Episode 782
Someone to Love Me
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: February 09, 2022

Episode Theme song: "I'm Ready" Sam Smith & Demi Lovato

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Andrew and Abby continued to mourn the death of Sonny
- Eva told Simona her theory that Victoria's alter ego might be the Rose Peddle killer
- Felicia stopped taking her medication
- Tyler and Natasha revealed that they were seeing one another

The Calimo Mansion

"I don't think I heard you correctly," a stunned Dominick looks back at Tyler and Natasha as they stand in the living room of the Calimo mansion with Felicia, Jacob, Paige, Robbie and Kim all watching closely. Dominick thought that Natasha just revealed that she has been seeing Tyler which doesn't make sense to him; there is no way that his son would get involved with a Calimo, not after everything that their families have been through together. "There must be some kind of mistake here."

"There is no mistake, Dad," Tyler uneasily looks back at his father and then over at his mother. "Natasha and I have been seeing one another for a few months now."

"A few months?" Dominick fumes back to him. "This is unbelievable!"

"Dominick, please, try to remain calm," Felicia puts her hand on Dominick's back, just as Eva moves into the living room.

Immediately, Eva notices that Felicia is comforting Dominick and she sighs heavily as the sight is unsettling to her to say the least. "What is going on in here? What did I miss?" she asks as she moves up to her husband and pushes Felicia away. "Dominick, darling, you look upset?"

"My son and your daughter are sleeping together," he huffs back to everyone. "She's your step sister for crying out loud!"

"Dad, come on," Tyler grabs his father's arm and pulls him into the foyer. "We are going to talk about this alone."

Eva, meanwhile, looks back at Natasha in shock that she is sleeping with Dominick's son. "Is this true? Natasha, you're sleeping with Tyler?"

The Pier

"This was a nice idea," Albertinah tells Andrew as they hold hands while walking down the pier together. After they made love to one another, they wanted to get out of the house, so he had suggested that they go for a walk together. "The fresh air is nice to enjoy sometimes."

"I wish it was a touch warmer," Andrew chuckles back to her as the frosty February air nips at his cheeks. "But, it is nice to get out of the house once in a while."

"It also gives us the chance to talk," Albertinah looks back at him. "I've been meaning to ask you how you are, I mean, how you really are?"

Andrew sighs back to her. "You know me pretty well, huh?" he asks her back as she nods to him. "I guess I am just okay."

"It is perfectly normal for you to be sad about Sonny," Albertinah tells him. "You lost your child, Andrew. It is only natural for you to take time to grieve."

"I guess I still feel like I don't have the right to grieve Sonny," Andrew admits to her. "From the moment Abby told me she was pregnant, I tried to convince her to get rid of him because I wasn't ready to be a Dad. I kick myself every day for not embracing fatherhood."

Albertinah turns and looks at him. "You've mentioned that before," she purses her lips together. "You have to stop beating yourself up over this, Andrew. You had every right to feel the way you did at the time. And, you never knew what was going to happen the night Abby gave birth. Despite everything, Sonny was your son and he always will be."

Andrew feels water swell in his eyes. "I'm just sad," he admits to her. "And, I don't know if I will ever get over this feeling."

Albertinah pulls him into a hug and holds him as the bright moon shines down on them. From a staircase that leads down to the pier from the park, Abby freezes when she sees the two of them in an embrace. She was headed home when she thought that a walk might do her good. Instead, she sees the man she has loved, the father of her dead child, in the arms of his lover. She feels her heart sink into her chest as she turns around and rushes away as the image was another sigh that she has lost everything in her life.

The Tower's; Floor Eight; Victoria's Condo

Victoria wraps her body in a silk robe as she moves to the front door of her condo as she can hear someone knocking non-stop on it. She has no idea who could be at the house at this hour of the day, but she wishes that they would go away as still has a splitting headache that she is trying to get rid of. She opens the door and is stunned to see Simona standing in the hallway.

"Do you have any idea what time it is?" Victoria asks the detective, who moves into the condo. "What are you doing here, Simona?"

"I have some questions for you," Simona turns and faces the doctor. "Where were you on New Year's Eve?"

Victoria puts her hand on her hip. "I was at the Pampa Grill party, why do you ask?"

"What time did you leave the party?" Simona continues to grill her as she recalls how Eva told her that she thought Victoria's alter egos might have returned; of course, if they have, it could mean that the alter ego is the Rose Peddle killer.

"I like around 1:30 am," Victoria quickly tells her. "Why are you asking me this? What business is this of yours?"

"I am asking a lot of people where they were as I am still looking into who could have murdered Brad Lawson and Shelley Hamilton," Simona informs her. "I wanted to know if you had an alibi; as you know, the Rose Peddle killer is still at large."

"Well, there you have it, I do."

"Did anyone see you at the party until 1:30?"

"Yes, my brother Donovan would have. I believe my mother would have left by then," Victoria tells her, shocked that Simona believes that she could be the killer. "I didn't kill anyone, detective."

"You might not have," Simona says back to her. "But, you have a history of alter egos, don't forget. The last time she emerged, Helen Black was buried alive."

"How dare you!" Victoria hisses back to her. "I am perfectly fine! I am in control of my body and my mind!"

Suddenly, Victoria gets another sharp pain in her head. She puts her hand to her temple and cries out in pain. "Ms. Franky, are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Victoria looks up at her with pain in her eyes. "You need to leave, I've answered all of your questions."

"Very well, but we will be in touch if I have any follow up questions," Simona replies to her quickly as she moves to the door.

Once Victoria closes the door behind Simona, she shuts her eyes and leans up against the wall. "I didn't kill anyone," she whispers to herself. "My God, tell me I didn't kill anyone."

The Calimo Mansion

"That was some announcement that you had to make," Jacob tells his mother as he pours himself a drink at the bar in the living room of the mansion. He is standing next to Paige and is still reeling that Natasha is sleeping with Tyler, especially considering how much hassle she gave him and Paige when they first starting dating.

"You certainly made it dramatic," Paige agrees with her fiancé.

"Look, I wanted everyone to find out at once," Natasha tells them quickly. "The longer Tyler and I kept this secret, the more impact we would it would have. That's why we wanted to tell everyone together. I thought everyone would be happier than this."

"You know what I don't understand?" Jacob turns to face his mother. "Is that you were firmly against Paige and I dating last year because of our families history and now you're doing the exact same thing with Tyler."

"These are completely different situations," Natasha tells him, trying to defend herself and Tyler's relationship.

"No, they aren't," Jacob quickly tells her. "These are the exact same situations. You are being a hypocrite Mom and it's not cool. It's not cool at all."

Before Natasha can reply, Jacob grabs Paige's hand and rushes off with her. Natasha sighs heavily thinking that her announcement is not going as planned at all.


"I saw you when I walked in," Eva moves up to Felicia, who is trying to keep her hand from shaking. The last thing Eva wants is for Felicia to continue to try to come between her and Dominick; having seen Felicia put her hand on Dominick's back to comfort him is the last thing that Eva wants Felicia to do moving forward. "You were trying to make another pass for my husband."

"I was doing no such thing," Felicia snaps back at her, grabbing her hand to keep it from shaking. She knows that she has been trying to weed herself off her medication but given what has happened, she realizes that she should take a pill as soon as possible. She doesn't want to lose control completely. "I was comforting him when he found out some shocking news."

"I'm going to warn you one last time Felicia," Eva moves closer to her. "You stay the hell away from Dominick or so help me God."

Before Felicia can reply, her hand starts to shake uncontrollably. "What is the matter with you?" Eva asks her quickly. "Wait, are you taking your medication?"

"Of course, I am," Felicia hisses back to her as she opens her purse and pulls out her pills. She puts one in her and then in her mouth. "See, I am on my pills!"

Eva arches her eyebrow back to her. "If you're not taking your medication regularly…"

"I am!" Felicia shrieks back to her.

"My God," Eva gasps as she thinks back to the last time Felicia wasn't on her medication and she kidnapped Leah and held her hostage in the farm house in Lake Tahoe, which resulted in Leah's "death". "You could be the Rose Peddle killer!"

"You have lost your damn mind!" Felicia tells her quickly. "I am taking my medication and I haven't killed anyone!"

Eva shakes her head back to Felicia. "I'm going to be watching you," she warns her. "I won't let you hurt anyone else, Felicia."


A short time later, Eva moves up to Natasha, who is still reeling from the fallout of her revelation about her affair, especially her interaction with Jacob, who was not pleased with his mother's secrets.

"Darling, I am sorry that I was late," Eva tells her as she pulls her into a hug. "I must admit, this was quite the surprise."

"I wanted to tell everyone at once," Natasha tells her mother as they exit their embrace. "I know it was a surprise, but it was also new for Tyler and I. And, this all just happened."

"Are you happy, Natasha?"

Natasha nods back to her. "I am happier than I have been in a very long time."

"Then I am happy for you," Eva smiles back to her. "After everything we went through last fall, I don't want anything else to come between us."

"Oh Mom," Natasha gets tears in her eyes as she pulls her into another hug. "Thank you for that."


"Given your history with Tyler, how are you feeling about this?" Robbie asks Kim as they stand by the French doors in the living room that spill out into the garden on the Calimo grounds. Robbie is still rather surprised that Natasha is sleeping with Tyler, given their sorted history with the Robertson's.

Kim uneasily smiles back to him. "Tyler is a grown man, he can make his own decisions," Kim replies to him quickly. "If anything, I am more upset that Natasha has the nerve to criticize our relationship when hers is just as problematic. I mean, Dominick's son of all people?"

Robbie uneasily nods back to her. "I couldn't agree more," Robbie admits to her. "She will have to stop pressuring us to not get married with this announcement."

"I am just glad that the secret is finally out in the open."

Robbie looks back at Kim in surprise. "Finally out in the open? What do you mean by that? Kim, did you know about this before tonight?"

Kim gulps heavily back to him. "You did, didn't you? You knew that Natasha was sleeping with Tyler and you didn't tell me?"

"Robbie, I can explain," Kim looks back at him as he throws his hands up in the air.

"I need to get some air," he replies quickly as he walks away from her, leaving Kim looking at her fiancé and wondering if she has ruined their own relationship."


"I need you to calm down right now," Tyler firmly tells Dominick as they enter the foyer of the mansion together. "You can't over react to this."

"Over react?" Dominick asks him back quickly. "You just told me that you're sleeping with Bob Calimo's daughter! How the hell did you expect me to react?"

"By supporting me," Tyler looks back at him. "Dad, Natasha helped me get out of my funk when I thought Daisy was dead. Even when Daisy came back, I couldn't get her out of my head. There is something between us. Something that I can't explain nor do I want to explain."

"She's a Calimo!" Dominick grits his teeth together. "No good can come from this arrangement, Tyler!'

"It's not an arrangement Dad!" Tyler yells back to him. "What we have is real and it's special!"

"I'm warning you," Dominick looks back at his son. "You end this before we all get hurt, Tyler because believe me, Natasha Calimo will hurt you and she will try to bring our entire empire down!"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Cory and Leah get her test results back
- Vinny issues a warning to Tyler
- Eva tells Dominick her latest theory

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