Episode 776
Hole in my Heart
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: January 23, 2022

Episode Theme song: "New Eyes" Adam Lambert

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Brad was killed by the Rose Peddle killer. His family was crushed
- Eva told Dominick she wouldn't divorce him if he was reuniting with Felicia
- Dominick went to Simona and suggested Max was inheriting stolen money from Cassie
- Leah made a doctor's appointment to see if she was healthy enough to have a child
- Robin and Shane learned that Domi was well enough to go home. Adam, meanwhile, told Helen they were over for good

St. Joseph's Church

"It is a beautiful day today," Nicholas looks at Brooke, Greg, Cheresa and Abby as they move up to the front of the church, as Brad's memorial service is about to take place. Nicholas hopes that the Lawson's can find some peace with the fact that it is a beautiful day outside, almost like Brad is shining down on them. He can't imagine the grief that they are going through right now, so he hopes that the little things end up making a difference for them. "I suspect Brad had something to do with it."

"He always did love a sunny day," Abby tries to say without crying. "Maybe he is looking down on us today."

"I hope to God that he is," Brooke grabs Abby's hand and squeezes it. She still can't believe that she has to say goodbye to her son; the fact that he was murdered in cold blood still makes her feel sick to her stomach. "Thinking that might be the only thing that gets me through today."

"Don't worry about being alone Brooke," Greg looks at his ex-wife, hoping to bring some peace to her. "We are all in this together. We will all say goodbye to Brad together."


Behind the Lawson's, Trenyce slowly walks into the church. She immediately feels the eyes of everyone one else in the church move to her. She can't help but feel self-conscious about the fact that the serial killer was trying to stab her but Brad ended up dying from the attack on New Year's Eve; she still thinks that she should have been the one who died, not Brad. The way people are looking at her, she can't help but feel like they think and feel the same thing.

"Treynce, hi," Meggan says as she comes up behind her. "I can't imagine what you're going through since you were with Brad when the attack happened."

"It should have been me," Trenyce whispers back to her as she gets tears in her eyes. "The Rose Peddler killer broke into my house to kill me; Brad saved me and ended up dying as a result."

Meggan shakes her head in shock as she pulls Trenyce into a hug. "You can't blame yourself. We just have to hope and pray that the police find this psycho."

"It's hard not to think of it," Trenyce admits to her as they exit their embrace. "I just wish this hadn't happened. It feels like I'm living in a nightmare."

"This entire serial killer situation feels that way," Meggan nods back to her. "It's going to be so hard for us to say goodbye to Brad today."

"I don't know how to do it," Trenyce admits to her. "How do I say goodbye to the man who saved my life?"

Meggan pulls her into another hug. "We can do this together, okay? Let's lean on each other today."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"How are you feeling?" Cory asks Leah as they sit outside of a doctor's office as they wait for their doctor appointment to begin. They had scheduled a doctor's appointment to ensure that Leah is healthy enough for them to pursue having a child together; they realized that they needed to do this considering the age that Leah is currently at. They want to ensure that if they have a child, there will not be any potential issues with the child. "Are you nervous at all?"

Leah moves some of her hair behind her ear before she sighs a little. "I am a little nervous to be honest," she looks over at him. "I guess it is a sign that I really want to have another child? I don't want anything to get in the way of us getting pregnant."

"Regardless of whatever happens, I am glad that we are doing this Leah," he smiles back to his lover. "You and I, agreeing to have a child, it really shows our commitment to one another. I think is the most valuable thing from this is how committed we are together."

Leah smiles back to him. "That's really sweet of you to say," she tells him. "And yes, I agree, it is nice that we are on the same page, Cory. I still just hope that I am able to get pregnant. I would love to be a mother again."

"That's why we are here today," Cory grabs her hand. "We will find out what is possible and what's not. Let's take it one step at a time."

Leah leans over and gives him a quick kiss on his lips. "I love you, thank you for being here for me."

"I wouldn't be anywhere else right now."


Helen slowly walks up to Shane's office door in the hospital and prepares to knock. She came to see him today so she could find out how Domi is doing; she doesn't want to visit Robin to get an update considering their history with one another. On top of that, she wants to know what is happening between the doctor and Robin since she hasn't been able to get it out of her mind that Adam told her that they were over for good.

"I hope I am not interrupting," Helen purses her lips together as she opens the door to the office and quickly moves inside. "I wanted to get an update on Domi. I think you know that Robin wouldn't give me one."

Shane looks up from his paper work and chuckles back to her. "You two staying away from one another is a very good idea," he stands up and moves closer to Helen. "And, thanks, Domi is doing really well. She should be leaving the hospital either later today or tomorrow."

"Oh goodness," Helen breathes a sigh of relief. "You and Robin must be so relieved."

"You have no idea," Shane nods back to her. "I am sure you are relieved to hear this all things considering."

"I've been worried sick," she reveals to him. "And, Adam has not been very happy with me either."

"I can only imagine," Shane tells her. "You've seen Adam since he got his memory back?"

"Yea," she puts her head down. "He wants nothing to do with me. At first I had hoped that he would have realized he still loved me but that's not the case."

"So where does that leave Robin and Adam?" Shane asks her as she shrugs. "Because my daughter is going home and I need to know if I am going to be fighting for her attention."


"You must be over the moon that Domi is getting to leave the hospital soon," Adam looks over at Robin as they slowly walk through a hallway of the hospital together. Adam came to get an update from Robin on her daughter and he is thrilled to hear that Domi is doing well enough that she will get to be discharged.

"I really am," Robin smiles back to him. "All of my prayers have finally been answered."

"I am so happy for you," Adam tells her. "And, Helen will be relieved too. I know she's been worried since she partially caused your premature labour."

Robin uneasily nods back to her. "We both made mistakes," Robin replies to him. "But if you want to give her an update, you can. I think it would be for the best if I stay away from her. And I certainly do not want my daughter anywhere near her."

"For the record," Adam stops and looks her in the eyes. "I told Helen that we were completely over as well. Her actions while I had my memory loss are completely unforgivable."

"You mean the two of you sleeping together?" Robin asks him with a heavy heart. "I found out about that. I can't believe that she would take advantage."

"Me either," Adam admits to her. "She knew that I was in love with you and that we were engaged but still…"

"I did sleep with Shane in Paris," Robin reminds him.

"I know," Adam nods back to her. "I'm still trying to wrap my head around that."

"I need you think about what you want," Robin tells him. "Because with Domi leaving, I need to figure out where I am going to be living. Am I moving back in with you? Do you even want Domi living with you? I need to know what I'm doing with my daughter, Adam. So, think about it and let me know, okay? Because, I would love to be back with you, so we can start putting our relationship back together."

Tyler's Townhouse

"How is it possible that you get better at making love to me each and every time?" Natasha smiles over to Tyler as they lay naked next to one another in his bedroom, fresh from making love to one another.

"The feeling is more than mutual," Tyler looks back over at her. "I still can't believe that we are doing this."

Natasha chuckles back to her lover. "The other day in father's office was interesting," she recalls how they were all at Robertson Enterprises discussing how Max might be inheriting stolen funds from Robertson Enterprises and Roboto; Kim, of course, was making snide remarks as she knows about their affair.

"Kim was certainly making a lot suggested comments," Tyler nods back to her. "I'm surprised she hasn't told Robbie yet. I'm sure you would have heard from him had she done so."

"Me too," Natasha admits to him. "I don't know why she's holding back but we are going to have to deal with this sooner rather than later."

"I think I can handle my Dad," Tyler tells her. "He might be upset at first but all he wants is for his children to be happy."

"I'm worried about Dominick's reaction," Natasha admits to him. "But if he will support us, I think everyone else will too. It's just a matter of getting Dominick on board."

"Leave that to me," he leans over and kisses her. "I won't lose you, Natasha. Not when it feels this good to be with you."

Robertson Enterprises

Felicia quickly walks up to Dominick's office door at Robertson Enterprises and prepares to enter but she stops when she hears an alarm start to chime on her cell phone. She pulls it out of her purse and sees that it is time for her to take her medication. She shuts off the alarm and puts her phone back into her purse, not taking out her medication from the purse.

"Dominick," she announces as she opens the door and moves inside. "I have been dying to find out what happened when you went to see Simona Lopez. Is she going to look into the funds that Max Black is inheriting?"

"She is indeed," Dominick stands up from sitting behind his desk. He moves over to his ex-wife and kisses her cheeks. "She said she would look into it. I am not sure on an ETA because she is also looking into the Rose Peddle killer."

"I can't imagine what Brooke and Greg are going through right now," Felicia moves some of her big hair out of her face. "For a parent to lose a child …"

"It is awful," Dominick nods back to her. "We know first hand since we had to help Tyler go through it with Blake."

"Don't remind me about that horrible time," Felicia uneasily says back to him. "Well, good, I'm glad Simona will look into it. Hopefully this will give us some resolution on this."

"Exactly and then if I can convince Eva to sign the divorce papers, it will be one more thing that is off my plate."

"Wait," Felicia stops him quickly. "Eva is not wanting to sign the divorce papers? Why?"

"She told me she wouldn't sign it," Dominick stops himself from telling her the entire story; the last thing he wants is to upset Felicia with the news that Eva won't sign the papers if it means that Dominick is going to be reuniting with Felicia. The last thing he wants is for the women to feud again. "But, don't worry, I will get her to come around. It's not anything I want you to worry about."

"Okay, I believe you," Felicia smiles back to him, still wondering why Eva is refusing to sign the divorce papers. "But if you need anything from me, you know I am here."

Twin Peaks Police Department

"Thank you for making time for me today," Simona tells Max as he moves into her office at the police department. "I hope it wasn't too much of trouble."

"I'm actually missing a funeral to be here so I hope it is important," Max replies to her as he sits across from her. "One of my best friends lost her brother to this Rose Peddle killer; I should be with Abby today."

Simona uneasily nods back to. "And, rest assured that I am doing everything in my power to find the person responsible for taking Brad Lawson's life," she tells him. "I only hope that will bring your friend and her family some sort of closure."

"What is this about, exactly, detective?" Max asks her.

"It's about your mother," Simona reveals to him. "Cassie's will; I heard that you are inheriting some money that she left for you?"

"That is correct," he nods back to her. "Why would that be a police matter?"

"Well, it has been brought to my attention that your mother was someone who stolen millions of dollars from both Roboto and Robertson Enterprises," Simona tells him. "If you are inheriting stolen funds, of course, we would have to confiscate and ensure they are returned to the rightful owners."

Max gulps heavily back to her. "I'm not sure what this has to do with me," he quickly says back to her. "I didn't ask for my mother to die; nor did I ask for her to leave me money."

"I appreciate that," Simona purses her lips together. "Look, all I am asking is that you grant me permission to look into your inheritance, that's all. If it is all legal, then I will drop this. I just want to do my due diligence."

"Then, by all means detective, investigate all you want," Max confidently tells her. "I have nothing to hide and neither does my mother's memory."

St. Joseph's Church

The front doors of the church open and the Lawson's slowly walk out of the church as the service for Brad has concluded and they are about to head home so they can mourn together. Tears are in their eyes and tissues are in their hands as they slowly walk towards their car.

"I thought the service was rather nice," Cheresa tells her family as they slowly move towards the stretch limo that is waiting for them. "I think Brad would have really liked it."

"I agree," Abby agrees with her sister. "Brad would have liked it a lot, I think. The minister did a wonderful job."

"I am really grateful that we are all together today," Brooke stops and puts her large black sun glasses on. "I don't think I could have gotten through this day without my family."

"We aren't going anywhere," Greg tells his ex-wife. "We are all going home together and I think we should spend the rest of the day as a family. I think Brad would have liked that too."

"I think that's a great idea Dad," Cheresa nods back to him. "We should spend the rest of the day honouring and remembering Brad, because that is what is important."

"I love you guys all so much," Brooke pulls her girls into a hug as Greg comes over and holds Brooke's shoulders. "Let's go home and honor our beloved Bradley."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Brooke visits Brad's grave
- Tyler gets an eyeful
- Nicholas makes a request of Meggan

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