Episode 775
Somewhere in the Middle
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: January 19, 2022

Episode Theme song: "Pretty Please" Dua Lipa

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Abby was devastated following Brad's death
- Donovan suggested to Eva that Brandy, Victoria's alter ego, could be the serial killer
- Vinny asked Daisy to move in with him after Brad was killed in Trenyce's home
- The Calimo's told Dominick about Max inheriting Cassie's money, which could be the stolen funds from the companies
- Jacob told Paige that Max needed time to grieve Cassie
- Robin and Adam shared a close moment at the hospital

The Sugarbowl

Helen grabs her latte from the barista and moves to bar to put some sugar in her drink. She can't help but remember a few days earlier when she and Adam had a disagreement over the fact that they slept together while he was suffering from his short term memory loss; she had hoped that their being together would make Adam realize that he is still loves her but he was furious with her for, what he claimed was, her taking advantage of the situation.

She puts a lid on her beverage and is about to leave when she sees Adam sitting at the window seat by himself. She sighs but finds herself moving towards her ex-husband.

"Morning," she says as she approaches him. "Did you happen to hear about Brad Lawson?"

"It is impossible to miss," Adam looks back at her. "It is scary to think that we have a serial killer on the loose."

"You can say that again," Helen nods back to him. "I'm thankful that I got the house alarm updated recently."

"Yea me too," Adam tells her. "The last thing I want is for anything to happen to you and Dawn."

"Do you mean that?"

"Of course I mean that, why wouldn't I mean that?"

Helen shrugs back to him. "After our last conversation, I was under the impression that you wanted little or nothing to do with me."

"I am upset with you Helen," Adam admits to her. "You took advantage of me and partially caused Robin to go into premature labour. Had anything happened to baby Domi, it would have been on you."

"I know," Helen says back to him softly. "I am so embarrassed by my actions, but Adam, you have to know, I still love you. I still want us to be a family with Dawn."

"That will never happen," Adam replies to her quickly. "Your actions have made me realize that we are over, Helen. Even if I don't get back together with Robin, you and I are over."

Helen puts her head down as she feels her heart break inside her chest. "I will always love you," she whispers back to him. "Always remember that Adam, always."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

Robin quickly walks up to Shane's office in the hospital and knocks on the door until she hears him say 'come in'. She opens the door and scurries inside as she is desperate to see the father of her child.

"I hope you're not busy right now," Robin smiles as she walks up to his desk. "I have news that you have to hear."

"Uh, okay?" Shane closes a file on his desk before he stands up from the chair behind his desk. "What's up?"

"I just spoke to Dr. Rodriguez," she starts to explain to him. "She told me that Dominique is well enough to go home! Our little girl gets to leave the hospital, Shane!"

"What? Already? I can't believe this," Shane smiles back to her as he pulls her into a hug. "This is the best news that I've had in a long time."

"I know," Robin nods back to him. "Our dreams are finally coming true. She really is going to be okay."

"I guess means that we have some decisions to make then," Shane looks back at her.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, for starters, where do you want Domi to live? Are you going to move back in with Adam?" Shane asks her. "I guess, I'm asking where things stand with you and Adam because if I had my way, I would prefer for you and Domi to be living with me."

"I am not sure where things stand with Adam and I," she admits to him. "But I guess you're right, I need to find that out."

"Keep me posted?" Shane asks her, hoping that Adam is still too upset with Robin to let her move back in. "Because this is our daughter that will be impacted and I don't want to miss a moment of her life."

The Pampa Grill

"How are you and your family coping?" Andrew asks Abby as they sit across from each other in the restaurant with Albertinah sitting next to him. Andrew knows how shocking it must be to find out that Brad is dead, yet alone being killed by the rose peddle serial killer. He can only imagine what Abby and the Lawson's are going through now, especially since she is still grieving Sonny.

"As well as to be expected," Abby admits to him before she looks over at Albertinah. "You two are doing well?"

"We are surviving," Albertinah tells her. "But we aren't going through the grief that you are."

"It's hard right now," Abby admits to them. "The fact that I lost my son and my brother so close together is really difficult."

"You know that I am here for you, right?" Andrew reaches over and grabs her hand, which Albertinah notices. "We lost our son together, Abby. I am still here for you if you need me while you struggle with Brad's death too."

Abby forces a smile on her face. "Thanks Andrew, I might just take you up on that," she tells him as Albertinah tries to keep her cool as she hates seeing Andrew holding the mother of his child's hand.

The Calimo Mansion

"I hope we did the right thing by telling your Mom about Max quitting his job and getting money from Cassie," Paige tells Jacob as they lay in his bed together, fresh from making love to one another. Paige recalls how they told Natasha and Robbie about Max inheriting enough money that he wouldn't have to work for a while. Of course, Natasha and Robbie believed that Max could be inheriting the stolen funds from both Roboto and Robertson Enterprises.

"I think we did," Jacob replies to her. "If Max is getting stolen money, it should be returned to the rightful owners."

"It's just, he was so angry when he left Robertson Enterprises," she says back to him. "I just hope we haven't made things worse for him."

Jacob looks back at her before he rolls out of the bed and pulls his pj bottoms on. "We shouldn't worry about him so much," Jacob tells her. "Max's mom wasn't a good person; we have to remember that."

"That doesn't mean that Max isn't a good person," Paige replies to him. "He helped save our life, Jacob. I don't think he would have done that if he wasn't a good person."

"I know what he did was noble," Jacob agrees with her. "But, Max was still raised by that crazy woman. She drugged me to sleep with me. She tried to kill us. I think that evil is inside Max too. And nothing you say will ever make me change my mind about that."

The Cascade Apartments; Apartment 507; Max's Apartment

Max paces back and forth through the apartment that was formerly his mother's as his mind races about how he has quit his job at Robertson Enterprises because he has more than enough money from his mother to live off for a while, at least until he comes up with what he wants to do next.

"The look on Paige's face when I walked out was priceless," he whispers to himself. He recalls how Paige and Jacob were stunned by his revelation that he was leaving Robertson Enterprises after being there for a few years. The fact that he brought up, again, that he was furious with them for having a welcome home party after Cassie was presumed dead was the cherry on top. He was hoping to get under Paige's skin and he knows that he did that.

"Paige was sticking up for me," he smiles to himself. "That should create some tension between her and Jacob so hopefully it will help me carry out Mom's plan to split them up. I want Paige back so I have to ensure I make her proud."

He moves over and grabs his phone. He types in a random number into his text message box. "Everything ia going well. Hope with you too," he says as he types the message and then pushes the send button. As soon as he sees the message was delivered, he deletes the message from his phone. "There, no proof that I messaged Mom's burner phone. Don't worry Mom, I will break up Jacob and Paige. I will finish your plans for you."


"How do you think Dominick will handle the fact that Max is inheriting Cassie's money?" Robbie asks Natasha as he moves into the main office of Roboto and he sees his sister sitting behind the desk typing into her laptop.

Natasha stops typing and looks over at her brother and sighs as she thinks about the previous day when they told Dominick and his family about Max inheriting money from Cassie; they don't know the exact amount of money but it is enough for Max to have quit his position at Robertson Enterprises so he can live off of his mother's money.

"I think he will likely request to see the source of funds," Natasha stands up from behind the desk and moves towards the bar where she pours herself a cup of coffee. "I'm sure that it will solve the mystery of it the funds were stolen from the companies or not."

"I do feel for the kid," Robbie admits to his sister. "He helped save Jacob and Paige and now he might have to pay for his mother's actions."

"If he is going to be living off our money, he deserves to pay for those actions," Natasha tells him. "Anyways, it was interesting that you and Kim didn't sit next to one another yesterday. Trouble in paradise?"

Robbie chuckles back to her. "Nope," he winks back to his sister. "I know that you'd like that Natasha but Kim and I are fine."

"Pity," Natasha rolls her eyes back to him. "You know damn well how I feel about her."

"I do," Robbie nods back to her. "But you have to come around because I am going to marry Kim and there's nothing you can say or do that will stop us, okay? So try to get used to the idea. I'd love my sister's support."

Natasha sighs heavily knowing that she will never come around to the idea of Robbie marrying Kim. She forces herself to put a smile on her face in front of Robbie, but she knows that she will do whatever she can to stop the wedding from happening.

Twin Peaks Police Department

"Thank you for seeing me on such short notice," Dominick announces to Simona as he moves into her office at the police station. "I know how busy you are with trying to find this rose peddle serial killer. I still have a hard time believing that this is a real thing."

"It is very real," Simona uneasily nods back to him. "I'm putting a lot of my resources into finding out who this killer is."

"I appreciate that," Dominick replies to her. "However, I have come to understand that Max Black is inheriting some money from his mother's passing, Cassie Nova. As you know, Cassie is the one who stole millions from Roboto and Robertson Enterprises. If Max is inheriting our companies' money, this will have to be rectified."

"I see," Simona nods back to him. "I suppose I can look into this by requesting to see the source of the inheritance."

"I'd appreciate that Ms. Lopez," Dominick replies to her. "And keep me posted at every turn."

Tyler's Townhouse

"Well, I think this is the last of my belongings," Daisy moves closer to the door with a large box in her hands. Tyler moves behind her with another box. Tyler almost can't believe that Daisy is going to finish moving out of his place.

"With Trenyce staying here, are you sure you don't want to wait for a while to fully leave?" Tyler asks her. "I don't think I want you to be in Trenyce's house alone with the rose peddle killer on the loose."

Daisy gulps as she looks back at him. "I won't be staying at Trenyce's," she reveals to him. "Brett asked me to move into the mansion with him. And, I agreed."

"I see," Tyler uneasily replies to him. "I didn't realize that you and Brett were that close."

"It just happened that he found me at the bar at the Pampa Grill after Brad's death, it just happened," Daisy tells him. "I hope you're okay with this?"

"Do I have a choice?" Tyler asks her as he chuckles. "We did breakup."

"That is true, we did," Daisy looks back at him. "But no matter what Tyler, I'd hope we can be friends? I'd like that very much."

"Me too," Tyler smiles back to her. "As friends then, can I give you some advice?"

"Of course."

"Be careful," Tyler tells Daisy. "I know Brett isn't Vinny or Dave but he is still a member of that family."

Daisy nods back to him. "I will be careful, thanks Tyler."

Twin Peaks Executive Inn

"Thanks for coming over," Eva welcomes Donovan into her hotel room, which she is still living in since Dominick kicked her out of their house after her affair with Will was exposed. Eva invited her son over because she hasn't been able to stop thinking about their theory that Victoria might be the rose peddle serial killer, if she has split again. "We have to talk, I think."

"I agree," Donovan nods back to her. "I haven't thought about much else since our last meeting."

"About Victoria and the rose peddle killer?"

"Exactly," Donovan uneasily says back to her. "If this is true, we have to stop Brandy before anyone else gets killed."

"Agreed," Eva nods back to her son. "Now, how in the hell are we going to see if this is what's happening? How can we prove if Brandy is back?"

The Tower's; Floor Eight; Victoria's Condo

Victoria slowly walks through her condo looking for her phone. She finally finds it sitting on the coffee table in her living room. She picks it up and sees two missed messages from Eva.

She sighs heavily as she runs her hand through her long black hair. "I am fine," she whispers to herself. "I wish that they would be able to accept that. I am absolutely fine."

Suddenly, Victoria grabs her head as another huge headache emerges. "Ah," she groans out loud. "Damn it," she whispers. "Not another headache."

She walks into the washroom and opens her medicine cabinet to find her aspirin. She grabs the bottle and immediately puts two pills in her hand. "Hopefully this and a nap will help me get rid of this headache."

In the front closet, Vinny hides as he quickly recalls switching Victoria's aspirin for some different pills that he wants to use to continue make her go crazy. The pills will alter her personality, which will make everyone believe that Brandy has returned and has taken over Victoria's life. Soon, he thinks to himself. You will be completely off the walls and I will make you pay for what you did to me, Victoria.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Brad's memorial service takes place
- Lukas confronts Donovan
- Simona grills Max

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