Episode 74 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Cory and Robin made love at a photo shoot for ‘Introspect’. The photographer sent Robin photos of them having sex. On New Years Eve, Robin overheard Bob and Sofia talking about Eva McCloud and learned their secret: Eva is Natasha’s mother, not Sofia!
- Dominick returned from Europe … with Eva McCloud!
- Cory told Natasha he loved her at midnight … she responded “I love you too Shane”
- Cassie plotted to get pregnant with Shane’s baby. Shane realized he was in over his head with her.
- Helen & Adam married. Helen continued to remember more and more of Olivia and Preston robbing banks. Olivia introduced herself as a high school friend of Helen’s. Helen believed her story.
-Trenyce saw Andy & Reese kissing on New Years Eve.

Scene One -- The Calimo Cabin

Robin awakes in the large king size bed in the master bedroom of the Calimo cabin. She quickly recalls leaving the wedding reception and driving up to the cabin on New Year’s Eve. She is still reeling from the conversation she overheard before she left: Bob and Sofia discussing Eva McCloud and how Eva, not Sofia, is Natasha’s biological mother. Confusion fills Robin’s head. She is not sure what exactly she overheard, but she knows it doesn’t make sense. Bob and Sofia must have been drunk. Another woman is Natasha’s mother? How is that even possible? She thinks to herself as she lays in bed. But what if it’s true? What does it mean for everyone?

Robin gets out of bed and wraps her housecoat around herself. She slowly makes her way into the kitchen where she puts on a pot of coffee. She needs some caffeine to wake herself up so she can think properly. She looks over at the dinning table. The large envelope lays on the table. She knows what lays inside; the photos of her and Cory making love at the Introspect photo shoot. She sighs. So much as happened in the last few weeks. Hence, why she decided to come up to the cabin. She needed to get away from it all. She needs space and time to think and refocus; about Cory, Natasha and the mess that they seemingly can not escape.

The beeping sound from the coffee maker interrupts her train of thought. She pours herself a hot cup and walks over to the large bay window. She looks outside. From the window, she can see the frozen river. Large snow banks cover the sides of the river bank, and the trees outside. She can hear the window howl. She thinks that maybe she should start a fire. She could sit in front of the flames and try to think about what she should do with her life, and what to do with the information she has learned.

Scene Two -- The Tower’s - The Penthouse; Cory's Home

Cory sits on the patio of this penthouse. The air is brisk and cool, but he is enjoying the bitterness of it all. He drinks from his large mug of coffee and thinks back to the New Year’s eve party, which was also Adam and Helen’s wedding reception. He remembers walking to Shane and Natasha in a conversation, and once Shane left how Natasha said “I love you too Shane” to him.

Stunned and jolted Cory bolted from the party and came home. He hasn’t checked his phone, although he knows Natasha has tried calling him numerous times. He knows he’ll have to deal with her … he just needs time away from her. How is it possible that his relationship with Natasha has come to this? He is still in love with Robin, despite his best efforts to move on and forget her and now Natasha is in love with Shane. The thought makes him sick to his stomach. He knew Shane was after his wife, but he never imagined she’d fall for the doctor. He shakes his head when he thinks of all the women Shane has been through; Victoria, Rebecca, Cassie … and all the while he was pinning over Natasha. Cory takes another deep breath of the cold air. He needs to the air to keep him from exploding.

He closes his eyes for a moment and sees Robin. He wonders where she went last night. He never saw her leave the party, and he wanted to see her before the New Year. He quickly scolds himself. How can he pass judgement on Natasha and Shane when he is longing to be with Robin?

He shakes his head again and slowly makes his way into the Penthouse. The telephone rings again. He walks over and sees Natasha’s name on the caller ID. At first he thinks of ignoring it again, but then he realizes that he has to face Natasha, and this mess that they are in together, sooner or later.

“Hello,” he says finally picking up the phone making sure he answers in a neutral sounding tone. The last thing he wants to do is tip off Natasha that he is upset, at least not over the telephone.

“Cory, hey … I didn’t think you’d answer,” Natasha replies on the other end relieved that she has finally got a hold of her husband.

“I’ve been thinking. We need to talk.”

“I know. I’m so sorry about last night. We do need to talk.”


“My mother agreed to let us use the cabin. Let’s get away. Just the two of us. We can talk and be alone. I think we need that Cory.”

Cory thinks for a moment. She is right. Getting away right now is exactly what they need. So they can both put everything on the table and have it out. Once and for all.

“Sounds perfect. I’ll pick you up in an hour? We can go together?”

“Sure, see you in a hour,” Natasha says before she hangs up the phone.

Cory places the receiver down. One way or another, he and Natasha would resolve this by the time they left the Calimo cabin Cory concludes. That thought scares him to his core although he doesn’t know why exactly.

Scene Three -- The Glubbs House; Shane & Cassie’s Home

Cassie tosses in the satin sheets of the king size bed in the master bedroom in Shane‘s house. She rolls over and feels for Shane. Her eyes open when she feels empty bed beside her. She sighs when she realizes that Shane never came into her bed at all last night. She wonders where he is. She rolls out of bed and finds her pink satin robe. She opens the door to the bedroom and proceeds downstairs.

“Shane?” she calls out as she enters the kitchen.

Shane turns around after pouring himself a cup of coffee. He takes a drink as he sees Cassie enter the kitchen. He has been dreading this all night. He knows what he has to do, but still he knows it will not be easy.

“Morning,” he breaks the silence. “Coffee is fresh.”

“You didn’t come to bed last night. Is everything okay?” she asks putting her hands on her hips.

“Everything is fine. We need to talk though,” he says sitting down at the dinning room table. How is he supposed to tell her that it’s over? He doesn’t know the words to say, but he knows that he has to do it today.

“Talk?” she purrs at him. “How about after…” she begins as she unties her robe.

“No Cassie, now.” he says rejecting her sexual advances. He knows that he can not put this off any longer. “It’s about us.”

Cassie gulps. She quickly recalls the wedding on New Year’s eve. She noted that Shane was acting a little off. She then remembers seeing him with her … Natasha. She doesn’t say anything. She sits across the small the table from Shane and looks up at him.

“I think we’ve had a lot of fun times together…” he starts. “But I think you are in this more than I am. I don’t think it’s fair of me to continue to stay in this …”

“I love you Shane,” she interrupts him getting tears in her eyes.

“I know,” he says reaching across to find her hand. “That’s why I have to end this Cassie. I … I don’t feel the way you do. It’s not fair of me to continue this.”

Cassie bites her lower lip trying not to cry. “Love takes time…maybe you just need more time.” She knows she’s grasping at straws, but she has to do something. She can not just let Shane go so easily. She won’t.

“I’m sorry Cassie. It’s…it’s over,” Shane announces. He stands up. “I have to go to office. Take all the time you need to gather your things or to find a place. I can stay at the hospital until then.”

The words sting Cassie. Shane doesn’t want to be with her anymore. How did this happen? Why did this happen? It’s Natasha’s fault, she quickly realizes. She looks at Shane and she knows that she has to act fast. She has to do something to make him realize that they are meant to be together.

“Shane please! Please!” she pleads. “Do you want me to beg?” Cassie says becoming desperate, not know which way to turn.

“Cassie, come on. Don’t do this.”

As tears stream down her face she falls to her knees, “Please Shane. I love you. We can make this work.”

He picks her up from the ground. “Come on Cassie. You’re better than this. You’re a strong, beautiful woman. You’ll be fine.”

Cassie doesn’t say anything. She gets her tears under control. She looks at Shane for a second. She knows that he can love her, if he only tries. If only Natasha wasn’t in the picture.

“Look, I have to go to work. Take all the time you need,” he says again, reassuring her. He slowly walks away, leaving her with her tears alone in the kitchen. Outside, he takes a few quick, deep breaths of the cold air and shakes his head. No one ever said breaking up was fun, he thinks to himself as he opens the door to his car.

Scene Four -- The Sugarbowl

Andy sits in the booth with his note book open. He is busy planning his dinner party which he has scheduled for next week. He looks over his notes; he wants everything to be absolutely perfect for the dinner. He is, after all, finally going to come out of the closet to everyone and reveal his relationship with Reese. He smiles at the thought of Reese. Not too long ago, he was still questioning his sexuality ... now he know he is gay and in love with Reese. He sighs to himself as he thinks how far he has come from the time Kim took him under her wing. He now has a sister and a boyfriend; he doesn’t have to be ashamed of who he is anymore.

"Things sure do change," he says to himself as he takes a little drink of his Eggnog latte, which are almost finished for the season.

"I couldn't agree more. Things do change," Trenyce says as she stands above Andy. As Trenyce looks at Andy, she can't help but feel more of this deep sadness inside. She's still struggling with the fact that she got revenge on Chris for her mother and ended up pregnant. Something she needs to correct. Plus she is now carrying the secret of Andy and Reese being a couple. She thinks back to New Year’s Eve and seeing Andy and Reese kiss. She knew all along that something was up with Andy, as he was never very physically close to her. She suspected he was gay for a long time but kept it to herself. While at first the truth stung her, she has accepted it … and she is waiting for Andy to come to her with the truth.

"Hey T!" Andy says, oblivious to Trenyce's dilemma. "What's up. You want me to get you some coffee. Only a week left for the Eggnog latte ... I know you love them!"

Trenyce smiles but cringes inside. She quickly remembers reading online that drinking caffeine can hurt unborn children. "Thanks, but I'll think I'll pass."

"Are you okay? You don't seem your chipper self," Andy says finally noting her slumber mood.

Trenyce sits across from Andy. She looks him in the eye for a moment, but quickly turns it away. She feels her eyes swelling with tears. Suddenly, seeing Andy and Reese kiss comes flooding back to her mind. She tells herself that she’s not upset by it … she still loves Andy and needs him as her best friend. She doesn’t want to lose Andy which she feels like she could be. Maybe she should tell him she knows he’s gay? She selfishly doesn’t want to be alone or without him though.

"What's wrong?" Andy asks her, reaching over and grabbing her hand.

"I should go. I see your busy planning your dinner. Promise me something though?" Trenyce says softly, almost in a whisper.

"Anything Trenyce. You know that. I'll always stand by you. Always."

"You mean that? You'll always be there for me?"

"Of course," Andy smiles at her. "Anything you need."

Trenyce gets up and slowly leaves the coffee house. Outside the crisp air bites at her and she snuggles into her large jacket. Suddenly she gets an idea. A way to reveal to everyone what is going on with her. "I'll take you up on that Andy," she says to herself as she begins to walk home feeling some what relieved that she can count on her best friend.

Scene Five -- Madeline's Condo

Madeline finishes placing the last Christmas tree decoration into a box. She always feels slobber when she is taking down the Christmas decorations as she loves that time of the year. This past Christmas was even more emotionally charged for her as she was finally reunited with her parents after three years. She sighs as she closes the box and places some packing tape over the ends.

She hears the doorbell ring. She slowly gets up and dreads opening the door. She doesn't want to see Dave or Brett again. She quickly recalls over hearing Victoria talking about Vinny and realizing that maybe helping Victoria could her way out of the mess. She opens the door and breathes a sigh of relief; it's Reese.

"Reese, hey! Come in from the cold," she says ushering her brother from the winter land outside.

"Thanks. I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

"Of course not," she says taking his jacket from him. "I was just disassembling the tree. Can I get you anything."

"No, I'm fine. I just need to talk to my sister."

They move into the living room and sit on her large, plush sofa.

"Okay. I'm listening, what's up?" Madeline asks turning her attention fully to her brother.

Reese smiles. He missed these moments the years Madeline was away. Now that she's back, he refuses to take her for granted. "Have you ever been so happy it's scary?"

"Ummm. ... no!" Madeline laughs. "Although, I guess I'm getting close. Is this about that guy you like?"

"He's so amazing Maddie. And finally he seems to be coming around."

"Coming around? You mean he wants to come out? Stop living a lie."

"Exactly. He told me he wants to come out for me. So we can be a couple."

"Awe Reese! that's so amazing. I'm so happy for you," Madeline replies hugging her twin.

"I'm happy too. I love him so much already. I've never felt like this before."

"Just be careful though, okay?" she says with a little caution.

Reese arches his eyebrow. "You were just congratulating me, now you're warning me?"

"Until he comes out, I mean. He's still a loose cannon of sorts."

"Nah, he's good. I know him too well. Nothing will stop us from being together."

"Good. Then I'm happy for you!"

Scene Six - The Sugarbowl

Natasha enters the coffee house and quickly glances at her watch. She knows she only has a short time before Cory is picking her up and they are going to the Calimo Cabin. She spans the coffee house and spots Helen and Daisy in the corner. She remembers getting the text message from Helen asking Natasha to meet her at the coffee house. Since it was urgent, Natasha rushed over.

"Hi girls, what's going on?" Natasha says approaching the table.

"You're looking good Natasha," Daisy says smiling at her friend. "No cane or anything."

Natasha can't help but smile. "Yea, I've been cane free since the New Year. I'm feeling good."

Helen and Natasha quickly hug. "How's the little one?" Natasha asks her friend looking at Helen's stomach.

"Doctor said everything is normal," Helen replies back as she pats her tummy.

"So what's up? The text sounded urgent," Natasha says looking at Daisy. Daisy's eyes quickly start to fill with water. "Daisy? What's going on?"

Daisy looks to Helen for support. She covers her face with her hand.

"She filed for divorce today," Helen says slowly to Natasha.

"What!?" Natasha asks shocked. "Oh Hun," she says changing sides of the booth and putting her arms around Daisy.

"Thanks Nat. I know I haven't been keeping you updated on everything ... but it's just something I had to do,” Daisy says calmly.

Natasha looks at her friend. She quickly remembers Daisy and Chris surprising her and Cory in the Penthouse revealing their marriage. They were so happy then. Just like her and Cory. She, herself, knows all too well how couples can move away from each other and find happiness elsewhere.

"Are you okay with this?" she asks her friend.

Daisy looks at Natasha, water fills her big brown eyes. "As okay as I can be. I'm hurting a lot ... but I know I will be okay."

"Promise to call us if you need anything, okay?" Helen tells her friend.

"Absolutely, we are here for you. Whenever, whatever" Natasha reassures Daisy.

Daisy lets a tear fall from her eye. "Thanks guys. You are the best friends a girl could have."

"And we stick together," Helen chimes in. "Always."

Scene Seven -- The Glubbs House; Shane's Home

Cassie emerges from the shower. She needed to feel the warmth of the water after Shane's cold ending of their relationship. As she dries her hair, she knows what she has to do: Get Shane back. Her mind is racing with what she can do to prove to him that they are meant to be. She loves him far too much to just let him walk away from their relationship ... especially when she knows he wants to go to Natasha. 'Bitch," she says aloud to herself as she continues to dry her body.

She quickly gets dressed and walks into the study. She knows that she should be packing and preparing to leave the house, but she wants to do more. She needs to use the technology Shane has before she is out on her own. She sits at the large desk and turns on his computer. She opens the internet and finds herself at Google. Her mind races. Suddenly, she remembers seeing Olivia and Preston at Adam and Helen's wedding looking awkward and out of place. "What were they doing there?" she asks herself ... beginning to wonder if they could be the way to help her get back with Shane. She types in the name Preston Wilkins in the Google search bar and hits enter. Nothing out of the ordinary comes up with his name. His law firm is the first thing she sees. Out of the corner of her eye she notices an unrelated old news article link. She clicks on it. The headline reads "Bank Robbers Still On Loose."

"This is pointless," she says scanning the article. Her eyes catch something though. A picture from the bank's security camera. The picture shows the robbers inside the car. The picture is grainy and blurry but still something about seeing three people in the car sets something off inside Cassie. The driver stands out to her for some reason.

"Why does she look so familiar?" Cassie asks herself as she tries to make the picture larger. She can not do it. She gets an idea though...she will go to the library and look at the archives. "I will get to the bottom of this. They may be my only hope with Shane."

Scene Eight -- The Calimo Cabin

Robin finishes packing her suitcase. She was going to stay at the cabin awhile longer and try to sort out her life but the more she thought about it, the more she realized that she needs to go back to Twin Peaks and fight for Cory. She told her father to fight for the woman he loves not too long ago, and now it's time she do the same, she concludes. She knows she over heard Bob and Sofia discussing the fact that Eva McCloud is really Natasha's mother. Robin knows that is a secret they will want to keep secret ... even if it means Sofia helping her get Cory back. She knows that Sofia will not want to hurt Natasha, but she also knows that she has more influence over Natasha than anyone. If what she overheard is correct, Sofia will have no choice, Robin concludes to herself.

She smiles as she zips up her suitcase. "Next step is to get my husband back," she says to herself. She looks around the cabin one last time and then leaves. She shuts the front door behind her, not noticing the envelope on the table...the same envelope that holds the photos of her and Cory making love.

Scene Nine -- Twin Peaks Sun; Kim's Office

Kim types up a storm on her keyboard as she finishes the final touches of her article for tomorrow's edition. She smiles as she whizzes through it. She has always loved being a journalist. It has made her a great living and she met Andy there. She quickly glances over at a picture of her and her adopted brother. She loves the relationship the two of them have. Next to the picture of Andy is a picture of her and Jeff. She sighs and looks at the photo. She knows once upon a time they were happy. That seems so long ago now. Noah's death has changed Jeff, and their relationship. No longer is he the loving, caring man .. now he is hell bent on avenging his son's death, and growing closer to Leah each and every day. Kim sighs again. Her thoughts are interrupted by a knock on her door.

"Tough article?" Will asks smiling in the door frame.

"Hey you, come in," Kim says as Will comes in and sits down in front of her desk. "I was meaning to call you."


"Yea, I haven't seen you for awhile. How are things?"

"Can't complain. Work is going well. Love life is going well. How are things with you?"

"Same old, same old. Can't complain."

"You still think of Jackson often?" Will asks slowly, knowing that the subject may still be tender for Kim.

Kim stops and pauses. She actually has to think if she still has thoughts of Jackson. "It's been awhile, actually. I guess I slowly came to terms with his death. It's been hard though, going through all the emotions on my own."

"Yea, I know. I wish we could have got together more often," Will admits to her.

"Can I ask you something?" Kim asks, as Will nods his head. "What exactly did you do for Jackson?"

Will gulps. He has never really admitted to anyone what the extent of his relationship with Jackson was. He knows that Madeline probably would not approve of it ... after all, Jackson did hire him to shoot and kill Kim. He mistook Rebecca DeWitt for Kim and fired his gun, only to hit Jason Sanders in the process.

"It's a long story. Needless to say, I'm a changed man now."

"I can tell. It's good that we have each other. Maybe we could go to his grave one day? You know, leave some flowers or something."

"That'd be nice," Will says getting up and walking over to Kim. The two share a hug.

"I'll call you then?" Kim asks.

"That'd be awesome," Will says smiling as he leaves her office.

Kim returns her focus to her article. She stops mid-sentence and smiles. She likes how close she has become with Will. Her eyes quickly shift focus back to the picture of her and Jeff. She finds her mind wandering ... wishing that she Jeff would be more like Will. She quickly shakes her head and resumes her typing.

Scene Ten -- The Calimo Cabin

Cory and Natasha arrive at the cabin. The drive up was long and they sat mostly in silence, making it more obvious that the two need some time together to sort things out. Cory looks over at Natasha. He knows her inside and out. He knows that she has a lot on her mind, and she knows the same for him.

"Ready?" he asks before shutting off the car.

"Yea, this will be good for us," she says giving a half smile to him.

They exit the car and slowly enter the cabin. She can quickly feel the warmth as though a fire just went out.

"Someone must have been here recently," she notes aloud. "The place is still warm."

"Did you mother say anything?" Cory asks hoping that they were not interrupting someone’s getaway.

"No, nothing."

"I'll go get some wood and start a fire," Cory replies exiting the cabin again.

Natasha takes off her jacket and looks around. She has missed the cabin. She really hadn't spent much time here since her time when she regained her memory. Memories of her and Shane quickly come flooding back to her. She gulps and scolds herself. "I'm here to save my relationship with Cory," she tells herself. Soon, however, something catches her eye. An envelope on the table. She walks over and picks it up.

"What on earth...?" she says as she opens the envelope. Her eyes quickly fill with tears as she sees the photos of Cory and Robin making love on the pool table at Wildnight.

"My god..." she gasps.

Suddenly Cory enters the cabin, his arms filled with fire wood. He notices Natasha's eyes filled with tears.

"Nat, what's going on?"

"I can ask you the same thing," she replies holding up the photos of him and Robin.

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