Episode 79 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

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Previously on One Day at a Time
- At Andy’s coming out dinner party, Trenyce revealed that she is pregnant … with Andy’s baby. Reese left devastated by Andy’s supposed betrayal. Trenyce confided to Andy that Chris is really the father of her baby; he agreed to help her in fear that Chris would try to take the baby away.
- Cassie learned that Preston and Olivia were bank robbers and blackmailed them into helping her with a scheme
- Cory & Natasha agreed to end their marriage. Natasha and Shane professed their love for each other and made love. Cory tried to track Robin down, but could not find her. She was sipping drinks on a beach.
- Olivia switched Helen’s prenatal vitamins with a memory loss pill

Scene One -- A Hot tub (Fan Contest Winner! Written by Joe L)

Reese sinks into the bubbling hot tub and looks over to see Andy smiling back at him. Andy passes him a glass of champagne and gets the cutest grin on his face.

“To us,” he says in a seductive voice.

Reese cheers his glass with Andy’s and they each take a slow sip of the alcohol.

“Put your glass down,” Reese says swimming closer to Andy in the large hot tub. Andy does as instructed and finds his mouth pressed against Reese’s. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” Reese whispers in-between kisses as his hands work feverishly under the water. Andy’s breath quickens as he replies “Thank you baby.”

Scene Two - The Glubbs House; Shane’s Home

The hot water pours out of the rain shower head in the glass shower in Shane’s bathroom. Natasha’s hands are up against the tiles as Shane’s hands caress her breasts and he thrusts into her from behind. Steam from the shower and their body heat fills the room. Soon he reaches his climax inside her, she turns to him and kisses him passionately on the lips.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” he whispers to her as their lips part, the water covering their faces still.

“You too Shane. I love you so,” she says back to him. “That was a great way to start the morning.”

He laughs. “You’re telling me. You are so amazing.”

“You’re pretty amazing yourself Mr. Glubbs.”

He grabs the body wash and starts to lather up. “I’ve been thinking about something Nat …”

Natasha looks up at Shane. So much has happened in the past few weeks that sometimes she has a hard time adjusting to it all. Going to the Calimo cabin with Cory to work on their relationship, only to discover his affair with Robin and she admit her love for Shane. Now, she and Shane are in a great place and in a new relationship. She could not be happier than she is right now.

“What were you thinking?” she grins to him.

“Move in with me! Let’s not wait Nat, we’ve lost so much time.”

Natasha is taken aback for a second. As she rinses the shampoo out of her hair she remembers her conversation with Sofia and realizes that Shane is right; they have lost a lot of time already.

“We have lost a lot of time. I do love you Shane …” she starts to reply.

“So it’s a yes?”

Natasha smiles as she looks at him. “Yea, it’s a yes!”

Shane picks her up and kisses her passionately. “God I love you,” he beams to her.

Scene Three -- The Black House; Adam & Helen’s Home

Helen looks into the large mirror in the bathroom and admires herself for a moment; her belly doesn’t look any larger but she has noticed the beginning changes of being pregnant. She is constantly craving something to munch on, and she has noticed some of her pants are getting a little tighter … even though she can’t tell by looking in the mirror. She smiles as she grabs the bottle of her prenatal vitamins. She opens the bottle and takes one of the blue tablets. She swallows it quickly. She finishes getting dressed for the day and slowly makes her way down the stairs. On the stairs, she stops half and pauses; the living room is filled with white, red and pink balloons. On the sofa, Adam is sitting with the biggest smile on his face.

“Surprise!” he smiles as he stands up.

“What’s all this?” Helen asks dumbfounded as she finishes walking down the stairs.

“Don’t tell me you forgot what day it is!” he jokes with her as she starts to walk through the sea of balloons.

“I did actually,” she pauses knowing that it’s not like her to forget a holiday or anniversary. “What day is it?”

“Valentine’s Day!” Adam says grinning, although he is alarmed by Helen’s lack of memory for the occasion.

“Oh my goodness! How could I forget? How did you accomplish all of … this?” she asks her eyes now twinkling in amazement of Adam’s romantic gesture.

“I have my ways. Now for the big question of the morning,” he grins at her.


“Will you by my Valentine?”

Helen laughs a little as she hugs her husband. “Yes! Of course I’ll be your Valentine. Now and always.”

He leans in and kisses her passionately. “Good, because I don’t plan on letting you go any time soon.”

Scene Four -- The Park

Reese walks through the park drinking a large hot chocolate he picked up at The Sugarbowl. As he takes a drink, he remembers the dream he had this morning; celebrating Valentine’s Day with Andy in a hot tub. Tears fill his eyes as he knows that dream will never come true, not after Andy’s dinner party where Trenyce announced her pregnancy with Andy’s baby. Bitter and jolted, Reese still doesn’t understand how Andy could lie to him for months about using him as an experiment. He now knows that Andy was lying about being gay, he just wanted to test the waters the entire time he was sleeping with Trenyce. He finds a bench and walks over to sit down. Couples pass by as they celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

“It’s just not meant to be for me,” Reese claims to himself as he finds momentary comfort in his hot chocolate. He continues to watch the couples pass by until he sees another solo person walking. The person stops in front of the bench: it’s Andy.

“Hey,” Andy says quietly walking up to the bench. “Can I sit with you?”

Reese looks up and sees the man he loves. It’s the first time he has seen Andy since the dinner party. His heart aches as he looks at Andy. He wants to run up and hug Andy and beg him to tell him that Trenyce’s announcement was some kind of mistake. At the same time, he wants to punch Andy in the face for lying to him for months.

“Do what you want too Andy, you will anyways,” Reese spits, not meaning to sound angry.

Andy gulps and sits next to Reese on the bench. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Reese laughs. “Yea, it’s a fucking great day!”

Andy turns away from Reese and looks straight forward. “I can explain if you let me.”

“Explain? Explain! Jesus Andy! You were sleeping with Trenyce the entire time you were sleeping with me! I should have known!”

“Known?” Andy interrupts, slightly confused.

“That you were … that you are straight! I was just … some experiment that you were testing. You tried it and didn’t like it, so you went back to Trenyce. The least you could have did though was be honest with me and not use me.”

Andy feels his heart sink. Reese thinks that he was using him, which is the furthest thing from the truth. He grabs Reese’s hand and squeezes it. “That’s not what happened Reese. Believe me. I … I never lied to you. I lov…”

“Shut up,” Reese cuts him off as he quickly moves his hand away. “I don’t want to hear your excuses, not anymore Andy. I hope you and Trenyce are happy together, but stay away from me. I never want to see you again!”

Reese rushes off from the bench leaving Andy alone. Tears fill his eyes. He looks around and tries not to cry. How did this happen? He asks himself. The other night he was supposed to come out to be with Reese, now Reese hates him. Andy stands up knowing that he has to tell Trenyce the truth. She has to know that this can not go on. He has to get Reese back.

Scene Five -- Dominick’s Townhouse

Dominick slowly walks past Eva’s closed door in his townhouse. He is tempted to knock to see what she is up too, but he is scared she will shut him out once again. Ever since New Year’s Eve when he returned to Twin Peaks with Eva, she has refused to divulge her secrets that she is keeping with Bob and Sofia. He is quickly giving up on her, but he knows that there has to be a way to get through to her. He knows that if he wants to keep working to get Sofia back, he will have to use the secret Eva has to break up Bob and Sofia. He decides to try again with Eva … just as he is about to knock he hears his telephone ring.

“She’ll have to wait a few more minutes,” he says to himself as he races down the stairs to his telephone. He picks up. “Hello,” he answers.

“Daddy, it’s me,” Robin says into the telephone.

“Robin! It’s so great to hear from you. Where did you rush off too without saying goodbye?”

“I’m sorry about that…”

“Don’t be. I’ve left town my share of times without having time to say goodbye. I’m just glad to hear from you and know that you’re okay,” Dominick confides to his daughter.

“Thank you for understanding. I just needed to get away. I am okay. I’ll be home soon. I’m just enjoying some me time.”

“Are you sure everything is okay?”

“I promise Daddy. I’ll see you okay?”

“Have fun. I love you.”

“Love you too Daddy,” she says hanging up her phone.

Dominick feels his heart melt as he hangs up his phone. He knows that Robin is hurting from the latest wave of Cory and Natasha. “One day you too will be happy my beauty,” he says to himself.

Scene Six -- Main Street

Eva walks down the Main street with her hands tucked into her pockets. The cold air in Twin Peaks is much different than the cold air that is usually in Paris this time of year. The air here is drier, she realizes. She takes a deep breath and looks around the small town. She has not had much choice to get out since coming to town, but she needed a good escape from Dominick’s townhouse. She is tired of feeling coped up and feeling the pressure from Dominick to reveal her secrets. She quickly remembers years ago learning that she was pregnant with Bob’s child. Her smile quickly fades from her face as she remembers Bob telling her that he did not want to part ways with Sofia … but he was going to raise the baby. She often wonders what would have happened if she had stood up to Bob and kept her baby; Her little girl.

Eva looks up for a second and stops walking. The front door of The Sugarbowl flies open and Natasha emerges carrying a large coffee. Eva gasps a little at the sight of the beautiful woman in front of her. Natasha’s long blonde hair, her eyes, her nose, her silver Chanel bag, her black pointed pumps … Eva would know her own daughter any where. Natasha looks over and sees Eva staring at her. Natasha smiles. “Good afternoon,” she says over to Eva, even though she is slightly taken aback that a strange woman is staring at her.

Eva quickly shakes out of her daze. “You too,” she says as she walks on by. As she moves by, Eva’s heart melts. For the first time in years she saw her daughter. Inside she remains even more conflicted than ever: should she reveal her secret and try to get closer to her daughter, or should she move on and let it go forever?

Scene Seven -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Olivia’s Office

Olivia rushes back to her chair behind her desk. She opens the bag that she is carrying and finds another supply of beta-adrenergic receptor blockers, the memory loss pill that she switched with Helen’s prenatal vitamins. She remembers finding the drug online from the UK, where it’s still an experimental drug. She thinks back to ordering a large quantity for the hospital, something she could easily justify being a therapist. She knows she has to head over to Helen’s to ensure she is still taking the pills. “What a good friend I’ll be, giving her more prenatal’s ,” she smiles to herself.

She hears a noise outside her office door which scares her. She quickly puts the new pill bottle in her purse and she rushes over to the door. Outside, she sees Will on the floor picking up some papers.

“Need some help?” she asks bending down and helping him get the files in order.

“Thanks, I was in a rush and they just slipped out of my hands,” he says as he quickly picks up the papers. Suddenly they both go to reach for the same piece of paper; their hands touch. Will looks over at Olivia; immediately he remembers her naked, glistening body as they made love in the office behind them. He blushes and looks away. “Sorry,” he says.

Olivia grins knowing that he was thinking of the exact same thing she was just thinking. While things with Preston have improved drastically, he is still cold to her in the bedroom and she still has her needs. “Don’t be sorry,” she purrs at him as she moves in closer and kisses him gently on the lips. The kiss lasts a few moments but he pulls back.

“We can’t do this. I’m dating Madeline!” he says standing up.

Olivia follows suit standing up, “You’re right. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, I’ll see you around?”

“Sure, yea. I have a meeting I have to get too,” she says knowing that she has to get over to Helen’s place. She watches as he leaves knowing that he must have felt something too when they kissed.

Scene Eight -- The Sugarbowl

Trenyce sits in the back corner booth drinking one of the new fruit smoothies that the coffee house has started to make. She looks down at her watch in a tense apprehension. She is scheduled to meet her social worker at the coffee house to review her current situation. Trenyce is worried about what the worker will say to her about being pregnant. Since being adopted by Daisy and Chris, Trenyce has had to keep in touch with the social worker just to check in and ensure everything is going well. If, ever, Trenyce was unhappy or in danger she could have left the Michael’s home and been placed into a foster care center. She takes a breath when she sees the social worker enter the coffee house.

Toni Morrison walks up to Trenyce and smiles. “Hey Trenyce!” she smiles to her client. “It’s been awhile, how are you? Do you want anything?” she asks as she sets her jacket and briefcase down into the booth.

“No, I’m good.”

“Okay, I’m just going to get a coffee. Be right back.”

Trenyce watches Toni in a little bit of awe. Toni is a middle aged woman that seemingly has it all; a career, a husband, a child … and confidence. Deep down, Trenyce wishes that she was as confident as Toni comes across. She puts on a good front, but deep down she is filled with insecurities.

“So tell me what’s been going on,” Toni asks as she pulls into the booth with her coffee. “I heard about Daisy and Chris filing for divorce.”

Trenyce sighs; the divorce is her fault or at least mostly her fault and she hates the idea of living alone with Chris now that Daisy is in the process of moving out. “Yea. Daisy is pretty fed up. He cheated. I mean, they haven’t taken it out on me or anything. It’s just hard to see my Aunt like that.”

Toni observes Trenyce’s expressions and vocal tone. She’s gotten pretty good at reading the young lady. “There’s something else that’s going on with you Trenyce. What’s going on?”

Trenyce looks up at Toni and smiles. She has become a kind of friend to Trenyce. “I’m pregnant. I want to keep my baby. I … I’m just not sure what to do next.”

Toni’s face goes to a look of concern. “Do you know who the father is?” she asks as Trenyce nods. “Okay …are you guys getting married?”

Trenyce is stunned by the question. “I have no idea. We haven’t talked about that yet.”

Toni grabs Trenyce’s hand. “Sweetie, you really need too. Look, I don’t want to scare you, but you’re adopted and the home is now falling apart. The judge in your case may want you or your baby to be placed in a foster home if you’re not in a stable environment.”

“What are you saying?”

“If you’re not married and in a good stable place in your life, the court could take your baby away from you.”

Scene Nine -- The Wilkins Condo; Madeline’s Home

Madeline sits on her sofa and checks her watch; Will is late. She wonders where he could be as they were going to have a Valentine’s Day lunch together. She thinks back to the other day when she wanted to make love to him and he pulled away claiming he wanted it to be perfect. She smiles at how sweet the thought was; he does care for me she realizes. After being tied up with Dave and Brett for so long and being called Patricia, she is feeling great about being in a relationship with Will. She hears the phone ring and rushes over. The caller ID says Dave. She quickly picks up.

“Make it fast, I’m expecting company,” she answers already annoyed.

Dave laughs on the other end. “I know your boy toy is coming over. I’m leaving town for a little while. I have something to take care of. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks. Brett shouldn’t be around either as he’s dealing with Meggan right now.”

“Do I care about any of this? What’s the point Dave?”

“Lose the attitude Patty cakes. You work for us, don’t forget that. I told you incase you missed me!”

“Fat chance.”

“I’ll be in touch when I get back,” he reports to her before hanging up.

Madeline hangs up the phone in frustration. She realizes that she and Victoria have got to start working together. She walks over to her cell phone and picks it up. She types the text message “Call me tomorrow; we need to start” and sends it to Victoria. She puts the phone down as she hears the door bell. ‘It must be Will,’ she thinks to herself as she walks over to the door.

“Will!” she smiles as he enters the condo. “I was beginning to think you’d forgotten about our date.”

“Nah, sorry Maddie. I got tied up at the hospital,” he says taking off his coat. “I could never forget you,” he continues as he comes in and kisses her on the lips.

“Mmm, good answer,” she purrs back to him. “Come in! I have a present for you.”

The enter the living room. “Oh yea? It just so happens I have a present for you too!”

“What is it?” she excitedly asks. “Wait, no … open yours first.”

Will looks at the coffee table and sees a red gift bag sitting there. He arches his eyebrow as he removes the tissue paper. Inside he finds his own stethoscope.

“Oh wow!” he says picking it up and admiring it. “This is really awesome Madeline.”

“Do you really like it?” she asks coming over and sitting next to him.

“Yea, it’s amazing!” he says leaning in and kissing her. “Thank you so much! Okay … your turn.”

He presents a wrapped box and gives it to her. She grins as she tears off the wrapping paper. She opens the box and inside is a red lace bra and panties. “Oh my,” she says blushing.

He looks at her and kisses her passionately. “I thought you could go put them on and model them for me,” he says as he breaks away from the kiss.

“Yea? I could do that …” she grins.

Scene Ten -- The Black House; Adam & Helen’s Home

“I’m coming,” Helen calls to the doorbell ringing as she walks through the living room to the front door. Helen opens the door and sees Olivia standing outside. “Olivia! This is a surprise, come in.”

Olivia enters the house. “Sorry to just drop in on you like this but I was at the hospital and we got our new order of prenatal vitamins in. I wanted to come and give you some more. You are still taking them right?”

Helen looks at her and smiles. She suddenly feels so lucky to have found her long lost friend. “Yes, and it’s a great thing you came over today … I am almost out of them.”

“Ah, good. Glad to be of service then,” she smiles as she hands Helen the bottle of beta-adrenergic receptor blockers. “Have you had any other memories?”

Helen arches her eyebrow, “No. Actually, I seem to be a little slow these days. Today I completely forgot about Valentine’s Day. It must be the baby, and the hormones.”

Olivia smirks knowing that her pills are working, “Could be. Could be. If you want another session, let me know … okay?”

“I will, thanks Olivia.”

Scene Eleven -- The Sugarbowl

Adam takes a sip of his latte as he thinks back to this morning with his Valentine’s Day surprise for Helen. He loves giving his wife those kind of moments. He is concerned that she seemingly forgot the day completely as she is usually spot on with anniversaries and special holidays. “What’s going on with you Helen?” he asks himself as he feels his cell phone vibrate.

“Hello?” he answers the telephone.

A woman’s voice is heard on the other end of the phone. “Can I speak to Helen Black please?”

“This is her husband, Adam. Can I help with you something?”

“This is Marjory Sampton, from White Cove. I am the property manager of the building she is renting her apartment from. Her lease is up next month and I haven’t confirmed whether she wants to extend or vacate.”

“Ah okay. Well we just bought a house here in Twin Peaks, so I’m guessing she will not extend. I’ll run it past her and we’ll come and collect her belongings though.”

Adam hangs up the phone after finalizing the details with the landlord. He texts Helen the news about the apartment. Soon he feels another text coming back saying “Just finished chatting with Liv … so glad she’s back in my life. We’ll go clean White Cove together?”

Adam sighs. He doesn’t trust Olivia he just needs to find a way to prove it to Helen.

Scene Twelve -- The Wilkins Condo; Madeline’s Home

Madeline and Will lay in her bed sweaty from the sex they just finished having; her new red underwear on the floor beside the bed. He leans up and kisses her.

“That was amazing,” she smiles at him as she tries to get her heart rate under control.

“Worth the wait then?” he says snuggling into her.

“Completely worth the wait,” she smiles.

He looks back up at her and kisses her again. When his eyes shut, he quickly flashes back to Olivia kissing him earlier. He immediately pulls back from Madeline.

“Is something wrong?” she asks confused by his sudden movement.

Will fakes a quick smile then returns to her side. “No, everything is great babe.”

Scene Thirteen -- Puerto Juarez, Mexico

Cory walks along the white sanded beach in his bare feet. The green ocean water gets his feet wet every time the waves come in. He is holding his flip-flops in his hands. The sun beats down on his chest as he is shirtless and only in board shorts. He has black sun glasses to block some of the sun. He looks at the people on the beach in hopes of finding Robin. He remembers how he tracked her down in Mexico; going into her apartment (he found the key under the doormat, the place she always kept her spare key) and finding the travel information on her desk. He hopes she isn’t mad at him for going into her apartment without her knowledge. Soon, he thinks he spots her from a distance.

Under the large red umbrella, Robin lays in a small white bikini, her skin a golden brown from all the sun. Beside her is a bottle of sun screen and a fruity looking drink. Her large white framed Gucci sun glasses complete the look of a glamorous beach bum.

Cory approaches her and smiles. “Hey you. I’m so glad I found you,” he says leaning under the umbrella happy to get a reprieve from the sun.

Robin sits up stunned that Cory tracked her down in Mexico. “What on earth are you doing here?” she asks. “How did you find me?”

“There’s time for that later,” he says grabbing her hand. “I had to find you. I … I want to be with you Robin. I love you!”

Robin pulls her hand away from Cory quickly. “Get away from me Cory. It’s over! I’m through with this game of back and forth. I want to be left alone. I want to move on.”

Cory doesn’t say anything, but he enjoys seeing Robin get so worked up. “I want to be with you. I’m not going back to Natasha. We’re over. I want you; only you.”

Robin sighs. “For how long Cory? Read my lips … I’m done!” she says angrily. She doesn’t give Cory a chance to respond as she gets up and walks away from him.

Scene Fourteen -- The Wilkins Estate; Preston, Olivia & Reese’s Home

Olivia enters the living room and drops her briefcase. She is exhausted from her long day. Preston emerges and smiles at the sight of her. “Long day?” he asks coming in and handing her a drink.

“You have no idea,” she says taking the drink. “Thank you.”

“Meggan got twenty years today,” he says without emotion as he takes a drink.

“Whoa, sorry to hear that.”

“I consider it a victory considering they wanted the death penalty. What’s going on with you?”

Olivia looks over her shoulder to ensure Reese wasn’t around. “I gave Helen more pills. And get this, she’s starting to forget. Our plan is working!”

Preston looks up at his wife with a grin on his face. “That’s great,” he says standing up. “Have you heard from Cassie?”

“Nope. No news is good news, right?”

Preston walks over to his wife. “Yea. You look so sexy when you’re being bad,” he grins.

Olivia smiles. “Happy Valentine’s Day Preston,” she says as she puts her arms around him. He kisses her passionately.

“You too … why don’t we go celebrate. It’s been far too long.”

Olivia gets a tear in her eye. “You mean…”

“Sshh, I want you,” he says as he kisses her and leads her into the bedroom.


Reese sits in his bedroom watching TV. He soon shuts off the tube and looks at a picture hanging on his wall of him and Andy in Milwaukee. He rips it off and throws it across the room. Tears come out of his eyes.

“How could you do this to me?” he asks out loud. “How could I have been so stupid?”

He grabs his phone and sees a new text message in his inbox. It’s from Andy. “I’m so sorry … can we please talk?”

Reese deletes the message. The last thing he wants to do is hear more excuses from Andy. He needs to feel alive again. He needs to feel something. He walks to his desk and turns his laptop on. He goes to google and types in the word “Gayhunter.com”. Soon a website appears in front of his eyes.

Scene Fifteen -- The Glubbs House; Shane’s Home

Natasha opens the front door. “Shane?” she calls out as she enters the house. “I’m home!”

Shane soon appears from the kitchen. “I’ve been making you a special Valentine’s Day dinner,” he grins as he comes in and kisses her. “How was your day?”

“Pretty good. Busy, but good. Something strange happened though.”

“Really what’s that?”

Natasha comes up to him and kisses him passionately. “Maybe I could tell you after we…”

He grins liking the way she is thinking. “I love the way you think.”

They are interrupted by the doorbell ringing. “Whoever that is has terrible timing,” he says.

“I’ll get it, go check the food in the kitchen,” she smiles as she watches him return to the kitchen. She opens the door and sees Cassie standing on the porch.

“Cassie? This is a surprise. What’s going on?”

“Is Shane here? I really need to talk to him,” Cassie announces as she enters the house.

Shane returns and spots Cassie. “What’s going on Cassie?”

“I hate to barge in like this but it really couldn’t wait. I’m pregnant!” she grins as the smiles fall off Natasha and Shane’s face.

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