Episode 780
Walk into the Wild
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: February 07, 2022

Episode Theme song: "Personal Best" Maisie Peters

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Lukas told Abby to remember that he and Donovan are Olly's parents
- Andrew told Abby that he and Albertinah were in a good place
- Will told Kim he didn't know how much more he could wait for Eva
- Tyler told Donovan & Eva that he saw "Brett" coming out of Victoria's condo. Vinny overheard and realized he had to take action
- Felicia skipped her medication again, Dominick noticed her odd behavior as a result
- Tyler told Natasha he could handle Dominick's reaction to their romance
- Robin and Domi moved in with Adam, leaving Shane furious

The Cascade Apartments; Andrew's Apartment

"Have you heard back from Trenyce about your offer for her to move in here?" Albertinah asks Andrew as she pours two glasses of wine from the small bar in his living room of his apartment. She recalls how he wanted to ask Trenyce to move in with him since the Rose Peddle killer attacked her on New Years Eve and ended up killing Brad as a result. So far, Trenyce has moved in with Tyler, but Andrew thinks that she should be with him instead.

"I sent her a text about it," he admits to his lover as she comes up with the wine and passes him a glass. "I haven't heard back yet but I suspect she went to see Chris at the jail today."

"Ah, makes sense," Albertinah sits next to him on the sofa. "I am sure that my brother wishes he was not in jail at a time like this."

"He is probably worried sick about Trenyce now and I can't say that I blame him."

"It just feels like there is so much death surrounding us right now," Albertinah replies to him. "First Sonny, then Shelley Hamilton and now Brad…I just hope the police find this killer to stop all of this madness."

"You and I both," Andrew looks back into her eyes. "Let's try not to dwell on that right the rest of the night?"

Albertinah smiles back to him. "What are you suggesting that we do instead?"

"I can think of a million other things," he leans over and kisses her passionately.

"I love the way you think," she purrs as his lips move down to her neck.

The Pampa Grill

Donovan sits at a table alone while Eva is rushing off to the washroom. The two of them came to the Pampa Grill after their visit from Tyler earlier in the day, where he told them that he saw Brett sneaking out of Victoria's condo. They are both trying to rack their brains coming up with any sort of explanation as to why Brett would have been in the condo and if they should be concerned by this or not. What was more troubling to them is that when Tyler saw Victoria right after, she admitted she was napping to try to get rid of a headache that she had. They have no idea why Brett would have been inside the condo if Victoria was sleeping.

"Donovan, I'm glad I ran into you," Abby says as she moves up to his table. She can't help but remember earlier in the day when she ran into Lukas and he told her not to forget that he and Donovan are Olly's parents.

"Abby, hey," Donovan replies to her quickly. "I'm afraid this isn't a good time, I'm here with my Mom."

"This won't take long," Abby sits across from him. "I ran into Lukas earlier and I guess I want to apologize."

Donovan arches his eyebrow back to her. "Apologize? For what, exactly, Abby?"

"Going to see Olly after I found out about Brad dying," she replies to him quickly. "Lukas reminded me that you and he are Olly's parents and that I need to remember boundaries."

Donovan gulps heavily thinking that Lukas didn't want Abby around Olly as often; still, he has hard time believing that his husband would be so insensitive to a person who is going through so much grief.

"I hope he didn't say anything that upset you?" Donovan asks her back. "I am sorry if he did."

"No, not at all," she tells him. "It just felt like he definitely doesn't want me around Olly. That is something I will have to get used too because I really like spending time with him … so, I will try to respect your boundaries."

Donovan uneasily nods back to her. "Let me try to talk to Lukas, okay? If seeing Olly helps you, I will try to make that happen."

Abby feels a smile creep over her face. "I would love that Donovan, thank you."


Eva steps out of the washroom and is about to move back to her table that she is sharing with Donovan when she happens to see Will sitting alone at the bar. She can't help but remember their last encounter when she told him not to wait for her anymore. She does hate that she hurt him through out all of this but she wants him to realize that she is still fighting for her marriage to Dominick.

She finds herself moving up to the younger man. "Will," she says as she arrives at the bar. "Are you here alone?"

"Does it really matter to you?" Will sighs back to her as he picks up his beer. "I think you made it perfectly clear how you feel about me."

"I wasn't sure I should have come over," she admits to him. "But, I have been feeling bad about what I said to you. I am sorry that I mislead you throughout all of this and that I hurt you. It was the last thing that I wanted to do."

"You turned to me for a reason," Will looks back at her. "I was giving you something Dominick wasn't giving you. Deep down you know that. I wish you could see that I could give you that all the time."


"No, let me finish," he cuts her off. "You are fighting for your marriage, I get that. But, I think you need to really ask yourself if your marriage is worth saving if at every turn you are in
my bed. Because one of these times that you need me, I won't be there for you, Eva."

Adam's Townhouse

"Domi is sleeping like a baby," Robin says as she walks down the stairs of the townhouse she is living in with Adam while holding a baby monitor in her hands. She just got her daughter to sleep and is ready to relax for a little while.

"Maybe because she is a baby?" Adam chuckles back to her as he moves up to her and gives her a quick kiss on the lips. "Have I told you how happy I am that we have worked through all of our issues?"

"You have shown me how happy you are," Robin winks back to him. "I do think we still have some things to talk about, but I am also glad that we are taking the steps to get past everything that has happened."

"I can't tell you how sorry I am that I slept with Helen," Adam tells her. "You have to know that it only happened because of my memory loss."

"I know," Robin nods back to him. "I blame Helen for that completely. She saw an opening and took full advantage of it. That woman has crossed many lines in this mess."

"I told her as much the last time I saw her," Adam reveals to Robin. "I told her that she took advantage of me and that I wouldn't be able to forgive her."

"And, how did she take that?"

"She looked devastated," he tells her. "I hate that I hurt her but it had to be said."

Robin pulls him into a hug. "Thank you for telling her that," she whispers in his ear. "It is nice that we are on the same page again."

As they exit their embrace, Adam leans in and kisses her on the lips. "I definitely like being on the same page as you," he smiles back to her.

Twin Peaks General Hospital

Helen quickly moves up to Shane's office door in the hospital and prepares to knock. She heard from Dawn that Robin moved back in with Adam and she is desperate to talk to Shane to see what he is going to do to try to keep the couple from reuniting. Deep down, Helen still believes that she and Adam are meant to be together.

She opens the door and spies Shane sitting behind his desk. "I hope this is a good time," she says as she moves into office and puts her purse and coat down on the sofa. "I was hoping you had a moment to talk."

"Is everything okay? Did Adam have a setback?"

"No, nothing like that," Helen tells him. "This is about Adam though. I'm sure you've heard that Robin moved back in with him?"

"Oh I heard alright," Shane sighs back to her as he walks over and closes the office door. "Imagine my surprise when my daughter was getting discharged from the hospital and Robin told me she was taking her to live with Adam. I was furious, to say the least."

"I am so sorry," Helen shakes her head back to him. "I was hoping that once Adam regained his memory, all the time we spend together would cause him to want to reunite with me."

"It was a lot for him to take in," Shane tells her. "Remembering that he was engaged to Robin but that her and I slept together in Paris … I can't believe he got over that so quickly."

"He did because he and I slept together last fall," she reveals to him. "While we were pretending to be husband and wife again, we made love."

"Whoa," Shane gasps. "I had no idea."

"Adam and I belong together," Helen tells him. "Right now, he's with Robin and your daughter. Don't you want to be with Robin and Domi?"

"You know I do," Shane replies to her. "But, I have no idea how I can get Robin back now. She's made her choice."

"We have to think of something Shane," Helen looks back at him with intent. "Something that will split those two up for good."

"What are you saying Helen?"

"I'm saying, I won't stop until I get Adam back. And I need your help to do so."

The Calimo Mansion

"I'm glad you told me about Victoria," Natasha tells Tyler as they stand in the living room of the Calimo mansion together. Tyler just finished telling his lover about how he saw Brett leaving Victoria's condo earlier and that he informed Donovan and Eva of what he witnessed. "She is my stepsister, so I do worry about her."

"Yea, of course," Tyler nods back to her. "I just thought as many people as possible should know because I thought it was strange. Are you and I safe to be in the living room like this?"

Natasha smiles as she moves up to him and kisses him on the lips. "We are safe. Jacob and Paige are still at Robertson Enterprises and Kim and Robbie are still at Roboto."

"Good, we can have a glass of wine before we head upstairs?" he suggests as he moves to the bar and pulls out a bottle of red wine.

"That sounds nice," Natasha replies to him quickly. "And, it will give us a chance to talk."

"Sounds serious. What's on your mind, Nat?"

"This secret affair," she tells him quickly. "The longer we keep it a secret, the bigger the risk someone else will tell everyone about us. Like Kim, for example."

"Are you saying you're ready to come clean about our romance?" he smirks to her as he pours two glasses of wine.

Natasha uneasily shrugs back to him. "Aren't you ready?" she asks him. "You said the other day you thought you could handle your Dad."

"I think I can," he tells her as he moves up to her and gives her the wine. "I just want you to be sure about this Natasha. Once we go public, we can't go back."

"I know," Natasha nods back to him. "I'm ready and the last thing I want to do is give Kim any power over me."

"Okay," Tyler leans in and kisses her on the lips. "Let's tell everyone that we are together and in love."

Tyler's Townhouse

Vinny sits in his black SUV and watches Tyler's townhouse. He has been following Tyler since he saw him leave Victoria's condo because he has wanted to know what Tyler was doing at Victoria's. The fact that Tyler told Eva and Donovan that he saw "Brett" sneaking out of Victoria's condo is troublesome to Vinny; he has to ensure that no one realizes that he is trying to purposely drive Victoria crazy as a way to get revenge on her.

"That son of a bitch doesn't know who he is messing with," Vinny whispers to himself. "I have to come up with a distraction for Mr. Robertson. Something that will keep his mind off Victoria and out of my business."

Vinny leans over and opens his glove box where he pulls out a small bottle of pills. "These will do the trick," he grins to himself.

He puts on his sun glasses and opens the door to his SUV. He looks around to ensure no one can see him before he scurries up to the front door. He tries the door but it is locked, so he pulls out a bobby pin from his pocket and within minutes, the door is open.

Vinny quickly moves inside and looks around. He knows that Tyler is at the Calimo mansion because he followed him there, but he also knows that Felicia and Trenyce live there, so he has to be careful. He hasn't seen any movement for 45 minutes while outside so he is assuming that everyone is out.

He moves to Felicia's bedroom and slowly opens the door. "Good, the crazy old bat isn't home," he whispers to himself as he moves up to her vanity. He opens the draw and immediately sees Felicia's pill bottles for her medication.

"Once I replace her pills with this tablets, she also will start to lose her mind," Vinny grins as he grabs her pills and puts his pill bottle back into the drawer. "Tyler will be so preoccupied with his crazy mother that he will completely forget about me and my plan with Victoria."

He shuts the vanity drawer and looks up with a smile on his face. "You won't get in my way Tyler," he whispers to himself. "I refuse to let that happen again."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Donovan and Lukas have a heated encounter
- Eva makes a bold decision
- Jeff confides in Meggan

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