Daisy leaves the party. Inside, Chris’ heart breaks. He now realizes that his actions are causing Daisy more heartache than he every imagined before.

Scene Five -- River Valley

Trenyce walks alone on the pathway by the river. Naturally, the river is frozen and a thick layer of snow covers the iced water. The tall trees in the valley make it especially dark near the river valley at this time of night. Trenyce can hear an owl hooting. She looks up and sees the bright moon shining down upon her. She snuggles into her parka.

She walks slowly through the valley. She needed to be alone. Everything and everyone at the party was getting to her. She never thought that getting her revenge on Chris would be so heartbreaking to her. Why don't I feel complete? she asks herself as she walks. Why do I feel like I've cheated myself on my first experience with a man? Why do I not feel happy that I accomplished my goal? So many questions fill her head. So few answers she can give herself.

A small foot bridge appears. She walks to the centre of the bridge and looks up into the sky. She looks at the stars and the moon in the sky. "Mom," she says aloud. "Are you there? Can you hear me? I feel so alone. I ... I don't know what to do. I thought by sleeping with Chris, I would do you some kind of justice ... but what have I really done? I don't feel any better. I don't know what you think. I miss talking to you. I wish you were here to guide me."

Suddenly, Trenyce sees a shooting star in the sky. Her eyes widen and a get watery. "And now I have this baby. My baby. How am I going to explain that to everyone. What if Daisy finds out? I just feel so ... empty," she says aloud again.

Trenyce continues to look up at the stars and moon that shine down upon her, pondering her future and her next move.

Scene Six -- Capers

Adam and Helen reappear on the small stage that was set up. "Ladies and gentlemen, can we have your attention," Helen speaks into the microphone. "We are getting close to midnight. We just wanted to thank you all for coming. It means a lot to me that you're all here and we hope you are having a great time!" Helen says aloud.

"But it's time for us to throw the garter belt," Adam says getting a big grin on his face. He pulls a chair over to Helen. He slowly lifts her leg as some men in the audience whistles in the crowd. "I love this part," he yells out to everyone. Helen laughs at her husband's antics. Adam slowly removes the garter belt.

"Okay ... all the single men, get ready!" Adam yells as he turns around. Helen covers his eyes with her hands. "1 ... 2 ... 3!" Adam says as he tosses the garter belt over his head. Andy catches the garter belt in the audience. He twirls it around and laughs. Reese looks over at Andy and smiles.

"This is pretty cool. I've never had a garter belt before!" Andy laughs.

"Okay ladies! It's your turn," Helen says from the stage. "Everyone gather around. I'm going to throw my bouquet!"

The women gather in the same place as the men just where. Helen tosses the bouquet. An ecstatic Cassie catches the flowers! Her eyes go over to Shane immediately, but he quickly turns away.

The crowd continues to laugh. Suddenly Helen is hit with another memory flash.


The car has stopped. It's parked under an old tree off the side of the road. When driving by on the road, you can not see the car. Inside, Helen is sweating. She looks up in the mirror. She is not crying anymore, but she was scared. Scared that the police car was going to catch them. Helen looks next to her and sees Olivia trying to catch her breath. She too is scared. Helen turns her head and looks into the backseat of the car. And there it is. Two large bags of money.


"Oh my God," Helen says to herself, her face turning pale.

"Babe, what's going on? You don't look so well."

"I remember," she says looking to her husband. In the crowd, Olivia sees Helen and starts to panic. She knows something is going on with Helen, she just is not sure what.

"What about the cake?" she calls out, hoping to interrupt Helen's moment.

Helen quickly smiles, realizing where she is again. "Yes, cake time."


Cassie approaches Shane with her new bouquet in hand.

"Look what I got!" she beams at him, showing him the flowers.

"I saw. Congrats. They are beautiful."

"They are, aren't they. We are almost at midnight. I'm excited to kiss you," she says coming closer to him.

Shane sighs as Cassie hugs him. He quickly realizes that he is in too deep with this girl. He is in love with Natasha. He wants to kiss her at midnight. He realizes that he has to end this relationship, before it's too late.

"I'm going to go outside for a walk," he says, exiting the embrace.

"Is everything okay?"



The guests start to eat the cake, which has finished being cut and served to everyone. Helen puts her plate down and notices Olivia approaching.

"Helen, what a beautiful wedding," Olivia smiles taking a small bite of her cake.

Helen is unsure of how to react. She knows that Olivia is the woman from her dreams, but what does she want? Who is she really?

"Thank you. I'm sorry, I hate to be rude ... but do I know you?"

Olivia laughs. "How soon you forget," she smiles at Helen. When Helen doesn't respond, Olivia continues, "We went to high school together. We go way back. We've lost touch a little over the years, but just before your accident we had reconnected."

Helen looks at Olivia. She looks honest enough. She doesn’t look like she would lie about something like that. Helen smiles, buying into Olivia's story.

"I'm sorry ... since my accident, it's been hard remembering all the little details."

"It's okay. You know, I am a therapist. Maybe I could help you put the pieces back together?” Olivia offers, knowing that she would never allow Helen to remember the truth.

Helen smiles. “That would be nice, thank you so much.”


Victoria and Chris sit at the bar drinking together. Neither one of them had a particularly good time at the wedding, but they still came to show their support to Helen and Adam. More so for Adam in Victoria's case, as Helen still gives her the cold reception.

"Where's Daisy?" she asks taking another drink of her champagne.

"Dunno. She's not really talking to me these days, not that I can blame her."

"I'm sorry to hear. I hope things get better soon."

"Yea, me too." He looks at her and admires her beauty for a minute. "You remember anything else?"

Victoria chuckles. "I wish. It's driving me crazy."

"If there's anything I can do," he says placing his hand on hers.

"Thanks ..." she smiles back him. Suddenly Victoria's face goes pale. She looses her smile.

"Vic? What's up? Something I said?"

"Nnnoo," she stutters. "I remember! I remember why Vinny wanted me dead!"


Robin finishes her glass of champagne. She looks at her watch quickly and realizes that it’s getting closer to midnight. Her eyes span the room and she spots Cory and Natasha across the room smiling and laughing together. She sighs heavily.

“I should go,” she says to herself. “No time like the present to head up to the Calimo cabin. Lord knows I do not want to see Cory and Natasha kiss at midnight. “

She looks around and slowly heads off to the side door to the parking lot.


Will hands Madeline another glass of champagne.

“Thank you,” she smiles accepting the glass. “Are you having a good time?”

“Of course. The wedding was beautiful. So are you …”

Madeline blushes. “Thank you. You’re so sweet to me.”

“I’m just honest. And listen … I forgive you for not telling me your real identity.”

Madeline looks away, ashamed still of her actions. “I’m so sorry Will. I tried to tell you. I … I was just scared.”

Will places his hand on hers. “I know you were. But we don’t have to be scared anymore. No more secrets, promise?”

“Promise,” she says as they kiss.

Secretly, both of them know they still have secrets from each other. He is not telling her that he has slept with her mother, and she is not telling anyone that she was a hooker when she first ran away from home.

Scene Seven -- Caper's; The Parking Lot

"It's almost midnight Bob," Sofia says smiling to her husband as they walk to the car. Together, they were leaving the party and heading home.

"Next year, is going to be a wonderful year," he smiles at her. "But first and foremost, you have to stop your worrying."

Sofia looks at him and raises her eyebrow. "I know. I can't let this get to me. I'm just so worried that everyone will learn..."

"Sssh, don't say anything else," he says approaching her and hugging her.

Unbeknownst to both of them, Robin steps outside and quickly sees them in an embrace. Instead of going back inside, she quickly ducks and hides behind some bushes. She does not want to deal with Sofia tonight ... and she certainly does not want to go inside and see Cory kiss Natasha at midnight. She quickly looks down at her watch. 11:55 it reads. She can not help but overhear Bob and Sofia's conversation.

"You're too good to me, you know that?" Sofia smiles to him, exiting from their hug.

"You're good to me too. It goes both ways. That's why we have to trust each other. No one, no one will ever find out about Eva McCloud."

Robin listens intently. "Who is Eva McCloud?" she wonders to herself.

"Thank you Bob. IF anyone learned that Eva was really Natasha's mother, and not me ... all hell would break loose!"

"Shh, listen," Bob says as he can hear the wedding guests count down "5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 .. 1 Happy New Year!"

"Happy New Year my love," he says kissing her.

In the bush, Robin is floored by what she just overheard ... this woman named Eva McCloud is really Natasha's mother, not Sofia as everyone has been lead to believe.

Scene Eight -- Capers

Cory looks around the reception. He hopes to see Robin before midnight, but he does not see her. Inside, he tells himself that he wants to wish her a Happy New Year. He just wants to look into her eyes and see her smile as he said those words to her. And a part of him wants to kiss her too. He quickly scolds himself. He looks over his shoulder and sees Natasha looking around. Clearly, she is looking for me, he concludes as he begins to walk over.

Cassie looks around for Shane wondering where he has got too. She looks down at her watch and quickly notices that it is 11:55. She has to find him so they can be together at midnight. She finally spots him ... he's across the room approaching Natasha. Cassie rolls her eyes as she sees Natasha smile at his presence. "Bitch," she says to herself.

"Oh Shane, there you ..." Natasha smiles as he approaches her. "I was looking for you."

"Yea, I was looking for you too," he admits. "You look amazing tonight. Absolutely beautiful."

Natasha blushes a little. "Oh thanks. You look handsome as well."

"Thanks. It's almost midnight."

"Yea, I should ..." she begins, but before she can finish Cory has arrived and interrupts them.

“There you are. I was looking for you,” Cory says glaring at Shane. “Shane, aren’t you going to find your girlfriend? It’s almost midnight.”

“I was just leaving Cory,” Shane spits as he walks away.

Cory turns to Natasha. “Happy New Year. I love you,” he says coming in and kissing her.

Natasha closes her eyes and kisses Cory back. Once they part, she whispers “I love you too Shane.” Suddenly the crowd yells “Happy New Year!” The clock has struck twelve.

Cory is horrified and steps back. “What did you just say?”

Scene Nine -- Capers; Main Street

Outside the restaurant, Andy and Reese anticipate the New Year together. They stay close, as they cold air bites at their faces.

"Sorry we couldn't stay inside," Andy says, still upset with himself for not wanting to come out sooner.

"It's okay. As long as we are together," Reese replies. "You still want to have that dinner party right? To come out to everyone."

"Of course," Andy smiles to him. "I can't wait to tell everyone that we are together as a couple. I want it more than anything in the world."

"I love you so much," Reese says to him, holding his hand.

"I love you too!" Andy smiles back. "Listen ... 5..."

Reese joins in and together they continue the countdown. Once it gets down to 1, Reese moves in and kisses Andy softly on his lips. Andy moves his hand up to Reese's head and embraces him. Slowly, up the sidewalk walks Trenyce coming back from her walk. She looks up and sees Andy and Reese kissing. She stops in shock and quickly turns a corner. Tears fill her eyes as she leans up against an old brick building. What now? She asks herself.

Scene Ten -- Dominick's Townhouse

Dominick opens the door to his townhouse and drags his suitcase in. He has been in Europe for weeks. He missed Christmas, and he has virtually missed New Year’s with his family. But he's home now. He looks around the lavish living room and smiles. He had bought his townhouse a few years ago on a trip to Twin Peaks. He thought it was silly that he continued to stay in the hotel when he visited Robin and Leah so often. The townhouse was beautifully decorated and always kept up as he had a housekeeper maintain it. Suddenly he hears the knock on the door. He walks over to the front and sees a woman standing there.

"I thought you weren’t coming," he says to the woman, who has her face covered by a large hat.

"You're deal sounded far too interesting to pass up," she says coming in and lighting a cigarette.

"Make this place your home. You can stay here while we do this together," he says coming into the living room behind her.

The woman takes her hat off and swings it to the sofa. She turns to him and smiles.

"I love what you've done with the place Dom!" Eva McCloud smiles at him.

"Thanks Eva. I knew you'd love it!"

Scene Eleven -- The Michael's Home; Chris, Daisy & Trenyce's House

The bathroom mirror is covered in steam. The shower runs at a hot temperature. The water hits Daisy's skin as she sits in the bathtub in the fetal position. Tears are in her eyes as the water splashes down on her. What I fool I've been, she says to herself. Not only is Chris sleeping with my sister, he slept with my niece, who at the time was underage. Daisy's entire body aches from this realization. Her heart can not possibly break anymore than it already is. When this information gets out, her public image will be ruined. How can she ever run a city when she can not even control her marriage? Or at least her husband's libido. Seeing him at the wedding was too much. Has it become too much that she can not even look at her husband now? She can not look at him without feel her heart break all over again? Without feeling like her world is crashing down around her?

She turns her head slowly to the side. Sitting on the edge of the bathtub it sits. A razor blade. Daisy looks at it as more tears fill her eyes. She wants to end it all. Why would she go on? Her career is about to hit a huge brick wall; her marriage is over; her niece has been lying to her and out to sabotage her. Her heart aches, and she has no idea how to fix it. She is suffocating in her skin. She is at the end. She is emotionally drained. She does not know what else to do with her life. How can I go on? she asks herself as she picks up the razor blade.

She runs the blade over her the length of her wrist. She draws blood hear her elbow. She quickly drops the razor and shuts her eyes in pain. The water in the drain is now crimson from the blood that is pouring from the inside of her elbow. She presses it hard hoping to sever the wound. She opens her eyes and looks at the razor blade that now rests on the bathtub floor. She knows that she can not go through with it. No matter how bad things are, she can not take her own life, as hard as it may be to get through and no matter how she longs not to feel this pain anymore.

She rests her head on her knees and let's more tears out. She openly starts to sob as the water hits the top of her head, trying to gain strength from within.

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